Chapter 12

“Good morning guys, how did you sleep last night?” Joseph yawned out as he woke up, the last to do so.

“Great.” All three of the boys said together.

“Good. I am hungry, what time is it?”

“Almost seven, so breakfast will be served soon, and I am sure that you can wait.” Tanner said, lovingly stroking Joseph's bared back lightly.

“Mmmm, you do not have to stop that any time soon, but it is good that breakfast is soon, because I am really hungry.” Joseph sighed, enjoying the loving touches.

“Yeah, same here, and I know how you feel, I love having my back tickled as well.” Tanner said.

“Same.” The other two said.

They laid there in bed and talked quietly until they heard the clock chime seven. They got up, and no one made any move to get dressed or changed, so neither did Joseph. He was to find out that this was the normal Sunday routine. They met everyone else down in the dining hall and were greeted by everyone as they walked in. Not long after they entered and sat down, breakfast was served. Sunday breakfast was a nice affair to say the least. Breakfasts there were always large and filling, as well as tasty, but what they had today was even more so.

After breakfast was all eaten up, they all went and pretty much did their own things until lunch time. Tanner and Joseph, as well as a few others, headed down to the barn to play with the horses, and maybe even ride a bit if there was a teacher there to help them. Is it turned out, there was, so they were in luck. They all saddled up a horse, Joseph could only just stand back and wait of course, and then they all got in their saddles and rode off around the property. Tanner was leading the horse that Joseph was riding, because it was more than little difficult to guide a horse when you had no idea where it was that you were going.

Joseph did enjoy the freedom of riding the horse though, he loved how the large animal moved underneath him. There were four of them out there on the horses, and they rode around gently for nearly two hours. As they rode, Tanner was explaining to Joseph where they were, what they were seeing, what was around them, basically just giving him a running visual dialog of their trip, and Joseph appreciated it.

As soon as the horses were back in their stalls, after being washed and rubbed down nicely, they all headed back into the school to see what else they could get up to. As they were just entering the school though, Dr. Chalmers caught sight of them and called Tanner and Joseph over to him. The boys were asked to come to the lab for Joseph's daily treatment, so they followed. It only took a few minutes, and Tanner even looked at the samples as well. As seemed to be normal, Dr. Chalmers was pleased with the progress. The cloudiness was now nearly half as bad as it was when he had started treating Joseph. After testing the fluid, Dr. Chalmers decided to do another exam of Joseph's eyes, just to get a good visual check on how it was going from the outside.

It was at this time that Dr. Chalmers noticed that Joseph's normally cloudy gray eyes were looking less cloudy, less gray, and starting to actually turn a little blue. Dr. Chalmers informed the boys of this minor change, because none of them had noticed the difference before.

“Doctor, does this mean that my eyes are getting better?” Joseph asked hopefully.

“Well, yes and no. Yes, they are better than they were, so that is a start, but no, it is still too soon to tell just how much more we can hope to increase your vision. How has your vision been, any changes that you are aware of? I have not asked you in quite a few days now, so hopefully it is better, but you have never said anything.”

“Hmm, I do not know Doctor. I think that I am just so used to not using my eyes, that I have not really been paying too much attention to it. Usually after every time you drain fluid, my eyes feel different, uncomfortable almost, but not painful, and when that wears off, I can usually see a bit more brightness. The past couple days though I keep thinking like I see something moving, but I am just no good at this sight stuff, and I do not understand it when it happens I think.”

“Yes, I suppose I could see why that would be. You have never had the use of your eyes, at least not consciously, so your mind is still trying to struggle with all the new information that it is receiving to figure it all out. It will take time I am sure, and even once you can see, it could still be a long time before your brain knows how to interpret the information that it is receiving from your eyes. The brain is a difficult thing, so this may not be easy on you, but I am certain that you will do just fine. So, do your eyes feel uncomfortable now, or still?”

“I understand Doctor, and thanks, but no, not any longer.”

“That is good. So are there any noticeable differences from what you remember from the past few days?”

“Just a moment, I have to sort of concentrate on it to figure anything out.” Joseph said, and then kind of stared off into space for a moment.

“Yes, I think there is a difference. The light seems different somehow, and I think I can see something I would call a shape. It is no longer just a blob like it was, it is much more clear.” Joseph said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well, you were facing the table over there. Does what you think you see look like how you perceive a table in your mind? A flat top with legs sticking out the bottom.”

“Yes, maybe that is it. It looks different than I thought it would somehow.”

“Yes, I am sure that your perceptions of things are considerably different than those of us blessed with sight. Okay, now how clear is it, does it look fuzzy at all?”

“I am still not really sure I understand the concept of fuzzy and clear, but I think that it is clear.”

“Excellent. Now, can you turn your head slightly, and look at something else and tell me what you see?” Dr. Chalmers asked, trying to hide his obvious excitement. Tanner though was doing no such thing, he was bouncing and giggling.

“Whoa.” Joseph said as he turned and and had to grab onto the doctor.

“What was that?” Tanner asked suddenly.

“I do not know, I feel real dizzy all of a sudden after doing that.” Joseph said, looking as if he were about to toss his cookies.

“That may just be a slight side effect of using sight for the first real time. When you moved suddenly like that, your field of vision changed rapidly, thus causing your brain to go all out of sorts for a second, therefore causing the dizzy spell. That is common in people after losing their vision temporarily, the brain has to relearn as it were. Just take it more slowly for now. Now, would you please tell me what you see now?”

“I will certainly endeavor not to do that again so suddenly, I did not like that in the least.” Joseph laughed, and Tanner giggled again.

“I bet not.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“Okay, when I look over here, I see something that is about the same height as my waist is I suppose, and it looks soft on top. Is it the exam table?”

“Very well done Joseph, that is exactly what it is.” Dr. Chalmers said happily, and Tanner shrieked in happiness, and his bouncing and giggling increased even more.

“Thank you Doctor. May I walk over there and feel it and see it at the same time, to kind of make my mind see it differently?”

“Of course. While you are doing that, I want to grab something, so I will be gone for a minute or two anyways, and then as soon as I get back, I would like to try something else.”

“Thanks.” Joseph said, and then without further ado, he walked over and started looking at and feeling the bed all over. Tanner just stayed put, this was Joseph's time, and he knew that if Joseph needed anything at all, he would call.

Dr. Chalmers took no more than three minutes to come back, but he just let Joseph take the time that he needed. He doubted very seriously that Joseph had even noticed him enter the room again. Joseph studied the bed for ten minutes before he turned slowly around, looking all around. When his eyes locked on Tanner, and he figured out that was who it was, he smiled hugely.

“I think that I see you Tanner. You are not really clear yet I think, but I see you.” Joseph said happily.

“I know, I could see the recognition in your eyes as you pieced it together.” Tanner said giddily.

“That is very good Joseph, but if you would please come over here and take a seat, I wish to try something?”

“Certainly Doctor.” Joseph said. He carefully wended his way back, and then sat down in the offered chair.

“Joseph, I am going to hold a few things up in front of your eyes, and I want you to tell me what, if anything that you see. Some of them are just colored pieces of paper, others are small objects. Take all the time that you need to study the objects, and then see if you can tell me what they are.”

“Okay Doctor.” Joseph said happily.

Dr. Chalmers started out easily, and held up a few small everyday items for Joseph. At first Joseph did very poorly, he had no idea what the items were, but he tried. It was not until he asked to hold each item after a few minutes of careful thought, that Joseph was able to determine what the items were. The colored sheets were different though, Joseph had no concept at all of color, and while he said that he could see that they were paper, and that there were differences in them, he had no idea what those differences were. Dr. Chalmers went through twelve different colors, and a few more small items, and then started all over again. Once again Joseph showed his amazing memory, and was able to name off each and every item or color within only a few seconds. He still had to take the time to manually focus his eyes, because his body was still not used to doing it, that it was difficult for him.

“That is very good Joseph. I do believe that you are well on your way to being a sighted person again. From here on out, I want you to use your eyes as much as possible. Make a conscious effort to look at things, touch them and see them for the first time. We need to train your eyes, and in only that way will we now be able to truly gage your improvements. At this time I think that you are still a little near sighted, that means you see things more clearly up close, and things that are further away are more fuzzy. You did not seem to have nearly as much trouble focusing on things up close as you did far away things. That may or may not go away as your vision improves, but that is of little concern, because we can get you spectacles for that no problem.”

“Really Doctor, you think that I will be able to see again, but that I might need spectacles?”

“Joseph, you can see now, quite well I might add, considering that not that long ago you were a hundred percent blind. At this time I doubt that you even have half the vision that Tanner or I have, but it is a large improvement. Right now your only problem is your brain. We have to train it now to understand what is happening, and that will take time. Now, it is nearly time for lunch, but remember what I told you, look at everything, start teaching your brain.”

“Thank you so much Doctor, I am so happy right now I could cry.” Joseph said happily.

“Do not let us stop you. Honest emotion here, that is what we teach as well, if you need to cry, cry, if you need to laugh, laugh, if you need to scream and yell out your happiness to the world, go outside.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“Thanks.” Joseph giggled.

“There are the twelve bells now, so let us be off to lunch, and tell the others of the great news.” Dr. Chalmers said happily.

“Okay.” Both boys said excitedly.

Joseph led the way, and he had to go very slowly and hold onto things, because if he still moved too quickly, it made him feel dizzy. He actually had to stop and close his eyes a few times. It was the worst though when all of a sudden a small group of boys crossed a hall in front of them, it was too fast, and it made Joseph too dizzy. He crashed to the floor, and vomited.

“Oh, that was not nice at all.” Joseph groaned a few moments later, finally regaining some of his senses.

“No, it did not look or sound like it. Let me go grab some stuff to clean that mess up real quick, and then we can go for lunch. That is if you still want to eat.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“Are you joking Doctor, after that, I am starving.” Joseph smiled.

“Yeah, and I lost my appetite.” Tanner laughed.

“You will get used to it once you become a doctor, trust me. There is nothing quite like being puked on, pooped on, peed on, then going into surgery and digging around inside someones abdomen for a while, and then going for lunch. The first few times are difficult, but you have to eat to survive, but you get used to it.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, and then rushed off.

“I am starting to wonder if being a doctor is all it is cracked up to be.” Tanner sighed.

“I think it will be great, and I think that you will make a great doctor. It is only a bit of vomit, just breakfast and bile, nothing to it really.” Joseph said, trying to lighten the mood, but that did not seem to really help any at all, it made Tanner more green. With time he would get used to it, as all doctors do, but it was a rocky road.

Dr. Chalmers arrived moments later and quickly cleaned up the mess. Once it was all cleaned up, and the cleaning supplies put away, they headed out for the dining hall once more. Thankfully there were no further dizzy spells, but then again all the others would already be waiting impatiently in the dining hall for them.

“Terribly sorry that we are late gentlemen, please proceed to dish up, and I will explain as you do.” Dr. Chalmers apologized as soon as they made it it in the room.

“No problem Dad, nothing is wrong is there?” Kyle asked.

“No, quite the opposite in fact. You see, I collected Joseph and Tanner here for Joseph's daily treatment, and we found that he is actually able to see. His vision is not yet anywhere near to perfect, but it is pretty good already. His main problem now is getting his brain to understand what his eyes are telling it. He also gets pretty dizzy if he moves too quickly, or if something moves in front of him suddenly, as we found out on our way here, hence the reason we were late. A few of the boys here walked in front of us, and the change was too much for Joseph's mind, and it caused him to go very dizzy. He fell to the ground and vomited quite a bit. It was of course no ones fault, and we had no idea that that would happen, but it did. I have given Joseph strict instructions for him to use his eyes as much as possible now to train them and his brain, so this means there may be a few days of adjustments for everyone. At this time he still needs to move rather slowly so that he does not get too dizzy, so that means that he may end up late to class for a while. As he gets more and more used to it though, it will become easier for him. However, it could take just a few days, or a few months for this to happen, so all will have to be patient with him, and Joseph, that includes you yourself.” Dr. Chalmers informed everyone as they were dishing up.

“Joseph, may I be the first to congratulate you, and tell you that it is all of us blind peoples dreams to one day see again. On behalf of all us blind people here, no hard feelings if we seem a tad jealous of you.” Kyle smiled.

“Thank you Kyle, it means a lot to me, and I would not blame you for being jealous at all, even though I know none of you will be. I hope that some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, you all get the chance to see again as well. I know that at this time this may only be temporary, and that it may not last. I also know that my vision may never get better than it is now, but I can dream, and so can you guys. If and when I become a doctor, believe me, I will do everything in my power to help all blind people regain their sight.” Joseph said solemnly, and they all believed him too.

“And I am willing to bet that you do.” Kyle smiled warmly.

They all started eating soon after that, so the conversation was cut short, since there were more important things to do, namely eating. Joseph found that there were just too many things for him to concentrate on in there, and had to consciously keep his eyes closed most of the time, so that he did not throw up again. He did open them though every few minutes to look at something directly, just to get more used to it, but he could not do that for too long.

Once lunch was finished, William stood up and got everyones attention.

“Well everyone, as you are all aware, I lost a bet. Dr. Chalmers bet me that Joseph would be at or very near to his own level in reading skills in braille by the end of the week. While he is not quite there yet, he is certainly close to it, close enough that I am forced to admit defeat.”

“Yeah right, you want the punishment just as much as we want to give it to you.” Shelby called out good naturedly.

“Be that as it may, I still lost a bet fair and square, and I am man enough to stand up and face my punishment with good grace.” William grinned.

“I do not believe that you will need to stand for this punishment, in fact it will be forbidden.” Tanner called out this time.

“I can live with that. Now, originally it was supposed to be after dinner, however, I think that after lunch is even better, plus we have something to celebrate.” William said.

“Yippee.” More than a few boys and teachers called out.

“Now, as I recall, I was to be bent over a table to be taken by all at will, however, I would ask that I be allowed to move around as well, so that my legs do not cease up?”

“I think that we can all agree to that stipulation.” Dr. Chalmers called out.

“Excellent, off to the main love training room then.” William said, and trotted off ahead of everyone else.

The entire group of students and teachers made it to the chosen room only moments later, and it was with very little surprise that the entire way there, there were clothes and diapers being strewn all over. By the time that they made it to the room, all of them were completely naked.

Joseph found that he had to just close his eyes and go by feel as normal, it was just too much for him to cope with.. He was already finding it hard to turn it off as he had clearly done before, because now he was seeing everything without thinking about it, whereas not that long ago, he had to concentrate on it. He was still having difficulties coping with it though.

William positioned himself on top of one of the low padded tables as soon as he entered the room, and he already had his fingers busily lubing his own anal passage as the first wave of boys and teachers entered the room. Because it was Dr. Chalmers' bet, he figured that it would be fitting for him to go first, so swatting Williams hand out of the way, he took aim, and sunk in balls deep in one swift motion. Both men moaned deeply from the almost brutal invasion, and it would have been had William not been so used to it, or was not lubed and ready to go.

Everyone gathered around to watch as the doctor slowly pumped himself in and out of Williams ass, and while they were not really there to play, they were there to pound a losing teachers bum, they did stroke their neighbors dicks. No one worked to orgasm though, they all tried to hold off until it was to be their turn. Dr. Chalmers knew that there was a long line of others waiting to get their turn, so did not hold his orgasm back, he just worked to get rid of the first load. He knew that once everyone had fired off one round inside William, it would be an all out sex fest. As soon as he came, he pushed Joseph forward, telling him that since he was the reason the bet was won, that he got sloppy seconds. Joseph was only too happy to insert himself into the hot wet hole of his teacher.

Joseph slowly worked himself in and out of William, and they were both moaning lowly from it. William had of course had many boys buried inside him before, and he knew that while Joseph was nowhere near as big as he had taken, he felt that Joseph was doing things inside him that no others had done before. The young boy was making sure to grind his hips randomly all throughout the love making, adding a lot of extra feelings into the session, and William actually thought that he might cum soon if Joseph kept it up. This of course surprised the more than experienced teacher, because while he knew he could easily cum only from anal stimulation, he was experienced enough to be able to hold it off for a considerable amount of time. Had it not have been for Joseph going off first, thus stopping the torture to the teacher, William more than likely would have exploded as well.

Tanner stepped up next, just because he had been there stoking Joseph's bum as he made love to the teacher, and he too buried inside and started. He started a nice moderate pace, going just a little faster than the two people previous to him had gone, and within only a few minutes, he too exploded inside of William.

For a little more than an hour they went through like this, each and every one of them taking a turn in side of William's ass, really giving the man a good reaming. He of course loved every single second of it, nor did he complain once. He did however have to change positions every few people, just so that his body did not lock up, but no one minded that in the least.

As much as everyone had wanted their first orgasms to be in the teachers bum, not all of them could hold off for quite that long, and a few ended up cumming where they stood. Of course those who had nice wet orgasms did not waste such fine treats on the floors, because as soon as someone realized what was about to happen, they would drop to their knees and suck the load out. A load of nice sweet tasty cum was never lost in that school, it was always deposited somewhere where someone could enjoy it.

“Okay, so the punishment is complete, for William, however, I feel that he did not entirely lose the bet, because Joseph is not completely up to the standards of his age, so I feel that I too must share some of the punishment.” Dr. Chalmers grinned, and then went and took up position on the table.

“Yay.” Everyone called out.

William decided that he should go first, so lightly prepared the doctors hole with some lube, and then repaid the favor and thrust himself in to the max in one swift push. Both grunted from this of course, but the doctor was of course well accustomed to this, so he was in no pain. William thrusted deep and fast inside the doctor for at most two minutes before he deposited the first load inside the doctor. He had cum three times during his punishment, there was no way for him to hold off for that long, but his fourth orgasm was almost upon him when the punishment had ended, so he was already fairly close.

Joseph was called up next again, and he slipped inside and enjoyed Dr. Chalmers once again. The entire scene was repeated again, all of them going in almost the exact same order again, most of the boys having to fire off at least one more load before the doctors punishment ended, and of course any cum was deposited into someones greedy mouth.

“Wow, how can I get punished like that?” Joseph asked after it was all done.

“You do not need to be punished like that, you can just ask for it. Maybe after dinner when everyone has recharged a bit, and had some food, you can have your turn.” Tanner grinned, and more than a few people around them nodded and agreed as well.

“Okay, sounds like fun.” He grinned. “So everyone, after dinner it is my turn to take everyone.” Joseph called out.

“Okay.” Everyone answered happily.

“Come on boys, we have a little under an hour until it is dinner time, so for those of us that should not be heading to the kitchen to cook dinner, let us head out to the pool for a nice cooling dip.” Dr. Chalmers called out.

Everyone was in complete agreement of this, so they all headed off. Those that were in charge of dinner this evening headed to the kitchen instead, while the others just pretty much headed right out to the pool and dove in. Joseph was last in, because he had to remove his leg first, even Bailey was in long before him, but in all fairness, he had removed his prosthetic arm on the way, whereas Joseph could hardly do that. They all swam lazily and played for about thirty minutes before it was decided that they should go get a quick shower to rinse off, and then all the diaper wearers should get well padded for dinner. It was decided though that since they were going right back to the love training class after dinner anyways, that the diaper boys would only wear a single diaper, just to soak up anything that happened in the one hour it would take.

“So, Joseph, is it getting any better yet? I have noticed that you have to often close your eyes.” Dr. Chalmers asked as they were eating, they were sitting next to each other this evening.

“I am not sure Doctor, but I think maybe it is. It is not making me quite so dizzy as it was, and I can go a little longer before it just becomes too much. When that happens though, I find that I just have to close my eyes and go by feel as I normally would. I am actually finding this sight stuff quite distracting, and am not sure how you guys all do it.” Joseph admitted.

“I can understand where you might think that, having not ever had the ability to see before, but in time you will get used to it, and you will find that you can do so much more when you are able to fully see. Mind you, you do amazingly well, better than most blind people do, that is for sure. I want you to keep practicing though. No one is concerned with how long it takes you, just that you keep doing it, so that you get better and better at it. Eventually I expect that you will be able to see just as well as anyone here, even if you have to wear spectacles.”

“I know you are correct Doctor, it will just take some getting used to. I will of course continue practicing as often as possible, because I know that to be a doctor as well, I really must see, and I will do it as well.”

“I know. Even if I had not found a way for you, you would have figured something out, you are that determined. How your mother ever managed to control you the way she did with how smart and stubborn you are is beyond me, but in a way I think that that is what made you so determined now to live free and help others.”

“I suppose that that was just all I knew, so it was really nothing for me, but I think that you are correct. I will never let anyone ever do anything like that to me again, ever.” Joseph stated with a calm menace that Dr. Chalmers knew meant trouble for anyone that ever crossed the boy.

“We are glad to hear that Joseph, but how are you feeling with all that has been happening to you lately? You have not really said much about that.”

“Thank you Doctor, it is all because of you really, and I feel great. I love it here so much, all that you are doing for me and us. I am not really sure you could ever know just how much I love you for doing this all for me.” Joseph said softly.

“In some ways I agree, but I do know, because I love doing this for all of you just as much, and I love you all just as much as well. It hurts so much when I have to let you boys go to go live your lives, but I know that I must. Most visit often, but unfortunately it is often not enough for me. I am just like a parent to so many of you, and all of you are just like sons to me, and it hurts to let you go. Only love can do that.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

“Oh no Doctor, you are not like a parent to me, mine was too nasty, you are far more than that to me.” Joseph said simply.

Dr. Chalmers had nothing to say to that, so just smiled warmly and hugged Joseph to him tenderly, and they continued to eat the rest of their meal in silence with the others.

As soon as dinner was done and cleaned up from, everyone excitedly headed down to the love training room once again, Joseph happily leading the way. As soon as he arrived, he stripped off his small diaper, his leg, and then laid on his back on the floor, raising his legs for the fun to begin.

“Come and get it boys.” Joseph said huskily, really looking forward to it.

Come and get it they did too. Tanner took his turn first, he felt it was his privilege, being Joseph's boyfriend and all, or pretty damn close at any rate, because they had not officially said it yet. Tanner lubed him up lightly, slipped in slowly, and then made slow passionate love to Joseph while all the others stood around them and watched.

Tanner was not really worried about how long he took, so took almost twenty minutes to cum. A couple of the boys were unable to last that long, and their meager loads were swallowed by a couple more than willing boys. As soon as Tanner was finished, and was out of the way, Dr. Chalmers slipped in and took his place.

Dr. Chalmers of course went a little faster, so that everyone could have a turn, and they all did. Once again it took more than an hour more for them to all give Joseph a nice time, a few more orgasms being had all around the room. Amazingly enough though, by the time that everyone had had their turn, the only person to have not cum, was Joseph himself. He was getting more than a little sore though from holding it in for so long.

Tanner moved back into position and slipped back inside his boyfriend, and even though Joseph had his eyes closed, he knew exactly who it was, and what he was doing. He wanted them to cum together to finish off the night. Tanner had only had one orgasm for their evening session, so he knew that he had at least the one more in him to give up. The rest of the boys were mostly soft now, having worn even themselves out, all the teachers were soft for sure, but not Tanner and Joseph. Tanner had held back as well, staving off his last orgasm to share that once again with Joseph, and it was with almost divine intervention that Joseph had managed to hold off his orgasm, though no one could figure out how he managed to do it. No one had ever been able to hold off through such a massive gang bang before.

It did not take long though, Joseph was simply too charged up, and Tanner was really in not much better condition. So as soon as Joseph screeched and started his orgasm, the contractions in his anal walls triggered Tanner to fire off his final load for the night as well. The orgasm lasted nearly five minutes, both boys squeaking and squirming as their bodies vibrated, while the sweat dripped off of them. The rest of the school watched in morbid fascination as the two of them had an almost impossible orgasm. They had all seen some awesome sexual sights, but that ranked right up there with the best of them.

Tanner and Joseph had a combined orgasm that lasted more than five minutes until they collapsed, it was so powerful. Amazingly enough though, neither one passed out, although they were close. As soon as the two of them came down, and the others all saw it, they received a standing ovation for the show.

“That was some show you two put on. I have never seen a single orgasm that lasted quite that long before.” Dr. Chalmers said above the noise.

“Thank you, everyone. It was incredible. I am not sure how I managed to do it, but I held off my orgasm until the end, but I was in so much pain by then I was seeing flashes of light like nothing I have ever seen before. When it hit, it honestly felt as if my entire body exploded.” Joseph said with a silly smirk plastered on his face.

“Yes, I bet it was hurting, and the description of the explosion I am sure is nowhere near what it actually was. I have seen a lot of orgasms in my years, but never one quite that strong before.”

“You are of course correct Doctor, but I have no words to describe it, I am not sure the worlds best writer could do it either.” Joseph grinned.

“No, I doubt that as well. Well, I think that you two should head off to bed, you look as if you are about to pass out.”

“Yes Doctor, I feel that was as well. I think that I would ask that someone go and get my chair though? I am not so certain that I can walk that far with how weak I feel right now. Also, if someone would diaper us up right now please, I do not believe that I will be able to stay awake for much longer?”

“I agree, I cannot stay awake much longer myself.” Tanner said.

“Of course. Jeremy already took off to get you your chair, and I will diaper both of you. Thanks Shelby for the diapers.” Dr. Chalmers said, and took the offered diapers and rubber panties, because Shelby had quickly grabbed them from the cupboard when it was mentioned.

Jeremy was back only seconds later, and then a few moments later the two boys were diapered and ready to go. Joseph was lifted into his chair, and the Tanner stood, with the help of someones offered hand, and he went to push Joseph.

“Goodnight everyone, thank you so much for the wonderful evening.” Joseph smiled and yawned.

“You are very welcome, and thank you too.” Dr. Chalmers said, and all others agreed.

The two boys headed to their room, and Joseph was barely able to make it from his chair to their bed, but he did, and both boys fell asleep almost instantly, not even covering themselves up, they were that tired. Dr. Chalmers came and covered them up when he came to check on them, to make sure that they had made it.