Title: Josh and I Day Four

Cat: Gay -- Cross Generational

Do not read if you are under 18.

This story is completely fictional.

When I awoke Josh was already up and about.

Hearing me stir, he yelled. "Brian, breakfast is ready".

I threw on some underwear and slowly made my way down to the kitchen. To my surprise the table was set and breakfast was being served; eggs, bacon, toast, juice and home fries.

"Pretty impressive Josh, where'd you learn how to cook?"

"My mom showed me how. It's not really hard you know."

It was delicious. As we ate I must have complimented Josh at least five times. He even offered to clean everything up by himself and told me I should relax. It was already about 80 degrees outside so I decided to go for a swim. As I made my way to the pool I noticed I was in my underwear. What the heck I thought, why not just skinny dip. My pool is surrounded by shrubs and is very private; my nearest neighbor is at least 300 feet from my house. So off they came and in I went.

Hitting the water felt great, even at about 85 degrees it was still refreshing. I did about 30 laps and then hit the lounge chair to stretch out. The warm morning sun felt great on my naked body. My cock, while flaccid, looked to be still about six inches and was flopped over my leg. I figured that last night's activities made it so relaxed. And no doubt due to the unusually big breakfast I had that morning, I drifted off and feel asleep.

With a slight startle, I awoke to hushed giggling. It was Josh, and Eric, standing right in front of me, both clad in Speedo bathing suits. "Hi boys, what's up?" Staring right at their crotches, I could make out the outlines of their cocks; it looked like Eric was circumcised and slightly larger than Josh.

"Hi Eric. When did you get here?"

"My mom dropped me off about 15 minutes ago; Josh told her you were sleeping so she said she would call you later."

All the while we talked, Eric and Josh's eyes did not leave my cock, and looking down I knew why. I was very semi –erect, sort of like the way a lot of guys wake up in the morning. Feeling a bit exposed I got up and headed for the house.

"Excuse me boys, I have to use the bathroom"

As I headed for the house I heard Josh ask "Hey, can we skinny dip too Brian?"

"Sure, but stick around the pool. I've got a bit of work to do, I'll come join you in a while".

I entered the house, went upstairs, slipped on a pair of shorts, and sat down at my computer. I tried in vain to get some work done but no luck. All I could think about was Eric staring at my cock. "What was he thinking?" I thought. Perhaps he was remembering what Josh's father did to him in the sauna? And then I though; was Josh even telling the truth about his father and Eric? Eric didn't seem to act like someone that had been traumatized.

From my window I could hear Josh and Eric splashing in the pool and laughing heartily. I tried once again to concentrate on my work and succeeded, about an hour later I looked up from my computer and noticed that the backyard was quite. Peeking out my window, the boys were not in the pool. Then as I scanned the patio I saw them. Wow!

Eric was lying in my lounge chair, completely naked. Josh was kneeling between his legs, stroking Eric's cock with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. Eric's cock was erect and as I saw though his Speedo earlier, he was indeed cut. To my amazement his cock looked to be a good six inches in length; the boy was well endowed. Eric fondled Josh's hair and giggled lightly while Josh worked him over. Josh continued stroking Eric's cock until it was standing at full attention. Eric occasionally threw his head back, closed his eyes, and moaned with pleasure.

Seeking some gratification as well, Josh got up, removed his Speedo and stood near Eric's head. Eric reached up and fondled Josh's balls and tugged on his cock. At the same time he reached down and stroked himself in order to retain the hard-on Josh gave him. Josh's cock grew larger as he inched towards Eric's head. Without missing a beat, Eric released Josh's cock and took it into his mouth. He sucked cock like a real pro, slowly gliding his lips up and down over Josh's cock in a steady and fluid motion and occasionally running his tongue over the entire length of his shaft.

As I watched my cock started to grow too, so I stepped out of my shorts. I couldn't believe my eyes; two near perfectly built boys, smooth tanned skin, beautiful faces, and nice cut cocks. Never before had I been so aroused; I had to get closer, but not too close. I wanted them to continue uninterrupted. I made my way downstairs to the living room and stood at the bay window, which was right off the patio and just about ten feet from the boys. Taking care to keep quiet, I gently opened the side window so I could hear them.

"Eric", Josh said, "please keep sucking my cock, it feels so good."

"Ummmm, it taste good too Josh" Eric replied.

Josh leaned in further and began fucking Eric's mouth with vigor. Releasing his own cock, Eric slipped his hand between Josh's legs. While I could not see his ass, it was obvious by Josh's loud moan that Eric's fingers found their way to his ass hole.

"Oh Eric, stick your finger in my ass, please!"

"Do you want me to lick it?" Eric asked.

"Oh yes, Brian licked it the other day and it felt real good."

"Brian"? Eric asked. "You and Brian do this stuff too?"

"Yeah, but keep it a secret, I'm not sure he wants you to know."

The mention of my name caused my cock to throb heavily. I was immediately inclined to run out and join them but held back. I felt that the more Eric got it on with Josh, the easier it would be for me to make a move later on. I continued to watch them.

Josh pulled his cock out of Eric's mouth and spun around. Eric popped up to a sitting position, grabbed Josh's hips and pulled him backwards. Parting Josh's ass cheeks with his hands, Eric extended his tongue and started rimming Josh. I could see his tongue glistening as it swished about.

"Ohhhh Eric, your tongue feels so good, please lick my ass hard."

Eric licked Josh's ass in a slow and very deliberate manner, taking care to pause and play with his sphincter on each trip up and down.

"Play with my cock Eric, please."

Not wanting to disappoint, and with no pause in his licking, Eric reached between Josh's legs and ran his little hand back and forth over his cock and balls.

"Mmmm Eric, that feels so good. Your tongue is so wet and slippery."

Watching them was so intense. I wanted to get into the act, but instead I started stroking my cock. Long, slow stokes.

After about ten minutes of ass licking, Josh spun back around and pointed his cock directly at Eric's mouth. Without hesitation Eric resumed sucking and licking it, taking Josh's cock in one hand squeezing his balls with the other. Josh's cock disappeared and reappeared as Eric took it in and out of his mouth. After about five minutes of intense sucking by Eric, Josh signaled that he was going to come; he grabbed Eric's shoulders and pulled himself forward.

"Ohhhh, I'm coming Eric, go faster!"

With his cock planted deeply in Eric's mouth, Josh arched back and unloaded. Eric pulled away while cum continued to spray his face. He grabbed Josh's cock, milked it until it was dry, and then licked it clean, savoring every bit of cum. In near complete exhaustion, Josh fell onto the lunge chair at Eric's feet.

"Wow that was awesome Eric", Josh said thankfully.

To which Eric replied, "Hey, well what about me? Isn't it my turn?"

"What would you like me to do" asked Josh, who seemed anxious to return the favor.

"I don't know"

And then Josh got an idea. "Why don't you put your cock in my ass?"

"Gee, I don't know Eric. That could hurt you."

"I don't think so, I've been doing some stretching exercises."

"Huh, How?"

"I'll tell you about it later. Wait here I'll be right back."

Josh sprung to his feet, pulled his Speedo on, and ran towards the house. With no time to spare I pulled my shorts on and headed towards the cellar door.

"Hey Brian" Josh yelled. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, I'm over here, I've been down in the basement" I lied. "I've got some things I need to fix down there. I'll be out in a little while."

Still standing by the cellar door, I heard Eric run upstairs and then run back down and outside to the pool. With the coast clear I returned to the spot where I had been watching and listening to them earlier. I peeked out the window just in time to see Josh remove his Speedo and expose his beautiful boy butt again.

"Hey, what do you have in your hands?" Eric asked.

"It's some stuff Brian bought. It's like a slippery cream. Brain calls it lube. Stand up."

Josh sat down in front of Eric, poured some of the lube into his hands and started applying it to Eric's cock.

"Mmm, that feels great Josh. I'm already getting hard. Keep going."

Josh applied a generous amount of lube. The biggest thing he ever had in his ass was Brian's two fingers and it looked like Eric's penis was slightly larger that. He wanted to make sure it didn't hurt.

Josh capped the bottle of lube and got on all fours on the lounge chair, doggy style, with his back to Eric. At that moment I wished it was me out there instead of Eric. The sight of a beautiful young boy on all fours, waiting to be penetrated was driving me wild. Still, and without knowing exactly why, I resisted joining them.

"Ok Eric" Josh instructed, "You can start putting it in my ass."

Every so carefully, and with an intense look of curiosity in his face, Eric moved closer to Josh, who was positioned at the just the right height for penetration.

As Eric's cock made initial contact with his ass, Josh cautioned him to go slow.

"I'll rub it on your ass a bit to make it real hard", Eric informed Josh. With that Eric used his right hand to slide his cock up and down Josh's ass crack.

`Wow this feels so good Josh, I can't wait to stick it in your ass."

Eric continued his up and down motion along Josh's ass, but with ever decreasing swipes, until finally the head of his cock came to rest directly on his sphincter. He then began to push forward.

"Here I go Josh."

Gripping Josh's hips with both hands, Eric slowly pushed forward. Looking down he could see the head of his cock disappear into Josh ass. The lube was working fine.

"mmm Josh, that feels good. Can you squeeze my cock a little with your ass?"

Without saying a word, Josh began flexing his sphincter on Eric's cock. Gripping and releasing it in even intervals. Closing his eyes, Eric pushed deeper.

"Keep going Eric, I can feel your cock in my ass and it feels real good, especially with the lube."

Josh spread his legs a bit more, leaned forward and prepared himself for compete penetration by Eric.

With his cock about half way in Josh's ass Eric muttered, "Oh Josh, this feels so good, your ass it so tight around my cock, I want to fuck you so bad."

"Keep going Eric" Josh replied. "I want all your cock in me, I want to feel it go in and out."

Without hesitation, Eric complied and buried his entire cock in Josh's ass. His balls slapped up against his ass as well.

"Ohhhhh Eric, slide it in and out." Josh said in a near begging tone.

With his hands still on Josh's hips, Eric began pumping in and out of his ass in a steady motion. His cock grew longer and harder, the sensation of Josh's sphincter wrapped tight around his cock was unlike any pleasure he had felt before.

My view was incredible; two young boys, totally smooth and naked, tanned, little white butts, fucking, and moaning louder and louder. At this point I figured that they were completely in another world or that they didn't care if I was watching. My cock was ready to explode; it took all my energy to hold back. There was always tonight I thought. Minutes went by as Eric fucked Josh passionately; climax was imminent. Reaching back between his legs, Josh cupped and squeezed Eric's balls and fingered his cock as it glided in and in out of his ass, causing Eric to increase his pumping and to throw his head back. Josh begged Eric to come in his ass as he tightened his sphincter around his cock.

Moments later and thrusting deep and hard into Josh's ass, Eric exploded. He moaned loudly in sheer ecstasy, experiencing what had to be the most intense orgasm of his young life. Josh continued to rock back and forth on Eric's cock even as he stood motionless. Finally, Josh stopped moving as well and both boys waited until Eric's cock grew limp and receded from Josh's ass.

"How was that Eric?" Josh asked.

"Real good, I never came like that by jerking off that's for sure."

Lying down completely on his stomach, Josh looked back and asked Eric. "Want to lick your cum off my ass?"

In a blink of an eye, Eric was on his knees ready to comply with the request. He grabbed Josh's thighs and spread them apart to gain access to his hole. He saw his cum dripping out of Josh's ass, down over his balls and the base of his cock. He was amazed at the volume; it had to be twice as much as he normally ejaculated.

Placing his fingers near Josh's hole, Eric leaned forward, extended his tongue and began licking. Gobs of his baby white, creamy cum disappeared into his mouth.

"Mmmmm Josh moaned, that feels so good. Lick my balls too, please."

Having thoroughly cleaned the area around his Josh's ass hole, Eric started downwards, licking cum as he went along. Arriving at Josh's balls, he took one at a time in to his mouth and sucked each clean. To make sure the job was complete, he returned to Josh's hole, spread it open with his fingers, and darted his tongue in and out several times until it too was squeaky clean.

With a big smile on his face, Josh whipped around and started French kissing with Eric. They hugged tightly, and because both boys remained erect, their cock clashed like little swords. Pulling away, Josh jokingly called Eric his girlfriend, they then both raced to the pool and dove in.

As for me, I stroked my cock hard and fast and came all over the wall and floor. What a mess. I cleaned up and headed outside to join the boys for a dip. Which is exactly what I needed in order to cool down. As I hit the water I looked forward to spending the night with the boys.


To be cont..