Chapter 4

The next morning Dr. Chalmers once again drained even more fluid from Joseph's eyes, and he said that there had been a bit more of a difference, but he was still unable to truly describe what it was, that he was actually able to see moving blobs now, but the doctor was able to figure it out from how well Joseph described what it was he was sensing. When he went to check the newest samples, Dr. Chalmers was happy to see that yet again there was a marked improvement over the past few days, but it was still pretty bad. He was also happy to see that the cloudiness was not returning, but he was thinking that he was going to leave Joseph's eyes as is for a few days and then redo it again, just to make sure it was not going to go back to the way it was.

For most of the day the two of them just sat around talking and listening to the radio. Dr. Chalmers did teach Joseph a little bit about how to start reading braille, just in case he would still need it, and that filled up a good portion of their day. They had a good time, and even though Joseph more than once offered to pleasure the doctor, he was told to wait. Dr. Chalmers finally got up to get dinner started, so that it would be ready for their guests when they arrived, but they arrived a little before the meal was ready. Damon and his new little charge were let in, and shown to the lounge, where Joseph was sitting, waiting for them.

“Thank you gentlemen for coming this evening. My name is Dr. Chalmers young man, what is yours?” Dr. Chalmers asked the young boy with Damon, sticking his hand out to shake. The little boy tentatively suck his hand out and took it.

In a weak voice that wavered, the little boy said, “My name is Charlie.”

“It is nice to meet you Charlie, but please, do not be nervous or scared around me, I can assure you that I am the last person on this planet that would hurt you. Sitting right over there is Joseph, and he has had a hard time of it as well, you two are a lot alike in many ways. Why not go and join him, I assure you that he only bites playfully, and us boring old adults will go to the kitchen.” Dr. Chalmers said softly, kindly, and with a bit of a laugh at the joke.

“Thank you Sir.” Charlie said, still a little weakly, but he had a nice smile from the joke.

As soon as the adults were gone from the room, Charlie went and sat down on the sofa, at the opposite end, joining Joseph. Neither boy said anything for a while, Joseph was trying to let Charlie get his confidence, and Charlie was just too afraid. Finally Joseph felt that he had better start it, or they would never talk.

“Hi Charlie, you are allowed to talk, you know that right?”

“I guess so.”

“Well, that is a start at least. So, you are eight years old right?”

“Yes, hows about you?”

“Me, I am twelve years old now. So, what happened to you then, I only heard that you were found on the street?”

“I'd not like to say.”

“You need to work on your speech, you speak rather poorly, but I suppose that you will learn. My mother was very hard on me, she hated me very much, but she taught me how to speak proper English, none of that nonsense that she said that other people spoke. My mom and I were in a bad car accident, she died, thankfully, and I lost my leg and my insides were also really damaged.”

“I don't speak badly.” Charlie tried to defend himself.

“Actually, that entire sentence was wrong, but I do not care, you will learn that in school I am sure.”

“Oh, okay then, I guess. So why did your mother hate you?”

“I do not really know why she hated me so much, she just did. She used to hit me all the time, burn me with her lit cigarettes, and all sorts of other horrible things. Damon said that he found you on the street, how come you were out on the street?”

“Because living on my own behind the restaurant was way better n my mommy and daddy hitting me and yelling at me all the time.” Charlie said, tears almost threatening to fall.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I was blind though, and even though I knew how to walk, I had no idea how to get around, so as much as I wanted to escape my mother, I had no way of doing so. I so often prayed that she would just accidentally kill me, or probably it would have been on purpose, but she did not, she knew just how much to hit or burn me to make me scream, but she never got close to killing me.”

“And here I thought I'd had it bad, at least I's able to escape.”

“Yeah, my mom always used to tell me, 'Just be thankful, it could always be worse.' I have no idea how she figured that one out, if it had have been worse, I would have died, and that would have been better for me, at least then. I am very happy here now though, Dr. Chalmers is really nice.”

“Yeah same for me, Damon is super nice to me, even though he wanted me to wear diapers.”

“But you like them now, same as I do, because they are really nice to wear.” Joseph smiled.

“Yeah, I do, they're really comfortable.”

“So, what is it that you and Damon brought for me anyways?” Joseph asked curiously.

“I was told that I wasn't allowed to tell you that, sorry.”

“I kind of figured you would have been told something like that.” Joseph grinned, Charlie smiled back.

“Yeah. So, what is it like to be blind?”

“I do not know, what is it like to see?”

“Oh, it's really neato, you can see so many nifty things.” Charlie said excitedly, and then realized just what it was that he was saying. “Oh, I'm sorry, that was mean of me to say.”

“No, that is okay, you meant nothing by it, and Dr. Chalmers is working on trying to get me to see again, and I can even see some things move now, and I can see light, whereas I had never seen either one before. I still cannot actually see anything yet, but maybe the doctor will be able to help me out. He says that I should not get my hopes up, because he may not be able to fix my eyes, but I think he will.”

“Wow, that's neato for sure, I hope he does.”

“When you close your eyes, everything just sort of goes blank, right?”

“Yes, why?” Charlie asked curiously.

“Well, I was thinking, blindness would be just like closing your eyes, so just close your eyes for a while, and you will know what it is like to be blind.”

“I never thought of that before. I could tie a rag around my eyes, so that I couldn't see at all, and then I would be blind.”

“I am not sure what a rag is, but if it covers your eyes, then yes, it would be the same. So, you enjoy playing sexy games with Damon as well, and you like his finger up your bum?” Joseph asked.

“Yes, you like it too?”

“Oh yes, very much so, it feels so incredible, especially when someones penis is inside my bum, that feels even better yet.”

“Damon says that I still have to stretch out a bit before he can put his dick up my bum, but I can't wait until he does, because he says it'll feel ace.”

“I do not know what ace means, but it will probably feel even better than that. I know that I cannot put into words how it feels, it just feels very nice.”

“Then I really can't wait now. Could I feel your dick please?”

“I would like that very much, but I believe that Dr. Chalmers and Damon have other plans after dinner, so why not wait until then, okay.” Joseph grinned. He wanted nothing more than that right now as well, but he felt that the doctor would be upset if they started playing without them.

For the next half an hour the two boys just talked more and got to know each other a lot more, telling each other a lot more about their pasts, and enjoying being able to talk to another boy that understood where exactly it was that they were coming from. Of course Joseph was the worse off of the two, but he certainly never let that show.

As soon as the adults made it to the kitchen, Dr. Chalmers started right in. “You never told me how simply stunning he was. He is almost as gorgeous as Joseph is, and that is a hard thing to beat. Even my son was not so beautiful as he is, and I had thought that the was beautiful, he still is really.”

“I knew that if I told you that, that I would have to bring him right away.” Damon grinned.

“Too true. The boys will be good for each other, to meet with another boy who knows where the other has come from. Joseph will get plenty of that once he has started school, but what about Charlie?”

“I have not decided just where to send him to school yet, or if I will. I have been thinking of just teaching him at home, so that he can learn my trade as well, and he will probably do better that way.”

“That may not be such a bad idea, especially with how thick you like his diapers, but children need to play with other children as well.”

“Yes, I am aware of that, and I have a few ideas in that regard as well.”

“Why not just send him to school here?”

“I do not believe that I would be able to let him go now, he has gotten very attached to my heart, and I cannot bear the thought of losing him. I am aware that I could come and see him on weekends, what little of a weekend you have, and I could bring him home for holidays and whatnot, but I would miss waking up next to his beautiful face every morning.”

“Yes, I know how you feel, and I do not blame you any. I knew that that would be your answer, but I had to offer. There are a few ex students who now have boys of their own, you probably know most of them, and I can only assume that that probably played into your ideas as well.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, that is almost exactly what I was thinking of. A few of us guys from school, that still live close enough to each other, get together every so often, and now that I have a boy as well, maybe their boys can come and play with mine sometimes. Most of them are being home schooled anyways, so it is good for all of them.”

“Yes, I remember how you and your fellow classmates all loved to be nice and thickly diapered, and I can imagine that all their boys are as well. I have not had the pleasure of meeting all of them yet, but I have a couple, and enjoyed the meetings as well.”

“Yes, I enjoyed the meetings with a couple of them as well. Have I shown you my new leg yet, I am testing out some new metals, seeing how they stand up to the stresses, and so far I am pleased?”

“No, you have not, you had not told me anything about that before, go ahead and show me.”

Damon quickly dropped his pants and showed off his newest leg prosthesis to the doctor. Damon's leg was cut off just below his thigh, and his metal leg had a nice pivot joint in it that seemed to move nicely as he showed it off. There were cables running to a few different places, and Damon explained how that all worked, much like the ones he had always had before, just newer materials.

“That looks a lot nicer than the wooden ones, and it is standing up well you said?”

“Yes, and it is a lot more comfortable to wear as well, not quite so burdensome. It took me a long time to figure out how to cable this one though, because it just works differently than the wooden ones do, but I finally figured it out. I have written a paper for the medical journals on this, and it has been well received. My case studies have gone well as well. I almost made Joseph's out of the same material, but right now I felt that the wood would be better, because with how much he will grow, that will be far less expensive in the long run.”

“You know that cost is of no concern to me.”

“Yes, I know, but if we can save you a few dollars here and there, it will allow you to help out even more needy boys, just like me and Joseph. I have started experimenting on a leg prosthesis though that has an expandable section, so that as a child grows, it can essentially grow with them, and as soon as I perfect that, Joseph will get one. So far I have had no luck in finding a locking system that does not need to be tightened every day, or that keeps tight enough while walking. I tried one on myself, and after about half a mile, I had to stop and readjust it again. It was rather annoying.”

“While that is a good point, you know just as well as I do, that I have more than enough money to keep this school running for about fifty or sixty years more, before I came close to running out. I like the idea of the expandable prosthesis though, that would make it far easier on children, that way they can just adjust as they grow. How about the leg cup though, those are usually pretty tricky to fit?”

“Another idea of mine, and you did not even notice it on mine, but it is leather, as usual, and it is expandable. I have also added a few extra features for comfort, and I am happy with them.”

“That is a very good idea, that way a child could easily have only one, or maybe even two all throughout their growth phase, therefore it would be easier on the families of amputees to pay for them.”

“My thoughts exactly. My services do not come cheap, but I make a quality product, yet I do not wish to make it impossible, for those who truly need a leg to stand on, to get what they need.” Damon chuckled at his joke, the doctor just shook his head.

“That was pretty bad Damon, even for you. You always were a horrible joker. If there is ever a boy who truly needs help, and his parents are unable to provide it, you make sure and get that boy what he needs and send me the bill.”

“There will be no need for that, I always work with those families when needed, and try to come to some sort of arrangement. How do you think I had that helper for nearly a year, that thirteen year old boy, he helped all the time in the shop, trying to pay off some of his arm cost, and his parents also paid what they could. I figure in a monetary sense I lost money on that one, but that boy was incredible in bed, and there can be no price tag for that. He was only too happy with that arrangement as well.”

“Yes, I bet he was, and he too was another real nice looker, a little more plain, but nice. He will grow into a fine man, but I never felt that he was homosexual, so I think that he will end up married.”

“Yes, he said as much as well, that he did not feel that he was, but that it felt really good none the less, but that he wanted a wife and children. I was saddened when I found that his family had to move away, but his father was getting a much better job, so hopefully they were able to get the boy his new arm prosthesis when they were supposed to.”

“All we can do is hope I guess. I wonder if the boys have gotten each other naked yet?” Dr. Chalmers chuckled.

“Probably, would be a nice sight to walk in on, and I cannot wait until later, that is for sure.” Damon grinned.

Between the two of them they finished making dinner, while they continued to talk about the fun that they would have that night, but only after the work was done. When Damon went to collect the boys for dinner, he was almost disappointed to find them both still clothed and sitting facing each other and talking happily. He noticed that Charlie had his eyes closed as they talked, and he could only assume that it was because he wanted to know what Joseph felt like, and he was right. The two boys had sat and faced each other, and Joseph felt Charlie's face, to get a feel for him, and then Charlie did the same back, hence the reason they were facing each other, and they just never bothered to move. When Damon called the boys, he actually startled them enough for them both to let out a little bit of a yelp, and for both of them to let a nice hot stream of pee into their already wet diapers.

“Sorry to scare you boys, but dinner is ready.” Damon chuckled. He had never been able to sneak up on a blind person before, they were generally so aware of sounds that no one could sneak up on them. Charlie he was not surprised by startling, that boy did not pay attention at the best of times, but if he was already concentrating on something else, then there was no hope.

“It is not a problem Sir, we were just concentrating too much on each other to have heard you coming, but I am not used to anyone being able to sneak up on me, only the doctor has been able to do it.” Joseph said simply.

“Yes, I could tell. Let me get you into your wheelchair then, so that we can go and eat dinner.”

“Thank you Sir, that would be appreciated.”

Joseph was situated in his chair with ease, and then Charlie wheeled him into the dining room, where they all took a spot. They all sat there and ate, talking as they enjoyed their meal. As soon as the food was finished, the three people that were able to do so, quickly got up and made quick work of the cleanup.

“Okay, now that that is all done, let us get down to the business at hand. If you would all follow me to the medical room, we can get started.” Dr. Chalmers said.

They all headed into the office, and they got started. Dr. Chalmers took Charlie and slowly and gently stripped the cute little boy of all his clothes, and then set him up on the table. He did a thorough head to toe medical examination, and then drew blood and had Charlie pee into a cup. Once Charlie was all done with, he just sat on the table, still naked and hard, and watched his savior help Joseph out.

“Now Joseph, I am sure that you are curious to know what exactly it was that I made for you, and what I brought for you, so now I will tell you. I brought a proper wheelchair, that will fit your body better, so that you can more easily get around. That will only be used when you are tired though, because I have something even better for you.”

“I do not follow Sir, what could be better than a chair that is made for me.” Joseph asked in confusion.

“Well, you know how your leg is missing, right?”

“Well, yeah, how could I miss that, that is the reason that I have to use a wheelchair.”

“Maybe not. I would like you to reach down and feel my left leg please, and do not be afraid if you accidentally touch me in other places, it will not shock me.” Damon grinned.

Joseph felt for Damon and then worked his way down, until he found what it was that he was supposed to be feeling for. At first he had no idea what exactly it was that he was feeling, and then he started to understand. He could clearly feel that the mans leg was also not completely whole, in fact, his was even shorter that Joseph's was, but then he felt the leg cup adapter, he felt the straps holding it on, he felt the cold metal of the false leg, and he felt the cables that allowed the man to walk. He looked up in puzzlement, and tried to say something a couple times, but it just came out as nothing.

“What is it? Is that what you are trying to ask?” Damon asked after a moment.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Well, just like you have some of your leg missing, so do I, so because I do not have a proper leg, I made my own.”

“But how Sir?”

“After I left Dr. Chalmers school, I went to school to learn everything that there was to know about prosthetic limbs, that is the name for the fake leg by the way, but it can also be arms. I have done a lot of research in the area of prosthetics, and my ideas have been widely accepted as the best, but we are not here to talk about me. We are here to get you up and walking again, like normal boy.” Damon smiled warmly.

“But how Sir, I am blind, I cannot walk, or I will damage things?”

“Yes, but that is why I have a third item for you, and it is nice and simple.”

“What is it Sir?”

“It is a cane, a special type of one that blind people use to sort of feel in front of them as they walk, so that they do not bump into things. It will take some getting used to, as will your new leg, but once you are used to it, I assure you that you would be able to outrun me.”

“Really Sir, you are not joking with me are you? That would be very cruel.”

“No, I would never do something like that, I could never be that cruel.”

“Oh, it is just that, well my mother used to say stuff like that to me all the time, and then when I finally got my hopes up, she would tease me for being gullible, and I would usually get punished as well for thinking that I deserved anything like what a normal person would get.” Joseph said, a tear leaking out his eye, but the look on Damon's face was murder.

“I swear to you Joseph, if your mother were not dead, I would kill her for what you just told me. That is the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever heard.”

“I think that yo would have to knock the doctor out of your way Sir, he has said the same thing.” Joseph grinned.

“I think that he would gladly share that happy chore with me, if we had the chance. Now, the first thing that we need to do is get you all suited up in your new leg brace and leg. I am going to teach you exactly how to put this on, how to adjust it so that it is comfortable, how to attach the leg to it, everything. Once we have done that, then we get you up and walking again. Because you have been very stationary for a long time now, it may take a lot of work for your muscles to get used to it again, but we need not be worried about how long it takes, just that you try your hardest, and do not get frustrated, it only makes it worse, trust me.”

“Thank you very much Sir, this is most generous of you.”

“You are very welcome Joseph, and you deserve it. Trust me, I know all too well how you are feeling right now. It was not until Dr. Chalmers found me that I was able to get my first leg and got started on walking.”

“If I may ask Sir, how did you lose your leg?”

“I was a young and foolish boy of eight years old, and thought I could out run a train and cross the tracks before it got there. I was late getting home, and my butt was going to be beaten raw if I was late, so I tried to cross the tracks, but I was too late. I do not even remember the next three months after that. I learned after the fact that my parents told the doctors that they should have let me die, and they never even came to see me. I was so crushed when the nurse told me that, but it did not really surprise me all that much. My parents, much like all the boys at the school, were not what you would call nice, I would barely even call them human. They would have rather me died, than lived with an amputated and mutilated leg, because to them I was no longer a person, they told the nurses that. Can you imagine how harsh that was for me to hear, actually, I know you can, and that is sad.”

“I am sorry to hear that, but sadly yes, I do know how harsh it was to hear, because I heard it from my mother every day. How did the doctor find you then?”

“One of the doctors there knew Dr. Chalmers, and called him and told him all about me, and what my parents had done. It was apparently a very long drive for him to come and get me, but he did. I slept almost the entire way here.”

“I will certainly have to remember not to try and out run a train, but truth be told, I have no idea what one looks like, and I doubt that I will be running any time soon.” Joseph grinned.

“At least you managed to have a sense of humor, but you may find yourself running sooner than you think, even blind it is not that difficult, but I suggest you have a buddy with you at all times if you plan to run, because it is dangerous. There, I have the leg cup all attached and fitted just for you, how does it feel?”

“I do not know, it feels strange, but not unpleasant. It does not feel too tight, or too loose, so I guess that it is okay.” Joseph said, not really knowing how it was supposed to fit.

“That is perfect, that is exactly how it is supposed to feel. So now all I have to do is teach you how to take it on and off, and then I will teach you how to adjust it all.”

For the next half an hour he did just that, and then taught Joseph how to attach and detach the leg portion. Joseph was a very quick study, and before too long, he had it all down, and was able to remove and reattach all pieces with blind ease.

“Very good, if you can learn how to walk again as fast as you did that, then you will be in excellent shape.” Damon smiled.

“Thank you Sir.”

“Okay, now to get you standing up again. Now, remember that you are going to be pretty weak in the legs, that is to be expected. I will be here at all times to help you out and keep you steady, and at first we are just going to try and get you standing on your own. You make certain to tell me at any time if you feel tired and need a break, because I do not want for you to collapse on me.”

“Okay Sir, that sounds good.”

Damon got Joseph up and standing on his own two feet again for the first time in a long time, and at first Joseph was very unsteady, as well his muscles all protested, but he told them to shut up and cooperate. He took many little breaks, but within about half an hour, he was able to stand on his own.

“Okay, for tonight I think that that is enough, you are getting tired and shaky, and that is no good. Now to teach you how to use your wheelchair and cane.”

For this task Charlie and Dr. Chalmers got to come and help, and by the end of an hour, Joseph was happily zooming around, using his cane just as he was supposed to, he even went for a tour around the house, not knocking anything over. He did misjudge a door frame though and scraped his knuckles as he passed through, but he barely even felt it.

“Wow Sir, that feels great, thank you so much. I have never been able to just move around wherever I wanted to before, I like it.” Joseph beamed out a smile that nearly outshone the fading sun.

“And that smile is so much more thanks and payment than I could ever hope to have. You are very welcome, and I am glad that I was able to help you out some. The next couple weeks are going to be tough on you as you retrain your muscles, but you will be just fine, and before you know it, you will be almost back to normal again, or at least as close to it as we can hope to get you.” Damon smiled warmly.

“Now, I know that both boys are probably getting more than a little ready for some playtime, so let us head up to our bedroom and have some fun.” Dr. Chalmers called out, and this was greeted by happy cheers from both boys.

“Okay, my penis has been hard for more than an hour, I am getting very sore.” Joseph grinned.

“I do not doubt that my gorgeous little boy.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, patting the boy on the head.

Joseph was picked up, after removing his new leg, and carried upstairs to the large master bedroom, and laid on the bed. The others all followed as well, and they sat on the bed. Charlie was already naked, and of course still hard, Joseph was in only his diaper and socks, and the adults were both fully clothed. That little problem though was quickly remedied, as was the fact that Joseph was diapered.

“Charlie, I know how much you have wanted a penis inside your little bum, so would you like for Joseph to be your first? I am certain that he would like it, and he is not so big that he will hurt you.” Damon asked happily.

“Oh would you Joseph, I'd like that very much?” Charlie asked brightly.

“Of course I would do that for you Charlie, it will feel very good to the both of us. However, if I make love to you, you have to promise to make love to me as well.”

“Really, you'd let me do you as well?”

“Of course, it feels just as good to me as well remember.” Joseph smiled.

“You boys go ahead and have your fun, we will just be over on the sofa watching and enjoying the show.”

“Won't you join us?” Charlie asked, almost shocked.

“No, not this time. We will give each other a hand I am sure, but to watch the two of you together make tender love will be very enjoyable to us.” Damon smiled warmly, and Dr. Chalmers nodded as well.

“Okay.” Both boys said at the same time.

Charlie went and laid down in the center of the bed, and Joseph crawled up to where he felt Charlie laying, and starting at his feet, just tenderly stroked and kissed his way upwards. He was feeling every bump and curve of the younger boys body, and sensually touching and kissing him with his lips everywhere his hands went. Charlie was moaning lowly from the feelings that he was getting from the older boy, he was enjoying it so much. So far Damon had never done anything quite like this, although he too was very loving. Joseph of course was doing this to make the boy feel very good, but also to learn what the boy looked like all over.

Much to Charlie's chagrin, Joseph skipped right past his fun bits, and went right to his stomach, and continued working his way up. Charlie seemed especially receptive to the kissing and feeling of his neck that Joseph was doing once he got there, and he was moaning and groaning even more. Joseph even went in and kissed the younger boy very deeply, very tenderly, almost shocking the young boy, he had not been expecting that. He liked kissing Damon, and they kissed very passionately, but it was nothing compared to the kiss of Joseph.

All of a sudden Charlie found himself flipped over onto his front, his back side now being presented, and Joseph took advantage of that, so worked his way down this time. Once again Joseph skipped the best part, and worked his way down Charlie's legs. Charlie groaned deeply in frustration, while grinding his very hard young erection into the mattress.

Once again Charlie found himself flipped over, and then his legs pushed and bent. Charlie took the hint and grabbed his knees and held them up and open, to give Joseph all the access that he would need. Starting at the very bottom, Joseph buried his face into the moist crack of Charlie's very nice little bum, and began licking and probing the tiny opening there. Once Charlie was well prepared, Joseph having buried both his tongue and one of his fingers inside, Joseph removed his tongue, and inserted another two fingers. Charlie grunted a little from the insertion, but made no other sounds of discomfort.

Joseph started working his fingers in and out gently, as his mouth found the tight little pouch that held the immature little nuggets inside, and he started sucking on Charlie's balls. As one hand was working Charlie's virgin hole, and his mouth was sucking his balls, Joseph's other hand snaked its way towards the final target, and latched on and started stroking the young boys erection. Charlie was bucking and vibrating so much from the triple assault, that at times he was nearly folding himself in half.

All of a sudden Joseph felt Charlie start to go into his orgasm, so quickly switched his one hand and mouth, so that he was sucking Charlie's erection and fingering the little sack. This proved to be far too much for Charlie though, and the orgasm that he had been trying to fight off, all of a sudden exploded out of the young boy in such a ferocious manner, that he passed out.

“Wow, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life, and you said that he had had next to no experience when you found him?” Damon whispered, while wiping off the load that was splattered on his face.

“Yeah, he had almost no experience, only in receiving, and I have really shown him very little either, he just seems to know exactly what feels good, and he does it, and he does it very well I might add. Somehow I think that Charlie will agree.” Dr. Chalmers whispered and grinned back, also wiping off the load that had splattered all over him.

“Yeah, the poor boy will never want to come back to me, now that he has experienced Joseph. I have a feeling that there are a good many boys that are going to be in for some serious fun once he hits the school.”

“I have to agree. That boy is one incredible natural love maker, and I cannot wait until we get him even more knowledge, because he will be insatiable, I can bet on it. Oh look, Charlie is waking back up.”

“How was that?” Joseph whispered a few minutes later when he noticed Charlie come back awake. He still had Charlie's soft penis in his mouth, and his fingers up his little bum, he was just very tenderly stroking the boy, but not enough to make him hard again.

“That was the most incredible thing that I've ever felt.” Charlie whispered back with the biggest smile ever, and love pouring out of him from every pore.

“I am glad that you liked it. Would you like me to put my penis inside you now?”

“Oh yes please, please make love to me!”

Joseph just smiled and nodded, and felt around for the lube that he knew was there somewhere, and as soon as he found it, he lubed his erection and Charlie's passage way, and then crawled up the young boys body. As their tongues intertwined again, Joseph was slipping inside the young boy. There was no pain whatsoever, there were only incredible feelings. Joseph had relaxed him so much that he knew without a doubt that either of the adults could have slipped in with no problem at all. Joseph buried himself right to the hilt, slipping in all the way in one long slow push, and then stopped.

“Oh, I never knew.” Charlie sighed.

“Feels nice, does it not?”

“Oh, it's just like you said, this feels way better n I can describe.” Charlie sighed again.

“Then you are really going to love this.” Joseph smiled, and then started a slow deep motion.

Joseph pulled almost all the way out, and then pushed all the way back in. He was going painfully slow, he wanted this to last as long as possible, he was in no hurry at all. He had already had one orgasm, at almost the exact same time as Charlie had earlier, so he knew that he would be able to go for a little while now. All the way out, then all the way back in, oh so very slow, oh so very sensual. As they made love, so did their tongues, they were kissing as only lovers could, and given enough time, the two of them could very easily fall in love, but Charlie was already falling in love with the older gorgeous boy.

For nearly twenty minutes Joseph was able to hold out, Charlie, on the other hand, only lasted ten minutes for his second orgasm to hit, but Joseph just rode right through it, gritting his teeth, urging himself to not let go and cum. The second time that Charlie came though, was too much for Joseph to overcome this time, and they came together, almost at the same time. As soon as the twin orgasms faded away, both boys collapsed. Charlie did not pass out this time though, but he was well worn.

“Wowee, that was incredible.” Charlie sighed out, still panting a bit.

“Yes, it was, but now it is your turn to make love to me. Just take your time and enjoy what you are doing, just like what I did for you.” Joseph whispered right into Charlie's ear, and then gave it a lick and a kiss.

“Okay.” Charlie moaned. “Hey, can we get a blindfold, so that I can go only by feel too, just like you did?”

“Wow, that was the most incredible love making I have ever witnessed, and I have seen a lot. That boy has a lot of love in him.” Damon whispered again, so as not to disturb the boys.

“That he does, and yes it was.” Dr. Chalmers whispered back, the both of them having to wipe off yet another load themselves.

“Sorry, what was that you asked Charlie?” Damon asked, because he had heard a question, but not quite what.

“Can I get a blindfold please, so that I can go by feel only like Joseph did?”

“Sure, I am sure that I have something around here that will be suitable.” Dr. Chalmers said. This was one of the many things that the kids in the school were taught, so he usually had blindfolds around, they were not normally in the house, but he thought he had one stashed away in his sock drawer. As luck would have it, he did, so he took it and tied it securely around Charlie's head.

“Thank you Sir.” Charlie smiled, and then got to work on Joseph's quivering body.

Starting out the same way that Joseph had, Charlie went right to Joseph's feet, and worked his way upwards, licking, kissing, stroking lightly, he did it all, and Joseph appreciated it just as much. Charlie also skipped past Joseph's groin and continued his way upwards, until they were kissing once again.

Charlie broke the kiss and tried to roll the bigger boy over, but could not, so Joseph did the work for him, and rolled over onto his stomach. Starting from Joseph's neck, same as had been done to him, he worked his way down, once again doing exactly what had made him feel so good. When Charlie made it down to Joseph's feet, and paid special attention there, there is where he changed things up a bit. He almost literally dove into Joseph's moist crack, prying apart the soft curvaceous cheeks with his hands, and burying his face deep inside. Joseph had of course been moaning before, how could he not have been, but Charlie's talented little tongue was driving him nuts.

Charlie pulled out after a few minutes, and urged Joseph to roll over again, and when he did, he automatically grabbed his legs and held them up and out, presenting himself fully for what he knew was going to happen, and what he desperately wanted to happen. Charlie wasted no time whatsoever in taking the invitation, and once again buried his face in the crack. His hands though were not idle this time, one went to Joseph's pulsing young erection, while the other headed towards his balls. Together, his two hands and his mouth, Charlie was bringing Joseph great pleasure, and he was enjoying it as well.

Before too long though, his tongue and jaw were starting to ache from the awkward position that he was holding, so had to force himself to move. He did not move far though, he only sucked in the tasty young balls that had been bumping his nose, while the hand that had had that task, went down and slipped inside two fingers with ease. The sigh that Joseph let out then was the loudest one yet, and it was a cross between a sigh, and a moan of intense pleasure. Charlie was using maximum suction on Joseph's poor sack, to the point where it actually was starting to hurt, but it was such a good hurt, that he could not, nor did not want to say stop. It was driving him even closer to the orgasm that was once again building up. All the while though, Charlie was working first his two fingers in and out slowly, but before too long he realized that Joseph was almost too loose, so added two more of his fingers to the mix, and really started fingering his friend. His other hand was not idle either, and it was very slowly stroking Joseph's young proud prong.

The combination of all the exquisite sensations flowing through his body, caused Joseph to explode into an orgasm long before he really wanted to, but it felt so very good. He did not pass out, but his breathing sure was ragged.

Charlie, without really waiting any at all, just climbed up Joseph's body, laid their lips together for another kiss, and urged his small erection past the nice loose entrance, and buried himself inside the velvety soft, hot tunnel, and began humping with wild abandon. He had no control, he had no staying power, he was ramming in and out rather quickly, and within barely a minute, Charlie had his first orgasm inside Joseph. He did not stop though, he gritted his teeth, squealed a bit, and continued right on going.

Joseph had not had an orgasm that time, Charlie was just going too fast, but he had had a feeling as to why that was. He had felt that Charlie had been getting close when he had had his, so he wanted to release. He did cup Charlie's firm little bum cheeks in his hands and physically force him to slow down, to take his time, so that they would enjoy it even more. Charlie took the hint, and while Joseph did not move his hands, he liked them there, the little bum felt so nice, he was no longer controlling the pace.

With as many orgasms as the two of them had had so far, it was no real surprise that they both ended up being able to last a long time. It took nearly fifteen minutes of a nice gentle lovemaking pace for them to both cum again. It was Joseph that set it off, and when his anal muscles started contracting, squeezing the small intruder, it set Charlie off as well, and they both came within only a few seconds of each other. With a deep sigh, they both collapsed down, both knowing that that was the end, both knowing that they could not continue, at least not for another ten minutes.

“Thank you very much Charlie, that was wonderful.” Joseph sighed out a few moments later.

“And thank you, you were great too. It's very nice being able to do that without being able to see anything, I had to depend only on my hands, and it made it really great. You're the best.” Charlie smiled brightly, and then leaned in for another deep loving kiss.

“You are not so bad yourself, you know that right? If we get a chance to do this again, I would really love to make love to you again.”

“I'd really like that too.”

“Wow, those boys are both incredibly hot together.” Damon sighed out after his final orgasm of the night faded.

“Yes, they are. I cannot wait to get Joseph into sexual training class, and really get some more knowledge into him, he will be an even more incredible lover once he knows all there is to know about pleasure.”

“Yes, and I would love to get Charlie into a class or two with the boys, maybe we could arrange something some day. For tonight though, I really should be heading out, it is getting quite late, and it is an hour drive home.”

“Yes, and we should be retiring for the evening as well. As for your bringing Charlie for some of the sexual training classes, I see that as being no problem whatsoever. Just call when you are ready to bring him, and we will keep him for a week. I am sure that Joseph will have no problem sharing his bed for a week, not like more than a few boys do not share, and I often wonder why we even have two beds in each room.”

“Yeah, that is too true, I do not believe the second bed in my room ever got used more than a few times, and that was only when there were too many boys staying the night to fit in one bed. It would probably be good for Charlie to come here for a week or so, maybe every month or two we can arrange something like that. Actually, you know what, in about three weeks it might be the perfect time to do it, because I have to fly to New York for some big presentation, and it is scheduled for five days, so with travel time he would need some place safe to stay for a little more than a week.”

“That will work out well for everyone I am sure. Just go ahead and bring him here before you leave, and we will treat him like a sex god. He will surely not know what it him by the time he leaves.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“I am certain that by the time I get here the friction burns will be so bad that he will be wanting to leave, but then in a week he will be wanting to come back. I have to admit that the cream that you had made to treat our friction burns sure was a life saver, still use it in fact, a lot.” Damon grinned as well.

“Yes, well it got to be so popular that I had to start selling it by mail order, and it is a good thing that it is very simple to make. Well, should we get our little baby boys all diapered and ready to go?”

“Yes, I suppose we should.” Damon said, and they both got up and headed to the bed. The boys had not even noticed them coming, they were enjoying a nice tender kiss.

“That was some show that the two of you put on for us. How does your little bum feel now Charlie?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly as they arrived. The boys parted and turned to face the adults, but neither boy could see them, because Charlie still had on his blindfold.

“It feels great Doctor, way better 'n it's ever felt before, I loved having Joseph's dick inside me. Damon, I want you to put yours in me soon.” Charlie answered dreamily.

“We will have to work on that Charlie, but it will be soon, I promise you. Now, we have to get ready to go, it is getting late already, and we need to get home. I brought you some pajamas to wear for on the way home, so that you will not get cold.”

“Okay.” Charlie said brightly.

The two adults started working to heavily diaper the two little boys, both adding a number of layers, and lots of pins. There were certainly more diapers there than were needed, but that was how everyone liked them. Joseph was just left in his diapers and rubber panties, because that was how he slept, but Charlie was put into a pair of cute pale blue footed sleepers. Damon removed the blindfold from the boy, and when he opened his eyes, he blinked a number of times to get used to the light again.

“So, how was it going blind for lovemaking?” Damon asked.

“It was really neat, I liked it. It really makes you pay close attention with your hands and ears.” Charlie smiled.

“Yes, and that is why that is one of the many things that the boys in the school are taught, they are taught to use their other senses, so that they can truly enjoy things.” Dr. Chalmers said.

“Neat, can you teach me that too Damon, I know you went to this school?”

“Yes I can, and I would have been soon too. Well you guys, thank you for the lovely evening, you have a good night, and make sure to contact me if you need anything else.” Damon said.

“And thank you as well, and the same goes for you too.” Dr. Chalmers added.

The boys said goodbye to each other, and then Damon and Charlie were gone. Dr. Chalmers and Joseph went and curled up on the sofa and listened to the radio for about half an hour before bed time was called, and they went up and curled up together and fell fast asleep.

Damon did in fact bring Charlie to the school, at least a few times a year, usually for a week, but once was for nearly a month, and he enjoyed it a great deal. He did stay in Joseph's room, and stayed in the other bed, although he was never alone.