Chapter 2

The following morning Joseph awoke feeling better than he had ever felt in his short miserable life. He laid there, in the soft comfortable bed, with all the nice heavy bed coverings over him, just luxuriating in the warmth. He knew that he was not to call out to say he was awake though, that he would be retrieved once the doctor was ready to come and get him. Just some of his old teachings coming through, and he did not realize just how wrong he was.

Dr. Chalmers had awaken at almost the same time as Joseph had, and he too laid in his bed and luxuriated in it, before he got up to get ready for the day. He first went and got himself some coffee on, then went and opened all the drapes in the house, to let in the beautiful morning sun light. He had not gone in to check on Joseph yet, thinking that when the boy smelled the coffee, that he would surely call if he was awake, but he was not counting on the young boys brutal training.

Joseph did smell the coffee, and he could hear the doctor roaming around the house, doing whatever it was that he was doing, and he could hear it all, and knew almost exactly what the doctor was doing at any given time just from the sounds, but never once did he call out. It was almost an hour later that the doctor came in to check on his young charge, just to make sure the poor boy was still alive.

“Oh, good morning Joseph, I was not expecting you to be awake, because you never called. I was just coming in to wake you up, so that we can start the day.”

“Oh no Doctor, I am never to call out, I will be retrieved when it is time for me to be retrieved, and I am to be silent until such time.” Joseph said automatically.

“Oh Joseph, I am so sorry. I should have known better, especially with the brutal training that you have received. I should have explained that to you, but you fell asleep before I could do so. When you wake up in the morning, call out to me, so that I can come and get you. I know that with your exceptional senses of smell and hearing, that you had to have known that I was up and about, so if I am awake, please call out to me if you need anything at all, or come and find me.” Dr. Chalmers instructed softly, ashamed that he had not foreseen that.

“You have nothing to be sorry for though Doctor, you have been far more kindly to me than almost anyone has ever been before. I will try and remember that though for the future, but I did not mind waiting in this bed, it is very soft and warm, very comfortable.”

“I bet that it is very comfortable, especially after sleeping on those things that some institutions call beds. As for my being far more kind to you than anyone else, that is truly a sad thing. I have only just barely met you, you do not even know me yet, and to have you say I am the nicest person that you have ever met, says a lot more about the types of people that you have met than you know.”

“I do know Doctor, believe me, I do know. No one was ever nice to me before, except maybe the father, but even he hardly ever talked to me.”

“At least you did know I guess. You will never have to go through with that again if I have anything to say about it. Here, at this school, we teach loving and understanding, kindness and sharing, and compassion and feelings. You will learn much here. Now, would you like some breakfast before we get started on some things this morning?”

“Yes please, I am very hungry this morning for some reason.”

“You were very worn out sexually last night, and fell fast asleep after your last orgasm. Sexual exercise is some of the very best exercise there is, so you used up a lot of energy last night, hence the reason that you are very hungry this morning. How is your diaper, will it hold up until after breakfast?”

“I think I understand what you are meaning Doctor, and yes, I believe that it is. You have me very thickly diapered right now.”

“Yes I do, as I said that I would. Your night time diapers are always nice and thick, to prevent leaks, so that you get the proper sleep, because I know how nasty it is to wake up in a cold and wet bed.”

“How would you know Doctor?” Joseph asked as he was being lifted out of bed.

“Because I too wet the bed at night, I never once stopped. I have wet the bed since I was a baby. That was one of the reasons that I became a doctor, so that I could find the cure.”

“And did you find the cure Doctor?”

“No, but to tell you quite honestly, I do not worry about it so much any more, because I like wearing the diapers as well. I did find out, however, that the problem that I have is not repairable at this time, so there is no point in worrying about it.”

“I am sorry Doctor.”

“There is no need for you to be sorry, I am okay with it, and like I said, I like the diapers anyways.” Dr. Chalmers said as he sat Joseph down at the same kitchen chair that he had sat at the night before.

“And what about my eyes Doctor, you said that maybe you could fix them?” Joseph asked hopefully.

“Like I said last night, I can make no promises on anything, but one thing I do promise, is that if I cannot do anything at all, that I will call in the very best of those who can, and then if they cannot, we will know that the damage is irreparable, at least at this time. One thing that is certain though, even if we cannot fix it today, in just a few short years, it may be possible. Medical research is going a long way in finding interesting ways to fix things, and maybe we can find a way to help you see again, or rather, for your first time.” Dr. Chalmers said as he went to the kitchen and started on making them some soft boiled eggs and toast.

“Thank you very much Doctor, for trying. Anything that you try and do for me, even if it does not help, will be very kind of you.” Joseph said with more gratitude in his voice than the doctor had ever heard before.

“You are welcome Joseph, and do not worry, we will do all we can to help you out. I should also mention to you that some time this week, but hopefully tomorrow, we are going to take you into our hospital, and I am going to fix your leg up properly, because the doctors that did the amputation, did a very poor job of it. Does your stump ever burn, itch, tingle, or ever feel not right?”

“Oh all the time Doctor.”

“Which is it?”

“All of it Doctor, sometimes all at the same time.”

“And you never once complained about this?”

“Well Doctor, I sort of could not, because I was never to complain, and they always had me so sleepy while I was wherever it was that I was.”

“I see. You do know that in some ways the way that they treated you there was directly caused from how you reacted there right?” Dr. Chalmers asked, using this to maybe teach a little bit of a lesson.

“How so Doctor?” Joseph asked in confusion.

“Well, had you not kicked and screamed, and almost injured nuns, then maybe they would not have had to sedate you quite so much, and then maybe you would have felt better.” He answered gently.

“I think I understand Doctor, but I was so scared of them, I did not know what to do.” Joseph said with shame written all over his face.

“Yes, and I even understand why that is as well. Although, had you have given them a chance, you probably would have found that they were pretty nice, well at least most of them are. You see, and you have to remember this, because it is a very important lesson, it is your actions, and your actions alone, that get you what you want and need in life. By over reacting like you did, they were forced to sedate you, to protect themselves, but had you not reacted like you did, then maybe you could have learned that all women are not bad. With that said though, had you have done all that, then maybe you would not be here now, so who can say which was the best route to take.”

“Okay Doctor, I think that makes sense, but I will ask more later if I do not understand something. What do you mean though that you are going to fix my leg, it is missing, how can you fix it, it cannot grow back, nor will it ever be normal again?”

“Well, no, I do not mean fix it, as in give you a new leg again, even though I very much wish that I could do so, but we are going to work on something that will be close enough, soon, and no questions on that, because that is a surprise. What I mean by fix it though, is to make it proper, make it look and feel better, so that it does not cause you discomfort, because it should not ever hurt, unless you hurt it.”

“Oh, okay Doctor, that would be nice.”

A few moments later, their breakfast was on the table, and Dr. Chalmers just peeled Joseph's eggs, and mashed them on his toast, added plenty of salt and pepper, and then cut it all up for the boy. As soon as he took his first bite, the grimace told the doctor that something was not right.

“Um, Doctor, I do not wish to complain, but you told me that I should tell you if there was something that I did not like.”

“Please, tell me Joseph, what is it that you do not like?”

“It is too powerful Doctor.”

“Do you mean spicy, did I maybe put too much salt and or pepper on there for your tastes?”

“I am not certain Doctor, it is almost like it is hot, I have never had that taste before.” Joseph tried to explain after a few moments thought, and taking another bite to try and determine what it was that he was trying to say.

“Okay, it sounds like you do not care too much for the pepper. I probably should not have put so much on it for you. I will eat that one, and you can have mine instead, and I will put less on. I suggest that you try it with less, because the pepper adds a nice flavor, and you pretty much have to get used to it, because it is used a lot, but I like a lot more than most people normally do, and sometimes I forget that.”

“Thank you Doctor, that is kind of you. I would like to try it with less pepper then, to see if I prefer that better.” Joseph smiled warmly, truly appreciating the ability to actually have a say in things.

Dr. Chalmers worked quickly to right the little error that he had made, and then slid a newly prepared plate of food in front of the boy, and told him to eat. A few bites later, Joseph smiled.

“This is very nice Doctor. It is not so strong as it was, it is just right for me I think. Thank you.”

“You are welcome, and I am glad that you told me that something was wrong, and I apologize for giving you so much, when you were not used to it. It can be a very overpowering spice, and you will probably grow to like more of it as time goes by, but to have it all at once like that, could certainly be a shock to the system.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

Joseph just smiled, figuring there were no more words needed, and not really knowing what to say at any rate, so just continued eating. Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly and also started eating himself, truly enjoying one of his more desired breakfasts. When he was finished, Joseph asked if he could have a little more, so he was dished up another plate of food, and he polished that off as well, and then stated that he was complete.

“Thank you very much Doctor, that was a very nice breakfast, it was very tasty.”

“You are very welcome, and thanks for the compliment. This is one of my personal favorite breakfasts, and I would probably have it every day if I could. Now that we are finished eating, how would you like to go into the sitting room and listen to the radio for a while, while I get this kitchen all nice and clean?”

“I think that I would like that Doctor. I used to like it when my mother listened to the radio, and I was standing in the corner, because I could hear it as well, and it was always nice.”

“Then that is what we shall do. You will probably also appreciate that each of the bedrooms in the school has its own radio, and the lounge even has a television, but sadly you will not get quite as much enjoyment of that as the others do.”

“What is a television Doctor? I have heard others say that word before, but I am not sure of what it is. And you mean that we really get our own radios to listen to?”

“Yes, each room has two boys in it, and each room has a radio for you to share. A television is a box with a picture in it, and it is sort of like a radio, but with moving images on it as well. I know that you do not truly understand that concept, so it is very difficult for me to explain it to you. The other boys do enjoy it though. You will be able to listen to it though, just the same as the radio, and you will enjoy it in that way as well.”

“That sounds very neat Doctor, being able to see must be so great.”

“To someone that has never seen before, or who has lost their sight, that would probably be true, but to the rest of us, we normally take that for granted, but I try not to.”

Dr. Chalmers quickly carried the boy into the sitting room, placed him on the sofa in there, set the blanket on his lap, and then went and turned the radio on. It was already set to his favorite station, and he figured that Joseph would probably enjoy it as well, so left it there. For almost an hour the boy sat there, completely enraptured by the stories that were being told on the radio, listening to music, and even enjoying the commercial breaks. Dr. Chalmers just went and cleaned up from the mess of the night before and the morning breakfast. Normally he had a cleaning lady that came in, but she was off for a couple weeks, so he had to do all of this himself. He could have asked the staff from the school to come and clean up, but he just preferred to clean it himself. It was true what he had told the nun though, no woman would ever cross the threshold of the school, but he had a female cleaner for his house. She was the only staff person on the entire property that was female, and she was implicitly informed to never exit the house, other than to leave to go home, she was never allowed on the school property. In those days though, that was perfectly normal.

When Dr. Chalmers walked into the sitting room, he was amused to see that Joseph was leaning forward slightly, his hands holding his chin, and he was staring right at the radio, with his blank eyes, listening with all his might to the story teller, so intent on it, that he probably never even heard the doctor enter.

“It looks like you are enjoying the story.” Dr. Chalmers said softly, while laying a hand on the boys shoulder. The scream that Joseph let out from the scare, nearly caused the poor doctor to become deaf. As soon as he was finished screaming, he started crying, because he had been so scared. Never in his entire life had anyone ever been able to sneak up on him and scare him. It scared him so bad, that it caused him to completely soil himself, as well as wet almost completely through.

“Oh Joseph, I am so sorry, I did not mean to scare you so badly.” Dr. Chalmers said quickly as he rushed around and grabbed the poor sobbing boy and hug him tight to himself. The sobs that were coming from the boy were huge and pitiful, and it took nearly ten minutes for him to calm down. During the entire time, Dr. Chalmers just whispered soft soothing sounds into the boys ear.

“How come I scared you so badly Joseph, I only just asked you a simple question, and put my hand on your shoulder?”

“Y-y-y-you didn't make any sound, and i-i-i-it scared me.”

“No, I made plenty of sound I think, I think that maybe you were so engrossed in the good story that you did not hear me.”

“No one has ever been able to sneak up on me before Doctor, I always hear everything, even if people are whispering far from me, I always hear everything. I am sorry for screaming and crying like that, I was acting like a baby.”

“You have no reason whatsoever to be sorry, it is my fault for sneaking up on you, even though I certainly did not mean to do so. Now, do you by chance happen to remember our conversation on punishments yesterday, especially the one about respect?”

“Yes Doctor, very clearly, I can tell you word for word what you said if you wish me to do so?”

“Really, you remember everything word for word what is told to you?”

“Yes Doctor, can everyone not do that?”

“No, that is a very rare gift. Okay, so if you remember it so well, what was it I told you would happen if you did not respect yourself?”

“That I could be punished Doctor, but I do not understand what that has to do with my being scared by you and acting like a baby?”

“Oh, I see. Your screaming, because you got scared, and then crying, because of it, does not make you a baby, you are not a baby, and are never to think of yourself as such. That is as bad as you calling someone else a baby, worse actually, therefore, you could be punished right now. For that type of thing, I would take down your diaper, and give you ten very hard smacks to your bared bottom with my hand. So, you must always remember, never call yourself names.”

“You are not going to punish me Doctor, you very clearly told me the rules yesterday, I know them all by heart now, and I messed up, so I deserve to be punished?”

“Maybe you would if you had been here for a while and understood everything. This was simply a mistake on your part that you were not aware of yet. You still have much to learn, even though you know the basics of the rules, and by the sounds of it, better than most.”

“Thank you Doctor, I will try not to foul up again.”

“And that is good enough for me.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“Um, Doctor, when you scared me, I think I soiled myself very badly, could you possibly change me please?” Joseph asked.

“Yes, of course I will change you. I knew that you had soiled yourself though, the smell is a little hard to miss, and that was where were heading in a minute anyways. After I get you all cleaned up though, I am going to give you a complete physical exam, and check everything out, to check for anything else that maybe we can fix up if it is needed.”

“Thank you Doctor, but will anything hurt?”

“I doubt it, maybe a little uncomfortable at times, and when I draw some blood from you, that sort of pokes I suppose, but nothing should actually hurt any.” Dr. Chalmers said honestly.

“Okay Doctor, that sounds fine.” Joseph said, and then put his arms up to be picked up, because he knew that he would be. Dr. Chalmers easily picked up the very light weight boy, and carried him back to his exam room, which was next door to where Joseph had been changed and slept.

Dr. Chalmers worked quickly and softly to clean up the very messy young boy, and boy did he ever fill his diapers up, near to the point of leaking, it was so bad, but the doctor did not mind at all. Once the diapers were taken care of, and Joseph was all nice and cleaned up, Dr. Chalmers got started on the full physical exam. He worked very slowly and methodically for nearly two hours, asking Joseph all sorts of questions, feeling everything, testing everything, trying all sorts of things, and never once did Joseph complain, but that was not really a big surprise. That was so deeply ingrained in the boy, that it would be difficult to break. When Dr. Chalmers checked out Joseph's eyes though, he found some odd things that he wanted to look into further. He found that the boys eyes seemed to be far too filled with pressure, and the fluid in there was far too murky, looking to be almost bloody, and he knew that that could cause vision problems.

“Joseph, I am going to attempt something that may be a little bit uncomfortable, but should not hurt. I need to strap you down to the table, to ensure that you do not move any at all, because if you move at the wrong time, I could very badly hurt you. Would this be alright with you?”

“I think so Doctor, you have not hurt me yet, even when you took my blood, and no one else has ever done that without making it hurt at least a little.” Joseph said in agreement.

“I have had a lot of practice, so thanks. I will try my best to not hurt you in any way at all, but please tell me if you do not feel nice, and I will give you something to relax. Or would you rather I give you a sedative to relax you right away?”

“I would really rather not have any more sedatives Doctor, so just do what you need to do, and I will not move at all.” Joseph said bravely, and they both knew the reasons for it as well.

Dr. Chalmers worked quickly to strap the boy down to the table securely with the wide leather straps that were attached, and then got as fine a needle as he could find, and then worked on first Joseph's right eye, and drained out just a small amount of the fluid. He then got a new needle, and did the same thing to the left eye. Not once during the entire three or four minutes that it took, did Joseph even twitch or complain in any way at all.

“There you go, all done.” Dr. Chalmers stated as he was undoing the strapped down boy.

“What did you do Doctor, I felt a weird sensation in my eyes, but it never hurt?”

“I stuck needles into your eyes and drained out some of the fluid that was in them. Your eyes had too much fluid in them, and it appears as if they had blood in them as well, it was very murky. I am going to run some tests on the fluid to see what it is, and see if there is anything that can be done to fix it. I also removed enough fluid to reduce some of the pressure, just to see what that does. To tell you quite honestly, that was the first time I had ever done that, nor am I aware that it has ever been done before, so I have no idea what will happen because of it.”

“Oh, that sounds very painful, but I hardly felt it. Doctor, what is it like to see?”

“I am not so certain that I am really able to answer that question for you, because I really do not know of a good way to explain it. Sorry.”

“Oh, because ever since you did that Doctor, something is different. I cannot explain it either, but it almost feels like a loud noise does to my ears.”

“It does not hurt does it?”

“No, not really, a little uncomfortable I guess, but it is getting better.”

“And you said that it changed right after I finished?”

“Well, a few seconds Doctor, but yes.”

“Hmm, odd. Let me look at your eyes again, and then I am going to take you to sit and listen to the radio while I do some research.”

“Okay Doctor, you may do to me anything that you wish.”


Dr. Chalmers quickly looked back into Joseph's eyes, and found that the pressure had indeed been reduced, and while the murkiness was still there, it was just a tiny bit clearer than it had been. He was starting to wonder if he would be able to drain just a tiny bit out each day, and let the boys eyes clean themselves back out naturally, thus possibly restoring the boys sight, if even just a little.

“Doctor, I am not sure what you did, but for a few seconds, it was different.” Joseph said in confusion, because his mind was unable to understand that it was seeing something for the very first time in it life.

“The only thing that I did was to shine a light into your eyes and look at them closely through a magnifier.” He said, clearly puzzled, and then it dawned on him. “Wait a minute, tell me now, is this any different?” Dr. Chalmers asked, almost excitedly, and shone his light back in Joseph's right eye, and then his left, and then took it away.

“Yes Doctor, for just a couple seconds, it was more intense, just like a loud sound compared to a quiet sound.”'

“Joseph, I think that you just saw the light, but your mind is not certain how to process the information yet. Is this the same thing that you felt right after I finished, just more intense?”

“Yes Doctor, it is. It is still there, but I think I must be more used to it now, because it is not so uncomfortable any more, but when you shone your light into my eyes, it was just like that again. Does this mean that I can see?”

“Well, it seems that right now you can see bright lights, but at this time, do not get your hopes up, because it could be only temporary, and we may not be able to get it any better. We are going to try and drain a little more fluid out of your eyes every day though, and I am going to test that fluid, to see if there is any change, we are going to experiment a little bit on you, and see if maybe we cannot help you out some.”

“That would be really nice Doctor, to be more like a normal boy.”

“Yes, I am sure that it would be. Now, I need to clean you up, because you have urinated a couple times, thankfully I made sure to keep you covered with something, but when I diaper you, would you rather be thinly or thickly diapered?”

“Thick please, I think I preferred that.” Joseph smiled brightly.

“Then that is how it shall be.” Dr. Chalmers said, and then worked to quickly to clean and diaper the young boy just as thickly as he wanted to be. As soon as he was done, he was taken back to the sitting room to continue listening to the radio.

“Now, I am going to be in my office and lab doing some work, but if you need anything at all, you just call out to me, okay. If I do not come right away, just call again, sometimes I do not always hear when I am working, and when I come in, I will endeavor to make extra noise, so as not to scare you so bad again.”

“Thank you Doctor, that will be alright by me.” Joseph smiled again, and then got into the program on the radio right away.

Dr. Chalmers went back to his office, that had a small well equipped lab, to do up the blood work, and look at the samples that he had taken. He first looked at the blood and did every test that he could do, and found nothing that was of any concern. He then looked at the eye fluid, and found that there was a lot more blood in it than there was supposed to be, and he felt that that had been what had caused the cloudiness. He figured that because the boy had been blind since birth, that it was possible that that had been how he had been born, and it just never cleared. He wondered if he would be able to clear up the boys vision at all, if even just a little bit. He decided that he wanted to call a friend of his that worked on eyes, to get his opinion. They talked for almost half an hour about Joseph's condition, and the news was only half good. His friend had told him that there had been a few cases that he had read about that were able to be cleared up, just by releasing the pressure slowly, and removing some of the fluid each day. He did warn however, that because there was blood in the fluid, that it may continue to do so, in which case it would never clear up, and even if it did, the boys vision may never be perfect. Dr. Chalmers felt that at least they could try, and if they got the boy even just a little vision, then that would be an improvement. He also made a quick telephone call to his doctoral staff, and arranged to do the surgery on Joseph for the following morning, so he was pleased with that. For more than an hour more after that, the doctor did up detailed notes as to what he had observed in the boy, all about the tests that he had done, and all that he had found. Dr. Chalmers was a very precise man, and kept very detailed notes on his patients, his boys. Once he was finished, he went to find his young charge, to see how he was doing. As he got closer to the sitting room, he made sure to make extra noise with his feet.

“Good afternoon Joseph, how are you enjoying the programs on the radio?”

“Very much Doctor, thank you so much. I have never been able to just sit and listen to the radio for any time before, so it has been very enjoyable.” Joseph turned and smiled.

“That is good to hear that you have enjoyed yourself. How are your eyes feeling now Joseph?”

“I am not sure Doctor, they seem about the same as they were before, they do not hurt, but the light, as you called it, is still there.” Joseph explained, not fully understanding the concept of light either.

“That is good to hear, then the pressure and the cloudiness has not yet returned, that is a good sign, but may not mean anything either.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

“Tomorrow morning we are going to do the surgery on your leg, to see if there is anything that we can do to clean it up properly, so that it will no longer itch, burn, and or tingle. If I am correct, the surgery should only last about an hour, and then we will let you sleep for a few hours after that. When you wake up, you will not feel any pain, because we will have plenty of pain medications in you, but you will be able to tell me if you are in any pain at all as well.”

“Okay Doctor, that is very generous of you.”

“For my boys, I do anything and everything that I can do to help make their lives just a little bit better, so you are welcome.”

“Thank you. Doctor, how many boys are there in the school, and do we all learn to feel good?”

“You are very welcome Joseph, you deserve it. With you now joining my little school, there will be twenty fine young men such as yourself, and yes, you all learn how to feel good, and how to make others feel just as good.”

“And how many teachers are there Doctor?”

“Including myself, there are ten of us.”

“Why so many teachers Doctor, if there are only so few students?”

“Because they are very good, and well suited teachers, and I do not mind having a few extra, and paying them is no big deal, because none of them ask to be paid.”

“But why would they not wish to be paid Doctor, is it not customary to pay the people that work for you?”

“Yes, it would be, however, these teachers and I have a special understanding. You see, they get free housing, free food, free trips out of school with the students, and because they are all homosexual as well, they get to really enjoy you boys as well. They feel that that is payment enough.”

“I see Doctor, that is very nice for them then I guess. You must be very wealthy, if you do not mind my saying so.”

“I do not mind, and yes, I am very wealthy, and that is how I can afford to run this special school. My parents were very rich socialites, they owned many factories, and it was all to passed to me, as their only child. I was not cut from the same cloth as they were though, and did not fancy that lifestyle. I wished very much to be a doctor, and help young boys, just like you, so that was what I did. I went to the very best schools, learned all that there was to learn, and then became a doctor. I was a doctor at a hospital for nearly ten years, when this young boy came through my doors that so desperately needed my help. His father had beaten the boy so badly that he very nearly died. If I had not have been as good as I was, he surely would have, and he actually did die on my table three times, but I was able to bring him back. He ended up blind from the severe beating, he had many internal injuries, one of which destroyed his bladder, and he had many broken bones. Once he was as healed as he could be, I told the police that I was going to take him home with me, to nurse back to full health, and I saw to it that the monster of a father to that boy would never again see the light of day. That boy, who now calls me father, teaches at this very school. He is the blind teacher that I told you about. We both went and found someone to teach us everything that we could know about being blind, how to read, how to properly walk, everything, so I know it all. I decided at that time, that I was going to collect young boys just like him, poor innocent boys that had been badly abused, and or thrown away, and I would bring them to my property and teach them everything that I could. I found a few good teachers, a couple are still with me, and we got started.”

“Wow Doctor, that is some story. How did you get started on the loving parts though?”

“Ah, now there is the most interesting part. That would be due to my son. I had always known that I was homosexual, even though I certainly would have never admitted it to anyone, and women never held any attraction to me. When my son was with me at my home, when I would bathe and change him, he would get an erection all the time. He was the same age as you are now, by the way, so he got hard all the time. He asked me all about it, and how to make it feel good, just like I had made it feel when I gently cleaned him up, so I told him. One thing led to another, and soon I was doing it for him, and then he for me. It just all went from there. When we talked it over, about starting up the school, it was him that made the decision that we should teach other boys all about what we did sexually as well, so that all other boys that came through our doors could truly feel love, and I agreed.”

“Okay, that sounds very nice, but you said that your parents were wealthy, but that did not necessarily mean that you were, so how could you afford all of this?”

“My parents had died while I did my ten year stay at the hospital, and everything that was theirs was left to me, as their only son. I sold off all of the businesses and factories, and bought the land that the house and school now sit on. I had always wanted a large spread of land in the mountains, somewhere where there was no one else, and that is what we have here. The property here is many thousands of acres, and the nearest city to us is nearly an hour away, so we are far from normal civilization out here. All the staff in the school live here, and the only person that does not, is my cleaning lady, but she lives in a small cottage just down the road.”

“I see Doctor, did that not make you sad, that your parents died, because it does not sound as if it did?” Joseph asked in confusion. He hated his mother, and she him, but he did know that children were supposed to love their parents, and vice versa, because he had heard it on the radio, so the doctors saying that he lost his parents with no emotion, did not seem right to him.

“No, my parents passing was almost a relief to me. I was nothing more than an heir to them, they hated me almost as much as your mother hated you. That did not stop them from sending me to the very best schools though, always boarding schools, and they insisted that I get the very best education, so as not to make a disgrace out of them. I often wonder why it was they even allowed me to go to medical school, instead of business, as they clearly wanted me to. Maybe they thought that they would live longer than they had, because they were only just barely fifty when they died.”

“I am sorry to hear that Doctor, but I know how you feel, because my mother hated me, and had no problems telling me so. That did not stop her from teaching me the best she could, and for the same reasons. May I ask Doctor, how did your parents die?”

“Of course you may ask, they died in a plane crash.”

“Were there any others that died as well?”

“Yes, there were about fifty people on that plane when it went down, all lives were lost. That was the only thing that had saddened me about that crash, was that there were so many that were lost, including some children, but the good thing was, I am sure that none of them even felt a thing.”

“Yes, that would have saddened me as well. So, you said that you are going to do the surgery on my leg tomorrow, what are you going to do to it?”

“I do not know all that I am going to do to it at this time, because I am not certain as to the extent of the damage inside yet, but I will be cutting it open, trimming out the bits that are not needed in there, properly cauterizing the blood vessels in there, as well I will see if I can fix the nerve endings in there as well. That should help to reduce all the bad feelings in there.”

“That sounds very difficult Doctor, but are you sure that I will not feel it?”

“No, you will not feel a thing while I am doing the work at all, and by the time that you wake up, it will hurt some, but it will not be bad. It will take a few days for it to heal up enough to stop hurting, and then at that time we will start taking you off the pain medications.”

“Okay Doctor, I trust you.”

“Thank you Joseph, but if you cannot trust me, then you cannot trust anyone at all.”

“I normally do not Doctor.” Joseph said simply.

“I know, and we are going to work on that. Now, what we need to do today, before you can start school, is go into the city and get you a new school uniform, and some other assorted clothes, because the ones that you have are less than I would allow the average peasant to wear. It will probably take most of the day for us to do.”

“Okay Doctor. What kind of uniform do the boys wear at school?”

“You wear dark gray flannel shorts, a white button down shirt, and a gray blazer. You will wear knee length black socks, and shiny black dress shoes. I think that we will also need to get your hair cut as well, because it is a little long.”

“Oh, that sounds nice Doctor.” Joseph smiled.

“Yes, it will be, I am sure. We will also be getting for you your gym kit as well, which are soft cotton shorts, a tank top, white socks, and gym shoes. As well we have to get you some other clothes and personal items for your room and bathroom.”

“Do I have my own bathroom?”

“No, not really, five rooms share one bathroom, so that means ten boys, but there are ten toilets, ten sinks, and ten showers in there, and you will each have your own drawer and cupboard as well to store your things in there.”

“Oh, that sounds very nice Doctor.”

“Good. Would you like me to change your diaper before we leave, or will it be fine for an hour or two still?”

“I think that it will be fine Doctor, but I will warn you if I feel my diaper getting too wet.”

“That would be a good idea. With as heavily diapered as you are, everyone will see it anyways, but there is no point in adding wet spots if we can help it.” Dr. Chalmers laughed.

“No, I do not think that would be necessary either.” Joseph laughed as well.

Joseph was quickly carried out to the car and set in, and then the wheelchair was folded up and put into the trunk for later, and then they were off. They talked the entire way there, both asking and answering all sorts of questions, but nothing of any real importance was said. They made it to the store that Dr. Chalmers used for all his school clothing needs, and Joseph was set into his chair and wheeled inside.

“Good afternoon Dr. Chalmers, so good of you to stop by once again.” They were greeted.

“Thank you Mr. Marshal, it is always nice to visit your store. I have a young man here, as I am hopeful that you have already noticed, that requires your services. He will need the full standard school kit, so if you would please help him out, I would be very appreciative. I will go and sit and have coffee while you work your magic, and do not worry, he already enjoys all our school courses.” Dr. Chalmers offered.

“Very good Doctor, it should take roughly two hours then. Do you have his bag with the extra diapers that we will need for while fitting?”

“Ah yes, I knew I was forgetting something, let me go and grab that from the car, while you two go ahead and get started.”

“Very good Doctor. When you leave, after dropping off the bag, would you be so kind as to close and lock the door for me, so that this fine young man and I will not be disturbed?”

“Of course Mr. Marshal, and you have fun.”

“Thank you, I will.” He smiled, and Dr. Chalmers walked off briskly.

“Hello young man, as you heard, I am Mr. Marshal, but please, call me Matthew.”

“Good afternoon Matthew, I am Joseph.” Joseph said, sticking out his hand to shake, and Matthew took it and shook firmly.

“It is good to meet you Joseph, you have a nice firm handshake. Let us go ahead to the back, where we will be more comfortable. We will not be disturbed at all, and then we can go about getting you fitted up.”

“That would be agreeable Sir.”

Matthew wheeled Joseph to the back room, and then seconds later the bag of diapers was dropped off. Dr. Chalmers left right away, locking the door on his way out as requested. Because Joseph was of course missing half his leg, Matthew decided to lay the boy on a cloth covered table to do all the measurements and fitting, because it would make everything far easier in the long run. He first undressed Joseph all the way, removing his soggy diaper and cleaning him up gently. He made a small purring sound when he saw what young Joseph was hiding inside his diaper. Joseph, with his keen hearing, heard Matthew, and had a pretty good idea about what he was thinking, especially when he played back the earlier conversation, about him liking all his school subjects already.

“You have a very beautiful body Joseph, do you mind my saying that?”

“Thank you Sir, and I do not mind, but I do not know if I do or do not, because I am of course unable to see.”

“Trust me, you do, and I had noticed that you were blind, but that is okay. I am sure that Dr. Chalmers will help you in any ways that he can. Now, are you cold, would you like me to turn the heater on for you?”

“Yes, he is already trying to see what he can do for me, and yes, it is a little chilly in here, so the heat would be very nice please.”

“Okay then, there you go. Now, the first thing that I am going to do, is get you all measured, and then I am going to find all the clothes that you need.”

“Matthew, I know that you wish to play with my body, I would very much like it if you would do it now, and then we can worry about that stuff afterwards.” Joseph grinned.

“Ah, a young boy that knows what he wants, and is perceptive enough to feel it from others as well.” Matthew grinned, but never once denied it, because he knew it would be a lie.

“Yes, I am, thank you.”

“I know, it was not a question. However, I do my work first, and then we play, because if we do it the other way around, we may never get any work done.”

“That is a valid point Sir. I will not keep you waiting any longer then.” Joseph grinned.

Matthew did not waste any time either, he got straight to work in measuring Joseph from head to toe, measuring everything on the boy. He left for a few moments after that, and then came back with a stack of clothes. Matthew then helped Joseph to try them all on to make sure that it all fit well. The shorts were all left large, to compensate for the nice thick diapers, but they would be tight enough to also show them off nicely. The shorts were also very VERY short, and when the boys did not wear underwear, which was often, or most often for the non diaper wearers, all their goodies were very much on display. At school this was not only acceptable, it was downright appreciated. About the only time most of the boys actually wore any underwear, was when they had to come into town for any reason; such as clothes shopping, or to go to the movies. The clothes fitting took almost an hour, before Matthew was satisfied that the doctor would be very satisfied, and then he got down to playing.

“Now Joseph, I would very much like to play with your pretty body, and I would like it if you would let me do that. Will you let me play with your pretty body and make us both feel very good?”

“Oh yes please Sir!” Joseph said excitedly, his bouncing boner never having gone down throughout the entire fitting.

“Thank you Joseph.” Matthew said softly, and then bent over and took the young boys erection into his mouth. Both moaned lowly from this, Joseph because it felt so good, Matthew because Joseph tasted so good.

Matthew quickly added the nice plump little sack to his mouth, and gave that as much attention as he could while laving Joseph's entire penis with loving attention as well. Before too long, Joseph was bouncing and groaning from the attention that he was getting, from how amazing the feelings were. Long before either was ready for it though, Joseph exploded in another fantastic orgasm. In Joseph's hazy mind, he was thinking that he was really really going to love this school, because this was just what they taught there.

“Wow young man, you have some powerful young orgasms there.”

“Thanks, you do that real nice Sir. May I suck yours now as well please?”

“You do not have to, if you do not wish to do so, but I admit, I would very much like it if you would.” Matthew smiled.

“I would love to make you feel as nice as you made me feel Sir. Please lay down next to me on your back, and I will make your body feel very good as well.” Joseph asked huskily, and that was just what they did too.

Almost as soon as Matthew was on the table and laying down, Joseph was attached to him, and sucking him for all his worth, and it seemed there was lots of worth there. Matthew was unable to cope with the onslaught of sensations though, with as close as he had already been, and with how amazing Joseph felt, it was too much for him. With a grunt that nearly startled Joseph, Matthew came, and he came hard and copiously.

“Wow Sir, you shoot lots, and it tastes very nice.” Joseph said, a string of cum still on his lips as he was licking them clean.

“Wow, that was way better than any of the other boys that come in here for fittings, and they have sometimes had years of practice. You must have been a very good boy to some lucky man to have learned how to suck like that.” Matthew said in awe.

“No Sir, Dr. Chalmers is the first one I have ever sucked like that, and that was only once.” Joseph said honestly.

“Then you young man are a natural.” Matthew sighed.

“Thanks, I think, but what does that mean?”

“It means that you were born to do it, that you just know how to do something.” Matthew answered easily, because this would not be the first boy to have come through his shop for the school to not understand some of the more basic meanings things. He knew full well what the school was, he had gone there himself, and he too had had the hard life that every one of the other boys that lived there did. He was now a very sought after suit maker for the rich and famous, but he always had time to fit the school boys and get them properly clothed.

“Thank you Sir. Would you like to play more?”

“You are most welcome Joseph, but sadly no, I must not, I do have a business to run, so I should reopen my store and call Dr. Chalmers back here to collect you.”

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that Sir, I liked sucking you.”

“Then the next time you are in town, you are welcome to come and visit me, and we can play around a little more at that time.” Matthew smiled, because he would enjoy that a great deal as well.

“Thank you Sir, I will remember that, and we can suck each other again at that time.” Joseph smiled as well, and he remembered that as well, and every time he came by the shop, Matthew was well treated.

“I look forward to it just as much as, or probably more than you do. Give me a few moments to go and flag the doctor, and then I will come and get you dressed up.”

Joseph just nodded and Matthew went and called the doctor back, and then came and got Joseph diapered up nice and thick, added his rubber panties, put his shorts on, some of the new ones, slipped him into one of the new shirts and blazer, and then put his sock and shoe on. By the time that Joseph was dressed, and looking more than a little sexy in his uniform, Dr. Chalmers was there. He saw Joseph, took a moment to silently look the boy over to make sure the fit was good, but he knew it would be, and then spoke.

“As always Matthew, you did an excellent job, thank you very much.”

“As always, it was my pleasure.”

“I do not doubt that. Well Matthew, we really must be back on our way to my home, but I am sure that a couple more boys will be in soon, we have had a couple growth spurts recently, so there are some new clothes needed.”

“Glad to hear it, bring them all at the same time, I will close the store for the afternoon, and we can have a nice fitting, but I too must get back to work, so you two have a good day.”

“Bye.” Both the doctor and boy said at the same time.

“Come on Joseph, let us get you back into your chair, and then we can get going. I should also tell you that you look very handsome in your uniform, especially with your nice thick diaper peeking out at almost every space.”

“Thank you Sir, you have been so much more kindly to me than my mother ever was.”

“You are welcome Joseph, and you deserve every bit of it as well.” Dr. Chalmers said, and started wheeling the boy out, the stack of clothes deftly placed on Joseph's lap, and he was holding them.

Dr. Chalmers got Joseph and all his things into the car, and then they were off to get his hair cut. They stopped in at the barber that did all the hair for the boys at the school, and they were in and out in under fifteen minutes, Joseph's hair considerably shorter than it had been, but cut nicely to frame his face. Once they left the barber, they headed back to the doctors home. Joseph fell asleep in the car not ten minutes after they left, because he was more than a little worn out, not being used to so much physical activity in the least. This was okay by the doctor, and he knew the exact reason why as well. The drive back home was silent, but fortunately nice and smooth, and just as they made it back, Joseph woke up.

“Did you have a nice sleep Joseph?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly.

“Yes Doctor, it was very nice, but why did you let me sleep? I was never allowed to sleep unless it was bed time.”

“That too is quite horrible. Young men, such as yourself, need plenty of good healthy sleep in order to grow properly, and sometimes you just need a nap, there is nothing wrong with that at all. The reason though that you are very tired, is simply because for the last little while, you have had next to no exercise, so the little bit of physical activity that you have had recently, has worn you out more than you are used to.”

“Oh, I see Doctor, thank you for explaining that to me.” Joseph smiled.

“You are welcome. Now, as soon as I get you and everything into the house, I want to dry reducing a little more of the pressure buildup in your eyes. Will this be okay with you?”

“Oh yes Doctor, you may do anything to me that you see fit.”

“Thank you for that, but please never give anyone an open invitation like that, you may not always like what you get when you do that. I would never do anything to purposely harm you, but others would gladly do that, just to get what they wanted, not caring any about you at all, just so long as they got what they wanted.”

“Okay Doctor, I think I understand, but I do not believe that I would say anything like that to anyone else, just you, I trust you a great deal.”

“Okay, thank you for that then, and I too trust you as well. Let us go get this done then, to see if we can get any more improvement.” Dr. Chalmers said, and then carried Joseph into the room again. He was once again laid and strapped down to the exam table, and then the needles were prepared. As with the day before, Joseph never even flinched as the needle went in, and the extra fluid was removed with ease. Both eyes were very quickly done, and then Joseph was unstrapped.

“There you go Joseph, very well done. That still did not hurt though, did it?”

“No doctor, it felt weird, but not painful. I am sort of used to pain though, so it might not feel very good to others I would think.”

“That is probably true, and due to what your mother did to you, I have no doubt that your pain tolerance threshold was undoubtedly increased. I am going to carry you in so that you may listen to the radio, and then I am going to go and look at these samples, to see if there is any change from the ones yesterday.”

“Thank you Doctor, I would like that very much.”

Minutes later they were both in their new locations, Joseph near the radio, and Dr. Chalmers at his microscope. Dr. Chalmers looked carefully at the samples, and then grabbed the samples from the previous day, and then compared them. It was almost not noticeable, but there was a slight decrease in the cloudiness of the fluid, so he was pleased to see that. He was starting to feel that whatever had originally caused the issues, when Joseph was a baby, had either healed itself, or was only ever a temporary thing.

“Good news Joseph, the fluid was just a tiny bit clearer today.” Dr. Chalmers said as he walked into the lounge, but making sure to walk loudly enough to alert Joseph.

“How is that good news Doctor?” Joseph asked curiously.

“Because the fluid is not supposed to be cloudy, it should be clear, so the clearer it is, the better the vision that we can hopefully get for you.”

“Okay Doctor, that makes sense. Do you know if there has ever been another person like this before?”

“A friend of mine, that I had talked to yesterday, said that he has heard of this before, so yes, there have been other cases, but like I warned you, there is no guarantee that we can get you seeing. How do your eyes feel now, is the brightness any more or less than it was before I removed some of the liquid?”

“I cannot really tell Doctor, I think there was a tiny change, but not much, and I do not feel any difference now, it seems to have faded. It did fade a bit yesterday too though, almost like I got used to it, and it did not seem so bad any more.”

“That would be normal for anyone. When someone walks out into bright sunlight from a darker area, the brightness is almost unbearable at first, but then it gets easier to see, because your eyes do adjust. Hopefully you will get to soon know what I mean.”

“Is that a good thing then Doctor?”

“It really is too soon to tell yet, but if I had to guess, I would say that it is at least a good sign. I am going to go and make us some much needed dinner, because we missed lunch, and even though it is not dinner time, I can tell that you are getting very hungry.”

“Thank you doctor, and now that you mention it, yes, I do suppose that I am getting a little hungry.”

“From the sounds of the beast in your stomach, little has nothing to do with it.” Dr. Chalmers said with a straight face, and Joseph burst out in a fit of giggles. Dr. Chalmers ended up laughing as well, and had to excuse himself to go make dinner, because Joseph's giggles were becoming almost too much for him.

Soon dinner was ready, and they were sat at the table to eat. Tonight the doctor taught Joseph how to cut his own food, and while he made a bit of a mess, it was not too bad. Joseph actually found that it was a lot easier for him to eat while using both the fork and the knife, because it was easier for him to feel for his food and find out how big it was that way, without having to use his fingers. As soon as dinner was finished, the doctor cleaned up, while Joseph sat there and talked to him, he insisted on it in fact, saying that he could at least be there to keep the doctor company, and it was appreciated.

“Doctor, now that you are finished, could we go and lay down and play some more tonight?” Joseph asked just as soon as the doctor was finished his chore.

“We can probably play a little bit, but to tell you quite truthfully, I am more than a little bit tired, and given the fact that I want to get an early start tomorrow morning, I wanted to get to bed early. I would be more than happy to give you some pleasure though, and then I think it will be to bed for the both of us.”

“But Doctor, it would not feel right for you to make me feel good, but not for me to make you feel good too, so if you do not wish to be pleasured this evening, then neither do I.”

“That is very kind of you Joseph, and maybe it would even be for the best. We can go and lay down on the sofa for a few minutes and listen to the radio, because it is a little early for bed just yet, but we will go soon I think.”

“That would be very nice Doctor, getting to lay with you to listen to the radio.”

So that was what they did. Joseph was carried into the sitting room and they settled onto the couch and listened to the radio, that was still playing, for about half an hour. When the end of one program came, Dr. Chalmers decided that they should go to bed.

“Come on you, it is time for us to go to bed now. Would you like to sleep with me tonight in my large bed?”

“Oh yes please, I liked it when you held me like you were. Is there a name for that?” Joseph asked curiously.

“That is truly sad that you have never heard of a hug before, and I promise, that you will receive so many of them from now on. We were hugging, holding each other gently and softly. It is a very loving thing that can be shared amongst friends or lovers, and it does not need words to make it better, in fact, the best hugs are completely silent.”

“Yes, I agree with you, and I think that I like hugs just as much as I do having a penis inside my bum.”

“Yes, I agree, and sometimes a hug feels even better than that.” Dr. Chalmers said lovingly, then picked the young boy up easily, and took him up to his room. Once there, he changed Joseph's nearly saturated diaper, got his put on, and they cuddled up in the large bed together, Joseph hugging the doctor tightly until he fell asleep.