Chapter 13

It was almost two weeks later, and Joseph's vision had continued to increase, as well he got far more used to it. He now found that he was no longer becoming nauseous when things moved too quickly for him, and he no longer had to close his eyes either. He was really liking being able to see now, even though it was not perfect sight, it was far more than he had ever had. Dr. Chalmers was still removing a tiny amount of fluid every day, and every day he was noticing just tiny amounts of differences, every day it became just slightly clearer. It was at this time, two weeks after Joseph had regained some sight, that Dr. Chalmers informed Joseph that his eye fluid had stabilized, was no longer getting any better, and was about as close to normal as he ever figured it would be.

“How is your vision now that your eye fluid is clear Joseph?” Dr. Chalmers asked after their last session.

“Every day for the past week my vision has gotten just a tiny bit better again, and now I think that I see pretty clearly. Some things are still a little fuzzy if they are too far away, but most everything else is far better. Does this mean that I can see properly now?” Joseph asked the oft asked question.

“Yes, I think so. We will continue to monitor your eyes for quite some time, to make sure the cloudy fluid does not continue to build up, but I have seen nothing new in the past couple days. If at any time you see anything different, you make sure and tell me, and we will check your eyes instantly. I am going to make an appointment with an optometrist to see you this coming week now to see about getting you glasses, because I believe that you are still near sighted, and probably always will be. It is only a minor issue, and it should be easily remedied.”

“Thank you Doctor, so much, I can never repay you for you kindness, none of us ever truly would be able to, but we all love you a great deal.” Joseph smiled warmly, loving being able to actually see his savior.

“You are very welcome, but you are once again wrong there, as you always are when you say that. The love that you boys all return to me, seeing you all go on to become so much more than you ever could have been without this school, seeing you all grow into fine young men, that is far more payment than any father could hope to have.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly, a solitary tear escaping. Joseph's vision was now good enough that he was able to see it, and he wiped it off.

“May I come with you guys when you take Joseph to see the optometrist Doctor?” Tanner asked, because he was of course there, as he always was.

“Actually, you were going to be coming anyways, because I think that it is about time that we had your eyes tested again, to make sure that you glasses are still doing okay for you. You have complained a few times of headaches again, so that normally means your glasses need to be changed.”

“Yes, I suppose that that is true, thanks.”

It was now Tuesday morning, the day that Dr. Chalmers had been able to make the appointment to see the optometrist. Joseph had to be told that the doctor was not gay friendly, and that he was strictly hands off, to which he was saddened to hear, but offered to sway the doctor to change his views. Dr. Chalmers actually chuckled and thought about letting Joseph do it, because if anyone could, it was he. They made the three hour drive to where the doctors office was, unfortunately there was not an optometrist in the local town, so they had to go for a long drive for that. Luckily Tanner had been the only boy to currently need glasses for that reason, and he only seemed to need to go every few years.

They had set out at just a few minutes past five am that morning, really only enough time to wake up and grab a quick bowl of cereal after getting changed, so that they could be there in plenty of time for their nine am appointment. They managed to make it with fifteen minutes to spare, and waited for the doctor to be ready for them. When they were called in, Dr. Chalmers introduced Joseph to him, and then informed him all of what had happened. The optometrist was suitably impressed, and then got down to testing Joseph, to see what the boy needed.

He too concurred that Joseph was near sighted, and that he did still have damage to his eyes that would affect his vision, but he too said that it was not so bad that it would really affect him. He also figured that it was not so bad that it would prevent him from doing almost anything he so desired. All were happy to hear that good news.

Tanner was up next, and as was suspected, his eyes had changed again, and his glasses needed to be changed out for a different prescription. One eye had actually gotten better, and the other eye had stayed almost the exact same, so that was not all bad. The optometrist told them that he could have the glasses made and ready for them in approximately a week, and that as soon as they were ready, the boys could come back to make sure that they were good.

With that done, they went out for some lunch, had a good meal, went shopping for a few things in the larger city, and then headed back home to the school.

The next week went by smoothly enough, and they were called to say the glasses were ready for them. So back they went for their next appointment.

Classes over the past few weeks had gone very well. Joseph was now almost as proficient in reading with his eyes as he was with reading braille, which was every bit as good as a boy his age should be reading. It also seemed that Joseph loved to read. At almost any time that he had free time where he was doing nothing else, he would be cuddled up to Tanner's side, reading a book. Tanner often had a book as well, but sometimes he watched the television or listened to the radio. Joseph also listened as he read, but he found it not difficult at all to be able to do both with no problem. Writing though, now that was taking Joseph a long time to get the hang of. He was just not used to that; his printing was starting to become legible to everyone, it was still somewhat messy though, but his handwriting was atrocious at best. It too would just take time, and Joseph was patient.

The trip to the optometrists office was pretty much the exact same as it had been the previous week, no real differences, and they arrived at almost the exact same time again. Once inside the office, they sat and waited, until their turn was called.

“Well boys, let's see how this all turned out shall we?” The optometrist asked.

Joseph was first up, and then he was tested while now wearing his new glasses. They were pretty much just a plain black frame, just the same as Tanner's were, not very fashionable by any means, but Joseph noticed the difference immediately. When he was tested, he was deemed to have nearly perfect vision, just slightly less than normal. Joseph was ecstatic at this news, and actually started to cry in happiness. He kept saying 'I am normal, I am normal', and the optometrist was pleased that he was able to help out so much.

Tanner was up next, and his vision too was deemed perfect with his new glasses, so he too was happy. Once they were done there, they once again hit a local diner for lunch, and then headed back home.

When they arrived, everyone was happy to see Joseph in his new glasses, and that his sight was as good as could possibly be expected. It was not perfect, nor would it ever truly be, but Joseph never once noticed or cared. Joseph was so happy with all that had happened to him recently, that he was positively glowing, and not even all of it due to the fact that the boy was insanely sexually satisfied, many times a day in fact. There was no comparing to being happy, and he was so happy that it showed.

School went well for all the boys, they all very much enjoyed their love training classes, who would not really, and they learned so much about their own and others bodies. Not only did they learn lots about how sexual their bodies were, and how good they could feel, but they learned everything there was to know about how they worked as well. They also learned almost anything else that they cared to learn about.

Joseph stayed in school with Dr. Chalmers and his excellent teachers until he was sixteen, Tanner had just turned nineteen, and then they both went to university together to become doctors. Joseph had kept his promise and worked with Tanner to help him increase his memory, and they had made drastic improvements. Tanner would always have difficulties remembering things, but he did so much better with the work Joseph did for him. All of the students, new and old, for there had been anywhere from one to five new boys each year, were saddened to see the two most loved and loving boys leave their school to head off into their lives, but they were happy as well. How could they not be really, all knew that the two of them were off to make huge changes to the world, and changes they certainly made.

Both were in university very close to ten years to become highly specialized doctors, becoming two of the top doctors in their fields in the world. Joseph was strictly working on sight related issues, up to and including full brain surgery, and Tanner went in for brain surgery, and he was the pioneer for some of the worlds leading brain surgery techniques that were used for more years than Tanner himself was alive.

Same with Joseph, he had pioneered many new techniques to help once blind, or becoming blind people to regain sight. Sadly he could not help every one of them, and only boasted a ten percent rate of vision improvement, but he boasted a ten percent rate of vision improvement for people that would almost certainly have never seen again. This was a feat that no other doctor in the world had ever achieved. By the time that Joseph died in his eighties, he had founded no less than one hundred techniques to help people see again, or for their first times, and his techniques were taught to new doctors, who in total helped many thousands of people to see.

Joseph kept his love of playing music that he acquired while in school, and although no one else thought that he had gotten better, how could you be better than perfect, Joseph thought that he had gotten better as time went by. While in university he also took a few music related courses, mostly theory and technique, but also history, however, he never once played there, because he was smart enough to know what would happen if he did. He did play at their old school though for the boys whenever he was there, and he played at home as well all of the time on their beautiful piano, both he and Tanner found it very relaxing. One thing that Joseph found that he always had to do though when playing the piano, was close his eyes, so that he could feel the music, not see it.

As often as they could manage it, Joseph and Tanner visited the school, at least once per year, and they were always very well received. They were of course there ten years after they left school, just as they were finishing their university, to be with Dr. Chalmers when he passed away. It was both sad and happy for all there, and nearly every student that had ever went to that school was there for his passing. No one had ever died happier than the good doctor did that day. Kyle took over for his dad of course, and he continued on helping needy boys, teaching them in the ways of the school. The school had of course always been very secretive, and no one was ever allowed to know anything about it, but in the latter half of the century, as boylove was looked upon as horrible, they had to become even more so, but never once were they ever found out about. Many of the students did end up going into politics, and a few years after both Tanner and Joseph passed away, one of their fellow school boys, not one that they went to school with, but had known well, became the Prime Minister of Canada, and another one managed to become President of the United States at almost the exact same time, they had been in school together, and between them, they managed to abolish many of the horrible laws about love, and how loving children was bad. So they too made great changes to the world.

Dr. Chalmers' legacy lived on and on for so many years, and changed so much in the world, that it was difficult to truly understand, but one thing that the boys that went there all knew, it was because of Dr. Chalmers that they were as great as they had become. Each and every boy that ever graced that school went on to do great things with his life, contributing in ways that no others before them had been able to do.

It was with no small amount of surprise that the day after Joseph passed away, that Tanner did as well, he could not live without his baby, and babies they had stayed for life as well. They both stayed in diapers for the rest of their lives, not wishing to get rid of them. They had of course stayed together and in so much love for their entire lives, living for each other. Their three sons and seven grandchildren were there when they both passed on, and they too, like Dr. Chalmers before them, died the happiest and most loved people on the planet, for they had done so much great in the world.

Of course you now know that Tanner and Joseph had managed to adopt three sons, and they too were gay and diaper lovers. Much like they had been, their sons were throw away boys that no one seemed to care about or want, and they found happy loving homes where they too flourished and became great in their own ways.

All in all, no other school in history had turned out so many boys that did so much good in their world before, yet no one even knew about it, except for the boys and teachers that went there themselves. It all started from just one mans dream, and his sons horniness, and so much good happened. It just goes to show you what a little love can do.