Title: Josh and I Day One

Cat: Gay -- Cross Generational

Do not read if you are under 18.

This story is completely fictional.


It was the month of June and unseasonably hot even for Arizona. I had just learned that a good friend of mine, Evan, decided to divorce his wife of 15 years. Her name was Amy and they had a fourteen year old son named Josh. In addition to ending the marriage Evan moved away to the West Coast to live with an "old friend". This move, and the fact that his relationship with Amy was very sterile, seemed to confirm suspicion among Amy and Evan's friends that he was gay. As for me, I knew Evan was probably gay because he hit on me years ago when we were drunk on a camping trip. I'll have to admit I came close to submitting to him. I was quite surprised when he told me he was marrying Amy.

Living in the same town, I had a great relationship with Evan and Amy and we spent many weekends together biking, hiking, and just plain having fun. Over the past few years, and as he matured physically, Josh joined us on our outings. Josh and I had a lot of fun during these little adventures, we provided the entertainment. The boy and the 34 year bachelor were the clowns. Josh and I were both practical jokers and as such took every opportunity to pull pranks. Amy usually enjoyed our antics, while Evan gave them only momentary attention; as it turned out his mind was elsewhere.

Shortly after Evans departure, and almost naturally, I played more of a father like role to Josh. He took his father's departure harder than I expected and according to his mother, would often spend hours in his room alone cruising the internet. After losing hope, and in despair, Amy called to ask me if I could help jolt Josh out of his daze and to spend more time with him. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and said yes. And why not; I was single, I had time on my hands, and I enjoyed Josh's company. He was a good kid, smart and polite, and always up for a laugh. Moreover I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never have kids and as such this might be my only chance to experience parenting.

To break the ice, I began calling Josh a couple of times a week. I'd ask how things were going at school, how he was doing in little league, and in general make small talk. At first he was reluctant to talk but that changed quickly. So much so that Amy told me he became more and more anxious for my calls; he began calling me several times a week. About four weeks after we began calling one and other on a regular basis, Josh asked if he could stop by my place from time to time. I said sure and told him that because I worked from home as a computer programmer he could come by right after school. I lived about a mile and half from his house, his mother and I agreed that if I walked him halfway home he could walk the rest of the way on his own.

Josh began coming by my house regularly and was having a blast. He quickly learned that I did not have a strict bone in my body. He could eat anything he wanted to, use all my electronic gadgets, swim in my pool, and do as he pleased. I had a pretty busy schedule but tried my best to make time for him. Every chance we got we hung out together, I felt like a kid again. Josh also joined me for daily workouts which included a 2 mile jog, weight lifting, pull ups and sit ups. On hot days we'd strip down to our shorts to make our workout more bearable. I couldn't help notice Josh's perfect boy physic, his rich tan, and thick brown hair. He looked like a perfect little prince at about 5' 2". And from time to time I'd catch him sneaking peeks at me. I'm figured he was curious as to what a boy can expect to look like as he grows older. Our mutual glances got so obvious that at some point we started jokingly striking bodybuilder poses. Josh was even bold enough to complement me on my body and to feel my muscles from time to time. "Wow" he'd say, "I hope mine are as hard as yours when I'm older". I assured him they would be if he kept working out on a regular basis.

As the weeks went by, Josh and I fell into a routine. He'd drop by, fool around, I'd join him after my work was done, we'd work out, and then I'd walk him halfway home. One day Amy met us at the halfway point and asked me a favor; could Josh spend school vacation week at my house? Her mother was ill and she needed to travel south to see about placing her in an assisted living facility. She'd wanted to bring Josh along but could not because she would not have time to watch him. And besides he'd be bored to death. Josh's face lit up at the prospect of staying with me for a whole week so how could I refuse.

Amy dropped Josh off on Monday, left a phone number where she could be reached and said goodbye. So it was just the two of us for one whole week. The first day Josh piddled as usual, we had lunch and then he asked me if he could take a shower. My first thought was to ask him why he wanted to take a shower so early and before our workout, but instead I just said sure. I showed him where the bathroom was, gave him a towel and returned to my work in the adjacent room.

As I tapped away at my computer I could hear a low moaning sound, as well it occurred to me that Josh had been in the shower for at least twenty minutes. I thought I should check to make sure he was OK and headed towards the bathroom. As I approached I noticed that the bathroom door was partially open and that a lot of steam coming from the shower. My shower was a full glass corner shower and I could make out the outline of his naked body. He had his back to me, I could see his butt cheeks, and to my surprise, he appeared to be slowly stroking himself. What else could he be doing I thought? And then it occurred to me that like any normal boy, he was at the stage of discovery and masturbation. What he was doing was quite normal. What then struck me was that instead of backing off I kept watching; I was totally mesmerized. Josh began to stroke harder and faster, rising up on his tip toes. And then just at the point of climax he turned sideways, threw his head back, closed his eyes, and ejaculated all over the shower door. This position provided my full view of his erect penis, which looked to be about 5 inches and circumcised. It was truly an erotic scene; his perfect fourteen year old face and body, a tight ass slightly lighter in tone than the rest of his tanned body, his hand stroking his cock. For a moment I lost track of reality and wondered if he had seen me? I pulled back quickly not wanting to embarrass him, and also because I noticed that I had developed a raging hard on.

Still somewhat dazed, I returned to my work. The shower stopped and Josh came bouncing out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist. If he did indeed catch me watching him, he did not let on at all. It was getting close to our work out session so I changed up and headed downstairs, Josh did the same. As usual we made small talk during our workout, but in my mind I could not help returning to the beautiful "shower image" I had seen earlier. As it ran through my head over and over it made me hard, so much so I had to keep turning away from Josh. I couldn't believe I was getting an erection from a boy; I had no idea a boy could turn me on. Perhaps it was Josh's smooth hairless body, his slim build, little brown nipples and beautiful face and hair that appealed to me. What was not to like I thought? At that point my imagination began to run wild. I imagined us together completely naked; my hands running over his beautiful butt, kissing every inch of his body. Now it was me that needed to take a long hot shower!

I felt like I was going to explode as I hurried to the bathroom and I couldn't wait to strip naked and get under the flow of hot water. I wanted to feel the stream and the warmth on my cock, all 7 inches of it. I wanted the water to run down my back, over my ass, my hairless chest, and my close cropped pubic hair. To add to my pleasure I grabbed some high quality massage oil and lubed my cock up generously. And then just as I prepared to masturbate I noticed something on the shower glass, something that started my heart racing. It was Josh's cum, gobs of his full load! Creamy white, thick, and oozing right there in front of me. Apparently Josh forgot to clean up after masturbating. Or, I wondered, perhaps he wanted me to see it! Could this young and sexy boy of fourteen be toying with me?

Without hesitation I dropped to my knees to get a closer look. The unique smell that emanates from cum was still present, it filled my nostrils and I inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma and picturing Josh as I had seen him earlier. My head was spinning and I knew immediately what I wanted to do next; taste it. Ever so slowly I extended my tongue, gently toying with the biggest gob, then with one slurp devouring it entirely. The taste was ecstasy as it ran over the back of my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed heavily and slurped up another gob. Seeing that there was plenty left, I rose up and guided the head of my cock directly into Josh's beautiful boy cream. As I swished my cock around in it I thought to myself, this is one type of massage oil you can't buy!

Now, and with more intensity than ever, I began to masturbate. And although I was ready to explode I controlled myself in order to prolong the pleasure. My right hand glided up and down my shaft in perfect rhythm while my left hand gently kneaded my balls. I imagined that Josh was watching me as I had watched him. I leaned my back up against the wall of the shower; my cock was the biggest it had ever been, fully engorged and nearly 8 inches in length. I continued to imagine Josh watching me, stroking his cock as well, moaning as he had been earlier. At that point I could no longer hold back and with a deep grunt I came for what seemed minutes, my cock pumping out the biggest load of cum in my life. I continued to stroke myself even after having fully shot my load, slowing to a stop at the head of cock. I nearly collapsed from fatigue, and all because of a 14 year old boy.

Stepping from the shower, my body still quivering, I grabbed a towel and turned towards the mirror to wipe it clean of steam. As I did I noticed a quick flash near the bathroom door. Carefully and quietly I walked to the door to see what it was. There was nothing there, but at that instant my nose was filled with the same sweet aroma I had experienced earlier in the day. It was Josh's cum dripping from the wall! My little friend had been watching me after all! And to my delight, and as I did earlier, I got down on my knees, extended my tongue and savored every bit of his juice.

Feeling more dazed than ever, I stumbled to my room and collapsed on to my bed. What did this all mean? Where was it headed? I was after all 34 years old. Things were happening so quickly and this was just the first of seven days that Josh would be spending with me. How could I possibly control myself for so long? I had the strongest desire to taste every inch of Josh's young body and to kiss him feverishly. With that and much confused, I drifted off into sleep.

At about 2 AM I was awakened by a cool sensation on my cock. It was Josh kneeling completely nude at my side on the bed holding the massage oil I had used earlier! He smiled shyly and placed his finger on his mouth to indicate that I should not talk. I looked back at him in a daze, wondering if I should stop things from going further or simply lie back and see what would come next. Of course I chose the latter. Seeing that I would not resist, Josh motioned for me to lie on my stomach, which I did immediately. He had already lubed up my cock, now he wanted to turn his attention to my butt.

Squeezing the tube of massage oil, he applied a liberal amount on my lower back and started working his way upward. His small hands felt heavenly as they swirled over my back and near my neck. Then ever so slowly he began working his way down, which had the effect of quickly giving me a hard on. He lingered on my lower back for several minutes then started to go even lower. He rubbed my ass cheeks in wide circular motions, stopping only to apply more oil, some of which dripped onto my asshole. His circular strokes now became smaller and firmer, his little finger brushed my asshole a few times, and even once penetrated it about a quarter of an inch. What a tease I thought, this boy knew exactly what he was doing. Down he went to my inner thighs, again moving his hands in a circular motion, his fingers now unabashedly making contact with my balls. It took all my energy to resist coming, I wanted this to last longer.

What came next was sheer delight. Josh poured a generous amount of oil directly onto my asshole and then proceeded to massage it with his fingers. I was so happy I'd taken a shower earlier as it was now nice clean. He playfully probed my ass with his finger while at the same time spreading my ass cheeks apart to gain full access and visibility to hole. He also inched his body closer to mine until I felt the head of penis flicking up and down on my leg. I returned the gesture by kneading his cock with my leg, providing the contact and pressure I'm sure he desired. With that he began to moan lightly and his breathing accelerated. I lifted my butt and push my cock backwards so he could see it. Another moan and he was right on it, gently scratching my shaft with his fingernails, up and down all 8 inches of it. He giggled and commented that he was glad I was circumcised as he was. He thought foreskin made the penis look funny. He applied more oil to my cock and tugged at it like a toy; I could feel his fingers on my shaft, his palm nestled on my head.

Moving from my cock Josh stood up and walked back to the foot of the bed where my feet were dangling. He grabbed one foot at a time, gently massage each of them, first the toes and the bottoms. He raised them up to his mouth and kissed them, each toe one at a time. Then down they went to his cock, which by this time was rock hard. I pushed the bottom of my right foot up against his balls bringing my toes up along his shaft and over the head of his cock to which he murmured, "That feels so good Brian". He grabbed my feet and cupped them around his cock; I could feel it pulsing as he "fucked" them. I suggested that he add a little oil, which he did and which had the effect allowing his cock to glide in and out more easily. After a few minutes Josh suddenly blurted out that he was going to come, I quickly rose to my feet, told him to hold on, and that I wanted his young cock to explode in my mouth. He took a deep breath and held back, I kneeled in front of him, cupped his ass with both hands and pulled his penis forward into my mouth. At the very moment the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth he came. And to add to his pleasure I quickly inserted my middle finger into his ass. Having oiled it up earlier I was able to penetrate him quite deeply. He fucked my mouth with full vigor, I sucked him as hard and as I could, swallowing his entire precious load.

Totally exhausted, Josh collapsed to the floor in a sweat; we embraced and hugged each other. My mouth immediately found his and we kissed passionately, our tongues collided with full fervor and passion. Josh broke off only momentarily to tell me that he tasted his cum in my mouth, which was certainly the case as I could taste it as well. After what seemed hours, we slumped to the floor and feel asleep.

To be continued. Day 2.