Chapter 5

“Good morning Joseph, how did you sleep last night?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly when the young boy woke and stretched.

“I slept real well thanks, and you?”

“I slept well as well, thank you. You had a very good time with Charlie last night, I could tell!”

“Oh yes Sir, I did very much. He was so much fun to be with, and it felt so nice, almost as nice as when I get to make love to you.” Joseph smiled wistfully.

“I am glad that you enjoyed yourself. Soon you will get to go to school, and all of the boys there will be very excited to see you, and be with you. You are a very loving boy, very willing to learn, very willing to please, and the others will love that.”

“I cannot wait Doctor. When do I get to go to school?”

“Well, school starts officially in just under two weeks, however you will get to go and meet with the others soon. I would like to work you hard to get you walking again though, before we go, so the faster you learn, the sooner you get to go. We are not looking for perfection yet, and what I mean by that, is that I do not expect you to be able to walk so perfectly, that if someone were to not see your prosthetic, they would not even know, but that will come with practice.”

“Oh, okay then Doctor, may we get started right away then, I really want to go meet the others?” Joseph smiled.

“And I know the reason for that too. You have an insatiable appetite for sex, and you are hoping to get up there and get into as many diapers and pants as you can.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“Well, yes Sir, that is not all of it, but it will be the most fun.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, that it certainly will be. You have to remember though that your schooling can and will be very tough at times, you will be expected to learn a great deal, and be able to pass tests. It is not just endless sex and fun, you have to learn as well.” He reminded the randy little boy.

“I know Doctor, and I am almost as excited about that as well, I want to learn everything I can learn.”

“Yes, you are a thinker, I knew that from the very first moment we met, and I believe that you will go very far in this world. As for your question, as to whether or not we may get started right away, the answer is no.”

“But Doctor, you said that you wanted to teach me to walk quickly!” Joseph half pouted, half stated.

“Yes, I did, and I would remind you that pouting, as well as whining, is strictly forbidden, that was your last warning, okay.”

“I am sorry Doctor, I will remember. You did however say that you wanted to teach me to walk again as soon as possible, and I am ready now.”

“Yes, I am sure that you will remember, but you will also slip up, and you will accept your punishment when it comes with grace and style, of that I have little doubt. As for what you pointed out, you are most assuredly correct, however, I would like to get changed out of my very wet diaper and get some breakfast first, and you too have a very wet diaper that needs to be changed. Also, with the amount that your stomach is growling, I would be in deathly fear of getting too close to you until you are fed, because young boys turn feral very quickly without food. We once lost a good teacher that way, by the time we pulled the boy off of him, he was nothing more than a few bones picked clean. We should have heeded his warning that he was hungry enough to eat a horse, but it turns out a teacher satisfied his hunger.” Dr. Chalmers said with a perfectly straight face, not laughing at all.

Joseph though burst out into a fit of giggles, and kept snorting out various things that were probably not even understood by he himself. Dr. Chalmers just gave the giggling boy a kiss to the tip of his nose, climbed out of bed, got all the supplies ready, and then proceeded to change the still giggling boys diaper. Once Joseph was taken care of, he got himself all cleaned up, and then he carried Joseph to the kitchen. By the time they made it there, Joseph's giggle fit had ceased.

“You are very funny Doctor, but I can easily imagine a boy like me accidentally eating a teacher if we were too hungry.” Joseph grinned.

“Thank you kind Sir, your compliment is well received, and I too do not doubt that.” Dr. Chalmers laughed and got started on some breakfast for them both.

After eating a nice quick, healthy, and filling breakfast, Dr. Chalmers put Joseph into his chair.

“Do you remember the way to my exam room?”

“I believe so Doctor, but if I forget, just say my name, and I will follow your voice.”


Dr. Chalmers led the way there, and Joseph made the entire trip there without fail, not even bumping into anything at all along the way.

“Here you go, here is your new leg, I will let you put it on like Damon showed you yesterday, but if you need help, just ask, I am fully qualified to fit them.”

“Thank you Doctor, but I believe that I will be okay. Damon told me everything that I would need to know to do to do this, and how to adjust it as well, so I should be fine.” Joseph said, and then attached everything, and quite quickly too. Dr. Chalmers had seen people that had worn the same leg for years not do it as quickly as Joseph had just done it, and they had all been able to see exactly what they were doing.

“Very well done Joseph, you do that so well it looks as if you have years of practice doing it. Do you learn everything that you do so quickly?”

“Thank you Doctor, and I think so, but I am not certain what you mean exactly.”

“Well, how long does it take you to memorize, or remember something that someone is teaching you?”

“Normally I only have to be told once Doctor, and I remember it. My mom did punish me very badly though for not remembering things the first time she told me, so if she had to tell me something a second time, she would punish me.”

“That is impressive, and while you may believe that it was your mother that made you able to remember things so well, she was only a small factor in that, you would have to be exceptionally smart in order to remember things exactly after only hearing it once.”

“But what does that mean Doctor?” A puzzled Joseph asked.

“It means that you are very smart, that is really all it means.” Dr. Chalmers tried to say, but he could tell that Joseph still was not getting it for some reason.

“But Doctor, I am nothing but a dumb blind boy who is nothing more than a useless waste of skin.”

“Joseph, I will tell you once, and once only, saying things like that about yourself, even if that is what your horrible abomination of a mother told you, will get you bent over my knee and getting your bared bottom spanked very hard. You are absolutely nothing of the sort, you are not useless, you are so far from dumb it is almost staggering, and most importantly, you are a human being. Dumb is what we might call an animal that cannot truly think for itself, an animal that needs us to help it to live. You are nothing like that, even if that is how your mother treated you. I never want to hear you say anything like that again, can you please promise me that you will never utter such horrible things about yourself again?”

“I will try Doctor, but that is all my mother ever told me, so I think that that is just what I know.” Joseph said sadly.

“I know you will try, and we will help you along the way, and yes, that is just your mothers faulty teachings coming through. Keep only the good things that she taught you, and throw away everything else, you no longer need it. Now, we are here to get you walking, so let us get you up and walking.”

“Thank you Doctor, you will never know how much I appreciate everything that you have done and will do for me to help me out.”

“You may think that, and nearly every one of you poor boys that has passed through the doors of my school has said the same thing, but you would be wrong. The huge smiles that you give is so much more payment than I could ever hope to earn, and to see each and every one of you boys go on and make a difference in the world, well what more could a man want.”

Joseph just whispered a soft thank you, and then the two of them got to work. It took about fifteen minutes for Joseph to be able to stand perfectly on his own again, he was able to gain his balance back quite quickly, but after about half an hour of just standing there, letting himself get used to that, he got tired. They took a quick break, and then Dr. Chalmers taught Joseph how to stand up from his chair. That was a little more tricky, and Joseph fell a couple times, but other than giving a minor grunt, he said nothing. Dr. Chalmers just helped the boy up, and he tried again. He tried and tried and tried, until he got it perfectly, then there was sitting down. They had to take a further three breaks just for the standing and sitting portion of the training, but they were happy with the progress.

It was apparent to Dr. Chalmers that even though Joseph had been almost immobile since his accident, he had managed to keep his legs active enough to not have lost all the muscle in them, but he was aware of that already, because the boys legs were not skinny.

“Joseph, I just realized something, and I have a question for you.”

“What would you like to know Doctor?”

“Well, you were in an institution for a long time, and you were kept sedated most of the time that you were there, yet your leg muscles still seem to be working quite well. Normally the progress that you have made just today so far would take the average person about one to two weeks, maybe longer, depending on how bad their muscles are. So what I would like to know is, do you know why your legs are not really thin?”

“I am not sure Doctor, but I seem to remember people moving my legs often, I do not really know, because it was really a lot like a dream.”

“Hmm, for some reason they kept your muscles from atrophying while you were at the institution. I have no idea why they would have done that, normally they just put you in your room and then forget about you until you die. I hate those vile places. That is good news for us though, because it will make it easier on you.”

“I think I remember someone saying that there was no need for me to be in an institution, even though I was a blind cripple, because I was not a complete loss, or something like that.”

“No, that you were certainly not, that is for sure. In fact, you were a most excellent find, even if I do say so myself.”

Joseph was not sure what, if anything he should say to that, so just chose to say silent. Dr. Chalmers saw this and grinned. The poor boy still was having a hard time burying all that hatred his mother had ingrained into his poor young mind.

“Okay, now that you have standing, sitting, and standing from a sitting position done, we can call it a day, because you have achieved more than I had thought you would so soon.”

“I am not so tired Doctor that I cannot continue on, and if you would be willing to continue, I would like for you to continue teaching me, please?” Joseph asked hopefully.

“How did I know that you were going to say that?” Dr. Chalmers grinned, because he had foresaw that very statement. “I am good for a while longer myself, at least until lunch time at any rate, so as long as you are not tired, we can go ahead and get you started on walking.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Joseph brightly chimed out.

“Okay, now for walking, you will find your cane to be a very helpful tool, especially at first. Even though it is not very strong, and it is too long to use as an actual cane, you will find that it will allow you to keep your balance a little more. For now I am going to stay right behind you and hold your hands, to reteach you the proper motions for walking, as well as how to use your sight cane for walking. When I feel that you are ready, you will get a chance to go it alone.”

“Okay Doctor, I would like that very much.”

For almost an hour the two of them worked together to get the boy walking, and while they had to take a break after every ten minutes or so, Joseph was doing amazingly well. By the time that they broke for lunch, but by no means did Joseph wish to quit, Dr. Chalmers was almost totally able to let the boy go.

“You have done very well today Joseph. How are you feeling, how do your legs feel, is there any pain, pressure, tingling, or anything that is not quite right?”

“I feel great Doctor. I can feel my bad leg, and while it does hurt a little, it does not hurt anywhere near so bad as it used to before you operated on it.”

“That is good to hear. We will break for lunch and take at least an hour for you to rest, and I would like for you to lay down on the sofa, and maybe even have a bit of a nap, while I make lunch, so that you can get your strength back. I know that you are getting tired, because you are pushing yourself quite a lot. It is not a bad thing, but as your doctor, I will have to insist on breaks so that you do not hurt yourself.”

“Okay Doctor, I know that you are right, but I do not feel sleepy, so I will just lay down and rest while you make lunch.”

“That is fine, if you are not sleepy, then do not sleep, but do rest up a bit, and take your leg off as well, to allow your leg to relax some.”

“I was already thinking of doing that Doctor.” Joseph smiled, and he headed off to the lounge in his wheelchair, where he had sat down when they were finished. He made it to the lounge without problem, and he managed to maneuver himself from his chair to the sofa with practiced ease, all while the doctor watched on. He was not asked for help, so he did not offer it. As the doctor headed towards the kitchen to get lunch going, Joseph removed his leg, set it in his chair, and then laid back and listened to the radio that was still playing.

It took about forty five minutes for Dr. Chalmers to get a good filling lunch prepared for the tired boy, and when he went in to tell Joseph that lunch was ready, he found the boy fast asleep on the sofa, his thumb in his mouth. With an almost guilt, Dr. Chalmers went and woke Joseph up.

“I am sorry to wake you up, but you should not sleep too long, or it will make make you more tired later on. I guess that you were more tired than you thought you were!”

“That is okay Doctor, and yes, I suppose I was. I do not think that I even finished listening to the commercial that was playing on the radio when I sat down.” Joseph grinned.

“I knew that you would fall asleep, even if you had not thought that you were that tired, I could clearly see it. I also have no doubt that you passed out quite quickly, because you were that tired.”

Joseph did not say anything, just grabbed his leg, attached it quickly, and then got himself into his chair. He wheeled himself to the kitchen, where he could still smell all the food. Had he have smelled anything in the dining room, that would have been where he would have headed, but he did not, so he knew it was only in the kitchen. The doctor just shook his head at how the boy knew exactly where to go, but he actually knew why it was that he knew, because his son had been the same.

They sat and enjoyed their lunch together quietly, there was not exactly a lot of talking, because Joseph was eating almost ravenously. He was a lot more hungry after all the work that morning than he thought he would have been, and even though the doctor knew this, even he was surprised by how much the boy ate. Finally Joseph had to stop eating, because there was no food left, not because he was full.

“Well young man, would you still like to continue, or have you had enough for the day?”

“Oh continue please.” Joseph said excitedly.

“I thought so.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, and they headed to the exam room.

For the next two hours they worked together to get Joseph walking again, and while he was making excellent progress, it was not nearly so quick as the impatient young boy wanted it to be. He was also getting frustrated by the fact that he was tiring quickly, and as they went on, he was getting more tired, more quickly. Finally Dr. Chalmers could see that Joseph had had more than enough, even though the boy would have continued pushing himself even further. By the time that they quit, Joseph was able to take three steps by himself, but he lost his balance quite quickly still.

“Okay Joseph, that is enough for the day. You are getting far too tired, and if you continue to push yourself as hard as you have been, you can and will cause real damage, and that is something that we certainly do not want.”

“I can continue on Doctor, I am not that tired.” Joseph tried stubbornly.

“No, you cannot, nor will you. It was not an offer, it was in fact an instruction that will be listened to. You cannot hope to learn everything again in only one day, nor can you hope to push yourself as you have today. I understand all about pushing yourself to your very limits to achieve or accomplish something, and I applaud your efforts, but there comes a time when you have to back down, tell yourself that you have had enough. You are actually well past that point now, even if you do not care to see it.”


“No buts young man, it is time for us to go and relax. We will continue on tomorrow where we left off, and you will feel a lot better. You have a stubborn streak in you that can both be good and bad, I will teach you how to use it for good only. Can you honestly tell me that you are not tired, that your legs are not sore?”

“Well......” Joseph stammered, but could not continue.

“No, I thought you would not be able to say it. You have sweat pouring down, your legs are shaking, and you are breathing heavily. You have to remember, I am a doctor, and I can easily see the exhaustion setting in on you as we speak. Now that we have stopped, you are getting even more and more tired, your eyes are getting droopy, and it looks like you are about to fall asleep in your chair.”

“Okay Doctor, you are of course correct, but I am more hungry than I am tired to tell you the truth.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, of that I also have little doubt. The only thing more powerful than a boys need to sleep, is his stomach, and it is the only thing keeping you awake now. I want you to go ahead into the lounge and lay down and I will get dinner ready soon. Feel free to have another little nap, because dinner is not for some time yet, but it is far too early to go to bed yet.”

“Okay Doctor, I will do as you ask, but do you think that I could have something to snack on, because I am getting very hungry?”

“Yes, of course, follow me to the kitchen, and I will see what we can find for your hungry tummy.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

They went to the kitchen and Dr. Chalmers got for Joseph a banana, an orange, and an apple to snack on, and Joseph ate them happily. The doctor was more than a little amazed to see the boy eat the peels and cores of all the fruits, even the banana, except the hard stem.

“Joseph, why on Earth did you eat the peels and core of those fruits, you do not eat those?” He asked in no small amount of shock.

“My mother said that the peels and cores are very good for you, and I was never to waste any food at all, so I ate it all.” Joseph answered back, not sure why the doctor even asked such a simple question.

“Well, I know that the orange peel has a lot of vitamins in it, and I am sure that the seeds will just pass right through with no harm, but I have never heard of anyone eating the peel of a banana before, and you will not have to eat it if you do not like to.”

“I do like to though Doctor, the banana peel is very tasty, and the orange peel is nice and sour.”

“Okay, if you like it, then I will not stop you, but do not be shocked if others show their surprise if they see you eat fruit. Now go on into the lounge and lay down for a bit, and I will get dinner started soon!”

“Okay Doctor, I will remember that.” Joseph smiled, and then wheeled himself out of the kitchen. He noticed that the doctor did not follow him this time, so he figured that he was trusted to be able to do it all alone now, and it made him feel good.

Dr. Chalmers let Joseph go himself this time without following, because he knew that if he was needed for anything at all, Joseph would call. He could already tell that the beautiful young boy was gaining far more confidence than he had ever had before, and that made him feel good.

It was almost two hours later that dinner was ready, and Dr. Chalmers was not in the least surprised to see that Joseph was sound asleep when he went in to call the boy to dinner. He gently shook Joseph awake, and he grunted out a few times, and tried to roll away from the offending hand, but eventually he woke up.

“Hello there handsome, you sound as if you had a nice nap.”

“Yes, I did, thank you very much for allowing me to sleep. I can smell dinner, and it smells very good, may we go and eat now?”

“Yes, we may, but first, your diaper looks about as close to capacity as I have ever seen a diaper before, so before you burst a dam, I believe that we should change you.”

“Yes, it is feeling a bit on the heavy side, now that I am standing up, so that would probably be wise Doctor.” Joseph grinned. He had snapped on his leg, and stood up to get into his chair, and that was when he noticed the very wet bulky mass.

“If it feels half as heavy as it looks, it would be extremely wise to get you into a dry diaper.”

As soon as Joseph was seated comfortably, and strapped in, he led the way to the exam room. When they arrived, Joseph unstrapped himself, stood up, and then climbed on the bed in there for his diaper change. Dr. Chalmers made very quick work of changing the absolutely soaked diapers, they even dripped a lot as he transferred them to the wash pail, then got the boy into a nice thick stack of dry diapers.

“Thank you Doctor, that feels much better.”

“I bet it does. Now, let us go and eat before that monster in your tummy escapes and relieves my flesh from my bones.” Dr. Chalmers grinned, and Joseph giggled. They headed to the kitchen, where once again they had a nice dinner, talking all the while.

Once dinner was done, they went and cuddled up in the lounge for the rest of the evening. The soft snoring of Joseph made Dr. Chalmers realize that the young boy had passed out. He decided that he may as well go to bed as well, so picked the small boy up and carried him upstairs to his room. Once Joseph was laid in bed, Dr. Chalmers went about getting himself ready for bed, and then crawled in and cuddled up to the boy, who wrapped himself right around the doctor the second he climbed in, and he too fell straight to sleep.

“Good morning Doctor, I was wondering when you were going to wake up.” Joseph whispered as soon as he felt the doctor wake up.

“Good morning Joseph, how long have you been awake?”

“Not too long Doctor, I have just been laying here rubbing your chest. Do you know you purr almost like a cat I once saw, when I rub your chest like that.”

“That should not be a surprise to you, because you know how nice it feels, and you have made similar sounds as I have just gently rubbed your chest as well.”

“I suppose that is true, just never noticed before.”

“For one so observant, I thought you would have noticed it before now.”

“It is probably because when you are doing it to me, I am so relaxed that I have a hard time concentrating.”

“Yes, that probably has something to do with it.”

“Doctor, I was wondering if you would please make love to me this morning?”

“What, no walking practice today?” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“As much as I would love for you to make love to me all day long, I doubt that we could do that, so we can play now and work later. I also think that I need another special enema, because I am feeling uncomfortable.”

“Yes, that does sound enjoyable for sure, but I could not possibly last all day long, although you might be able to. As for needing an enema, I am happy to help you out there, but have you ever tried to go on your own?”

“If I wait long enough Doctor, it will come out, but by that time the pain is so bad it was worse than any of my mothers punishments. The doctor said that I no longer had proper muscle control in my bowels, it had something to do with how much damage was done during the accident.”

“I see, that would make sense. Have you any idea if it was the same shoddy doctor that did your leg?”

“I could not honestly say Doctor, but from what I hear, my leg was not taken until days later, because it was determined later that it could not be saved, but my stomach they had to fix right away. So it is possible that it was not the same doctor, but it is possible that it was the same one as well.”

“A very well rounded answer, very nice. I like extra detail, and that shows that you pay attention.”

“Actually, I asked about it, and that was what I was told. At that time it was something like a month after the accident, because I was asleep the whole time after, he said it was called a coma.”

“Yes, with as much damage as was done to you, it is no surprise that your brain completely shut everything down for a bit to heal, it is somewhat normal. We are starting to learn a great deal about the brain, and how amazing it really is, but I am afraid that with as much as we know already, that we have barely even scratched the very surface of what we can learn. I am thinking that I am going to try and find the records from your stay at the hospital and find out what I can, if they even have anything. A young orphan cripple boy may not have had any records, why bother, I hate them for that. If there are any, I will find them though. I already have someone looking for the doctor that did your leg, so adding that will not be any trouble. I had actually hoped that he would have called by now though.”

“Oh, okay Doctor.” Joseph said, not really knowing what else to say.

“Oh, I am sorry, I am sure that that is very boring to you, and you really do not care, all you want right now is a little sexual relief. So, I will not keep you waiting any longer you gorgeous little boy.” Dr. Chalmers laughed. He knew the young boy was beyond horny, and was only thinking with one part of his body, and anything else did not matter at that time.

“Okay.” Joseph said, much more brightly this time.

The first thing that Dr. Chalmers did was to remove both their soggy diapers, and then rolled Joseph into the middle of the bed. Because he was getting very hungry, and his morning erection was half caused from needing to pee, he did not waste any time at all. He bent down and sucked all of Joseph's young package into his mouth, and using many years worth of knowledge, gave Joseph all the pleasure that he could handle, and then some. While his mouth was eagerly sucking Joseph's dick and balls, Dr. Chalmers also had two lube covered fingers working their way into the hot moist boy hole. Dr. Chalmers was unable to tell if the extra moans were from his hand or his mouth though, because both were going at it with a vengeance. All of a sudden Joseph nearly screamed out, and he gasped greatly as his first orgasm of the morning ripped through his entire body.

“How was that Joseph?” Dr. Chalmers asked softly a couple minutes later, once he could tell the boy would be able to hear him.

“Wow, that was incredible, thank you so much, but can you please put your penis in my bottom now?”

“Of course, let me just grab something first, to make certain that we do not make too much of a mess.” Dr. Chalmers said, and then hopped out of bed. He grabbed a new stack of cloth diapers, rubber panties, a clean rubber sheet, and a towel, and then climbed into bed and positioned everything in a way that would contain any mess, and so that he could diaper Joseph as soon as they were finished.

Without any further words, none were needed, Dr. Chalmers added a little more lube to Joseph's waiting hole, and some to his wavering erection, and then slipped inside of Joseph. They both moaned deeply from this, both enjoying it a great deal. Unfortunately though, Dr. Chalmers was unable to last all that long, and within only two minutes, he was firing off a nice sized load, deep within Joseph. As he was coming down, the urge to pee became even greater, so he let that urge take over, and relaxed as much as he could, then peed. They both sighed again, and a minute later Dr. Chalmers was empty.

Once he was pulled out, Dr. Chalmers quickly and efficiently rediapered Joseph. Dr. Chalmers next got himself dressed and ready for the day. As Joseph was picked up to be carried downstairs, he attached them by their lips, and kissed the doctor deeply, and then laid his head on the doctors shoulder lovingly.

“Thank you Doctor, that was very nice.” Joseph whispered.

“You are very welcome Joseph, and yes, it was very nice. What say we go and get ourselves some breakfast now?”

“I say that is an excellent idea Doctor. I was hungry before you woke up, but now I am really hungry.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, I have no doubts about that, I know how you boys' stomachs work.” Dr. Chalmers laughed, and then carried Joseph to the kitchen.

Once breakfast was ready, they ate a good meal, and then headed to the exam room to do their work for the day.