Chapter 9

At exactly five am the next morning, the bells in everyones rooms went off, signaling that it was time to be getting up. Joseph, probably the very first boy to ever be able to do so on their very first day, was up and at it right away. He looked as bright and chipper as he did all the time. Tanner actually smiled at seeing this, even though he was a little slower at getting himself up.

“Here, let me get you out of that soggy diaper, and then we can go for a shower.” Tanner offered.

“Thank you, that would be nice. I wonder though, I am not able to get my leg wet, so how am I supposed to shower?” Joseph mused, because at the doctors house he had just had baths.

“Well, you sit in your chair of course. They are able to go into the shower with you, but there are grab bars, and if you are okay standing on one leg, I can wash you down, that way you do not have to sit.”

“Oh, I never thought of that, but I suppose it would work, but the chair would make a large mess when leaving the bathroom.”

“No one would worry about that, it is only water after all, and the others who have needed wheelchairs always did it.”

“Oh, okay then, but I would prefer you to wash me. I think that I will be fine standing on one leg and holding on while you wash me.” Joseph smiled.

“Good, I was hoping that you would be agreeable to that.” Tanner smiled.

He worked quickly to remove Joseph's soggy night diaper, and then Joseph repaid the favor, removing Tanner's equally wet diaper. As soon as they were both naked, Joseph slipped into his chair and they were off to the bathroom to get cleaned up for the day. Tanner went and sat on the toilet, while Joseph started by brushing his teeth. When Tanner emerged from the toilets, he too brushed his teeth. Joseph was sitting there just waiting for him. Tanner grabbed his razor and shaving cream to shave while in the shower, and Joseph led the way there. As soon as they were in the shower room, Tanner helped Joseph to stand up and get him under his shower spray, and then he quickly washed and shaved himself. For Tanner though, the shaving actually took longer than the washing did, because he shaved everywhere, he took every hair below his eyes off, same as almost every other person there did. Once Tanner was done, he went and helped Joseph to wash up. Joseph just stood there with a nice warm smile on his face the entire time, thoroughly enjoying being washed off so tenderly.

All the other boys were in the bathroom with the two of them, and it seemed to not be an unusual thing for the boys to help each other wash off, nor was it unusual for the boys to stay under the spray of their showers for considerably longer than was necessary. The one thing that was not unusual though, was that no one played around in the showers in the morning, even though they were all hard, and some leaking. They all knew that their first classes would take care of those needs, so there was little point in wasting a perfectly good load quite yet.

As soon as they were all well washed and rinsed, they all got out and dried off. Naked they all headed to their rooms to get changed, and Tanner helped Joseph to get dressed, or more he helped Joseph to get all his clothes, and diapered him, nice and thick, as per normal.

“Wow, you sure do look very nice like that.” Tanner smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Oh, good morning Dr. Chalmers, for what do we owe the pleasure of your visiting us this early this morning?” Tanner said suddenly when he looked up to see the doctor walking in.

“I just came to gather Joseph for a minor procedure that we are doing every day, to attempt to get some or all of his vision back. If you are both ready to go, you may join us, I am sure that Joseph will not mind, and given that you wish to study to be a doctor yourself, you may find this intriguing.”

“I would love to join you for that Doctor, that is if Joseph will agree to it.”

“Of course I will. Come on, let us go now.” Joseph smiled, and just as soon as he popped his leg on, he grabbed his cane and led the way to the exam room. Dr. Chalmers was of course not surprised that Joseph led the way there without once checking to find out where he was, but Tanner sure was.

“Joseph, how did you find your way so easily? It took me forever to learn how to get here, this place is so large, and I got lost for the longest time, but here you are on only your second day here and you led the way as if you had done it a thousand times.” Tanner asked in awe.

“I just memorize things really quickly,” Joseph blushed. “and I could probably find my way around the entire school now. If you tell me the room number as to where we are supposed to be at any given time, I will be able to get there now I think. Speaking of which, how do I know where I go for my classes?”

“You will be in all the same classes as I am, as it is always that way here. Roommates are always classmates as well, so we will share the same classes. For now I have our class assignments, and I can tell you them if you wish. If you memorize things that quickly though, I could tell you and you will probably remember it better than I do.”

“Possibly. While the doctor is removing the fluid from my eyes, why not tell it to me, so that I know it as well.”

“Okay, but did you say remove fluid from your eyes?” Tanner asked, going a little pale.

“Yes he did. During my very first exam of Joseph's eyes, I found that there was too much pressure in them, so using a very fine needle, I insert into the cavity of his eyes, and suck out just a tiny amount of the fluid. The first time that I did that, I also found that Joseph's eye fluid, which is supposed to be clear, was very clouded. By removing a tiny amount of the fluid every day, we have been able to reduce that cloudiness slightly. It is now to the point that where before Joseph could see nothing but blackness, he can now see light and some shapes as well. Even though he has to concentrate hard to do so, but it is still far too soon to hope that we can actually restore vision, yet we are both very hopeful that we may be able to do that.” Dr. Chalmers explained.

“But does that not hurt? I do not believe that I would be able to let someone near my eyes with a needle.”

“No, it does not hurt at all, just a tiny prick, and then that is it. I do not even know what a needle really is, only that it is small and sharp, so I suppose that I do not have the same fear as some seem to have of them.”

“Yes, but most people cringe to have something sharp being inserted into them, whereas you do not. Not being able to see a needle does not make it any less frightening, trust me. Kyle absolutely hates needles, and he has never seen one, nor will he. That does not mean that he does not know what they are though, and your description of a needle is succinct enough.” Dr. Chalmers calmly explained while he was preparing everything.

“Oh, I think I understand Doctor.” Joseph said.

Moments later Dr. Chalmers was inserting the first needle into Josephs right eyeball, and removing just a tiny amount of the fluid. Poor Tanner was sweating buckets though, was turning quickly from pale to green, and looked as if he might vomit any second now. Dr. Chalmers did not notice any of this until he turned around to get the second needle.

“Tanner, you look horrible. Is seeing this making you ill?”

“Yes, it should not be, but I cannot stand seeing it.” Tanner said softly.

“It is your choice to stay, but believe me, if you wish to be a doctor some day, it would be advisable to stay and watch, to get used to it. If you need to vomit, grab the trash can and vomit in there please. As a doctor you need to get used to seeing all sorts of very nasty sights, and while it never becomes an easy thing to see some things, it does come easier. The first time in medical school that you cut into a cadaver, you will likely vomit, that is normal, and about ninety percent of the students in my class did. I think that from ow on, if I have to do any medical procedures at all, that you should be there and watching, to get yourself more used to it, because if you want to be a doctor, you may as well get used to it now.”

“Thank you Doctor, I will stay, and thank you for being so understanding. I would appreciate the offer as well, because any help that you can give me, to get me closer to my dreams of being a doctor, would be greatly appreciated.” Tanner smiled weakly, but did grab the trash can.

“You are very welcome, it is what we do here after all. I wish that I had have thought of this earlier, because I would have had you there when I repaired Joseph's leg. You would have thrown up, a couple times at least I am sure, but it would have been good for you.” Dr. Chalmers said, as he was working to remove some fluid from the other eye now.

“Wow, what did you have to do Doctor?”

“I had to cut open Joseph's stump, and go inside and cut away some things, clean some things, cauterize it properly, and then stitch it all back up. You can still see the marks, although Joseph seems to heal very quickly. Normally I would have left the stitches in for a couple weeks, but after only a few days, I was able to take his out.”

“Ew, sounds nasty, and I am sure that I would have thrown up a few more times than you predict.” Tanner laughed, the queasiness slowly leaving now that the doctor was done.

“Possibly.” Dr. Chalmers chuckled.

“Dr. Chalmers, would it be possible for me to be a doctor as well?” Joseph asked curiously.

“Joseph, that I do not know. I would have to hazard a guess though, that if you never regained your full sight, that it would probably not be possible, because to be a doctor, I would think that you would need to be able to see. I do not believe that it would be at all possible to do so while being blind.”

“I understand Doctor, and thank you for the honest answer.”

“You will find that we will never tell lies, or half truths around here, it is the full truth, or nothing. Although we do teach you how to lie to get through life in the business world, it is never to be used here. I always endeavor to give my boys all the information that they seek, even if it is hard to hear. Sometimes I will ask you to wait until I think that you are ready to hear what it is that you ask, but most of the time I will just tell you.”

“I appreciate that Doctor, and I would respectfully ask that you never hold back, just tell me, no matter how difficult it may be for me to hear. Nothing could be more difficult than dealing with my mother.” Joseph smiled.

“I can do that.”

“Thank you. So, then if I also wish to be a doctor then, of which I really do, then we will have to continue working to get my eyes back to the way they are supposed to be. I of course understand that that may not be possible, but I feel that it will be. Even now, after this session, I think that I am seeing things just a bit more clearly again.”

“You keep your attitude so positive, and great things can and will happen for you. Come, I will show you, Tanner, the samples that I have taken from Joseph's eyes, and then you can see for yourself what it is that I was talking about. We still have a little while before breakfast, so I think that we have time.” Dr. Chalmers offered.

“Okay.” Tanner said excitedly.

Joseph hopped down from the exam table and followed the two to the lab next door, where the microscopes were. Dr. Chalmers first put in the very first sample that he took, and then looked at it, then let Tanner have a look as well. He then placed the previous days sample on, and looked. Tanner was astounded at the difference. The last samples were then placed on, and again they looked, and there was once again a noticeable difference. It was minor of course, but there was a difference.

Joseph had just went and sat at one of the desks that were in the lab, because not only was this the schools medical laboratory, it was the schools science room, since it already had almost everything that would be needed in a science class anyways, and the rest was also kept there as well.

“That was really neat Doctor, thank you. May I make a suggestion though Doctor?”

“Of course, as always you boys' input is always appreciated when it comes to your schooling, or anything else for that matter.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

“Thank you Doctor. My idea is to make this a bit of a school project. Let us get all the students to look at all the samples, and see if we can figure out what is in that fluid, and see the gradual changes from the first to the last samples.” Tanner suggested.

“A very brilliant idea Tanner, a living test subject that we do not have to kill, we can use you Joseph as a bit of a guinea pig as it were, and make an excellent project out of.”

“Really Doctor, you use live things in class and kill them?” Joseph asked incredulously.

“Well, sort of. We use things like mice and frogs in biology class, but I kill them prior to class, and store them in jars of alcohol to keep them fresh. Most of the students throw up the first couple times they do this, but Tanner never did, that was why his reaction to my piercing your eyes with a needle surprised me.”

“I think that it was just so much different on a live person Doctor. You cannot harm something that is already dead, and it certainly would never feel it, but Joseph would have. I also really hate mice, and do not particularly care for frogs either, so cutting into them never really bothered me.” Tanner admitted.

“Okay, I guess that that does make sense.”

“How will I participate in those classes though Doctor, ones that obviously require a lot of sight?”

“In some ways you will not be able to participate, but we never disclude any student from any class, just because of a minor handicap.”

“But Doctor, being blind is not a minor handicap!”

“Yes, yes it is. If you treat it as only a minor inconvenience, and learn other ways around it, then it is nothing more than that. Let it be a major inconvenience, and it will always be so. Here at this school, no matter your handicap, you are an equal to everyone around you. We always find ways of teaching each and every one of you all that you need to know. So what if you cannot see it, you can feel right, and I for one know that your sense of touch is incredible. You will not be able to do some things, but in other things you will be able to do so much more than the others can.”

“I understand Doctor. So you say that if I think of it as being only minor, then that is what it is, but if I let it be major, then that is how it will be.” Joseph said to work it out in his own mind.

“Exactly. Take Tanner here, actually, I know you already have, and very nicely by the way, but anyways, take Tanner here, he has quite a hard time learning things, it takes him a long time to remember things. That is due to the amount of physical damage that he received to his head when he was younger, it makes it difficult for him in school. If he were in a regular school, he would never have been able to learn at all, they would have written him off as mentally retarded, and discarded him. Yet, here we are talking about him one day becoming a doctor, and why, because he will make an excellent doctor one day. Right now Tanner is still about three to four years behind his peers on the learning scale, and while most would graduate from this school when they are fifteen or sixteen, Tanner will probably graduate right around the same time that you do, which will put him close to twenty. Once Tanner reaches medical school though, he will have a very hard time there, so we are preparing him for that as best we can, and while it will be hard on him, he will persevere like the stubborn, unwilling to let things get him down young man he is. If we can get you seeing and into medical school, we will get you both in together, and you can help each other out a great deal there, thus making it considerably easier on Tanner.”

“Really Doctor, I did not know that, thank you, and I promise that if I get my sight back again, that I will make certain that Tanner makes it through medical school as well.” Joseph vowed, and Tanner almost had tears in his eyes, because he felt that Joseph would make sure that he could see, just to do it as well. Dr. Chalmers even felt the same thing. Both of them were certain that Joseph was even more stubborn than both of them, probably more so.

“Joseph, I have not one single doubt about that, and I know that Tanner appreciates it a great deal. I will also make a promise to you though. I will make calls to every optician in the world, get all of the newest and most advanced equipment that there is, if there is, I will learn every way there is to restore sight, and I will help you to keep that promise.”

“Thank you Doctor, I am sure that Tanner appreciates that just as much as I do.” Joseph smiled warmly.

“Yes, I am sure that he does. There are the bells telling us that it is breakfast time, so we should head out to eat, and then we have a long day ahead of us. I am sure that Tanner has told you this already Joseph, and I too have told you, but you are in for a long day.”

“Yes Doctor, I remember, and I am sure that I will be just fine.”

“Yes, I am sure that you will be just fine as well.” Dr. Chalmers smiled.

The three of them headed out to the dining hall for their breakfast, and once again Joseph was drooling half way there from the delicious smells that the other two could just barely smell. Tanner actually chuckled that it looked like Joseph was leading the way with his nose, and the other two laughed as well, but Dr. Chalmers did have to agree with the astute observation.

When they made it there, they took their seats at the table, and then when everyone was told to dig in, they dug in with gusto and ate a very good hearty breakfast. There was porridge, hard boiled eggs, toast, jam, milk, juice, fruit, and tea there for everyone, and they all enjoyed it a great deal. Joseph found out during the first week that this was a pretty standard breakfast, but it did vary some days, especially on weekends, when they usually had nice different breakfasts.

As soon as breakfast was finished with, the ones in charge of breakfast for the day cleared the table and went to get everything all cleaned up. There was still almost half an hour before the start of their first class, so they had time to get it all done, before they had to be in class. As they were waiting for that though, Tanner read to Joseph their schedule, seeing as how he was a little too preoccupied earlier to have done so. As soon as the clock chimed eight, they all stood and headed to their first class of the day. For the first class, they were split into two groups, and Tanner and Joseph headed towards their first classroom of the day. It was a large open room that had a soft matted floor, and lots of pillows all over. There were two such rooms, as there were a couple of a few different classes. Their teacher for this class today was Kyle, and Joseph found that this also changed daily. Sometimes it was one teacher, sometimes a few, just depended on who wanted to go and observe.

“Good morning gentlemen. It is good to see a new face here this year, although it is our only new face for this year, it is a much appreciated and anticipated face.” Kyle called out once everyone was seated in a circle in the middle of the room.

“Good morning Sir, but Sir, I thought that you were blind like me and could not see.” Joseph said in confusion.

“It was a figure of speech Joseph, and while I cannot see in the same sense that the others can, and I hear that you are gaining, I can still picture things in my mind from all the information that I have. I have not yet felt your face, so I do not know what you look like, but I will do that this morning, or some time soon, so that I can get to know you.” Kyle explained.

“Oh, I think that I understand. I am not used to using the word see. Even though I technically know what it means to see, I still do not really understand it, and even though Dr. Chalmers says that what I am experiencing is in fact sight, I still do not quite know what to make of it.”

“Yes, I understand better than most what you mean, and it took me a long time as well to grasp what it meant to see, even though I cannot, nor will I ever. I am very happy to hear that there is a slim chance that you may be able to see soon, and so are all the others. While both Nicholas and I may be a little jealous of you possibly regaining your sight, because sadly neither of us will ever be able to, we will also be very happy for you. Devon is of course also blind, but he is not in this class. I used to be bitter at having lost my sight, and I know that Nicholas is sad that he was born without the ability, but I understand that you never have been.”

“Thank you Sir, I think, but I do not understand the word jealous.”

“Oh, right I remember dad saying something about your not really understanding all words, I forgot, so please always remember to ask if I or we use a word you do not understand. To be jealous means that you are envious, or wish to have what others have, even though you may not be able to have it. I used to wish that I could see again, I was very angry at my father for making me go blind like he did, but then I realized that there was nothing that I could do about it, and the anger that I had towards him was only hurting me more than it was hurting him. Dad taught me how to use that anger for good, and now I am no longer bitter. Sure, I still wish that I could see again, but I am happy with my life, so it does not hurt.”

“Thank you Sir. I have never known sight, so I suppose it is difficult to miss something that I never had before, and besides, my mother was almost as brutal to me as your father was to you, from the way the doctor tells me, and she never allowed me the opportunity to feel bad for myself. I was always to thank her for the beatings, I was to be happy that she burned me, it was for my own good after all.”

“No, sadly that was worse than my father gave to me. Mine was only the one main time really, yes he did hit me before that, but nothing like that last time that almost killed me. From what I hear, you suffered for your entire life.”

“While it may be true that it was always that way for me, you forget that I got used to it, you were not, and you could see before that, so you lost far more than I did.”

“I suppose that that is true. We all have horrible stories just like that, and eventually you will know everyones story here, as we will all know yours, but that is not what we are here for today. As I am sure you have already been told, this is love class. In this class, for the next two hours, we teach everything that there is to know about love. If everyone would please choose a partner, and strip each other. Do it slowly, do it gently, but do not do any more touching than is necessary yet. As usual, please do not choose your roommate, break up, and choose someone new.” Kyle told them all.

“Joseph, would you please be my partner today?” Nicholas asked.

“Certainly Nicholas, I would like that very much.”

“You remembered my name already, we have only met just the once?” Nicholas asked in awe, more than a few of the others also were shocked, but Tanner not so much any more, he was starting to get used to Joseph's amazing memory.

“Well, yes, of course I did.”

“It is just that most do not remember everyone after only meeting them for only a few seconds, and you can only tell me by my voice. It takes me weeks to remember peoples voices, and be able to tell who they are.”

“Oh, I did not know that. Dr. Chalmers says that I have a very good memory, and I remember things almost instantly. To tell you the truth though, I also knew it was you from your smell as you came closer, and I can almost tell everyone apart just from their smells as well.” Joseph blushed slightly.

“Really, I cannot do that at all. My nose works really well, but not that well.”

“Oh, I thought that all blind people would be able to do that. Well, may I undress you now?” Joseph asked, hoping to break the awkward situation.

“No, most cannot, but certainly, please undress me. I wear diapers though, so do not be surprised.”

“I remember, but so do I, and I would never be surprised by that. Would you mind my asking if you like them, or if you need them?” Joseph asked as he started to gently remove the older boys shirt, unbuttoning it slowly.

“No, not at all, there is no shame here at all. I do actually need diapers, I was born without a bladder apparently. It seems I was born without a few things. My mom used to joke to me that my twin, who died at birth, stole them from me, but that they were too much for him to have in his body, and it killed him. I do also really like the diapers though, they are very soft and comfortable, and I like them nice and thick, just like most of the others here.”

“Oh, that would be kind of funny, if it were not so sad. I too need my diapers, my bladder was almost completely destroyed in the accident that took my leg and my mother.”

“No, it is not sad, it is kind of funny. It was meant to be that my twin did not make it, and from what my mother told me, I almost did not as well. After I was born, I was kept in the hospital until I was almost two years old before I was allowed to be brought home, but even then, I was still very small and frail, still am really, always will be. I have had no less than ten operations, but my mother lost count and could not remember for sure.”

“It sounds as if you loved your mother. If you do not mind my asking, what happened to her, and how did you end up here?” Joseph asked as he started to remove Nicholas' final article of clothing, that is if you wish to call a soggy diaper clothing.

“Yes, I loved her a great deal, and I miss her terribly even still. Cancer took her from me when I was six. I had no other family, my father took off when he found out I was useless, as he called me, and I have no idea if he is even still alive. Because of all of my problems, I was shipped straight to an institution to live for the rest of what would have assuredly been a very short life, but Dr. Chalmers found out about me and rescued me after only one horrible month there.”

“I am glad that you at least had a nice life with her while she was alive, and that you did not have to live in that horrible place for long. I lived in one for almost a year from what I understand. They kept me really drugged, so I do not know what all happened there.” Joseph said as he was being undressed.

“Yes, I am happy that we at least had some time together, and I am very happy that I am here. This is the best place in the world, and I have learned so much. Dr. Chalmers swears that I will graduate with a full high school diploma by the end of this year, even though I will only just be fifteen. I sure will miss this place when I leave, and even though I would be allowed to stay if I wanted, to continue learning, Dr. Chalmers feels that he will have taught me everything necessary for me to become anything that I could ever want to be.”

“Wow, that would be nice. What would you like to be?” Joseph asked as is diaper was being removed as well.

“I have not entirely decided yet, but I want to be with blind children, maybe teach them. There is so much that I could do though, and it is a tough decision. Dr. Chalmers says that I may take as many courses as I want, for as long as I want, so if I want to go and learn three or four things, I would be allowed to do so. How about you, do you know what you would like to do yet?”

“I would really love to be a doctor, but at this time that is unlikely, but if my sight does in fact return, then it may be possible. Dr. Chalmers vows that he will do everything in his power to get me there, and I believe him.”

“Oh yes, he will do everything within his power to do so all right.”

“Okay class, everyone is naked and very hard, it is time to move on.” Kyle called out, cutting off all the conversations that were going on all over the place, because everyone was talking softly with their partner for the day.

“Our goal today is scrotal sack pleasuring. We are working on only the scrotum. You are not to make each other orgasm. For the first hour, one partner works on the other, and then we switch. Joseph, you are the only one here that will not be familiar to this, so this next part is more for you, but I will remind everyone else. There are a number of pleasure tools lining the walls, you are welcome to use anything that you so desire, including your own mouth and hands. Remember though, you are not to allow your partner to orgasm, the point of this exercise is strictly pleasure. If you listen to your partner, feel your partner, you will know when they are getting close, so back off. If you accidentally allow your partner to orgasm, you will be forbidden your orgasm at the end of the class, and you will have to wait until tonight to have it. The goal here is also to learn how to prolong your own orgasms, so learn the techniques that I will tell you during the class to hold them off. Also remember, that our focus is on the scrotum today, so you are not allowed to touch any other part of your partner today. Also Joseph, if you wish to have anything from the walls, just call me over, and I will get you whatever you need.”

“That sounds enjoyable and difficult all at the same time Sir, but I will try to heed your warning. I do have a question though, what all is there on the walls?” Joseph grinned.

“That is good. As for what is on the walls, almost anything that you can imagine. There are dildos and vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads, feathers and whips. Many of those things you would not be able to use today, simply because they would of course not work on the scrotum, but others will certainly be nice. You may start now.” Kyle told everyone.

“Thank you Sir.” Joseph grinned.

“I would like to start on you today Joseph.” Nicholas said happily.

“Okay, I would like that.” Joseph smiled.

“Oh no, I can almost guarantee that you will love this.” Nicholas grinned wickedly.

Joseph just smiled back and said nothing further. Even though Nicholas was technically not supposed to touch any other place on Joseph's body, he had no choice but to do so in order to locate Joseph's genitals, but he just kept his touches to searching touches.

“Joseph, would you please remove your false leg please, it is getting in my way?” Nicholas asked a moment later.

“Of course. I should have removed it when we started.” Joseph said and then quickly did as he was asked.

“Thank you.” Nicholas said, and then got started.

For almost forty five minutes Nicholas used his hands and mouth to give extreme pleasure to Joseph's balls, and even though he was becoming very good at holding back his orgasms already, he found himself nearing explosion a few times, but Nicholas was a true expert in the arts of pleasure by now, and he did not let Joseph cum. When time was called, it was almost a relief and a burden for Joseph and Nicholas to trade places, but they did. For the next forty five minutes that they were given, Joseph returned the favor, and Nicholas was seeing stars. He had had this done many many times in the past, by some of the most talented people there were, but Joseph was even better than they were, and he was new to this. He just instinctively knew what to do to give pleasure, and enjoyed doing so as well. He had to back off six times during that time to allow Nicholas to cool down some, and then he would start again.

“Oh my god, you are incredible at that.” Nicholas sighed when they were told that their time was up. More than a few boys heard, and they were hopeful that their turns were next, because they had seen, and or heard just how good he was a couple times now.

“You are welcome, I am glad that you enjoyed that.” Joseph smiled.

“Oh believe me, enjoyed is nowhere near what that was. I do not believe that I have ever had a scrotal stimulation quite so nice before. I could have cum four or five times easily just from what you were doing.” Well, that just made the others all want Joseph even more. They had all had an incredible time, as all the moaning in the room had signified, but none of them had come close to cumming that many times, most of them were only once, or maybe twice if they were lucky.

“Excellent job boys, no one came prematurely, so you are all now allowed to suck each other to a nice orgasm. I suggest that you do each other at the same time, because class is almost finished, and we need to clean up and get dressed yet.” Kyle told all the boys.

The boys all wasted no time in turning around and latching onto their partners erections and sucking each other at the same time. No one lasted more than two minutes, big surprise there, and that was about normal for the pleasure only classes. A collective gasp and sigh filled the room as they all came within just a few seconds of each other, and then they all laid back and enjoyed the orgasm for a few minutes. Once they had all come down enough, they redressed each other, all the diaper boys being put into nice thick clean diapers and rubber panties. They only had a minute left, after the last of them were dressed, for the chimes saying that it was time for their next class, and as soon as they heard them, they headed out with thanks to kyle.

“Wow, I really liked that class.” Joseph smiled to Tanner as they were walking to their next class, which was English language art and studies.

“Yes, and it is a most excellent way to start the day as well, and that is why it is always the very first class of the day. Sometimes we also have it again in the same day, but that only happens once every week.”

“Yes, I remember from the schedule you read to me. One week rotation of classes, eight classes per day, one to two hours each class, sixteen different classes, sometimes all as one large class, sometimes broken up, depending upon the class. I could even break it down to the exact schedule if you wanted me to.” Joseph said, making sure that he remembered it all.

“I know that you were just reciting that to yourself, just to make sure you had it, but I have a hard time not feeling just a little jealous of how fast you memorize things.”

“I am sorry if it makes you feel bad, but I will try and help you to increase your memory if you would like. I do not know how we could do it, but I will think about it, and we will see what we can do.”

“You have no reason to be sorry, I am not really jealous, how could I be. We are all the same here, even if our problems are different. If you were the type to be jealous, you could be just as easily jealous of me for being able to see or walk properly. If there is anything that we can do to help increase my memory though, I would be happy to try it.”

“I suppose that is true, but thanks. Well, here we are.” Joseph said as they made it to their next class.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, please take your seats, Tanner, show Joseph to his please?” William asked as they entered the room with all the rest of their class. Half had left them, and another group of the same number joined them.

“Thank you Sir, will do.” Tanner said, and then led Joseph to their desk.

Once everyone was seated, William got started on the class. “Okay class, most of you are already aware of the rules here, and what is expected of you, however, a refresher for you, and information for Joseph. This is English language and arts study. What that means, is that I will teach you everything that you need to know about the English language, how to read and write beautiful poetry and stories, how to use proper punctuation and grammar, and most importantly, how to speak like a civilized human being. All too often on the street you hear people using slang or offensive words, it makes them sound crude and uneducated. We are neither of those here. Words like can't, shan't, won't, or ain't, or swear words like fuck and shit, will never be tolerated in this school in any form. You are all used to this by now, even you Joseph, which I am pleased to hear. At least your horrible mother did teach you something proper, even if it was done in such a horrible fashion. Today we will be writing sonnets, except you Joseph, for you we need to get you started on how to actually read. I understand that you have no knowledge at all in this area, which is a shame, but Dr. Chalmers assures me that you will probably be able to read at your normal age level by the end of the week. I told him he was crazy, that no one could learn it all so fast, but he assures me that I will lose the bet, and that I will be tied down and made love to by every one of you boys and the teachers on Sunday evening. In a way I am almost hopeful I lose the bet.” William laughed.

“I will do my best to make certain that you lose the bet then Sir.” Joseph giggled, being joined by all the rest of the boys.

“Thank you. Now, the rest of you boys, please go ahead and start your sonnets, just pick something right off the top of your heads, be nice and creative, and you Joseph, please come with me to the front of the class to my desk, and I will teach you how to read braille.”

“Yes Sir!” Joseph said, and then joined the teacher at his desk. A chair was pulled out for him, and they sat down together. For the rest of the hour that they had for their class, William taught Joseph all of the letters of the alphabet, and how to differentiate between them. With as fast as Joseph memorized things, and with how good his sense of touch was, he had the entire alphabet down right away, and was working towards actually being able to read. By the end of the class, he was able to pick out almost twenty different words, and William was actually surprised by how fast the boy really learned.

“You did very well Joseph, and I am starting to feel that I will certainly be losing that bet that the doctor and I placed. I was not expecting to even be able to get to word recognition today at all, but you are able to read quite a few already.”

“Well, I did start learning a few days ago when Dr. Chalmers and I toured the school. He told me what each of the plaques on the walls said, and I was able to memorize those words already, so I think that I already had a good start. You did help me to understand better though what each of those words were, and how to actually spell them.”

“Well, it is the end of class, so please make your way to your next class with your roommate, and I will see you later.”

“Thank you Sir, I will see you later as well.”

Their next class was to be disabled studies; this class incorporated sign language, braille reading, deaf and blind cooperation training, or anything else that would help all of them to learn what it was like to live with a disability, and how to interact with those people. It was Dr. Chalmers teaching this course, and today he had them on braille reading, to help ensure his victory in the bet that he had placed. He did however know that his win was in the bag, because he was certain that with Joseph's incredible memory, as well as his general thirst for knowledge, that he would pick it up very quickly. For the next hour they all worked together to learn how to read braille. Most of the boys who had been there for a while, braille reading was very quick and easy, but the ones who had not been there for long, it still came hard for them, because they were still not used to using their sense of touch like that. One thing that they all had to do, except the three blind boys of course, was that they all had to be blindfolded, so that they could truly experience it. By the end of the class, Joseph was doing even better in his braille reading.

As soon as that class was over, it was time for lunch. The two boys whose turn it had been in the kitchen had not gone to their last class, but they were not in Joseph's class, so he had not paid attention to it, but he did ask Tanner about it on the way to class, so he explained it to him. They all sat and ate a very good lunch, and then headed off to their next class, which was to be physical fitness. They all got changed in the change room, and all the boys were there for this class, as were all the teachers, all that is except the ones in the kitchen, but they would join the others soon. Physical fitness was another course that was two hours long. Once everyone was changed into their shorts and gym shoes, they headed into the gym to get warmed up. The two hours of physical fitness was both hard and good on them all, and they did exercises, and played games the entire two hours. Fifteen minutes until the end of class, they all headed into the change room once again to get cleaned up and redressed. Once again, everyone helped someone in the shower, and they were all hard, but clean.

Science came next, and this time it was Keith teaching them, although Dr. Chalmers also came and taught some days, or joined in to help, but he was not there this day. There was a separate biology class that Dr. Chalmers taught himself, so it was not always necessary for him to be there, but being a full doctor did help in some cases, but Keith was a scientist as well, just not a doctor.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, today we will be learning the periodic table, and all of the known elements in the world, and how they interact with each other.” Keith called out once everyone was seated.

For the rest of the hour they did just that. The boys all listened and took notes, all except Joseph, who just listened and remembered. Even Keith was shocked, when he asked Joseph to tell him all of the elements that he could remember, and any of the interactions that he could recall, when Joseph repeated back almost verbatim what he had just been told. All of the boys in the class were also surprised, and most of them showed it quite clearly.

“Very well done Joseph, I cannot believe that you remembered all of that, it took me months to remember it all.” Keith praised.

“Thank you Sir.” Joseph blushed.

“You are very welcome. It is now time to go to your next class boys, so please be on your way.”

“That was amazing Joseph, no one has ever shocked Keith, and he is very hard to please, except in bed.” Tanner whispered as they left the class.

“I do not know how I do it, it is just how I am.” Joseph blushed.

“I know, and you do not do it to make fun of people either, which makes me appreciate you even more, maybe even love you.” Tanner said quietly.

“Thank you.” Joseph said simply, not really sure what else to say.

Their next class before dinner was to be French and Spanish language. They found Tobias there to teach them.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, please take your seats, and then we will get started on the Spanish language today. It will be one week of Spanish, and then one week of French, and we will switch back and forth. Please take out your Spanish books and follow along.” Tobias told all the boys as they entered.

As they took their seats, they found their Spanish books, and got started with following Tobias in what it was that he was reading. Joseph of course had the same book as the others had, just in braille. As Tobias read a short passage, he would pause, and then translate it for the boys, making sure they understood the intricacies of the language, teaching them how to even speak it. Every once in a while he would ask one of the students to read and translate a paragraph, but Joseph was of course exempt from this for the time being, but he too would soon get his chance.

After a good filling dinner they had another two classes, one hour each, the first was math, and the second was history. Joseph probably would have enjoyed the math had he have been able to really understand what it was that they were doing. This he found to be one thing that he did not instantly comprehend, but it would come to him in time, but for now it was a little confusing. He loved the history class though. He got to hear about some of the ancient Roman culture, and how life was perceived to have been like back then. He found it very fascinating.

And that was their first day of class. It would change slightly almost every day during their one week rotation, but the two classes that always stayed the same were the two two hour courses, love and physical fitness. For their last hour before they were to be in their rooms for the night, the boys had free time, and they mostly went and relaxed in the various lounges throughout. Some watched TV, some played games, but Joseph was finding that it was becoming difficult to keep his eyes open any longer. Tanner noticed this and almost carried Joseph to bed. They did change each others diapers, and they did kiss and cuddle for a few minutes, but Joseph was fast asleep soon after they had entered their room at seven thirty.