Title: Josh and I Day Three

Cat: Gay -- Cross Generational

Do not read if you are under 18.

This story is completely fictional.


We unzipped our sleeping bags completely and laid one top of the other, which made for a nice soft pad. And thanks to the warm nighttime temperatures Josh and I slept in the nude and like babies. We dozed off in the spoon position and awoke at about the same time without having moved an inch. I squeezed him tight, kissed the back of his head, and told him that I thoroughly enjoyed our "playtime" last night. He responded by massaging my cock with his ass. "Easy now" I said, "the day is just beginning, and we've got 5 more ahead of us".

"Will you teach me some more ways to play Brian?" "

"I'm not sure I can Josh, after all it's a new experience for me too. You are the first boy I've ever been with. We'll have to experiment together, OK?"

"You bet. I'm so glad I was your first boy Brian", he continued. "I feel so safe with you and you have such a nice body. You almost look like a grown up boy!"

Hmmmm, I thought. Maybe he was right. I was active physically, I ate right most of the time and I watched my personal hygiene carefully. I had a great tan, firm body, a full head of hair, and a near hairless body. And as more than one girl has mentioned in the past, my cock is just the right length when erect at 8 inches, cut, and smooth. I guess I could see how a boy like Josh would appreciate my looks over a most guys my age.

We took a quick dip in the pond and decided to head out early. As we left the parking lot it occurred to me how hot it was and I though; why not take Josh to the water slide park? Heck, my work load was light so I could afford to take the day off. When I asked Josh he replied with a resounding "yes!" The park was only about 15 miles so we'd be there in time.

Arriving at the park we grabbed our bathing suits and headed to the men's locker room. As I expected it was packed due to the heat. Josh and I threaded our way through to a couple of empty lockers and began to undress. Unlike my last visit here, and certainly due to my recent encounters with Josh, I looked around the room with a different perspective. There were boys, lots of young boys and what a sight. A slight tingle ran through my cock as I gazed around; big boys, small boys, all sorts, and some with really incredible bodies and nice bulges.

Josh jabbed me in the side and said, "Hey Brian, what are you looking at!"

I replied with a sly grin, "Nothing". With that we took off for the slides.

We had a great time, always choosing to ride the biggest and fastest slides. Sometimes Josh would sit between my legs and we'd slide down together. What a rush, my cock and balls up against his little tight ass as we zoomed downwards. I figured people would think I was Josh's dad so I hugged and held him all day long. After our last ride and as we headed back towards the locker room, we heard someone yell "Hey Josh!"

Josh turned around in a flash and shouted back "Eric!" The two boys ran to meet and started talking. As I walked over to join them a lady came up in back of Eric and put her hands on his shoulders.

"Hi" I said, `I'm Brian". Josh introduced me to Eric then to Eric's mother, Alicia.

"We've heard quite a bit about you Brian" she said. "Josh thinks you are the coolest dude".

"We'll, I'm not sure about that" I replied. "But we do seem to have a lot fun when we get together, right Josh?"

"We sure do" he replied enthusiastically.

"Hey Josh", Eric blurted out, "remember, you're suppose to sleep at my house tomorrow night."

Shoot, I thought to myself, that means one less night for me with the little guy, bummer.

"Yeah" replied Josh. "But it's going to be real hot, so I think I might want to stay at Brian's because he has a pool."

"Hmmm", Eric said, "Hey, maybe I can come to Eric's house?"

Looking a bit flustered, Alicia quickly injected; "Eric, It's not polite to invite yourself to someone else's house. I'm sorry Brian, but you know how boys are."

"That's quite alright" I told her. "Any friend of Josh's is a friend of mind". And besides, I'd be glad to have him over because I could use a break from babysitting".

To which Josh replied, "Hey, I'm not a baby!"

`Can I mom?" Eric implored.

"I guess it would be OK if Brian doesn't really mind."

"Not a problem" I assured her, "here is a business card with my address, drop Eric over tomorrow morning". We said goodbye and continued on to the locker room.

Josh could not sit still on the drive home knowing that Eric was going to visit tomorrow. And while I was excited, I dared not show it. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle having another beautiful boy in my house. The minute I laid eyes on Eric I knew I was in trouble. He looked to be about 5" 2" tall, like Josh. Close cropped thick blonde hair, perfect skin, a tight and tanned body, a slightly upturned nose, a few freckles, and big bright blue eyes. Most striking however were his legs, feet, and butt. Nicely proportioned, somewhat muscular, and slim. His toes looked sumptuous. Visions of Eric and Josh "playing" together entered my head, so much so I had to concentrate to stay on the road.

Shortly after arriving home, and because we didn't want to wait in line to rinse off at the water park, Josh jumped in the shower. Knowing he would linger there for a while, I told him I had to go out to run an errand. After last night's "playtime" with Josh, I knew it was just a matter of time before we'd need a couple of things; namely some anal lube and a dildo. Who was I kidding; the time I spent with Josh over the past couple of days was the most erotic I'd ever experienced and I loved it. I was beyond feeling guilty, beyond worry. I craved him; I craved his boy body Period. Let the chips fall where they may. To my delight, the adult store in town had exactly what I needed. There were several different dildos to choose from, my choice was a realistic 6" vibrating dildo. It looked very real and the just the right size for Josh. I grabbed some anal lube and returned home in no time.

Josh finished up in the bathroom, put on his PJ's, and starting playing games on my laptop while I headed to the shower. As I washed up, I began wondering about what might come up tonight. Would Josh and I give it a break? No sooner had this thought left my head when I knew the answer. Peering out through the steam I saw Josh approaching, in the nude. His cock semi erect, with a smile on his face. Poking his head in the door and staring right at my penis he said,

"I'm hungry Brian, what's to eat?"

Humorously, I told him, "You'll have to wait for supper."

Stepping into the shower he grabbed some liquid soap and started lathering up my cock.

"Hey" I said, "you took shower earlier."

"Yes, but not with you Brian"

We took turns washing one another all over using a generous amount of soap. I told Josh I was looking forward to having Eric over.

"Me too" he replied, "We'll have a good time I sure."

As I anticipated, Josh and I soon developed raging hard-on's. I turned towards him; instinctively he wrapped his hands around my cock and began tugging on it. I put my hands on his shoulders and kissed his forehead with small pecks. I moved down to and took his tongue into my mouth, aggressively sucking and licking it.

"Oh Brian" he murmured, "Would you like me to suck on your cock? It looks so good; I want to taste it, please?"

How could I refuse, "Sure Josh, but go slow and be careful not to take in too much at once."

Heeding my advice, he kept hold of my cock with one hand, bent over a bit, and began nibbling at it; his little pink tongue darting in and out of my slit. Opening his mouth a bit, more he took in the entire head of my cock and sucked on it like a jawbreaker. The warmth of his salvia and his moist tongue felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Blood rushed to my cock in torrents and it grew larger. Pressed firmly sideways against the inside of his mouth, I could see the outline of my cock on his cheek. Moving my shaft from side to side, the head of my cock went from one side of his mouth to the other. Wanting to explode I removed my cock from Josh's mouth and stroked it slowly in front of his face.

I asked him, "Do you like my cock Josh?" Do you like to watch me stroke it?"

"Are you ready to go a bit deeper? I want to fuck your mouth with my cock so bad."

"Oh Brian, I love your cock. It's so big and hard, it's perfect. I want to see how much I can put in my mouth"

Wanting to relax, I sat back on the shower seat and asked Josh to kneel between my legs, which he did eagerly. With his partially open mouth hovering directly over my cock, I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him forward. His mouth opened wide as I pushed myself towards it. Like before, he sucked on the head for a few minutes. I pushed in a little more and my shaft started to penetrate his lips. I figured 2 inches of my cock was now in his mouth. Seeing that he was OK, I pushed it in another inch and then another. With about 4 inches of my throbbing cock in his mouth, Josh's eyes opened wide and turned up towards mine. I could tell this was about his limit. I pulled out and told him to spit on my cock a few times. He did as I asked and then used his hands to spread it out evenly. This made for great lubrication and I plunged back in as fast as I could. Rocking up and down I fucked Josh's mouth as if it was a young pussy, taking care not to gag him. To add to my pleasure he grabbed my balls and squeezed them intermittently, occasionally going back further to swipe his fingers over my ass hole. Oh the joy I though, watching my cock ride in and out I knew I was indeed in boy heaven.

Minutes later I could feel that I was I was going to come. My first inclination was to pull out, but too late, I pumped away. As I came Josh slowly pulled back and, like a pro, kept his mouth tight around my cock, maintaining a nice vacuum effect. He swallowed several times to keep from choking and finished up by licking his lips and flashing me a big grin. Still I wanted more, so I grabbed my cock and rubbed it all over his little pink lips.

"Wow, Brian! I wish I could come like that."

I took Josh in my arms and kissed him, the taste of cum still in his mouth. I couldn't get enough of him.

"Now it's your turn Josh, let's go to my bed." We grabbed our towels, dried one another off, and headed to my bedroom.

"Josh", I said."Lie down on your belly, I've got a surprise." He complied immediately as I grabbed a bag from under the bed.

"What's the surprise Brian?" he asked.

"Take a look" I pulled the dildo I bought earlier from the bag and playfully ran it across my mouth.

"It looks so real, can I see it?" I handed it over.

"It's not as big as yours. What are we going to do with it?

"Stretching exercises"

As he handed it back it he replied, "Huh, stretching exercises?"

"Yes Josh. Do you remember how tight my two fingers were when I put them in your butt a couple days ago? We're going to work on stretching your hole so you don't feel as much pain. Holding up the tube of anal lube I added, "And this will help too"

"Now just try to relax while I get things started".

With that, and kneeling over his ass, I grabbed his thighs and spread his legs open. Next I parted his ass cheeks to get a good look at his hole. It was beautiful. Tight, brown and completely void of hair. I ran my finger over its little mound and his sphincter contracted automatically.

"Mmmmmm" he whispered, "that feels so good Brian"

"Would you like me to lick it Josh"

"Yes, please. It's clean because we took a shower."

Bending over a bit more, I spit on Josh's anus and rubbed it in with my middle finger, making tight circular motions. He reacted by humping the bed in slow and shallow up and down movements.

Depositing more spit, I leaned in closer until my mouth was just an inch from his ass. As if in slow motion, I extended my tongue and ran it from the bottom of his ass crack and up over his anus.

"Mmmmmm Brian, do it again please, it feels so good"

Quite willingly, I repeated this motion several times, applying a little more pressure on each successive pass. Coming to a stop directly over his anus, I curved my tongue into a point and proceeded downwards. Spreading his ass cheeks I began to slowly penetrate his hole, once inside he took hold of my tongue with his sphincter. He tasted so good, I plowed deeper.

"Oh Brian, fuck my ass with your tongue, it feels so good" "Fuck me please, fuck me."

I spread his hole open and a bit more and darted my tongue in and out, occasionally stopping to rim it. After nearly five minutes of this play, I leaned back, told Josh to relax and reached over and grabbed the lube and the dildo.

"Josh, here's where we start the stretching exercises, OK?"

"Will it hurt Brian?"

"It might hurt just a little bit at the beginning, but then it will feel real good. Sort of like my tongue but just bigger and harder. Ready?"

"Yeah" he replied with a hint of caution in his voice.

Taking the tube of anal lube, I poured a generous amount on Josh's sweet hole. Then using my middle finger I rubbed some of it into his anal canal. The more the better I thought. Next, I placed the head of the dildo on his hole and started to apply pressure.

"Mmmm, that's not so bad Brian, keep going"

Applying a little more pressure, the head of the dildo began to penetrate his Sphincter, and with a bit of a sucking sound, disappeared completely.

"Oh Brian, that feels so good. Keeping going please"

Bending over, I licked his ass, all the while pushing the dildo in further. At about 4 inches of penetration Josh asked me to stop.

"Ouch, that hurts a little Brian"

"You're doing fine Josh, take a deep breath and relax"

He complied, his sphincter relaxed, and the dildo continued in another two inches. "Wow", I thought to myself, "Josh can really take it well"

Having gone in about as far as possible without causing pain, I switched on the vibrator. Josh began to squirm and hump the bed.

"Oooooh Brian, that feels so good, keep going, please."

And keep going I did, fucking his ass with the dildo as if it was a real cock; moving it in and out slowly and sometimes faster. Not missing a beat, and as I continued, Josh rose to the doggie position. I reached under his belly and caught hold of his cock, which was rock hard and throbbing.

"Ummmmm" Brian that feels sooooo good. Fuck me please, fuck me."

I stroked his cock while fucking his ass with the dildo. What a sight to behold; his little head stretched upwards, eyes closed, licking his lips, moaning; his perfect torso and tight ass moving back and forth; his slender legs and his perfectly formed feet crying out to be sucked on.

"Oh Brian, I'm going to come please don't stop, go faster!"

Heeding his request, I sped up with both hands. Josh was now taking in almost the entire dildo without hesitation or pain. A couple of minutes passed and he prepared to come by rising up and putting his left arm around my shoulders. I kept jerking him off while at the same time removing the dildo from his ass and putting it in his mouth. He gladly received it and with one last thrust, moaned and exploded. His cum shot forward onto the pillow and head board. As he came I could feel his cock pumping like a machine. His whole body trembled as he experienced what I am sure was the best orgasm he ever had in his life.

We both collapsed on the bed in utter exhaustion. But before falling asleep, I got to my knees, licked Josh's cum off of the headboard, and gave him one last kiss for the night. "Sweet dreams" Josh, and remember, Eric is coming over tomorrow."