Chapter 8

The next two days went by quickly for Dr. Chalmers and Joseph, and as agreed, Joseph walked around the house at all times, learning even more how to navigate on his own, and he even ventured out into the garden by himself a few times, just to enjoy the great outdoors. He was fully able to go up and down stairs, navigate around almost any obstacle that he encountered, and he was very proud of himself. Dr. Chalmers though was by far the more proud of the two of them, and he was very happy for the boy. They did make love both nights, as well as Sunday morning, Joseph having completely worn the poor doctor out, causing him to pass out at one time. Dr. Chalmers also removed a tiny amount of fluid from Joseph's eyes each morning, as usual, and he was happy to see that there was still some more improvement. Joseph was also claiming that he was starting to think that he saw things just a little more clearly on Sunday morning as well, but still saying that he had to concentrate to even do that, both were happy with that for now though.

“Well Joseph, are you ready to go and join the school as a full student?” Dr. Chalmers asked just a little after lunch time

“Oh yes Doctor, I have been waiting for so long for this.” Joseph said excitedly.

“It has not been that long, only a couple weeks. Would you like to attempt the walk, or would you prefer to take your chair?”

“I think that I would like to try and walk Doctor, but I know that you would be bringing my chair anyways, so if I need to, I can always wheel myself for a little while as well. We can also just pile all my clothes in the chair for the walk up, so that neither one of us will have to carry them as well.” Joseph suggested.

“Yes, you are correct, I would have been bringing your chair anyways, and I was already planning on using it to haul your things as well. By all means then, please lead the way.” Dr. Chalmers offered.

“What about my things though Doctor?”

“While you were out walking in the garden, I was getting together all of your things, and they are already waiting in your chair for when we leave, which could be now if you would just lead the way.” Dr. Chalmers grinned, Joseph's face brightened even further.

“Well then, why did you not tell me that before, we could already be half way there.” Joseph grinned.

Dr. Chalmers just chuckled and followed Joseph from the room, grabbing the chair as he passed it, and Joseph led the way up to the school. The walk was long and tiring for Joseph, but he did very well. He took three short breaks, but decided to just push on and walk the entire way on his own. As they walked, they were again silent, Joseph just enjoying the smells and the sounds, and the warm breeze playing across his bare skin, because he was only wearing a pair of shorts over his diaper. With as slow as they had to go, the walk took nearly twice as long, but neither one was worried with how much time it took for them to make it there, only that they did.

“Well Joseph, you should be proud that you made that long walk all by yourself.”

“Thank you Doctor, that means a lot coming from you.” Joseph beamed.

“I am sure that it does. Now let us go and find your room. You will find that the entire school is comprised of only one very large main building, on only one floor, so getting around is quite easy. As you found out the other day, all the signs on the walls will tell you where you are at, and where to go to get to where you wish to go at any time. The wing that we were in the other day, the south wing, incorporates all the classrooms, the center area is our kitchen, dining, and lounge rooms. There are a few different lounges around. There is also a very large library off the center wing, it is a very large circular room with an almost entirely glass ceiling. Then there is the north wing, and that is where all the living quarters are. That is where we will be heading now.”

“Wow, it will be a lot to remember, but I am sure that I will be fine.” Joseph whistled.

“Yes, with as well and fast as you remember things, you will get the hang of it very quickly I think. Go ahead and follow me, and I will lead the way. Feel free to take your time to learn all of the signs, I will tell you what each one says as we come to them, so that you can try and remember the braille writing on them.”

“Thank you Doctor, that would be much appreciated.”

Joseph followed Dr. Chalmers dutifully, learning each and every one of the signs as they went, memorizing his way instantly. It took nearly half an hour for them to make the five minute walk to Joseph's new room, because he was very exacting, and only left a sign once he was sure that he would remember it.

“And here is your room. It is not much, but it will be your home. In here you have a nice large closet and you each have your own dresser. You each have your own queen size bed, and a nice desk and chair. Your room has a spectacular view of the rear gardens, but it is a shame that you cannot yet see them, because they are truly beautiful this time of year. Hopefully soon though we will be able to get you seeing well enough to appreciate them.”

“Really Doctor, it sounds as if the room must be very large to fit all of that in it, and queen size beds, for just one boy?”

“Yes, but I was being a tad facetious when I said that it was not much, because it is far more than anyone else would ever give to students at a boarding school, but this is no normal school, we love everyone here.”

“Yes, and I appreciate that very much. The room feels very nice and warm as well, very welcoming, just like your house.”

“Yes, all the rooms are very nicely decorated, and the overall feeling of the school should be very welcoming, because we are very welcoming around here. Why do we not go ahead and get your things put away, and then I will take you to your bathroom, so that you may put your things away in there.”

“Okay Doctor, just tell me where to put things, and how, and I will do my best!”

It took Dr. Chalmers about ten minutes to show Joseph how and where to put his things away, and then led him to the large bathroom.

“Wow, this bathroom sounds huge.” Joseph said as they entered, because he could hear the large echo in the empty room.

“It is probably larger than it sounds, because there are things in here that make it sound not as large as it is.”

“Oh.” Joseph said.

“Even though you will probably never have to use them, the toilets are to your left. To your right are the sinks, and as I said before, there are ten drawers, and one of them will be yours. If you would go ahead and go to the third drawer from the left, you may put your things in there. On the shelves under the drawer is where you will find your towels and cloths, they will be refilled every day. Then of course the sink above the drawer is yours to use. Towards the rear of the room are of course the showers. Each shower has two separate heads that are controlled by the one tap, so that you get sprayed from two different places as the same time, it is very nice. Feel free to have as hot and long a shower as you wish in here, we are never worried about that sort of thing. In the center of the shower area is the large bench for you boys to set your things on, and for getting dried off. You will find that it is rare for any of the boys to wear any clothing of any sort from their rooms to here, why bother.”

Joseph had went to the drawer that he was told was his, and deposited his personal belongings into it, and then explored as he was being told everything.

“It is a very nice bathroom Doctor. What about diapers though, where are they stored, and where do I go to get changed?”

“The bottom drawer of your dresser is always kept full of everything that you need, and you may ask your roommate to change you. If you are not in your room, then you may visit the medical offices, where everyone else goes for diaper changes when they are not in their rooms, and there is almost always someone in there, but if there is not, then all you have to do, is ring the bell, and someone will be along shortly. That is also where we will be heading next, because you need to know where it is. It is in the central wing.” Dr. Chalmers said, and then led Joseph there.

“Doctor, why have we not seen any of the others around, I have not even heard anyone yet?” Joseph asked curiously on their way.

“Well, same as the other day, there could be any number of locations where they could be at this time, but either the pool or the gym are very real possibilities.”

Joseph continued learning the signs along their way to the medical area, where he found a very nice sized exam room, changing area, testing area, and everything else that could be needed. Dr. Chalmers showed him where the bell was to call for someone, but they did not push it.

“Well, I believe that that is enough for now, and you may explore this evening after dinner. For now I say that we go and find the others, and see what they are doing.”

“Okay Doctor, that sounds like fun.” Joseph grinned.

“Yes, but only because you think that you will get to have more sexual fun when we get to where they are.” Dr. Chalmers grinned back.

“That was not the only reason, but it is a good one.” Joseph smiled brightly.

Dr. Chalmers just chuckled and continued to have Joseph just follow him and learn the signs for where they were at all times, as they searched for the others. They were not in the pool, so they headed towards the gym next, and that was where they were to be found.

“Joseph, you made it.” Tanner yelled out and came running towards the two of them, and when he made it, he picked Joseph up and gave him a kiss.

“Wow, nice greeting.” Joseph giggled when the kiss was broken.

“It is good to see you again Joseph. Do you get to stay now?” Tanner asked excitedly.

“Yes I do, and all my things have been moved into our bedroom and bathroom already.”

“Excellent. Would you like to come and play games with us then before we have dinner?”

“Okay, but I have never played any games before, and I am blind remember, so I probably will not be able to play.”

“Ah, but that is where you are very wrong. To play this game is surprisingly easy, and all of us that can see are blindfolded, so that it is fair. The only reason I am not at this time, was because I was taking a break to get my diaper changed. I started to leak a bit, because Michael scared the pee right out of me by accident. It was really very funny.”

“Really, you guys are all playing blind, that is very neat?”

“Of course we are, it would not be fair otherwise, and it helps us all to realize how good that we have it. In this game, the blind boys actually have an advantage, because they are more used to it, but I am so used to going blindfolded now, as are a bunch of the others, that it is almost as easy for us as well.”

“That is a very kind thing to do. So, what is the game that you are playing then, and how do I play?”

“It is just called tag, and the point of the game is to tag other people to make them it. Of course half the time we are bumping into each other, so if the person who is it happens to bump into someone, or someone bump into him, then they get tagged. It can be a lot of fun. We do not use sight canes for the game though, but I know that you use yours for balance as well, so if you use it, you will just have to try and be more careful not to trip someone with it.”

“Oh, well that sounds easy enough. I do use my cane for balance, but not so much any more, so I will go without it, or at least try to. What are the odds though that I will get knocked down?”

“It is up to you really, but the odds are very high, because in the hour that we have been playing, I have been knocked down, or tripped five times already. One of the times was when Michael scared me, and I fell onto my backside. Good thing I like my diapers extra thick, or that one could have hurt my tail bone.” Tanner grinned.

“Oh, okay then, I will still try without, but if I need to, I will have to grab my cane.” Joseph smiled.

“Excellent. Let me just tell the others that you are joining us then. Will you also be joining us Doctor?” Tanner asked, because all the other teachers were playing as well.

“Of course, you know I never turn down a chance to play blind tag, it is a lot of fun.” Dr. Chalmers smiled warmly. He loved to play games with the kids, and it was he that developed this game for his son, and he was almost as good at it as his son was.

Tanner went over the rules with Joseph, as he and Dr. Chalmers suited up with their blindfolds, and as soon as they were ready, and Joseph understood, they joined the game. All the others were happy to hear of a further two people being added, because the more the merrier. Two teachers and two students left the gym at about an hour before dinner time, and went to make everyone dinner, while the others all continued playing. They were all having a blast in there, the noise level was nearly deafening, but no one cared. They were all also going to be well bruised by the end of the game, even Joseph and Dr. Chalmers, who had joined late in the game, because they were accidentally knocked down or tripped a few times each. No one worried about a few bruises and scrapes though, they were all boys, and that was a normal boy thing.

At the sound of five bells on the school clock, the game was called, and they all headed to the dining hall. Tanner led Joseph there, although he really did not have to, because he could hear where all the others were going, and he could smell exactly where the food was coming from, so he would have made it on his own quite easily. He did not mind Tanner's arm wrapped around his though, leading him lovingly like he was. The smells of all the food were driving Joseph mad though, it smelled so good, he was drooling almost continuously.

“Tanner, I will need your help please to dish up my dinner? I cannot do that all on my own quite yet, because I cannot see the dishes to do so.”

“Of course, you ask me at any time for anything, and I will try and do it for you right away.” Tanner smiled lovingly, and then helped Joseph to dish up his dinner. They each took a small helping of each of the six food items that there were, and they dug in with the others, everyone enjoying the meal.

“Mmm, that was a very tasty dinner.” Joseph sighed, patting his full belly.

“The food around here is always really good. I still remember how it felt to starve, or what it felt like to eat garbage because I was so hungry, and I never want to feel that again, so I am very glad that Dr. Chalmers found me.”

“Yes, I agree. My mother never really fed me a lot either, and sometimes she would make me go for days without food, while I could smell that she ate real well, and I too never wish to feel that again. So, how does coking and cleaning go around here?”

“Every day two different teachers and two different students are in charge of cooking and cleaning, and it rotates every day. It is always roommates that are together, so in five days it will be our turn. With your being blind though, you will not be able to help quite as much yet, until you are more used to it, but do not worry, you will help plenty. The other three blind people, for instance, can actually use knives, and you too will learn how as well, eventually.”

“Okay, I like learning new things, so whatever you can teach me, I would appreciate.”

“If you like learning things, then you are certainly in the right place, because we are always learning new and interesting things. Come on, let me show you around the school.” Tanner said happily and grabbed Joseph to guide him around the school.

While they did meet up with a few of the boys or teachers over the next two hours that Tanner took to show Joseph around, for the most part, they were left alone. Tanner was amazed by how well Joseph really could do on his own, and all he really asked was for Tanner to tell him where they were at any given time, and what each plaque that he found said. By the time that the clock rang eight o'clock, which was bedtime, Tanner felt that Joseph knew the main school building almost as well as he himself did, and he had been there for years. As they walked into their room to prepare for the night, Tanner was startled to find Dr. Chalmers sitting there and waiting for them. Joseph felt the start, and knew why right away.

“Good evening Dr. Chalmers, came to see how the tour went I take it?” Joseph asked, without one word being spoken.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. So how did you like the tour then?”

“Tanner took me around and showed me all the rest of the places that you had not had a chance to show me yet, and I feel that I will now be able to navigate the school all by myself without problem at all.”

“H-h-how did you know that it was Dr. Chalmers that was there, or that there was anyone there for that matter?” Tanner stuttered out, amazed that Joseph could know that.

“Easy, I knew that Dr. Chalmers would want to come and see me, to see how it was going, before I went to bed, not to mention that I could smell him.”

“Really, you could smell him?” Tanner asked in surprise.

“Well, yes! I can almost always smell someone, and once I know their scent, I can almost always tell when they are in the room.”

“And Tanner, you really should know how well the other senses of a blind person work, although Joseph's senses are better than most, and most would not be able to smell one person in a room with others, or other scents, or at least not as well.”

“Well, yes I know that a blind persons other senses work better than most, but I have never heard of someone doing that before, and as far as I am aware, none of the others here can do that.”

“True, although they almost can, and if they were to concentrate, and think about it more, they probably could.”

“And earlier I could have led you to the dining hall, just from the smell of the food, but then again I think all of us could have done that.” Joseph giggled.

“I have no doubt about that, especially considering that you have in fact done that before.”

“Really!” Tanner said.

“Oh yes, Joseph here has an uncanny sense of smell, and he can find his way towards food better than anyone I have ever seen before, and I have met and worked with a lot of blind people. He almost puts a bloodhound to shame.” Dr. Chalmers grinned.

“What is a bloodhound Doctor?” Joseph asked curiously.

“It is a dog that is bred specifically for its ability to sniff out almost anything, if it gets just one smell of something, it can track it for a considerable amount of time.”

“Oh, I do not know anything about animals, and I do not believe that I have ever even touched a dog before. Thank you.”

“Then you will love to visit our barn at a later time then. We have a few cows for fresh milk, horses to ride, chickens for fresh eggs, a few dogs and cats, just because any farm has to have them, and then we have a few other animals as well.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“Why did you not tell me that before Doctor, I would enjoy getting to find out what a horse is like, I have heard a lot about them, but have never pet one before?”

“It was not all that important I suppose, and you would have learned about it sooner or later anyways. All of the boys enjoy going out to visit the animals, and they even help in the barn to clean it and the animals up. The teachers collect the milk and eggs though, although sometimes you boys help with that as well.”

“I see Doctor, thank you.”

“Well, it is after eight, and you boys should be getting ready for bed. Now Joseph, at eight o'clock every evening you are to be in bed, and then asleep no later than nine, so that means that you have an hour of playtime after lights out. Sometimes you will find that some boys are not necessarily in their own beds, or in their own rooms for that matter, but that matters not, just as long as you are in bed and asleep by nine. Weekends are of course different, but we will go over that later, or Tanner will tell you. You will find that he will be able to tell you almost anything that you wish to know about the school, and how it works. You will be awaken at five am, and you have to be at breakfast for seven. That means that you have two hours in the morning to prepare for the day, unless it is your day for kitchen duty, in which case you will have only an hour. Once again, Tanner will go over all this with you. Now, I will leave you boys to the rest of your night, have a good sleep.”

“Thank you Doctor, and you too have a good sleep, but thank you for that information, even though Tanner told me some of it already.” Joseph said, and then went and hugged and kissed the doctor gently.

Dr. Chalmers left the room, closing the door behind him as he went, and Tanner went and hugged Joseph.

“I really like it here, and I will really love being your roommate.” Joseph sighed into the older boys shoulder.

“I am glad that you like it here, and I too will love having you as a roommate. May I remove your diaper and have you enter me?”

“I would like that very much, as long as you enter me as well.” Joseph smiled.

Tanner led Joseph to the bed, and Joseph was about to take off his leg, just after he sat down, when Tanner grasped his hands lightly, and asked to take it off for him. Joseph told Tanner how to take it off, and he did a very good job, he was very tender doing it as well. Joseph did not realize just how much his stump was hurting, he had been walking on it all day almost, and while playing tag, there had been times that he was nearly running, so it was quite a relief to have it taken off to rest. His sigh when it came off pretty much told Tanner the same thing.

Tanner worked next to gently remove the thick sodden mass of all of Joseph's diapers, gently cleaning him up as well, and then Joseph did the same for Tanner. Once they were both naked and clean, they rolled into each other and shared a very tender embrace, kissing only as lovers kissed.

Nearly ten minutes after they started kissing, Joseph realized that their time was not unlimited, and that if he wanted to be entered, and made love to as well, then he had to hurry things along some. So with no further delay, Joseph crawled down Tanner's thick sturdy body, licking and kissing as he went. Tanner instinctively raised and pulled back his legs as Joseph moved into range of his pucker, and moaned lowly as Joseph's very talented tongue made quick easy work of preparing the hole.

Joseph did not spend a lot of time preparing Tanner, because again they had little time, and Tanner was already so loose that he really did not need that much preparation. Of course Joseph also knew that his penis was hardly large enough to cause any sort of discomfort. Once he was in his newly acquired position, Joseph leaned in for another kiss, and sank his erection deep into the depths of Tanner's hot willing hole. Both boys moaned lowly from the penetration, and Joseph started a moderate pace.

Even though they both wanted for this to last a good while longer, they both knew that time was against them this evening, so they did nothing to stop their impending orgasms, or to slow them down either. They did enjoy their nearly simultaneous orgasms though, both gasping and panting as they came a good strong powerful load. Once they were down enough, Joseph crawled down and licked off all the mess from Tanner's body, and then laid down on his back for the repayment.

Repayment that Tanner was all too willing to give. Starting at Joseph's lips, Tanner first kissed him for a few moments tenderly, and then kissed and licked his way down. There was a dual purpose to the licking of course, because a good portion of his teen sperm had ended up on Joseph's chest and stomach as well, and he was enjoying licking it all off. Joseph also lifted and shifted his legs once Tanner was moved into position, and Tanner gave the smaller boy a licking that he would not soon forget. As it turned out, Tanner also had an incredibly talented tongue.

Joseph was panting and gasping when Tanner pulled his face out, and almost cried out in protest when he did so, but then Tanner's erection was quickly probing the entrance that he so wanted inside. With almost no warning at all, Tanner sunk into the fiery depths of Joseph's anus, and both sighed deeply.

Tanner also started a gentle moderate motion, pushing in all the way, and then pulling all the way out, then popping back inside until he was all the way in again. Joseph was voicing his enjoyment of this action quite well, his moans and gasps being heard at least two rooms down, thus fueling those boys further on in their actions as well. Not that they really needed it mind you, but they all enjoyed the sounds of prime boy love. Surprisingly enough, given how long ago he had came, Joseph was unable to hold off for very long, and well before he really wanted to, he came, which set off Tanner as well, exploding deep inside him. They both gasped and almost growled, it was so powerful, and then they collapsed.

“Wow, what did you do to me?” Joseph panted.

“Made love to you of course.” Tanner grinned tiredly.

“That was different how you pulled all the way out and then popped in again, but I really liked it. It is a good thing that I am used to anal sex, and can take you, or that would have really hurt though, all those entrances would have killed me otherwise.” Joseph smiled.

“That is the only reason that I did that, because I knew that you would be able to take it with ease, and that you would love it. We are never to do that to the younger ones until they are more used to it, because it can hurt a lot, especially at first.”

“Oh, I loved it alright, and I would love for you to do it again, but I could understand why we must never do that to the younger boys, it would tear them apart. I bet they get used to it pretty quick around here though.”

“Yes, we get used to things around here pretty quickly alright, and I would love to do that to you again, as well as have you do it to me. We only have about another ten minutes before we have to be in bed, so we should get ourselves all diapered and ready for bed. Do you think that you will be able to diaper me though, because roommates always diaper each other?”

“I would love to do that to you as well, and yes, I will be able to diaper you without problem. All I will need is for you to get the diaper supplies, and then I will be able to diaper you.”

“Good, I would hate to have to go to the change room and call someone to change me. Let me go and grab everything, and then I will diaper you first.”

“Okay.” Joseph said as Tanner was hopping out of bed.

Moments later Tanner was back with everything that they would need, and the got started with thickly diapering his roommate, his boyfriend. Once Joseph's rubber panties were pulled up, and the diapers tucked inside, Tanner laid down and waited for his turn. Joseph did not make him wait long, and before too long, Tanner was also diapered heavily, and his rubber panties were in place.

“Wow, that was good timing, we should turn off the lights now and go to sleep.” Tanner said as the clock started chiming the hour.

“Yes, we should, and I am ready to now as well. I do not believe that I am normally up this late, and it has been a long and tiring day for me.” Joseph said.

Tanner hopped out of bed, killed the lights, and then hopped back in right away, cuddling up to Joseph.

“Yes, I am sure that it was a long and tiring day for you, it was for me as well, but those are the types of days we have around here all the time, you get used to it. Tomorrow will be really busy for you, because you will not be used to it yet, but you will be fine. The teachers here never push us so hard that we get exhausted or anything like that. If they think we need a break, then we get a break. Now, we must get to sleep, or we will never wake in the morning.”

“Thank you, but are the teachers not going to come and check on us?”

“No, they never do, unless they can hear us, in which case we are in serious trouble, sleep time is nine pm, no questions asked. So, good night.”

“Good night.” Joseph whispered, and the closed his eyes to go to sleep. No more then ten seconds later he was sound asleep, as was Tanner. Good sex before bed can make even young boys go straight to sleep.