Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 6 - Coach Grady Steele

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 6 - Coach Grady Steele

- - - - - - -

Coach Grady Steele, was a man's man and lived his life through is cock. Grady started his carrier in sports at this very school and then graduated, and played professional football for the NFL. Suffering a huge knee injury that took him out of the game for life, he started coaching at his old high school. He didn't think he would have a thing for young boys and teens, but soon that became his life.

Coach had been married, but is now divorced with two sons. One that was out of school and the other in the secondary program at Johnson Boys Academy.

Being fifty-two, Grady was by no means a spring chicken. But he was still a hunky man. Grey hair, but a muscled and toned body. Despite not being able to play the sport he loved, he worked out and kept his body in shape. Grady loved life and always had a smile on his face, maybe it was his nature, but if you ask him it was due to Gods gift to him, his cock. Coach Steele loved his dick it was a python, thick, veiny, and a plump mushroom head. Soft the cock was seven inches, laying on low hanging giant balls. (When he was playing sports, he had to special order his cup, due to his abnormal girth.) Hard, the cock was twelve and a half inches long, only one boy on campus beat his length and that was his son Tyson.

- - - - - - -

With a slap of the pillow Grady was awaked from a deep sleep.

"Dad, you're drooling," said Tyson.

"And your late for work," said Van

"Its 9:00 AM and you have not even showered and dressed, you're so fucking late," chimed in Rex.

Grady sat up and looked at the clock and indeed it was 9:01 AM and school started at 8:30 AM! Breakfast and exercise would have to wait. Darting for his chest of drawers, the boys began to laugh. Looking back at the boys laying and rolling on his bed as he dressed, it dawned on him that it was Saturday.

"You fuckers are going to get it," exclaimed Grady as he jumped into the air.

Landing on the bed, and on top of Van; their naked flesh touching and rubbing as he spanks each boy.

Last night the four of them had an orgy of sorts, with each of them fucking and taking it. The bed had cum stains from last night, but Grady's King size bed was about to add more to the already used bed sheets.

- - - - - - - -

Van was on the football team, that Grady coached. Since day one at the school he had the hots for his coach. Then he ended up becoming the boyfriend of Tyson, and they rest is history. Van was sixteen and was the Tight End for the team. With his perfect footballer physique, the boy was equally blessed with a seven inches hard-on. His body was muscled and smooth, the only real hair was his pubes and pits all tight curls of brown. His face was chiseled and manly with a military cut hairstyle.

Rex was the youngest in the room; of only fourteen, he was on the varsity football team. Rex was the younger brother of Van and he idolized his brother. So like his brother he had light brown hair and hazel eyes. His body was more lean and still developing into a footballer. Puberty has done him good, a full bush and a nice six inch dick!

Tyson was the apple of his fathers eye. Being a single dad was tough, but with the sexual bond they shared, Grady and Tyson were inseparable. Tyson was sixteen like Van and was the Wide Receiver for the team. He was tall and stood three inches taller than his dad, at six feet and four inches. Tyson's hair was a little longer, down to his shoulder blades and held back in a small ponytail. The brown hairs would cover not only his head, but also his bits and pubes, he was naturally smooth everywhere else. His eyes were a crystal blue that melted Grady's heart, and his full lips were made for kissing.

- - - - - - - -

Tyson lost his virginity when he was six years old; since that time he has had time to perfect his sexual skills. Seeing his dad on top of Van tickling him and pinning in down to the bed, excited his teenage body. For the tickling quickly changed to making out, Grady (his dad) was not kissing his boyfriend. Tyson was not about to be left out and began to attack his fathers shaved ass. Spreading the mounds he began to tongue fuck the horny daddy.

Grady eagerly kissed Van, but as his ass was getting tongue fucked slowly he raised his ass and spread his legs for better access.

Van was a great kisser, but loved sucking a nice dick better. Noticing that Grady had moved his ass up leaving his hard erection available for a mouth. Van turned himself around and began to slurp down the Coach's hard dick, as Grady did the same. Both slurping each others cocks; Grady could swallow all of Vans inches, but Van took his position and allowed the cock to fuck down his throat.

Rex jacked his cock to the hot scene, but stopped once he noticed an opportunity to suck Tyson's python. Laying down between the footballers legs, Rex slurped in the first few inches of that humungous penis. Not able to take the cock fully into his mouth his hands jacked the shaft as his mouth licked and aroused the gland.

Tyson eagerly worked his Dads pucker, till it was dripping wet from all the attention. Taking his cock from Rex's mouth, he shoves his dick deep into the lusty father, in one push.

Grady howls as his son fucks into his anus. This was not the first time, and Grady easily accepted his sons inches. All thirteen inches filled his rectum, and slowly Tyson fucks in and out of the fuck-chute.

Van seeing his boyfriend sink his cock into his father, made him so aroused that his cock let loose a torrent stream of cum. Shooting a steady stream till his hormones ebbed.

Grady tries to swallow all the teenage spunk, and what he could not Rex was eager and helping lap up.

Scooting out, Van got behind Tyson and fucked his cock inside his lover. Van didn't have to work, at fucking into his lover, for each time Tyson fucked out of his Dad, Vans cock fucked into him and visa versa. Van nibbles and kisses into Tyson's neck as they fuck and moan.

"God YES," exclaims Tyson as his lover impales his pussy.

Grady letting the youths have fun, takes Rex and swallows his dick deep into his mouth. Making the boy squirm and writhe in heat. Grady's own cock had gone to a semi hard state as his son fucked his ass. So with on hand he stroked his on meat back into action.

Rex could say nothing, but moan from the experienced tongue that washes his cock. Grabbing onto the sheets as his body craved the kisses on its cock. Gasping, moaning, and whining as the blow-job was given.

Grady loved hearing the youth squirm and enjoy the suction. Not about to be done, he begins to finger the youth's tender pucker.

Grady's big fingers push and pry into the boy as he moans with pleasure. Finding the prostate, he begins rubbing it, making the horny boys cock more hard and reeling in ecstasy.

Feeling the masterful fingers his cock rockets the semen into the Coaches mouth. Filling it up and sending Rex off into a euphoric state as he squirms on the bed.

Tyson loved fucking his fathers ass, but hearing Rex's rapturous orgasm, it ignited his balls to flood into his father's cavity. Tyson grunts with each forceful fuck and feeling his boyfriend suck, bite, and kiss is neck, only makes him hotter. The seed deeply planted inside his fathers ass.

Van hearing the shots of semen begins to deposit his life into his lover. Cum is pouring out of every ass and covering the sheets in its gooey whiteness. The smell of cum is pungent and the loud moans excite the air.

Grady is the only one yet to cum and he has a plan to inpale his inches into the young Rex, something that he failed to fuck last night. Grabbing Rex, Grady pulls him into position. Taking some of the leaking cum from his ass he rubs it into Rex's chute. Then taking lube he rubbes and titillates the youth as he fondles the lower parts of his body.

Tyson and Van fall to the bed, spent but eagerly watching the Coach. Kissing and caressing each other as they watch.

Rubbing the youth with his fingers and probing deeper, Rex squirms. Every now and then the g-spot is touched sending Rex into a euphoric trance. Grady pushes and opens the ass, till he's fully relaxed and enjoying the anal masturbation.

Kissing the youth, he slides his twelve and a half inch monster inside the boy. Rex gasps as his insides adjust and feel the cock go into his stomach. Rex is clearly uncomfortable but the length inside his boy snatch. Tears even well in his eyes, and he is almost scared. Coach just leaves the penis fully inside and lets the youth adjust to the size.

Only when Rex relaxes does Grady being his fuck. Each deep thrust the boy would wince, and sometimes gasp or whimper. Slowly fucking his cocks length in and out of the youth, Rex adjusts and begins to feel that spot rubbing inside.

Rex is now heaving and breathing deeply as his Coach masterfully fucks the young student. Making Tyson and Van horny again, they begin to beat their cocks.

Rex bites his lower lip as he feels Coach Steele's cock inside. Grady fucks him rhythmically as the cock is encased in a warm, tight, boy chute. Almost feverishly Rex is begging to reel in the ecstasy of the fuck. He mumbles and moans as his g-spot is rubbed. Panting now and struggling to breathe Rex has the biggest orgasm of his life. So overcome with sex, his body spasms and his cock drains his nuts onto his own stomach.

Rex is spent and tired almost lifeless on the bed as Grady continues his fuck. Grady picks of speed and fucks harder into the tired boy. Rex only moans and lies there as the man fucks him.

Thirty, no forty minutes pass, Coach Steele fucks the ragged youth in so many positions giving his cock the ultimate job, holding back his cum again and again.

Grady is where he began, on top of Rex fucking his pussy, and getting close to the end. Pushing his cock in deeper and deeper till the pleasure is too much. The cock sprays the inside of Rex. Rex comes alive, and spasms and orgasm in a dry heave as his guts are filled with cream. Grady aroused and edged to the end unleashes an onslaught of cum that floods out of the tiny pussy.

The sheets are soaked with semen and sweat as they recover from the fucks.

- - - - - - - -

Grady lays there for a bit, thinking about his old career and past lovers. Seeing the clock; 11:54 AM, he rises from the sperm sheets and kisses his sleeping son. Tyson parts his lips as they kiss, allowing his fathers tongue to penetrate his mouth.

Grabbing his towel, Mr. Steele walks to the teachers shower. The showers are empty for its lunch time and most of the staffers and boys have either gone to town for fun, or eating in the cafeteria.

Taking time to wash himself and shave his body hair, he dries off and walks to the mirror. Flexing and posing he looks as his body and eyes the imperfections. Turning on the blow dryer his dries his shoulder length grey hair. Combing it out, he lets the hair relax today, versus his normal ponytail.

Returning to his room where the sleeping boys are snuggled and lost in a dream state. Grady grabs his unlined mesh shorts and a tank top. Slipping them on and his flip flops, he heads to the cafeteria for nourishment.

- - - - - - - -

Coach retired to his office in the gymnasium. He worked hard and played even harder. During the week he would slack off a bit to play with the students, so on Saturday he would have to work a few hours to catch up on the needed paperwork.

Completing the work he began to browse the web looking at porn. Lowering his shorts, he lets his boner out, and begins to massage the girth while watching a video.

"CHIME" says the computer.

Looking at the lower left conner of the screen his Instant Messenger just received a message. Opening it reads:

famfunfarmer: hey!

Grady types his reply:

SteeleCock: Hi

famfunfarmer: remember me

SteeleCock: how can i not remember a cool dad like u

famfunfarmer: :)

SteeleCock: you getting action

famfunfarmer: fucked kevin this morning

SteeleCock: nice man, how old was kevin

famfunfarmer: 4

SteeleCock: god that made my cock leak im so fucking hard

famfunfarmer: horny is the only way a cock should be hard to penetrate the kids

SteeleCock: 12.5 inches of hard cock here, but you know that.

famfunfarmer: FUCK totally forgot how huge that beast is

SteeleCock: used it this morning on tyson and some of his buds.

famfunfarmer: now im leakin

SteeleCock: been stroking me meat to porn

famfunfarmer: god i wanna see

Turning on his cam he lets the man see his hard dick as he masturbates. In return famfunfarmer turns on his camera, allowing Grady to see the man his with four year old son naked sitting at a desk.

famfunfarmer: God you got kevin all excited

Indeed Grady could see as the boy jumped and pointed and smiled at the screen. This only excited Grady more and made his cock start to leak more pre-cum.

SteeleCock: any requests

famfunfarmer: felx

famfunfarmer: cx flex

With that, Grady stood and flexed his pectorals and arms for the watchers.

famfunfarmer: fucking hot man

SteeleCock: thnx

Grady could see that the father was getting harder and harder watching the huge dick. His six and half inch cock stood at attention. Eagerly his small some stands between his dads legs and begins to suck his fathers dick.

Seeing the little head bob up and down excited Grady.

SteeleCock: look at the champ go - suck that dick for daddy!!!!

famfunfarmer: he's a great sucker, beter fuck

SteeleCock: I remember

Grady continues to watch the father relax as the son inhales his fathers rod. Masturbating his cock in rhythm with the bouncing boy, the show continues.

famfunfarmer: look at his hot pussy

The man raises his sons ass and shows off the red swollen pucker. The dad slides a few fingers into the pussy and plays with the opening.

SteeleCock: mmmmmmmmm

famfunfarmer: i should fuck it!

SteeleCock: thats a dads duty

famfunfarmer: >:)

Lifting his son, from the back he pries the ass cheeks apart and slides his dick into the boy. Chest to chest, the father fucks his cock deep into the toddler.

Grady can tell the boy is experienced for they have cammed many a times before, and the boy took the inches with ease.

SteeleCock: DAMN NICE!

The boy holding onto his fathers shoulders fucks himself on the daddy stick.

famfunfarmer: look mom no hands

SteeleCock: bitches would never understand the bond we have

famfunfarmer: or the lusty deeds fathers like to molest

SteeleCock: :) love the way you think

Grady masturbates his inches harder and grips down on the shaft with a vengeance.

The father is breathing harder, as his son works his tiny pussy on the manhood. The dad lays back and lets the boy work and play on the dick that fucked him to life.

Gradys horny fingers probe his body as his one hand jacks.

SteeleCock: look at the slut go

famfunfarmer: mmmmm good

SteeleCock: u close

famfunfarmer: very

SteeleCock: i cant tell me2

Dad grabs his sons hips and forces his cock fulling into the youth as his cock ejects the seed inside. His face flushed and his balls tighten as they flood the boys innards.

The boy tries to get off his dad, but his held tight on the lap. So much cum floods the boy that it drips down the nuts and the smooth legs of the son.

Seeing the flood of cum, Grady grunts and aims his cock at this mouth and shoots his load onto his face. Ropes ejaculate out of the long mammoth cock coating his face with hot cum.

The son is lifted off the cock and the dad shows off the cum filled pussy.

SteeleCock: Nice job bud

famfunfarmer: thanks man u 2

SteeleCock: god that felt good just wish i was with a boy

famfunfarmer: oh please you work at a school for boys you get plenty

SteeleCock: Should go clean up

famfunfarmer: me 2

SteeleCock: cya

famfunfarmer: man need that dick

SteeleCock: :)

famfunfarmer: kevin says bye

SteeleCock: by

Mr. Steele logs of his computer and takes off his tank to wipe his face clean.

- - - - - - - -

Its 4:05 PM and Grady heads to the gym to work out his muscles. Working out in his usual routine, he no heads to the locker room.

- - - - - - - -

Grady enjoyed the locker room and the action that is held within its walls. The locker room was quite empty, but lusty moans and grunts echoed in the room.

Following the sounds, Grady found two elementary boys trying to fuck each other. Grady was already naked and starting to get aroused by the site of the boys. The boys were excited to see a man and quickly stopped the feeble playing.

"High boys, don't think I know you?"

"I'm Nixon, and this is Juan," said one of the boys.

"Pene grande," said Juan!

"Thanks bud, I like my cock too," replied Grady as he stroked Juan's hair.

Grady sat down on a near by bench and began talking to the boys as they look at his body and cock. As the conversation progresses the Coach's cock grew and hardens, and only exciting the boys further.

"This cock is a little to big to fit inside your tender butts, but it does like the attention you give it."

Each boy smiled and continued their exploration of the body.

Coming from behind a boy approaches the Coach's back. Then rubbing his shoulders the coach responds. "Fuck Damon that feels good!"

It was in deed the hands of Damon, a nine year old boy that was in love with Mr. Steele. everything about him excited his body and he could not wait till he could play on the football team.

Damon was a fuck toy of Grady's and he loved fucking that hot slender youth! Leaving the Elementary boys he followed Damon to a quiet corner of room. There in the shadows, they made-out and fondled each other as they savagely kissed.

Damon was not raised with a dad, and having found Mr. Steele, his life was complete. Grady lifted him to his lips, for Damon was only four feet, and seven inches tall. His black hair combed into a faux-hawk, that was the only stitch of hair on the hairless kid. His skin was that of a native american, or indian. His three inch boner poking into the Coach.

Pulling away Damon rushed away, and ran out the door giggling.

Grady was not about to let the sexy boy leave and ran after the handsome fucker.

"Get back here Damon!"

Running after Damon, Grady follows him to the pool. There they jump into the water.

The boy swimming quickly away from his horny lover, leaves Grady. Grabbing Damon's ankle he pulls the boy towards him. Grady and Damon wrestle and laugh in the pool. Pulling Damon out of the water he tosses him into the jacuzzi.

Jumping into join Damon, Grady grabs him and they embrace. The Coach pulls the boy in tighter their naked bodies meld and their boners hard and aroused.

Damon making his move arouse and seduce his man. Damon milks and rubs the Coach's dick till he his hard and veiny. Damon kisses and excites his manly fucker; wrapping his legs around his waist and allowing his boy pucker to be exposed. Damon wants one thing, and thats is a fuck.

Grady sits on the edge, as his hands glide to the eager lads ass. Spreading the ass apart his fingers open the pussy. Floods of hot water fill the pussy and lubes the body for action. Grady waisting no time shoves his cock head up the boys chute and impales the youth in the jacuzzi. The hot water and bubbles excite them and make the fucking more vigorous. The muscled man is able to fuck over half his cock into the cunt.

Damon moans loudly as the Coach's cock filled his gut. Each fuck the hot water would flood his open anus. Damon was in heat as the fucking continues.

Being held tightly by Grady, Damon reeled and squirmed as his body was toyed with. The erotic fuck was beginning.

Pinning the young boy against the side, Grady picked up speed and more depth with his lovers cunt. Now fucking with great force and speed, the boy could only pant and sweat as he is impaled.

Soon the water in the jacuzzi was splashing out as the Coach fucks. Such force it sent Damon into an orgasmic state. Again and again his youthful body climaxed as the man he loved fucked his cunt.

Damon's eyes roll back and his body becomes ridged as his dry orgasm floods his frame. Fierce spasms of his body makes waves in the water as his body feels the waves of ecstasy.

Grady thrust in his cock to the hilt and planted his seed while the boy continues his orgasm. Bolt after bolt of semen renders the boy limp and weary from the forceful fuck.

Kissing the tired youth, Grady's limp cock slides out of the pussy. Sitting back in the water the two cuddle and talk as the boy regains his strength.

"You finally got all my inches in your pussy today," smiled Grady.

Damon smiled back and hugged into his lover.

- - - - - - -

Heading back to his office, he dresses and heads to dinner. There he talks to his buds and his son, about the chat online. All aroused, he wants to do it again, but needs a body to fuck.

Sadly he's spent and walks towards his dorm room. On the way there he runs into Damon eager again for another fuck.

"Damon, lets fuck, I got a surprise to show you!"

Heading home, Damon follows him back to his room. Turning on his computer he sends a message:

SteeleCock: famfunfarmer u there, got a hottie here to fuck for you!

famfunfarmer: >:)

- - - - - - - -

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