Jude the Skater Dude

Written Aug 2012

***Please do not read this story if you are against boys and boys or boys and men making love to each other, or if you are against diaper wearing and or piss play. If however you are good with that, then please feel free to read on, I care not if it is or is not legal for you to do so, that is your choice and yours alone. I recently spent some time in the Okanagan valley, enjoying all the sights of the beautiful area once again. I have gone there several times, and will go back as often as possible. Jude, the boy in this story, is taken from a boy that I did actually see at a skate park. I do not know if that was his name or not, but I tried to be as accurate on his description as I could, but I failed miserably in describing how he truly looked, he was simply stunning. Sadly, no other aspect of this story is true, though I can certainly say that I wish it were. Should you wish to email me for any reason concerning this story, or any other of my stories, please do so at erich5748 at ymail.com. Thanks, I hope that you enjoy.***

Twenty Nine year old Austin Axlesmith was standing outside the fenced in area of the skate park, watching his young nephew, making sure that he was doing okay. The five year old autistic boy was a wizard on a skateboard, though woefully hopeless at almost all else. The poor boy, Justin, could speak less than ten words, was still nowhere near fully potty trained, and freaked out if almost anyone came too close to him. There were so few people that he would let close, his uncle being one, and the occasional younger boy as well, but they were few and far between. As Austin watched Justin, he spotted another boy and who he assumed to be his brother enter into the park. There were already a few others there, so this was nothing to be concerned with, but the boy was incredibly beautiful Austin thought. Watching the boy out of the corner of his eye, he saw him take his gear very close to where he was, but the boy had yet to even notice he was standing there.

Another boy, older than the beautiful boy that Austin pegged to be somewhere around ten or eleven years old, came up to him and grabbed and turned him. Austin almost reacted to the rough treatment, when the boy turned and saw who it was and then smiled. Austin tried not to seem obvious as they talked, but they were close enough that he heard every word of their conversation.

“Ah, did you rethink your position?” He asked politely.

“No, I'm not sucking you, I'm not that way, but you gotta suck me again man, I'm busting and you're so good at it.”

“Then the answer's no. I told you already, at least a few times, I don't give unless I receive. You chickened out on the first one, I gave first, now if you want more, you have to give too, that's the deal.”

“But you're gay, all gay boys like to suck cock.”

“I may be gay, and you may have tasted really good, but I have needs as well, so unless you wanna suck me first, fuck off.” He said and then turned and walked away.

“If you don't, I'm telling everyone what you are, even your brother.” He called to the boys back.

Once again Austin almost reacted, he could not allow anyone to blackmail someone for such a reason. He almost did, that is, until the boy turned around and grinned brightly.

“You stupid fucking moron, you honestly think he doesn't already know, and my mom already knows too, so do my aunt and uncle, there's no one at all here that I would even care about finding out, so go ahead, shout it from the rooftops for all I care. I'm gay, and I'm happily so. You however haven't admitted that you are yet, so when you tattle, so will I, and I know you have a lot of friends around here, whereas I don't even live here. Now, you suck me, I suck you, that's the deal, take it or leave it, and if you screw me, I'll screw you harder.” He smiled serenely.

Austin almost cheered for the brave and very confident young man, but had no idea how that would play out. The older boy though was totally deflated, what more could he say, so he walked away. Austin was every bit as certain as the young boy was that the older boy was gay as well, but he clearly did not have the confidence yet to admit it.

Still without even noticing Austin standing there watching and listening to the entire conversation, he grabbed his board and joined his brother and the several other boys in the park in skating. Austin could not help but watch as the boy played, he too was exceptionally great on his board.

The boy was everything that Austin had ever looked for in a boy, he was probably every bit the average boy in height, but he was fairly muscular, he had shoulder length died blonde hair with at least a hundred blue streaks in it as well, his nose was small and button like with hundreds of the cutest freckles playing across it and onto his cheeks. His eyes were a really pretty blue, almost a baby blue you could say, and his lips were naturally bright red. His skin was very soft looking, and from what Austin could see of it, well tanned too.

He was wearing loose fitting board shorts that kept creeping down and showing that he liked to wear plain white very tight fitting briefs or boxer briefs, Austin could not tell. What he could tell though was that the material was hugging an incredibly tight boys bum perfectly in every way. He was wearing a plain white tank top that was also nice and tight fitting, hence the reason Austin could easily see that he was so fit. He was also wearing a cap with his very own skate companies logo on it, but the cap was so large on the boy, that it often covered his face, Austin thought it was comical. He was also wearing matching stud ear rings in both ears and in his eyebrow, altogether, it set off the boy in a way that set Austin's heart beating.

Sure he knew he was gay, sure he knew he was even a boy lover, though never before had he acted on that, but he admired boys from afar and helped them all the time. This boy though was someone very special, and Austin knew he had to talk to the boy. Sure, he had talked to hundreds of boys, he had even been attracted to many of them, but no one like this one.

It was almost half an hour later that the young boy noticed Justin do a stunt that he could not even do, and he had been practicing really hard, so he stopped and watched the very young boy. He was not the only one though, several of the other boys too had stopped and were watching Justin. Once Justin skidded to a halt next to the boy Austin was watching, the boy spoke to Justin.

Unfortunately Austin was too far away to hear the conversation, but he did notice right away that Justin took to the strange boy very well, in fact, he was positively giddy. It was after about two or three minutes that Justin pointed over to Austin, and the boy looked up and saw him for the first time. Then when he really saw Austin, he almost screamed. He grabbed Justin's hand and led him over to where Austin was standing.

“I know you, you're Austin Axlesmith, wow, I've always wanted to meet you.”

“I thought I recognized a few of my moves out there. You're really very good.”

“Who me, no, I'm nowhere near good, even Justin here, at least I think that's what he said his name was, he's a bit tough to understand, anyway, he's way better than I am, but if you've been teaching him, then that's understandable.”

“Yes, his name's Justin, and yes, he's hard to understand. He doesn't talk so well, he's very autistic and doesn't normally interact with others. He tried talking to you, so you're now his friend. Anyway, no, I haven't taught him hardly anything, he just loves my website, same as I'm guessing you do.”

“For sure. No other website out there teaches anything anywhere near what yours does. Man, even I cried the day you had your accident, and then a few days later when they said you'd never skate again. You were the absolute best, still no one can touch what you did on a board. I love watching your videos and learning how to do everything. That's too bad about Justin though, but does he wear diapers, because I thought I saw one?”

“Don't worry about Justin, he manages just fine, and he's getting better now that he lives with me. He used to only be able to say a few words, would let no one near him at all, and was fully incontinent, which meant he pooped and peed his diapers. And yes, he still pees, he refuses to learn that, but at least he takes care of the messy stuff on the toilet now, so that's good enough for me. If that's what he wants and likes, then I won't stop him.”

“What really, you'd let him wear diapers just 'cause he wanted to?” He whispered hoarsely.

“Sure, nothing wrong with it really, just a different underwear. Truth be told though, and I'd rather you never said anything, but I never got out of diapers myself for pee, because my bladder never grew. A few people know, but the fewer the better. As for my accident, yeah, I cried too when the doctors told me I'd never skate again. My knee was totally destroyed, my hip was shattered, my ankle was almost as bad, and throughout the rest of my leg there were no less than ten different breaks or fractures. That was three years ago and I'm only just finally able to walk somewhat properly.”

“I heard, but that's a hell of a brace you have to wear now.” He said while looking down, because Austin was wearing shorts, so he was able to see most of the brace.

“Yeah, it goes from inside my shoe, all the way up to the top of my thigh. It holds everything in place properly so that I can't injure it. Man, I have more metal in me than the Bionic Man though. I sound off every metal detector at the airport, it's quite funny actually.”

“That's sad and funny at the same time. How come you're here though, you live in Vancouver?” He asked, because they were currently in a park on the Okanagan lake.

“I have a vacation condo at the top of that building there.” Austin said, pointing to the top of the tallest tower behind them.

“Wicked, I'm in the top of the one right next door to you then. My aunt and uncle are really rich and my brother and I come and spend the summers with them, not that they're ever around, but it's nice to get away. My mom works real hard, but thankfully her sister insisted we rent one of her apartments in Vancouver, and she gives it to us for almost free. She probably wouldn't charge anything at all, but my mom would refuse that anyway. So yeah, we're neighbors.”

“Nice. So, what's your name anyway?”

“I'm Jude, but most of my friends call me Jude the Skater Dude.”

“It's very nice to meet you Jude, and I like that, it's appropriate.”

“Thanks, it's totally awesome to meet you, I never thought I would. I'm surprised my brother hasn't come over to see you yet, he's almost as big a fan as I am.”

“Nah, he's over there showing off to some girl, he hasn't even looked this way once to see if you're okay or anything.” Austin laughed.

“Typical. He loves it here, so many girls all the time, it's disgusting.”

“Yeah, but you're only what ten, eleven, and besides, you're gay, and I know you're gay to the point that you'd never go with a girl at all, so none of that helps.”

“Eleven actually, just turned in fact, but how'd you know?”

“Few reasons, first is, I heard your little conversation with that thirteen or so year old boy, congratulations by the way, second, I could feel it, because so am I and I'm very good at seeing the signs, and last but not least, you dress far too nicely to be straight. I mean, look at your brother, he's a slob compared to you.” Austin laughed.

“No kidding. I often have to tell him to change and or tell him what to wear. He's the only boy I suck and not make him suck me back, he says he's as gay as I am straight, so I suck him because I love him and he needs to be kept well drained. He said my help's helped him from getting at least a dozen girls pregnant.” He giggled cutely.

“That's sweet of you actually. I hope he doesn't use or abuse you!”

“No, never, he's actually very nice to me, he never asks, I just come to his room whenever I think he needs it, and he pets my hair so nicely and says how good I am, how I'm the best brother there is. Even when we're out, he's super nice to me, he never teases or hurts me, he'd never do anything to hurt me. He's actually kinda a wuss to tell you the truth, he can't take pain at all, he won't fight at all, and he hates most sports. I can take way worse spills than he can and just stand up and brush them off, I've gotten in lots of trouble for fighting, but I never started them, and I love most sports. I often tease him that he should've been the gay one, but he just laughs.”

“It's funny how that is sometimes, but I'm glad he's so good to you. So, when did you know you were gay then?”

“Just always knew I think. Never really thought of it, just sorta always played with my friends.”

“Yeah, same here actually.”

It was at this time that Justin, who was still standing there listening to everything, got his uncles attention.

“Unc'y poopy.”

“Oops, if you'll excuse me for a few moments, I have to take Justin to the bathroom, he needs to go, and he'll probably need a change as well. I'll change too while in there, so we'll be a few minutes.”

“Okay, actually, I have to go too, so I'll come with you.”

“Okay, we'll be going into the family room and we'll meet you outside once we're done.”


The three of them headed to the park bathroom, Austin grabbing his diaper bag as they went, and when they arrived, they all went in. A few minutes later, after getting Justin out of his wet diaper and onto the toilet, then into a fresh diaper and changing his own diaper, they all met outside once again.

“There we go, much better.” Austin said.

“For sure. Can we go and sit and talk some more?” Jude asked.

“Sure, where would you like to go?”

“Anywhere would be fine with me. I should actually head back to my aunts pretty quick though to get some lunch.”

“Why not just come to our place then and have lunch with us.”

“Really, you mean it?”

“Of course, just go tell your brother, so that he doesn't worry, then we can go.”

Jude took off immediately and went and talked to his older brother. His brother was seen to whip his head around and stare at Austin for a few moments, thinking that Jude was pulling his leg. It almost looked to Austin as if the brother asked to come too, because Jude shook his head wildly no. A few moments later, Jude came back.

“Okay, good to go.”

“What did your brother have to say?”

“As soon as he found out who I was going with, he wanted to go too, but I told him no.”

“He would've been welcome as well.”

“I know.” He grinned, and Austin felt that something was going to happen.

He led the way to his building anyway, knowing that no matter what happened, it would be what they both wanted, of that he had so few doubts. With that thought though, he did accept the fact that he would have to try and deny it, to try and say no, but he wondered if when the time came, whether he would have the power to say no. Once inside, they headed to the elevator bank and Austin inserted a key into the far left one and they got on as soon as it opened up and took it all the way to the top. Jude whistled as soon as the door opened to reveal Austin's apartment.

“Wow, what a place, it's even nicer than my aunt and uncles, and it's pretty awesome.”


They had entered into the living room and from there they would be able to see almost everything of the apartment. It was wide open and very spacious. What drew Jude's eye the most though was the half pipe that Austin had on the far side of the room, it looked like it was supposed to be a rec room.

“Do you really have a half pipe in your house?”

“Sorta looks that way huh!” Austin laughed.

“Yeah, I'd love that. No wonder you were so good.”

“That's not for me, it's for Justin. I only bought this place last year and put that in for him, because he'd board every minute of the day if he could. I can't skate any more at all remember.”

“Yeah, I remember, no wonder he's so good then.”

“Yeah, he's getting very good, especially for his age. In fact Justin, why not go play for a bit 'til lunch, okay.”

Justin just looked up and smiled brightly, and standing right where he was, stripped off all his clothes until he was in just his Pampers diaper, grabbed his board, and went and started playing.

“Why'd he strip down to his diaper?”

“To be more comfortable. Trust me, it's hell getting that boy into clothes to take him out anywhere, he'd be nude or diapered all day every day if he could. At least now that he's only peeing his diapers, when he goes nude, he doesn't make a huge mess anymore. He used to just go wherever he was, he didn't care.”

“Ew, yuck.”

“Tell me about it. I hate changing dirty diapers, but cleaning that up was never any fun.”

“Why does he live with you and not with his parents?”

“Let's just say that calling them losers would be being far too kind. No, they were leaving him for hours, and even one time three days at a time all alone in the house, my parents found out and asked me to care for him, because they can't. Not only are they too old and are trying to relax more, but he won't even talk to them at all. I'm the only one that he will talk to, or at least as much as he can at any rate.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Yeah. So, what would you like for lunch then?”

With that, Jude got a wicked grin on his face, and as he was turning more to face Austin, he leapt and nearly attacked him and laid on the man a very passionate kiss. As soon as he let go, he sighed deeply, and said, “I want you for lunch, or dessert, take me to your bedroom.”

“Wow, what a kiss Jude, but sadly, no, we can't. I'm old enough to be your father, I'm way too old for you, I'd get in way too much trouble to do what you clearly want to do, and there's another problem as well.”

“I knew you'd say that, the first man that I had said the same thing, most of the others did too, but it didn't take too long before I was sucking him and he was sucking me. I wouldn't let him fuck me though, nor any of the other men, I didn't think they were the ones I wanted, but you, I want you to make love to me. Don't worry though, I've been fucked, lots, and almost no matter what you have inside your diaper, I can take it. My first real dick was my fourteen year old baby sitter when I was six, man was he hot, and I took him easily.”

“That's not the problem I was referring to, I know full well that if prepared properly that you'd be able to take me easily.”

“Okay, then what's the problem?”

“Well, I told you earlier that I had to wear diapers, and I do, but what I never told you, is that I'm a diaper lover as well, and as such, I want those that I make love to to be wearing as well, preferably nice and soggy.”

“Oh, then go grab me a diaper and diaper me up.” Jude smiled brightly.

“Huh, what!”

“You heard me. I wet the bed anyway, so I already like diapers, but I admit I've never worn during the day, and certainly never for sex.”

“You mean it.”


“I don't have diapers that'd fit you though.”

“Justin's pretty big, his diapers might fit me, I'm pretty skinny, but they'll probably be pretty tight.”

“Um.” Was all Austin could say, his mouth was incredibly dry.

“Come on, diaper me up, and then we can have lunch, so that that gives me time to make it nice and soggy for you, and then you can take me to your bedroom.”

“I don't think this is a good idea.” Austin said as Jude grabbed his hand and led him to where the bedrooms clearly were.

“It's not, it's an awesome idea. Don't worry so much.”

Austin let Jude lead him all the way to the bedrooms, and once to where they were, Jude looked to Austin to see which one to go to, so he just pointed at the correct door. Jude led him in, and finally let go of his hand when he climbed up onto the bed. He instinctively laid himself in diaper changing position. With a smile, he told Austin to go ahead.

With visibly shaking hands, Austin reached up and pulled up and off Jude's shirt, and then pulled his shorts down without unsnapping them or anything, they were that loose. This of course left Jude in nothing but his incredibly well fitting white boxer briefs. Austin gulped and licked his lips once again, never before had he been so very turned on.

With one final look and a nod from Jude, Austin grabbed the waist band of the fine looking underwear and pulled them down. It had not been hard to tell that Jude was incredibly hard under his underwear, he was pulsing even, but once the underwear were out of the way, his entire four and a half inch and fairly thick young boy meat popped up quite obscenely. Austin once again licked his lips and pulled them all the way off.

“Before you diaper me, could you suck me please?”

“No.” Austin whispered.

“Please, I've been hard ever since the boy in the park asked me to suck him. The only reason I didn't was out of principle, but I'd suck a hundred boys and not make them suck me, but I won't let myself be used.”

“Not yet, maybe after I have you diapered.”

“Okay, just please hurry.”

Austin nodded and went and grabbed a diaper from the stack he kept in his bedroom for Justin and came back. He opened it up and as he was just about to ask Jude to raise up, he did so instinctively, knowing once again just what needed to be done. Once the diaper was properly positioned, Austin pulled it up and taped it on. It was far too tight, was a little small, but Jude looked amazing laying there like that.

“Wow, you look even hotter like that.” Austin said, once again his mouth was very dry and he had to swallow and lick his lips several times.

“Thanks. Can you strip down to your diaper as well?”

“No, but you can strip me.”

“Okay, how about after you suck me then.”

Austin had taken all the temptation he could take, never before had a boy been so absolutely perfect for him. He now wanted to do anything and everything that Jude wanted for him to do. He stepped forward once more and pulled the front of Jude's diaper down, thus exposing his entire piece of boy meat, and bent down and sucked him as best he knew how.

Austin may very well have been a very famous skateboarder, but where he was going he had gone so few times in the past. He was fully gay, and had enjoyed a few guys in the past, but only a couple of them had gotten diapered for him. His longest boyfriend had been only a few months, but Jude he could see staying with for a long time.

Jude gasped longingly as Austin sucked his dick and balls in all in one gulp, and then panted as Austin gave to him the single best blowjob he had ever received, and he had received a lot. Given just how incredibly horny he was at the moment though, it was unfortunate that he was unable to last more than just a minute. His orgasm was still dry, but the intensity of it made up for that a hundred fold.

Jude sighed a few minutes later when he came down. “Wow, you're very good at that.”

“Thanks, I've never sucked someone as young as you before, but you're quite big for your age, every bit as big as the thirteen year old I sucked when I was fifteen.”

“Thanks, my brother says it's not fair that he's almost three years older than me and my dick's almost as big as his. The major difference of course is he has some hair and he cums properly, but I sure do enjoy cumming still.”

“I bet.”

Jude got up off the bed then and started stripping Austin of his clothes. Austin was wearing almost the same thing that Jude had been; baggy board shorts, but his were held up by a belt, and a tank top that was tucked in, but Austin was wearing a shirt over that as well. When Jude went to pull the tank top off, he found that it would not come untucked, so he released the belt instead and removed Austin's shorts. This is when he realized that the shirt was a diaper shirt, he grinned and unsnapped it in the crotch and then pulled it off, leaving both of them standing there in nothing but diapers and socks.

“Wow, you're pretty hot like that.” Jude sighed.

“Thanks, you're incredibly hot, almost no matter what.”

“Thanks. I don't really think I'm hot, but everyone says so, and I think I've caused a few accidents as I was walking by, people always stop and stare at me. I mostly just ignore people now, just go about my business, because they make me uncomfortable saying it.”

“I can understand how it might make you uncomfortable, but you really are, and I can certainly understand you having caused a few accidents. If you'd walked past me, I would've gone out of it for a few minutes and crashed too.” Austin laughed.

Jude did not comment further on that, he decided that he had to taste his man, so stepped forth and lowered the front of Austin's diaper, exposing the fact that he too was incredibly hard. Austin almost got the words out if his mouth, but before they came out, Jude had already sunk down and engulfed him almost entirely. It had been too long though, and he was so hot from sucking Jude, it was too much for him, and in less than thirty seconds, he was exploding. He never even had the chance to warn Jude, he just exploded in possibly the most incredible orgasm that he had ever had.

Jude felt the oncoming orgasm, he knew from how hard and wet Austin's dick was, that it was going to be a massive orgasm. He knew Austin was extremely horny, and he could not wait to taste his man. The wait was very short, but Jude felt it happening and made sure that he caught the entire load. Even he was surprised though by the sheer quantity of the load that was exploding into his very talented sucking mouth. Never before had he had to swallow to catch it all, but he had to swallow twice, and there was still more for him to truly savor.

Once Austin was finished firing, Jude pulled off, licking all around to make sure that he received every last drop of the cream that he was truly enjoying at the moment, and then with a final deep contented sigh, he swallowed the last of it, then pulled the front of Austin's diaper back up. Finally he stood up and smiled at Austin, who was just coming down, and then reached up and kissed his man once again, only this time Austin was a very agreeable partner in the very deep and tender kiss.

“Wow, no one's ever made me feel the way you make me feel, you're incredible.” Austin sighed.

“Same, I've had sex with dozen's of guys, sucked probably hundreds now, but I've never felt what I do with you.”

“Good. Now, if you've finally gone soft, you'll want to point yourself down, so that you don't pee out the top of your diaper.”

“Oh, I know all about that, since I wear diapers to bed, just not real diapers. I usually wear Underjams, they seem to hold up at least a bit better, but I've managed to leak quite a bit in the past. Mind you, half the time was because I wore myself out while playing and probably forgot to point myself down.” Jude grinned.

“Ah yes, the problem with pullup styles is they usually don't hold enough for us heavy wetters. I was the same all through growing up, 'til I finally told my parents not to bother with them, I think I was nine or ten, so they bought me real diapers. It got to the point of not even bothering to wear them, I leaked so often. I suppose at least I wasn't totally soaking my bed, just wetting it a bit. How about your brother, is he a bed wetter as well?”

“He was, he stopped when he was nine, or at least for the most part. He still has the occasional accident, maybe once every few months now, but unlike me, who doesn't care at all, and all my friends and probably the entire school knows I'm a bed wetter, he's super embarrassed by it.”

“I was the same as you really, almost everyone knew I was a bed wetter, just no one knew that by the time I was ten I was pretty much forced to wear at least some form of protection all day every day. That's something that I never felt comfortable telling anyone. Not sure why really, just never could. Granted, I also knew well before then that I was really starting to like them too, and I knew that'd be detrimental to tell others, so maybe I felt by telling people, that they might think I loved them. Too bad for your brother though that he's so embarrassed by it, it's sad really.”

“Yeah, it is, but no matter how often I tell him it's not a big deal and that he shouldn't be embarrassed by it, like me, he always cries when he wakes up wet. I don't even think our aunt and uncle truly know, I'm sure they do, but he certainly never tells them or lets them know, he just does his laundry and never says a thing. I always know though, because I always hear him crying. Like last night, it happened again, which is rare for him, because it's his third wet bed this week, and I tried to soothe him, but he was too upset and wouldn't hear it.”

“You said he's thirteen, well that's likely the fact that he's well into puberty and it's messing with everything. Puberty was the worst time for me, I leaked almost every night for more than a year, even in proper diapers. Granted, they weren't nearly as good as the diapers I have now, I've never leaked in my night time diapers that I use now.”

“That's what the doctor told him as well, because I made him go and ask before we came up here, because it was happening quite a bit for him. Like I said, it's not normal for him, so I told him he should have it checked out. The doctor just told him that as well and sent him for some urine tests to be sure, but there was nothing obvious, so he told my brother to wait it out, and if by the end of summer and we got back, if it wasn't any better, to go back and see him for more testing. I think he's gonna go, because he wants it stopped at all costs. He won't even fathom wearing my diapers though, even when he wet almost full time, so at least a couple to a few times a week, he refused point blank to ever wear them, whereas I've never been out of them for night and I prefer them.”

“I'm glad to hear you're taking care of your big brother.”

“He takes care of me, I take care of him, we love each other a lot, we have to really, we're all we've got. Our mom works a lot and is hardly there for us, she tries as much as she can, and we know she loves us, but she can't be there for us. Our aunt and uncle care for us, but they're never home, they have busy lives, they're both business people, and while we live with them, they hardly know we're here half the time, or less. He's always watched over me, our mom even had him start babysitting me when he was nine, because she couldn't afford a babysitter anymore. We've always come here for the summer, but even as kids, our aunt and uncle were never around. We pretty much raised ourselves.”

“That's very sweet actually. I know it was hard on my parents as well while I was growing up, they had two kids and they both had to work to make ends meet, and more often than not, there just wasn't enough money. We had a really cheap rundown apartment in the city, two bedrooms, so my brother and I had to share, he hated it, resented it, loathed me, and ended up getting into all sorts of bad things. I'm a year older than he is, so I tried to stop him from being like he was, but there was nothing I could do. Then six years ago, they go and get themselves pregnant. I doubt she stopped doing the things she was doing, which I never wanted to know, which might explain how Justin has the problems he has. Poor kid was never cared for by them, of that I have no doubt, he was simply their kid, nothing more, nothing less.”

“I'm glad that Jule's not like that, I don't know what I'd do.”

“I'm glad too. So your brothers name's Jules?”

“No, it's actually Julian, I just call him Jule, I'm the only one that's allowed to though, everyone else has to call him Julian, that's my name for him and he likes that. Apparently when I was learning to talk, I couldn't say his name, so I started calling him Jule, and it stuck.” He smiled.

“It's cute really, and very sweet that he only lets you call him that.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Come on, let's go get some lunch now then, shall we.”

“Okay.” Jude smiled, not even questioning the fact that he was wearing nothing but a diaper.

They headed to the kitchen, on the way passing Justin, who was still on his skateboard on the half pipe, not a care in the world. He finally looked up when Austin asked him if he was ready for lunch, and he nodded. He then saw Jude standing there in only his diaper too.

“Jude...baby....diaper.” He smiled brightly.

“Wow, he remembered your name and said it, you really are special to him. My name's the only one he remembers, or at least says. He has an impeccable memory, it just doesn't seem to translate into speech.” Austin said in shock to Jude, then turned to Justin. “Justin, Sweety, Jude's wearing a diaper, but he's not a baby like you and me, at least not yet, he's just trying it out.”

“Okay.” He smiled brightly still.

“He's a very happy boy, isn't he?”

“When he's around people he likes, or when he's boarding or watching boarding, as well as movies, that boy loves movies, but you really don't want to see him when some stranger comes up to him and tries to talk to him. When you stopped him and talked to him earlier, I thought I'd have to come rescue you, I usually do, but you were different, he took to you right away, which is extremely rare. It normally takes several visits from someone before he'll even say a word to them or not scream at them, it's always gibberish that no one understands, because he doesn't have a full vocabulary yet of course, but not you. Not really sure why, to tell you the truth, that you were different, but then, it does seem to be the exceptionally beautiful boys he lets in right away, so he probably likes your looks a lot.”

“Oh, did you ever stop and think he might be gay too?”

“I'm pretty sure he is, or at least will turn out to be so, but given his problems, it's just so hard to say for sure what he's thinking, because he can't tell me. I love him, don't get me wrong, but it's been hell trying to raise him. I've been taking courses and we're both in therapy together with a specialist in severe autism to try and teach him, but it's so very slow. At least we've got him pooping on the toilet, that much I'm thankful for, and his vocabulary has nearly doubled in the last year alone, but he's still only to at most twelve words he can say.”

“It's so sad really, and if it was his mother that caused it by drinking or taking drugs, like I assume you think it was, then it's even more sad.”

“I thought that at first, and still believe it might be some of the cause, but the doctors don't think so. Usually fetal alcohol and drug babies are a different sort of mentally handicapped, and he doesn't have those traits, so no, it was something else, we just don't know what, and she's not telling.”

“Well, with you helping him, he'll be fine.”


Justin was still standing there listening to them speak, smiling serenely, Austin not sure how much, if anything Justin understood, yet he was certain that he understood everything that he heard, but it did not worry him for Justin to hear it anyway. They headed to the kitchen all together and made some lunch. Austin filled up a bottle full of milk for Justin and gave it to him with lunch, and then they all sat down to eat once it was ready.

“How come you gave Justin his milk in a bottle?”

“Because he doesn't seem to understand the concept of not throwing his drinks from time to time. He's getting better, but a plastic bottle that can't be broken and won't leak when he does throw it's just a lot easier on me. Granted, I think he prefers the bottles, because he doesn't throw them near as often as when I do try and give him a cup.”

“Oh, so he really is like a five year old baby then, isn't he?”

“Yes, he's my little five year old baby boy. Maybe eventually he'll grow out of all of it, but maybe not, and if he doesn't, then that's okay too.”

“Do you like bottles as well?”

“No, though I have tried them a couple times, and if you wanted to, you'd be welcome to as well. I'm not an adult baby, so I don't like all the baby things, but I've known a few, and that's okay too. I do like the diaper shirts though, but they're almost mandatory.”

“Oh, well not right now, but maybe another time. Not sure I'd like that either, but you never know.”

“That's right, until you try it for yourself, you'll never know.”

Just as Austin finished talking, he could see a far off look cross Jude's face, he got a tiny grin, and then he sighed deeply a few seconds later, and smiled. Austin knew what had happened right away.

“Oh, that felt strange. I've never actually purposely wet a diaper before.”

“Jude.....Peepee.....Diaper.” Justin giggled.

“Yeah, I did little buddy, now I know why you like them.” Jude smiled and Justin nodded happily.

“That was cute actually, watching a cute boy enjoy his diaper for his very first time. How does it feel now that it's nice and soggy though?”

“Quite nice actually. I've gone right hard again though.”

“I'll just bet you have. I often have the same problem after I pee.”

“How's about you take me back to your bedroom now?”

“No, not yet at any rate, and besides, I'm not sure I want to do that yet.”

“Why, you said you would once I was in a wet diaper?” Jude asked, looking crestfallen.

“I know, and I so want to, but I also want to wait. We just met, we don't even know each other, well, at least I hardly know you. It sounds like you know far more about me already, and I'd rather go slower with you. You're not like the others I've had; we met, we had sex, we broke up, sometimes in the same day. The second I saw you, I knew you were different, special, and I want for us to take it slow and easy. As it is, we've already played.”

“Yeah, I felt the same thing about you too, but well, I'm used to it, and I want it, need it, crave it, but I've only ever been, well used let's say with young ears close by, but I want to feel what it's like to be made love to.”

“Same here, at least to most of it, it sounds like you're far more used to it than I am, and I too want to be made love to to see how it feels, but our first date's not the time for that, it has to be special.”

“Yeah, I suppose that's true. What will we do now then?”

“Why don't we get dressed and go out and go for a walk?”

“Okay, but how will I hide my diaper?”

“You want to wear it outside?” Austin asked, going even harder in his diaper.

“Oh yeah, I think I'm starting to understand why you're a diaper lover.” He grinned brightly.

“So nice. I think, though, that with your underwear over top of your diaper, that that'll be more than enough to hide it, and as long as you don't let your shorts fall down past that hot little bum of yours anymore, with as baggy as they are, no one will ever see it. Actually, one of my belts will help. It'll be too big, but that's okay too, we'll just put any excess through your belt loops.”


Austin first helped Justin to get dressed again, because Justin could not do so for himself, and then he helped Jude to get dressed as well, just because he wanted to, and Jude really liked it as well, and then Jude helped Austin to get dressed. Austin went and grabbed his smallest belt, it was a purple woven cotton one, and helped Jude into it. It worked perfectly, and looked really good on him as well. Jude really liked it as well, stating that his favorite color was that exact purple, so Austin told him that he could keep it, because it did not fit him well anymore. It had been his when he was an older teen, it was his favorite colour as well, which was why he had kept it. It was still too big on Jude, but with a bit of the tail end dangling past, it actually set off the outfit that Jude was wearing quite nicely.

Jude went to the bathroom quickly and looked in the mirror and was pleased to see that there was no trace of the diaper under his clothes. Austin knew there would not be though, because the shorts Jude was wearing were more than bulky enough to hide the small amount of bulk from the diaper bulge.

“You look really good like that.” Austin smiled warmly once Jude came back out.

“Thanks, I love the belt, I'm using it all the time from now on.” Jude smiled brightly.

“Good, I'm glad that I can pass it on to someone else who'll truly appreciate it.”

They put their sandals back on and then headed out right away. They headed to the skate park first so that Jude could talk to his brother. As soon as they got there, he saw them arrive and skated over quickly.

“Hey Jule, meet Austin.”

“It's really good to meet you Sir.” Julian said excitedly.

“Just Austin please Julian, it's nice to meet you as well.”


“Jule, we're gonna go for a walk, so I'll either meet you back here later, or at home, not sure when.”

“Okay, have fun, just call if you're gonna be late though, so that I know for dinner. Auntie Cindy and Uncle Jack already called and said they weren't gonna be home for dinner again, not such a big surprise, I've only cooked dinner for them twice since we got here, so not sure why they bother to call and say they won't be there, when they should be calling to say that they'll actually be there.”

“Okay, will do. Have fun, and remember, if you're gonna have sex with that girl you were getting hard for, wear a fucking condom you dirty slut.”

“Look who's talking, you never wear them, and you've had way more sex than I have.” He grinned brightly.

“Yeah, but with who I go with, there's no chance for pregnancy.”

“No kidding, but you know why you should be still anyway, don't wanna be getting sick. Besides, I did anyway, we just got back a few minutes ago ourselves, she WAS a virgin, she was nice.”

“I really don't wanna hear that you know, I think girls are disgusting, remember.”

“I know, I like making you squirm, just like you like making me squirm when you tell me of your conquests.” He grinned cheekily.

Austin, who was still standing right there with them was actually fairly shocked that they were talking so openly like they were in front of him about what they were. At least Justin had dropped his board the second they arrived and had skated off, so he did not hear it all.

“True, you blush so cutely as I talk about filling a nice hot boy pussy.”

“Yeah, you do too when I talk about filling a nice hot girl pussy, which by the way, you're still doing.”

“Yeah, but girls are gross.”

“I know, but so are boys, at least to me.”

“Good, well anyway, have fun, we'll be at least a couple or a few hours, she still looks dazed, maybe she needs a repeat performance.”

“Ooh, good idea, sloppy seconds, oh wait, I already did that, so it'll have to be thirds, and maybe I can even talk her into fourths.”

“By the way she's watching you, I don't think it'll be a problem.” Jude laughed, she really was standing over there, watching him like he was a god.

Austin did have to agree with her silent thoughts though, Julian really was very good looking, looking very much like his brother, just bigger. His hair was a darker shade of blond with green streaks through it, it actually looked really nice on him, and his hair was about two inches shorter, but he wore it very shaggy. They shared the same nose and lips though, but he was not quite as darkly tanned as Jude was, and his freckles were slightly darker in color, though he had just as many. If Julian was as well stocked as Jude said he was, then it was no wonder the girl still looked dazed.

“Good. I need another new box of condoms already though, I've used almost all them already, but I have enough to send her to the moon a few more times.”

“If we get a chance while we're out, I'll pick up more for you. Anyway, you should go back to her, you're starting to show that you're horny again, and this time you have lots more time, we'll be gone for at least a couple or a few hours, and I'll call first, so's not to interrupt you.”

“Thanks baby bro, you're the best.”

“Hey, you left me and my friend alone yesterday for several hours, it's the least I can do.” Jude smiled warmly.

Julian turned and walked away, headed toward the girl, whispered to her for a few seconds, she blushed but nodded happily, and they walked off, hand in hand, to do what any healthy teen couple wants to do, at least a hundred times a day.

“Well, at least I won't need to suck him tonight, he should be well and truly drained.” Jude giggled.

“You two talk like that in front of adults often?”

“A few yes, the understanding ones at any rate. He knew you wouldn't care, he knows you're gay too, and young enough to understand. Besides, I bet he knows what we did, or at least some of it anyway. Every guy he's seen me go with I've had sex with, or sucked at any rate, so he knows, so knew he could talk freely in front of you.”

“Oh, and he won't say anything will he?”

“Of course he won't, we're brothers and best friends, we keep each others secrets, no questions.”

“And has he been with adults before?”

“A few yes, actually more than me to tell you the truth. He's so fucking horny all the time that he'll fuck any girl at any time, that's why I still end up sucking him at least once a day. Man, even yesterday, he went with a girl while I was having fun, and they gave each other a hand job like three times. Yet when he got home, I could tell he still needed more pressure relief and ended up sucking him twice more, and he still came lots. He tastes amazing though, so I never mind it at all if he needs to drop a few loads.”

“Wow, when did he start having sex?”

“When he was eight, he fucked a six year old girl, they still have sex at least a few times a week when we're at home. I fuck her brother though, man, he's almost as big a slut as I am, I was six and he was five when we started, and we were each others first. We too still fuck at least a few times a week. They spend the night at our house all the time.”

“Does your mother not know, how could she not?”

“Oh, she knows, but let's just say she's not gonna say anything any time soon. She's Bi, a stripper and dancer, and she has no problems bringing a guy or girl home whenever. She's every bit as much a slut as Jule and I are.” Jude grinned.

“Oh. And your father?”

“Died when I was one, but he was Bi as well, was a porn actor doing mostly gay porns, I have all his gay movies and he was really hung and knew how to give and take very well.”

“Wow, sorry to hear that. How'd he die?”

“That's okay, it was far harder on my mom, I never got to know him, and even Jule doesn't remember him, only in his movies does he see him, he kept Dad's few straight porns for himself so that he could see him. Anyway, he died in a car accident, but at least he died right away I'm told and didn't have to suffer.”

“Oh, well should we get going then and wander around for a bit?”

“Sure. Hey, do you know of anywhere nearby that carries good diapers for me, I think I'd like to get some proper ones?”

“Sure do, there's a couple places that carry the good ones.”

“Awesome, let's go then.”

“Okay, we should maybe take the car then, so that we can buy stuff and store it and not have to carry it around, as well the best place for diapers here isn't within walking distance.”


Austin called Justin over, and after a few minutes of whining and frustrated grunting from Justin, he finally came over and they headed back to the apartment tower and they went and got into Austin's car. Austin buckled Justin into his car seat in the back, and Jude climbed into the front seat.

“I'm surprised you don't drive a hot sports car or something, I always thought you'd have the coolest car around, considering you're one of the coolest guys around.”

“Nah, I act all cool when in a crowd, because it's expected of me, I'm the big pro skater after all, I was the best in the world, so that's what they wanted to see, but that's not who I truly am. Truth be told, I'm actually quite shy, I hate being in crowds, despise all the cameras and shit, but I put on the uber cool skater dude front when I need to and push all that aside. I really don't have all that many friends, just a few good ones, and that's it. The only reason I put up with it at all is because I love boarding, it's my life, and now for the most part, it's gone, which is why I decided to expand my company to teach the new generation.”

“Which us next generation boarders appreciate. Not to mention your board company sells only the very best components anywhere. My board is an old one, but I liked the graphics on it, so I kept it, but my trucks and wheels are yours, huge better than what I used to have on it. Fucking things set me back four hundred bucks though, and they're not even your best, but I couldn't afford a thousand bucks to get your best, just your better ones.”

“Only the best quality is what I sell. Even my clothes are Canadian made of the best quality fabrics, no child labour, no sub standard fibers, just pure cotton, or in a couple cases silk or wool. It's expensive stuff, but like everyone says, it feels nice, wears well, and doesn't wear out fast like the cheap stuff does.”

“No kidding, I even have a pair of the silk boxers, but I do have to ask, did you intentionally put the skid plate of the board right where the average boy gets skid marks?” He giggled.

“Damn rights I did.” Austin laughed, so many people had asked him that, he had thought it was just too funny, most did.

“Thought so. As you can tell, I also have at least one of your hats, but I have all of them.”

“And it looks good on you, but why didn't you get one that fit you properly?”

“I ordered it online, but they sent me the wrong size, Jule said it looked cute on me the way it was, so I left it. I was just gonna give it to him and order the proper size, but he said not to bother. He doesn't like hats anyway.”

“Oh, if you'd sent in a complaint, we would've sent a new one for free, and you would've gotten to keep this one as well. Customer service is really good, I make sure of it.”

“I was gonna call and tell them, but Jule said not to bother, so I didn't.”

“When did you first start boarding then?”

“I think I was three or four, can't remember now actually. Jule's always boarded as well, he said he started when he was five, and of course, I wanted to do everything he did, so I asked mom for a board, and we went and picked out the one I still have and he started teaching me everything he knew. We watched your videos all the time as well and tried learning from watching how you did things, and then your website started showing how to vids and we learned even more.”

“So, you pretty much went straight from crawling to boarding, excellent, no wonder I like you so much. I was the same, I got my first board when I was two, my dad was big into boarding, blading, skiing, surfing, everything. He was huge into extreme sports when he was younger and taught me all that he could. He was actually in his forties when I came along though, my parents thought they were unable to have kids, so by then he'd already had to retire from doing that stuff, because he'd done so much damage to his body, and of course they were nearly dirt poor, because he made no money doing what he loved. I haven't been skiing though since the last time he took me when I was eight, now of course I'm absolutely not allowed to do it.”

“That's nice really, even though poor, he made sure to teach you things and took the time to be with you. Our mom tries as much as she can as well, and on weekends when we're all home together, we all go and do whatever we can. Given that she makes decent money, but doesn't have to pay a lot for rent, she's at least able to spend a few bucks on us so that we can all go and have fun, but we really don't have a lot of extra money either.”

“How is it you can afford four hundred bucks for good trucks and wheels then, and my clothes, because I know that the hat your wearing alone sells for fifty bucks?”

“Grandma and Grandpa send us each a hundred a month, as well as they usually give us money for our birthday's and Christmas, and when we're here for the summer, my aunt gives us a couple hundred a month as well, so that we can have fun. She says she knows what it's like not having money and wanting to have some fun, so she gives it to us, we each get that much. I save most of it though and have a couple thousand in my personal account and double that much in my savings account. Jule's got a little more than I do, but not lots. About the only thing we do buy is our gear for boarding, and a few nice clothes, but I love your hats, so I've bought every one. Otherwise, we see no need to spend a lot of money. There's so much to do around here that's free that we really don't need much, but we do spend a bit, because like our aunt says, she gives it to us to have fun with, so we should use at least some of it to have fun too, even though she says it's wise to save at least some of it too. I personally think she feels guilty about leaving us alone so much.”

“That's good for you boys, you're very smart, most kids would gladly spend it all on stupid crap they don't need. That's how I was as a kid as well, saved whatever I could, which is probably the reason that I don't drive some flashy sports car, I couldn't see myself wasting that much money on something that's not necessary. Why don't your aunt and uncle have kids of their own?”

“Can't, my aunt had ovarian cancer when she was eighteen and they had to remove all her baby making parts. She's been cancer free since, but she goes and gets checked at least once a year. Two years ago she had to have a lump removed from her breast, but thankfully it turned out to be non cancerous. That's the biggest reason I think that they offer to take us for the summer, because they're really too busy to have kids of their own anyway. Even though they're very busy, and we hardly ever see them, they do take as much time as they can to spend time with us too. At least once a week they take the day off and we do something together.”

“That's too bad for her and wise to always check, and I'm glad they try and spend time with you as well. Do they know about you boys' exploits in the bedroom?”

“I'm sure they suspect, but they've never asked and we've never said. I actually think they might be swingers too, hard to say, but my mom and my aunt are a lot alike.” Jude grinned.

“Ah. Well, here's the store I mentioned. I'll go in and get you what you need and be right back out.”

“I'll come in too, I don't mind.”

“You sure?”


They all hopped out of the car, Austin unbuckling Justin and picking him up and out, then stood him up so that he could walk himself. They headed into the store and Jude was amazed at the size of the store. It was a medical store, he had had no idea that such stores existed, they had everything for medical needs, but the diaper section was large and impressive. Austin led the way there and showed Jude what the options were, telling him the features of each one. Jude decided on two types, a thinner daytime and a thicker night time, they were the same ones Austin liked, just smaller. Austin was good for diapers for himself, having been there only a few days ago to stock up himself, so they only had Jude's diapers. Jude was told to grab himself a few packs of wipes and some diaper cream, so he did. Jude also saw a display with condoms, and they had large boxes, so grabbed a couple for his brother. Everything was piled on the counter, and when Jude went to pull out his wallet to pay, Austin said he had it and paid for it all. They then took all their stuff out to the car and piled it in, then got in themselves, and once they were in and buckled, Jude started.

“You didn't have to buy all that for us, I had it, it's for me and Jule, and you shouldn't be buying our stuff.”

“You're too proud, let a friend buy you something. I did it because I wanted to, and this way you get to keep a bit more of your money.”

“I just don't like people giving me stuff is all, but thanks.”

“You're very welcome. Now, would you like a diaper shirt as well?”

“Yes please, but I'll buy it.”

“No, actually you won't, because the store that I buy them at, you aren't even allowed to come into anyway, it's an adults store.”

“Oh, but while technically I'm not allowed there, I think I know the store, and if you knock on the back door and give the owner a few minutes, he'll come and let boys in to get what they want, I usually give him a good tip, he loves sucking my dick, and I like sucking him too, but I don't let him cum in my mouth anymore. He's one of the few guys' cum I actually don't care for.”

“Oh. Either way, I'll go in alone.”

“How do you go there with Justin then?”

“I usually go when he's at one of his specialist appointments by himself. I only go with him every other time, the other times he's by himself so that the specialist can work with him one on one. Today though you can watch him for me instead.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, you have toys of your own then huh?” Austin grinned.

“Oh yeah, for sure. I have two different dildos and four butt plugs now. I first found out about that store last summer and grabbed one dildo and two plugs. This year I got new ones, because I wanted larger. I've also got a cock ring and some anal beads, which I bought this year, and I go for lube at least a couple times a month. The only reason I wasn't wearing one today is because I wore all day yesterday and I try not to wear them too much, so as to let myself close up a bit. I did that last summer, left my plug in for more than a week, taking out only when I had to go to the bathroom and for fun, but then one day I didn't wear it, and I shit my pants something fierce because I didn't close back up, at least right away.” Jude giggled.

“Oh, that had to be nasty.” Austin laughed.

“Oh yeah. Jule asked me what the hell happened and he laughed his ass off when I told him what I'd done and what I thought must've happened, he called me a dirty slut again. I just said, jealous much.”

“I bet. Do you need more lube while I'm there?”

“I could use some more I suppose, my friend and I used a fair bit yesterday, but then we were sucking each other in a sixty nine and fist fucking each at the same time, and that always uses lots of lube.”

“Holy shit, you were fisting each other, not even I've ever done that before.”

“Oh yeah. Told you I'd be able to take you easily.” He grinned brightly.

“Well, I'm nowhere near as large as your fist, even if I am a good size.”

“Oh, you're an excellent size, and I can't wait, it's gonna feel amazing.”


“Is that the store you get your brothers condoms from then?”

“Usually yeah, for some reason he's too embarrassed to buy them, I've had to buy them for him since last summer when he started cumming. Our mom buys us both condoms when we're at home, says she wants us to stay safe, so there's always lots in the house. Granted, she uses them as well. Not sure how she knew I'd fit them, but she said they'd fit me well too, and that was last year that she started buying them for us. I guess she realized we were becoming more active. I actually bought the first box for him at the drug store near the apartment, and the lady at the till did a double take when I put two boxes of them on the counter and then she blushed furiously. It was funny, especially when I told her that my brother was too embarrassed to buy them, so I had to do it for him, but that I'd use a few too.”

“You actually said that to her?”

“Yeah, I mean what are condoms for than to use right. Serves her right for blushing in the first place, if she hadn't have, I wouldn't have tortured her more.”

“Oh, you're an evil little baby boy, aren't you.” Austin laughed.

“Oh yeah. I get it from my mom, we love to embarrass Jule, he embarrasses so easily, even for a slut.”

“That's too funny.”

“Oh yeah.”

A few seconds later they pulled into the parking lot of the mall next to where the store was, because Austin did not want people wondering what children were doing in a car parked in front of an adult store. Jude asked if he could take Justin into the electronics store in front of them, and after a few moments thought, he decided that it should not be a problem. He warned Jude to make sure and hold Justin's hand at all times, and that if someone approaches them and Justin panicked, to get on his knees and make Justin face him and just talk to him, and explain to the person that Justin is highly afraid of strangers and to please back away. Jude was good with this and they hopped out and went into the store while Austin walked over to the other one.

Once at the store, Austin went in and found everything that he was going to be needing. He knew that the store had a great adult and teen baby section, in fact he was certain that the owner was an adult baby as well, so he went right there and found some diaper shirts that would be large on Jude, but hopefully not by much, but would never the less hide his diapers quite well. They might just have to modify them slightly. He then grabbed a couple nice big tubs of lube, one for each of them, and then went and paid.

After storing the purchases in the car as well, Austin went and found the boys looking in the electronics store. Jude had a new pair of headphones, whereas Justin was holding on for dear life to a video game. As soon as the boys saw Austin, they came up to him.

Justin passed the game to his uncle and said, “Pease unc'y”

It was a skateboarding video game that they did not already have and was marked down to twenty five dollars, so he said yes, Justin bounced up and down happily.

“So, need some new headphones huh?” Austin asked Jude.

“Yeah, broke mine the day before yesterday when I fell, tore the cord right out of the left earpiece. At least I didn't break my Ipod again this time. Boarding's bad for electronics I swear. I have to replace it at least once a year when I fall on it.” He laughed.

“Yet you don't wear a helmet or pads of any sort!”

“You never did.”

“Yeah, I should've though. Granted, the few bad spills I had, they wouldn't have helped me any at all. What's funny though is that your brother at least wears a helmet.”

“I know I should too, and my mom's asked me to too many times to count now, and she even bought me a really nice one, but I can't stand wearing them. Jule wears one because mom asked him to, so he does, but then, like I said before, he's kinda a wuss when it comes to pain. When I fall, I just get back up and keep going, bleeding or not, wind knocked out of me or not, I don't care, he doesn't, he stops for the day and goes somewhere and cries. I'm the only one who knows that he does that, he won't show others that, whereas the one time I hurt myself enough to make me cry, I just did it, and when some older boy asked me if baby needed a diaper because baby was crying, I fingered him, wiped my eyes and asked him if he wanted to go head to head with me in a board off, and that I guaranteed I'd win, and that if he fell as hard as I had, that'd he'd be crying too. When I knocked him off his board, he cried too, but I wailed on him hard and he hit even harder yet. I went and offered him my hand to help him up and asked him if he needed a diaper now. He sniffled and said he was sorry. We ended up in bed not even two hours later, fucking like bunnies. The funny thing is, he was a bed wetter as well, and we laughed and said we really were both babies.”

“That's too funny. Glad you taught him a lesson, and now you really are a baby boy too, aren't you?”

“Definitely, and when I get back home, I'm so diapering him up nice and thick, just like I will be.”

“Good. Where do you live anyway?”

“In Vancouver too actually, down near waterfront. At least the apartments my aunt and uncle owns are all nice ones in prime locations. We even have a small view of the ocean.”

“You're shitting me right?”

“No, why, where do you live?”

“Right on the beach on Waterfront. Find the tallest tower, look straight up, the top two floors are mine.”

“Holy fuck, I'm right behind you then, we're on the third floor, but I could see your place from mine then.”

“You sure do swear a lot for an eleven year old, you know that right.” Austin laughed.

“Sorry, guess it comes with growing up in a skate park with a bunch of rowdy teens all around me all the time.” Jude laughed.

“Yeah, I was the same. My dad laughed his ass off the first time I did an awesome trick and yelled out, holy fucking shit, I nailed that bitch. I was six.”

“I try not to swear in front of my mom, she doesn't like it too much, but said she accepts that we do.”

“My mom was the same, she tried to give me crap, and told my dad to stop laughing. He just told her that in a skate park that that language just happens and to accept it or leave.”

“No kidding. Man, the language you hear there all the time's surprising, and I swear every skater I know's a slut too, either gay or straight, and no one cares if you're gay, even if they're totally straight. Some of the conversations we've had, man, even when I was six I was hearing stuff that no kid should've heard, but then of course shortly after hearing all that, I was able to tell my first tale of tail, even the straight boys laughed, called me a dirty slut, and congratulated me.”

“Yep, been there too.”

They continued laughing about that as they wandered around the store. Looking around for anything else they wanted. Once they were done looking, they went and paid for their things, Jude paying for his stuff this time, because he got batteries too, for his powered toys he told Austin. Austin nearly came in his diaper again, wondering just how powered Jude's toys were if he was buying C and D cell batteries.

From there they headed out and looked around a mall for a while. Half way through the mall, Jude said that he had peed again and felt that his diaper was getting too full, so said he might need a change soon. As luck would have it though, Austin had grabbed the diaper bag from the car, and had already put a couple of Jude's new daytime diapers into it as well. They headed to a family washroom that was nearby and all went in to change. Austin changed Justin's diaper first, putting him up onto the changing table to do so, since he was small enough to do so, and then Austin taught Jude how to change his own diaper while standing up.

“I would've rather had you change my diaper for me again, I liked that.” Jude said once they were done.

“I know, but I thought I should teach you how to diaper yourself properly, so that when I'm not with you, you can do it on your own as well. The next time I'll change you though, okay.” He smiled.


“How does that diaper feel?”

“Actually, even nicer than the Pampers, and of course it fits way better too.”

“That's good.”

They headed back out into the mall, grabbed a large pop from the food fair for the three of them to share and continued looking around. Of course given how busy it was in the mall, they were unable to talk quite as openly, but they did still talk lots. After about an hour though, Justin was getting antsy with having so many strange people around him, and almost freaked out a few times when people brushed up against him. Finally Austin could see that Justin was not going to be able to take too much more, so told Jude it was time to go.

They headed back to the car and then to Austin's apartment. As soon as they made it there, Justin grabbed his game from the bag and said, “Play pease?”

“Sure, let me open it for you buddy, then you can play for up to one hour.”

He took a few seconds to open the game for Justin, who used the time wisely, stripping down to just his soggy diaper. Jude thought this looked like a good idea as well, so did the same thing. Once the game was opened, Justin took it from him, ran to the TV and got it situated, while Austin also stripped.

“Those diapers look really good on you.” Austin said appreciatively.

“Thanks, and they're super comfortable as well, and even better once wet. I can't believe that I never thought of wearing diapers before, at least during the day.”

“Know how you feel actually.”

“So, can you take me to your bedroom now please?”

“No, not only do I not want to make love to you yet, like I said earlier, but we certainly don't need to be spending all day in the bedroom.”

“Come on, I need to be sucked again at least. I can suck you too.”

“I'm not ready to go again, I'm only a two to three times a day kinda guy, but then I always blow big loads.” Austin chuckled.

“God, the last time I only came twice in a day was the last time I was sick, and I gave myself a hand, both times in fact. Then again, no one wanted to be around me so much, I was throwing up so badly.”

“Yeah, but you know, when sick, most people don't even think about that.” Austin laughed again.

“If it wasn't for the fact that I know I can't possibly have sex all day, I'd think about it twenty four seven.”

“Well, you're a boy, thinking about sex twenty four seven pretty much comes with the territory.”

“True dat, but you know what I mean.” He laughed.

“I do. I used to be almost as bad, but as I've gotten older, it's eased up a lot, now I only think about sex about ninety eight or so percent of the day.”

“Yeah, I'm closer to a hundred and five percent myself I swear. Would be fun to try and have an all day orgy though at least once.”

“I don't know about that, I've started to settle down a lot and have just been thinking that I want just one special person to share with.”

“Mmm, that would be nice too, maybe soon we can do that together, but I think I at least want an all day orgy just once.”

“If you decide to do so, it'll have to be just you and your friends, I couldn't be there, even if you wanted me to be.”

“Yeah, I suppose you're right.”

“I am. As it is, already what we've done's retardedly illegal and I'd be tarred and feathered, or worse if we were ever found out.”

“I know, so we'll have to make sure we never do. Could you at least give me a hand then?”

“I suppose so.” Austin smiled and led Jude to the bedroom.

Austin sat up on the bed with his back to the headboard, then patted his lap. Jude took the hint and came and sat down on his mans lap, front to back and laid his head back on Austin's shoulder. Austin then reached down and and started petting Jude right through his soggy diaper and nuzzling his neck with his lips.

Jude started moaning and sighing right away, never before had he felt something so loving, so relaxing, so perfect in his life. Austin was going so slow, being so tender, that it was taking a long time for Jude to reach his peak. When finally he did, almost fifteen minutes later, it was to his strongest ever, and longest lasting orgasm that he had ever had. Austin did not stop though, never once did he stop lovingly stroking the young boy.

Austin knew that Jude would be more than capable, and further more, more than happy to have back to back orgasms, and planned to make him cum as much as he could, so just kept on going, kissing and nuzzling his cute shapely neck while stroking his hot hardness underneath all the soggy diaper material. Orgasms two and three took fifteen or so minutes a piece, four took close to twenty, and his fifth and last was nearly twenty five minutes later.

Austin though had had all he could take as well, he had been holding his orgasm for the past two of Jude's, and came at the same time that Jude did for his last time. They were both laying there panting and gasping for breath, and it took nearly fifteen minutes for them to come back down.

“Wow, that was totally amazing, thank you so much.” Jude said as he was turning around to face his man, and then pressed their lips together and shared a good fifteen minute deep tender soul searching kiss.

“Wow, you're an amazing kisser, and you're welcome.”

“Thanks, so are you. I've had lots of practice though, I started kissing my best friend when I was six, I love kissing.” He smiled, finally looking more than a little satisfied and worn.

“The practice shows, and so do I.”

They ended up sitting there just like that for almost an hour more, just cuddling, neither moved in the least, it was so very tender and relaxing that neither felt like moving. Jude started peeing though at that point, and his diaper had reached maximum capacity, so he started leaking a bit, and Austin felt it.

“Oops, feels like baby's sprung a leak, we better get you changed, and then you should change me. I'll probably have to change Justin too, because if we're this full, then so will he be, if he hasn't started leaking already too.”

“Okay.” Jude said happily.

They changed each others diapers, and for once Jude was soft, he looked surprisingly small and very cute, but his balls looked very droopy, he was so warm and relaxed that he was fully distended, which Austin had of course not seen yet either. He admired the entire package, thinking that Jude really was very well hung for a boy his age, and wondered just how big he was going to get. Jude too enjoyed seeing Austin full soft and relaxed, he had never truly seen an adult in such a fashion, he normally only ever saw them either hard or good and chubby.

They went out to the living room and found Justin still playing his game, and as suspected, he had a puddle of pee on the wood floor beneath him. Austin got him to shut off the game, after telling him that he had had well over the allotted hours play time, and then changed his diaper. Jude had went and retrieved a towel and cloth and cleaned up the puddle as Justin was getting his diaper change.

It was almost dinner time by this time, so Jude said he was going to call his brother and say he was spending the night, and before Austin could even say anything about it, Jude was calling him. Julian must have asked about his bed wetting, because Jude unashamedly told his brother that he got even better diapers for that and that he did not have to worry at all about leaking any more.

“Staying the night!” Was all Austin said as Jude hung up.

“Yep, I didn't think you'd mind.” He smiled brightly.

“I don't, but I hope you understand that we're not making love tonight.”

“I know, and to tell you the truth, I think you wore even me out enough for the rest of the day.”


They made and ate dinner and then sat down for the rest of the evening, until Justin's bedtime, just watching TV. Austin was in the middle of the couch and he had one boy on either side of him and he was tickling both their backs lovingly. It was definitely the most relaxed that Jude had ever been before. After taking Justin to bed, changing his diaper, reading him a bedtime story, and giving him his kiss goodnight, Austin came back out and he and Jude cuddled back up on the couch and watched some more TV, until they were ready for bed as well.

They headed to their bedroom, changed each other into their much thicker night time diapers, laid down, kissed and cuddled for a while, then fell asleep, holding onto each other.

Chapter 2

Austin and Jude both had a very nice sleep, all cuddled up to each other the entire night. They held each other all night long, wrapped all up in each other more than either ever had before when sleeping with anyone else. Jude woke first, but only a few seconds later Austin woke up as well. They stared into each others eyes for several minutes before leaning in and continuing the goodnight kiss that they had shared the night before. Almost fifteen minutes later they climbed out of bed. They both knew that they needed a shower, so they left their diapers for the time being and without a word, went to go get Justin up and get him into a bath.

When they entered Justin's bedroom, they found that he was already awake, but he did not notice them there, because his eyes were tightly closed. What he was doing though was very apparent, because his covers were thrown off. He had both hands deep inside his diaper, one was down the front, the other down the back. By the sounds the little boy was making, they had to assume that he was having a very good time, and it appeared as if he were real close to finishing.

With the cutest squeal of joy, Justin had his immature baby boygasm and slumped down. Still with his hands buried in his diaper, Austin stepped forth and released the tapes holding Justin's diaper on. Jude had come forth as well to see. Justin opened his eyes when he realized that his uncle was there, and of course not at all embarrassed, left his hands where they had been. Justin was still almost hard, his little half erection still pulsing a little and he had three fingers of his other hand buried inside his bum hole.

“That's the first time I've ever caught him with his fingers inside himself, and he had three fingers, impressive for a little guy.” Austin chuckled.

“You've caught him playing before?”

“Sure, almost every morning. As soon as he wakes up he likes to play. I've seen him rubbing his little hole before, and while I've noticed signs saying that he's put fingers inside himself, I never knew how much. Every kid plays though, even though he's mentally handicapped doesn't mean it doesn't feel good.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so. You know though, I go to school with a kid who's autistic as well, and he says he's not mentally handicapped, and got really pissed off when some kid called him retarded and handicapped.”

“For the most part, autism doesn't have to be a handicap for the affected person, an autistic person can function easily in society and can lead a full and healthy life. Justin though, at least at this point, is not so lucky. Like I said before, he's got an amazing memory, for certain things, he's incredibly bright, at certain things, but the little things that you and I take for granted every day, will more than likely forever elude him. Sad but true, but Justin is and may very well likely always be mentally handicapped. His therapist back at home says that eventually we might be able to get him to the point that he could live on his own when he's older, but considering the sheer degree of his autism, he doesn't feel that it's ever very likely. His therapist here though says that it's not only possible, but likely that once he's through puberty that he'll start getting better and start learning even more.”

“Oh, that's too bad. What little things though do you mean. I mean there's the obvious things like needing diapers and bottles and not being able to speak, but what else?”

“Those are the big ones that make it very apparent, but there's the inability to interact with others, which is another big one, in fact, that's his largest single barrier right now. The little things though; he doesn't like clothes, he won't go to school, he absolutely freaks out if a girl touches him and throws a fit if she tries to pick him up, and of course there's the staring at blank walls and talking gibberish to them if he doesn't get his own way. He's surprisingly stubborn at times, and I have to be extremely harsh with him at times, it makes me cry how I have to deal with him at times, because it feels like I'm being so mean to him. But once he comes down, he hugs me so tightly, saying thanks to me hundreds of times. I think he knows when it's happening but can't stop it, and he appreciates how hard it is on me to help him. All his therapists obviously have to be male, his first was a female, and the first time she tried to change his diaper, she ended up with a black eye.”

“Wow, poor guy. So you really think he's that smart?”

“Oh yeah, I'm absolutely positive that when we're talking, he understands and memorizes every word we say. When you look at him, you can see the brilliance behind his beautiful hazel eyes, it's just that his brain can't translate it for some reason. Just before we came here for the summer in fact, his therapist at home gave him a test on the computer, so that he wouldn't have to speak, and he did exceptionally well on it. Oh, and his hand eye coordination by the way is impeccable. You saw him boarding yesterday, did you know he's never once fallen off his board, ever, even when he was two. He has the best balance I've ever seen. And his games, he has a hundred of them now, but not only can he play them all, and beat them, but he can do so so fast it's scary. That game he got yesterday, he'll have mastered it already, of that I have no questions. No, don't underestimate him, trust me there, but sadly, he's not normal either. Granted, normal is a silly persons dream if you ask me.”

Justin was just laying there listening to the entire conversation, he had yet to remove either of his hands, but when Austin finished, he removed them and hopped up and gave his uncle a great big hug and kiss and whispered, “Thanks Unc'y.”

“See, he understood everything and he knows I love him a great deal. I know he loves me a great deal as well. Well, come on little baby boy, let's go get you in the bath tub. Would you like bubbles and your toys again?”

Justin nodded his head wildly. Austin laughed and picked him up, and naked, was carried to the bathroom. Austin set him on the counter and he gave a little shiver at the cold stone counter on his nice warm bum, but said and did nothing else. As Austin was getting the bath ready for Justin, Justin got Jude's attention, so he went over to the boy, who opened his arms, asking for a hug. Jude wrapped his arms around the little boy and gave him a nice big hug as well.

“Thank Jude.”

“You're welcome, any time, but what was that for.”


“I love you too kiddo, you're a great little guy, aren't you.” Jude smiled warmly and Justin nodded his head and hugged Jude some more.

Austin watched the exchange, never before had Justin done such a thing with anyone but himself and he was happy, as a couple tears that were escaping showed.

“That was very sweet Justin, you really are a very sweet little boy. Come on, let's get you in the bath and get you all cleaned up. While you're soaking in the bath, Jude and I are gonna have a shower, okay.”


“He can't say you, for some reason he won't even try, maybe soon he can.” Austin said to Jude.

Austin got Justin into the tub and Jude started the shower, and then they both hopped in and got to cleaning each other up. Jude ended up dropping to his knees after less than a minute and sucked Austin to the root. Austin gasped, and then started cumming not even a minute later. Once again the load was almost too much for Jude, so he was forced to swallow some of it before he really wanted to, but he savored the rest.

After letting go, Jude stood up, pulled Austin down and pressed their lips together and shared a deep powerful kiss. A few minutes later Austin broke the kiss and dropped to his knees and sucked Jude in and sucked him for almost a minute before making him cum as well. Only he of course did not get the treat that he wished he could get, but knew that with as big as Jude was getting, that he was likely to start soon anyway.

When he let Jude go, Austin stood up, picking him up and pressing their lips together once again. They kissed as the hot water cascaded down their bodies, and finally, nearly five minutes later, they started washing each other up.

From top to bottom, they each washed the other, not once did they touch themselves to get clean, it was very gentle and relaxing, once again. Everything that they did together was very soft and tender, very loving. Once they were all cleaned though, they hopped out and dried each other off.

Justin was washed up next and then rinsed off, taken out and dried off, and then taken back to the bedroom and diapered up. They then diapered each other and then headed to get some much needed breakfast.

“So, what should we do now?” Austin asked once they were all fed up and cleaned up.

“I'd like to try playing that skateboarding game with Justin for a bit.” Jude said.

“Mmm, okay, but be warned, he's super good and will likely spank you like you've never played a video game before.”

“Then it should be a challenge.” Jude smiled.

Justin smiled brightly that someone was going to play with him, which was rare, Austin actually thought that he might not like it, but his smile said otherwise. Justin and Austin played together often, but Justin always beat him soundly at almost every video game they played. The only other time Justin played a video game with someone else was a colossal fail, it was another autistic boy, they were in therapy together that day to see how well the two boys would interact with each other, and it had not gone at all well. Justin went and set up the game and then handed Jude the other controller and started the game.

As it turned out though, Jude was very good at that particular game, and when Austin asked him, he said that he had it at home and loved it, so he was easily able to keep up to Justin, who really seemed to like having the older boy, who played well, play with him. Austin just sat on the couch and watched the two beautiful diapered boys play their game, letting them play for a good two hours. Finally he told them that time was up, that they did not have to play video games all day. Both boys groaned, but then he said he would take them to the skate park for a couple hours instead, so that they could get real exercise. They both cheered, or at least Jude did, Justin sort of did, if you knew what to look for with him.

They all went and got their diapers changed, so that they would last a few more hours, got dressed and ready to go, and then headed out. Jude was just wearing the same clothes from the day before, while Justin and Austin had clean clothes, but were still dressed much the same. When they got to the skate park, which was very nearly across the street, they found Julian already there. Surprisingly enough, he was one of the few that was, and there were no girls there watching him. He saw them coming though, so stopped what he was doing and headed toward them. Justin though hopped on his board and rode off and started playing.

“Hi guys, have a good sleepover?” He grinned.

“If you're trying to embarrass me, it won't work, I don't embarrass easily at all, and besides, I wouldn't let your brother rape me all night long.” Austin grinned to the cute little straight boy.

“Oh. Um, that's not really what I meant.” He blushed.

“See, told you he embarrasses easily.” Jude giggled.

“Yeah, I know, hence the reason I did that.”

“Oh man, you're as bad as Jude is.”

“Thanks. How about you, did your little female friend drain you enough so that you could sleep?”

“Oh yeah, after I left you guys, I fucked her four more times. I woulda went for five, but I had no more condoms. Too bad she was leaving this morning to go back home, she was a sweet fuck.” He blushed but said happily.

“La la la la la.” Jude giggled, clapping his hands over his ears.

“Yeah, like that embarrasses you.” Julian laughed.

“I know, just like teasing you, besides, you know I can't stand thinking of girls like that.”

“Every bit as much as I can't stand hearing about boys like that. Aunt Cindy asked where you were last night, I told her at a friends, she didn't ask anything else, so I think she knew exactly what you were doing.”

“More than likely. Did you air out your bedroom after all the fun you had yesterday, because if you didn't, she'll have smelled it?”

“Shit, no, I didn't.”

“And did you leave your condoms on the floor again?”

“The empty box, yeah, but I was pretty worn out last night for some reason. I threw it out this morning. She probably saw it too.”

“More than likely. Got you a couple new boxes yesterday as well. By the way, with as tired as you were last night, were you wet again this morning?” Jude asked nonchalantly.

“Jude, why would you say that in front of someone else, you swore you'd never tell anyone?” He asked, tears coming instantly to his eyes.

“Jule, it's okay, he understands, more than you can know. Austin has to wear diapers all day every day, he has no bladder control, and he even bought me diapers, and I'm wearing one right now. I'd never tell your secrets to anyone if they themselves couldn't keep it, you know that, I love you, you're my brother. Now don't cry, and please, don't act all embarrassed over it.” Jude said softly, hugging his big brother.

“But.....but......but....no one was ever supposed to know, just you and I remember.”

“I know, but Austin's special, he and I are boyfriends now. Not only is his place here right next to ours, but he lives at the top of the tower in front of our place at home too. So, with that being said, he and I are gonna see a lot of each other, which means you can as well, and when you come with us for lunch today, all three of us will be in only our diapers. Justin has to wear all day too by the way, in case you missed that connection.”


“Yep. It's nice actually. Even you'd probably find these diapers super comfortable. Man are they ever, and even better once wet, they're awesome. Now, come on, let's board, Justin's having all the fun.”

With that, it totally took Julian's mind off the embarrassing conversation and the two of them dropped their boards and took off. Austin stood on the outside of the fence, watching the three boys longingly, wishing that he could be out there with them, but knew it was not to be. He had been to several specialists who all told him that no matter what surgeries they did, his bones were simply no longer strong enough in that leg to do any sort of impact sport, he had just done too much damage to it and there was nothing they could do. They all told him that he should be thankful that he is even able to walk, even in a brace, because with how bad his leg was, and even is, he was lucky he did not lose it altogether. Though he was told too that should his leg get worse, that they may have to remove it yet, in which case he may be able, with a prosthetic limb, to once again board, but never to the same degree he had before. He cared for neither option, but knew he had to live with it.

The boys all had a blast though, always trying to outdo each other, and Austin was even surprised that Justin seemed to take to Julian quite quickly as well. It was not quite as fast as it had been with Jude, but inside half an hour, Justin was excitedly trying to talk to Julian, who of course was unable to understand anything at all that he was trying to say. Jude boarded up to Austin to say hi while Julian was doing a trick that Justin was showing him, he had kept saying watch, watch, watch, until Julian let him show him, then he kept saying do, do, do, until Julian got the hint and tried it. It was quite cute actually.

“That's cute huh, a five year old showing a thirteen year old how to do a trick.” Jude smiled.

“It is, he's actually a very good teacher, but of course he can't tell you anything, so you have to watch him.”

“About that. I was watching how he uses his hands, almost like he's trying to do sign language. Have you ever tried teaching him that?”

“No, come to think of it, we haven't. I'd have to learn it as well though so that we could communicate if that works.”

“I know some sign language, one of my friends at home's deaf, so I've learned some. He reads lips really well, but it's not perfect, so sign language is easier.”

“Hmm, maybe you should teach the two of us then. How many words do you know?”

“Only about fifty or so, maybe more now. Every time he makes a sign I don't know, I have him teach it to me, so I've learned quite a bit.”

“Far cry better than the dozen or so words he knows, so maybe we should give it a try. I wonder why the therapists haven't tried that with him before?”

“Are they speech therapists or autism therapists, because maybe there's a difference?”

“The one at home is the city's leading autism specialist, I pay a lot of money to take Justin to him, the one here, I think he's actually an occupational therapist, so he teaches many things. Maybe I'll ask him. We have an appointment tomorrow.”

“I'll go with you then.”

“Okay. That way you can work with Justin under trained supervision and we can maybe all learn something.”

“Cool. I think I'm starting to get hungry, so maybe we should head out soon though.”

“Okay, how about half an hour more.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jude said and went told the other two that it was half an hour left until lunch time.

For the next half an hour, the three boys boarded hard, playing hard and having fun. All three of them were hot and sweaty when Austin called them and told them it was time to go. They all hopped off their boards after finishing their last tricks and they all headed up to Austin's apartment.

As Julian was told they would, the three wearing diapers stripped down to just their diapers seconds after walking in the door. He was a little shocked that they would do so, but they had warned him, he just thought Jude was teasing him again. Clearly he had not been, and he blushed.

“You really are wearing a diaper. Why?”

“Like to.” Jude answered simply.

“Oh. Why?”

“Feels nice, and so much easier than finding a washroom every hour or so. Granted, the problem with that will now be that I won't get as many glimpses of hot boy bits in the public washrooms.” Jude grinned.



“I suppose I can see the point about not having to go to the bathroom as often, I had to go not that long ago, and I'd just went just before I headed out, so only an hour and a half or so is all I lasted for.”

“If you wanted to try it, no one would ever make fun of you, you know that right. And you never answered me earlier, were you wet again?”

“No thanks, but yeah, I was soaked.” He whispered, blushing fiercely.

“That's four nights in a row now, and then three nights before that with only one dry night in between. I really think you should wear something to bed, I know you're not getting a very good sleep like that.”

“No, I slept like crap again last night.”

“Julian, I had the same thing happen to me during puberty, I already wet anyway, but I was wetting so heavily during puberty that I was often flooding my diapers, there's nothing wrong with it, and if you have a problem, and there's an easy solution, it doesn't make you a baby to use it, even if it is diapers. I mean, look at me and your brother. We both have a need for diapers, we're not babies, nor are we physically handicapped in any way that would cause that, yet we still need them. Don't say it now, one way or the other, but you should think about it, because I promise you that you'll sleep a lot better if you do wear a diaper.” Austin said softly.

Julian just nodded his head but said nothing further. The others could tell he was highly embarrassed by all this, but seeing the three of them in diapers did make it seem somewhat okay to wear them, though he had never in his life even tried it. Julian continued to say nothing the entire rest of the time that they were there for lunch, he was still not sure of what was happening. In the back of his mind, he knew he needed diapers too, just like his brother, who had never been out of them at all at night, just like Austin and Justin, who had to wear them all day, but it was not what he wanted. This internal conflict was raging inside him the entire time they made and ate lunch, and while Austin and Jude did talk, he almost did not even pay attention.

After lunch, it was decided that they would go spend some time on the beach, Justin was changed into his Speedo, Austin put on some swim shorts and put his swimming leg brace on, and then the four of them headed over to Jude and Julian's so that they could change into swim shorts as well. When they arrived, both boys went and changed into some proper shorts, Julian's were long and baggy, no better than his board shorts were really, whereas Jude had a very nice pair of quite small Lycra swim shorts in a very deep rich purple, they looked amazing on him.

“Nice shorts, you must cause several accidents parading around in those.” Austin said, having had to lick his lips a couple times in order to speak.

“Yeah, and at the beginning of the summer, just after we got here, I was laying on the beach and some guy tripped and fell, almost right on top of me. I laughed at him, and he laughed at himself, and he said, good grief boy, did you stuff your shorts or something. I of course told him no and invited him back to my place to check for himself. He came in his shorts instantly, but I got him back to my place and he found out alright. I didn't buy them for that reason though, I'm part of a swim team and these are our swim shorts, I find them the most comfortable for swimming in, and they give me the best possible tan, without going naked. I wish there was a nude beach around here, so that I can get a full body tan. Jule won't wear these though, says they're too embarrassing, but like I told him, I'd be more embarrassed to have such a nasty tan line.” He giggled.

“That's too funny, but I agree with you on the tan lines, I hate them, hence the reason I have smaller swim shorts. I have heard that there's a nude beach somewhere around here, just not sure where.”

“That'd be nice to find, but I bet mister embarrassment wouldn't come with us.”

“Nope.” Julian laughed, shaking his head as he said it.

“Wuss. You know there'd probably be lots of naked girls there too.”

“I know, but talk about embarrassing when I get hard because of them.”

“Why, trust me, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Yeah, but you're almost as big as I am, and I'm two years older.”

“Yeah, but you're still as big as or bigger than most of the fourteen year olds I've enjoyed.”

“Maybe, but it'd still be embarrassing.” Julian said stubbornly.

Austin decided to say something. “You know Julian, you're surprisingly shy, and that's really not all that good for you. I mean, so am I, deep down, I really hate all the publicity and the people all around me, but I learned to deal with the shyness and be more outgoing, less embarrassed all the time. I think you need to do the same thing.”

“I'm not always shy, especially around girls, but being naked, or wetting the bed, things like that, I just can't, okay.”

“It's okay, really it is. When you're ready for it, take baby steps, just do it little by little and do what you hate most and learn to accept things.”

Julian just nodded his head, and both Austin and Jude knew that that was as far as they were going to be able to get on that topic, so it was decided wholeheartedly that it was time to go to the beach. They headed down right away and walked across the road and were on the beach. They found a nice spot that was not too crowded, they were near to the playground and water park as well, because Justin would love to go play there again, he usually did, and even Jude said he loved them both. Julian, of course being thirteen, thought that such things were beneath him.

The funny thing though was that after swimming in the lake for about half an hour or so, Julian did join Jude and Justin on the playground and in the water park and he had a great time as well. The boys kept going back and forth between the two parks and the beach, as well they all walked up and down the path and looked at all the vendors that were there, stopped and talked to several people, vendors included, and just had a lot of fun. They spent more than three hours on the beach, all of them laying down at times and adding some more color to their already incredible tans.

It was quite funny when a thirteen year old girl was walking by where they were all laying, they were all currently on their backs, and she was totally staring at the front of Jude's shorts. So intent was her stare, that her dad, who was walking next to her noticed, so he looked to see what she was staring at, saw it and laughed out loud. Then she must have had a spontaneous orgasm, because she stumbled and fell at Jude's feet.

Her dad was beside himself with a mixture of emotions, he wanted to laugh uproariously, he was embarrassed, and he hoped and prayed that the boy she had been staring at was not offended.

“Lilly, you silly pubertal girl, get up.” He finally said, all could see she was blushing furiously.

“Don't worry about her, he wears his swim team shorts whenever he can, just because we're pretty sure he likes getting that reaction.” Julian giggled.

“Hell yeah. Normally I try and reel in the boys, but my brother here usually takes the girls.” He said nonchalantly.

Well, now both dad and daughter were blushing madly. Austin was pretty sure he knew why Jude had said what he did, because from the time that the dad had noticed what his daughter was looking at, he himself had been unable to tear his eyes away. Both Austin and Julian had to shake their heads at him though, he really did have no shame at all.

Finally, still saying nothing at all, Lilly stood up, but refused to look at anyone, her dad included. She was still blushing massively, her dad was still blushing quite a bit, and Austin and both older boys were trying their hardest not to laugh.

“Sorry about the boys, they enjoy embarrassing people, and Jude especially has no shame.”

“Um yeah, I can tell.”

“It's okay, everyone looks at them, you'd have to be blind not to really. Can't tell you how many plate glass windows, sign poles and or people they've caused to be hit.” Austin chuckled.

Though Austin did not actually know the number, he knew it was high, for both boys, but most especially Jude, were just simply stunning, especially in his current attire.

“Yeah, I think I can understand that actually. Well, sorry again, we'll let you get back to your tanning.” He said, grabbing his daughters hand and pulling her away with him. She did give one final look back though and licked her lips.

“Oh, she was hungry and you looked an awful lot like an all you can eat buffet to her.” Julian giggled.

“Talk about yuck. Now, had she had a hot brother, then we'd be talking. You could've had her though, I'm sure she wouldn't mind at all. That's one good reason why you should wear these shorts too. She'd still be cumming had she seen us both like this.” Jude giggled cutely and Austin had to laugh, because he actually agreed.

“You do have a point there, and it's finally not your dick head.”

“Thanks, but that was a total turn off for me, even though I'd have sucked daddy good and dry. He wasn't really my type though, although I sure seemed to be his, especially when I said I was gay, he nearly came as well.”

“Yeah, I think we all noticed that.” Austin said.

“For sure.” Julian laughed.

Even Justin nodded his head.

“Well, what say we headed back up to my place and get something for dinner pretty soon. I think we've all had more than enough sun and fun for one day, and we certainly don't wanna cause any more accidents. Maybe you should cover yourself with your towel Jude.” Austin grinned.

“Nah, that's okay.” He giggled.

They all stood and headed out, gathering up their belongings. Julian said he was gonna run back to their place and grab clothes for the both of them, and Jude said that was fine, but told him to leave a note for their aunt and uncle, saying that they were both staying at a friends place for the night. At first Julian blanched at this, saying what if you know what happens, but Austin told him that it wouldn't be a problem in the least even if a wet bed happened. As they got to the road, they separated and Austin, Jude and Justin headed up to his place.

As soon as they got in the door, they all stripped off what little they were wearing and headed to the bedroom to get diapered up nice and thick for the rest of the evening. They opted for their night time diapers for this reason as well. Justin was changed first, and then Jude asked him to go play, because he wanted to talk to Austin for a minute. He happily skipped off.

“What were you wanting to talk to me about?”

“I'm gonna diaper Jule tonight, whether he wants it or not.”

“No, not 'til he's ready for it, or you'll hurt him too much.”

“Don't worry, I know just what to do. He's had lots of stimulation today, but no release, I'm gonna go and offer to suck him tonight at bedtime, but don't worry, I'll come and we can still play together as well. Anyway, I'll suck him dry, 'til he passes out, and then I'll diaper him in his sleep. That way his feelings can't get in the way and make him say no again. Once he feels how good it is, and how much better he slept because of it, he'll be fine. Don't get me wrong, he's gonna cry, and maybe even get mad at me, but it's what he needs, and even though he knows it, he's never gonna do it any other way. Trust me, I know him too well.”

“Okay, I'll let you deal with all that then. It will be lots better for him though.”

“For sure.”

Just then the doorbell on the phone rang, so Austin grabbed his phone and hit the button to allow someone into the elevator, he never even said anything, just opened the door to allow Julian in. A few moments later, the elevator pinged and Julian came in.

“I have your clothes for you, even though I know you don't want them now.”

“Thanks Jule, you're the best.”

“I know, just you remember that.”

“I will.” Jude smiled brightly.

By the way it sounded to Austin, this was a normal occurrence, which in fact it was. The three of them headed to the kitchen and got started on dinner, while Justin was just watching something on TV. As soon as dinner was done though, they all sat down to eat, then all helped to clean it up. After dinner, a movie was put on, it was almost three hours long, and not so surprisingly, but Justin fell asleep almost all the way to the end of it. Austin took him to bed, changed his diaper, because it was not going to last otherwise, gave him his kiss goodnight and tucked him in.

“Well boys, what should we do now?”

“Actually, if you don't mind, I think I'm gonna head to bed myself, it's getting late for me, I'm a morning person really, so I'm getting pretty tired.” Julian said, yawning a bit as he did so.

“I'm getting there myself actually, so I'll be heading to bed pretty quick here.” Austin said and Jude nodded his head in agreement.

“I'll show you to the room you can use.” Jude said.

Austin left this up to Jude, even though he had no idea how Jude would know which room to put Julian in, but there was only two others and both were fully set up, so that was good as well. The boys both left, leaving Austin all by himself. He decided to quickly clean up and lock up the house, then went and waited in his bedroom.

As soon as the boys were away, Jude led Julian to the bedroom right next to Justin's and they went in, closing the door behind them.

“It's been a long day, and you saw lots of nice sights, but got no release today, so I'm gonna help you out. Go ahead and lay down, I'll take care of everything as usual.” Jude whispered to his brother.

“It's okay, you have a boyfriend now, I can take care of it myself.”

“That's okay, he understands my desire to keep you well drained, now shush, let me drain all that hot teen cream from those hot baby makers for you.” Jude said, pulling Julian's shorts and underwear off in one pull.

Before Julian could say anything more though, Jude had sucked in all that Julian had to offer him, which of course caused all other thoughts in Julian's head to disappear. For almost an hour Jude sucked Julian, making him cum seven times in a row. Never once did he stop, even though after the fifth time Julian told him to, because it was getting to be too much. After the seventh cum though, it was too much, because not only was Julian now completely dry, his last orgasm having had only one tiny drop, but he passed out totally. Jude had done what he had set out to do, and he smiled.

Happily Jude skipped from the room to Austin's, grinned to him and gave him the thumbs up sign, grabbed one of his own super thick diapers and went back to the bedroom Julian was currently passed out in and diapered his big brother. Once diapered, Jude turned him so that he was in sleeping position, covered him up, gave him a kiss goodnight, and then left the room, shutting off the light as he went.

“So, how'd it go?” Austin asked.

“As I planned.” He grinned, and then said exactly what all had happened.

Jude then pushed Austin onto his back, got them into a sixty nine position, and replayed those same events over again, only this time he got sucked as well of course, and Austin passed out after his sixth orgasm. Jude smiled widely, he had caused two people to pass out in one night, how much better could life get he thought. He grabbed both his and Austin's diapers, got himself changed first, then changed Austin, rolled him into sleeping position, kissed him goodnight, turned off the light, cuddled up to his man, and then passed out as well.

Chapter 3

The following morning, Jude and Austin woke at almost the exact same time, and laid there for quite some time having a whispered conversation, kissing and cuddling. It was almost half an hour later when they heard a muffled cry come from Julian, but it was all wrong, it sounded more like a sex cry.

Curious, they got out of bed and went across the hall to Julian's bedroom, and looked in. To their amazement, Julian was not only awake, but so was Justin, who was currently sitting on Julian's rock hard erection, riding it like a boy possessed. Both boys were still fully diapered, both boys were very wet, both boys had holes poked in their diapers, and both boys were moaning.

Julian was saying, “Oh god no, please stop, this is bad, this is wrong,” but he was moaning in pleasure as well, and was unable to throw Justin off.

Justin was of course moaning gibberish once again, his very limited vocabulary unable to voice how he was feeling, but his sounds, and the sheer look of pleasure on his face said more than enough. It was in less than fifteen seconds that both boys had enough. Julian went off first, shooting his hot seed deep inside Justin, who exploded in his dry cum the second Julian's cum touched him. It was an amazing orgasm to watch from both boys, and it took several minutes for them to both come down.

As soon as he came down though, Justin tried to start back up again. Austin thought though that he had better put a stop to it.

“No more Justin, Julian was asking you to stop, and you know you should stop when people ask you to.” He said as he bodily lifted Justin up and off Julian's ample erection. As it exited Justin, it made a squelching sucking pop.

“Why Unc'y.......like fuck......love Jule.”

“Because baby boy, what you did was essentially rape Julian, he doesn't like boys like that, and he never said yes, did he.”

Justin looked down and shook his head no. The whole thing though was starting to come crashing down on Julian though, and he started crying.

“I'm really sorry he did that to you Julian, he doesn't quite understand the concept of getting permission, he just does what feels good to him. To him it's not wrong, he probably thought that if it felt so good to him, that it'd feel just as good to you too.”

“Please leave.” Is all Julian said.

Austin turned and left the distraught boy, carrying Justin back to his bedroom so that he could get him stripped and cleaned. Jude though stayed behind.

“Hey Jule, you okay.” He whispered, coming up to the bed.

“No, I'm bloody well not okay. You betrayed me, you diapered me, and then this morning some little kid rapes me while I was asleep.” He said angrily.

“Look, I know you're mad at me for the diaper, I understand, I did it for a good reason. Please don't be mad at Justin though, and especially not at Austin, he had nothing to do with any of this. Justin though, as you were told yesterday, is very autistic and he doesn't think the same way we do, so to him what he did wasn't wrong, even if you think it was. How'd it feel though?”

“He was tight, real tight, and hotter than any girl I've ever had too. It was still wrong though, no matter whether he doesn't know it, but the worst part is, if someone ever found out, it'd be me in trouble, and I never wanted it.”

“You don't have to worry about that. Now, we need to talk about the fact that you're diapered. I can tell that not only are you wet, but you're really wet. I can also tell though that it did it's job well, because your bed isn't. How'd you sleep, not waking up cold and wet and miserable, and please don't lie to me just because you don't like the diaper itself?”

“It's really wet, but I admit I'm warm and cozy, or at least I was all night long, I never woke up once, well 'til I woke up to Justin riding me.”

“That's very good. Look, I know you're mad at me still, and I know you don't like diapers, but I did what I did last night because I love you, and I'm not talking about draining your hot balls, you know I love doing that for you. No, I knew you needed to be diapered, but I know you well enough to know that you'd never admit to it or allow it any other way, so it was the only way. Over the course of the next week, I'll do the same thing for you, suck you 'til you pass out and then diaper you, so that you don't have to be awake while it happens, that way you can get used to it in a way that your brain can't interfere.”

“No Jude.”

“No Jule, it's gonna happen. I love you, I can't let you have miserable sleepless nights any more just because you refuse to wear diapers. You know you want me to suck you anyway, we both know that's gonna happen regardless, so I'll do that for you so that you get used to it in a fashion you can't possibly complain about.”

“Sometimes Jude, your all knowing attitude really pisses me off and I wanna just hit you, but fuck, every time you do it to me, you end up right. I just wish you weren't always so damned right.”

“I know, but when I need it, you do the same thing to me remember.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay, let's say I just go with the flow and let the inevitable happen, and actually let you diaper me, then what?”

“I'll still suck you, and if you need it, I'll still make you pass out, but I won't work to make you pass out again.”

“Thanks. You really are the best baby brother a guy could have.”

“Considering your attire too right now, I think we can both agree that we're both baby brothers.” Jude grinned.

“Yeah, speaking of which, I'm gonna get this off.” He said, reaching to the tapes.

Jude smacked his hands out of the way though, told him to stay put, and went and grabbed the wipes and came back. He then gently removed the tapes holding the diaper on, pulled it down and out, balled it up and set it aside. He then grabbed a couple wipes and cleaned up his big brother lovingly.

“Thanks, that was nice, and at least I didn't have to go for a shower again this morning.”

“You're welcome. You know what, I'm gonna go grab a diaper, I'd like for you to change me this morning please.”


Jude left and came back a few moments later, only he was carrying two diapers, not just one. Jule looked at them suspiciously.

“Jule, lay back down please, I wanna diaper you, I think you wanna try it too, and I think you should. You'll get to sit back and relax and enjoy things without having to get up to go to the bathroom like you always have to, but we won't go out 'til later, so that you don't have to go out in a diaper. I don't want you to say anything, just lay back and close your eyes, let me take care of my big baby brother the way he needs it.”

Jule tried to say something a few times, but Jude kept shushing him, and finally he just laid back down. Jule was right there with a diaper and slipped it under his brothers bum and pulled it up and taped it on. Jude then started rubbing the front of the diaper, which in turn caused Jule to go very hard, and then kept rubbing him, rubbing him until he was so close to cumming, and kept rubbing him until he exploded, wetting his diaper with his impressive load of cum.

“There you go. Now you won't have to feel guilty about wetting your diaper, because it's already wet. That diaper doesn't come off now 'til you're either saturated and almost leaking, you have to go poop, or we have to leave, okay.” Jude said as Jule was coming down.

Jude just laid down next to his brother, pulled him into a hug, and gave him a nice tender kiss to his forehead and let his brother cry, because he knew he needed to, and he did. Ten or so minutes later he had calmed down and Jude asked him to change his diaper, so he did. Given that Julian had never changed a diaper before, or at least in a very long time, Jude had to help him, giving him instructions, but he did very well.

“Thanks, that was nice. How do you feel now?”

“I don't know. Everything feels all wrong.”

“But it's not. Wearing diapers isn't wrong, I personally think it's all right.”

“Actually, I'm not talking about the diapers. I'm straight, I love girls, I love fucking girls, the more the better, but I can't get how it felt fucking Justin out of my head. It felt so good, he was so tight and so hot, way more so than any girl ever has been.”

“Maybe you're really Bi, like mom is and dad was, but given your embarrassment over everything, you denied it, and now it's coming out.”

“I don't think I'd ever denied it before. It just never felt right before, and while in some ways what Justin did to me felt wrong, in more ways it felt right.”

“Okay, then maybe he awakened something inside you. That's not a bad thing.”


“Come on, let's go find Austin and Justin.”

As soon as Austin got Justin to his bedroom, to get him all cleaned up and changed, he started.

“Justin, Sweety, what you did this morning was very wrong, and I think you know that, don't you?” He asked softly.

Justin nodded subtly.

“I know you can't really tell me, but do you truly understand just what you did though?”

He nodded his head animatedly and said, “Love Jule.”

“But that's a problem Justin, he doesn't like boys like that. I take it then that you're certain you're gay?”

Justin nodded his head.

“Yeah, as often as I've noticed you playing with your bum, I was pretty sure you were too. Did it feel good?”

“Mmmmhmmm.” He sighed far deeper than any five year old should.

“Know how you feel. At least your baby bum hole doesn't appear to be torn or anything. He's quite big and you could've hurt yourself if you weren't careful. But you know all about that don't you? Exactly how much research have you done about being gay and playing? I know you look on the internet a fair bit, and that's what you look at isn't it?”

He was not able to answer all that though, he scrunched up his nose cutely, trying to say what he wanted to say, got a bit frustrated, and then just nodded his head and gave the sign for big, or lots in this case, spreading his arms showing size.

“I know, it's hard on you, you really do understand everything that goes on around you, I've understood that for a long time, but for some reason you just can't seem to translate what you want to say into speech. Jude has an idea, would you be willing to learn something from him that might mean you can communicate easier?”

“Yeah.” He said, nodding his head happily.

“Good. I'll let Jude explain it all and he'll try and teach you, okay. Now, I know you can't say sorry to Julian yet, but I want you to try your best to show him how sorry you are, okay.”


Austin finished getting Justin all changed and then since they were finished talking, got himself changed as well, then took Justin to the kitchen to start getting some breakfast for them all. Almost fifteen minutes later, the other two boys joined them. As soon as Justin saw Julian, he went to him and opened his arms. Julian bent down and picked Justin up, and then Justin tried his best to say something, but nothing really came out, but he cried the whole time he was trying to say what he needed to say, and then hugged Julian fiercely.

“Thanks little guy, I accept your apology. Please don't wake me up like that again though, assuming I stay here again.” He whispered.

As soon as Julian set Justin down, Justin pointed to Julian's diaper, smiled, then said, “Jule.....baby.....diaper.”

“Yeah, I'm wearing a diaper, Jude made me, but I'm not a baby like you are, okay.” Julian said, blushing.

“Will be soon enough.” Jude whispered to Austin, who grinned and chuckled.

“You look nice like that Julian. Congratulations though for facing your demons. Get used to it like this, so that bedtime is nothing.” Austin smiled warmly to the very good looking boy.

“Thanks, I think.”

“I trust you're not still mad at your brother for doing what he did?”

“No, not really. I never really was, I knew why he did it, why he had to do it really, and besides, I love him, I could never be mad at him for long, especially when he takes care of me so well.”

“That's nice. Well, breakfast's ready, so come sit down boys.” Austin said, having finished up the last couple things and set it all on the table.


They all sat down to eat, and as they ate, they talked.

“So, what time's Justin's therapy appointment today anyway Austin?” Jude asked.

“Two o'clock.”

“Perfect, I told Jule that he could stay in his diaper 'til either we had to leave or he was about to leak, or of course if he had to make stinky. So that means we have several hours to kick back and relax. Will you come with us Jule, or are you gonna go try and find another new girl to ruin for the next several guys?”

“Like you have to ask that question.” Julian grinned cutely.

“That's what I thought. By the way Austin, one of the boys that dated a girl he'd dated said that sex with other guys was never near as good, that Jule was such an amazing stud, that no one ever pleased her as well again. That's when he was twelve, and he's bigger and better than ever.” Jude grinned.

“I bet. Poor boys who have to compete with you must hate you, huh Julian.”

“Definitely.” He giggled.

“Still think it's a crying shame you're not gay though. Man, I'd love to feel you fuck me silly.” Jude sighed deeply.

“I'd rather never fuck another boy, thank you very much.”

“Yeah, but once you've had boy pussy, no pussy is better.” Jude grinned.

“Not bloody likely.”

“Man, what a breakfast conversation.” Austin laughed.

“We've had similar conversations with our mom at the table. She's been calling the two of us sluts for a couple years now. I don't know about Jule, but I sure can't help it.”

“Don't want to help it you mean!” Austin said.

“No, can't, I'm totally addicted, Jule's the same, we couldn't stop even if we wanted to, which neither of us does.” Jude said, Julian nodded.

“Well, if you have to be addicted to something, I can't think of anything better, that's for sure. Now Jude, I asked Justin if he wanted for you to try and teach him something that'd possibly help him communicate, and he said yes. I told him you'd explain it all to him, so maybe once we're finished breakfast we can do so.”

“Cool. I hope you can do it Justin, it'd make yours and Austin's lives so much easier.”

Justin nodded his head happily and doubled his speed to try and finish eating even faster. Austin laughed and told him to slow down, it did not matter how fast he finished, because the rest of them were not going to eat any faster, so it would not make a difference to him anyway. He giggled and slowed back down, and the rest of their meal, they all talked happily.

Finally they finished eating and they all helped to clean up, and then they headed to the living room to explain everything. Jude told Justin what it was he wanted to teach him and he seemed agreeable to this, and for the next few hours, Jude taught both Austin and Justin how to do some sign language. They started with the basics first of course, and Justin seemed to get the hang of it right away, whereas Austin took a little longer, but that was fine too. By the time lunch rolled around, Justin already knew almost all the words that Jude knew, while Austin could only remember half of them. They all went and made and ate lunch.

“Okay boys, we have to go get changed, and then we should probably head out soon. It's half an hour drive to the therapists office and it's almost one already.” Austin said.

“Okay.” They all said, more or less.

Justin used sign language and said it how he was able to, beaming with pride. Jude had told him to make sure and still voice the words he was trying to say, as well as to still try saying the words as well, so as to maybe train him to speak.

They all went and got changed, Julian going without a diaper, because he was going to go out, and he was definitely not comfortable with wearing a diaper out of the house. Not that he had ever believed he would be wearing a diaper in the first place. After changing their diapers, they all got dressed, and then they headed out, all of them saying goodbye. Jude told Julian that he would call him later so that they could hook back up, and Jude said that he would come home tonight, even though neither he or Austin wanted him to. Jude knew it was only fair to his aunt and uncle.

As soon as they were all buckled into the car, Austin took off and pointed them at the therapists office. His office was in his home, but was actually outside of town a bit, so it was a fair drive, but it was nice and easy too and they all talked happily as they drove. When they arrived, they all went in and Austin introduced Jude as Justin's friend and helper.

“It's good to meet you Jude. I'm surprised that Justin allowed you to get near him, there's so few people that he will, and I'm hardly even one of them.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well, at least you weren't the poor female therapist he had, you heard what happened to her.” Austin laughed.


“It was actually Justin that approached me, I had no idea his troubles until he tried to talk to me, and then Austin had to explain. I'm a skate boarder as well, and he liked my moves.”

“That's good. So, how come you're here today then?”

“Actually, I had a good idea to help Justin get communicating, and I've already started teaching him some sign language, and he seems to be doing well. I have a friend who's deaf, so to try and communicate with him better, I've been learning sign language. I don't know lots, but it's better than what little Justin could do, so we were hoping you knew more to teach all of us.” Jude answered.

“Sorry, I'm not a speech therapist, it's one of the few fields I can't do, and certainly not sign language. That's a brilliant idea though, and if it works, even more so. The thing I was planning on working on today was reinforcing the need to let more people in, to let more people closer to him, well, he's let someone in already, so I say that's good enough. So, Justin, if you know some sign language, why don't you try and tell me in your own words then, how do you feel when someone approaches you? Jude, if you'd translate for me please?”

(For ease of reading, Justin will sign and Jude will translate, it will be his voice, but Justin speaking, and will be in italics.)

“I feel afraid, I not know word, people scare me.”

“They scare you, can you explain?”

“I not know, scare me. Laugh at me, call names.” Jude said, then added, “Um, he's not making sense now, I don't think he knows what word to use, or can't quite say what he's feeling. It's gonna be hard, because I just don't know enough sign language yet, maybe this is too much for so few words yet.”

“That's okay Jude, already we've come further than we ever have before. We can communicate, and that's huge. Okay Justin, here's another one, and don't get frustrated or upset okay, remember, we're all here to try and help you, just try your hardest, if you can't answer something, just shake your head no, and we'll figure out a different way that maybe you can explain.”

Justin said yes and nodded his head.

“Good. So people scare you, is it when they come to you and not let you come to them?”


“Good. Okay, what about girls, you don't seem to ever go to them, can you say why.”

“No like them.”

“Do they scare you more or less than new people, or you just don't like girls?”

“Don't like them, I most scared.”

“Okay. So, if you see someone you like, you have to go to them when you're ready then?”


“Okay, that's great Justin, you're doing so well. Can you tell me then why you won't go to school?”

“Much people, too touch.” Jude said, and then added on his own, “I think he's trying to say they're too close to him and almost touch him.” Justin nodded his head at that.

“So, you don't like strange people touching you then?”

Justin shook his head no.

“And what about the girls in your preschool class, or your female teacher, how did you feel about them?”


“Okay, hate's a very strong word, you can't possibly hate all girls, they're not bad you know.”

Justin wildly nodded his head, signing yes over and over again.

“Okay little man, so clearly you don't like any girls, can you say why.”

“Mom, bad, mean, hurt, hate.”

“Oh, so your mom hurt you and did bad things to you. Can you say what, or maybe show us?”

Justin looked thoughtful for a minute, then using his own hands, showed them in the office what she had done to him. He spanked himself on the bum, making it look as if it were extremely hard, then he slapped himself in the face the same way. He then disgusted them all when he showed them that she punched him in the stomach real hard, and then because he could not do so on himself, kicked the couch, then curled up on the ground in a ball, to show that was how she did it. He then made a sign of smoking a cigarette, then took it from his mouth and pressed his skin on his arms.

“Oh my god, that's what those scars are.” Austin said in terror, and pulled up the sleeves of the shirt Justin was wearing and showed the other three dozens of small round scars that he had never been able to explain. None of them were horrible, almost looked like chicken pox scars, from when you scratch them off, so he never thought anything of it.

Justin continued on though, he showed them and told them that she called him all sorts of really bad names and teased him because he was stupid, though poor Jude had no idea how to explain what it was that Justin was trying to say, then finally figured it out and Justin nodded his head wildly. Finally Justin stopped and burst into tears, he had had enough. Jude and Austin both grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

“Oh Justin, you poor little boy. I had no idea she was that horrible to you. Had I'd known, not only would I've had her locked up, but I would've taken custody of you far sooner.”

“I think that's enough for today guys. There's almost an hour left, but I think after that, that Justin just needs to go home and be cuddled. We made a lot of progress today, found out a huge amount, so I'll see you next week. If you'd like though, I do have a card somewhere in the office for a sign language teacher.”

“That's okay, we'll get a book and all learn together.” Austin said.

“Then I'll see you next week.”

The three of them left the office and then headed home. No one spoke, all of them were so distraught from what had gone on. Poor Justin had lived through it for more than three years, there was simply no telling how long the abuse had gone on for. Jude and Austin though were sickened to hear what he had gone through, both had tears in their eyes.

Finally they made it home and Austin took Justin in to change his diaper, Jude followed in case Justin wanted to say anything. He did, he said he was tired and wanted to sleep, so Austin tucked him in for a much needed nap.

“Wow, that poor boy. No wonder he hates girls. The problem though, are there any all boys schools he can go to 'til he learns to accept them again?” Jude asked.

“I doubt it, and it could be years before he can. I'll look into it though, just in case there are, and explain why. If not, then maybe male teachers and just try and keep the girls as far from him as we can. Might not work though, it's hard to say. I wonder though if the physical abuse is maybe the cause of his needing diapers?”

“I doubt it. Clearly it runs in the family, and he more than likely likes them as much as or more than you do anyway. If that's the case, I wouldn't try taking them away.”

“No, especially knowing now what we do.”

“Exactly, could be disastrous. So, since Justin seems to be asleep, and I think we could both use diaper changes as well, wanna go to your bedroom and have a little fun and change each other while there?”

“Okay.” Austin said readily enough.

They headed to his bedroom right away and both very nearly jumped on the bed. They started off by kissing tenderly for a while first, and then moved to petting and stroking each other, and finally Jude was more than ready and swung around so that they could get into a sixty nine. They lowered the fronts of each others diapers and sucked each other in all the way and sucked each other slowly for almost five minutes before cumming. Once though was not enough and they continued as if they had not cum at all, and sucked each other two more times back to back.

“Ah, much better, thanks a lot.” Jude sighed.

“Mmmhmm, I agree, much better.”

“Let's change each other, and then I should probably head home for the night.”

“Yeah, I suppose I should let you go home, but I don't really wanna, you know that right.”

“I don't really wanna either, but we all have obligations right.”

“I know. Come on Baby, let's do it.”

“I would, but you won't let me yet.” Jude giggled.


“Damn, I was trying for slut.” He pouted cutely.

“Yeah, well, there's no point in pointing out the obvious to you, now is there.” Austin had to laugh.

“No, I suppose not.”

They did change each others diapers though, and then Austin helped Jude to get dressed. They headed to the elevator and before hitting the button, Jude pulled Austin down into a deep and tender kiss, broke and then pushed the button, then reattached themselves once more until the elevator showed up.

“Well Baby, you have a good night. Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Satan would have to come drag me away kicking and screaming, yelling to make even him blush in order to stop me.”

“Excellent. Just come here first thing in the morning then and we'll go from there.”


With one final kiss goodbye, Jude entered the elevator and headed out. For the life of him though, Austin could not figure out what he was supposed to do now. Finally he decided that since Justin was sleeping, that it would be a good time to clean up the place, so he did so.

Jude went straight home, checking the skate park to see if Julian was there, and he was not, so figured he must be at home. He wondered if he was about to walk in on Julian entertaining once again though. Hopefully he at least took her to his bedroom so that Jude would not walk in on them in the living room again. When he walked in, Julian was nowhere in sight, so he headed to Julian's bedroom, and sure enough, the sounds emanating from in there said that not only was Julian home, but he was certainly entertaining.

Jude had grabbed the bag that had his diapers in it before leaving Austin's house, so he took them to his bedroom and put them away. He would have stripped down to just his diaper, but with a strange girl in the house, he thought it would be best to not do so. Instead he headed to his computer and turned it on so that he could research sign language more. For the next hour, while listening to his brother, he learned how to do even more sign language. Finally the two of them stopped and eventually exited the bedroom. Julian said hi, and the girl was none other than Lilly from the day before.

“Oh hi there, couldn't have me, but thought that Julian was a most excellent replacement huh?”

“Yeah, something like that.” She blushed.

“That's good. Had you've been a boy, I would've rocked your world though.”

“Yeah, Julian said you were totally gay, but he was real good.”

“Good, glad to hear it. I hope you kids remembered protection though?”

“I'm on birth control.” She said.

“And I forgot the condoms.” Julian said.

“Idiot. Oh well, hopefully you don't get pregnant easily, our mom was on birth control for both of us.”

“I don't like condoms anyway and I've had a few boys and no one's managed to get me pregnant yet.”

“How old are you and does your dad know you're here?”

“Fourteen, and no, he thinks I'm at the mall. I told him I was going there and that I'd be a few hours.”

“Figured as much. How long have you been gone, should you be going pretty quick here?”

“Yeah, I've been a few hours already so I have to get going, otherwise we'd have gone for another round.” She grinned.

“So, I take it you're as big a slut as my brother is then?”

“Not as bad, and it sounds like you're worse, he told me all about you.” She laughed.

“Yeah, he's always spreading nasty rumors like that. Not sure why he'd say something so dirty like that.” He mock glared.

“Because it's true.” Julian laughed.

“Yeah, it is. Anyway, you should get going so that you don't get in trouble. Though, you might not be walking straight.”

“Tell me about it, I've had fifteen year olds not as big as him, and no one else made me cum anywhere near as often either.”

“Yeah, he's a right stud alright.”

“For sure.” She said dreamily.

They said their goodbyes then and she was gone.

“So, when's she coming back for a repeat performance?” Jude asked.

“Tomorrow. I told her to meet me at the skate park and she said she had a surprise for you, so you were supposed to come too.”

“Hmm, wonder what.”

“Who knows, she doesn't have a brother, I asked her.”

“Well, if she wants me to fuck her ass while you fuck her, it's a no go. I know that an ass is an ass, but I just can't fuck a girl.”

“Maybe it's something else. Even if she found another boy, would you even do him, given how you feel for Austin already?”

“Yeah, Austin knows how I am, and he's okay with it. I'd rather share with him though.” Jude smiled.

“Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a couple or a few girls at one time again, that's always a lot of fun.”

“Yeah, well except for with boys for me. Well, come to my bedroom and I'll get you diapered.”

“No thanks, not right now. I'll let you at bedtime though, that's the best I can do.”

“Okay then.”

Just then Julian's phone rang and he saw that it was their aunt. He answered and she said they would not be home for dinner again, but that they would be home not long after and asked if they were both home for the night. He answered yes and then a few seconds later they hung up. The boys decided though that they were getting hungry and made some dinner and then ate that. Shortly after dinner time their aunt and uncle came home and they all spent the night together. At bedtime, Jude joined Julian in his room, sucked him only once, because he was already well drained, and then diapered him up and wished him a good sleep. He then went to his bedroom and changed his diaper as well and then passed out.

Justin had waken up only half an hour after Jude left, and though he looked better, and said he felt better, Austin could see that he was still having a hard time with everything. They ended up cuddling on the couch for most of the evening, Austin talking to Justin, trying to make him feel better. By the time bedtime rolled around, he was feeling better. They had made and ate a light supper themselves at the proper time, but otherwise did almost nothing else.

Chapter 4

After having a great sleep all around, all four of them woke up in good spirits. Austin went and checked on Justin and found him once again with fingers inside his bum and the other hand stroking every tiny bit of erection he could, but did not stop when he came, he just kept going. Austin had to wait for two more orgasms before Justin was finished. He laughed and called Justin a dirty little boy, who opened his eyes and grinned at his uncle. He had not known Austin was there again, but it did not embarrass him in the least. Austin got him out of his very wet diaper and ushered him into the bath, then climbed into the shower himself to get clean. Once done, he cleaned and got Justin ready for the day before getting himself ready as well.

Jude went across the hall to check on his big baby brother, he found him just waking up. He thought that he would treat Julian to a good morning blowjob, so crawled onto the bed and pulled the covers down. He then lowered the front of Julian's diaper, which was every bit as soggy as his own was, and found that Julian was already hard. Without waiting, Jude started sucking and sucked Julian to three great morning orgasms.

“Oh god, what'd I do to deserve such a good baby brother?” Julian sighed deeply.

“You're every bit as good to me, so it's only fair.”

“No, I'm not, I won't even suck you back, you do all the work and get nothing in return.”

“That's not true, your love is all I've ever wanted and needed.” Jude said softly.

“I wanna try sucking you this morning, at least once.”

“Are you sure, as in really truly sure?”

“No, not really, but I have to, I have to know. At least you can't cum yet, I just don't think I'd be able to take that.”

“Okay, but remember, you never have to do anything you don't wanna do you know.”

“I know, and that's why you're the first person I'm gonna try this with, because I know I can trust you.”

Jude said nothing further, just laid himself out flat on his back, spread his legs a bit, to give his brother room to work, and then put his arms behind his head. Julian approached slowly, he had seen his brother naked and hard every day of their lives, so seeing him like he was about to was nothing new. However, he had never done what he was about to do, and he was afraid.

With shaking hands, he pulled down the front of Jude's soggy diaper as well and exposed his erection, which was already pulsing away madly. Julian had never been this close to another erection before though and was amazed at what it looked like up close like this. Jude's ample foreskin was just barely covering his dick head now, and it was so taut that it almost looked painful, which he knew from experience usually was. Ever so gently he grasped Jude's erection and slipped the skin down the last little bit, exposing the brilliantly purple head completely now.

Julian studied Jude's erection and balls even more now, softly touching everything, he had never been so curious before, but now he was. Finally, without even thinking about it, Julian leaned forward and sucked his very first dick. Jude sighed deeply and then started giving soft pointers to the first time cock sucker. Julian though must have had to tell several girls this by now though, because he was already pretty good, and within seconds he had a great rhythm going.

Jude was only able to last at most thirty seconds though for his first orgasm of the morning and exploded with a mighty gasp. Jude had not said to stop, so Julian just kept right on going. He had no idea where this was coming from, but now that he had started, he did not want to stop. Granted, Jude did not want him to stop any either.

Through three more earth shattering orgasms Julian sucked Jude, and both were having a great time. Finally though Jude had had enough and gently pushed Julian's head off.

“Wow, you're good at that, you were amazing for your first time. Thanks so much.” Jude sighed deeply.

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah, I've had a lot of first timers in my life, and you were far better than most that've been sucking for a while.”

“Oh. It felt so wrong and so right all at the same time. You tasted good too, way better than any girl's ever tasted, that's for sure.”

“Thanks, you always taste good too though, way better than some boys, just as good as others. So, your diaper was quite wet this morning, did you have a good sleep?”

“Yeah, I slept great. I never woke up once, not even to get up to go pee like I always have to, not that it's been helping a lot lately.”

“How do you feel about wearing diapers now.”

“Still not sure about it, but I have to admit that it sure is nice sleeping all night long and getting a full sleep.”

“Good, before you know it, you'll accept it and maybe even like diapers. You might never come to be a diaper lover like me, but if not, so be it, as long as you can like them and accept them, that's all you need.”

“What difference does it make really?”

“Lots. If you hate something you need, you'll be miserable. At least you're starting to like them, so that helps. I'm also saying like as in not liking diapers either, but liking what they do for you.”

“Yeah, I got that part, because while I like that they help me sleep, I still don't like that I have to wear them.”

“That's fine. Would you like to put on a fresh diaper, or do you want me to change you out of this one?”

“Change out of please. One day wearing during the day is enough for me for now, thank you very much.”


They both helped each other to change and dress, and then headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. Once they were done that and had it all cleaned up, they grabbed their gear and headed out to the skate park. Almost as soon as they arrived, Lilly showed up. She had no one else with her, so Jude had his answer. Julian went to talk to her, whereas Jude kept skating. A few minutes later they came up to him.

“I want Julian to take me back to your place, and I said I had a surprise for you. If you want to, you can fuck my ass while he's filling me up.” She said, blushing quite a bit.

“As generous as that offer is, I'm sorry, but no. I don't like girls at all like that and it'd do nothing for me at all, so therefore I wouldn't enjoy it, which would mean I wouldn't be able to make you enjoy it. Julian's fucked a few girls up the ass though, he'll gladly help you learn what it's like.”

“Oh, well the offers open for as long as I'm here.”


“I'm taking Lilly up to our place for a few hours then, so I'll catch you later baby bro.” Julian said happily.

“Okay, have fun baby bro.” He grinned back evilly. Julian blushed and Lilly saw it.

As they walked away, Jude could see Julian blush even more as he obviously ended up having to tell Lilly what that was all about. Jude did not care for himself so much, but knew this was good for Julian. He knew that she would not care, as long as she got his dick again, all would be good in her world. Seconds after the two of them disappeared into the apartment, Jude saw Austin and Justin emerge from theirs. He skated over to where they would be coming up and waited for them.

“Hi guys, I learned some new signs last night, so I have more to teach you today. How are you feeling now Justin?”

“Good, thank you Jude.”

“I'm glad. I bet you cried a lot yesterday and slept for a bit. It was a hard day for you having to relive all that, but now that we know, then we can help you out even more.”

“Yeah.” He said.

With that though, Justin knew there were more important things to do, so dropped his board and took off. Austin laughed and Jude just shook his head. To the little boy, that was all that needed to be said though and there were more important things to do, so he did it.

“So, how are you this morning?” Austin asked.

“Great.” Jude answered and then told Austin all about what had happened that morning and the night before.

“Wow, your brother's come a long way, that's great. I caught Justin again this morning and I'm positive it was Julian's name he was muttering when he came. It was really cute. I hope that Julian ends up deciding he's bi though and that he likes Justin, because Justin wants him bad.”

“Yeah, he has, and I think maybe he will, he just needs time. Well, I think I'm gonna do some boarding myself, so watch.” He said and skated off.

And watch he did. Jude and Justin were amongst the only kids there so early, but within an hour there were more than a dozen kids there. All of a sudden though, a trio of girls came into the skate park, all with boards as well, and started skating. One of them very nearly pushed Justin out of the way, and boy did he freak out on her, Austin had to run in and save the girl, Jude also had to join in, because Justin was very nearly about to hit her with his skateboard.

“Hey, you outta watch that brat.” The girl said snidely.

“Actually young lady, it's you who clearly needs to watch out for younger kids, you very nearly bowled him over, I saw the whole thing, so don't try pulling that I'm so innocent bullshit on me. Justin here is also mentally handicapped, and doesn't like people touching him, not that you had any right to anyway. Trust me, if I wasn't close enough to have caught him in time, you'd likely be bleeding from him hitting you until he couldn't any more with his skateboard. Now, apologize to him.”

“No, I'll do no such thing, I did nothing wrong.”

“Oh, really, should I let him go then and let him have his way with you then?” Austin grinned evilly, because Justin was still trying to escape to hit her.”

“Fine, I'm sorry.........that you're a retard.” She said, and even her friends were shocked that she would say something like that.

“Why, you bitch.” Jude yelled.

“No Jude, I have this.”

“Did you just hear what she called him?”

“I did, and so did the police officer patrolling the park. She appears to be about sixteen, and that's more than old enough to be charged, so officer, I really don't like this young lady right now and am seriously thinking of letting my nephew go and let him keep on hitting her.” He said calmly, though that was not how he felt.

“I can understand, young lady, you need to come with me please.”

She swore at Austin and went with the officer though, who took her outside the skate park, and then took all the information he could get from her. She obviously had ID, because he took it, and within a few minutes, he let her go, telling her that while she was not being arrested, that she was in serious trouble, and that she would need to get herself a lawyer. The officer came and took all of Austin's information as well and told him that he too would be called. Jude asked why the girl was not arrested right away, because he wanted to see her tried and imprisoned like five minutes ago. He was seething mad.

Once all that was taken care of, Austin felt that they should head back to the house for a bit, everyone needed to calm down a great deal, so, still carrying Justin, he led Jude back to his place. Once there, they all went for a much needed diaper change, still no words were said. Finally it was Jude that burst into tears.

“I've never hit someone in my life, I find fighting to be barbaric and pointless, but I almost made an exception for her.” He said through his tears.

“We're very much alike there Baby, I've never wanted to hit a girl more than I did then.”

“I wanted to hit her much.” Justin said with such big hand movements that you could clearly tell he was yelling, and then there was the look on his face, he still looked murderous.

“I know Handsome, settle down now though. She was just a stupid girl who was trying to impress her friends. You're okay, nothing's wrong.”

“She touch me, girl no touch me.” He said, still with big hand movements, still yelling.

“Yes, I know, but you also can't go hitting people just because they touched you. She was being a bully and shoved you aside, there's no excusing that, but that still doesn't give you the right to try and beat the crap outta her with your skateboard. Though, I did almost let you go when she called you that horrible name. I'm so sorry you had to hear that.”

“I want hit her......”

“I think he's trying to say still.” And Justin nodded.

“I know, so do I, but it's a police matter now. Thankfully the police always patrol the park and he was nearby at the time. Now, come on, let's go get an early lunch, then Jude says he has some more sign language to teach us.”

This effectively changed Justin's view, he was so excited to learn how to communicate that all else mattered very little. Food was also very appreciated, the little man had worked hard and was getting pretty hungry now that he was not skating. They all headed to the kitchen and made some lunch and then sat down to eat it.

After cleaning up their lunch dishes, Jude led them to the living room to teach them some more sign language. As he did, he told both of them what website he had found all the information on, so that they too could search it and learn on their own as well. He did say that they should probably all learn together though, so that they could all communicate easier, but admitted that if they all learned different words at different times, that they could still teach each other anyway.

It was almost two hours later that the phone rang, it was the signal that someone was wanting on the elevator. Austin answered it and found it to be Julian, which is exactly who he figured it would be, so let him in. A few moments later he was with them.

“Hi guys.”

“Hi, how was your alone time with Lilly?” Jude asked.

“Good, she wanted me to alternate between all three holes today, that's always good for lots of fun. Each one received two loads, fuck am I ever tired now though.” He grinned.

“You look it. Did you eat anything?”

“Other than her, no.”

“Pig. Go grab some lunch then, there's some leftovers in the fridge.” Jude giggled, sticking his tongue out at his brother.

“Thanks.” He said and walked away. None of them were sure what Julian was thanking Jude for exactly, but all thought it was for both.

Julian came back a few minutes later with a plate full of food and was eating it voraciously. He must have been starving. Jude continued teaching more sign language as Julian sat there and watched, and by the time he was finished eating, Jude had finished showing them all he had learned. Once again Austin said that he was unable to remember it all, but Justin had memorized it all right away.

“You need a nap Julian, now that you're all fed up, you look like you're gonna fall asleep, so come with me.” Jude said.

“Okay, but don't let me sleep more than an hour, okay.” He said, not fighting it, he knew he was that tired, and he even knew why Jude was going with him, and he had to admit that he sort of did want it.

When they got to the bedroom, Julian was told to strip and lay down, and he did so, while Jude grabbed the wipes and a diaper. He went to his big brother and cleaned him up lovingly and then diapered him up thickly.

“So, what'd Lilly think about the fact that you had to wear diapers to bed?” Jude whispered as he was tucking Julian in.

“What makes you think she knows?”

“I saw how you were blushing as you walked away with her, so I knew you were telling her about both our comments.”

“Oh. She wanted to see me in one of my diapers, said I'd be super cute like that. I said no, of course, and that was it.”

“Maybe tomorrow you can get diapered for her then. You know all girls like taking care of babies right, well maybe she'd really take care of you.” Jude said, Julian blushed even more.

“Um, no, not gonna happen, only one person gets to help me like that, and that's you. You're the only one I trust to do that.”

“Thanks. Well have a good nap baby brother.”

“Thanks baby brother.” Julian smiled warmly and closed his eyes.

Jude turned out the light on the way out and went to join the other two.

An hour later, Jude went and woke up Julian like he had been asked to do, and Julian stayed wearing only his slightly wet diaper, just like the other three were. Before Julian had got up, the three of them had just been cuddling on the couch watching TV, and they kept doing that after Julian got up as well. Jude did tell his brother about what had happened in the skate park that morning though, and Julian was disgusted that some strange girl would do such a thing.

They ended up staying like that for most of the rest of the day and only really got up to make and eat dinner. Julian told his aunt when she called to say they were not going to be home for dinner, that neither were they, and that they were staying the night at a friends place once again. She seemed to be okay with that, because Julian had not elaborated any, just said thanks, love you, and hung up.

When they went to bed that night, Jude of course went and helped Julian to get all diapered and drained, or drained and diapered, however you wish to say it I suppose, and then went to Austin's bedroom, where the two of them sucked each other three times each, alternating back and forth. Once sufficiently drained themselves, they changed each others diapers and then curled up to go to sleep.

All four of them slept well once again, Austin and Jude cuddled right into each other all night long, once again hardly moving any at all. Justin was cuddled into a couple of his teddy bears and slept peacefully. Julian was nice and thickly diapered, which meant that he too had a very nice sleep, something that he was starting to truly enjoy.

Justin was the first to wake up this morning, and as per usual with him, he woke up with the inexplicable urge to play with his little baby boner and bum hole. After a few seconds of both, he had an even larger urge to visit Julian again, but knew that he was not allowed to rape Julian again. However, maybe Julian would say yes this time, so he hopped out of bed and padded over to Julian's bedroom, closing the door behind himself as he entered, possibly the first time he had ever done so. He crept up to the bed and shook Julian's shoulder until he woke up.

“Oh, good morning Justin. What's up?”

“Love Jule....fuck pease.”

“Oh Justin, you know I can't do that, I'm not like that and you're so young.” He said softly.

Justin started crying and attempting to say something, but once again his very limited vocabulary was making it difficult. He was signing as best he could, but unlike Jude, Julian had never taken the time to learn sign language, so he was unable to understand what Justin was trying to say. The few words that Julian did catch though told him that Justin really did want it, and he felt bad for saying no.

“Shh Justin, come here, climb into bed with me and let me cuddle you while I try and explain something, okay.”

Justin calmed down after a moment and climbed onto the bed and curled right into Julian, who hugged him tightly.

“Justin, what you did to me the other morning was wrong, and I think you know that, and that's the reason why you asked this morning. You were hoping that I'd liked it so much that I'd want to do it again anyway, didn't you?” He asked softly, whispering right into Justin's ear.

Justin nodded his head.

“That's what I thought. The problem though is that I'm not gay and you're a boy, not to mention how young you are. You're only five, I'm thirteen, I could get in serious trouble if we were to do that.”


“I know, how is it okay for them and not for us? Well, actually, it isn't any more okay for them than it is for us, your uncle could get in serious trouble for that too, but they love each other a great deal and are willing to risk it. I like you Justin, you're a sweet little boy, but I don't love you like that.”

Once again Justin tried to say something, only this time being almost pinned to the bed as Julian was hugging him, he was unable to attempt to say what he was feeling with sign language, which Justin knew Julian did not understand anyway.

“Okay, I know what you want. I'm sorry, I can't give it to you, but let's make a deal. I could suck you, and then you could suck me, I can do that.” Julian said, giving in just a little to the large pitiful sobs Justin was making.

“Mean it?”

“Yes, I do. Here, roll over and let me take care of you first, okay.”

As soon as Julian let go, Justin happily rolled over onto his back and Julian scooted down the bed and pulled down the front of Justin's very wet diaper. Justin was already every bit as hard as he could be, a very solid two and a half inches of little boy pulsing erection.

Julian had no problem this time going down on another boy, he had already done it before, and he knew of course Justin was not going to be able to cum in his mouth, which was the one thing he just did not think he could do. Justin though was far smaller than Jude, so he was able to suck in the cute little balls as well, and sucked Justin as best he knew how, and for being supposedly straight, he sucked boy bone very well.

Justin started panting and groaning almost instantly, uttering nonsense words the entire thirty or so seconds that he was able to last. When he started cumming, he started squeaking, it was very cute. Just as the last pulse of his orgasm faded though, a small jet of hot boy pee squirted out into Julian's mouth. At first he was totally shocked to have piss in his mouth, but then the taste hit and he realized it was not horrible. He knew of course Justin could not help it, he had no control over his bladder, and knew that even he himself often felt like he needed to pee after an orgasm, so could not blame the little guy.

Julian looked up at Justin once he pulled off, swallowed the half mouth full of pee, considering there was little else he could do with it anyway, and smiled warmly to the little boy. Justin looked so very calm and at peace with the world and smiled back warmly. Julian did something next though that actually shocked Justin, he leaned forward and pressed their lips together and kissed the little boy tenderly. He sighed so deeply that Julian felt it far more than heard it. That sigh said that Justin was perfectly okay.

After a few moments of kissing, Justin pushed Julian, letting him know that it was time to change places, so Julian backed off and laid down in position. Justin was only too happy to get into place and pull down the front of the diaper of the boy he loved. He sighed deeply once again at seeing the erection in front of him, and then did something that he had wanted to do for as long as he could remember. He leaned forward and started licking Julian from base to tip, licking off all the precum first of all, and tasting every bit of Julian that he could. Once he was satisfied with that, he started sucking on him.

Justin was not able to take Julian in all the way at first, but after only a few failed attempts to suck him all the way, he finally managed, and was starting to give Julian one of the best blowjobs that he had ever received. Julian lasted only just over a minute, and probably the only reason he lasted as long as he did, was because Jude had drained him nicely the night before. He whimpered out that he was cumming, not bothering to tell Justin to pull off. He had a very good feeling that Justin knew exactly what was about to happen, and that he wanted it very much. And then he came.

Justin felt the orgasm happening, and he did know what was about to happen, so pulled off until only the head of Julian's dick was still in his mouth, and then he received his very first ever taste of cum. Greedily he sucked and lapped at Julian's dick, trying to get just a tiny bit more, but after the fifth small shot, there was no more to be had. Before Justin could pull off though, Julian thought fair was fair, and gave Justin a tiny shot off the morning load of piss that had in him.

Justin's eyes lit up and Julian could tell he loved it, he kept sucking, trying to get more.

“I have a bit more to give you, would you like it?” Julian whispered.

Justin nodded his head happily, still with Julian's dick in his mouth. Julian stopped pushing it back and let it flow slowly, so as to not overwhelm Justin. Justin drank happily and heartily until Julian was done. Almost with a pout, Justin pulled off though.

“That's all I got for you kiddo. Would you like me to suck you again?”

Justin nodded his head happily once again and went and laid down in position. Julian got up and went down, pulling down the front of Justin's diaper and sucking him in. Justin lasted a few minutes this time, truly enjoying what was happening to him. This, he felt, was almost as good as having his bum filled up, he still preferred that, but he was definitely okay by this. As soon as he finished cumming though, he let go his entire bladder, because like his uncle, he could still hold it, if he wanted to, but most of the time he did not care to. Julian was only too happy to receive more of the sweet boy juice that Justin was able to offer him. Never before had he thought of this, never before had he ever done this, and he had done a lot of kinky things in his young sexual life. As soon as Justin was done, he sighed deeply.

Julian got up and laid down in sucking position, and Justin took the hint right away, smiling brightly again, and got down to sucking Julian right away. Julian lasted quite a few minutes this time, and both enjoyed themselves immensely. When Julian came again, Justin once again greedily sucked it down, and then looked up with a cum eating grin, showing several of the gobs of sweet boy cream that he had collected. He then savored it like a fine wine and swallowed it down.

“Wow Justin, you're really good at that, thank you so much.”


“You're welcome, and I love you too Justin.”

Just then, Julian noticed that they were not alone, standing in the now open doorway were Austin and Jude.

Austin and Jude both woke up at almost the same time once again, and just cuddled and kissed for a while, before Jude turned around and started going for his morning treat. Austin was more than okay with this himself, and once Jude was in place, he pulled down the front of his diaper as well, just like Jude was doing to him, and they both sucked each other in at the same time. They lasted only a couple minutes for their first round, but kept right on going, sucking each other a second time. Their second time took longer of course, but twice was enough, so once they were done, Jude turned back around after they righted each others diapers, and they continued kissing for a bit longer.

Finally, wordlessly, they decided that it was time to get up. Austin checked Justin's room first, and found he was not in there, and gave an uh oh look to Jude, who just laughed. They went to Julian's door, found it to be closed, which both knew was not right, so Austin quietly opened it, and lo and behold, Julian was not being raped this morning. No, instead it looked as if he were a more than willing partner. At least he certainly appeared more than willing to suck Justin's tiny little erection. When Justin came, they saw what happened next, and that Julian sure seemed to enjoy it.

The boys then traded places and Justin sucked Julian to completion and they saw that Justin smiled warmly to Julian, showing his mouthful of cum, and then watched as he savored it and finally swallowed it down.

“Oh, good morning guys.” Julian said, blushing.

“Good morning. I hope he didn't rape you again this morning?” Austin smiled.

“No, he came in asking me to fuck him, but I wouldn't, but agreed that we could suck each other. That doesn't make me feel guilty for some reason.” Julian said, still blushing. Justin was smiling brightly.

“I'm glad for you boys, enjoy. You should change your diapers though, you're both very wet and when you pee again, you'll likely both leak.” Austin said, and he and Jude both turned to leave.

They headed back to their bedroom, where they too changed each others very wet diapers, and then headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Justin had hopped out of bed almost the second the other two were gone, ran out of the room and across the hall to his uncles bedroom, where he knew that Jude's diapers were, grabbed a few and brought them back to his room, grabbed one of his, putting all but one of Jude's diapers on his dresser with his, and then came back to the bed. Julian was about to say no, but Justin pulled him by the ankle, telling him to turn so that his diaper could be changed. Justin kept urging him, using words that Julian could not understand, and finally Julian just gave in and agreed to being diapered by the cute young boy. Justin happily changed Julian's diaper for him, doing a superb job at it, considering he had never changed another persons diaper before, though he had changed himself a few times.

Once Julian was diapered and ready, Justin hopped onto the bed in diaper change position and waited for Julian to change him. Julian got up almost right away and changed Justin's diaper as well, also doing not too bad at it, but Justin had done a better job. That was okay though, after a few seconds of adjusting, he had it perfect as well. They then headed to the kitchen.

“I thought he'd get you diapered as well.” Austin smiled when the two boys walked in.

“He didn't give me much choice actually.” Julian blushed.

“Good, besides, you look really good like that.”

“Definitely.” Jude added, and Justin nodded his head happily too, hugging Julian to his side lovingly.

“Still not so sure about this though.”

“What, the diapers or the fun in the bedroom?” Austin asked.

“Both really.”

“Don't worry so much. Take it slow and easy and let the gayness within you seep through and soak your entire body 'til it tingles and you can't get enough, just like me. To tell you the truth Jule, I've always thought you were Bi, because I've always felt the gayness in you.” Jude said.

“Not sure how you can think that, since I've never felt it.”

“I can tell, besides, I know you very well remember. And did you two enjoy drinking each others pee?”

“Oh, you saw that?” Julian said, blushing more than even Jude had ever seen him blush before.

“Oh yeah, looked hot. I've gotten into loads of watersports and piss play, I've even been piss fucked through a super soggy diaper, now talk about good clean fun.” Jude grinned brightly.

Julian had nothing he could say to that, he was actually blushing more than ever before, it looked as if he were going to burn up, and it appeared as if he was about to go into shock as well. Justin noticed this as well and did what he knew worked, since it worked well on him when he needed it, just for a different reason, he gave Julian a sharp smack to his cute diapered bum. It worked and Julian started spluttering incoherently, making Justin sound as if he had full speech.

“That was too funny, mean, but funny.” Austin laughed.

“I wasn't intending to embarrass him so much, not that it wasn't enjoyable of course, just let him know that piss play was good clean fun. Granted, a few boys thought it was dirty and nasty, funny how they're the ones who always came back the quickest asking for more though.” He smiled even brighter still.

“Yeah, funny how that is sometimes. Don't expect me to drink your piss, not into drinking it so much, but I've enjoyed piss fucking a couple times myself.” Austin said, as if such a breakfast conversation was totally normal.

“Not into drinking it so much myself actually, but I so enjoyed an eight year old once last year, his piss tasted amazingly good.”

“Nice. Well, breakfast is ready boys, so let's eat.”

Julian was still blushing madly, but at least he had stopped looking like a landed fish. He joined the other three at the table and they all dished up and ate happily. Once they were finished eating, they cleaned up, and then they all went to the living room to play games on the game system for a bit. Austin mostly just sat back and watched the three boys have fun, but he did play a few times as well over the next couple hours that they played.

After that, until lunch, they all cuddled up on the couch and watched TV, and when it was lunch time, they decided that they wanted to go out for lunch. All four of them needed fresh diapers, and even though Julian almost said no, Justin did not allow him to, just pushed him onto the bed and changed his diaper. Sighing in defeat, he let the little boy do so, but wondered if anyone would see it, but realized he did not see it on Jude, and they were almost the same size and wore almost the same sized clothes, so he hoped he would be fine as well.

Austin and Jude changed each other, and when they went to collect the other two, Jude realized that Julian would need a diaper shirt as well, so went and grabbed one of them and threw it to Justin, who caught it with a grin and put it onto his older boyfriend. At least Justin thought of Julian as his boyfriend, sadly the same could not yet be said for Julian.

As soon as they were all ready to do so, they headed out and Austin took them to a nice restaurant and they all had a great meal. After that they headed over to the mall, since it was pretty yucky looking outside, and none of them felt like going to the skate park, except Justin, who would go in a blizzard if he was allowed. Half way through their mall visit, they stopped for an ice cream and a pop, and sat down to enjoy them.

“So boys, you looking forward to getting back to school? You start in two weeks already.”

“Yeah, I always loved school, and ever since all the boys there found out about me, I get lots of fun, so I can't wait to get back and catch back up again.” Jude said.

“And all the girls at school know me well too, well not all of them, but you know what I mean. I like school too though, I love going there to learn, but getting the girls for afternoon fun is great too.” Jule grinned.

“That's good. You're both more bright than most boys your age, that's for sure. Do you not get teased at school though Jude?”

“All the time by the boys that don't like me. I just smile at them and tell them they're only jealous because I have more sex than they'll ever get, even if it is with boys.”

“That's funny. What about the teachers?”

“Oh, I haven't had sex with any of my teachers, though I did have a male teacher last year that I would've had in a heartbeat if he'd have let me. This year though I'm gonna get stuck with some uptight old hag, I already know she doesn't like me, because I'm openly gay. In the school yard last year she caught me talking to a couple boys about fucking silly the night before, and she told us all that we were dirty sick little boys.”

“Did you tell the principal?”

“Yeah, but unless she retired during the summer, there's nothing he can do. I told him I didn't want her for a teacher, but he said she's the only grade six teacher in our school, so I'd have to suffer. Mind you, I don't know how they think she's gonna be able to manage the amount of kids this year, because there had to be two grade five classes, so maybe they'll have to move one of the grade five teachers up. Man I hope so, or even better yet, fire the hag and get another teacher as well.”

“What did he say about her comments to you?”

“He said he'd talk to her, because that wasn't allowed, but I told him I wanted him to file a formal complaint on my behalf, and that if he didn't, that I'd do it. I don't think she's got any other complaints, so they won't fire her for one, even for that.”

“Oh, that's good that you made him file a formal complaint then. So, when are you boys heading home then?”

“Don't know, mom hasn't called to say when she's gonna be here to pick us up yet. She usually only calls about once a week or so. Usually she comes and gets us the week before we start school, so that we can do our back to school shopping and whatnot.”

“Okay, well why not tell her that I'll bring you boys home then, because I have to go anyway, and I usually go home about then as well, and there's no point in her wasting the fuel. Mind you, does she come to visit her sister as well?”

“They usually only visit for the one night, she comes up in the late morning and then we leave first thing the next morning. They talk lots and email lots, and my aunt doesn't usually have a lot of time, granted, neither does our mom, so maybe she'd like that.”

“Couldn't hurt to mention it. Well, if you're done your treats boys, let's head out then. What would you like to do now?”

“Could we go to the arcade?”

“Sure, why not?”

So Austin led all the boys to the arcade and they spent way too much money and time there having fun, even Justin did. As long as Julian stayed with him at all times, Justin was totally fine, even when a girl accidentally bumped into him. He did yell at her though, and Julian had to explain that he was very leery of girls and did not like being touched by them in the least, she said okay and left. It was almost an hour past dinner time when they finally decided to stop playing.

“Well, it's getting late boys, we need to get some dinner, but more importantly, I think every last one of us could use a change, so come on.”

They headed to a family washroom and Austin diapered all the boys and then Jude diapered him. Once they were all changed and ready to go, they headed out to a nice restaurant for some much needed dinner. Jude broke the news once they were in the car though that he and Julian should probably head back home for the night, and Justin started crying. Julian hugged him and said that he would see him in the morning, and he cheered up, at least a bit anyway, but Julian kept hugging him all the way back to the apartment.

When they got there, Julian gave Justin a kiss, Jude gave Austin a kiss, and then the two of them headed out so that they could go see their aunt and uncle. Austin took Justin upstairs, carrying him all the way because he wanted to be, and then they sat back and relaxed for the rest of the night. Jude and Julian also relaxed the rest of the night away with their aunt and uncle. At bed time, Jude and Julian sucked each other, this time at the same time, through three orgasms, and then they diapered each other up nice and thick, and then they went to bed and had a good sleep.

Austin put Justin to bed with a fresh diaper at his regular bedtime, and then a while later he changed himself and went to bed as well and had a good sleep.

Chapter 5

The next day Austin took Justin to the skate park first thing in the morning, because he wanted to go, and Jude and Julian ended up meeting them there, where they all ended up playing and having a lot of fun until just after lunch time. The two girls, who were with the girl who was so mean to Justin, also came by at some point in time during that time and both apologized for the action of their ex-friend, because they could not condone such a thing, and did say that the girl was also in extreme shit from her parents, especially when the police called. Apparently the girl had been told that if she pleaded guilty she would be given only a thousand hours of community service, which her parents told her that she was going to do, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Austin and the boys were all pleased to hear this and told the girls this, as well as thanked them for coming by to let them know what they knew. At lunch time, Austin took the boys all upstairs and they all got some lunch and then they all went for diaper changes. The funny thing was, even though Austin and Jude took almost half an hour for their diaper change, because what is a good diaper change without at least a couple good orgasms right, but Julian and Justin took almost fifteen minutes longer. It seems Justin had the same idea, and Julian was okay with that, and they ended up sucking each other four times.

That evening, the boys stayed the night again, and the boys' mom called them and Julian told her that Austin was coming down at about the same time anyway and offered to bring them to save her the trip. The boys had of course already told their mom all about Austin, so she knew who he was, the funny thing was of course that she had known who he was already because the boys had often told her how much they loved his skate boarding. She thought that that was a good idea though and said yes, thinking that it would certainly save her time and money as well.

The entire next week went by the same way that the previous had, they all had a lot of fun together, and while both Jude and Justin wanted to be filled up nice and full, and maybe even do some filling of their own, neither Austin or Julian were letting them. They were still sucking each other though, in most cases at least twice a day, and at least twice in a row, so they were all getting the release that they needed.

Julian was taking to wearing diapers with ease far more frequently, never complained when it was time to get diapered and ready for bed, and Justin often diapered him during the day as well. He was starting to love diapers as much as the others all were, though he had yet to admit it, even to himself.

Jude was still learning more and more sign language every day, and he in turn taught the others as well, Julian now included in the lessons, so that he too could communicate with Justin.

During the past week, even though she had stopped by for a little fun, Julian also did not take Lilly home to fuck her silly. When asked why, he admitted that he had found someone else, and she was okay with that, knowing of course that they could only be a casual fling anyway, since she was leaving the following day. Even Jude asked him why, and he blushed, saying that Justin was keeping him so well drained that he just did not feel like it. Justin grinned brightly.

It was finally time for them all to be heading back home for the school year. It had been a great summer, they had all had a great deal of fun, they met each other, which was of course the best thing to happen to any of them of course, but it was time to go. Everything was packed and ready to go, Julian and Jude had said goodbye to their aunt and uncle the night before, since they would be gone all day as usual anyway, so as soon as they were good to go, they headed out.

The four and some hour drive home went fast, because they all talked and laughed the entire time. Justin was of course in the back seat, and Julian stayed back there with him as well, and because he too was getting better at sign language, he was able to do most of the translating for him, so that Justin could also be in on the conversation, something that he truly enjoyed.

When they got home, Jude and Julian took all their stuff home, called their mom to say they were home, and told her that they were going to spend the night at Austin's, but that they would come home in the morning to see her after she woke up. She was happy to hear this and told the boys to have a great night. Oh, they planned on it alright.

Once they made it to Austin's place, they looked around, loving the place. In some ways it was much the same as the apartment on the lake, but this one was even larger, had one more bedroom, had a theatre room, larger kitchen and living room, and it's rec room was almost double the size, which meant Justin had double the size half pipe in it. They were suitably impressed with the place, and then they looked out the massive expanse of windows facing the ocean, and saw the reason why someone would want to live there. It was a beautiful view to say the least. They even went out onto the large deck, where Austin had a full outdoor kitchen and dining area set up, and enjoyed the view from there.

“Now, before we do anything, Justin has his first appointment with his therapist in a little over an hour from now. We should probably have some lunch, but we have no food here, so let's go out for lunch boys.”

The boys were all good with that, so they all headed back down and walked to a nearby cafe that they had all been to before and had enjoyed. They had a great lunch, and then walked to the therapists office, because it too was not far away. As soon as they arrived, Austin had to first introduce the two boys with him, and then he explained what all they had found out and learned during the summer.

“Wow, that's amazing. I never thought of sign language with Justin, though I do use it with a few other patients. I never saw any indication that he'd be able to do that, for that I apologize Justin, it was a mistake on my part.”

“That's okay, I understand”

“Thanks for translating Jude, but I know sign language as well.”

“It's more for the other two, because they still don't know quite as much, and that teaches them as well.”

“Ah, fair point. Now Justin, can you tell me, do you know why you can't talk?”

“I try to say things, and they make sense in my head, but don't sound right coming out.”

“Okay, so you have been trying to communicate with us, which is why it often looked like you were very frustrated and why you started crying, because no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't make yourself make sense.”


“Okay, that's great then. So we now know where your fear of girls comes from, but I hope you understand that that can't stop you from being around girls all the time.”

“I know.” He said looking down.

“You start school in just a few more days here, are you gonna do what you did at the beginning of preschool last year?”

“I don't want to go to school.”

“Why? Don't you want to go learn how to read and write and do math and science, all the fun stuff? Don't you wanna go be with other boys and have fun with them too?”

“No, I want to just stay home with Uncle Austin, Jude and Julian.”

“But you know that's not an option already, don't you? You have to go to school to learn.”

“I know.”

You're gonna have a helper at school at all times, and unless I'm mistaken, your uncle already has someone for you for that, and I'm sure he's nice and can help you out.”

“I do, but I haven't told him who it is yet?”

“I think maybe you should tell him then.”

“For the first year Justin, I'm gonna be your own personal helper. The school district didn't have someone who was properly trained to help you out, so I offered to do it instead, and then maybe next year you'll get someone else.”

“Really. I can do it if you're with me.” He said happily.

“Good, I was hoping you'd at least try. I won't be there with you at all times, you have to try and figure things out on your own as well, and I certainly won't help you with most things, but I'll always be nearby if you need me.”


“Well guys, I think that was it for this week, so I'll see you next week.”

“Okay, thanks.” They all said.

After that, they headed to the grocery store to get food, then to the medical store to get diapers and supplies and then they all headed back home. As soon as they got inside with the last of their supplies, they stripped down to their soggy diapers. By now it was getting close enough to the time that they should be thinking about getting dinner started, so they went and got started on something nice for dinner for the four of them, and before too long, they were sitting back and eating.

After dinner, they all sat back in the theatre and watched an awesome movie at earth shattering volumes, and all the boys enjoyed this a great deal. They still had some time before bed, so they watched a little TV, but admittedly, for some strange reason, they all wanted to get to bed tonight. So, after wishing each other a goodnight, the two couples headed to their bedrooms for the night.

“Austin, I know you're still scared of what we share, but I've held off for more than long enough, I want, no I need you to make sweet tender love to me tonight and then I want to make love to you as well.”

“Okay.” Was all that Austin could say, he felt the time was right as well.

They started out, as they usually did, by kissing and caressing, just touching each other in every way that made them moan and sigh. Eventually they fell onto the bed and Jude spun around so that they were in a sixty nine position, so that they could suck and prepare each other at the same time.

Austin reached over to the end table, opened the drawer and found his lube, and set it down within easy reach of them both, and then got down to some serious loving. Not since he was a boy himself had he made love to a young boy and understandably he was nervous as can be. The only thing that was keeping him going though was his love of Jude and the fact that Jude wanted this a great deal.

Jude got to the lube first and scooped up some, while his other fingers were already busy poking a hole in the seat of Austin's diaper. Ever since he had seen Justin riding Julian through soggy diapers, he had wanted to try it like nothing before, so that was exactly what he was going to do. Austin was only a second behind Jude though, his fingers also gathering lube and poking holes once Jude was done getting his lube. Together though they started probing each others holes, tenderly at first, and then more hungrily as they got closer and closer to their first orgasms of the night.

Just as they slipped into their first orgasm, they each slipped two fingers into the other. Up to that point, they had only been petting, rubbing, stroking, relaxing each others holes, and it worked, because as they entered, there was no pain. Granted, two of Jude's small fingers would hardly hurt even a virgin adult male, and Jude had had sex so often that he was an old pro at this and could take almost anything inside himself with relative ease, as some of his toys also stated clearly.

As soon as their orgasms were over, they kept on fingering each other, keeping at just two fingers for a few minutes, when finally Jude pulled up and slipped three in, so Austin did the same. They continued to finger each other until they came again, and with that orgasm, they were done the foreplay, now they were ready to make love.

“I want you to make love to me first please Baby?” Austin whispered.

“Okay, roll over Baby, I'll take care of everything.”

And he did. Austin rolled over and as soon as he was, Jude got into position, kneeling at first in between his lovers legs, so that he could get himself ready. He poked a nice big hole in the front of his diaper, and then with evident excruciation, he pulled his erection out the front. Then Jude smiled to Austin, leaned forward, lining himself up for entry, and then slipped in. As he sunk in all the way, until their diapers were pressed together, he pressed their lips together, their eyes closing as they met, and then Jude started an amazingly slow gentle motion, truly making sweet love to his man.

Never before had Austin had someone that made him feel so good, so whole, so right, never had he had someone that filled him up so perfectly, and not in size either. No, Jude was filling him in just the right ways, sliding in slow and pulling out slower, grinding his hips as he reached bottom, he would arch his body at just the right times, so that his dick rubbed at the very best places inside Austin. Sure, Austin had had much larger dicks inside him, but no one had ever filled him quite like this, made him feel quite like this.

As Jude made slow tender love to Austin, he continued kissing his man, they were truly, in every way possible, making love to each other now, and there was simply nothing better. With as slow as Jude was going, they both lasted nearly ten minutes before they could stand it no longer, and they both moaned deeply into the others mouth as they came. It was without a doubt the most gentle cum either had ever had, but it was also the longest. Finally Jude collapsed though, as soon as his orgasm let him go, and there they both lay for several minutes, coming down from the worlds best high.

“My god, you're amazing, you did things to me that I never thought were even possible.”

“Thanks, everyone else sure has enjoyed.”

“I bet.”

“Now it's your turn, make love to me, and then I think I have enough to go for a second round after that.”

“Okay, but maybe, we'll have to wait and see.” Austin smiled.

They changed places and Austin knelt in between Jude's legs this time and poked a hole in the front of his diaper, then with a pained expression, also extracted his erection. Leaning forward and lining up, Austin slipped into Jude with ease. He pressed their lips together, and then started making just as sweet and tender love to his baby as what was done to him.

Austin used the same tricks and techniques that Jude had used, thinking that he had enjoyed it, so therefore Jude would very likely as well. Jude though was loving it, no one had ever made love to him before, no one had ever tried to make it feel exceptional. It always felt great, there was no denying that, but this, this felt at least a thousand times better than that even. For just over ten minutes more Austin made love to Jude, kissing him the entire time, until they once again crashed headlong into orgasm. Austin slumped down and rested until he was able to get back up again.

“Wow, you're good too, that was amazing, that felt better than any hundred of the times I've been fucked before put together.” Jude sighed deeply.

“Thanks, I used some of the tricks you used on me, and it felt even better for me too. Now, as much as I know you wanna go again, I just don't think I have that much left in me.”

“Okay, can I at least make love to you once more?”

“Okay, sure.”

“And do you think you can fill me up real well, I enjoy it?”

“I think I can give you a bit, and when you make love to me again, I'd love for you to do the same to me as well if you can.”


Austin let go his bladder and filled Jude up as full as he could, and Jude groaned a little, moaned a little, and then sighed deeply.

“Mmm, now that's what I'm talking about. Nothing better if you ask me.”

“Yeah, I can't wait for you to do the same to me now, but I think I want you to hurry up a bit please, because I'm starting to get pretty tired.”


They traded places once again and Jude slipped right in. This time, not making love at all, he fucked his man deep and fast, going all in and then all out, really giving it his all, and then some. With the fast and almost furious pace, Jude lasted at most three minutes, and this time when he came, because it had not worn him out as much, he did not collapse. As soon as the orgasm was over though, Jude let go his bladder and filled his man up nice and full. Austin also sighed deeply once Jude finished.

“Mmmhmm, that's nice.”

“Glad you enjoyed. Now, let me grab our diapers and get us babies ready for bed.”

“Oh yeah, for sure.” Austin sighed, sounding as if he were in a daze, which his look also said he might be.

Jude hopped up and grabbed the diapers right away, came back to the bed and changed his mans diaper, and then laid down so that his could be changed as well. Austin got up to do so, and then they laid down and kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before they fell asleep.

As soon as Justin and Julian got to the bedroom, Justin hopped up into Julian's arms and pressed their lips together firmly, kissing Julian as passionately as he was able to. Julian for his part was kissing Justin in a way that even he had never kissed someone before. The things he was starting to feel for Justin sure did not seem to fit with how he used to feel. Where before he would have sworn that he was as gay as Jude is straight, now he was not so sure. He was not really even sure it mattered. All he knew was that Justin did something to him that no other boy ever did before, and now, in the kiss they were sharing, he was truly showing that. Finally Justin broke the kiss and let go.

“I want you to make love to me?” Justin asked.

“And then I want you to make love to me as well please?” Julian whispered.

Justin nodded his head and led Julian to the bed. Julian, who really had no real idea as to what to do, felt that it could not be all that much different than having sex with a girl. So, he pulled down the front of Justin's diaper and started sucking his little erection, something that he already enjoyed anyway, and then poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, because that was how he wanted it again. Justin grunted at Julian, who looked up to see what Justin wanted, and saw that he was pointing at the end table at a jar of Vaseline, he smiled and grabbed the jar and opened it up.

Getting more than enough on his fingers for what they both wanted, Julian inserted his finger back inside Justin's diaper and searched for his little hole. When he found it, he started tickling it a little at first, more just spreading around all the lube, but before too long, he inserted a finger inside and started fingering Justin to open him up. It was not too long before Julian realized that Justin was more than capable of taking more, so he pulled out, lubed up a bit more, and then slipped two fingers inside this time. Justin sighed even deeper than he had been, and then started panting as Julian started fingering him nicely.

Just as Justin was about to enter his first orgasm, Julian slipped in a third finger, and then he came. With it came the obligatory hot sweet piss that Julian was starting to crave, and he sucked it all down greedily. As soon as Justin came down, Julian looked up to him and Justin nodded at the unasked question, telling Julian that he was most definitely ready for what was to come.

Julian extracted his fingers and crawled up Justin's body, knelt momentarily to extract his erection, then got back into position and entered his little baby boyfriends hot little bum. The morning that Justin had raped him, he had not got to appreciate the feeling of first entrance, but now he was. He had thought that it would be the same as with a girl, even though he should have known from that day as well that it was not, it was oh so much better. He sighed deeply as he slipped all the way in, Justin sighed even deeper still. There could be no doubt at all that Justin was as gay as Jude was and that no girl could ever do to him what a boy could.

Julian started a slow steady rhythm, truly making love to Justin, something that he too had never done before, but now knew why making love was different, and so much better than fucking. Given their height difference though, it was difficult at best for Julian to continue kissing Justin as they made love, but they did manage every so often, that did not stop them though from making love to each other with their eyes as well though.

Less than three minutes was all that Julian could last for his first orgasm, it was just too good, it caused him to explode long before he truly wanted to. So, instead of stopping, Julian kept right on going, and Justin was more than happy with that. For almost ten minutes more, Julian made love to Justin until they both came once again.

“Pee.” Justin commanded.

Julian knew what he was asking for, and furthermore he wanted to try it as well, so he relaxed his bladder and let go with as much as he had to offer. Justin groaned and then sighed deeply as Julian was filling him up, and then sighed contentedly once he was done.

“Wow, now I think I understand why gay boys don't like girls. If it feels like that every time, I might never go back myself.”

Justin just smiled brightly. He had not set out to turn a straight boy, but he was not against the idea either. Granted, Jude had done the same thing himself several times already, so he was all for it.

“Okay, now for you to make love to me. You'll have to take my diaper off, but because I just filled you up, and we don't want you leaking all over the place, you'll have to leave yours on and hope that it catches most of the mess. You'll just have to pull the front of your diaper down. Unfortunately I just don't think you're quite big enough to make love to me through even one of our diapers.”

Justin just nodded, and motioned for Julian to trade places with him, and he did. Justin removed Julian's diaper first, and then dove in, sucking him in in one go, no longer having to try to take him in all the way. Justin also got some lube on his fingers and started stroking Julian's hot virgin hole. Never before had anything ventured where Justin was about to go. The first touch he was tentative, it felt nice, but really, Justin's fingers were so soft, that almost any touch felt nice. Then he started stroking, and that felt even better, but then he started inserting, and then he felt at peace.

Justin sucked and fingered Julian with just one finger for only a minute before pulling out, adding more lube and slipping back in with two fingers. Julian lasted not even a minute more before cumming again.

Justin smiled, pulled out his fingers, added even more lube now, and then slipped three fingers inside Julian and started fingering him nicely. Strictly speaking, Justin did not have to go to three fingers, two would have been more than enough, but Justin wanted to make Julian feel as good as he could possibly make him feel as well, and he knew this was going to feel amazing. Just two more minutes Julian lasted before cumming again. Justin slurped up all the delicious seed, licked off the remaining, and then started crawling up his boyfriends body.

As he went, he was pushing his diaper down in the front to expose himself, and by the time he was ready to slip into Julian, his erection was as well. Without stopping any at all, Justin slipped in all the way, giving Julian every tiny bit that he had, and then he started thrusting. Justin started going fast, his instincts just told him to fuck away merrily, so Julian grabbed his hot little diapered bum and slowed his motions down, telling him to slow down as well to make it last, to make it even better.

Justin listened and forced himself to slow down and take his time, and he agreed after just a few seconds that it felt even better this way. Once again they were unable to kiss as they made love, but they did manage a few times, and they once again made love with their eyes. For more than five minutes Justin made love to Julian until they were both ready to cum, and at the same time they exploded. Justin paused for only a few seconds and then started again, Julian was more than happy to allow him to do so.

Never before had Julian felt something quite so good as what he was currently feeling, he never would have believed it possible that gay sex far outstripped straight sex in how amazing it felt. Jude had of course tried telling him this before, but Julian always passed it off as Jude having not tried straight sex, so how could he know. Oh, he knew alright, and now so did Julian. All this was going through Julian's mind as he was nearing his final orgasm of the night. Finally they both came, at the same time again, and this time Julian got to find out how it felt to be filled up. He was hooked instantly from the first feeling, and would crave it almost as much as the act of lovemaking itself from then on.

“Oh my god Baby, you were amazing, you felt so good inside me.” Julian panted.

“Good, it felt great for me too.”

“Good, I'm glad. You better get the diapers and we'd better get us diapered and ready for bed, because I'm gonna pass out soon. I can go for twice as long with a girl before wearing out as much as you just did to me, and it's never been that good before.”

Justin just smiled warmly and hopped out of bed. He grabbed their diapers and came back and diapered Julian first, since he was freshly filled and not diapered. They then traded places and Justin got changed as well. They curled up together and kissed for a few minutes before falling fast asleep for the entire night, both of them sleeping a lovers sleep.

All four of them woke the next morning at almost the same time and met in the hallway within seconds of each other. They had kissed and cuddled their boyfriends for a few minutes first of course, before finally deciding to get up and get started on their day.

“Good morning boys, you look good this morning.” Austin said, smiling at the sight of the two lovebirds. Both he and Jude could tell instantly that Julian had lost his boy virginity the night before, they both looked so content.

“Thanks, so do you.” Julian smiled.

“So, you boys made love to each other too last night huh?”

“Oh yeah, and it was amazing. Once again Jude, you were right, gay sex was way better than straight sex ever was, possibly all together.”

“Aren't you sorry you didn't listen to me before?” Jude smiled brightly.

“Not really, because all that made me truly appreciate what Justin and I shared even more. He's an amazing little lover.” He smiled warmly, hugging Justin to his side tenderly.

“I'm glad for you boys, now let's go get some breakfast, because I'm starving.”

They all headed to the kitchen and made and ate breakfast. As they ate, they all unashamedly told each other of their night and how they had all enjoyed their piss enemas, and by the time they were finished breakfast and ready to go get cleaned and ready for the day, they were all certain that cleaning was going to have to wait until after they finished getting even more dirty.

The boys all started school when they were supposed to, and Justin did really well with having Austin there with him to help him. Also, given that he was now doing very well with sign language, and even Austin himself was getting pretty good, Justin was able to communicate just fine. He did tell the girls though not to get too close to him, but he did not freak out on them if they did, or when they had to sit next to him. On his first day in kindergarten, the other kids did find that he was still diapered, and through Austin of course, he told them all that he had no bladder control and they were just different underwear to him. No one teased him, granted, almost half the kids had at least one wet pants accident during that year, so they were all okay.

Jude and Julian, as was normal for them, did very well and were usually top of the class, if not, they were shocked and second. Julian even told a few girls during his first week that he was no longer available when they offered themselves, hell threw themselves at him was more like it. By the time the second week was almost out, he said to hell with it and admitted that he was gay. Several girls, the ones he had had, laughed at him and said yeah, right, I know for a fact you're not gay, but he said yes he was, that gay sex felt far better than straight sex, so therefore he was sticking to guys, or in guys as it were, causing more than a few girls to blush, a few boys to gasp, and a few more boys to give Julian their numbers.

Jude also told almost all the boys that he had had fun with in the past that he was in a committed relationship with someone and no longer wanted to have sex with them. Most of them were upset by this news, understandably so, they had had a lot of fun in the past, so Jude got to work putting all his fuck buddies together in pairs where he thought they would do well. He never failed either, because every pair he made ended up life long boyfriends. Mind you, there were only ten boys in his school that he had had sex with.

Oh, and the hag that Jude did not want teaching him, was thankfully not teaching him either. They had had to create two grade six classes because of the size of that particular grade, and the principal remembered the conversation the previous year and ensured that Jude was in the other class. As much as the principal had wanted to fire the teacher, he could not, but she did get reprimanded for it, and was almost transferred to a different school, which would have been a long drive for her, so she was thankful that she was able to keep her position and her job, but she never looked at Jude again. He of course did not mind this in the least.

Within six months, the therapist that was helping Justin claimed that he was as free as could ever be expected. He now had full knowledge of sign language, as did all the others, so they were able to talk easily now, and he was coming along in working with strange people. Justin admitted that it was still difficult to work with girls, but he was getting better, and that was all that mattered. His other problems also all started to disappear with being able to talk them out and having a very loving boyfriend and uncle to look after him, and even Jude too helped him out a lot when needed. It was a very rare thing for any of them have to physically calm Justin down now, but even he admitted that he still felt that way sometimes, but was more often than not able to work it out on his own.

By the time school was to end again for the year, Justin was almost perfectly normal, other than he still could not speak, though his spoken vocabulary had jumped to almost twenty words now. He would never truly be able to speak and would use sign language for life, and then there was the fact that he wore diapers and had a couple other minor issues, but no one ever bothered him for any of that. Jude and Julian too were doing great, they had both found all that they needed and more and were beyond happy with life.

It was almost time for the boys to be heading up to stay with their aunt and uncle again, when they were called to say that they were moving to Europe to expand their business there, that they were sorry, but that they would no longer be able to host their summers. The boys were surprisingly okay with this, because Austin said they were welcome to stay the entire summer with him instead, and even asked the boys' mom if he could get them passports so that they could all travel during the summer. She was okay with this, so that was exactly what they did, and the boys' mom wrote a letter stating that he was a guardian for the boys, all were happy.

The boys' mom was happy for the boys, she knew full well what the boys had and who it was they had it with, but instead of being aghast at that like most parents would be, she was the opposite. She for one believed that age played no part in love, she was a loved girl herself, and she never felt that she was damaged by that in the least. In fact it taught her things about love that she never would have learned otherwise.

They had all gone to Austin's summer home and spent a week there while waiting for the boys' passports to arrive, and once they did, because Austin and Justin already had theirs, they took the first flight to South America they could, and for almost the entire summer they traveled and had fun.

For years and years more, every year was much the same. They spent the school year in Vancouver, all together as often as possible, and then the summer they spent away, wherever they wanted, it did not matter where, and they all had a great time together.

As for making love, sure, they made love to their partners almost every day, it was not always anal sex, but they made love to each other none the less. Not one of them was also ever out of a diaper after coming home from their first summer, and if anyone ever noticed it on Jude or Julian, they never said anything. A few of their friends had noticed, but they kept it secret, never even telling the boys they knew. Not that it truly mattered mind you, because they would not have cared in the least, still, their friends said nothing.

Jude, Julian and Justin graduated high school with top honors, and while Justin always had to struggle a bit, it was never the schoolwork that slowed him down, he was always, and will probably always be a bit socially awkward, because he is quite bright otherwise. All three of them helped Austin to run his company, all of them with great ideas, not that they did not give him their ideas all the time, but after school, they really started to work the company hard. They still all live together in their apartment, going from one to the other whenever they wanted, as well as traveling any time they cared to, and they all lived gayly ever after.

Thanks for reading this tale of gay boy diaper love that I wrote, I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to email me, just no flames, you may reach me at erich5748 at ymail.com. Now, as much as I tried to be realistic in the portrayal of autism, I do not claim to know a huge amount. During grade twelve I did some community service for graduation credits, and I did work with a cute little five year old autistic boy, he was diapered, and he could not speak. It took weeks for him to come near me, and almost as much for him to let me touch him. Unfortunately right at the end of grade twelve though I moved and I have no idea what happened to him. He was such a cute little guy and as all children do, he had so much potential. When you looked into his eyes, you could see that he was smart, just he had no idea how to show it. I have no idea if sign language does or does not work in such cases, so I had to take some creative license on that one. Anyway, thanks again for reading.