Joseph's Tale

This story is a story devoted to love and respect. While it deals with harsh situations, they are not really detailed. As with all my stories, it is gay in nature, and involves boys and men in sexual situations, as well as it is diaper related. For some this is a turn off, so please feel free to not read, but to those who would like to continue, please feel free to do so as well. This story is based in a period of time that I have no experience with, other than watching Leave it to Beaver and other shows like that, so please forgive me if all that I say is not perfect there. This story also gets into a lot of medical stuff, of which I also know very little, but I did as much research as I could, and there have been cases that I mention. As always I would love to hear from you, whether you liked it, what you thought needed to be changed, constructive criticism, anything, I would just love to hear from you. Please email me at and I will respond as soon as I get a chance to, because I answer all emails. I also have a website that has all of my stories, as well as a few others, so you are welcome to join and read the rest of my stories as well if you wish. You will find my site here, I hope that you all enjoy.

Chapter 1

“And what about this boy Sister, how old is he, and what is he here for?” Dr. Chalmers asked the sister in charge at the Institution that he had heard may have a suitable boy for him.

“Well, his mom was killed almost a year ago now, his father apparently died when he was very young, he is twelve years old, and he was in the same accident that claimed his mother. The accident took his right leg, much of his bowels, his bladder, and damaged much of the rest of him. He is blind, but from our reports, he was like that from birth. He will also not let any female near him, only the males. As soon as he hears or smells us, he starts screaming and kicking violently. We usually have to keep him quite heavily sedated, unless we have a priest in at that time. We actually had to teach Father Michaels how to give the boy a proper enema, so that we could give him a once weekly cleansing, because that was what his doctors told us to do. That has something to do with his bowels being so damaged.”

“I see Sister Mary, how is it that he gets fed then?”

“We usually feed him while he is sedated. We strap him into a wheelchair and feed him mashed foods, and he is lucid enough to eat that.”

“I understand. Why does it look like he is fully awake right now?”

“He is only very lightly sedated today, because Father Michaels is here today to give him his weekly enema. We have found with this young man that it is easier to keep him sedated most of the time. He gets highly agitated otherwise.”

“Okay. Do you know the reason for his not allowing women near him Sister?”

“No Doctor, we have ideas, but we are not certain. When he was brought into us, he still had a number of odd round burn marks on his arms and legs. We believe quite certainly that his mother burned him repeatedly with her lit cigarettes, because the one time he got very upset with a male, was when a male doctor was smoking a cigarette and came into his room. As soon as the cigarette was extinguished and left outside, he calmed right down.”

“Okay, that makes a lot of sense then, the mother obviously abused the boy harshly. Is it normal that you keep his diapers so thick?”

“No Doctor, but like I said, he just recently had his enema treatment, so for a few hours afterwards, we need to keep him very thickly diapered, so that he will not leak and make a mess.”

“Okay, that makes sense. I think he will be perfect for my program then. I will need you to pack up any of his belongings, and have him ready to go in an hours time. In the meantime though, I would like to speak to Father Michaels please?”

“Doctor, this is highly irregular. I cannot allow you to take one of our charges.” Sister Mary said indignantly.

“Sister. I have been coming here for years, looking for kids for my school, you and all the other sisters know this. Why, now that I have found one in your institution, you deny me what the church has explicitly given me permission to take?”

“I have not been told of any such agreement Doctor, and I must see proof before I can release him to your care.”

“I will give you the letter from the Bishop, that will be all the proof that you need, however, I fail to understand why this would be of any concern to you. You yourself said that you were ill equipped to care for this young man.”

“I said no such thing.”

“Really. Once per week you have to have a priest come in to deliver an enema to the boy, because he will not allow any females near him, or he gets highly agitated. I believe that to be ill equipped to handle him. My school is a boys only school, no female will ever step foot on the property, so he will not feel fear from that. Here is the letter though, however, I do need that back.”

“But how can a school be equipped to handle such a boy? He requires special medical care, he is blind, he is crippled, he requires diapers for both feces and urine. Surely your school cannot handle him any better than we can.”

“I have a doctor on staff at all times who will be more than capable of looking after the boys medical conditions, me, and many of my boys are in diapers for one reason or another, so that is of little concern to us. I also have a blind teacher, who can help the boy in many more ways than you ever could here, and his leg does not cause him any issue, because I will have a special wheelchair made just for him. Here, however, you also stated that he stays heavily medicated at all times for your convenience, so he never actually leaves his little room, does he?”

“It is not for our convenience Doctor, it is for our protection. This letter looks fine, so I will have his things packaged up, however, he will need to be removed from his room before I can do that.”

“That is fine. I wish to speak to Father Michaels right now, and then I wish to speak to the boy, so while we are speaking, you may pack his belongings. What is his name?”

“Yes Doctor. His name is Joseph Douglas.” Sister Mary said, and then quickly dismissed herself, not wishing to stay with the overbearing doctor any more than necessary. She was back minutes later with a tall priest.

“Dr. Chalmers I presume.” Father Michaels said, sticking out his hand to shake.

“That is correct Father, and you must be Father Michaels.”

“Yes Doctor, that is correct. Sister Mary has briefed me on what is happening here, and I must say, I hope you can help the boy more than we have been able to.”

“Yes, I hope to as well.”

“I understand you wanted to sit and talk to me about something, so if you'll follow me, we can go to the meeting room.”

“Yes please, lead the way.”

They arrived in a small room a few minutes later, and they both sat across from each other in comfortable chairs.

“So, how may I help you Doctor?”

“I need to know a few things about Joseph, before I can commit to taking him, and since you are the only person here that actually knows him, then you are the only one I can ask.”

“I can understand that, however, I would not say that I know him very well at all. I come in once a week, give the boy his enema, stay for a few hours, and then change his heavily soiled diaper, give him his medication, and then I leave.”

“You never talk to the boy?”

“Um, no, not really.” The priest stammered.

“I see, just pull down his diaper, jam the nozzle in, fill him up, and then leave?”

“Well, there's a little more to it than that, but he's not normally in a very talkative mood when I'm there doing it.”

“I see. So you don't really know him any better than the nuns do?”

“Unfortunately no.”

“Okay, if you could bring Joseph in here to me then please, that would be appreciated?”

“I will bring him in just a few moments.”

Dr. Chalmers nodded his agreement, and Father Michaels got up and left the room. It took nearly ten minutes for him to arrive again, pushing Joseph in a shoddy looking wheelchair.

“Joseph, this is Dr. Chalmers, he is here to talk to you.” Father Michaels introduced.

“Thank you Father. If you'd please leave us, I will call you or one of the nuns once I am ready. You may also please tell Sister Mary to go ahead and do as I asked her to do for me please?”

“Of course Doctor.” Father Michaels said, and then bowed out of the room.

“Hello Joseph, as you were told, my name is Dr. Chalmers, and I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

“Hello Doctor. What would you like to talk to me about?” Joseph asked, slurring his words slightly, and looking a little just like a drugged person does.

“Well, I would like to offer you a place at my school, but I have to ask you some questions first.”

“Okay Doctor.” He said, sounding a little confused, for he had never been to school before, and he figured that being as he was a blind cripple, that he would have to stay in the mental institute for the rest of his life, hearing the screaming of all the other patients there.

“Thank you, now I understand that you are twelve years old, that you are blind, and that you were in a very bad car accident with your mom that caused some pretty bad injuries.”

“Yes Doctor. I was born blind though, from what my mom told me.”

“Can you tell me please, why is it that you will not allow the nuns near you?”

“I-I-I-I-I just cannot.”

“Is it because your mom burned you with her cigarettes, hurt you very badly, or other things like that?” Dr. Chalmers asked calmly.

“Yes Doctor.” Joseph said so softly that Dr. Chalmers almost did not hear him.

“It is okay to admit that Joseph. If you come to my school, there are no women allowed there, so you will never have to worry about that ever again.”

“That would be nice Doctor.”

“Good. Now, I understand that you have to have a weekly enema, are there any troubles with that?”

“No sir. At first the nozzle hurt, because it was very large, but it got easier. Father Michaels said that I would, and eventually I did. It feels really good when he works it in and out, but it always makes me feel funny when he makes the weird noises, and then fills me up with the liquid a few minutes later.”

“Okay Joseph, it sounds like you like your enemas then. Can you tell me, where exactly are Father Michaels hands when you are receiving your enema, especially when he is stroking the nozzle in and out?”

“Never thought about it before Doctor, but I think that both are on my shoulders, holding me down.” Joseph said, still slurring, but now looking a little puzzled as well, because he really didn't understand.

“I see. When this happens, does your penis ever react in a strange way?”

“Yes sir.” The boy blushed.

“In what way, can you tell me?”

“I am not sure I can tell you Doctor, it just feels really good, and I tingle all over.”

“Very good. So you would miss having your enemas done in this way then I take it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, I am sure that we can work something out for you. If you will excuse me for a few moments, I need to go and ask Father Michaels about something.”

“Yes Doctor.”

Dr. Chalmers got up and went out to the hall, and found Father Michaels a few doors down, looking through a window.

“Ah, Dr. Chalmers, finished already?”

“Not really Father, but I think I understand why there was very little talking during your enema treatments. You put your penis inside his bottom, and urinated in there for his enema, is that not correct?” Dr. Chalmers asked calmly, but Father Michaels' face fell.

“Yes Doctor, I am afraid I did.”

“That is of none of my concern, I just wanted to be certain, and Joseph says that he enjoyed it, and would like for it to continue. Is he the only one?”

“Yes.” The Father whispered.

“Okay, then that is good enough for me. Is Sister Mary preparing Joseph's items now, because I am prepared to take Joseph as soon as he is ready to go?”

“Yes she is, but Joseph still needs to be cleaned up.”

“I will worry about that later.”

“Okay Doctor. I will tell Sister Mary that you are ready to go then.” Father Michaels said, and then turned and rushed off as fast as he could go, but trying to make it look like he was not.

“Okay Joseph, I am back. Now, like I said, I would like for you to come to my school. How would you like that?”

“But Doctor, I am a blind cripple who has to wear diapers.”

“That is of little concern to me. Many of the boys at the school wear diapers as well, I have a blind teacher on staff to teach you, and I will get you a very nice wheelchair, and maybe even something better.”

“What do I have to do Doctor?”

“Just learn what we have to teach you. There will be normal math and science, language and arts, but there are other things as well. Things that will make you feel as good as your enemas feel, and you will learn how to do that to others as well.”

“Okay Doctor, I think that I would like that.”

So with that, Dr. Chalmers and Joseph were off. They had just left a church run institution where crippled children were often dumped, but the poorest of them usually stayed for their entire lives, which were sadly very short normally. The year is 1952, and things of this nature were almost second nature, and no one ever really paid any notice to it. Dr. Chalmers did run a school, a very special school in fact. He collected thrown away boys, boys who, just like Joseph, were special in some way or another. He collected very good looking boys as well, something that Joseph also certainly was.

Joseph is twelve years old, has bright blond hair, that is kept trimmed short and neat, cloudy gray eyes, clear complexion, nice small proportionate ears and nose. He was pretty small though, probably from rarely ever moving around. Joseph was sitting in the front seat of the car with Dr. Chalmers, just sitting quietly, thinking a lot more clearly than he had in a long time, because all the awful drugs were starting to wear off, finally. Probably the first time in a year, and he liked it.

“You have been awful quiet Joseph. I figured that you would have been asking a great deal of questions the entire drive, just like every other boy does.”

“Sir, I am never to talk unless spoken to first. I must be seen and not heard at all times. I must never ask for anything, for it will be given to me what I need, or I will be punished.” Joseph said, clearly dictating what his mother had drilled into his head, very severely by the sounds of it.

“While it is important to be always kind and respectful to adults, and that is a rule at school as well, we do not wish for you to be a mindless puppet. You may feel free to talk, to ask questions, to actually breath. It sounds as if your mother was extremely strict on you, was this her teaching?”

“Yes Doctor. If I did not listen, I was burned. May I ask a question then?”

“Of course, ask whatever you would like.”

“Sir, ever since you asked me where the priests hands were while he gave me an enema, I have wondered about that. How was he able to pump the enema nozzle into my backside, if both his hands were on my shoulders, and why was his nozzle so much bigger and warmer than the one my mother used to give me enemas with?”

“Both those questions have the same answer. He was not using the normal enema system that your mother would have used, he used his own penis, and urinated inside of you after pumping for a bit to make you both feel very good.”

“Oh, um, will you still do that to me once a week Doctor?”

“If you would like for me to, I will do so, yes. We can also do the same thing more frequently, without urinating inside of you, so that you do not have a full enema all the time, but it will feel very good still. Eventually you will have the other boys wish to do that to you, and for you to do the same to them. You will learn more about that when the time comes though.”

“Thank you Doctor, but it sounds nice to have it feel good without filling me up as well.”

“That is very good, and maybe this evening we can do that, once we reach my home.”

“Why are we going to your home Doctor?”

“My home is on the school grounds, and for a few days you will be staying with me, until you understand all that will be required of you, and once we get you all set up. May I ask you a few personal questions Joseph?”

“Yes Doctor, you may ask whatever you wish, I must always answer all questions truthfully, or I will be punished.” Joseph said in shock, as if being asked such a strange question were odd.

“Well, it is always best to answer a question truthfully, especially to an adult, however, sometimes the whole truth can get you, or someone close to you in trouble, so sometimes it is not wise to do so, but we will teach you all that in school as well. The questions that I would like to ask though, you should answer for me truthfully, because nothing that you tell me will get anyone in trouble. First question though is really easy, are you able to see anything at all?”

“I am not sure what you mean Doctor, I do not see anything.”

“Okay, do you not understand the question, because you do not understand seeing?”

“I think that I do not understand seeing Doctor. I know other people use their eyes and can see different things, they see colors, they see movement, they just see. I do not think I see anything at all.”

“Okay, thank you. Second question is almost as easy. You speak very well for such a young man, how much have you been educated?”

“I do not believe that I have been educated at all Doctor, I do not know that word. I speak well because my mother made me speak properly, or I would be punished.”

“Well, educated means that you learned things, that you were taught things. Obviously your mother taught you how to speak well, albeit in a fashion I would not agree with, but she did, and sadly she did a very good job. Do you know if your mom taught you anything else, did she teach you numbers, letters, math, reading, anything like that at all?”

“I do not know what math or reading is Doctor, but my mother taught me letters and numbers, but she said that I was blind, so was too retarded to learn anything else. Do you know what she meant by that Doctor?”

“Okay, well we can teach you all that. Retarded means that you have a mental disability that makes it impossible to learn the most simple things, however you are not retarded, therefore that was very mean and wrong of your mother. Like I said, we can teach you all that. There is a special type of writing that was developed over fifty years ago now, but few people use it, and we can teach you to read that. Math is using numbers to find things out, you add and subtract, or multiply and divide them with each other to come up with the information that you want. It can be very difficult, but we can teach you that too. Now third question. Before your accident, were you able to walk around?”

“No Doctor, I am blind, so my mother always had to lead me to where I was to go. Although I was able to walk, I was not allowed to do so, unless she was there leading me, so that I did not break anything. I normally had to stand or sit where I was told to, and was made to stand or sit there for long periods of time, or I was punished.”

“That is not very nice, and were the punishments always the same?”

“Yes doctor, she would press something to my arm or leg, and it would hurt very bad, and I would usually scream or cry, but that only brought on further punishment, I was to stay quiet during my punishments, but I could not always do that. Sometimes she hit me as well, especially if I cried out during my punishments”

“I am very sorry to hear that, and I promise that you will never have to endure that again. At school you will be punished if you break the rules, and we will go over those rules soon, but normally you will be strapped for a serious offense, or just spanked with a hand for a light offense. It hurts, and the strap can hurt a lot, but neither one will leave permanent marks, and the pain fades quickly. It would however be best to not break the rules, because we will not hesitate to spank you in front of your entire class. Now, for a more difficult question. Remember when Father Michaels gave you your enemas, and it felt very good, did your penis get hard, or did it get hard at any other times, and if so, did you ever touch your penis while it was hard?”

“My penis did get hard Doctor, but I must never touch it, or I.......”

“Yes yes, or you will be punished. Let me guess, another of your mothers rules?”

“Yes Doctor, it was dirty and vile, and I was never to touch it. Only my mother could touch it when I was being bathed, but I got punished very badly if it got hard when she was cleaning me.”

“Then I think that some of your training will come as a bit of a shock to you, but you will enjoy it very much. From here on out, if it is hard, and it feels good, you may certainly touch it, and I will teach you all that you will need to make yourself feel very good, but more importantly, how to help others feel very good.”

“What do you mean Doctor?”

“I will teach you all about that later young man. Other than the priest or your mom, did anyone ever make your penis hard, or make you feel good?”

“No Doctor. Until I went to the institution, I never spoke to anyone else, and no one ever talked to me.”

“Okay. We are almost there, so we will talk more later. How is your diaper holding up Joseph?”

“I think that it is fine Doctor. I believe that it is very soiled, and it is quite wet, but that is normal.”

“We will get you changed very soon, and get you into some thinner cloth.”

“Thank you Doctor, that would feel nice, I am getting itchy.”

A short while later they pulled up to the Doctors house and he got out, asking Joseph to stay put for a few moments while he went to find a wheelchair. He was back out a few minutes later with a wheelchair, got Joseph out and into the chair, and took the young boy into the house.

“Okay, we are here now, so the first thing that we are going to do is get you changed out of that soiled diaper.” Dr. Chalmers told the boy happily. He could not wait to see what the cute boy hid underneath his diaper.

“Thank you Doctor, that would be nice.”

Dr. Chalmers took Joseph to a special room, dedicated almost totally for diaper changing and enemas. He picked Joseph up out of the chair, laid him on a large padded table, and proceeded to remove the short shorts the boy was wearing. When he removed the yellowish rubber pants covering the very thick cloth diapers, the stench of the heavily soiled diapers hit the doctors nose, and it did not disgust him, because he was more than a little used to it. One of the boys in the school liked to mess his diapers, and two more had no choice but to mess their diapers, so Joseph was not alone there at all. Using a softness that Joseph had never felt while being changed before, Dr. Chalmers gently pulled the diaper down and cleaned him up, removing the filthy mess.

“There, a lot better now, now you are nice and clean. You have a nice looking penis, and it is very pretty when it is hard, you should be proud of it, and the others will all really like it as well.”

“Really Doctor, others will like my penis?”

“Oh yes, very much so, probably more than I do.”

“Why Doctor?”

“We will go into that a little later on, after we get you changed and fed, how does that sound?”

“Good, I guess.” Joseph said, he was not used to being talked to like a person, so it almost made him feel nervous, but he also liked it.

“You will get used to it.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, because he knew exactly what was going through the boys mind, because he was not the first.

“Okay, now I am going to rub some nice ointment into your groin and bum, it will be cold, but it will feel very nice, and reduce the itching.”

“Thank you Doctor, that would be nice. I always itch and burn down there.”

“Yes, with as red and raw as you are, I do not doubt that in the least. The nuns really should have treated you better than they did, even if you hardly let them near to you, but I do understand why that was.”

“Thank you.” Joseph said simply.

Dr. Chalmers slowly worked a lot of the healing ointment into Joseph's red and raw skin, causing the young boy to moan from the incredible feelings that this was causing in him. Never once had he ever felt so nice, so cared for before, although Father Michaels was a second best. As soon as there was enough ointment coating his skin, Dr. Chalmers slipped a nice thick stack of cloth diapers underneath Joseph's bum, he had raised it as soon as he had felt the diapers being slipped in place, without being told.

“Very good Joseph. Now, we do not need to have your diapers as thick as they were when I got you, but some of the boys here that wear diapers as well really like their diapers thick, so if you prefer them that way as well, tell me, and I will double this up. That will be how you are diapered for bed anyways, but during the day you only need four layers, unless you want more.”

“I am not sure which I would prefer Doctor, so if you could try me with the thinner ones now, I can try the thicker later. Would that be okay?” Joseph asked hesitantly, because he was also not used to having a choice in anything that happened to him, it was always just done.

“That is a very wise decision young man, and I am happy that you chose it. One thing that you will need to get used to here, is that your opinion counts. We will not tolerate rudeness, so you are to never talk out of turn, or deny someone else of their opinions, but you will always have a say in almost anything that we do.”

“Thank you sir, but I do not understand the word opinion.”

“Opinion means that you will have a say in what happens to you, what you do, things like that. Again, we will go over this further at a later time. For now I just have to put some nice clean rubber panties on you, and then we are going to go and have some food, because your stomach has been growling for some time now.”

“That would be nice Doctor, I am very hungry.”

“Yes, I bet you are.” Dr. Chalmers said warmly, and then slipped on a nice powder puff pair of rubber pants.

Once Joseph was nice and diapered, and ready to go, Dr. Chalmers lifted the boy down and got him situated in his wheelchair. This was not to be Joseph's normal wheelchair, it was just what he had handy, because he would have a custom built one made to fit Joseph properly, and to better suit his blindness as well. Wordlessly Dr. Chalmers wheeled Joseph into the kitchen, a large well appointed one at that, especially for the year that it was, everything was brand new and modern, not that Joseph could see that though.

“Joseph, what would you like to eat?”

“I do not know Doctor, I have never been told what I am eating before, so I do not know what anything is.” Joseph said, clearly puzzled by the question.

“Oh, I see. I am sorry to hear that. Did you ever truly dislike something that you were being fed?”

“All the time Doctor, but I must never complain about the food that I am given, or I will go for a week without.”

“That is truly horrible. Please, tell me if there is anything that you really do not like, and we will try not to serve that to you. You must always try though, and you have to eat your vegetables, but always tell us, so that we are aware.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

“You are very welcome. For tonight, I think that we will have fried chicken and mashed potatoes, with some corn and corn bread. I believe that you will like that, and it is one of my favorites.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, and then went about getting the aforementioned dinner prepared.

It took nearly an hour for the meal to be cooked, and while it was cooking, they both talked, both asking the other questions, and both answering each and every one of them honestly. As the food cooked, the smell in the kitchen rose and rose, so much that it was almost killing poor Joseph. His sense of smell was understandably very good, and the delicious smells that were torturing him, made him feel even more hungry. Finally though, the meal was complete, and they sat at the table in the kitchen.

“Now Joseph, are you able to eat on your own?” Dr. Chalmers asked all of a sudden, just realizing that he may not, with being blind and all.

“No Doctor, I was never allowed to feed myself, because I would make a large mess.”

“Well, tonight is just as good a time as any to learn something new. I will get a nice big bib and tie it around your neck, so that you do not make that big of a mess, and then I will cut up your meat for your first time. Do not be afraid of making a bit of a mess though, it happens.”

“Thank you Doctor, you are very kind.”

“I think that you will find that everyone at the school is very kind, and while we hate punishing you boys for doing wrong, we do it, because we know that it helps you to grow up properly, and you want to be a proper gentleman, do you not?”

“Yes Doctor, very much so. Please teach me all that you can, and I will try not to upset you any?”

“Oh, we will teach you everything that there is to learn all right.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

Dr. Chalmers worked quickly to cut up all of Joseph's chicken for him, and then had to actually show the poor boy how to hold his fork, how to scoop up food, and how to get it to his mouth. Dr. Chalmers quickly saw that for the first little while, with Joseph's lack of coordination in this matter, that his eyes were very much in danger, so went and grabbed a pair of spectacles that he had for reading, and placed them on the boy. He did have to explain what it was for, and Joseph actually giggled slightly, something that he had probably never done before. The first half of Joseph's meal barely made it to his mouth, and of that half, about half of that ended up being caught by the bib or the table. By the time that he got half way through though, he was doing not so bad though, and he was hardly making any mess. The poor boy did end up with a few scratches on his cheeks, and once he nearly stabbed his nose, but thankfully, the spectacles did not have to protect his eyes as they had been intended.

“You did very well for your first time Joseph. You have quite the mess, but less than I had anticipated. Would you like more dinner?”

“You are not mad Doctor?”

“Of course not. I told you that you would not get into trouble for a minor mess, and it was not your fault anyways.”

“Thank you, but I am still hungry. Could I have some more please, it was very good?”

“Of course. How much more would you like?”

“I am not sure Doctor, I do not know how much I had, so I cannot gage it.”

“Okay, that makes sense. How about I just give you half of what you had to begin with, and then if you want more, you can always ask for more. Please do not continue eating though, just because there is still food on your plate, when you are full, ask to be excused.”

“Okay Doctor, thanks.”

Dr. Chalmers got up and quickly got another piece of fried chicken, and more of everything else, and set it in front of Joseph. Once the chicken was cut up,Joseph ate heartily once again. When he was finished, he said that he was full, but not overly so, so Dr. Chalmers wheeled Joseph out to the sitting room.

“Okay, now you have had a number of questions throughout the day that I told you that would be answered later, as well as I am certain that you have a number of other questions to ask as well. I would ask that you hold off on asking any questions for now, because I will tell you a lot of stuff, and a good portion of it will probably answer any questions that you now have. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Doctor, I will not interrupt.”

“No no, that is not what I meant, please feel free to interrupt me at any time. If there is something that I tell you that you do not understand, ask for me to elaborate, and I will attempt to do so.”

“Thank you Doctor, but what does elaborate mean?”

“You see, had you not asked, you would not have understood what I was trying to tell you. You have to ask questions to learn anything, but there is a time and a place to ask questions, and we will teach you that as well. As for your excellent question, to elaborate on something, means to go into greater detail, to explain something further, so that someone is more easily able to understand what was being said. Does that make sense?”

“Oh yes Doctor, thank you very much.” Joseph said happily. Even though he had not really learned all that much in his life, he was a very curious young man, and loved the idea of learning more and more.

“You are very welcome. Keep up that attitude, and you will do very well at this school. Speaking of which, I believe that that will be where we start.”

“Okay Doctor.”

“School will be held every day of the week, for at least ten hours every day. We teach a lot of different things at this school, but many of them you would never learn in a regular school. All the normal things will be taught; such as the English language, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, and geography. However, that is not all that you will learn. In our school we also teach you two other languages, one being French, and the other being Spanish. Each and every student is also taught how to read braille, which is the written form that blind people can read, as well as everyone learns sign language. For you though, we will not be able to teach that, unless we can find a way to get you seeing again.”

“But Doctor, I am blind, I cannot see.” Clearly puzzled, Joseph exclaimed.

“Yes, you are blind, for now, but I am a doctor remember, and while I cannot promise that I can do anything, I will look and see if there is anything that can be done. If I cannot do it, I will gladly pay to have the very best doctors in the country come to see you, to see what we can do. Sadly I have not yet ever been able to get a blind student seeing again, or for their first time, however, that does not mean that we should not try with you as well.”

“But why Doctor?”

“Because you are a very special boy, and you deserve to be treated the best that we can possibly treat you.”

“Thank you Doctor, but I do not understand special.”

“Special means that you are different, that you deserve something more I guess. It means that you are better than some, but maybe not so much more than others. You will learn more about this later as well.”

“Thank you Doctor, but I do not understand how I can be special.”

“You are, trust me there. You are a very beautiful boy, very kind and smart, and you like having your bum played with, so here that makes you very special. Now, onto the rest of the things that you will be learning. In school you will also be expected to join in on physical fitness, and even though at this time you will be in a wheelchair, you will join in as best as you can, even if you are blind. We will teach you all that as well. We also teach politics and debate, so that you are able to properly speak to anyone, and do well, although, I daresay you have a large head start on that. And then the most important thing that we teach you about, is your body. Not only do we teach you biology, which is the learning of your body, and how it works, but we teach you how to pleasure yourself and others. This is one of the largest classes, and you will have this class at least once per day, sometimes twice. Sometimes the pleasure classes are with your class, sometimes they are one on one, sometimes they are with a teacher, sometimes with another student. You will soon know all of what your body can do, and how good it feels to do it as well.”

“Okay Doctor, I think I understand all of that, but why, why do you care about our pleasure?”

“Because, if you are enjoying yourself, then that inherently implies that the other person, or persons with you, are enjoying themselves as well. We all want to feel good, and it is what the human body is designed to do. Our philosophy here is, that if it feels good, do it, or even better yet, share it with someone else.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“That sounds very nice Doctor.”

“It is, believe me. Now, for the not so nice things that I have to tell you. Punishments for rule breaking, are swift and harsh, but they will always fit the crime. There is to never be any back talk, ever, towards other students, and certainly never your teachers. Like I told you before, you are always welcome to ask questions, unless you have been requested to hold off until later, and we are always very good about informing you boys of that before hand. You are, however, never to question someones authority, if you are told to do something, you are to do it. If it does not make sense as to why you should do it, just ask, ask the person giving the instructions why you are being asked to do something, but never say no. We will always explain, if we are asked, what the reasons why we are asking something, so that you may understand why it is we do certain things. Sometimes things do not always make sense, until you understand the reasoning.”

“I understand Doctor, thank you for explaining that.”

“You are welcome. Next is, there is to be absolutely no fighting of any sort, both verbal or physical. We understand that there may be differences of opinion from time to time, but you are to talk it out calmly, to come to an agreement together. If you are ever found to be fighting, all parties involved in said fight will be punished in front of the entire school. Your britches and diapers will be completely removed, you will be totally bare in front of the entire school, not like this will be of any concern once you are used to it, but then you will be belted no less than twenty five times to your buttocks and legs. Once that punishment is dealt with, you are to shake hands and apologize with the person that you were fighting with, and then you are to shake hands with and thank the person that gave to you your punishment. This is so that you understand fully what it was that you were punished for.”

“That sounds fair Doctor. Do fights happen often?”

“No, we are strict, and all the students know this, as well you are all told the rules right from the start, so we have very little fighting. It does happen though, because young men can be very hot headed little beasts at times, but we cannot allow that to happen, because it will do no one any good to let their tempers control them. Do you understand why that might be?”

“I think so Doctor. I think that it means that if we let our tempers control us, that we would fight for things that could easily be resolved with words.” Joseph said after a few moments thought.

“Very well done young man, that was an excellent answer. You are very smart already, so you will do very well here.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Joseph blushed.

“You are welcome. Next is learning. You are to learn everything that is being taught to you, you are to do your best at all times. We of course do not expect you to know everything, but if you are not trying, if you are not at least attempting to learn, then you will be bent over your desk, and the yard stick will be liberally applied to your backside. The good news is though, that at least this is normally just to the seat of your pants, so being diapered, it does not hurt near as badly, but trust me, you will still feel it plenty.”

“I understand Doctor, and I cannot wait until I get to learn.”

“I am glad to hear you say that, but you are already learning a lot. Always remember that learning is a beautiful thing, the more you learn, the more you know, the more you can do.”

“That is great Doctor, thank you so much.”

“It is, and you are welcome again. Next is respect, you are to respect others, but most importantly, you are to respect yourself.”

“I do not understand Doctor, why should I respect myself, I am only to respect my elders, and do what they tell me to do without question?”

“No, that is not true. You are to respect everyone, and you are certainly never to do anything at all times without question. If I were to tell you to go out and kill someone right now, would you, just because an elder told you to do it?”

“Of course not Doctor, that would be wrong.” Joseph said in shock.

“Yes, of course it would be. So, by stating unequivocally, that you are to do anything that an elder tells you to do, would therefore have to be incorrect, would it not? Because if you were to do so, it could get you into trouble. We will teach you how to properly ask for the reasons why you are being asked to do what you are doing, and then if you are not sure of something, you are to ask. Now, for the other part of your question, why would we want you to respect yourself? Well, now there is a question with so much that I could answer. It is really simple though, if you cannot respect yourself, how could you truly respect anyone else.” Dr. Chalmers said simply.

“But I do not understand that Doctor, how can you respect yourself, respect has to be given to someone else.”

“That is not true. Respect for ones self means that they treat themselves with dignity and proper respect, same as you would treat someone else. What that also means, is that you do not call yourself bad names, that you do not purposely hurt yourself, or work to make others want to hurt you, and it also means that you are more kind to yourself, than you are to others.”

“I still do not fully understand what you mean Doctor, but if I could, could I think about it, and then ask more questions later, because it is confusing to me still?”

“Of course you may Joseph, and once again, that is a very smart thing to ask. And that brings us up to another rule, and this one sounds the most strange. Never, ever, ever, be afraid to ask a question, unless, like I mentioned before, you were asked to hold all questions until later. By asking questions, by understanding what it is that you are being taught, then you may truly learn, however, if you were to never ask a question, you may not truly understand something fully, therefore you have not learned all that you can, and you know the punishment for that.”

“I do Doctor, and that makes sense, I think. I have never been asked my opinion before, so it still seems strange to me. Will I be punished right away if I forget?”

“No, especially at the beginning, we will work slowly with you, so that you will be more able to grasp all that it is that you are being taught, and we will remind you frequently of this, so you will always be asked if there are any other questions. Even once you know all the rules, punishments will only be handed out when it becomes apparent that it is necessary. You will never be struck at the very first offense, unless it is for fighting, and I believe you understand the reasoning behind this. All other punishments will be handed out as required, but we will attempt to teach you the right way first, and then will move to more drastic measures, should the need arise.”

“Thank you Doctor, I will try and remember though.”

“I know you will. Now, for tonight, I do believe that that is all we needed to talk about. There will be more as time goes by, and you will always be informed things as they are needed, so now we get to go and start your first real class.”

“But I thought that school was not started yet.”

“No, it is not truly started yet, we take two weeks off every summer to have a break, and so that I, and a few others may go and find new students, but that does not mean that we cannot have a quick class. I am going to take you back to the same room that we were in before, it is the nursery, and there we will teach you some nice things that you can do with your body, and you can do to mine.”

“Really Doctor, that sounds great.”

“It will be.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

He quickly wheeled Joseph back into the room where they had originally started, and then got him up onto the table. His already quite wet diaper was removed, his skin was gently cleaned up, and then the doctor got started on the very first lesson.

“Now, this is your penis. It is already quite hard, and as I stroke it, it will feel very nice. As I can tell that it does, from your low moans. Never be afraid to be vocal, tell us what feels nice, what does not feel nice, moan and groan, really get into it. Now, as with most boys, your foreskin was removed, as was mine, that is the skin that covers the head of your penis when you were a baby. It is not needed, so it was removed, and it helps to keep everything nice and clean. Your testicles are right below your penis, and they too can feel very nice when played with, especially when both are played with together, as I am doing now. I can tell by your moaning, that you are enjoying this a great deal, but tell me, how does it feel to you?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly, quietly.

“Oh Sir, it feels so very nice. I really like it when you play with my penis and my testicles together like that. It is making my whole body tingle, and I am starting to get really hot.”

“Yes, and you should. That is the start of your orgasm, it is what happens when it feels like your entire body explodes, and it feels so very nice. Now, so far I have only been using my hands, but my mouth would feel even nicer yet, and when done correctly, it feels very good to both boys. Also, because you have one mouth, and two hands, this allows you to be very creative, so that you can do a number of very nice things to whomever you are playing with at the time. I think for that though, you are just going to have to feel, because my mouth is about to become very busy.” Dr. Chalmers said with a grin, as he was lowering himself towards Joseph's hard little boy dick.

“Oh my Doctor, what are you doing, that feels very nice?” Joseph gasped as the doctor sank his mouth down. He started a low growl, and did not stop.

The doctor had sucked Joseph all the way to the root, and was applying plenty of suction and tongue action, really giving to Joseph the most intense feelings that he was able to for his very first foray into oral sex. Not only was his mouth working, but so were both of his hands. His left hand was busy toying with the tight little sack full of little boy balls, because Joseph was a good two to three years away from puberty still, while his right hand was busy working two nicely lubed fingers deep inside the velvety soft, oh so very hot little bum.

Joseph was no stranger to anal intrusion, and he had always loved the feelings, but this was far more than his mind had ever conceived, and he was rapidly approaching thermal nuclear meltdown. He was moaning and groaning non stop now, his entire body was vibrating something fierce, and Dr. Chalmers knew what was going to happen. With one final hard prod to Joseph's immature little prostate, another hard suck to his overly engorged young erection, and one more external prod to the area just below his now even more tight balls, as well as another tickle right to the testicles, Joseph screamed out in his intense orgasm. Dr. Chalmers counted twelve strong pulses during Joseph's amazing orgasm, and then a further three softer ones, and the boy never stopped squeaking and squealing during his orgasm.

Joseph had had a few orgasms by then, even though he had had no idea what had been happening to him at the time, nor did he understand his feelings, but this topped each and every one of the previous orgasms, all put together. His entire body felt as if it were on fire, but it was a good fire, a great fire even, and he never wanted it to cease. Cease it did eventually do though, though it did take almost five minutes. Poor Joseph was gasping heavily though, never had he ever felt as tired as he did right then, but he would not have given it up for the world.

“How did you like that?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly many minutes later, when he saw that they boy was somewhat back to normal again.

“Wowee Sir, that felt amazing.”

“Yes, it felt amazing to me as well. I am glad that you really liked that though, but now it is your turn to do the same to me.”

“I do not know how to though Doctor, what shall I do?”

“It will come naturally to you, once you get started, but I will be guiding you along the way, telling you different things that feel good or better, helping you to bring the most amount of pleasure to each of us together.”

“Okay Doctor, but how shall we do this, I cannot see you?”

“Easy, you feel instead. Every boy must be blindfolded at times so that they may experience love making without the sense of vision, and trust me, it makes it so much better. For you, this will of course come natural to, so you will have no problems whatsoever. I am going to take you over to the bed that is in here, and then I will lay down, after I sit you down, and then I just want you to start by feeling my body. Do not be afraid to touch me everywhere, really explore me, and believe me, I will enjoy your gentle touch very much.”

So that was what he did. He picked the naked boy up and carried him to the bed in there, sat him down, and then laid in the center of the bed. As soon as Joseph felt Dr. Chalmers lay down, he felt his way towards the older man, and came in contact with his chest first. Gently, softly, Joseph felt his way around Dr. Chalmers body, his natural curiosity taking over, and he was enjoying it, every bit as much as the doctor was. Never had he had a chance to just feel someone before, in fact his body was the only one he had ever felt before, so it was just like a non blind person having never seen another human being before. Almost an hour later, Joseph had searched out every nook and cranny in the doctors body, he now knew the doctor in ways only a blind person could truly understand, and he knew him more than he had ever known anyone, including his own mother. The doctor had kept up a running commentary the entire time, telling Joseph just what it was that he was feeling at any given time, and Joseph truly appreciated it, because he was learning more in that time, than he had ever learned before.

“That felt very nice Joseph, you have very soft hands. Now, do you think that you can find my penis and testicles and make both of us feel even better?”

“Yes Doctor, I sure can.” Joseph said excitedly, and then got right to work finding them.

“Very nice Joseph. So now all you have to do is stroke it gently up and down. You want to have a nice firm grip, but not too hard, you do not want to stroke my penis head with just your bare hand either, because that will hurt me, so just stroke my skin up until it covers the head, and then stroke down again. Just try and remember what I did for you, and then do the same. Same with my testicles, just play with them gently, run your fingers through the hair, tickle them softly, and enjoy yourself. When you are ready to do so, you may feel free to take me into your mouth, and suck my penis. When doing this though, you have to be very careful of your teeth, because that is not a feeling you ever want to have, so you should never do that to someone else. As you are sucking me, you will want to put a finger or two up my anal cavity, and stroke inside there as well. To aid in that, you will find some lubricant to your right in a small jar, just unscrew the lid, and get your fingers coated in that, and then enter me. You want to go slow when doing this of course, because your anal passage normally wants to stay closed, so you have to work into it slowly, or again you will hurt me. Once inside, you will find my prostate gland, which was that nice feeling little button like thing that you felt me playing with, so when you play with that, you will make me feel very good. When I am about to have my orgasm, I will warn you, so that you are not surprised, because the main difference between a boy, such as you, and a man, such as me, is that when I have my orgasm, I will ejaculate semen out of the head of my penis.” Dr. Chalmers said softly as Joseph was busily enjoying his play time.

“What is ejaculate and semen Doctor?” Joseph asked curiously, he was loving all the learning.

“Ejaculate means to shoot out, and semen is the stuff that will shoot out of the head of my penis. You will learn more about semen in your biology lessons, so I will save that for your classes. Feel free to take me into your mouth any time.”

Joseph was happy with the answer that he had received, and wasted no time whatsoever in laying himself down more, so that he could take the doctors erection into his mouth. He was clumsy at first, of course he was, it was his first time after all, but with the whispered, and moaned instructions from the doctor, Joseph took to cock sucking like a duck to water. He also found the lube, coated his fingers, and started working two of his lube coated digits deep inside the doctor, while his other hand was busy toying with the doctors very full balls.

Dr. Chalmers had been holding off, waiting to find a cute boy to induct into his school, so he was more than ready to cum, and with a gasped warning, cum he did. The first shot surprised Joseph, even though he knew it was coming, it was the amount and taste that surprised him. At first he gagged slightly, until he figured out to pull his mouth off a little, and swallow the thick tasty cream that was shooting into his mouth. Joseph never stopped sucking, nor did he stop what it was that his hands were doing, so all throughout the orgasm, he was continuing to play with the doctor, enjoying himself immensely.

“Please stop Joseph, it is too much.” Dr. Chalmers gasped out.

“I am very sorry Doctor, I did not mean to hurt you.” Joseph said after quickly extracting himself. He had been enjoying himself too much.

“No, you misunderstand, you did not hurt me, it is just that if you continue on after the orgasm ends, the pleasure almost becomes too much, and it almost feels like it hurts. You usually have to give at least a minute or two between orgasms, so that that does not happen.”

“I see Doctor, thank you for allowing me to do that, it was very fun.”

“And thank you as well, it was very enjoyable to me as well. Do you think that you are still up for more fun, or is that enough learning for one night?”

“I would love to have more fun Doctor.” Joseph said excitedly.

“Good, now just lay right down, and I will do the rest.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

Joseph excitedly laid himself down in the middle of the bed, and Dr. Chalmers knelt down and sucked Joseph back into his mouth to bring him back to full hardness, even though he was still mostly hard. Joseph gasped once again, and as soon as he was hard again, Dr. Chalmers lifted off and slathered on a generous helping of lube to the turgid young member. It was not large, not by any stretch of the imagination, he was only about four inches long, and still pretty slender, but he was big enough to give them both enough pleasure. As soon as Joseph was lubed and ready, Dr. Chalmers added more lube to his own ass, and then positioned himself to take Joseph's young erection inside his ass.

“Oh Doctor, what are you doing to me?” Joseph moaned out from the feelings in his body.

“You remember how good it felt to have the fathers erection inside your bum, right, well, I like that feeling as well, so that is where your pretty little erection is right now, inside me.”

“Wow, neat, it feels real nice.” Joseph moaned out, really enjoying what was happening to him. His body started the thrusting motions automatically, thrusting himself up as the doctor was coming down, and vice versa. A couple times he slipped out of the doctors ass, but quickly they realigned and reinserted, and continued right on as if nothing had happened. It was not long before Joseph was being affected by yet another mind blowing orgasm. Before then, all he had ever had to do was take, even though he had not really known what it was he was doing, so he had no experience on how good his body could really feel, but now he was feeling it.

“Oh goodness Doctor, it is happening again, the tingles, it is too much.” Joseph cried out, and then gasped. The doctor actually felt the pulses deep inside himself, and he enjoyed it. As soon as Joseph's orgasm was complete, he collapsed to the bed, and passed out.

Dr. Chalmers saw this happen and lifted himself off the worn out little boy, gave him a light kiss to the forehead, and then went and grabbed some supplies. He grabbed a double thick stack of diapers, more than enough pins to secure three times what he needed, the ointment, some powder, and a nice thick pair of rubber panties. He went over to the bed and slowly and carefully worked to diaper his newest little student. He put a lot of ointment on, sprinkled probably just as much powder on, and then pinned all the diapers on nice and snug, using every one of the pins that he had brought with him. Finally he carefully worked the rubber pants up Joseph's legs, or rather his one and a half legs, and then tucked his diaper in to ensure that the boy did not leak.

Once Joseph was nice and thickly diapered, Dr. Chalmers took a good long look and feel of Joseph's badly mangled leg. It was amputated just below the knee, so he had just about a two inch stump that still moved nicely, the doctor had been pleased to see that, because the prosthesis he would have made for the boy would be that much easier to use because of that fact. He noted that the scars were not very clean, and really, neither was the amputation itself, and if he had to place a well educated guess, he would have to say that it had not been done properly at all. He vowed that he would go in and fix that himself this week, also while checking out the boys eyes, to see if there was anything that could be done for them. During his brief visual exam of the boy, he noted that there were still a number of the small round scars all over his arms and legs, as well as a few on his chest. The worst of those ones though, had to be the one that appeared to have nearly melted away some of the poor boys nipple. He figured, correctly, that the poor boy had probably passed out completely from the pain of that particular punishment, and he was sick from it. Gently the doctor pulled the blankets up and covered the very beautiful young man, gave him another kiss on his forehead, and then whispered goodnight. Dr. Chalmers walked to his bedroom, deciding that he too may as well go to bed, got himself into a nice thick stack of cloth diapers, and then crawled into bed. He too fell asleep quickly.