Chapter 11

Day three of classes was once again a busy day. Of course they started out with their love class, as they always did, today they did kissing, followed by math, and then Animal Studies. This class basically taught the boys all about animals, how to treat them, how to work with them, how to even care for them when they were sick. Sometimes they were in a classroom, sometimes they were in the school barn, sometimes they worked with animals, sometimes they just read about them. After Animal Studies came lunch, and once again it was well enjoyed by all. Their physical fitness was tiring as usual, and while the other boys were tired, poor Joseph was starting to drag tail by the end of that class. Next came legal studies and Science, and then after dinner came History and English. Once again Joseph was almost passing out by the time they made it back to their room for the evening.

Day four was no better for Joseph, he was starting to get very tired, and was actually excused from physical fitness, because Dr. Chalmers and the others could see that he was getting close to exhaustion. The others were all more used to the pace that they were at, but it would take time for Joseph. After their love class that day; they had Disabled Studies, followed by French, then lunch, then their physical fitness, which Joseph sat on the bench on the side, then there was Biology, where again Dr. Chalmers removed some of the fluid, and the boys all got down to their assignments, being expected to complete them by the end of class, and then their last class before dinner was Art. Joseph once again played with the clay and the potters wheel, and this time turned out a very nice vase, that he decided to fire. It was decided though that Oliver, who was a very good painter, would paint the vase with different colored glazes to make it very nice looking. Dinner came and went, and next came music. Once again Joseph decided to stay in a separate room to practice, and Evan had Joseph listening to something different today, not quite so difficult, but much longer, and Joseph copied it beautifully once again.

Joseph was tired again, even though he had gotten out of physical fitness that day, so once again he pretty much went straight to bed after their last class of the day. Tanner laid down and kissed and cuddled him for a few minutes, and softly tickled his back as he fell asleep, a soft contented smile on his face.

Day five was once again very tiring, and Joseph ended up not even wanting to be pleasured that morning, he just gave his chosen partner as much pleasure as he could for the entire two hours, nearly killing the poor boy. Next was science and biology, followed by lunch, then it was physical fitness, which Joseph joined in on, but stopped not even half way through. After that it was Math and English, dinner, and then their second love class of the day. Joseph had been in desperate need of a cum, after not having a much needed one all day, but as soon as he did have his orgasm, he passed out. Tanner ended up carrying him to bed.

Day six, their last day of classes for the week, started out with love class as per normal, today they were on rimming, and all enjoyed this a great deal, like they would not. Spanish came next, and then Social Studies. Lunch, physical fitness, Art, and a one hour music class followed. Their last class of the day was not so much a class, as it was their therapy session. Once per week they all got together and talked about their pasts, making sure that everyone was coping well. Mostly this just ended up as one large talking session between everyone, because after the first few sessions, no one really had anything further to add, and because once they were in school, and felt loved, they all were feeling great. This would be new for Joseph though.

“Good evening Gentlemen, please have a seat, and we will get started.” Dr. Chalmers called out.

Everyone took their seats in the chairs that were arranged in a large circle. All the teachers and students were here for this, they would all have a chance to tell their stories, so that Joseph knew where exactly everyone else had come from.

“Excellent. So Joseph, as you undoubtedly are already aware of, this is our weekly therapy session, not that anyone actually needs therapy here any more, and you never really seemed to need it. What we do here though, especially for the first few classes, is just tell our stories, so that we all know everything that we came from. You know my story, you know some of Kyle's, you probably know all of Tanner's, and most of us know most of yours. This, however, is your chance to tell all of us the entire story behind your life, and we too will share ours with you, but because you are the newest member here, you get to start.” Dr. Chalmers said.

“Okay Doctor.” Joseph said, and then began telling all the others everything that he knew of, not leaving anything out, but there was little to no emotion about anything at all that he said. It took a little more than half an hour for him to tell all the others all about himself, where he had come from, what his life was like with his mother and in the institution, he told it all.

“Thank you very much Joseph, that was very well done. Now, might we have a volunteer to tell us your story next?” Dr. Chalmers asked.

“I would like to go next Doctor.” Jeremy piped up.

“Very well Jeremy, you may proceed.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

“Thank you Doctor. Well, as most of you know, I have been here since I was about four years old. No one really knows much of anything about my parents, I remember hardly anything at all, just that they were horribly mean to me. I can remember the really bad spankings, but I cannot remember why I was ever spanked, maybe it was for no reason, I do not know. I know I was never allowed to talk though, and I was made to stand very still whenever my parents were around, I was never to move. Everyone here thought that I was a mute when I came, because I would not talk, and that was the reason for it. I thought that I would not be allowed to talk here either. I do not actually remember how it came to be that I ended up here, all I remember was a lot of yelling, and hitting, and then I was here.”

“As it turned out though, Dr. Chalmers found me in the hospital, I had had a cracked skull, broken right arm, broken left leg, so many cuts and bruises that he could not count them all, and I was in a coma. I was found on the side of the road in a burlap sack by a police officer, and he thought that I was already dead, until I moaned or something, or at least that was what Dr. Chalmers was told. From what I understand as well, I was in the hospital for a couple months, kept asleep, even after I came out of the coma, because of all the pain I was in. Dr. Chalmers brought me back here, and then he started slowly bringing me off the sleep stuff, until I was fully awake. I still do not really remember the first few days here, or maybe it was weeks, I do not know.” Jeremy concluded.

“Thank you Jeremy. That was very accurate, as usual. Who would like to go next?”

“I would like to go next Doctor.” Shelby said.

“By all means, please start when you are ready.”

“Well, I am sixteen now, and I was eight when I was found, by Anthony I think it was. I was being raped and beaten almost every day by my drunk father and uncle. They would tie me down, and using no lube at all, just ram whatever inside of me that they wanted. Usually they were too drunk to even get hard, so whenever they could not use their penises, they used other things. Sometimes I got lucky and it was just a dildo or a cucumber, but sometimes it was their hands, and a few times it was the big end of a baseball bat. I was only seven the first time they did that, I screamed so much, and they hit me so hard to make me shut up, but it just hurt so bad. I must have passed out, because the next thing I knew I woke up wearing a diaper that was soaked in my own blood. I could barely even move after that for a few days, and they even left me alone, to let me heal they said. As soon as I did heal though, they pretty much tore me open again. They were always yelling at me, calling me dirty names, hitting and punching me, they would kick me too, that always hurt a lot. Both of them were big men, fat too, and they could hit hard, but they could kick harder.”

“It was an accident that I was even found at all. Anthony was just coming down the street, looking for something, I do not know, he never told me, but he heard the commotion, and snuck up to take a look. What he saw, he said, made him throw up. When he recovered from that, he barged in, and using the baseball bat that they were once again using on me, he beat them to a bloody pulp, and then carried me out of there and to here. Dr. Chalmers got a hold of me, did all sorts of tests, gave me drugs to numb the pain that I was in, and found that I had had no less that ten un-mended broken bones, of which he had to operate on to fix, he found that my kidneys were very badly damaged, as was my bladder, but that was not able to be fixed, but he did fix my kidneys, and that is why I have to wear diapers. My father and uncle just kept me in them anyways, because I was their useless baby sex toy, that was how they liked me. I have been here ever since, and this will be my last year here as well. I am sad to be leaving here, but I know that I must go on to bigger things, and I will definitely come back to visit whenever possible.”

“When I arrived here, and got all better, I found that I actually wanted to be with the boys and teachers, and I have come to realize that I was more than likely always gay, because even though I hated them for hurting me so much, I enjoyed some of it. They raped me, plain and simple, and for that they will burn in hell, if there is such a place, but I did enjoy some of it. When I got here though, and found out what love truly was, and what it was like to be made love to, and to reciprocate, I loved it. I felt so free, so alive, and so good, I could hardly believe it.” Shelby said.

“Thank you very much Shelby. We still have time for a couple more, if anyone wants to go next.”

“I will go next Doctor.” Malcolm said.

“Then, please by all means go ahead.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

“Thank you Doctor. Well, I am eight years old now, and I was one of a few new boys last year. I have been here for a year already, and I am still learning a lot. It is still very difficult for me not to say some of the words that we are not supposed to say, because I was taught very poorly in the arts of English by my parents. They were very uneducated, very stupid people, and they had no idea what to do with me. I was left home all alone all the time, right from the time I was a baby I think, or at least I can assume. They would go out to parties and party all night long, and just leave me at home by myself. They would go to work and leave me home. Both of my parents had to work, because neither one had very good jobs, they were not smart enough for them probably. I was constantly told that I was nothing more than a mistake, an accident, and that if it had have been up to them, I would not be here now. That always hurt a lot, and I always cried. They called me names as well, baby being the most used, but I did not even wear diapers or anything, never wet the bed or my pants, so I had no idea why they called me that, but it always made me cry. I had to bathe myself from as early as I can remember, because my parents never did it for me, I had to cook as well, because again, they never did it for me. They were more interested in themselves and their alcohol.”

“Finally I had had enough and just left. I wrote a note to them, telling them that I was never coming back to them to be treated the way they treated me. I ran to the nearby park, and hid amongst the trees for three days. I had my pack with me, and it had some clothes, as much food as I could carry, and what tiny bit of money that I had been able to save up. I had been saving for a long time, for what I really am not sure I knew at the time, but it was for that. I think that deep down inside I knew I was saving the money to run away.”

“The problem was that I was found two days later. Unfortunately it was not by the police, or someone nice. It was by my father. Such a beating I had never received before, he hit me so hard, called me so many bad names, and dragged me back home and locked me in my bedroom. He stole my money, saying that he would buy more booze with it, and actually had the nerve to thank me for it. I was locked in my bedroom for three days, I was not let out for any reason. I had to pee and poop in the corner, I was so hungry and thirsty, and I hurt so bad from the beating. Finally after three days of punishment I was let out of my room, and then beaten again for making such a horrible mess. I was told to clean it up, and then they left. They came back two days later, and I was beaten again.”

“After that, every time that I had half a chance to do it, I stole money from them, this time I was going to get out and stay out for good. Also every time they left the house, and I knew that I would be okay for a couple hours at least, I went out and found money in any way I could. I found things, stole things, or money, and then sold the items I had found or stolen. I felt bad for having to do it, but I knew that I had to get out of there before they killed me, and I was willing to do almost anything. It was also at that time of trying to earn as much money as I could, that I stumbled into sex. Some man gave me a whole dollar to suck his penis, and then another dollar for him to suck mine. I saw him a few days later, and he gave me two whole dollars to stick his penis in my bum. It hurt so bad at first, but I did not cry out, he was paying me a lot of money for that, and by the time he finished, it felt really good. It was at that time that I realized that I could make a great deal of money doing something that felt good, because that man told me that he knew a lot of people would pay a lot of money to have a hot little boy like me to play with.”

“After that it took me almost a month to make a hundred dollars, I had never even heard of so much money, and my parents had probably never had that much money, probably not in their entire lives. Once I had that much money, I knew it was time to disappear for good. I packed up everything that I could take, this time in two bags, I took everything that I could take of my parents that was of any value, just to hurt them a little more, and I left. I took a bus to somewhere, I am not even sure where, I just laid a five dollar bill on the counter and told the guy to send me as far as that would get me. Five days later I got off the bus for the last time. I still think that it is funny that he even let me buy the ticket, and that no one ever questioned my traveling by myself at only six and a half years old. It probably did not hurt that I sucked more than a few of the bus drivers or other people along the way. I of course told them that I had to eat, so that bought my food. They never knew how much money I had.”

“Once I arrived in the city, it was Toronto, I found a little motel that wanted five dollars a week rent, and I paid for four weeks. Again the guy never even questioned it, but once he found out what I was into, I never once had to pay rent again. I searched for people to have sex with, and brought them back to my little room, and had lots and lots of sex. One of the guys I was with said I was the highest charging, but best boy whore on the street, that made me proud. I knew what I was, I knew I was a whore, a prostitute that charged men for sex, and they paid, oh how they paid. One night I made a hundred dollars, in just that one night. There were five men, and they stayed the entire night. I never slept that night, and they used me in any way they could think of, and they thought of a lot, and I lost count of how many times they came in my bum or mouth. That was one of the best nights of my life.”

“Then, just before I turned seven, I had a man come to my room, but instead of sex, we stayed up all night long and talked. I offered many times to suck him, or for him to do my bum, but he refused, saying that as much as he was interested in that, he did not wish to pay for sex, he wanted more than that. I got a little scared at first, all men had paid, and paid well I might add, but here was this kind good looking young man, who did not want to pay for sex. I was wondering if this was one of those scary men that I had heard about that liked to hurt boys, or maybe he knew how much money I must have, and wanted to steal it. I asked him to leave, and he said that he would leave, because he did not want to make me uncomfortable, but that he meant no harm. He did leave, and I saw him again three or four days later, and he asked me if I was ready to talk, and maybe listen to an offer that he had for me. I decided to trust him, for some reason, because he had been very kind and had done what I had asked of him, when I asked. Most men did not do that, I guess I sort of trusted him.”

“Of course being a boy whore, I learned not to trust people, how to read people, and he seemed to be okay, so I decided to trust him. This time he took me to a nice restaurant, and we sat there and ate and talked for over an hour, and it was there that I learned of this school. Evan told me all about what the school was like, what we learned, everything. He told me that I was obviously a very smart young man to have been able to live so well on the street for so long, and that my type of survival skills and street smarts would make me a very good choice for the school, but also that I enjoyed gay sex made me perfect. I asked to be given some time to make my decision, and he told me to take all the time that I needed, told me where he was staying, and to come and see him there once I had decided, one way or the other.”

“It took me a whole four days to make my decision, I never once even went out looking for men to have sex with, I stayed in my room and just thought. I realized that I missed being around other boys and having fun. I had of course seen other boys all the time, even had a few older ones to my room, but I missed just playing like a kid, and I missed school as well. I enjoy learning. So, once I made my decision, I went to the hotel that Evan was staying at, it was a very nice one too, and practically raped him. I made love to him right there in front of the closed door, hardly gave him a chance to say no, not that he would have, and just as he was cumming in my bum, I told him I wanted to come with him to the school.”

“Evan was very happy with my decision, and as soon as he was ready to go, we went back to my motel room and collected all of my things. He was the only person to ever see where I hid my money, under the bottom drawer of the dresser, in a small compartment that I made in there, and he seemed more than a little surprised that I had a little over a thousand dollars stuffed in there. I was making a lot of money, normally a hundred dollars a week, and I had very little expenses, because the motel owner gave me free rent as long as he could have me twice a month, and food was not that expensive. I just bought what I needed at the corner store, and I ate fairly well.”

“Well, when we finally made it to the school, I was very surprised at what I found. Here there were many really cute boys, all into sex like me, many wearing diapers, some with disabilities, and some with stories far worse than mine. I ended up trying diapers because my roommate wore them and said they were comfortable, and I have never been out of them since. I sure did get spanked a lot when we started classes though. It seems that my dirty street mouth that the men really liked to hear when they were slamming into me, was not appreciated here. Boy did it take a lot of time to get used to that, and even still I sometimes slip up, but it was months of spankings and teaching for me to learn far better and cleaner words for what I was feeling. I loved my time all alone, living for myself, but living here has been a hundred times better than even that.” Malcolm smiled warmly.

“Wow, that was some story.” Joseph whispered to Tanner.

“Yeah, you should have heard him though when he arrived. He knew more bad words than all of us did put together, but boy is he great in bed.” Tanner grinned, whispering as well.

“Maybe we should invite him over tonight.” Joseph grinned.

“Okay.” Tanner grinned back.

“Thank you Malcolm, as always, we enjoyed hearing your story, even if it is painful to hear about your beatings, but at least you were lucky that they did not last long.” Dr. Chalmers said.

“You're welcome Doctor, oh, nuts, I am sorry, you are.” Malcolm said, and then slapped his mouth as he realized what he said and corrected himself.

“You are forgiven this time, you have done very well lately, and I know that sometimes old habits are hard to break. Well, I think that that was good enough for this evening, so I say that we go ahead and call it a day.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Everyone called out, and then started to filter out.

“Malcolm and Oliver, would you come over here please?” Tanner asked as the two boys were just about to leave.

“Yes Tanner, what is it?” Oliver asked.

“Well, Joseph and I were wondering if the two of you would like to come and spend the night with us tonight?” Tanner asked.

“I would like that very much.” Malcolm said excitedly. He had not had a chance to be with Joseph yet, although Oliver had been raving how good the boy was since the day before, and he too wanted to sample the boy that was said to be even better than he and Tanner were, and that was a difficult feat.

“Me too.” Oliver smiled warmly.

“Okay, come on then.” Joseph grinned, and excitedly led the way to their room.

When they arrived, no one wasted any time at all in stripping down to nothing, Joseph even removed his prosthesis, and they crawled into the one bed.

“I do not think that I will last very long, so I say that we first suck each other in a circle, and then continue from there.” Tanner suggested.

“I agree!” All three of the other boys said at the same time.

They arranged themselves in a circle, and without wasting any more time than was absolutely necessary, they attached themselves to the penis that was conveniently placed near to their mouths. Joseph had never experienced anything quite like this, and he could honestly say that he enjoyed it a great deal. Not only was he able to suck someone while he too was being sucked, but he could hear the others as well, all enjoying themselves immensely. Tanner was the first to shoot into his orgasm only five minutes later, but the other three followed within a second after. All four boys enjoyed the multiple orgasm a great deal.

“That was a nice way to start and get the first orgasm out of the way.” Joseph grinned.

“That it was. Now I want to try something really fun.” Tanner grinned wickedly.

“What is it?” All three boys asked excitedly at the same time.

“Joseph, you lay down on your back, I lay down on you with your penis buried nicely inside me, and then Oliver you get to slip inside me as well with Joseph, and then finally Malcolm you get to slip inside of Oliver, and we can have a nice chain going. Remember when we did that last year and we had all of us in the chain, man was that hot?”

“Oh yeah, it was.” Oliver and Malcolm said at the same time.

“Yeah, it sounds really nice.” Joseph almost groaned.

“Good, let us get into position then. If someone would give my bum a real quick lube, that would be great?”

Malcolm happened to be closest to the end table where the lube was, so he grabbed it and happily slipped four well coated lubed fingers inside Tanner, and worked them around. Tanner grunted and sighed, and then as soon as he was ready, pulled away. Joseph had already gotten into position, so was laying on his back, and Tanner climbed onto his boyfriend. As soon as Tanner was in position, Oliver slipped into Tanner's backside, and Malcolm quickly prepared Oliver's waiting hole, and then he too slipped in.

“Wow, this feels incredible.” Joseph sighed. Having Oliver's penis stuffed inside Tanner's hot wet hole with his erection added a great deal to the pleasure that Joseph normally felt.

“Oh yeah.” All three of the others sighed more or less at the same time.

They all sighed, groaned, moaned, panted, and grunted for the next almost thirty minutes as they slowly made love to each other. Tanner though he had the best of it, having two nice hard young dicks buried inside him, but Oliver thought he had it best, because he was able to give and receive at the same time. All four though enjoyed it a great deal none the less.

Tanner was once again the first to slip into orgasm, he was just being stimulated too much, and because of this, he directly caused the other three to explode as well. It was another fantastic orgasm, all four of them taking a full five minutes to complete it, and then another five to come down enough. They were still stuck together in the fashion that they had been, and they all stayed as they were for a few more minutes after they were finished, just enjoying it.

“Wow, that was different, and a lot of fun too.” Joseph sighed as they all pulled apart and laid down on the bad side by side..

“Oh yeah.” All three of the others said at the same time again.

“Can we do the same thing again, but this time I want to take Tanner and Malcolm in me at the same time?” Joseph asked.

“Okay.” They all said.

“I am always up for that, and I still have a good two loads left in me.” Tanner grinned.

“Yes, I will certainly say that you are up for it.” Joseph giggled as he grasped onto Tanner's pulsing erection.

“For sure.” Tanner giggled, joined only a second later by the others.

Tanner just stayed laying where he was, and Joseph got up onto his hands and knees, and without any prompting whatsoever, Oliver started to prepare Joseph, and then Malcolm for their entrances that they were about to take. As soon as Joseph felt that he was as good as he needed to be, he crawled away and slipped onto Tanner's hardness, slipping the hard meat as far inside as it would go. Both boys sighed.

Malcolm was next, and he too slipped inside of Joseph easily, all three boys moaned deeply from this, but Joseph's was the loudest. He had not been fully prepared for just how good it would feel. Oliver was last, and slipped easily inside of Malcolm. Once they were all ready, they started the same slow motion that they had adopted previously, and made sweet love to each other. They only lasted about twenty minutes this time, and it was with no surprise that it was Joseph that exploded first. He too found that it was just too much to take. As soon as Joseph's orgasm started, and his anal cavities started gripping even tighter on the two erections inside him, they too exploded, and then that caused Oliver to go off as well. So once again they had a near simultaneous group orgasm, and they sure did let it be known as well. They moaned groaned, panted and gasped, and there were even a couple near screams that came out more as growls.

Once again the orgasm lasted quite a while, and then it took even longer for them to come down this time. There was really no surprise there though, this was their third large cum in a short period of time, and even young boys and teens could not rebound that quickly. They stayed laying there in the bliss of their orgasms for many more minutes, still coupled together, before they finally separated and lay down side by side again. No one talked, not for another almost ten minutes, no one cared to ruin the moment. Finally someone had to.

“I do not know about you guys, but I do not think that I can go another round, I am very tired.” Oliver yawned as he finished.

“Yeah, me too.” Tanner agreed, and the other two also added their agreements a second later.

“Then, I guess we should get ourselves all diapered then, and then we can all sleep together in this bed, it is certainly large enough.” Joseph sighed.

“Yeah.” The others all said.

Tanner got up and grabbed all the diapers and rubber panties that they would need, came back with it all, and then they all got their roommates diapered. As soon as they were all ready for bed, they crawled into bed, the light was turned out, they said goodnight to each other, and then they all quickly passed out.