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.....................Story: Early years


.....Fiction is :imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.

.....Ok I cheated I went to my dictionary He, He

.....Jon's boys: his early years. Yes a wee story about some of his less then being Mr. nice guy times.

.....Jon went shopping for some stuff at a local mall. Sunrise Mall was located right off I-10 in the city of El Paso in Far West Texas. Jon liked shopping there. He parked and made his way into the stores to do his shopping.

.....As he was wondering around Jon heard a sound he had last heard when he was in the Army some years ago. Hap, hap one two three four. He looked up to see a group of boys; marching boys from near ten to eighteen. The people in charge were obvious teachers. The boys were all dressed the same. Spit shined shoes, almost knee length crimson socks, tan shorts with a starched crease down the outside of the thighs, a brown leather belt with a gold buckle, a white shirt with a brown tie, a gold chain with a gold signet hanging off it, a dark brown jacket, no collar, with a pair of leather buttons placed one each on both sides of the jacket. A leather strap was used to hold the sides together. To top it off a light tan cowboy hat with a gold medallion that matched the other two gold items on the front.

.....Well anyhow Jon saw the boys, noted the dress, and turned back to his shopping. He had bags full as he went to the food court. He headed to a sandwich shop he liked. He ordered a grilled steak. They were made of meat that was some where between ground, and chipped beef. The meat was placed on the hot grill, and had gravy added as it cooked. (not turkey gravy, but real beef gravy.) It also had a malted cheese added as it was placed on the Texas toast. While it was being cooked he went next door to get an Orange Joules. As he was eating that sound came again, as the boys were marched into the food court to be turned loose to eat.

.....Again Jon really was not paying much attention. That is till most of the boys were eating. They all took off their hats, and placed them on the corner of the table as they got ready to eat. Jon glanced over at them as the faces came into sight. That radar in his head started beeping as he saw looks, smiles. In other words he was reading them, as most of them were gay, or just showing signs of sex among boys.

.....Jon started thinking about them being good looking. He also was remembering that there was a school in the area that boarded boys, and turned out soldiers. Jon Tweeted the Ranch Under The Mountain. He ordered one of his men to research the school, and plan to get some of his boys into it as soon as they can.

.....The group in the control room talked it over as they searched the web for facts about the school. "Oh boy Jon is on the hunt for some more boys."

.....When Jon returned to his home under the mountain he stopped off at the control room to see what they had found out. He looked over the bullshit the school had posted. He asked if there was any cop reports on the line? A quick search turned up a hand full. Jon studied them close. He pointed at the pictures on one of the screen. "Go get me film, and pictures of every inch of that place, and place cameras all over the place. I want the boys on camera every second of the day." (Jon had spy cameras that could be placed almost anywhere that he wanted them, and had never been found yet.) A week later he was watching the film that had been collected for him. He was picking out places he can use as he watched them. He picked two brothers to be entered in the school, and got the school the large fee needed for both of them. The two brothers were escorted to the head of the school board with cash in hand a week later.

.....They were ran thro the brain washing that the school used to turn them into brainless little soldiers. Clothes were piled into their hands as they were sent to the sleeping area. The boys spent their time in class getting to know the boys. They both had learned most of the stuff being taught a long time ago. It left them free to learn about their classmates.

.....The combat training was a piece of cake for them. Really they had to remember to dumb it down so they would not show up their classmates too much.

.....Jon in the meanwhile had his plans in motion. He had picked out where, and how he wanted to invite the schoolboys to his home. (Well that is how he thought of the way he was going to get them in his hot wee hands.)

.....Later in the month a group of his older boys walked into the office area where all the teacher were having a meeting. The whole room was soon as Jon spoke of it all tied up. A gag was placed on each mouth as they were told, "be good boys, and we will send someone to untie you sooner, or later."

.....Any other people on the grounds were also rounded up and, tied up out of sight.

.....Then A speaker was used to order the boys to go to the auditorium at once for a class. "Roll call will be taken."

.....A man was standing on stage ordering the boys where to set. No one in the front row of seats, everyone in the center section, fill in each row. It upset the boys to be ordered around like little kids. As soon as a headcount was made to be sure all were there he called them to order. "Okay for your own protection I'm going to tell you that as of this instant you will not move your ass off the seat your setting in unless told to." He went on to tell them to shut up, "talking is not needed." As he finished speaking every door was opened to leave some rough looking man with guns into the room, and a group of men came out on the front of the stage to show their weapons as well. "Okay you might live if you stay seated, and do as your told." One of the brothers Jon had planted in the school stood up to cuss out the man, and head for an exit. As planed some blanks were shot off. The shield he was wearing under the back of his clothes fired off some explosives that blow holes in the back of his clothes. Realistic blood seeped out. He bit on a capsule in his mouth as he flung around spiting out blood, and did a realistic death scene. Two of the guards were ordered to take the trash out. The boy was dragged out a door out of sight.

.....The rest of the boys could not stand up as their ass's were sucking the seats into their ass holes. "Drag the ropes up the aisles guys." A batch of ropes was pulled behind some of the guards to stretch out alongside the seats the boys were in. They all had some large rings worked into each end of them.

....."Okay boys some orders. Take off your shoes, and put them under the seat in front of you. Leave the socks on. Remove the belt, hang it around the neck. Remove the shorts, and the under pants, under the seat with them. Take the chain off the tie, and place the chain on the belt. Place the hat on your knees. Remove the jacket, shirt, and under shirt, place it with the rest of your clothes, yes the tie too. Place your hat on, then but the belt on with the chain centered in your back.

....."Okay people pay attention to the guards, as one on each aisle will be taking you one at a time to one of the ropes to secure you to it."

.....One guard on each side of the room led a boy to the end of the rope, and two others ordered the boy to come to attention. A plastic tie was threaded thro the chain on his belt. He was ordered to place one of his hands though the ring on the end of the rope. A zip tie was used to tie his wrists together, he was restrained three ways, the ring, the chain, and around his wrists. The next boy was told to place a hand on each side of the rope, and was soon balls to cheeks with the first boy. Soon the rope was full, and the dopes on a rope were ordered to their knees in front of the stage. A new rope was soon being used in both aisles. It took awhile to get all the boys on the ropes but it went well as none of them wanted to be shot.

.....While all this was going on a tractor-trailer was being backed up to a loading door behind the stage. It was soon opened up so the boys can be loaded aboard. Other trucks are on the way. It was all timed out to have a new truck on the loading dock as the other was pulling out. As the last of the boys was being tied on the line the first group was ordered to their feet, and taken to the truck. They were ordered to the front of the trailer. Lined up against the front wall. Line after line of boys was soon in the back of the trailer. One trailer was soon on the road. The next one was being loaded. This went on till all the boys were on the way home.

.....The paint job on the trailers was a special kind of paint. As the trucks pulled into a warehouse area they passed thru an archway, it had a group of spray nozzles top and sides. It was driven thru the archway at a slow speed the paint was flowing off like water. A spray gun was deployed to get any area clean that was missed. There was little that was missed. The new logo underneath was for a circus; it had clowns, high wire acts, and all the things that said circus. Each truck was soon leaving by a back road that led to the Trans-mountain road. Twenty minutes later the first load of boys was being backed up to the loading dock in the mountain. As soon as it was empty it was parked in the large underground parking area. One after the other were quickly unloaded.

.....A rather full receiving room was well organized. The boys were seated on chairs as one after the other they were de-roped. They were led to seats next to a computer that a boy was seated at. "Name? Age? Parents name, and address? Phone number? You look like you don't like them?" "Fucking right they dumped me in that damn slave driving school. My brothers well be next as soon as they get older." "Let me know if you want your father to be shooting blanks." The boy went on asking questions, and do your brothers need rescuing? Tell one of us later. He also did some measurements. A ruler and a plastic card with many holes in it were used to take the size of the boys' penis, soft, and hard. He was asked if he can cum? He was asked about sex he had done, and was told he would be in class to learn more as he spoke of jacking off like all boys do. A print out was passed on to a medic. He is asked about his health? Donates some pee, and blood. The medic checks all the junk that they always want to know about. The boy is passed off to a guide to get him settled in his room with a book to read. Well it might not be a book, but it was a pile of loose-leaf pages. Rules of the place, where to get food, what was ok to do, or not do, school, and too much else too much to cover here.

.....The next morning, the first day in Jon's wee home for boys after being woke early, and fed at the cafeteria. It was one fine meal. They were fed till full. Next on the menu was their first day in their new school. Learning was going to school till you learn it right. They were taught how they were expected to act in the new home. Sex was mentioned as part of the curriculum that they can look forward to. Other parts of the Ranch were spoke of. Swimming, gyms, entertainment, the rest of the class was mostly you will not do this, or that! The very next day the sex bit started with movies. They were not normal mixed sex. It was more like boys mixing it up. Hand jobs to start with. Then how to do oral safely, with some fun. Then anal was shown, warnings were passed out about how to give, and receive it with little pain if any. After the first time with fear making you clamp down, and it might hurt. Hell it will hurt.

.....Okay use your imagination about the next few weeks. You know hands on in class, and being assigned a roommate. Yep two males sleeping in a bed together, naked no less. Now what can they do in bed that might be fun?

.....Ok, ok I will spend some more time speaking of the classes. Two lines of naked boys were told to kiss each other. Yes tongues were used. Of course hands and arms were used. You can't just kiss with lips. They moved onto telling the boys the many places on a body that can feel good when a tongue or hand is used to simulate it.

.....Yes there are ears, a wet Wally can do more then make a person go O-shit. A light kiss on a closed eyelid can be nice. A hand running through the hair is liked by both of them. Armpits!!!! Hold your nose. A clean armpit can be massaged by hand, or licked. Yes I have found many a man that squeals like a little girl. Nipples, one with a tongue licking it while the other is being fingered, played with, pinched, massaged. Some pain can be nice in some sex.

.....A bellybutton can be cleaned out with a tongue; it can make a boy hold his breath. Yep next place is the now hard dick. They are talked thro licking, sucking the dick, and balls both. Then on to the taint, (it aren't dick, it aren't ass hole.) Yep it is just in between them, but it has lots of nerves close to the surface.

.....The cheeks and ass hole are an acquired taste. Okay folks it just be skin, it is not poison. The inside of the legs can get a person hard that thinks they are done for the night. Rubbing, squeezing there can be a turn on. Sucking a toe, one or all of them can be fun to.

.....Rubbing your whole body over another body can be a big turn-on to both of you. Lets see using the mouth, tongue, hands, whole body has been spoke of. What's left? Oops the ass was just tasted. As fucking is not a one day class. It takes time to get a boy ready, and teach him how to prepare another boy for getting a large sausage pushed into that private hole. Fingering, greasing, getting the hole ready for the invasion is all demonstrated by the boys that are teaching the class before the new boys are asked to do the deed.

.....Jon liked to spend some time in bed with the graduating boys as they finish the class. This was one large class; it will take months for him to try all of them out. It is HARD work, but he will do his best. He had to work night, and day, but he gets every one of them into his bed one way or another.

.....The boys one and all find out sex is fun. The Ranch under the Mountain had much that they can do. (THAT is what I was going to call the story at first) A mile long pool to swim in, a gym that was a few hundred yards of fun. Classes were taught that were needed, and that they wanted to learn. They found the Virgin Tour was from there, and some of them might be asked to join them on stage some day. Some of them had found out there was a hotel high above the home that was really a house of ill-repute. No it was not a dirty sleazy place. It made the Hiltons look bad. A book of pictures was on display for clients to pick out the boy of the day. They was not forced to be in the book, but it did make Jon some more money if they had sex.

.....Most of the boys as trust was earned were taught to be fine spies. Who even sees a kid wondering around? A kid on a bike that has cameras as part of its frame can see much even if the boy doesn't see it himself. Have you ever seen the move called KIM? Kim was trained to be a spy in it. Jon's boys learned a lot that was mentioned in that story. Many a politician, crooked cop, religious nut, just someone that Jon wanted to find out about, didn't see all the boys that seemed to just turn up anywhere they were at. A gang-member might think he was getting away with all sorts of shit. Bull shit, a packet of pictures, and a list of all they had done with a CD disk of him bragging about all of the above turns up in the mail for the cops to use.

.....I guess you wonder where Jon got the idea to have kids doing all this police type work. Jon had started giving some of the boys bus tours. Early on him and his lover had taken advantage of having a trained Flung Fu teacher running a class on fighting for the boys. They both were quite good, but had to hurry if they wanted to get there before his guards handled it all. Jon always wanted to lead from the front. FOLLOW me, like Patton always seemed to say.

.....Well anyway one evening on the tour Jon was stiff from being on the bus all day, and in need of some exercise. He asked around to see where he could run to get over the trip? "Well there is the park, but it is not safe after dark." "Why not?" "Drugs, robbers, rape, you name it, it be there." "Cops don't stop it?" "Hell no, they are scared to go in there."

.....A quite whisper among the boys spread as they were thinking about a fun evening to come. Jon pointed at two of his guards as he spoke of dark running clothes on them, as he pulled out a set of white for himself. A shinny gold chain for his neck was pulled on, lots of glitter. As he started out of the bus he saw a batch of the boys dressed like he was, with others dressed like the guards. "Some of them going hunting too?" "Some, hell all of them. They all have the cameras running for the cops to see when they get called." "Guard the buses, get ready to call for back-up, get the governor on the line to get him ready for my call."

.....Jon led the run thro the park. He never had to worry about all the hoods as his dark clothed helpers knocked them out as they were creeping up on him. All over the park people were being tied up with those nice plastic ties. Dragged back to the busses. Computers were being used to bring up records, Pictures of them doing what ever they were caught doing it were attached to the file. A CD was attached as well with the attack displayed on a file so it can be seen that they were caught at work as a crook.

.....The police station was called after the whole park was clear of any danger. The governor was on the line as well to hear the cops telling Jon he was in trouble for kidnapping at the least. When they finally turned up they started turning the hoods loose. Jon handed the chief his cell phone; "here it is for you!" "Hun, what the shit are you trying to pull?" "It's the governor he wants to thank you for cleaning out this pesthole." A fine sight, a man having his asshole removed in public. He almost kissed Jon's feet when he was thanking him for all his help. It almost turned to tears when Jon spoke of seeing if he can find some other nice places around the city to run in, as he likes the city.

.....Over the next month Jon and his boys cleaned up the city. A batch of locals started joining them. Yes Jon showed them how to do the job. By the time they were ready to move on they had some well-trained police recruits that they took to the cop shop to encourage the chief to hire. He by now had a fear Jon, and his hellions might stay around, and he figured that if he hired his helpers they might leave town. Yes Jon started to look close at any place they stopped for the night, or longer. Many a cop learned to do their job right after he wondered into the cop shop with some hoods in cuffs.

.....Over the years some of the boys wondered out on their own to do some cleaning up on the streets. Jon supplied them with all they needed to do the job right. Some cameras so small that they can be placed on a wall like a clear bead with a small tack to hold it in place. A fountain pen can transmit sound to a receiver the boys had. The boys had a briefcase full of many items that can be scattered around a room. A phone can with just a few moderations transmit sound from a room, and still work while it was working. Both ends of the call can be heard as well.

.....On a stakeout in Miami three of the young boys were interrupted on a drug deal (No they were not selling, or buying.) A pair of FBI agents tried to cuff them. Note I said tried. The agents found out about those plastic ties that most cops like so much. The three boys had a pocket full of them. Three embarrassed FBI agents were still trying to tell the boys who they were when the boys were disarming them, and looking at the badges. The kids were giggling as they said, "we're BAD." They cut the ties as they asked if they were after the drug lords the kids were watching? "If so we have all you will need to hang them out to dry." Pictures, tapes, film, and a log of what they did all day was passed over. "Sorry none of the film or tape can be used in court, as we don't get any papers before we bugged them. We just like to know where, and what they are planning." The boys spoke of the place they were going to set the hoods up for the cops to stumble over them. "The cops here are real easy to lead to a good bust."

.....The FBI men liked all the shit the boys handed them. "I wish we could get stuff like this without all the paper work we have to get." The boys did that look at each other bit before one spoke up, "Look guys we owe you for tying you up. Here is a phone number. Ask for Tom, Dick, or Jim (You thought I was going to say Harry.) you will get one of us. We can bug a place with paper work, or not, just for your ears. We bug, and un-bug on demand." A deal was shaken on. The three boys handled bugging for the three men for a few years till director Gray found out about it. He was not too upset at an outside contract, just that he wanted his own bugs that he saw was better then any he had.

.....Jon found out Gray was demanding his bugs for his own use. He spoke to the boys about their wee spy bit for the FBI. At first they thought Jon was mad at them. He laughed as he told them it was ok but from now on it was pay for the job, unless we really like the job.

.....Jon did some planning. Had some bugs placed. Okay you want to know where, and who he was bugging? The bug receiver was director Gray of the FBI. Jon wanted to understand the man. He also had a monster check ran on the web. He discovered he liked Mr. Gray quite a lot, well he was quite pushy, but Jon knows he is too, "so lets see who can push harder."

.....A week later a cell phone rang, it did not display the callers' name, and Gray was not happy about that. He demanded a name, and asked how the caller got his phone number? "You always demand too much, just shut up while I speak of some things I heard in your office for the last few days." Jon quoted some things he had heard, as Gray swore a whole string of swear words. At last he asked nicely what Jon wanted? "Okay meet me two blocks west of your office. I well be on the corner.

.....Jon watched as the dapperly dressed man marched down the walk to meet him. He saw him pull the white handkerchief out of his coat pocket, and wave it at him as he walked up to him. Jon laughed as he held out a hand to shake with Mr. Gray. "Okay Mr. no name what do you want, and get those bugs out of my office please. Jon spoke his own name as he asked the man to call his office, and tell his secretary to let the young man wearing a bike helmet into his office, yes alone, and let him leave when he is done cleaning it up. Director Gray did call as he asked. If the boy can find them all? "He should as he planted them." He went on to say, "we can work for you on jobs for a fee, or if we really like the job it well be done for free." He also told Mr. Gray that he disliked some FBI agents, "if you send some of them out expect me to refuse the job." "Tell me whom, and I well not use them?" "Hell no that would spoil all the fun." Gray fooled Jon he only used new agents on any jobs they called on Jon for. Jon turned the phone over to the three boys to handle all contact with the FBI, and any other three letter outfits. Some even had whole words in their names.

.....One night Jon received a phone call. It was from a policeman that had been helped with a murder case. The man had a hard time solving the crime till Jon dropped some hints on his desk. He spoke of some shit that was going on in his town. "I can't get a finger on any of it. It is like the whole town is working to hide it from me." Jon told "him, I'll look into it."

.....The next day Jon, some of his guards, and a batch of his boys landed at a near by airfield. Some local vehicles were waiting to be picked up by them. Loads of baggage was off loaded for their use. Not too much was clothes. It was more like bugs galore, and receivers to receive the bugs output. The boys spread out to mingle with the kids in town. They started to hear some chatter. It started to sound like sheets were being wore elsewhere then in bed. Jon started to point at that as a place to be checked out close.

.....His boys wondered around town, dropping bugs freely on anyone that spoke a word wrong. A truck owned by a dirty looking white man soon had a hit, as he liked to talk to himself as he drove. The man swore about people he saw on the street. The words he used were not polite. They were down right nasty. Yes he spoke of black bastards' more then once. Jap's were high on his hate list. Queers were spoke of often as well. "We well get all of them soon. We just have to smile, and wait till the headman tells us it is time to blow them all away."

.....Jon called for his boys to bug the hell out of him and anyone he even spoke to nicely. "His house, his work if he has any, his kids, and wife too. I want to hear every word they speak." Oh Boy was Jon pissed off at how the man talked. It was just what he had been looking for. His boys were busy for awhile bugging six families, houses, wives, and kids as well as the men of the house. Every hateful word was taped for a week. One of the boys called out for Jon to come a running one night. All six of the sleazy men were gathering at the leaders home. His family was told to get lost as they had man stuff to talk about.

.....Jon stood by the receiver hearing every word spoke. One of the boys was making sure to write it all down as it was spoke. Fire, shotguns, murder, theft, Jap's, sheets with pointed hats, masks, whips, ON and ON, and ON. Jon was almost ready to do some killing of his own. "Copy all the tapes evidence in sealed boxes. Get it all ready to delivery to the DA." "Jon the DA is a personal friend with one of those men." "Make that two sets of evidence, one for our cop friend, and the other for the DA, We will find out if he is honest, or not." Jon set down to write a note for his buddy the cop, and sealed it in an envelope to the cop, marked PERSONAL open at once. He placed it on the top of the box for the cop.

.....Jon's phone almost rang in alto as he got a call at once. "Is all this stuff real?" "It was all heard as we taped it. The whole batch of them are wanting to wear sheets, but are to stupid to cut eye holes in the darn sheet. Beside their wives all have flowered print sheets." "You know this how?" "One of my boys was giggling about the sheets when he got back from placing the bugs."

......~~~~First a trip into the past ~~~~~

.....A young sailor is posted to Japan. A Lieutenant no less. As always happens with a young man, the young man fell for a girl he met.

.....They didn't do the rent a room, and let's do `IT' bit, it was just not done in that time among her class of people. His either!

.....Time off was used by the pair to introduce the young man to her family. It went well, at first. Another of her sisters came home for an unexpected visit as well. Her job was as a waitress in the home of the Emperor. It was an honor, but as always a servant was not seen as a person, they were talked in front of as thou they are not there. They hear nothing. NO WAY!!!! She was home to speak to the heads of the twelve families. She had heard about a plan to take the country to war, and how it well affect them all.

.....A draft of all their sons was spoke of, and how they would be used, and abused was spoke of. The reasons for the war were spoke of. Lt Jones put in his options as well. At last their main fear was for their sons, and the younger men, hell all of the men as well as a long war could put them at risk to. Lt Tom Jones had to get back to work, and had to get Sao-Lee back as well.

.....Lt Jones of course had to place a note in a secure diplomatic bag worded carefully to warn his home office. He spent some time traveling around the country, looking at many places that he saw signs of ships being built at full speed, aircraft as well. Many young men looking like soldiers off duty. There were many items he saw that spoke of the report he had sent in being true. He sent many follow up reports.

.....His love life was on track to marriage. The family was still pushing plans to save their family's. They had decided that they needed to hide their sons before a draft can be enforced. Paper work was monkeyed with; the boys had female names. Some of the younger boys were un-born. (Never had been born.) Caves under the homes were made into bomb shelters where the boys can live in safety. Most of the boys were being schooled in how a girl acted. They were shown how to apply the whiteface makeup that most of the girls wore.

.....The twelve close families had a space in the center of all their farms built all their homes together in a group. A dead volcano was near one edge of the group of farms. The men had long ago dug into the flanks of the mountain, one to build water reservoirs. While digging they had found many pockets of minerals, two gems, and crystals as well. Their ladies had used all of the above to make jewelry for sale. Leather garments were another sales item, as well as the farm animals, and crops being sold. Yes as a group the place was a money making group.

.....One of the men was a doctor. He had in mind that he can operate on some of the older men to keep them out of the war draft. With some help from some people that make glass he concocted a lens that can be worn by some of the men. It had a white bloodshot color to it. Yes it had a peephole that the man can see thro some. Trigger fingers were messed with; the operation can be reversed at need. A toe can be amputated. A broken arm that is set wrong can look nasty to a recruiter. A simple, farm fuck-up answers all that were needed to explain the above.

.....Lt Jones had a wedding in the fall, and disappeared from his job with no fan-fair. He moved into a small home on the farm. He had a deep well hidden cave that he can retire to, where he had one fine radio supplied by the Army, the USA Army. He can hear a channel that broadcasts a set of songs in a set order. All he has to do is hit a key at the end of a song to send a set massage with one note being a whole massage. A sample massage might be ships going south at sunset.

.....At the end of the war, after the big bombs were used, General Macarthur was in charge of the whole of Japan. A young Lt had walked up to an MP to tell him he needed an escort to the General's headquarters. After using some passwords that had to be checked as they were quite old, he was escorted into the head mans presents. "Lord son you look pretty good for being out here for so long." "Not really on the streets, I've been living with my wife's family. That is really why I came to you today. I need space for twelve families' to leave this fine country. They well be exposed as helping me get quite a bit of information out of the country that had to be a big help to you guys." "Give me a count of body's son." "Here is a list sir by sex, age, and anything else they might need. Some need our doctor to fix some things he had to mess up to save their lives." "He messed up their arms and legs like this?" "Drafting was pretty nasty around here. We had to make lady-boys out of the sons in most of the cases. Some of them will never get over it."

.....When the group was landed in Washington State they were met by army escorts to take them to a group of farms that had been bought for them by the government, and the Lt picked up his pay, and his discharge as well. He was not really a sailor, as most thought he was. Oh well most Embassies have someone that fills that job.

....~~~On with the present. Leaving the past behind.~~~~

.....Ok we need to get back to the sting Jon has planed for the six haters, with all their helpers. First of all the DA had called the chief of police as soon as he had digested the box full of evidence. "Get your swat team ready to go to work." "We're already on alert sir; we were just waiting for your call. I'm glad you're calling me not your buddy." He went on to tell him what was going down.

.....Jon had called dibs on the families that the six nasty turds were going to kill most fowl. Men, wife's, kids all were to be shot so they can rob them of all they had. Jon, and his boys had them all taken to a hotel before they set the trap for the men to fall into. The DA demanded that he be there to witness the takedown. "I want everything to be in line to put them all away for a good long time." Jon nodded, and led the team out the door.

.....Yes a group of citizens of Japanese hereditary were to be killed, and robbed of their hard-earned wealth. Never mind that they helped end a war.

.....Well it is funny to see how fast a shotgun can be dropped to the ground when a large pistol is placed in an ear from behind a man. "Drop it or die." A tap on the head with the same weapon can also make the same man go to his knees right fast. "OOPS he was not moving fast enough."

....."Lets see, do they have to be awake to hear us tell them they have no rights?" "Yep, but we can wait for them."

.....A month later. Yes a court case can be fast tracked when the evidence is stacked up in a pile on the poor fools. Few lawyers want to look like a fool trying to save a guilty man. The only one that showed up to defend them had to leave his white sheet home to keep from being lunched himself. He did do his best, but the best he can do was to get the judge to cut down the time they had to spend in jail after they throw their guilty bodies on his mercy. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. "Ten years each, I'm ashamed to say it will probably only be five years with the way the government keeps letting people out early. Be warned you will be going back to prison if you keep on like you have been going.

.....Jon as always had been looking around to see what else had been done. The sons of the men had been brain washed to be bullies, attacking the children of the Japanese families. They really didn't know how dangerous it was to pick on them. The former Lt had with the help of a samurai master long ago started training all the family in both armed, and unarmed defense. It was still on going to this day.

.....The families had over the years been keeping a peaceful face with the public. Jon persuaded them to put on a show at the school. He had the superintendent on his side after he spoke about bullies.

.....One lunchtime the whole school was left out early. A meeting was called for all the students on the playing field. The whole of the group of the children came out of the school in samurai dress. I mean all, male, and female. From youngest to almost ready to graduate. They started out displaying how to break boards with a hand. Asked some of the largest bullies to do it too. It is not as easy as they made it look. Bricks were broke by some of the best trained. It is not something for everyone to do. One of the worst of the loudmouths rushed to do it too. Opps one broken finger. One of the doctor's sons set it before the nurse could be called. A four by four was set in the ground as a target. Stars were soon sticking out like a porcupine. Every one of them throws a handful into it. A staged fight without weapons showed off how dangers they all were. Then a fight with a sword, and knife. The knife was used to shield the fighter. The sword to attack. Then to show how sharp they were they chopped down the post they had stuck the stars into. After the display the oldest of the boys spoke, "We have been told that as of right now we may drag your protesting bodies into the principles office after we take you to the nurse for repair." It became peaceful in that school after that.

.....A week after the trial the dozen sons were picked up by some of Jon's boys. They had been plotting evil. Gags, and zip ties were well used to restrain them in their own van. The van was drove into a cargo plane that was at the small airport to pick up some cargo.

.....It's wonderful what can be done in the dark of the night. Twelve souls were put on the road to be saved on a dark and stormy night. First they were broke, then taught right, from wrong. It helped Jon that he had read them as having some homosexual leanings. Not open with their fathers, but Jon read them right. Sort of like that old bit, a lap dog hidding among the wolfs. Over time the group became some of Jon's best undercover help. As a group he can send them out to do a job, and never has to tell them how to do the job.

.....Jon is not the only person that has that wee radar in his head. One of the Japanese families called for Jon to come by to see them. He was afraid it was about thanking him again. Yes he had to except more thanks, but some of the young boys wanted to speak to him alone. One boy walked out to the barn with Jon to tell him he had read him as being gay. "I told some of my friends, and we think you might have tried to save us some problems with some less then nice boys?"

.....Jon looked startled as he thought hard about what to say. At last he said, "oh boy I don't often get caught doing stuff like this." "Well we, some of us that are gay want to see if we can tell them we forgive them?" "Do your parents know about you guys?" "Not yet, but we think it well have to be soon." "Thirteen of us and we need an older man to teach us some stuff." "Sex?" "Yes sir." Jon thought hard about all the shit, and talked the parents into letting him take some of their kids off on a vacation.

.....A plane ride to Texas soon had the boys being led into the home. Soon the twelve met them on the side of Jon's pool; it was over a dozen boys all trying to talk at once, "I'm sorry," "we forgive you." Jon did a whistle that brought quite. He spoke his piece, and ordered a handshake, or a hug, "now go away." Over the next week the two groups of boys were often seen together. As time came for the boys to go home they begged to stay. "No way boys. I promised your folks you were coming home, but you are all wired now, and can talk to many new friends. Come back to visit, and you are all enrolled in our school, It can be done on line, and on site too, so we well see you often."

.....Over time boys one at a time left home to join Jon's band of whatever. Many more of the brothers slammed the closet door in that group of families. It seems that the lady-boys training doing the war had long lasting effects long after the war was over.

.....Over time many of the families, men, and ladies were in and out of most of Jon's homes visiting their boys, or just working with Jon. Jon in turn was not above throwing some work their way. It is nice to have some help that can be paid in cash, or trade. F.... the TAX man.

.....~~~~~~Five years pass slowly, or fast depending on where you are at~~~~~~~

.....Twelve boys are learning how to be fine men. Six men are rotting in jail. Hating everyone. "Go thou, and sin no more." "Yeah they will do that." BULL PATTIES.

.....Jon has a new home in the west. It is near a ghost town; Jon has bought with cash. A red rock butte nearby has been tunneled into to build one of his homes. All of his needs have been met under this large rock. He had a deep well dug under it for water, a nuclear power plant near by to supply all the energy needed. A dinner club high in the butte with canceled windows looking out over the land below. A hidden elevator went from bottom to the top of the rock. It was nice to be able to stand on the open top looking out over the land.

.....Well it was said to be one of the safe places to live. "YEAH!" Jon had been out till late one night, and came in thro the ghost town hotel to enter the tunnel to the home. He dismissed his guard at the entrance to the tunnel. As he walked along he was thinking, not paying attention to his surroundings. A rough arm was thrown around his neck as he was told to, "give up your wallet old man." Jon might be older, but that does not stop him stomping on the young hoods foot, kicking him in the side of the leg, and breaking the ankle. He hit his radio as he calls for back-up in the tunnel. He called for a complete search for intruders, and a medic to his location. "Not for me, he got hurt by me. I was rushed." Oh boy was there a fast answer to that call. It was all of three minutes before the first guard was with Jon. A doctor was about thirty seconds behind him. A Doc-in-a-box was right behind him. Max the computer was almost having a fit. Jon had to call out to him to think, "NOW." The computer did just that as it started to report, "that person has one of our watches on him, that is how he was able to enter the place." "Whose is it?" Max reported, "it is Peters. I am running a check on it's use right now."

.....It took a half hour to pin point the last place Peter was seen. In the meanwhile the young hood was being repaired. One of Pat's sons that had learned to use a whip, had acquired a liking for S&M (Sadism & Masochism) It was a mild case. Well Peter was a friend of his. The young man walked into the operating room to lift the doctor away from the table gently as he told him, "go away doctor, you don't want to see this." The doctor run out of the room to run into Jon and one of his guards. Jon heard him out, and then said, "we need to find Peter now." The guard nodded his head as he waved at some chairs near the side of the room, "lets speak about what we need to do." They were still talking when Sam walked out to report "The nice boy was glad to help me out, we need to head for that old barn on the Smith's old farm. There are four people there, and I well be doing the talking to them, and that is not up for a vote." Jon pointed at the guard, and himself, and stood to move out. The guard was raving on his radio as he ran to keep up with Jon, and Sam. He met the rest of the team at the parking area, and pointed at a group to try to keep up with Jon.

.....Sam set there rubbing the whip he had in his lap. He had a blank look in his eyes, A group of the guards ran ahead of the vehicles as they were drove into the farm yard. Sam followed them into the small wreck of a house to tell them to cut the group of boys loose, and get out of the room, "now." Jon had followed Sam in, and just waved a hand at them to say, do it. Sam proceed to undress the young hoods with his whip. He cut off all their clothes a piece at a time. He was not too careful about their skin while doing the strip tease. There was lots of blood dripping, or running off all five of the boys when he thought to ask where Peter was at. He got five screams of "in the barn" at once. "Is he alone?" "Yes sir."

....."I'll be back, he better be alive."

.....A rush to the barn door was led by Sam with Jon right behind him. As they saw Peter they yelled together for doctors. Sam turned to go back to the house, and ran into Jon's hand in his face, "stay with Peter. Help the doctor, I well take care of the group in the house."

.....Jon ordered the guards to clean out the house, "find out who is in charge? Those kids never run this deal. I want the leaders, NOW." The naked crew was soon on the way to the hospital. A search of the house was made to look for names at least. A report to Jon said nothing but the five were found, and a batch of money, and loot that was from our home.

.....Peter was spoke of, and a report on the damage was listed. Sam held onto his one hand that had not been damaged yet. All the way to the hospital. Peter had one ear missing, finger nails missing, bones broke, cigarette burns, hair pulled out by the root, internal damage. Hell he was a mess. Sam set watching the doctors putting him back together till the last stitch was done.

.....Sam walked into the ward the hoods had been placed in after being repaired. Doc Bones tried to stop him, but was picked up, and set to one side. Sam walked from bed to bed looking the boys over without a word. He walked back to one of them that looked the most scared. he lifted his chin with the whip handle. "I want names, and I want one of you to get us in touch with them. If you don't do it you will be whipped with in an inch of your death, but I well not let you die. The rest of you heard me. I well do each of you right here till One of you tells me." The sound of the whip being cracked was all it took to have at least two of them talking. "We have to call one of them to report that we have a load of stuff ready to pick up. All six of them come out to pick it up. None of them trust the other to be honest." "Names?" Six names were called out. Max was busy looking for anyone that rang a bell at once. Sam called out a prison in the state of Washington, "look for releases." Jon was swearing as he was ahead of Max in placing the names.

.....Jon was getting a lynch mob ready to move out. Pat, James, Jerry, and there boys were also getting one together. Jerry won the game of paper, stone, and scissors. He was in over all control of the convoy. Max had some of his wee animals, all made of medal, and plastic, with a fur coat covering all the moving parts, on the way to the nearest settlement to find the men named. Who sees a cute dog, a cat, a rat, well maybe a rat. Some of them had some nasty teeth, guns, and other weapons. Cameras, and mikes were their main use, but Max can do some damage with them as needed.

.....There will be no call for a pick up. This was to be a round up in mass. They had all been told to change their ways, but no they had to piss off Jon. He was setting behind Jerry as he drove his handicap car at max speed to town. The rest of the crew was trying to catch up to him to get in on the beating. Jerry was yelling on the radio at Max to move his wee spies faster before he has to run the hoods down with his wheelchair. Max was reporting computer web hits as he ran his wee spies into town, and spread them all over town.

.....One hit was all it took Max to get a line on the other five. He had a download off his cell phone of every phone he had talked to as soon as the animal was within a few feet of the man. A quick search was run. The other five phones were found at once. The spies were soon on a course to them with some of Jerry's crew right behind them. Blowguns were placed in mouths, darts were placed in the main body mass, go to sleep sweet baby. Six nasty sheet wearing hoods were placed in vans in cuffs, and leg irons. Jerry called for a return home. Jon shook his finger at the young man. "No way Hausa. You are moving too fast, think." "Shit your right we have to clean out their holes. I bet we well have to get deloused after we shake down their living quarters." Jon was right up front at every small room being sure every item was placed gently in the trucks. Chairs, beds, every piece of paper. Bare walls, floors vacuumed of dust. Gee if they had a deposit it would have been paid back.

.....Max the computer had six piles of trash spread out on the floor of a warehouse. A crew of men, and boys were scanning everything in the room into Max. Later much later Max called for three papers he wanted looked over closer. Max had them checked with a microscope. Jon was looking over his non-exiting shoulder as he saw a judge had been bribed to let the dirty six out of jail, and had sold them Jon's name as part of the deal. They had tracked him down with a lot of help from some people Jon had put under the jail.

.....Max opened the doors for Jon to place the six in the cell. "Have a nice rest of your life gentlemen, my computer does not except bribes." Max was in charge of their lives, and fed them showered them flushed the John once a day. Made sure they did nothing wrong. You don't want a computer to get mad at you, and Max already disliked them.

.....Peter lived. He needed a lot of operations. He got them as needed. He always had a friend around to act like a set of hands, or feet for him. Okay enough of a long story. I well speak of him again after he is back on his own feet, and hands.

.....Sam has a new job. He is in charge of the care of the nasty fives recovery from his whip. He has it coiled on his side as he speaks to them of their nasty ways. By the time they are ready to leave the ward they have been brain washed. They want to please their guard/ nurse/ teacher. Sam is always near by wherever they go. School/lunch/ you name it, and he was there. His whole idea in life is to fix their heads.

.....It's later.

.....The nasty five are now some fine boys, well mannered. Honest, have all apologized to Peter for everything that had been done to him.

.....Peter has a problem, Jon has decided to kick him out of the place. No not that way. It is because he has became a stay at home, out of sight, hiding his body. It is not that bad looking. He has one fake leg, a camera in one eye that is hooked up to Max, and the picture is sent back to Peter's brain by Max. The camera can with a twitch of a nerve become a telescope. A fake hand that looks like the other hand he was born with, it works like the real thing too. Burns all over his body are being removed as fast as he can handle the repair. As I said he looks normal, but his head does not except this knowing how much is faked. Jon set him down one day to tell him, "time for you to go for a walk-about like they do in Australia. Your going to roll up in a ball, and die if you don't get out of here. "Where, how what can I do?"

....."Ok son your not ready to travel alone, you will be traveling with three of my best guard types. Let them lead your trip. Go visit the world, anywhere, and everywhere. Go see the Pope. Jeremy is a good man to tell your woes to. Jon waved goodbye after a hug, and a kiss. Peter Started slow with his three friends. He at first did walking tours of our countries parks. Most were in the West at first. Then on to the Grand Canyon, the guards were laughing out loud as they spoke of the time Jon was thinking about digging a home into the side of the canyon. "It was really too hard at the time to hide it from the world. Someone was saying the other day we could do it now with no problem. I don't think it would be an easy place to come, and go from.

.....In their travels they stopped overnight at any of Jon's outposts in the states. Just to meet friends, and re-supply.

.....The group when it got to Galveston Texas signed onto a freighter as crew. Peter as his leg still gave him some trouble, with pain took a job in the mess hall. The other three had jobs all over the ship. At a small island way out in the sea far from any land Peter decided to go native. There hire was for any time they wanted to stay onboard. The boys left the pay behind for the crew, as they were leaving early.

.....Laying around was not to be, okay a few days on the beach, fewer days shopping, well really window shopping. A night out was planned as they had heard of a place that had a act that was raved about as well as being a well ran club.

.....Drinks were served after checking on how they handled alcohol. "Two drinks limits on all of us please. We like it but not to the drunk as skunks bit. After awhile the (I can't really call it a band) It was a native group that played the drums. Not the drums the bands in the good old US of A played for so long. The boys mostly made their own. They hit the stage like an avalanche. The beat was maintained by some as others filled in the rest of the songs. It was seen that the boys had stagecraft far beyond their years. All four of the boys looked at each other reading the eyes. A nod was answer enough to have them turn back to the stage. There was never a misstep, and the boys were dancing to the drums even as they played them. By the way they were dressed, or was that undressed as they had as much skin on display as was barely legal. It was some fine looking skin too.

.....Later after the show was over the four asked the club owner to let them talk to the boys in the act? "Okay guys, could you handle doing a show, maybe put your show on the road?" "Your kidding us?" "Nope we have some buddies that do it every day." "Who? Name them?" "Virgin Tour." "Wow you go for the best of the lot, they have yet to record a dud."

.....The four checked if all the boys want to be stars? They cheer as they nod their heads. They are stopped by being told the down side of fame. "You do know that is why the Virgins hide their faces?" You guys will be bare faced, and have to put up with a lot of junk. My buddies will help you out a lot.

.....The club owner was upset as he was losing the main attraction to the club. Peter called Jon, "Jon I have an idea. Are you still planning that broadcast of the battle of the bands?" "We have found the best place in the world to do it." "Okay where are you?" "A little island that is off the map." "That is a good place to have the battle?" "Yep I think the population can handle most of the housing, and they have piles of stuff that can be bought as souvenirs. You might bring the Good Ship Lollypop over as an extra hotel, and even bring an extra ship or so along." "What are you really doing, I smell a rat." "Gee your good, watch this clip of a show we saw." Jon gasped as he watched it." "Good god put them under contract right now. Why bring the Battle of the bands there thou?" "We are breaking the owner of the bar." "Set it up, and I well get the bands there. Let me know what I need to plan on." Peter looked at the phone as he started to swear, he stopped as he started thinking about all he needed to do." One of his pals had heard what Jon said. He giggled as he told him, "gee your slow. Don't ever ask Jon to do something he is a damn lazy man. He just passes it off to the best man to do the job. He knows it well get done."

.....Three months later. Yes Peter, and his three buddy's were almost worn out. As well as teaching the drummers some more stagecraft, getting the island ready for an invasion, planning a battle of the bands, getting a pile of things imported for the show they had to be sure the natives earned a pile of money. They had to teach them some self defense. No not fighting, some of the people coming to the island would rob them blind, well maybe some imported guards would be needed. When Jon was called he told them the guards were on the way, and would be there the next day to get to know the people.

.....Some of Jon's men moved to the island to set up one of his few in the open, and above ground homes. Well not that it had a sign on the place saying it was something other then a rather large home. It was used as a place for some of his men, and boys to vacation. It was really a place to help out the people after the bands left. Part school, part guards as the world was going to know about the sleepy place now.

.....One fine day Jon, and crew landed in the bay in his sea plane. It rolled up on the beach to be met by Peter, and a herd of kids, and a few of the islands leaders. After all the hugging, kiss's were over with Jon was filled in on the last few days work. He already know most of what had been done. A freighter was do to dock in two days with a pile of junk aboard. Well it was not junk per say. A stage set up was aboard. A dozen bum boats, to transport people to, and from the three cruse boats due in. There was not enough docks to handle them so they had to anchor in the harbor. Fishing boats as well as they were going to be sold/given to the people on the island.

.....A rush of building got the stage in place in the center of the town square. A television set up was built, cameras all over the place, yes sound equipment all over the stage. Seating around the stage. Food stands all around the area, Food goes in it has to come out too. New out houses were in place around the square, yep one fine water treatment plant was being left behind for the town. Another moderation for them. The ocean thanks them. Slowly planes land, people set up support for the show. Ships drop off people. Sail boats, and cabin cruisers turn up every day, music lovers turn up for the show. Rent for rooms is paid, food is sold to all by the people.

.....The day finally comes. A drum starts to beat out a steady beat. it softens as the ads, and BS is all said before the real show starts. One of the Virgin Tour starts the show. With one of their his songs. It moves on to the rest of their show. Over the first day of the Battle a group of the bands formed a fill in between the bands as they changed over. A group of drummers had there own battle. Flutes give shows of some of the classical music, to include the Magic Flute, Trumpets, Trombones, Carnets. Jazz, Blues all had there turn to show off. An intermission like this had never been heard before. Oh there were Ads as well, but the sound was turned down softer in the background as they played. The music never was off the stage. Now that is how to do the breaks needed to pay for the show.

.....Some of the Virgins had told the judges to not judge them as they were withholding from the battle as there was to many of them there to compete. Only three of the best of the Virgins were going to compete. The rest were just going to put on one fine show. The next day the rest of the bands joined the Virgins in-between the bands shows to keep the sound going all day. A week later the last show of the Battle was on stage. It was members of every band coming together as a single band. They played it out as a funeral march from ages past, with snippets of some of the famous composers.

.....The native drum brigade was awarded one of the top medals as they had played in place of one of the bands that was delayed. Good job. They boarded the Good Ship Lollypop for the trip to the states. It was not to be a lazy time as everyone of the Virgin Tour was aboard, and all of them wanted to see the drummers play. It was one after the other wanting to be the first to have them on stage with them. Poker was played with chips for which band was going to at the head of the list, and the rest had to take their turn.

.....Jon pointed at Peter, and his group, and waved them aboard his seaplane as he told them Rome, "as the Vatican has no airfield. We can land on the Mediterranean Sea near Rome. You need to speak to the Pope, you still have some shit in your head, I can see it in your face. Get over this holding it in. The job you did here was good, You still need to do better."

.....Talk to the hand, was all Peter got as the plane took to the air. Later Jon spoke thanks for the good job, and told him he only wanted him to get his head straight if not his body. Jeremy laid on his hands on all four of the young men as soon as he met them. He spoke with them over the next few days as they walked around Rome together. Jeremy was wearing a common monk robes with a floppy old hat. His red hair was not to be seen. He often did this, no one had ever thought this young man might be the pope. They might think one of his sons that was trailing along behind the group looked somewhat like the Pope. The pope never tried to shop for people to join the church, but all four seemed to see something in the man that said something to their hearts. All four of the young men asked if Jeremy thought they could join his happy crew of hoods. He giggled as he spoke of having many people standing in line to become holy Joes.

.....Many people would be shocked to hear the Pope speaking with his own family, and Jon's family was part of his wide flung family. Yes Jon had homes, and holes in the wall all over the world. Ok they are more then just a hole in the wall. Even the Pope has a tunnel to the home for kids that Jon had built for him in Rome. It was one fine place, with one of Jon's larger homes built under it for all the caretakers to live in when they were not working.

....."Okay the four of you are going to be five from now on." He held up one finger, and pointed it at one of his redheaded guards. The young man walked over to the table. "This is one of my sons, his name is Samuel, Father Samuel, or Sam as he answers to most of the time. He will fill you guys in on what we teach all that want to wear this dark robe with the white collar. Three of you can wear the robes as soon as this trip is finished, Peter will have to be turned loose by our lord, and master." Peter was not happy with this, and started to make some noise about it. The Pope held out a hand to touch the boys head. "Shit hasn't anyone read this boy's mind yet?" "No sir it was messed up real bad, and no one could take a chance to get caught in the swamp." "Well it is not a swamp now, get to work on fixing it up now." Jeremy led the way into Peter's mind, and asked, "can you hear me now?" (Sorry master Jamie Haze, I had to use it.) {Note I have been rereading Jamie Haze's stories and neglecting this story. He took a long vacation and I had to go back to the #1 chapters.} Peter held his head as he told them not to yell. "I didn't say a word, your a freaking mind-reader son, so stop talking, and start learning how to do it." A long silence was heard at their table as all the mind readers taught the new boy how to do it, and better yet how not to do it. A wild mind reader reading all the people around him will be a nut waiting to happen. Some that were unable to block a mind had lost the gift. Peter learned over the table how to do his new job. The Pope grinned as he told him, "Jon does not have to turn you loose now your cured now." "What do you mean?" "Your cured your head can't be f... u. if you can think, you are cured of all that junk you had in your mind."

.....Later in the week after Peter settled down in his mind he was told to get out of town again. "Go learn how to be a holy Joe with my son, and tour the rest of Europe." The first stop was England. Yep London, Big Ben, the palace. Yes the changing of the guard. A limo pulled out the gate as they watched the soldiers doing their duty. It pulled to a stop as the window was rolled down. A red head came out the window to ask, "hey you with the red head might you be related to a friend of mine?" "Your good Harry, you got me, the others are friends of Jon." "Get in I'm going to a party. You like to party?" "Yep, but we can't drink today, so it well be just having fun on the floor." Sam did the cross on his chest as he nodded around the group. Harry smiled as he opened the car door. The boys called out names as they shook hands.

.....Well it was a fun evening, and a nice night, till Peter looked around the room with a strange look on his face. "Damn it guys my mind just wondered off on it's own. Three hoods are planning to kidnap Harry." "Point them out, and get ready to kick some ass. We well let them think it is easy to do the job." Harry was let in on the gig, and told to set it out, and not get in the way. Good luck there. The young man was a friend of Jon's. If you think he is going to watch a fight your flat nuts.

.....As the car was brought to the door three men hiding their ugly faces with handkerchiefs pulled guns on Harry. The other four young men disarmed the hoods, and Harry preceded to put them out for the night. He rubbed his hands together as he looked at his knuckles. "Opps grandmother will be on me like stink on a skunk." "I well give you some stuff to soak it in all night. It will smell so wash it off in the morning."

.....The breakfast was not too formal as the Queen was taken with the four guests. It only took them saying they were taking the vows in the their church soon. Harry was able to hide his hands as the swelling was almost gone. Of course the paper had to speak of the prince being attacked by crooks. Harry spoke of the guests disarming the men, and forgot to say he helped them get a good nights rest in jail. Oh well he always did forget some things.

.....The four young men were often called on to serve in any church they happened to visit. Sam might point them out, but he also joined in as well. It might be carrying a cross, passing out communion, anything that needs done.

.....By the time they returned to the Pope's home the three were a set of well trained leaders for the church. Sam had got a hold of four pieces of wood that they had spent their time off carving into a good imitation of the holy clubs that the Pope's guards used often. He also taught them how to use them as a guide for pilgrims before he explained how to turn them deadly at need. "We try not to kill, but it depends on how hard they are trying to hurt someone, like the Pope maybe." He spoke of the wedding, and how hard they had to fight to keep the Pope from getting a better kill score then them. "He was in a killing rage that day."

.....Jon turned up to pat Peter on the back as he told him he was happy he had got over the fucked up head. "I am mad at the Pope as I had some plans for you. Oh well he seems to get the best in the end.


....................Yes this is a good place to say THE END


PS I get upset it when an author forgets to say THE END so I say it twice. BY ALL