Chapter 6

About three hours after they started working for the morning, having taken many breaks of course, Dr. Chalmers heard his telephone ringing, so left Joseph in his chair to rest. He rushed to his office to get the phone, and was thankfully in time to catch whomever was calling him.

“Yes, Dr. Chalmers speaking, who, may I ask is calling please?”

“Good morning Doctor, It is Mr. Wallace calling, and I have some of the information that I believe that you were looking for.” The private investigator that Dr. Chalmers had hired answered.

“Ah yes, Mr. Wallace, it is very nice to hear from you. I was just telling Joseph not even a few hours ago that I was hoping that you would have called by now. I knew that you would not bother to call until you found the information that I was looking for though, so please, tell me now what you have found?”

“Well, sadly the hospital that young Joseph was treated at seems to have misplaced his files, so there is no indication there as to who did the poor surgery on the boy.”

“Oh, I was afraid of that. Well then, if you would stop by, I will pay you the remainder of what I owe you then, and thank you very much for looking into it for me.”

“Oh no Sir, I am not finished yet. When you hired me, I promised to you that if there was ANY information to find, I would find it, and no one covers their tracks better than I am at uncovering them. I have plenty of information for you, and was only calling to see if now was an opportune time to come and see you.”

“Oh, that is splendid news, if you have time now, please come over straight away, and I will have lunch for you. How far away are you now?”

“It will take me roughly half an hour to make it there, but that won't be necessary Sir, I can stop at a diner on my way out, that's not a problem.”

“Nonsense, come now, and lunch will be ready by the time you make it here.”

“Well thank you for your generosity Sir, I will be there soon.”

After the pleasantries were over with, and the conversation ended, Dr. Chalmers went and excitedly informed Joseph as to what he had just been told, and that he was going to make lunch now. Joseph seemed happy as well, and followed the doctor to the kitchen, where they talked all the while the doctor was cooking. A few minutes before the food was ready, the doorbell rang.

“Joseph, would you be a good boy and go and get the door for me please, and show Mr. Wallace in?”

“I would Doctor, except I have never opened a door before. I know what one is, I have even felt the handle before, but I was never allowed to open one under any circumstances.”

“Oh, that is easy. You find the handle, which is on the right hand side, and just turn the handle, then pull the door, and it will open. I am sorry, it never even dawned on me that you would not know how to do that, but I suppose you have never had to open a door here, because they are always open.”

“That is okay Doctor, you could not possibly know what little my mother truly did teach me. I will go now, he has just rung again.”

“Yes, go now please, and call if you need help.”

Joseph just nodded quickly and quickly wheeled himself to the front door. He only just barely knew where it was, but did find it, and did as he was instructed, and the door opened with ease. Or it would have had he have remembered to move his chair backwards at the same time. As soon as he realized his mistake, he rectified it, and then stuck out his hand to shake.

“Mr. Wallace I presume!”

“Yes, that's correct, and you must be Joseph, it's good to meet you.” He answered, taking the offered hand to shake.

“The pleasure is all mine Sir, especially if the information that you have found is as good as Dr. Chalmers seems to think it might be.” Joseph smiled happily.

“Then I believe that it will be a great pleasure then, for the news I bring is good.” Mr. Wallace said.

“Excellent! Oh, please forgive me, keeping you outside, would you please come in?”

“You are such a well mannered young man, that is rare, but very nice. Please, lead the way, and I will follow.”

“Thank you Sir, that is most kind of you to say.” Joseph blushed, but taking the compliment far better than he would have not all that long ago. “The doctor is just in the kitchen, so please, follow me?”

Joseph led Mr. Wallace into the kitchen, and the two men greeted each other and shook hands. It was determined, because lunch was ready, that they would eat first, and then get to business afterwards. They sat down together and ate a nice meal, and then left the mess for later, and headed to the lounge to talk. As soon as they got there, Dr. Chalmers turned off the radio, and then sat on one of the sofas, while Mr. Wallace took the opposite facing one, so that they could talk face to face. Joseph scooted out of his chair, and onto the sofa with Dr. Chalmers, and cuddled into the man.

“So Mr. Wallace, the news is good, so please, do tell?”

“Well while most of the news is good, and some of it might even be considered great, some of it is not so good.”

“Oh really!” Dr. Chalmers said.

“Yes. I will start with the not so good stuff first. As I told you over the phone Doctor, the hospital conveniently lost all of its records concerning Joseph, it was a large hassle trying to find any information because of it. That however was not the most difficult thing of all though. I was able to, after much digging, find the doctor responsible for the poor amputation, but by the time that I got to that information, he was long gone.”

“The trail almost ran cold, but then I heard a rumor of just such a doctor that seemed to be leaving a trail of faulty surgeries and deaths in his wake, and I followed that trail. It seems that doctor that was doing the work, was an alcoholic, and a heavy one at that. They say that he had lost his nerve, and to get it back, he drank, and excessively as well, but that also meant that he could not do his work. Usually after two or three bad operations, the hospital politely requested him to leave, and never come back, but they never reported him. Why that is, I have no idea, even though I asked, repeatedly.”

“I caught up to him though, and informed the hospital's head doctor of the situation, and he nearly had a heart attack when he informed me that he was just about to start some sort of operation. He bolted from the room so fast that he was out of the room before his chair even hit the floor. He brought the poor excuse for a doctor back not even five minutes later, in a choke hold, and threw him on the floor at my feet. He then proceeded to tell the doctor that he would never work again, and proceeded to make a few calls to get that taken care of.”

“So, now this pathetic excuse for a doctor is laying at my feet, a puddle of piss beneath him, blubbering like a baby, saying please don't take this away from me, and I just told him to shut up. Once the head doctor was finished, I started asking him questions. The first one I asked, and this is sick, was how many people have died while under his care, and he answered that he was no longer even sure. I also asked how many people had he crippled, and I was equally disgusted to hear the same answer. It was at that time that I decided that bringing in the police might be a wise decision, so did so. The guy fought that very much, but he did not have much more fight in him after I politely asked him to be quiet. Bastard hurt my hand too.”

“So anyways, half an hour later, with my testimony, the head doctors testimony, and all the names that I had found so far, they arrested him straight away. He will be going to jail, of that I have no doubt. I also have no doubt that those were not the only hospitals either, and the amount of people that he killed could quite easily be in the hundreds.”

“Thank you very much for all that information, it is very nice to know that a monster is now away from the people that thought they needed him.” Dr. Chalmers said, clearly thinking that that was it.

“You're welcome Doctor, but that's not quite it.”

“That is not all, but what else could there be?”

“The hospital that did the work had many people working on Joseph, and many of them remembered him. The doctor that did the amputation was not the one to have done the main work, hence the reason that you are probably still alive Joseph.” Mr. Wallace laughed.

“Probably true from what you just told us.” Joseph also laughed, but it was a dry, forced laugh, because he did not find any of this funny, just sickening, but so did both the adults.

“Yes, well as I was saying. The doctor that seems to have been in charge of your case says that you came in very bad, that you really should have been dead as well, and that you actually did die on him a couple times. He seemed like a very nice and caring doctor, one I would certainly want working on me. He said that he remembered that with all of the damage that was done to your stomach area, that he regrettably had to remove something in the area of twenty feet of you lower intestines, some of your colon, and there was other damage in there as well, but I do not remember all of it. I do have it all in a report I asked him to write though, so you are welcome to read over it later if you wish. He informed me that with as much damage as was done that he doubted very seriously that Joseph would ever regain full control of his bladder or bowels, but he did all that he could to at least keep him healthy. He also says, and he wrote this down as well, that you are to give him warm salt water enemas approximately once per week, or as necessary. He also noted that there were other areas of damage, but he was able to repair everything else, but did notate them in his notes as well.”

“Joseph's leg though, he said he had thought that it would have survived, and was aghast when he came in after a couple days off to find that it had been amputated. He clearly said that it was bad, and that he had feared that it may need to be done, but he had given strict instructions to call him if it needed to be done, so that he could do it himself. It seems however, that the other doctor had other ideas, and just did it when he saw what he thought was gangrene forming, and did not bother to call the doctor in charge. It was he that fired his ass out of there, because he did not trust the man in the least, and those were his words. Apparently though he had not yet killed anyone at that hospital, and when I informed him of the track record that I had found, he was shocked. He said that had he have known that, he would have had the beast locked up long before then.”

“That is excellent work Sir, and the information is most definitely well received. The doctors reports will certainly come in very handy, so this way I will know the extent of the damage. Was there any further information?”

“No, that was it. I am happy that I was able to find all that information out for you though.”

“And we are happy that you found it for us as well. Do you have the final bill for your expenses and everything then?”

“Yes, I have it here with me.” Mr. Wallace said, and then dug through his bag and found the invoice, it was very meticulously done down to the very penny. He also handed over the reports of all his findings, as well as what the head doctor had done for Joseph.

“This is very nice Sir, you do fine work. Give me just a few moments and I will bring you out the money for this.” Dr. Chalmers complimented, and then hopped up to retrieve the money, but he did so so fast that Joseph fell to the sofa with a giggle.

“Here you go Mr. Wallace, and there is a bonus included for doing a superb job, well above expectations.”

“That's very generous of you Doctor, but it's not necessary. I'm one of the highest paid private investigators as it is, because I promise results, so you do not have to feel that you need to pay me extra for doing more, because it's the same that I do for everyone.”

“Yes, I am aware of just how expensive your services are, and for the very good reasons that they are too, that was why I called you first, because you came highly recommended. The bonus though is not negotiable, it is for doing more than even I expected you would be able to do after such a long period of time, now please take it.” Mr. Wallace just nodded.

“Well gentlemen, I thank you very much then, but I have taken up much of your time already, so I should be going now.” Mr. Wallace said, taking the offered envelope, and then shaking both their hands.

“And we thank you as well.” Joseph said, and then showed the man out.

Shortly after Mr. Wallace left, the two of them were alone again, and Joseph wished to continue on his relearning to walk. By now he was doing amazingly well. He could now take as many as five to six steps unaided. His rest breaks were also coming further and further apart, which was a very good thing, because that meant he was getting more used to it again.

“Well young man, you should be very proud of yourself. Before too long you will be a walking member of society again.”

“But it is still so hard Doctor.”

“Yes, but you cannot expect it to come instantly again after not being able to walk for such a long time, as well as you have a new leg that does not feel natural yet. It will take time and patience, both of which you have, you just have to take it easy. It will come to you, slowly and surely, but it will come. As the days slip by, you will find that it becomes easier and easier, but you will still tire far more quickly than other boys your age, and that is the reason that you have a wheelchair.”

“I just wish that it was faster is all, but I know that you are right, and thank you.”

“You are welcome. Now, it is time for dinner, so let us go and have some much needed food. I can tell that you are getting very hungry again.”

“Yes I am Doctor, so that would be nice.”

“And then after dinner we are going to sit and relax some. You know, I just realized something, we gave you an enema this morning, and you have not told me if you have messed your diaper yet. Have you not messed yourself?”

“I did a couple hours ago Doctor, but we were busy doing other things, so I just forgot about it.”

“Joseph, you must not do that, it is very bad for your skin. When ever you have a bowel movement, it is very important to tell me, so that I can change you right away. If you leave that on your skin for any length of time, it will turn into a very bad rash that will itch and burn.”

“Oh, I am sorry Doctor, I did not know that, I will try to remember from now on.”

Dr. Chalmers just smiled and grabbed the boy and laid him down on the table, and proceeded to change his very full diaper. There was very little smell this time, which was probably the reason that the doctor had not realized it before then, but the doctor wondered why that was, because boys were famous for being very smelly. He laughed to himself about that thought, and finished diapering the small boy.

“There you go, all clean, and as you felt, I put a lot of cream on you to help prevent a rash. I think it is passed time that we should go and make ourselves some much needed dinner, so let us go and do that now.”

“Thank you, that does feel better, and dinner does sound good.”

“I am sure it does.” Dr. Chalmers laughed, meaning for both.

They headed to the kitchen, Joseph in his chair, and Dr. Chalmers made them some dinner. They sat and ate quietly, both just kind of lost in their own thoughts, and when they were finished, they cleaned up. Joseph even helped as much as he was able to this time.

“For the rest of the evening, I think that I would like to read the reports that the investigator gave to me, so you may sit and listen to the radio, and I will go to my office and do so.”

“Doctor, why not join me in the lounge, and you can read the reports to me as well, we can turn the radio off, and I will listen to that instead? It is all about me, so I feel that I should know as well.” Joseph asked.

“If that is what you would like, I will do that for you, and you are right, it is about you, so you do have a right to know. There may be unpleasant things in these reports though, so are you sure?”

“Yes Doctor, I am doubting that it could be any more unpleasant than what my mother did to me.”

“That is hopefully very true.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, and they both headed to the lounge.

When they arrived to the lounge, Joseph got himself out of his chair and onto the sofa, while Dr. Chalmers went and turned off the radio, and then joined Joseph on the sofa. As soon as he sat down, Joseph cuddled into his side and made himself comfortable.

“Are you comfortable?” Dr. Chalmers teased.

“Yes, I am, thanks for asking.” Joseph looked up and grinned, and for the first time in his known life, he all of a sudden thought he saw something, he saw Dr. Chalmers, but he did not say anything, because it went back to the faded blob just as quickly.

Dr. Chalmers saw the puzzled look on Joseph's face, and then saw it disappear just as quickly, so just left it, and started reading the reports. He read the doctors reports first, and when he read it all, he too was amazed that Joseph had survived at all. As it turned out, the doctor had asked the police, and he had been told that Joseph had been pinned in the car, his seat having been nearly crushed against the dash board of the car. It was this that only partially caused the damage that Joseph had received, the most of the damage had been caused from something that the boy had been carrying on his lap nearly impaling him. When Dr. Chalmers asked Joseph if he remembered what it was that he was carrying, Joseph was unable to answer, he claimed to not remember any of that day at all, this was of course no surprise to the doctor. It was being crushed that also caused all of the damage to Joseph's leg, it had been pinned the most, just below his knee. The bones were nearly destroyed, the nerves were almost certainly destroyed, and Dr. Chalmers was surprised that the doctor even tried to save it from the start, because he was not certain that he would have tried.

“Wow, that sounds pretty horrible, I am surprised that I even lived.” Joseph said once they were completely finished, nearly the first sound that he had made.

“Yes, it does sound pretty horrible, and it is a miracle for sure that you survived. The doctor that saved you though was obviously very good, and unless he saw something in your leg, that he does not report here, I do not believe that I would have even tried saving it myself, because it sounds as if the damage was just too severe. Sure I would have done everything in my power, as I always would, but there comes a time when you have to face the truth, and it sounds as if there was little chance of your leg surviving that. Then again, many doctors would not even have tried to save you as it was, so I guess he was good enough to try for it. I probably would have too, mind you, I cannot stand to see any boy hurt, so I always do everything that I can.”

Joseph just looked up and nodded, and once again an image came clear for a second, and then disappeared. Once again Dr. Chalmers noticed the puzzled look.

“Joseph, what is the matter?”

“I am not certain Doctor, but right then, when I looked up, for the second time this evening, I think I saw something, I think I saw you.”

“It only lasted just a second, are you sure, can you describe to me what it was that you think that you saw?”

“I know it only lasted but a second, and I have no words to describe what I think that I saw, but it looked just how your face feels, I think.” Joseph said slowly, uncertainly.

“Hmm, that is strange indeed. I wonder if maybe your eyes are not starting to heal further on their own. I think tomorrow morning we will take a little more fluid out, and test to see how it is looking. You make sure and tell me if you think that you are seeing anything more, and if so, what you are doing at the time.”

“Okay Doctor, that sounds great to me. I think though that the light is a little brighter now though, and the blobs that I have been seeing, I think that they are becoming a little more clear now. I still do not believe that I can see what they are yet, but I think my eyes are getting better.” Joseph said calmly, but the doctor was good enough to hear the obvious excitement buried deep inside.

“That is good to hear as well. I think that it is close enough to bed time that we can just go ahead and go on up now and get some sleep.”

“Okay Doctor, I am getting a little sleepy, but before we go to sleep, do you think that we could suck each others penises first, mine is really hard?”

“I think that that could easily be arranged. Come on little man, let us go on upstairs and release some pressure, and then go to sleep.”

Dr. Chalmers effortlessly picked Joseph up and carried him up to their bedroom. When they arrived, Joseph was set down gently on the bed, and Dr. Chalmers got himself all ready for bed as well. He did put on his diaper as well, because he knew that Joseph would like to fish him out, just like he wanted to fish out Joseph's amazing young penis.

Dr. Chalmers crawled into bed, and crawled up Joseph's prone body. He had been laying there on his back, legs spread as wide as he could, hands underneath his head, showing off his cute little armpits, and his diaper actually showing the tiniest hint of a bulge that would not normally be there. Dr. Chalmers moved all the way into position so that he could kiss the young boy, and as soon as their lips met, they parted, and their tongues met with gentle passion. For a young boy who had never known love, he sure knew how to kiss, Dr. Chalmers mused. They kissed for at least five minutes, before Dr. Chalmers released their lip lock, and then proceeded to kiss his way down Joseph's quivering body.

When he reached the already sodden mass of Joseph's diaper, Dr. Chalmers pulled the front down far enough to let little Joseph escape, and as soon as it did, it waved mightily in the air. Joseph sighed deeply as his erection was freed, and he gasped even more deeply as it was sucked wholly into the talented mouth of his savior. Joseph was a lot more charged than the doctor had reckoned though, because scarcely a minute after he started sucking gently, Joseph started in on his powerful dry cum. He squeaked and squealed so cutely, it made the doctor smile. Instead of stopping though, Dr. Chalmers kept right on going, forcing Joseph to keep going, something that he seemed truly happy with.

This orgasm took almost ten minutes before it ripped through Joseph's body this time, and in that time Dr. Chalmers used every technique that had been perfected at his school, to bring the boy the utmost pleasure. As soon as Joseph's second orgasm was finished, he let out a deep contented sigh, and Dr. Chalmers got his diaper and rubber panties back in place. He crawled back up Joseph's body, kissing his way up again, and then they locked lips again. This time the kiss was even more gentle, and more loving than before.

This time it was Joseph that ended the kiss, he pulled away and then pushed the doctors chest, signifying that he was to roll over onto his back. The doctor complied immediately of course, and as soon as he was n his back, Joseph started kissing his way down the doctors body. As soon as he made it to the rubber pants that were in the way, Joseph pulled them down, as well as the thick cloth, sought out the erection that was still trapped inside, and then extracted it, with only a minor grunt of discomfort.

Once Dr. Chalmers was free of his diapered bonds, Joseph engulfed nearly the entire shaft in one swift motion. The rapid entrance and suction that Joseph had done, shocked and pleasured the doctor so much, that he arched his back up, and let out a loud cry of joy, thus ramming the last inch or so into Joseph's accepting throat. Joseph did not mind though, he knew that the rest would be buried in their soon anyways, so it may as well be sooner, rather than later. He started really working the doctor, using all the suction and tongue action that he was able to on the shaft, while his hands were busy with the nice loose sac and balls.

It was just too much for the doctor too, and although his first cum was longer in coming than Joseph's had been, it was not by much, but Joseph too did not stop when the fluid that he loved ceased firing into his mouth. He too kept right on going, kept sucking and tonguing and fingering, giving the doctor every bit of pleasure that he knew how. And boy did he know how. Not more than ten minutes later, Dr. Chalmers had the final cum of the night, and he sighed deeply as he came down as well.

“Thank you so much for that Joseph, that was amazing.”

“And thank you as well, it was just as amazing to me as well.”

“Okay then, I think that it is well past the time that we should be in bed, so come and curl up next to me, and we can get some much needed sleep.” Dr. Chalmers whispered as he got his penis tucked back inside his diapers.

Joseph crawled back up the doctors body, gave him one final kiss, and then curled up into the doctor, and they fell fast asleep, almost straight away.