Chapter 10

The following morning Joseph woke up and was right up and at it like he did the day before, as if he had not passed out in sheer exhaustion the night before. It amazed Tanner at his resilience, and how he was able to just get up as if he were not tired, but then again, he did not show that he was at all tired.

Joseph though felt that he had had a wonderful sleep. Yes he had been tired the night before, yes he had almost passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow, and yes, he did go to sleep an hour and a half early, but he had a great sleep curled up into Tanner all night in the very comfortable bed.

With a sigh and a smile the two boys slipped out of bed and stripped each other of their diapers, and then headed to the shower to get themselves ready for the day. It almost surprised the boys to not find Dr. Chalmers sitting there and waiting for them like he had been the morning before. They just set that aside though and got dressed and ready for their day.

“I wonder why Dr. Chalmers has not come to get you yet?” Tanner wondered after they had finished getting dressed.

“I am not sure, but maybe it has something to do with what you two talked about yesterday, we have biology class this morning, so maybe he is just going to do it at that time.” Joseph shrugged.

“Maybe you are correct, but I suppose that we will see when the time comes. What shall we do before breakfast though?”

“I do not know, what are we allowed to do before breakfast?”

“Almost anything that we desire really, but most of us normally go and sit and talk or watch the television in one of the lounges before breakfast.”

“That sounds good to me, so let us go ahead and do that then.” Joseph said, and they headed out to the nearest lounge to join the others. It was a nice time for Joseph, because he got to sit and talk to the other boys, they all got to know each other just a little bit better. When the clock chimed time for breakfast, they all got up and headed to the dining hall to eat.

As breakfast ended and they were waiting for their first class of the day to start, Joseph was almost vibrating in expectant impatience. He could not wait for their first class to start. Eventually it did start, and this morning it was Anthony leading the class. As Joseph found out, the teachers took it in turn to do this class every day, and while they did sometimes come and join a class, most of the time they just let the boys have their fun.

“Good morning boys, please sit down, and we will get started right away.” Anthony told the boys as they entered, and then continued as they were seated. “Okay, today is anal pleasuring day. I know that you all enjoy this class a great deal, so we will do it again. As usual, no penises are to enter any anal cavities, until the end, if you make sure to not to make your partner orgasm. The goal once again today is to give pleasure, but not to make your partner explode. You may as usual use any toys that you desire, any other part of your body that you desire, and that your partner can take, just not your penises.”

“Goody, I love this class.” Tanner whispered to Joseph.

“Yes, I am blind, and even I can see why you would love this class.” Joseph giggled. Tanner and the few boys around him that heard the comment also giggled.

“You may now choose and undress your partner, but once again, no more touching than is necessary, because our focus today is only on your partners backsides.” Anthony instructed, and he too had had to chuckle at Joseph's comment, because he had heard it as well.

“Joseph, could you be my partner today?” Jeremy asked softly.

“I would like that very much Jeremy.” Joseph smiled.

“Oh, thank you very much.”

“Jeremy, would you please go and choose a few different toys that I will be safely able to use on you, and then if you would like, I will let you go first, and I will give you as much pleasure as I can possibly give to you?”

“Okay.” Jeremy said a little more excitedly than normal, and practically skipped off to the toy wall. There he chose a string of beads, a vibrator, and a nice long thin dildo. He was back only seconds later.

“That was quick, and you sound a little excited. Calm down please, or I will accidentally make you orgasm, and then we will not be allowed to join in on the last bit of fun at the end?” Joseph asked softly.

“I am excited, sorry. It is just that you are very pretty, and you give such nice pleasure, it just makes me feel funny.” Jeremy admitted with a giggle.

“Thank you, and I am sure that you are pretty as well, and I will endeavor to just as much pleasure as you can possibly stand, but I will not let you orgasm.” Joseph smiled, and then proceeded to strip the very small boy.

Once Joseph removed Jeremy's pants, that was it, he was naked. It seems the boy did not like to wear underwear, which seemed to be normal, if you did not wear diapers, you wore nothing under your pants at that school. Jeremy was as hard as a little iron spike, Joseph could tell, because it had been pushing against his fly so hard that it had actually been tricky to undo it, and he did sneak a quick little feel of it as well. It was expected after all. Once Jeremy was naked, Joseph gently paid the boy down on some nice big soft pillows, that he had already arranged, so that Jeremy's little bum was raised up. Once the little boy was laying down, Joseph pushed his legs back and up, and Jeremy took a hold of them right away, knowing the drill more than well enough.

Joseph found and arranged all the things that Jeremy had brought over, there were the three toys of course, then a small tub of lube, and a cloth. He ignored those things though after arranging them for later, and dove into the little bum face first. While Joseph's tongue was giving Jeremy an incredible rim job and probing, his hands were tenderly kneading the soft little bum cheeks. Jeremy was so small that each one of his little cheeks fit comfortably in each of Joseph's equally small hands, they were a perfect fit in fact.

Slowly Joseph moved his hands towards the center, getting prepared to slip in a finger from each of his hands, if Jeremy was able to take it. From the feel of the size of the toys the boy had chosen though, Joseph felt that it would be very little trouble. By the time that Joseph had reached center, little Jeremy was moaning in glory from all that Joseph was doing to him, and Joseph had his little hole very wet and ready for digital invasion. Keeping his tongue in place, Joseph slowly worked first just the very tips of his index fingers inside of Jeremy. This action caused Jeremy to moan and groan out so loudly that he was able to be heard above all of the other couples for a few moments. Joseph smiled inside from that, because he knew just how good it felt.

Joseph could both hear and feel that Jeremy was getting very close to his orgasm, so pulled out, and just started kneading Jeremy's little cheeks again to bring him down. Jeremy of course grunted and groaned in frustration, really wanting his orgasm that was coming very close. He almost broke the rules and took his little member into his own hands, but managed to hold off, just barely. It had only taken about five or six minutes for Joseph to bring Jeremy that high, but it took more than ten minutes for the hot little boy to come down enough to continue.

Once Jeremy was down enough to continue, Joseph found and grabbed the vibrator and lubed it up, and then slowly started teasing the little ass lips, causing Jeremy to really moan and pant. He had gone almost completely soft during the impossibly long wait, but within just a few seconds of starting, Joseph had Jeremy right back to maximum hardness. The little guy was panting and moaning now something fierce, so much so that a few of the boys around them looked up to see what on Earth Joseph was doing to the poor boy to make him make those sounds. They were especially shocked that the sounds were coming from the boy that almost never showed any emotion whatsoever. Even the teacher was surprised to be hearing it, and he was standing there and watching, his pants around his ankles, enjoying the show.

Once again Jeremy came far to close to orgasm, so Joseph had to stop. He turned off the vibrator and set it aside, and then started kneading Jeremy's soft little bum cheeks again. Once again Jeremy really showed his frustration at having the intense feelings stopped, just when they were getting good. Joseph of course just smiled warmly, and patiently waited the five or six minutes for Jeremy to come back down again.

When Jeremy was ready, Joseph grabbed the beads this time, and started with the largest ball, and slowly inserted it, after adding plenty of lube of course. As he was pushing the small balls inside of Jeremy, Joseph was busy stroking the tiny little perineum, just gently giving the young boy pleasure. This time Jeremy rose a little slower, but he was still pretty fast to rise, and Joseph just pushed all the balls inside, there were six of them on the string.

Once all of the balls of the anal beads were hidden deep inside Jeremy, Joseph really started stroking, almost pushing on Jeremy's perineum, really giving it maximum stimulation. And then Joseph suddenly pulled out the first ball, which was the smallest. He did it in a quick sharp pull, just ripping the first one right out. Jeremy screamed out, 'OH MY GOD', and Joseph had to stop. Jeremy almost went into orgasm.

After that the entire class was gathered around the two of them, abandoning their own pleasure, to watch something that was even more. Joseph had to wait a few minutes again, and as soon as Jeremy was ready for it, Joseph started stroking again, and then pulled out another bead. This time he did it a little slower, but it was still a quick removal. The yell was not quite so loud this time, it was not so clear either, more of a strangled cry, but still Joseph had to stop once again to let Jeremy come back down.

The boys and teacher surrounding them remembered that they were not supposed to be jacking each other off, and they still wanted some pleasure, so standing around the two boys on show, they all had at least two of their fingers buried inside the ass of the person to their right.

When Joseph started again, he started playing with the ball, pulling it until it was almost all the way out, and then letting go, and letting it be sucked right back inside. He did this a total of four times, but not stroking Jeremy's perineum this time, and then suddenly pulled that ball and the one behind it out sharply. Jeremy's mid section levitated off the floor for a few seconds as the boy screamed out words of pure lust and raw sex that no one could understand. Joseph was not sure how much more he could put the little guy through before he either just spontaneously erupted, passed out, or both, and that was what he was betting on.

He was now nearing the one hour mark, which would normally be where they would switch partners, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to the time at all. Joseph played with the next ball again, not letting it out all the way before letting it get sucked right back inside. Six times he did this this time, and then he pulled it and the remaining balls all out all at once.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Jeremy screeched, and passed out. No one could tell whether or not he had actually came though, because it all had happened so fast, and he was far too young to squirt anything out.

“Wow! I think that for today we are going to ignore the last comments, I think that even though they are frowned upon seriously in this school, they were aptly used words in this case. Joseph, that was simply amazing what you did to Jeremy. He enjoys sex, very much so, but other than the odd soft whimper or moan in pleasure, he hardly ever makes a sound. Actually, to be quite honest, he hardly ever makes any sound at any time. We actually thought he was a mute for a few months when he arrived last year. If you do not mind my asking, where did you learn the little trick of playing with the perineum?” Anthony asked curiously.

“I do not know sir, but I do not believe that anyone has ever done it to me before. I just know that mine feels really nice when I stroke it, or when I push on it a bit, and Jeremy really seemed to like it as well.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, he certainly seemed to like it a lot. Anal beads normally do not cause an orgasm, they just add to the pleasure of an orgasm, but unless I am very much mistaken, the two together did in fact cause an orgasm. We are not going to count that this time, because we cannot tell for sure that Jeremy did cum, and I am willing to bet that he will not wake up until the end of the class when we wake him up, so we will not even bother asking him. I think though that the class is mostly interrupted, so I say we just grab a partner and make a little love.”

“Okay.” Everyone said excitedly.

“Joseph, come on over here and let me make love to you.” Tanner whispered into Joseph's ear.

“Okay.” Joseph said breathily.

“That was amazing what you did to Jeremy, everyone will certainly be talking about it, and you have probably ruined the poor boy for every other boy that ever makes love to him, for he will forever compare him to you.” Tanner giggled.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Joseph grinned.

“No need to be sorry, unless you do not ruin me for everyone else.” Tanner giggled.

“Is that an invitation?”

“It just might be, yes, in fact I think it was.” Tanner smiled warmly, and wrapped Joseph in a tight hug, and then lowered him to the floor where they were, finally reaching an area that was not already populated. Once down, they kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

“Joseph, I need you in me now? I am already well prepared, I was the lucky one to have gotten started on first, so I am ready for you. Just slip right in and make love to me please?” Tanner whispered, breaking their kiss for only a second to do so.

Joseph did not break the new round of kissing, he did not bother to answer, just moved down and into a more comfortable position, and then guided his slim erection home. Both boys moaned softly as Joseph sank in as deep as he could, and then he stopped. Joseph stayed buried inside Tanner for a few minutes at least, not even moving a muscle. Tanner was almost about to start moving them, having started to lose patience, wanting the love making to start, when all of a sudden, and just as slowly as he inserted, Joseph started pulling out. He pulled almost all the way back out, until just barely the tip of his penis was left inside, and then he reversed, sinking once again into the fiery depths of his roommate, or boyfriend, whichever you wish to call him.

In and out, very very slowly, in and out, both boys moaning soft and low, in and out, they both sigh gently, in and out, still so very slow, in and out, going as far in and out as he can possibly go. Joseph was too close though to make it really last, but not that he really wanted to either, because they only had a limited amount of time, and he still wanted his turn. So with the sands of time running against them, Joseph no longer held back his oncoming orgasm.

His motions started to turn erratic, Tanner knew that Joseph was on the verge, so worked his very talented bum muscles, and gave Joseph just that little more pleasure that would make him explode, and explode he certainly did. With pants and gasps aplenty, Joseph came, and he came hard. It took Tanner near everything he had though to not cum at the same time, and he nearly lost the fight as well.

“My goodness baby, you certainly know how to make a boy feel like a god.” Tanner whispered once Joseph came back down again.

“Thank you, I try.” Joseph grinned tiredly.

“Yes, and now it is my turn to try on you. Roll over and let me take care of everything for you.” Tanner said softly, placing his hand on Joseph's small chest and pushing him gently to roll over.

“Okay.” Was all that Joseph said, all that he really needed to say.

As soon as Joseph was laying on his back, his legs spread eagle fashion, Tanner removed Joseph's false leg, and then crawled into position, and licked and fingered Joseph's tiny little hole, getting him ready, and making him moan softly. Tanner too knew that they really did not have all the time in the world, so as soon as he knew that Joseph was good to go, he moved into a new position. Had he have had the time, Tanner might have stayed tonguing and fingering the little hole for long time, but he did not, so he inserted his aching erection instead.

“Oh yesssssssss.” Joseph hissed out softly as Tanner slipped deep inside.

Tanner just smiled and started the exact same motions that Joseph had used, knowing just how much he himself had liked it, and knowing that Joseph would like it just as much. Like it he did too, and while Tanner was deeply rooting his fine fanny, he reached up and pulled him down so that they could kiss some more. As they kissed deeply, Tanner was building rapidly towards release, and Joseph knew it, he could feel it, so he too worked his muscles fiercely, to really make Tanner explode. Six good sized shots later, a lot of grunting and panting from both, and they were done.

“You too certainly know how to make a boy feel like a god. Thank you so much.” Joseph whispered a few minutes later, just as he heard a few more yells and grunts around the room, signaling that soon everyone else would be finished as well.

“You are very welcome. We should get each other diapered and then dressed, it will be time for our next class soon, and if we do not hurry, we will be late, and tardiness is not allowed.”

“You are correct. If you would grab the diapers and rubber panties, I will get my leg back on?”

“Of course, be right back.” Tanner said and hopped up. He was back moments later with all that they would need, also having grabbed their clothes on the way.

They diapered and dressed each other, and then helped to clean up the room with the rest of the boys that had finally finished. They were all finished just as the chimes on the clock signaled the end of their class.

“You boys enjoy the rest of your day.” Anthony called out to the boys as they were leaving.

Poor Jeremy still looked as if he had been run over by the love machine still. He had a silly little grin plastered all over his face, his hair was still sticking up in every direction, and he was not even walking straight. He had had to be waken up five minutes before the end of class, and amazingly enough, the little guy was still hard, and he claimed that it still felt like he was having his orgasm. Every person in the room was amazed to hear that.

Tanner and Joseph reached their next class, Biology, and were among the last few to arrive, but Dr. Chalmers was not yet there. He arrived only seconds behind them though, carrying a small tray with a little more than a dozen glass vials, all meticulously marked.

“Good morning boys. I trust your sleep was good and your first class even better?” Dr. Chalmers asked after he set down the tray and looked up.

“Good morning Doctor, and oh yes.” Almost everyone said at the exact same time, and in the exact same way.

“Good, glad to hear it. Now, as you are well aware, we study biology in here, both animal and human, and this year, we have ourselves a bit of a living test patient that we will get a small chance to work on. As you are all well aware, Joseph is blind, however, what you may not know, is that I have been working to reverse that minor issue. It is with great pleasure that we have actually managed to get Joseph from a point of seeing nothing but blackness, to a point that he is actually able to make out some shapes, and can sort of see motion. This is still difficult for him though, and he has to actually concentrate on it still to even get that, but sometimes he does not. How we have been able to do this is by draining a tiny amount of the fluid from his eyes every day. Each one of the vials that you see behind me has that fluid, one vial for each eye, for each day that we have done so. Today you will get to see me extract the fluid, and then we will all get to play around with the microscopes, and I want all of you to write down some information about what you find in each of the samples that you see. I would like for each and every one of you to look at at least three samples, and then tell me what you can about them. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to raise your hands.” Dr. Chalmers told everyone.

“Doctor, I have a question?” Joseph asked.

“Yes Joseph, what is your question?”

“Well, how exactly am I supposed to join in on this class, I am unable to use a microscope?”

“Very good question, but the answer is simple. You really cannot participate in this exercise, other than to be our test subject, at least at this time. What I would like for you to do, while the others are doing their work, is to sit quietly and attempt to read what you can from the science text that I have for you.”

“Oh, I understand Doctor, but I trust that if I have any difficulties with any words that I may also put up my hand and ask?”

“Yes, of course you may.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“Thank you Doctor.”

“You are welcome Joseph, now, if you would please, hop up on the table, and the rest of you gather around, but please do nothing other than watch?”

Joseph did as he was asked, followed seconds later by the rest of the class gathering around. Dr. Chalmers quickly gathered the needles that he would need, and then started on Joseph's left eye. There were a few gasps around the room from that, but all of the boys watched in morbid fascination, none of them able to tear their eyes away. A few of them felt a little sick from watching it, but they could tell that Joseph did not seem to be in any sort of discomfort, and thankfully none of them threw up. Dr. Chalmers quickly did the other eye as well, transferred the fluid to two new, already marked vials, and then capped them.

“Now, remember, there is only just a tiny amount of fluid in each vial, and as such, you cannot take too much. As with all microscope work though, the quantity of the sample you have makes no difference at all, so only take just one tiny little drop, and please, also remember not to cross contaminate the samples. I want to keep all of this as well documented as I can. You may now start.” Dr. Chalmers ordered, and then all the boys scattered, except the blind boys. “Here you are Joseph, here is the text I was referring to, now go and sit and read, and if you have any questions, just ask.” He said after helping Joseph down and to his seat.

Joseph was a little upset that he was unable to join the others in looking at the samples, but knew that there was little that he could do about it, and he did not hear even a groan from the other two from having to sit and read while the others did something fun. He did make the best of it though, he learned a great deal on the assigned subject, male sexual anatomy. He thought that it was fascinating what it was that he was reading, and although he did not yet know all the words, he asked Dr. Chalmers once he was finished reading the first chapter.

Dr. Chalmers was still a bit surprised when he was called over, and then Joseph went to each and every page, pointed at a word, and asked what it was, or was asked what a word was that he had read and had not understood. He was surprised because Joseph had just read forty plus pages, and then recalled almost fifty things from memory that he had wanted to ask.

“Okay boys, now that you have had a chance to look at a few samples, I would like for you to go ahead and take a seat, and then get started on your reports please. As always, feel free to borrow the medical journals to find information if you should so desire.”

“Dr. Chalmers, may I ask a question?” Joseph asked, his hand raised.

“Of course Joseph, what would you like to know?”

“Do you have those medical journals written in braille as well?”

“Many of them yes, including the one you were just reading. That is more of an anatomy book though, not an actual journal, but it is a medical book. I thought that since you would some day love to be a doctor, that I may as well give you the anatomy books, to get you started.”

“Oh, thank you Doctor, that was what I was going to ask you.”

“But Doctor, how is it that Joseph could wish to become a doctor, when he is blind? Would that not be nearly impossible, to become a doctor when blind?” Travis asked.

“I believe that it would be next to impossible yes, to become a doctor when blind. However, Joseph has great hopes of one day being able to see normally, or almost as well, so it is possible that he may be able to do it. He knows though, that it is a very slim chance, that there may be nothing that we can do to reverse the damage that was done to his eyes, but that does not mean that he cannot learn all that he can now.”

“I see Doctor, and I suppose that that is a good way of thinking as well, very positive.” Travis smiled.

“Yes, yes it is.” Dr. Chalmers smiled back.

“Is there a chance that I could get my sight back as well Doctor?” Devon asked curiously.

“Sadly no Devon, as we found out when you arrived, your visual defect is not of the eyes, but of your brain, and there is nothing at this time that we can do to repair that defect. It is the same with Nicholas as well, he has already come to terms with the fact that he will more than likely never be able to see, as has Kyle. The three of you and Joseph have different problems, and Joseph's issue seems to have been caused by a horrible abuse that was more than likely done on purpose, possibly by his mother. While we may not be able to fix the damage, or fix it completely, there is hope that we may be able to fix some of it.” Dr. Chalmers answered softly. He hated having to give the boys bad news such as that.

“Thank you Doctor, I already knew that, but I guess I just kind of hoped.” Devon said stoically.

“Yes, and while there is always hope, and it is good to dream, we can never let those hopes and dreams interfere with reality. Maybe some day there will be something that can be done, and maybe it will be someone in this room that does it as well, but right now is what is important, and you have to live for right now, because tomorrow is no guarantee.”

“Now, on with your assignments boys, I would like for you to get a good start on that by the end of class, and you only have twenty minutes left. The rest will be expected at the end of our next class.”

Everyone read or wrote for the remainder of the class, and as soon as the bells chimed, they all got up, packed their things away, and headed out to their next class. They arrived to their Social Studies class, and found Tobias there to teach them that day. They got right down to business, learning about world economics, Tobias explaining all sorts of different things to all of the assembled boys. Lunch came next, and then an exhausting two hours of physical fitness. Here they mostly played games, sports really, sometimes they swam, sometimes they did gymnastics. Today they played a game of soccer out on the field, and even the blind people played, well sort of. They mostly just got to run around the field and make moving obstacles for the rest of the players, but unless it was an accident, they were not to be hit. They all had a lot of fun playing, and even though Joseph had wondered how he was going to play, given that he was blind and missing half his leg, he had the best time of his life.

Next came Legal Studies, where they got to learn all about how government worked. Joseph found it sort of boring, but a little interesting. He certainly realized after only that one class, that going into politics was definitely not for him. A few of the boys though ate it all up, were absolutely fascinated with it, and loved the class.

“Good afternoon boys, welcome to my art class. Please be seated, and then we will get started.” William told the boys as soon as they entered.

“How exactly am I supposed to do any sort of art?” Joseph whispered to Tanner. He had wondered about it before, but had not really given it any real thought though, up until now that is.

“The others never have any problems, you will see. Do not worry so much.” Tanner whispered back as they took a seat next to each other at a long table.

“Great, now that you are all seated, you may decide what it is that you wish to work on today. All the art supplies are in their normal places. I will be right with you Joseph to explain how this will work.” William said as he was opening a few cupboards and grabbing things.

A few moments later, William was at Joseph's table, arms loaded with a few different things. Tanner was still digging through the cupboards to figure out what it was that he wanted to do.

“Now Joseph, you are blind, but that does not mean that you are not creative. All it means is that you cannot see what it is that you are creating, but you can feel it. While a few of our blind boys have tried their hands at painting and drawing, it usually does not turn out that well, so they all choose something that really does not require sight.”

“And what would that be Sir, because I cannot understand how I would be able to do any sort of art, being blind and all?” Joseph asked in confusion.

“Well, first, give me your hands, I want you to feel something.” William said, and then took the offered hands as Joseph put them out without thinking of it.

William set Joseph's hands on a small statue, and then moved them around so that Joseph could get the feel of what it was that he was feeling. He did this quietly for just a couple minutes, before he started speaking again.

“There, what was that?”

“I am not certain as to what it was Sir, but it felt like a miniature version of a person, maybe two feet high. I felt a face, body, arms, legs, and even genitals. I would say that it is a model of a boy by the size of the genitals in fact.”

“Very good observation. You see, just because you are blind, does not mean that you cannot see, it just means that you have to use different senses to see. The same can be held true for art. So what if you cannot see what it is that you are working on, it really does not matter at all when you think about it. Sculpting, clay work, stone work, anything like that, really is art by feel. The best have a tendency to close their eyes when they do this sort of work anyways, and let their hands do all the work, so, you see what I mean now.”

“I think so Sir. Pretty much what you are telling me is that I could possibly do something like that statue, or probably smaller, and not have to see it in order to do it.”

“That is correct. Now, for today I have some clay and a potters wheel here for you to get started on something a little more simple. Pottery work can be a lot of fun, you just put your clay on the center, this wheel is electric, turn it on, and then use your hands to shape it as it spins slowly. You may make anything that you wish, a bowl, a plate, a vase, whatever you desire. Let your feelings flow into what you are working on, do not think about it, just do it, feel it, work it. As you work you will need to use a damp sponge to smooth it out and add more moisture, but be careful not to add too much, because it will cause your piece to collapse. When you are finished, call me over, and I will show you how to properly remove your piece from the wheel, so that it can be fired.”

“Thanks Sir, but what do you mean by fired?”

“You see, well actually feel it, but clay is very soft and pliant, firing it means to bake it at very high heat in a kiln to make it hard. When fired correctly, pottery can be used for dishes, vases, or almost anything. Depending upon what it is that you make, we may need to add glaze to it to make it food safe.”

“Oh, thank you Sir. I will get started then, and I will call if I need any help as well.” Joseph smiled.

“That is a good idea, and have fun.” William said, and then went around the class to look at what each of the boys were working on, and to see if any of them needed any help.

Joseph grabbed a small blob of clay, set it on the wheel, turned it on, and then got started. He had a few mishaps to start, and once he broke into a fit of giggles when he caused a clump of clay to actually fly off the wheel and smack himself in the face, but he was having fun. It took nearly thirty minutes just for him to get the hang of it, but the help that William had offered helped a lot. He came up and stood behind the boy and guided his hands a little, just showing him to make soft slow motions, to not try and be too fast with it. By the end of the class, he had a respectable looking vase going, but when he was asked if he wanted to keep it and fire it, he declined, saying that he would like to get better before he decided to fire it. William of course informed him that it was not a problem to do so, and that it would hardly be a waste, but did tell him that it was a good idea as well. At just a few minutes until the hour, everyone got up and put their things away.

Finally the clock chimed dinner time, so they all headed down to the dining hall and once again they all enjoyed a great meal together, sitting there and talking to their neighbors as they ate. When the clock chimed time for their next class, they all went off to Music class, at least all those in that particular class, because there were only six of them.

“Good evening boys, please have a seat at the desks, and then we will get started.” Evan said as the boys entered.

“Excellent, thank you very much. Now, for those of you who do not know, this is music class. In here I will beat into you the sound of music, and by beat I of course mean a musical beat. Not everyone can be good at music, not everyone appreciates music, but music is life. Every culture and civilization in the entire world has used music as a form of fun, music is fun. Who cares if you are good, as long as you feel the music, and have fun, then you too can be a musician. And yes, you too Joseph, I can see the scowl on your face, and I have seen it before. Music does not require the use of your eyes, and in fact, a good musician finds that his eyes just get in his way. If you feel the music, love the music, know the music, you can play the music. In fact, come here, come sit at the piano, let me show you something.”

Joseph got up and carefully made his way to where he had heard Evan speaking, and Evan only had to cough lightly once to help guide the boy towards him. As soon as he made it there, Joseph sat down on the bench with Evan.

“Now, the piano is almost the heart and soul of nearly any music, a good pianist will keep the beat, play the tempo, and in many cases is the only instrument needed. True, any instrument can do a solo performance, but the piano is the king of that. Put your hands on the keys, feel them, press them, feel how it sounds. Do not hear the sounds, feel the sounds, do not think about the sounds, just feel the sounds. I will take your hands and guide them through a simple piece, just let it go, and let me control you this time.” Evan whispered to Joseph. None of the others needed to hear this, he had said almost the exact same things to them when he first got them started.

For a few minutes they did this, and Joseph just melted into Evan, and let him use his body to play a nice short piece. It was pretty well done, considering that Evan had to use someone else's body in order to do what he had done.

“There, now how did that feel, did you feel the music, how did it make you feel?” Evan asked softly.

“It felt.......different. I enjoy listening to music on the radio, it is one of my favorite things to do, but to have played it myself, was different.”

“Good. Now, I want you to put your hands back on the keyboard and just get the feel for it, press the keys and feel the sounds, and while you are doing that, I am going to get the others going on something else.”

“Okay Sir!” Joseph said, and then started doing what he was told, starting on one end of the keys, and working slowly to the other, just listening to how the different sounds felt.

Evan went and got the other boys onto their favorite instruments, and they started working on the music that they had been taught the previous school year, but were still working on. Joseph found it a little distracting that he was trying to feel the sounds like he was told to do, but all he could hear was the loud sounds from the others. He ended up slapping the keys in frustration, and slumping his shoulders.

“What is the matter Joseph?”

“I cannot do this with all the other sounds in here. I cannot hear it, so I cannot feel it.” Joseph whined.

“First things first, whining is not allowed here, please stand up so that I may spank your bottom.”

“I am sorry Sir, I did not think about that. Would you like me to bend over the bench?” Joseph asked softly, fully aware that he deserved the punishment that he was about to receive, because he knew the rules.

“Yes please.” Evan said softly, and as soon as Joseph was in place, Evan used his hand and spanked Joseph as hard as he could with his bare hand over the thickly diapered bottom. With as much padding as Joseph had, he did not feel the true punishment, but Evan was hitting plenty hard enough to be felt. Had Joseph not been as well padded, for such a minor transgression, Evan would not have hit so hard either though. Evan gave Joseph a total of ten smacks to his backside, and although Joseph's bum was stinging by the time Evan was finished, he never once cried out, nor did he cry. As soon as Evan was finished, Joseph stood up straight, turned to face the teacher, and extended his hand.

“Thank you Sir, I deserved that.” Joseph said, shaking the astonished teachers hand. “I will try not to let it happen again.”

“Thank you. Now, as for your little problem, that is easily remedied. Had you have just asked, I would have told you that there are a few rooms in the music room, and each has a piano, so you would be welcome to go ahead and go sit at one of them and play around.”

“Oh. I would like that very much Sir, would you please show me the way?”

“Yes, and then I will come back and forth between the two rooms so that you can ask any questions.”

“Thank you Sir, that would be greatly appreciated.” Joseph smiled.

Joseph was then showed into the nearest room, and he sat down at the bench. As soon as he was seated, he got back to what it was that he was doing before, just feeling the sounds. For about half an hour Joseph did just that, just played with the keys, getting the feel as to where each one was, and what sound it made. When Evan decided to come back almost forty five minutes later, he had been in a few times to listen and answer questions, he found Joseph playing the same song that he had just helped Joseph to play a short time before, and he did it very well. He stayed right up until the end, and then listened as Joseph started all over again.

“Joseph, please stop for a moment?”

“Was I doing something wrong Sir?” Joseph asked cautiously.

“No, you were doing something very right. I would like for you to wait for a moment while I bring the others in here, and then I would like for you to play that once again for them.”

“Okay Sir.” Joseph said in confusion.

A few minutes later the rest of the boys were gathered around in the comfortable chairs, and then Joseph was asked to start again. So once again Joseph played the Ode to Joy, the shortened version from start until end, and he did so with very few flaws. He did not have the tempo quite correct, because he really did not know it, but otherwise it was very well done. Once he was done, everyone in the room applauded.

“What was that for?” Joseph asked as soon as the applause died down.

“Joseph, that was for doing a superb job for your very first time. I take it that you have never played a piano before?”

“No Sir!” Joseph said in confusion again.

“I thought not. Joseph, people normally take years and years to learn the piano, and what you just did in less than an hour would take the average student roughly a year to do, and even then it probably would not be quite so well done. No, your tempo was not quite correct, but you had not been shown that, so, I am going to let you feel that now, and I want you to listen and feel carefully, and then I want you to play it again.”

“Oh!” Was all that Joseph could think to say.

Evan once again played the song out, this time by himself, and this time paying special attention to making it perfect, so that Joseph could hear how it was supposed to be played. It took Joseph about two minutes after Evan had finished for him to prepare himself to play it again. He had played it over again in his head, so now he was sure that he had the proper tempo to use. When Joseph started playing though, he managed to outdo Evan, who had trained as a classical musician for many years, making the man cry, because it was played so beautifully. When Joseph finished, he received a resounding standing ovation from all six people there listening.

“Joseph, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. You managed to outperform me, and I am not too modest to say that that is a difficult thing to do. I am a classically trained musician, I went to art school and stayed there for six years, and learned from the very best there were, I have performed in huge halls in front of thousands of people, had rave reviews, yet you just outperformed me, with no training at all I might add.”

“But, what does that mean?” Joseph asked, a little embarrassed by it all.

“There are people out there that can sometimes be taught something once, and then do it perfectly, there are many names for those people, but they are masters in what they do is all that matters. I think that you are one of those types of people. All of us teachers think so as well, and they know nothing of this yet, but they soon will. So far everyone has said that you learn things amazingly fast, can memorize things almost instantly, both of those are what those types of people I just mentioned can do. I am going to grab my record player and play a more complicated piece, and then I want you to try and copy it. We will leave you alone, so that you may practice, but at the end of the class, I would like to again have you allow us to listen to it.”

“Okay.” Joseph said with more than a little bit of a blush.

The rest of the boys headed back into the other room to continue practicing their music, and Evan got his record player hooked up and got it playing a short symphony. He set the record to repeat play, and then showed Joseph how to shut it off and turn it on if he needed or wanted to. He too left Joseph to his work, and joined the others.

“Sir, I know that he is very smart, and that he memorizes things very quickly, but I have never heard of such a thing.” Tanner said as soon as Evan entered the room and the door was closed.

“It is certainly rare, and there have been none that I am aware of in my lifetime, but I think that Joseph really is that good. He has the gift of music, of that I have no doubt at all. He could be the most famous musician in the world, but I am willing to bet that he would never do that.” Evan said after slumping down in a chair.

“No, he would never do that. He loves music, but he wants to be a doctor, if Dr. Chalmers can get his eyes fixed.” Tanner said.

“Yes, I have been informed of that as well. Remember, us teachers tell each other everything. Even if he had no idea what he wanted to do, I do not believe that he would ever be able or willing to do that in front of a large crowd as I have done.”

“Yes, we are all aware of that, and you are correct of course about Joseph. No one really knows him that well yet, but I already think the same thing about him.”

“If you boys would excuse me, I am going to go and tell Dr. Chalmers about this right now. He is not teaching right now, and he would probably love to hear Joseph play as well, so I am sure that he will come back with me.”

Evan left the room, and the boys just got back to work on their instruments, playing around. In the mean time though, Joseph was intently listening to the music that he had never heard before. He thought that the piece was beautiful, loving, and sad all at once, he loved it. He played it back three times in a row, and then got started on trying to play it himself. He did a very good job his first time through, but he was not satisfied with it, so listened and then played again. This time he did even better, but he was still not totally satisfied with it. He played it through two more times, and then he was happy. By that time it was nearing the end of their two hours that they had for this class, the others could be heard getting ready to join him.

Dr. Chalmers was of course excited to hear the news that Evan brought him, figuring Joseph for the musical sort. He of course wanted to come and listen to a performance, so joined Evan shortly after, because he had had some work to do before he could leave. Near the end of the class, the boys put their instruments all away, and then filed into the other room and sat down.

“Go ahead and start playing any time you wish Joseph.” Evan said as soon as they were all seated.

“Thank you Sir, and hello Dr. Chalmers.” Joseph said, surprising most everyone in the room, because the doctor had not made so much as a tiny sound. Joseph of course smelled him.

As soon as Joseph was ready, he got started, and played the piece through perfectly, and with so much feeling that it caused more than a few of them to cry lightly. Hell, they all cried.

“Joseph, that was beautiful.” Dr. Chalmers said.

“Thank you Doctor, I really liked that song, it was very nice, almost sad though.”

“It is a love song, but the love was lost, that is why it is sad. Joseph, I really should tell you though, that that is one of the single most difficult pieces that any pianist can play, it has such a range of sounds, many of them very rapidly, yet you did it so perfectly, as if you had been trained more than I was.”

“I do not know how I did it Sir, I just felt the music, like you said, and it just did the rest.” Joseph blushed.

“No, you did not just feel the music, you lived and breathed the music, that is all it could have been. I should also point out that not even I can play that piece all the way through perfectly.”

“It was not perfect though Sir, the tempo was off in places, and I missed a couple notes.” Joseph tried.

“No, and do not try that with me, it will never work, I love music too much for that, and I would have picked up on it instantly, but you did neither of those things in the least. Even though I am certain that you do not wish to hear this, you could be a very high paid pianist just by playing that.”

“You are correct Sir, I did not wish to hear that, and I would never do it either.” Joseph vowed solemnly.

“Yeah, we all thought not. Well everyone, it is now the end of our day, and you have the next hour to do as you please, so enjoy the rest of your night.” Evan said, dismissing the boys.

Evan and Dr. Chalmers though stayed up and talking all about what they had just witnessed until nearly three am, both amazed at the inborn abilities that Joseph seemed to have. They both thought that had his mother have had any clue as to what her son was, and could be, then maybe she would not have treated him so poorly, or at least they hoped not.

“Joseph, you really were amazing. I have never heard music played with so much feeling before in my life, and I love music as well.” Tanner said softly once they reached their room. They were both in desperate need of a change, and Joseph was getting very tired, so they had headed right to their room.

“Thank you, I guess, but I just wish that everyone would stop making a big fuss over me. I am no more special or important than anyone else here, so I should not be treated as such.”

“No, you are right about that, at least in some ways. You are far more special to me than the others are. I am falling in love with you, I want to be with you for forever, and that means a lot to me, you are special to me. As for your not wanting all the attention that you are getting, well, we all get it. Any time that any of us does something great, we get the same treatment. They work to get us that good as well, in everything that we do, so we are constantly being praised like that. You will just have to get used to it.” Tanner smiled softly.

“I am falling in love with you as well, I think. I do not believe that I have ever really known love before, so this is all new to me. You are very special to me as well.”

“I say that we get each other changed, and then climb into bed, kiss and cuddle a bit, maybe even give each other a hand, and then go to sleep. You look very tired again tonight.” Tanner softly suggested.

“Yes, I am very tired, but I would like that very much.” Joseph smiled.

Joseph changed Tanner first, and then they traded places, and Joseph was changed. They laid down in bed, started kissing, and just as Tanner snuck his hand inside of Joseph's diaper, he realized that Joseph was sound asleep. He smiled lightly, kissed his boyfriend on the tip of his nose, pulled the blankets up, turned off the light, and also fell asleep, still hard, but very happy with the world.