Chapter 3

“Good morning there beautiful boy, how are you feeling this morning, are you scared or nervous about your operation?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly as he saw his young charge come awake.

“Good morning Doctor, it felt very nice to sleep with you, but no, I do not feel nervous at all, I trust you a great deal.” Joseph smiled warmly.

“That is good, for there is nothing to be nervous about. I think that your diaper is good enough as it is, so we will just leave it on. I do not want you to eat anything, because sometimes the stuff that we give to make you sleep, can make you vomit, if your stomach is full, and we would not want that. I am going to get you situated in front of the radio for a little while, until I am cleaned and fed, and then prepared for your surgery. The others that will be helping me will be here shortly as well, but you will probably be asleep again before they even arrive.”

“Okay Doctor, that sounds good to me.” Joseph smiled warmly.

So that was what they did. Joseph went and listened to the radio, while Dr. Chalmers went and got himself ready for the day, and then got his medical room all prepared for everything that he was going to be doing. It did not take long, and before too long at all, Joseph was once again laying on a newly prepared table, and the sleeping agent was being administered. Dr. Chalmers worked to quickly prepare Joseph for all that he wanted to do, and by the time the others were there and cleaned up, Joseph was ready to be cut open.

Dr. Chalmers was calling out instructions and requests as he first cut open the stump of Joseph's leg, and then explored what there was in there to find. What he found though appalled him, it was so shoddily done, that it was a miracle that the boy was not crying in constant pain. The bone had not even been properly shaped and tapered, it was still jagged and sharp, and that had to have caused the poor boy untold amounts of pain. None of the nerve endings had been properly cared for, so the poor boy must have always tingled and or burned. It was just a horrible mess. More than one of his helpers had commented on the serious lack of care that the doctor had obviously put into fixing the boy. It took a little more than an hour before Joseph was stitched back up, and then Dr. Chalmers decided to look at Joseph's eyes, seeing as how he was already asleep anyways.

He explained to the others what it was that he was doing, and what it was that he hoped to accomplish, and they watched as first the doctor pretty much popped the boys' eyes out, and looked all around the area. What he found though nearly made even him sick, and he had thought he had seen it all. There were scars, not natural scars, in his eye sockets, and on the backs of his eyes. How it could have happened, the doctor could only guess, but he was certain that someone had used some sort of tool behind the boys eyes and gouged them. He too was also certain as to who that someone had to have been.

Dr. Chalmers knew that he would be unable to do anything about the damage that was done there though, so just put the boy back together and then drained some more fluid out. He figured that if he were unable to give the boy sight, that sooner or later, possibly the technology to repair the damage that was caused to the boy. He was pretty certain though that any damage that was there, would not affect Joseph's sight, should he ever regain it.

Once Joseph was cleaned up, he was taken off the sleeping agent, and then given an injection to keep him asleep, and in there were pain medications and antibiotics to help him get better. Dr. Chalmers and his helpers all went and cleaned up, and then they headed back up to the school to be with the boys. It was nice that his surgical helpers were teachers from his very own school, he had taught them everything that they would need to know about helping out with surgeries, because it was a lot faster and easier than asking for help from a nearby hospital, and cheaper too, but he did not particularly care about that.

Joseph was kept asleep for a total of three days, so that he could speed through the most painful part of his recuperation in relative ease. Slowly Dr. Chalmers allowed him to wake up, and there was no moaning or groaning as he woke up, so he allowed Joseph to come fully awake. Joseph had been given a much lighter dose of pain killers as well, so he would be almost totally lucid as soon as he came awake. It took nearly half an hour before he did.

“Hello there Joseph, you are all fixed up, or as good as I can possibly make you at any rate. How do you feel?”

“I am very thirsty Doctor.” Joseph gasped through a dry throat.

“Yes, I am certain that you are. I have been giving you all that you needed through an intravenous line, but it does not kill the thirst once you wake up. I will get you some nice cold water in just a moment. For right now though, I would like to know how you feel, other than thirsty or hungry? Are you in any pain, any discomfort, any weird feelings that you cannot explain, anything at all out of the ordinary?”

“Thank you Doctor, that would be nice. As for how I feel, I feel really good. My leg does not hurt at all any more, but my eyes feel weird.”

“That is good to hear about your leg, but what exactly do you mean that your eyes feel weird?”

“I do not know Doctor, it is an odd feeling. They do not hurt, but they do not feel normal either. It almost feels as if they tingle, I do not know.”

“Well, while I had you out, I figured that I may as well pull your eyes out and have a closer look at them, to see if I could see anything wrong with them.”

“You pulled my eyes out Doctor?” Joseph asked incredulously.

“Well, yes I did. The eyes actually can come out surprisingly easy, not something you want to do without training though, I assure you. What I found though may go a long way into explaining your blindness.”

“I do not doubt that Doctor, but what did you find?”

“There is an awful lot of scaring on the backs of your eyes, and the tissues in behind them. There is no way that it could have gotten there, except on purpose. I have an ill feeling that someone used some sort of sharp tool to damage your eyes, and that in turn caused your blindness. The damage is not so bad that we cannot continue to hope that we may get you some sight, but it is bad enough that I cannot hope to fix it at this time. Maybe in a few years there will be newer methods to help repair the damage, but we will have to wait and see. I do not believe though that that damage will affect your sight if we ever get it back for you, but it could.”

“You think that my mother made me blind, do you not Doctor, as I also believe that she had to have been the one to do it if it was done on purpose? She is the only one that would or could have done something like that”

“Yes, if I had to guess as to the culprit of such a violent crime, and given just how poorly you were treated while growing up, I too would say that it had to have been your mother as well.”

“Why, why Doctor, why would my own mother hate me so much to have done this to me, and when I was only a baby as well?” Joseph asked, tears leaking down his cheeks at the ultimate betrayal.

“I do not know Joseph, but all I can tell you, is that she had to have been a very sick woman, but she can no longer hurt you, and she will be paying to a much higher power now.”

“Yes, and she will deserve every second of the punishment that she receives as well.”

“I understand your feelings Joseph, but one thing that you will learn in school is acceptance. Yes, your mother did a very bad thing to you, yes she does deserve to be punished, but no, you are not the right person to do that, it is your right to accept that what happened, happened, forgive it, and then live the rest of your life with only love in your heart.”

“I do not believe that I will ever be able to forgive that woman Doctor, she is no longer even my mother, she is nothing to me, nor never will be again. I can accept what happened, because there is little more that I can do, especially now, and now I have you and the school, and I cannot wait until we get started.”

“I understand completely Joseph, and I will teach you love all over again.”

“Thank you Doctor, but I already do love you.”

“And I love you too Joseph, you are just like another son to me.”

“Thank you Doctor. Can you tell me why my leg does not hurt at all? I can feel it, but it does not feel bad like it always did before, and you said that it would be sore.”

“I believe rather strongly that the reason for that was simply because you had gotten so used to a lot of pain before, so now you do not feel that extreme pain, so therefore you do not feel the minor pain at all, that you would normally be feeling now. The operation that the doctor did to remove your leg, was done so poorly that it was a surprise that you were able to function at all, and the others that were here with me were very surprised that you lived like that for so long. Your leg has now been properly fixed though, so it should not hurt at all now, especially once it is healed.”

“Why would it have been done so poorly though Doctor?”

“I do not know that answer to that, however, I am going to be asking some questions, and if I find out who the doctor was that did the work, he will never operate on another person in his life. If the work on you says anything about his work in general, then he has a lot of patients in severe pain, or more than likely dead.”

“Thank you very much Doctor, for everything that you have done for me, it is far more appreciated than I can ever hope to repay you.”

“And that is where you are wrong Joseph. The love that you show for me is more payment than any person could ever hope to ask for.”

“You are welcome Doctor, but I do love you. Could I possibly get a drink now, my throat is getting very sore?”

“Oh yes, of course. I am so sorry, here I am making you talk so much right after waking up after three days, and not getting you the one thing you asked for.”

“I slept for three days Doctor?”

“Yes, I kept you asleep for that long, so that you would not have to feel the pain, but now I am wondering if that was even needed. Give me just a few moments, and I will be right back.” Dr. Chalmers said, and then rushed out of the room to get the requested water. He filled up a large pitcher with ice and water, and then put more into a tall glass, so that he had the glass and the pitcher both full to the brim.

“Here you go my boy, drink just as much as you can hold, so that we can start flushing your body of all the bad stuff in it.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Joseph said, and took the offered glass. Joseph drank that entire glass down in a little more than one long gulp, and then the doctor refilled it. They repeated this two more times, until almost all of the water was gone, and Joseph sighed long and deep.

“Ahhh, that feels much better, thank you doctor. I am getting a little hungry now as well, am I able to eat anything yet?”

“Oh yes, of course. The medications that could have made you vomit have well worked out of your system, so now you may eat as you wish, but you will not want to eat too much to start with.”

“Okay Doctor, thanks.”

“Give me a few moments and I will go and get you some lunch, then I will bring it back here for you and feed it to you.”

“You do not need to feed me doctor, I think that I will be able to do that on my own now.”

“I know, but I would like to.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, so Joseph just nodded. He could hear the smile in the doctors voice, and he knew how much the doctor wanted to do it, and he admitted to himself, that he would like it as well.

Dr. Chalmers went in to the kitchen and made up a small batch of oatmeal for breakfast for the both of them, and just leaving it in the pot, went back to the room that Joseph was in, and fed the both of them. He would give Joseph a bite, and then he would take one himself, and he kept this up until they were both full.

“There you go, I bet that that feels better.”

“Yes Doctor, it does, thank you.”

“You are welcome. So tell me, how are your eyes working anyways, I never asked, you just told me that they feel weird?”

“I do not know what you mean Doctor.”

“Well, while you were out, each day I drained a little more fluid, and I have checked it against the very first days takings, and the difference is now noticeably better. So how is the brightness?”

“Oh, I think I know what you mean Doctor, I think that it is more than it was, but sometimes odd things happen to the light now, just like sound that goes up and down.”

“Oh, it sounds to me as if you are starting to notice differences in the amount of light, maybe movement. Tell me, can you see this?” Dr. Chalmers asked and waved his hand in front of Joseph's eyes.

“I am not certain what you meant Doctor, but whatever you just did, made the same thing happen again.”

“I think that you are starting to see some movement. Did it seem to move like sound does?”

“Yes, I think that would be what it was like.” Joseph said excitedly.

“Very good. I only see about a ten percent difference so far, and that is over about five days, so maybe in another five to ten you might be able to actually see things.”

“That would be very nice Doctor. Do you think that I will be able to see like other people do?”

“Again, it is far too soon to tell, but given just how much damage your eyes have, I would say that the likelihood of that is not very high, at least not yet. If I am correct though, with as much improvement as you have already made, I would say that maybe we can get you seeing good enough to actually make out some minor details, but better than that, maybe not.”

“Thank you Doctor, anything that you can do to help will be appreciated. Doctor, I am starting to feel full, but I am unable to have a bowel movement, could you please give me an enema?”

“Would you like a normal enema, or would you rather something a little more fun?” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“More fun please!” Joseph said happily.

“It is probably a good thing that I have to urinate then, that will certainly make it easier.”

“Yes, it probably would.” Joseph grinned.

Dr. Chalmers positioned Joseph over the bed that he had been sitting on, on his back, pulled down the plastic pants, removed the soggy diaper, got a new one ready to go, and then put Joseph's feet on his chest, getting him into a more comfortable position. He then applied a nice healthy dose of lubricant to both his erection, that he had already pulled out, and Joseph's little ass.

“This is different Doctor, I have never been on my back for an enema before.” Joseph said, sighing a little from the the fingering he was receiving.

“Yes, it probably is, but this is more comfortable for the both of us, as well it allows me to masturbate your penis at the same times, therefore giving you even more pleasure yet. You will soon find that there are many many ways to find pleasure.” Dr. Chalmers whispered, then wasted no further time, and slipped his way inside. They both moaned lowly.

“Oh, that feels so nice Doctor, I like it like this.” Joseph moaned.

“I am pleased that you like this.” Dr. Chalmers also moaned, and started thrusting slowly and deeply. He was not rushing this at all, why should he.

They talked a little during their love making, mostly telling each other how nice it felt. They both moaned and sighed from the pleasure, and Joseph was heard to be nearly purring, he felt so good and content. Even though Dr. Chalmers had not had an orgasm in the past few days, he was now a master at being able to hold off for a great deal of time, so he lasted a good while.

Joseph though was unable to hold off on his own for very long, so every time that the doctor felt that the boy was getting too close, he backed off, pinched Joseph's angry red erection, and forced the boy to back away from his orgasm as well. By the time that the doctor had denied Joseph's orgasm a total of five times, and a little more than forty five minutes, he was getting too close himself, and knew that there was almost certainly no way that Joseph would be able to hold off again, so he let them both explode.

And explode they did. It was without a shadow of a doubt the most intense and powerful orgasm that Joseph had had yet, and he very nearly passed out from it. He was gasping and panting for breath though, and he was feeling more than a little tired. It was probably only the sleeping for the past three days though that was able to keep him awake, because he had slept more than enough to compensate.

As soon as Dr. Chalmers orgasm faded, he concentrated on opening up his bladder and allowing it to fill Joseph up nice and full. It took more than a few minutes, and when he started peeing, they both sighed. As soon as he was finished, Dr. Chalmers securely and thickly diapered Joseph back up.

“There you go, all good now. I would like for you to hold that inside of you for as long as you can possibly stand it though, okay.”

“Okay Doctor, and thank you very much. That was by far the best enema I have ever had. It was also the best feelings I have ever had. I had no idea that holding off the feelings for that long would make it even better.” Joseph rambled out.

“You are welcome, but it was my best as well. As for holding off, that will actually be half of your classes in sex training, just how to hold off. A few years back, I once had two boys, both fourteen, and perpetually horny, make a bet, saying that they could go the longest without an orgasm. It took them five days to explode, and for at least one hour every day we tortured them something fierce, but they held it all in. I have no idea how they managed it to tell you the truth, because not even I can do that, and I am not so sure I would want to either.”

“Wow, that sounds very, um, I'm not sure what word to use, but it sounds very nice. What was the bet anyways?”

“Yeah, I have no idea what word best suits that either, but the bet was simple, whomever lost, had to submit themselves to be a total sex slave for a week. Any time they saw anyone at all, they were to bend over and offer their anuses for the taking, and they were to be filled as much as that person, or persons could possibly stand. That was a very fun week, we got absolutely no schoolwork done at all, because every time the boy was in class, he had to bend over for everyone to take. In all fairness though, even the boy who won said that he was not going to be left out, and most of the time he too was found to be bent over and taking it from anyone as well. That goes on a lot at this school though.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“Wow Doctor, when do I get to go meet the other boys?”

“I wondered when you would ask that!” He grinned. “It will probably be on Monday now, which is three days away. We still have a little work to do before I think that you are ready for that though, and I have to have someone come in and fit you for a couple things as well.”

“Oh, okay Doctor, thanks.”

“What, are you not going to ask about the fittings?” Asked a shocked Dr. Chalmers.

“No, of course not, if you had have wanted to tell me, you would have told me what you were talking about. You did not, so therefore it is not my place to ask.” Joseph said in shock as well, as if this were perfectly normal.

“Well, young boys are supposed to be curious though, you should be asking questions. I would not have told you anyways, I would have told you that a little anticipation is good for you, and that you would have to wait.”

“Oh, I do not really understand that Doctor, but okay.” Joseph said, just shrugging his shoulders, because it really made no difference to him anyways.

“No, I guess you probably do not. I am going to go ahead and take you into the lounge so that you can listen to the radio, while I get some work done around here okay.”

“That sounds nice Doctor, thanks.”

A few minutes later Dr. Chalmers was back in his office and making a telephone call. He called the friend of his that fitted all his boys for wheelchairs, as well as the two or three boys that he had had through the school that needed prosthetics made, he did those as well. His friend told him that he would be there in about an hour, and that was good for him, so they disconnected. Once that was done, Dr. Chalmers did up the notes that he needed to add to Joseph's file, and then went in search of the boy.

“How are you feeling Joseph, do you need a dirty diaper changed yet?”

“I am fine Doctor, but no, I am not in need of changing yet, I have not messed myself yet.”

“Wow, you can hold that for a long time, a lot longer than most can.”

“Just always have Doctor, but it is starting to get painful, so I will be soon.”

“Okay then, go ahead and ask me to change you when you are ready for me to, and then I will. Someone should be here shortly to get your fittings done, so we should probably have you in a clean diaper at that time. He is used to boys in diapers, but I doubt that he will appreciate a very smell one, so we will want to have you nice and clean for when he arrives.”

“Okay Doctor, I will go now then.” Joseph said, and then with a small grunt and a push, Joseph filled his diaper to near capacity. It took him maybe five minutes of grunting and pushing, before he said that he was done, and then the doctor carried him into the room again to change him. It was no more worse than any other dirty diaper than the doctor had changed before, he was more than a little used to it by then. Almost as soon as Joseph was into a nice clean thick diaper, the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of the friend.

“You just go ahead and wait right here Joseph, and I will be back with someone who I think can get you some extra help.” Joseph just nodded, and the doctor took off.

“Good morning Damon, it is good to see you again.” Dr. Chalmers greeted his old friend.

“And good morning to you Charles, it is good to see you as well. So who is it that I will be helping today?”

“Joseph, he is waiting for us in the exam room, and he is all set. As per usual though, please do not say as to what it is that you are fitting him for, because I wish to keep that a surprise. Although this boy is curious, he has not even asked what the surprise is, because it was so deeply ingrained into him to never question anyone, that he has a hard time still.”

“That really is too bad. I am sure that you and your wonderful school will be able to help him out a great deal there.”

“That we will, and he is already very accustomed to sexual relations, and craves it. Will you have time to stay and play for a little bit today?”

“No, unfortunately I have to get back home, I left my new little boy at home by himself to come here, so I should not be gone from him for too long, he still gets very lonely.”

“That is right, I remember you telling me that you found a boy on the street, and brought him home with you to raise. He was seven correct?”

“Yes, he is, closer to eight, but he is the most loving little guy. I am unable to penetrate him yet, but he sure does enjoy my fingers inside him, and he too craves the attention.”

“And have you got him in diapers, I know how you like your boys in diapers?”

“Of course I do. At first he was a little hesitant about it, but he sure does like them now, and he has only been with me a month now.”

“I figured as much. Well, let us go and see if you can help out Joseph, but he will need the full works.”

“Yes, of course, there is work to be done, so why are we standing here chatting, when there is a beautiful boy to help out!” With that they both headed to the exam room.

“Joseph, with me I have Damon, and he is going to do some work on you to fit you for some special equipment. Nothing that he will do will be uncomfortable, but sometimes his tools are cold.”

“Okay Doctor. Hello Sir, how are you today?”

“I am fine Joseph, you are much more beautiful than the good doctor said that you were, it is nice to meet you.”

“Thank you Sir.” Joseph blushed, certainly not used to compliments, not even from the doctor yet.

“You are most certainly welcome. Now, like Dr. Chalmers told you, I will do nothing to hurt you, and I will try and make sure that any of my things are nice and warm for you. You just tell me at any time if you are uncomfortable, and I will see what I can do to help out.”

“Okay Sir, thank you.”

As soon as that was said, Damon got started on all the measurements that he would need. He had three different drawings of the human body, drawn from different angles, and with every measurement he took, he filled out the correct place on his pictures, so that he would be able to remember everything better later on. He was very precise in every one of his measurements, but he was even more so on the boys legs, because here he had to be exact, or it would be very difficult for Joseph to relearn how to walk. He knew that once he got used to it, it would not be such a big deal, and further prosthetics that he would make for the boy, while he grew, would actually be a little too big, but the first had to be perfect.

“And there we go, all done.”

“That was easy Sir, I thought that it would have been harder than that.”

“Today was only measuring, so that I could make the items for you that you need, but when I come back, it will be a little trickier, but still not hard.”

“Oh, okay Sir, thanks.”

“And when do you figure that you will be back Damon?” Dr. Chalmers asked.

“I should be back sometime late tomorrow evening. Nothing here will be that difficult, it is pretty much just standard stuff that I have to modify very little. The leg will be the hardest part, but even that will only take me a couple hours to do tonight. I will of course need to take the shoe with me, and I will even try and stain it close to Joseph's skin tone.” Damon said vaguely, but Dr. Chalmers of course understood it all. Joseph just ignored it, knowing what they were doing.

“That would be nice. If you can manage it, why not bring your little boy with you around dinner time, we can all have a nice meal together, and then maybe the boys can play for a bit.”

“That sounds very nice, and maybe I will do that. I have already started showing Charlie my trade, so this would be good for him.”

“Then why did you not bring him today?”

“Because he was not feeling terribly well this morning, so I gave him a good cleaning and some medicine, I think that he will be just fine.”

“Well, even if he is not then, bring him with you, and I will give him a checkup just to be sure.”

“He has not had one since I found him, so maybe you could do that anyways, while I am working with Joseph, we can just share the same room.”

“That sounds good to me.”

“Well, I should be heading out now, but I will see you later tomorrow afternoon then.”

“Thank you Damon, we will see you then.”

“Thank you as well, bye Joseph.”

“Bye Sir.” Joseph said. He had followed the entire conversation, but was absolutely in the dark as to what they were talking about, but he knew that he couldn't ask, because he knew what the answer would be.

For the rest of the day the two of them just sat back and relaxed, listened to the radio, and talked a lot. Almost as soon as Damon had left, the doctor went and made them lunch, and they sat down to eat. They had dinner, and then went back to listening to the radio, Joseph cuddled into the doctor, and he was just lightly stroking the boys smooth skin, both enjoyed it a great deal. Not long after dinner though, they headed to bed.