Chapter 7

“Mmm, good morning Joseph. I take it from the hand inside my diaper that you wish to play a little more this morning?” Dr. Chalmers sighed as he awoke to feeling Joseph stroking his morning wood.

“Oh yes please Doctor, I would very much like your penis to be inside my bum.”

“I think that we could do something like that, however, this morning I would like to feel your nice young erection inside me, so I get to go first today.”

“Really Doctor, you mean it? Will you even feel me, I am not very big?”

“You are plenty big enough to give pleasure to any man you so desire to make love to Joseph. You may not be as large yet as you shall become, but trust me, you can still give immense pleasure.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly.

“Neat, thank you Doctor.”

“No, thank you. Now, you just go ahead and lay back, and let me take care of everything. In fact, I think today we are going to tie you down a bit, see how that feels. The boys at school love this part, and you will too.”

“Okay Doctor.” Joseph said brightly.

Dr. Chalmers hopped out of bed and grabbed the restraints that he always kept handy in his bedroom, and went back to the bed and quickly attached Joseph to the bed. He of course could only really attach one of Joseph's legs, because there was nothing for the restraint to attach to on Joseph's other leg that would be of any use. Throughout the entire experience of being tied down, Joseph's smile never once faded. He was sort of anticipating the total helplessness that was to come during their playing. As soon as Dr. Chalmers had Joseph all tied down, he realized that he forgot about the boys rubber panties, so quickly removed them, having to remove the one leg shackle, and then did him back up.

“Now Joseph, you are not to say anything during this, you are to lay back and enjoy.” Dr. Chalmers instructed.

Joseph just nodded his head in understanding, not even wishing to talk right then. Dr. Chalmers smiled and then got to work. He first took a painstakingly long time kissing and caressing every square inch of the boys body that he could reach, except his diaper area. He did kiss Joseph on the lips, and their tongues danced, but that was their shortest kiss of all. Next Dr. Chalmers grabbed something from the bedside table that he had placed there, and started gently stroking Joseph's entire body with a feather. Joseph gasped and sighed even more with this than he had the kisses and touches. By the time Dr. Chalmers used the feather on every part of Joseph's body, Joseph was gasping and moaning in a pleasure that he had never known.

Joseph's soggy diaper was removed next, and Dr. Chalmers laid in between Joseph's wide open legs, and just gently kissed everything that he could reach. Next he used the very tips of his fingers and caressed everything that he could reach, and then finally came the feather. Joseph started moaning and groaning even more yet, and he was not so sure of how much more he could take before he exploded.

Dr. Chalmers was not worried about that though, he wanted Joseph to have at least a couple orgasms before the final one. Once he felt that Joseph had had enough of that, he reached back over to the bedside table and grabbed two more items. He opened the lid to the lube and got some on his fingers and snaked them into the moist crevice that hid the wonderfully tight hole, and then probed said hole. As his fingers invaded Joseph's inner most sanctum, his mouth was taking in the entire tasty looking sac. Completely ignoring the vibrating shaft for now, Dr. Chalmers was content to very slowly finger the hole and suck the balls. He was really stretching Joseph's young hole, and although he groaned a few times, it never once truly hurt, and even though he wondered why the doctor was stretching him out so much, he never once got to the point of asking. Dr. Chalmers was also really sucking his balls, his tongue was very active as well, but the suction was almost painful at times.

All of a sudden Joseph gasped as the four fingers that were inside him were removed, and then something cold and hard was pressed inside in their absence. Joseph gasped as the item got larger, and then all of a sudden popped inside. He was not familiar with sex toys in any manner, so had no way of knowing that a fairly large black rubber butt plug had just been pushed deep inside him. Dr. Chalmers knew that Joseph would be able to take the largest plug that he had, even without really working and stretching him, he knew that the boy would be able to take it, but he did not want to hurt Joseph any, so he had worked the boy real well. The butt plug that he had inserted was roughly six inches in diameter at its largest, and the whole thing was nearly eight inches long.

Once the butt plug was firmly seated, Dr. Chalmers switched oral targets and nearly attacked the now angry red pulsing erection in front of his eyes. His hand took the tiny little nuggets and played with them at the same time, and only ten seconds later, Joseph screamed out and exploded.

It had been just a little too much for Joseph to be able to take, his entire body was on fire, he felt like he was going to explode already when the butt plug was inserted. When Dr. Chalmers started viciously mauling his raw young erection though, it was too much, and Joseph exploded. He very nearly passed out from the intense feelings that swept through his body, but he managed to stay awake. He felt his penis and bum both pulsing with the insane orgasm, his body was shaking and sweating, it was a true full body orgasm. That was what Dr. Chalmers had been working towards.

Dr. Chalmers sat up then and watched Joseph slowly come down from the massive cum that he had just caused. It was a wondrous sight to behold. Joseph's entire body was still vibrating, he was sweating so much that the bed below him looked as if it had been wet down, and he was so flushed that he looked as if he had a fever. It took fully ten minutes for Joseph to come down from the impressive orgasm, but the one thing that never went down, was the boys erection.

Dr. Chalmers had to chuckle at the fact that the boy had very nearly been wiped out by that, yet he was still hard and anticipating even more. And more he was certainly going to get. As soon as Joseph's breathing was almost back to normal, he started all over again. He kissed, caressed, and feathered the boy, almost to the point that he came again, but he stopped before Joseph could. Joseph grunted in obvious frustration at the stopping of the great feelings that were going to cause him to cum again. Dr. Chalmers just smiled.

He waited about five minutes for Joseph to come back down again, and then started all over again. He did this a total of five times, and poor Joseph was very nearly crying. His body was burning so much now in the need to orgasm, that he felt that he was going to burst into flame any second now. Dr. Chalmers could very easily tell that Joseph was not going to last any longer at all, and no longer wished to torture the boy. By the time that Dr. Chalmers actually let Joseph cum, his entire body was nearly levitating off the bed, being held up only by his head and legs. As soon as Dr. Chalmers sucked Joseph into his mouth, and swiped the head of the boys engorged penis with his tongue, he screamed so loud that he was certain all the boys in the school would hear, and probably come running for their own torture. It took not even a full second for Joseph to cum, and this time he did pass out.

“Wow, I do not believe that I have ever gotten a boy quite so hot before.” Dr. Chalmers chuckled.

He crawled up and laid next to the still heavily breathing boy and softly stroked his scarred chest and tummy. He waited over twenty minutes for Joseph to wake back up, and in that time Joseph had peed a couple times, wetting the bed even more than it had already been from his sweat. Dr. Chalmers had not worried about it at all though, because he had known it was likely to happen. Even though Joseph was awake, he was not entirely with it, and Dr. Chalmers knew that as well, and waited the further five minutes or so for him to completely come to again.

“How do you feel?” Dr. Chalmers whispered right into Joseph's ear.

“Amazing! What did you do to me?” Joseph whispered hoarsely back.

“Just showed you another aspect of making love. It is called torture, but good torture, not like what your mother did to you.”

“I do not know about that Doctor, at times there it felt way worse than anything my mother ever did to me, but it felt so good all at the same time. It felt like I was on fire, I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to keep going, but as soon as you took me into your mouth again, I passed out I think.”

“Yes, you did pass out, and that was exactly how it was supposed to feel.”

“Wow! What is that thing that is in my bum though?”

“Ah, now that is something real special. It is called a butt plug, and I think that you can understand the reason that it is called that. They are sexual toys that help to increase the feelings of sexual intercourse, and that is not the only toy that I have either. You will learn all about sex toys, and how to use them, once you are in school, which starts real soon, so you will know all about them at that time.”

“I like it Doctor.”

“Good, because you will really like what you get into at school then once we get there. Now, it is time to be quiet again, because we are not finished playing.” Dr. Chalmers said with a tender kiss to the boys lips. Joseph just smiled and nodded.

By the time that Dr. Chalmers got back down to Joseph's groin to bring him back to full hardness, the anticipation of what was to come had already made the boy steel hard. Dr. Chalmers smiled, because he had only taken a few seconds to go down to go down on him. He did anyways though, just because he loved the young boys hardness in his mouth. Joseph moaned deeply, his little dick was still a little tender, almost raw feeling, but it sure felt good. As Dr. Chalmers was working on Joseph, one of his hands was behind himself, preparing his behind. Once his hole was ready, he slipped off his diaper and rubber panties, crawled up Joseph's prone body, and then prepared for insertion.

Dr. Chalmers was more than a little used to anal sex, and Joseph was really nowhere near as large as the doctor was capable of taking, so it was no surprise that he sank all the way down in one long slow motion. Both of them moaned deeply.

Joseph had figured that this would feel real good, because a hand felt good, and a mouth felt great, but this felt way better than both together did. He had of course been inside of Charlie already once before, but Dr. Chalmers was a true expert, and Joseph had no real control at all. Almost right away his animal instincts took over, and his hips started thrusting roughly, at first. As he got used to it, he was able to slow his motions down, so now Joseph was slowly thrusting in and out of the doctors raised bum.

Dr. Chalmers knew that this was more than likely going to happen, so was well prepared for it, and was more than okay letting Joseph take over for a few minutes. He was surprised though that Joseph was able to slow himself down to enjoy the ride so quickly, because most of the boys ended up going through at least two orgasms before they slowed down and enjoyed the ride.

“Okay, it is time for you to just lay back and let me do the work.” Dr. Chalmers whispered softly into Joseph's ear.

Joseph just smiled brightly again and slowed to a stop, and let the good doctor take over. Dr. Chalmers stayed laying as he was and started moving very slowly, barely moving any at all. He would pull until he was almost all the way off, and then push himself back on until Joseph was in as far as he could possibly go. He kept up this slow motion for a few minutes, and then sat up and started lifting and sitting, in the same slow motion. Joseph was unsure which he preferred, because they both felt so nice. Then Dr. Chalmers started grinding his hips, not lifting any at all, but he did things with his anal muscles that the boy could barely understand. Joseph was panting and gasping once again, and his hips were trying to join in on the action, but he clamped down on that.

Given just how much Dr. Chalmers had put Joseph through earlier, it was with little surprise that Joseph was able to last nearly fifteen minutes. Although it should be noted that Joseph was ready to explode after only ten, but Dr. Chalmers kept whispering to him to hold it in, to not let it happen yet, to let it build until it was painful. Joseph was doing his best, and lasted five more minutes, and by the time that he exploded, he was seeing stars again.

Once Joseph was finished his orgasm, Dr. Chalmers knew that he would not likely be able to handle any more, so slipped off Joseph. Gently, softly he kissed the young boy, deeply and passionately they kissed.

“Joseph, I want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Dr. Chalmers once again whispered.

Joseph just did as he was asked to do, almost suspecting what was to come, or cum as it were, and waited expectantly. Dr. Chalmers crawled up and positioned himself above Joseph, his erection less than an inch away from the tongue. Dr. Chalmers was close to his peak, and he too was unable to hold off for much longer, and took only three strokes before he painted Joseph's tongue with his entire load.

“Ah, much better! Do not swallow it yet Joseph, I wish to share it with you.” Dr. Chalmers grinned, and then scooted himself down, and then went in for a nice kiss.

They kissed deeply again, sharing the cum between them eagerly. As they kissed, Dr. Chalmers reached down to Joseph's ass, and the toy inside, and gently pulled it out. Joseph grunted as it was being pulled out, and then moaned lowly once it was out. He missed having it in there now, and wanted it back, or even better yet, the doctors penis. Before he could even think to plead for it though, the doctor moved into position and sank himself inside, barely even breaking their kiss. It was a little awkward with their size difference, and with Joseph still being tied down, but they made do. Dr. Chalmers lasted in amazing amount of time, almost thirty minutes, and as much as Joseph tried to hold off his orgasm, he ended up exploding after only twenty minutes, but he did cum again when the doctor did.

“Wow Doctor, that was amazing, but my arms are getting sore, and I am getting hungry. Can you please untie me, and then we can go and eat?”

“Yes, of course, you have been tied up for long enough, and I too am getting very hungry, but then we have had a very good workout this morning.” Dr. Chalmers said and then lovingly unstrapped the boy. He quickly gave Joseph's aching muscles a massage, then diapered him up nice and thick.

“Thank you, that feels so much better.” Joseph said once the doctor was finished everything.

“Yes, I am sure that it is, now help me strip the bedding, it is soaked, and then we can go and get some breakfast.”

They quickly stripped off all the bedding, and as Joseph held it, Dr. Chalmers picked him and the bedding up and carried them downstairs. Joseph was sat on the counter in the laundry room while the laundry was put in, and then they went to the kitchen for some breakfast. This morning it was just toast and fruit, so it was nice and quick, which they were both thankful for.

After breakfast was done and cleaned up, they headed back to the exam room, where Dr. Chalmers once again took a little fluid from Joseph's eyes. Joseph hopped into his chair once the doctor was finished, and while Dr. Chalmers went to test it, Joseph enjoyed his newfound freedom and explored the house as best he could. For the next hour, while the doctor was working, Joseph explored and felt everything. The doctor had many nice things in his house, and Joseph had really not had much of a chance to feel it yet, so that was pretty much all he did while he waited.

Dr. Chalmers took almost an hour to look at the samples that he had, and compared them to the last and the first, and he was happy to see that there was a remarkable difference, even from the last one. It looked like Joseph's eyes were actually starting to heal some on their own as well, but he figured that he would continue to help them along. As soon as he was finished, he went in search of Joseph, to see what it was that he was up to, because he had never asked to have the radio turned on. He found Joseph in the formal dining room, holding a very nice, and quite expensive vase, just feeling it all over. He felt that it would be prudent to make a little noise, so as not to scare the boy, so scuffed his feet as he walked.

“Hello Joseph, what have you been up to?”

“I was just kind of exploring, feeling everything, I like doing that.” Joseph said, and then carefully placed the vase back onto the stand that it was on.

“Yes, for you it is the way that you see things, you have to picture them with your mind by how it feels. That is perfectly acceptable, just be careful is all I ask, although I know that accidents happen. That vase that you were just holding, is a very ancient Chinese vase, somewhere in about four hundred years old, and it is very nearly priceless, so please do not break that one, I am pretty partial to it.”

“Oh, I am sorry, I will never touch that one again.”

“No, you misunderstand me, you are free to feel anything in the house, but please be careful of that one especially. My son accidentally broke its mate when he was just a little older than you are now, but I was not mad, it was an accident, and it was my fault for not having it more secure, especially with a blind person around. That is why that one is now much more secure.”

“Oh, thank you Doctor, I will be careful. This vase was not very secure though, I was able to easily lift it from the shelf without trouble at all.”

“Yes, but it is no longer on a small spindle table that falls over if you look at it wrong. It is now kept a little higher on a very secure shelf. This room has most of my most valuable decorations, so just be a little more careful in here.”

“Oh, I see, and I will remember that.”

“I know you will. Now, I just tested your eye fluids, and I am happy to say that the fluid is improving a great deal. Are you seeing anything more today than you were yesterday?”

“I think that maybe I am Doctor, I keep getting those same periods when things just sort of appear, and then go away, but each time they do, the blurriness fades a bit more. I think that I can see some actual shapes now, or at least it looks like how it feels.”

“Interesting, you are starting to gain your vision back, but your brain is still having a hard time understanding what it is that you are seeing. It will take more time for you to get used to it, but when you do, then you will love it.” What they were not banking on though was that Joseph's mind would almost start to ignore that information, because it was no used to it.

“Neat Doctor, I cannot wait until I can see again. Can we go and learn how to walk more again please?”

“Of course, I was wondering when you would ask.”

For the rest of the day Joseph learned how to walk. He was doing much better, not getting quite as tired, quite as quickly. They stopped for a few breaks, and to eat lunch, and then dinner. After dinner they sat back and relaxed, and just talked.

For the next few days, that was pretty much all they did. Each morning they would have breakfast, take some eye fluid and test it, and then start walking. By the end of the week, Dr. Chalmers felt that Joseph was ready to go outdoors and try his hand at walking on ground that was not always smooth and even. Also by the end of the week, Joseph's eyes were getting even better yet, and he could now certainly see shapes, but most of the time it was still somewhat fuzzy, but he had to concentrate to even get that, and most of the time it was still mostly just a quick glimpse, and then it was back to nothingness again.

“Okay Joseph, I think that you have progressed about as far indoors as we can possibly get you. You are now able to walk all on your own with little trouble, although you do still tire a little easily, but that will not last long I dare say. It is now time that we take you outside and get you walking on uneven ground.”

“What do you mean Doctor, you have me going up and down the stairs, how much more difficult can it be than that?”

“Stairs are easy, because you know that they are there, you know that you have to step up or step down, but the ground is not always the exact same, there are subtle differences that you may not notice with your cane, or even with your eyes if that were the case, so if you are not careful when you are walking, you could easily trip and fall. We will be out walking the grounds, where when you do fall, it should not hurt quite so bad.”

“I am not quite so sure I like how you say when I fall, not if I fall.”

“That is okay, but it is an almost certain thing that you will fall down at some time, you may as well accept it and move on. Even for those that are not relearning how to walk, or more likely learning how to truly walk for the first time, will fall on occasion, because accidents happen. Even for people with perfect vision and two perfect legs, they can miss something and trip and fall. A great many injuries are caused from just such a thing. When you are working with next to no sight, a cane to help guide you, and only one good leg, the likelihood of accidents increases exponentially, but you have been taught well, and we will teach you more how to reduce that likelihood. Because you will be more aware of the inherent dangers, it will keep you more safe in the long run, but accidents will still happen.”

“Oh, that makes sense enough Doctor, I will just remember all that you have taught me, and I am sure that I will be fine.”

And he was. They went outside, Dr. Chalmers letting Joseph lead the way. When he got to the steps leading down from the front porch, he used his cane just as he had been taught, gaged the depth of the step, and then stepped down. He was still a little more awkward, but he was doing remarkably well. Once down from the steps, he just started to sort of zig zag his way around the yard. Every time that he felt something in his way, he would stop and feel it, to check to see what it was. Dr. Chalmers just stood off to the side for the most part though, and allowed Joseph to explore. The happy smile on his face said that he had never just had a chance to do so before, and this was just as important as learning to walk was, but he was doing both. All of a sudden though, Joseph did trip and fall to the ground.

“Are you all right, would you like a hand?” Dr. Chalmers called out.

“Yes Doctor, I am all right, thank you for asking. That was a little scary at first, falling like that, but I do not believe that I hurt myself at all, and I believe that I should be able to get up on my own.”

“What did you trip over?”

“I have no idea Doctor, I did not feel anything, so I probably just did not pick up my foot high enough again.” Referring to the fact that he did do that from time to time.

“Okay then, continue on, you are doing spectacularly well.”

“Thank you Doctor, I am having fun.” Joseph smiled, and as soon as he got his balance again, he got started again. There was a lot of yard, so there was a lot for Joseph to explore, and he did a lot of walking. At one time he found a garden bench, and took the opportunity of finding it, to take a quick break. Dr. Chalmers of course joined him.

“You look like you are having a lot of fun out here.”

“Oh yes Doctor, I have never been allowed to just walk around and feel things before, it is wonderful.” Joseph smiled so brightly that for a moment he out shone the brightly shining sun.

“Yes, it is a wondrous feeling to just walk around and explore.”

“Oh yes, it is Doctor. I only needed to rest for a few moments, and then I wish to keep on going.”

“That is okay, you may explore for as long as you desire, just take plenty of rests as you need them to prevent yourself getting too worn out.”

“I know Doctor, I have not done that again, and I will not either.”

“Yes, I know, but sometimes excited young boys forget things.”

Joseph just grinned and hugged the doctor to his side quickly, and then got back up and continued his walking and exploring. It had to have taken him nearly two hours more to explore the entire front yard, and he walked around almost the entire time. He did have a couple more falls, one looking quite nasty, but really was no worse than the first one. He had a blast though, and really did not want to admit that he was getting tired and hungry, but he did.

“Well, I know that you did not want to come in to eat lunch and take a break, but it was good that you did, because after lunch, I have a bit of a surprise for you.” Dr. Chalmers said as he laid out the food for their lunch.

“Then let us eat our lunch quickly, so that I may find out what the surprise is!” Joseph grinned.

Dr. Chalmers just smiled and they ate. They did not eat fast, they ate all the food that was there, and then they cleaned up, all without Joseph once asking for what the surprise was.

“Okay, go hop into your chair, and you may take off your leg for a while, so that your leg can rest as well, and then I will push you to where we are going.”

“Oh, okay Doctor, am I allowed to ask yet where it is that yo are taking me?”

“In a roundabout way, I believe that you just asked me, but the answer is yes. The answer to the question is, I am going to take you up to the school today to meet everyone there. School starts on Monday, and I promised you that once you were ready, that I would take you there, and you are as ready as I can get you. We will take the chair, because it is a very long walk, and I do not believe that you are ready for that yet, but once we arrive there, then you may walk on your own, or use the chair if needed.”

“Oh, that is great to hear Doctor, I have been waiting to start school. You said that school starts on Monday, but what day is it today, I do not know?”

“That is right, you never ask what the date or time is, why is that?”

“My mother always said that it was not important for me to know that, because I could not see anyways, so it was of little use to me.”

“Disgusting, truly disgusting. Today is Friday, so you have only a few days left to go.”

“I am used to it Doctor, but thanks. Shall I get dressed in my school uniform?”

“No, today you will not require your uniform, however it may be not a bad idea to get you dressed, it would not do for you to be raped just as you walk in the door, and as cute as you are in just your diapers, that would be a very real possibility.”

“Well then Doctor, let us go just like this then.” Joseph grinned widely again.

“Somehow I knew that would be your stand, but let us go and get you dressed young man.” Dr. Chalmers grinned back, and then carried Joseph up to their room. Joseph had already taken his leg off, so that was why Dr. Chalmers carried him, because Joseph was certainly more than capable of doing it on his own by then.

When they reached their room, Dr. Chalmers picked out a small pair of cotton short shorts, a tee shirt, and a clean pair of white knee socks. He helped Joseph to get dressed, and although Joseph was more than capable of doing the dressing on his own, he loved it when the doctor helped him to get dressed. The final thing that Dr. Chalmers did was to put Joseph's running shoes on, well one of them went onto the fake foot.

“There you go, all set now, so let us go for that nice long walk.”

“Okay Doctor, I cannot wait to meet the others.”

“I know.” Dr. Chalmers said as he picked up the light boy and carried him back downstairs.

Joseph was set into his chair, his leg and cane handed to him, and Dr. Chalmers pushed Joseph for their journey. It was a fifteen minute walk to make it to the school, and it was mostly uphill, because the school was on the very top of a small hill, and by the time they made it there, Dr. Chalmers was sweating heavily.

“Whew, what a workout. I forgot how long that walk was when pushing someone in a wheelchair.” Dr. Chalmers commented as they came to a stop in front of the large white stone main building.

“If you were tired Doctor, you should have told me, I could have wheeled myself as well you know.”

“Yes, I know, but I enjoy helping you out, and I doubt that you would have had the strength yet to push yourself for that long either.”

“Maybe not Doctor, but I certainly could have helped out some, and that way we could have both gotten only some exercise, not all of it.”

“Yes, that is certainly true too. Come, let us go and find the others and see who all we can meet today.”

“Where will they all be?”

“Hard to say for sure, but on a beautiful day such as this, they will almost certainly be outside, and I am willing to bet that they will be in the pool. A few may be missing though, to go and take care of urgent business, or there could be some out on the field playing games, who knows.”

“I bet I know what the urgent business is.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, I know you know, because you seem to have urgent business at least once a day that arises and needs taken care of.”

“Yes, and I am glad that you are always there to help out.”

“I am happy that you enjoy that, but believe me, once you are in school, helping hands, or any other helping body orifice will not be any problem at all. There will never be any shortage of people that would like to help you out a little, or a lot.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.


“Yes, now I think that you can go ahead and attach your leg and walk on your own for a bit, and I will just leave your chair here.”

“Okay Doctor.” Joseph said and quickly attached his leg and stood up from the chair. He got his cane ready, and the took the doctors arm to lead him, but used his cane as well.

They walked around the school for a little while, just sort of looking around as it were, Dr. Chalmers of course telling Joseph everything that he would need to know. He showed Joseph how on all the walls were plaques that showed them where they were at any given time, and all the signs had braille on them as well, and Dr. Chalmers sort of gave Joseph a brief description of what each sign was as he felt the braille letters. As was suspected, when they finally found the others they were in the pool.

“Well, it looks like everyone is out here and enjoying the pool today. That is good for us. Do you know how to swim Joseph?”

“No Doctor, the only time that I have ever been in water was for a bath.”

“Okay then, we will stay in the shallow end and play with the others there.”

“Okay Doctor, but I do not have a swim suit.”

“Swim suits are not necessary here, we always swim naked, it as it was intended. Now, let us go and meet everyone.”

“Oh, okay Doctor, that sounds nice.” Joseph said and started stripping down.

The others in the pool had yet to notice the two new arrivals to their play, because they were still inside more than anything. Dr. Chalmers joined Joseph in getting undressed, and as soon as they were both naked, they headed out to the pool deck.

“Hello everyone, it looks like you are all enjoying the beautiful day.”

“Good day Doctor.” Everyone called out at the same time, everyone excited to see him, some it showed on more than others, and all of them were very pleased to see the very cute young boy with him.

“And how is everyone today?”

“Great.” They all answered.

“That is good to hear, we will go ahead and join you in the shallow end, for Joseph here does not know how to swim yet.” Dr. Chalmers told everyone. “And as for you young man, we will need to take your leg off for swimming, you will not want to get it wet.”

“Okay Doctor, but how will I walk around then?”

“In the pool you will not need to walk, I will teach you how to swim, and when you get out, you may dry yourself off and then attach your leg. I will help you out for the first few times in that regard.”

“Oh, okay Doctor.”

Joseph sat on a bench that he was directed to and removed his leg, and then Dr. Chalmers picked him up and carried him to the pool. As they slipped in, they were surrounded by almost everyone right away, and introductions were made. It was a long process with almost thirty people, but they came and introduced themselves, boys first, and described themselves for Joseph.

“Hi Joseph, my name is Jeremy, I am six years old, and I have been here almost two years now. I have blond hair and blue eyes, and I am really small.” He said, shaking Joseph's hand.

“Hi Joseph, my name is Malcolm, I came here last year, I am eight years old, I wear diapers, I am about normal size I am told, and I have brown hair and eyes.”

“Hello Joseph, I am Colby, I am eight years old, and I came here last year as well, I have dark brown hair and eyes.”

So on and so forth they went, each introducing themselves, giving Joseph a brief description of themselves, as they were told they should, and shook his hand. Next came Michael, who was also diapered, twelve years old, good build for his age, light brown hair and blue eyes. Then there was Mitchell, who was thirteen, was pretty small for his age, had blond hair and green eyes. Next was Nicholas, he was fourteen, one of the other blind boys there, he also wore diapers, was pretty small, had black hair, and cloudy grey eyes. Daniel came up next and said that he was nine, had a normal build, with black hair and blue eyes. Oliver was a ten year old diaper wearer with a medium build, red hair, and green eyes. Patrick came up next and told Joseph that he was ten years old, was pretty small, with light brown hair and eyes. Bailey was nine years old, was missing his left arm just above the elbow, also wore diapers, was a pretty decent size, and had blond hair and blue eyes. Travis was a tall thirteen year old with light brown hair and eyes. Gavin was next, and he said that he was eight years old, wore diapers, was normal size, and had blond hair and blue eyes. Oren said that he was seven years old, short and diapered, brown hair and green eyes. Devin said that he too was seven, he was also blind and diapered, he was pretty small, with brown hair and cloudy grey eyes. Luke was a small eight year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Rory was nine years old and was quite tall for his age, and he had bright blond hair and bright blue eyes. Zane is eleven years old, very small for his age, diapered, light brown hair and eyes. Shelby is the oldest boy there at sixteen, he also wore diapers, was a really good build, has black hair and deep brown eyes. And finally for the boys was Tanner at fifteen, also a good solid build, wore diapers as well, and had blond hair and blue eyes, and wore glasses.

Once all the boys were finished their introductions, the teachers came up and did the same. There was Kyle, who introduced himself as Dr. Chalmers son, Vincent, Anthony, Douglas, who said he wore diapers as well, William, who also wore diapers, Evan, Tobias, another diaper wearer, James, also in diapers, and finally Keith.

“Doctor, how come none of the teachers use their last names, I thought all teachers only gave out their last names?”

“Because we are pretty informal around here, how can we not be. We are not after all a normal school. I think that I am the only one that does, and that is simply because I am a doctor, and it is just what I am used to. If you were to call me by my first name, I am not even certain I would respond.”

“Oh, that is nice then. There sure are a lot of diaper wearers here, why is that?”

“Most of them need them, some of them just like them. Even many of the ones who do not wear, will wear them occasionally, just because they feel nice.”

“I know that there are a few here that are handicapped such as I am, and that is one reason that they are here, but why are the others here?”

“Most of them are here just because they were rescued from horrible situations. Many of them were horribly beaten, such as you were, tortured, like you were, thrown away, or any other number of reasons. The world can be a cruel place to children, and all I want is to get a few of you into a caring place. I wish that I could do more, but sadly we can only do so much here.”

“That is very bad for us to begin with, but I am certain that all of the others are as happy to be here as I am. Did they all come here liking sex though?”

“No, most of them had no idea what was in store for them when they arrived, but we never forced anyone to do anything that they did not want, and each and every one of them loves what we do here now. Some took a little more time than others to get into it, but they all did, especially when we had the fun classes and they had to join in on how to pleasure each other. Most of them though were more than familiar with the concept, many if them having been abused, but some of them, especially the younger ones, had never experienced what their bodies could feel like.”

“There are some pretty young boys here, how young have you taken them, one of the boys said that he has been here since he was four he thought?”

“That was the youngest, but I have taken more than a few five year olds, and I have had a couple four year olds here, but sex with them is kept very light, especially at first, because we do not want to hurt anyone here. Jeremy, for instance, is still hands off for adults and the older boys to penetrate anally, because he is simply too small and not accustomed quite yet. Both Orin and Devin can take almost everyone though, although they are still quite tight for us larger adults, and it still hurts them some, but once we are in, they enjoy it a great deal. The rest though are pretty much open, and I do mean that in the way it sounds as well, and they enjoy it a great deal.”

“As much as I do?”

“In some cases yes, in some cases more so. You will find that your room partner is more active than you are, and you will get your fill of being filled and filling him.”

“And who is that Doctor?”


“Oh, the big fifteen year old that wears diapers as well?”

“You remembered, that is impressive. Yes, and he is big, and not just in his body, his penis is very impressive, it is actually larger than mine, but not by much. He knows how to use it well as well, but he has been here since he was six years old himself, so he should know how to use it well by now.”

“Wow, that will be so nice, and of course Doctor, I will remember each one by voice, and I will remember all that they told me as well.”

“Nice will not begin to cover it all, trust me. As well, trust me when I say that remembering information like that is a rare gift, and it will serve you very well in life, just make sure to keep it active.”

“I do not understand, how could I not keep it active, it is always like that!”

“By not using your memory, you could lose that ability, and that would be a bad thing.”

“Doctor, seeing as how Joseph will almost certainly be my room mate, how about you leave him with me, and he and I can get to know each other?” Tanner asked, swimming back up to them. Everyone had dispersed once they had introduced themselves, so as not to crowd Joseph and possibly make him uncomfortable.

“What makes you think that Tanner?”

“Well, I have the only room in the school with only one student at this time, and I know how you like to always keep a pair of boys together, so that we always have a friend to talk to.”

“Very true, but what makes you think that I would not make a few changes?”

“Because you would never break up the others Doctor, you never have before, and the only reason that I do not have a partner right now is because Jonathon moved away to go to university this summer. I still miss him.”

“Yes, you do know the workings of this place well, so Joseph will be your roommate, and you are welcome to come and keep him company. Just make sure and remember that Joseph has only one leg, and he cannot swim. Everything else is a go, and he is probably excited about having you for a roommate as you are about him.”

“Certainly Doctor, I am familiar with loss of limbs, seeing as how we have had a few amputees here over the years, and I could not swim either when I came here, most cannot, so I will teach him that as well over the next little while.”

“Very true. Well Joseph, I will leave you in Tanner's more than capable hands, just call if you need me.”

“Thank you Doctor, that would be nice.” Joseph said and then grabbed onto Tanner's offered hand.

Joseph liked being in the water, because even with a half missing leg, he felt as if he was able to move freely, without problem, he just had to hold onto something for a little added support.

“So, Joseph is it? You are twelve right?” Tanner asked.

“That is correct Tanner, and I remember that you are fifteen, a good solid build, love to wear diapers, and you said that you have blond hair and blue eyes.”

“Wow, good memory.”

“Thank you, Dr. Chalmers says that I have an incredible memory, because I remember things instantly, and never forget.”

“I would love to be able to do that, it takes me a long time to memorize things, but the doctor figures that that has something to do with my mental disability.”

“If you do not mind my asking, what do you mean by mental disability?”

“Well, I am slightly retarded due to the severe beatings that my father apparently put me through when I was real young. The doctor says that when he found me, I had a very bad concussion, bleeding brain, swollen brain, and many broken bones. He says that that was what likely caused it, but he and the other teachers have all taught me a great deal on how to cope with it, as if I did not have a disability at all. It just takes me time to remember things.”

“I am sorry to hear that, but my mother also beat me, and she tortured me as well. She would press her lit cigarettes against my skin and burn me. The doctor says that you can still see some of the burn marks, even after as long a time as it has been.”

“Yes, I can see a few on your chest and arms. Would you mind my telling you that you are a very pretty boy?”

“No, I think that you sound very pretty as well.” Joseph said with only a hint of a blush.

“Thank you.”

“So, when you came here, did you know what sex was, or did you learn to love it here?”

“No, I certainly knew what sex was, but I certainly never knew what love, or nice feelings were until I came here. My father brutally raped me for as long as I can remember, until the doctor rescued me. I was six then, and by that time I got used to, and almost liked being entered roughly. I love it more now though, now that it is tender and loving, but it took me a long time to figure out that there was a difference. How about you?”

“Well, I never had to endure that sort of treatment, sex was one thing my mother never tortured me with, just everything else. I do not even remember the first time having sex, but I remember some of the first times, I think, I was still pretty out of it then. I remember that at first it was a little painful, but not bad, more uncomfortable. The priest that the nurses at the institution had come to give me my weekly enemas used his penis instead of the more normal enema nozzle. It quickly came to that I enjoyed it, although I never knew I was having sex, or being used like the doctor says, but I sure do love my urine enemas, and the doctor has given me a couple now.”

“That is certainly a different one, but if you let me do it to you some day, I will let you do it to me as well. I am always up for new things.” Tanner grinned.

“Yes, and from what Dr. Chalmers says, when you are up, you are really up as well, but I would like that.”

“Yes, he is one that enjoys playtime with me, he says that I feel incredible inside him, and I enjoy it as well, but then, I love it when he returns the favor as well.” Tanner said wistfully.

“Me too. All this talking about sex is making my penis hard, is there some place that we can go to have a little fun?” Joseph asked slyly.

“What, and let the others miss seeing you in action, not a chance, we can do it right here if you like. We can maybe get a real party started on the pool deck, it will not be the first, and hopefully not the last.”

“We are allowed to play around out here even?” Joseph asked, somewhat surprised, but then again he sort of was not.

“Anywhere, and at almost any time, if you want to play, and you have time, then you are allowed to play. You will learn more about this later. Here, let me hoist you up onto the pool deck, and then I will climb out and join you. I would love to have your very nice looking penis buried inside my anus, but I will suck you a little first.”

“Oh, that sounds very nice, but then I wish to have you inside me as well, after I get to suck you a little as well.” Joseph said, now fully hard and ready.

Joseph was quickly set up onto the deck and Tanner hopped out and joined him. Because they were both hot and ready to go, Tanner decided to forgo the foreplay this one time, and just sucked Joseph to the root. The entire collection of boys and men heard the sharp intake of breath from the pleasure that Joseph felt, and they turned to see who was playing. They all liked what they saw, and or heard, and hopped out to go and enjoy the show a little closer to the action.

By the time everyone was gathered around them, Tanner felt that the sucking was done for then, and crawled up and sat down on Joseph's turgid young member. Tanner had not even bothered to lube or finger himself, he knew that he would be able to take it no problem at all, since he was so used to it, and Joseph was nowhere near as large as he was used to. Both boys moaned lowly from the insertion, and even though the insertion was quick, the lovemaking that Tanner laid on Joseph was not. In fact it was so soft and slow, that it hardly felt like Tanner was moving at all.

“Wow Dad, he sure is a hot little number, is he not. I cannot believe that you found him, and that he already loves sex so much.” Kyle whispered to his dad as he was slowly stroking his own hard meat, as was everyone else there.

“You do not even know the half of it baby, that boy is certain to wear out even Tanner, and he will be a most excellent addition to our love classes. He is already capable of holding off for quite some time, but we will hone that even more, and his orgasms are truly spectacular. His backside is also incredible, took me with no problems at all the very first time, and he loves it even more than you ever did.”

“I find that last part difficult to believe, given just how much I love anal intercourse, but I know how you rarely ever exaggerate, so I will believe you, for now.”

They said nothing more as they continued to watch the two loving boys working each other. Neither was attempting to make it go fast, in fact they were both trying their hardest to make it last as long as they could. Tanner, who was a near expert, would be fully capable of lasting thirty plus minutes, if he had already cum during the morning, or twenty minutes if he had not, but he had, and Joseph had been known to last a good thirty minutes as well. They rocked together, and away from each other as if they were seasoned lovers, both riding the ride with tender passion that you would almost never see in boys, and certainly not ones that had only just really met.

All the boys and men that were surrounding the loving couple were stroking their hard dicks, none of them taking anyone else's in their hands, this was just a show, and they all loved the show. They all knew to keep it slow, so as not to explode too soon themselves, and they all lasted just as long as the boys on the ground did.

Tanner and Joseph lasted just a little over twenty five minutes before they could not hold on any longer. They could each feel the other holding off, they knew the other was very close, and as soon as one grunted, signaling the impending orgasm, they both let go. Tanner had pushed himself up in his orgasm, causing his penis to point straight out, past Joseph's head, and that was where his cum flew. With four very strong jets, he sprayed clear past Joseph's head onto the concrete, fully a foot past, and then a further four shots painted Joseph from forehead to belly button. Joseph's orgasm was of course dry, but it was no less intense, and had he have shot, and been allowed to go for distance, Tanner felt that he would have been beaten from how powerful it felt inside him.

“Wow, you were right, his orgasms are amazing.” Kyle whispered, his shots coming at almost the same time, and being aimed at Tanner's heaving back, as were every other load that had emptied at almost the same time.

“Just wait until they trade places.” Dr. Chalmers grinned and grunted, also spraying a healthy load for a man his age.

“Wow Tanner, that was great.” Joseph panted out.

“Nowhere near as good as it was for me. You have an incredible penis, and I am very happy that you are my roommate.” Tanner sighed happily.

“Somehow I doubt that it was better for you, so let us just say that it was very good for both of us, and I too am happy that we are roommates.”

“Okay, I can live with that. Now, would you like to lick off my back, it is a pretty nasty mess right now from everyone spraying their loads on it as they came.”

“Really, I can lick it all off, I would love that!”

“Then go on and crawl out and lick me clean, just as long as I get to lick you clean after the next part.”

“You have a deal.” Joseph grinned, and then did just that. It took him about five minutes to clean up all the mess, and boy did he enjoy it as well. It made many of the boys and men around them groan in ecstasy.

“How would you like me for your turn Joseph?” Tanner asked as he was finished being licked clean.

“Just the same way as we just did, you lay on your back, and I will do the rest. Is there any lubricant around though, I am not able to take you dry?”

“Lube please?” Tanner called out, and mere seconds later a jar of lube was passed over. Joseph just smiled as he took the jar, and got to work.

As his fingers were busily working and lubing his back entrance, Joseph was busy giving Tanner the blowjob of his life. Tanner was an expert at receiving blowjobs, and he did not believe that he had ever had a better one before, and that was difficult to claim, but Joseph was doing it. As soon as he was ready, Joseph climbed up and got himself into position, and then sank down on the large teen shaft, both of them moaning the entire way, but neither of them in pain, both were moans of the utmost pleasure.

“Wow, I see what you mean about him. He was giving a first class blowjob there, and now he took the largest penis in the entire place, with nary a grimace. He is an incredible find.” Kyle whispered hoarsely.

As soon as Joseph bottomed out, he reversed direction, and began riding Tanner just as slowly as he had been ridden earlier. With each of them already having given up a powerful load, they were able to hold on for quite a while, nearly ten minutes longer this time, but by the time they could no longer hold on, they were both burning up. A few of the boys above them were unable to hold off for quite as long, and the ones that could shoot, had already shot their loads onto Joseph's back. As the two of them screamed out their orgasms, the rest of the loads pooled on Joseph's back. He loved the feeling of all the cum splattering his back like that, he loved even more the feel of tanner's nice big dick seated firmly inside him and spraying just as large a load as the last one.

“Thank you so much Tanner, you are amazing.” Joseph sighed a few minutes later.

“I could say the exact same thing for you as well. No one, and I mean no one has ever been able to hold off as long as I can, right from the start like you did. Now, let me out so that I can clean your back up, and then I think that we should go swimming.”

Joseph just moved enough for Tanner to slip out, and then he got into position and licked Joseph's back spotlessly clean. As soon as Joseph was nice and clean, Tanner picked him up, turned him, so that they were facing each other, and then kissed the boy deeply as he walked them into the shallow end of the pool. They kissed long and deep as Tanner walked them further and further out into the water, until only their heads were above the water.

“Wow, you sure are a great kisser as well. I love to kiss, it just feels so nice.”

“Thank you, and me too. I could kiss for hours if someone would let me.” Joseph grinned.

“Oh, I will let you for sure.” Tanner grinned as well, actually falling head over heals in love for the small boy.

“Good, I would love that.”

The boys were in small groups, all talking and enjoying themselves, and all the talk was centered around Joseph, and how amazing he was at lovemaking. They had all loved the show, but could not wait until they got to join in on the fun as well. They could all tell that the two boys were starting to fall in love with each other though, and they would not interfere with that, but group fun was always accepted at the school, and enjoyed as well.

All the teachers were standing in a group together, talking about Joseph, telling Dr. Chalmers how lucky he was to have gotten a lot of solo time with the hot young boy. He agreed with them of course, because he knew that that boy was going to be a free spirit. He could love anyone, but he could also play with anyone. He knew that Joseph loved him, but not as a lover, more as a savior and father figure, and he could see just as clearly as the others could that Joseph was starting to fall for Tanner, and he too thought that they made the perfect couple.

“Joseph, it is time that we got going, we still have a little more work to do before you get to join the school.” Dr. Chalmers called out a short while later.

“Dr. Chalmers, could Joseph not spend the night?” Tanner asked.

“No Tanner, you will have to wait until Sunday night for that, and then he will be staying at the school permanently, but until then, we still have a little more work to get him better prepared.”

“Okay Doctor, I will let you do your work then, but I cannot wait until Sunday night.” Tanner grinned.

“And I bet that I know the reason as well.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly at the boy.

“Yeah.” Tanner said dreamily.

Joseph was lifted out of the water by Tanner, and given a nice tender kiss, and then Joseph quickly found and attached his leg and got ready to go.

“I am ready Doctor, but I would like to try and walk back on my own. It is mostly downhill, so it should not be too much trouble.”

“Okay, if you are sure that you are ready for a walk that long, then I will let you lead the way. Let us see if you remember the way.” Dr. Chalmers smiled, certain that Joseph would remember.”

“Okay Doctor, just aim me at the door leading back into the school please, because there is nothing for me to tell where I am at this moment.”

“Here you go.” Dr. Chalmers said softly, turning Joseph so that he was facing the doorway. He had wondered if Joseph would be able to get back to the door on his own.

“Bye everyone, it was very nice to meet you all, and I cannot wait until we get to go to classes together.” Joseph called out to everyone, and they all grinned, thinking that he meant the love classes.

“And he does not just mean the love classes boys, he has an incredible thirst for knowledge, and cannot wait to go to the normal classes as well, but I assure you that you will all enjoy him being in your love classes as well.” Dr. Chalmers grinned to all the boys. They all smiled.

“Bye.” Everyone said.

Joseph then led the way through the school, back towards the front entrance. Dr. Chalmers was actually amazed that Joseph was able to do it as if he had done it a hundred times before, because they had not taken a straight route to the pool, because they had toured a bit of the school first, yet Joseph led them through the most direct route to the front entrance.

Dr. Chalmers grabbed the wheelchair as they passed it, heading out the front entrance, and Joseph led them all the way to the house, having to take only two short rest stops. They did not talk at all on their way, Joseph was enjoying the freedom too much to want to talk.

“You did very well Joseph. That was a very long walk, and you only rested twice. How do you feel?” Dr. Chalmers asked once they were back inside the house.

“I feel great Doctor. I have never felt so free and great before, I love it here.” Joseph said brightly, showing his sheer happiness clearly.

“I am glad that you like it here, and I like having you here as well. Tanner though, now he will love having you here. He too is a very loving boy, just like you are, and you two will make a nice pairing, or couple if you so desire.”

“I really like Tanner too, but Doctor, what was it that you said that you still had to teach me before I started school?”

“Not much, I just wanted to make sure that you are good with walking, and making your own way around. I think however that you proved on your way down to the house that you are very capable of that, however, you are no longer to use your chair, or be carried in the house for the next two days, just to make sure.”

“Oh, okay then. Can we still get a little more loving practice though before I start school?” Joseph grinned.

“Of course.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.