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"Yes, sir!" the doctor replied. "Why is this street child so important to you? You know kids are on the streets here all the..."

"Shut it now Miguel howled at the man in white. You will comply with my wishes, won't you?"

"Yes, sir" was all the doctor could say. "I will take Julio for the scan now, Mr. Sanchez. It will take a couple of hours to run the test and get the results."

Miguel replied, "Very well, do what you need to do for the boy." He turned and walked out of the room and Luiz saw that he was not in a very good mood so he remained quiet. They headed for the front door of the hospital and Luiz knew what they were going to do next. Now it is time to look for that needle in the haystack.

Miguel told Luiz to head for the area where they found Julio the past night. He knew the chances were very slim that someone would know him but maybe they could tell him where he stays. That would be a start and perhaps someone from his neighborhood would know who the boy was. He got some cash out of his wallet and put it into his pant pockets so it would be easier to reach and this way he would not have to pull out his wallet with his credit cards and the rest of his cash. Miguel always kept about five hundred Reals with him at most times. He knew that carrying that amount of money could cause problems in certain areas of the city. So having easy access to cash could save time and trouble.

The roads leading out of the city were busy this time of the day. With businesses open and people going shopping traffic was bumper to bumper. Miguel settled back in the seat and he closed his eyes trying to think about the child in the hospital and what happened in his young life that had him having to live on the streets and do anything he had to in order to survive. He asked himself many questions. "Where are his parents and why did they allow him to run all over the city? Were his mother and father together or did he have only one? Were they alive and did he have any other family? Were the parents in jail?" The list of questions seemed endless, as were the many different answers that were flooding his mind. So many questions and not a single answer.

Then, for some unknown reason, he was remembering his childhood. Miguel was born into a family that, from as far back as he could remember, gave him an ideal life. He had everything he needed or wanted for that matter. He remembers his father telling him when he was a child of six how he made his money. Juan Sanchez lived in Havana before Castro took control. He took what money he had and built a first-class hotel and casino. A year after it opened, he met Elizabeth Jordon, an American, who was working for the bank that gave him the loan he needed for this venture. Ten months later, Juan and Elizabeth were married. The hotel was a success and they decided to start a family. The pregnancy had problems so they decided to go to the United States so she could get the best medical care for her. The pregnancy was so rough, the doctor put her on total bed rest for the last four months.

In her ninth month, there were more problems facing Juan and Elizabeth other than just the pregnancy. Juan learned from a friend that there were political problems in Cuba. Juan decided to return to Cuba to see for himself what was happening. He did not like what he saw. He decided to sell the hotel and casino to a group from Las Vegas. They had been trying to get Juan to sell them the hotel but he would not give up his dream. Once the Las Vegas group found out that he wanted to sell, they jumped at the chance to buy. Juan sold his hotel and casino for three million five hundred thousand dollars cash (American). These Las Vegas investors handled transactions like this in cash only.

The day after his return to the USA, Elizabeth went into labor and was in labor for twenty-six hours. Shortly after the baby was born she haemorrhaged. The doctors did all they could but she died two and a half-hours after the birth of their child. She didn't even get to see her son before she died. Juan was devastated. He felt that he could not go on without his wife but quickly remembered that he had a son who would need him. He had Elizabeth buried next to her parents so she could be close to her family, she was twenty-six years old.

Juan thought and thought about what he was going to do now that Elizabeth was gone. His son was half Cuban and half American. Since Miguel was born in America, he was an American citizen. Did he want to stay in America or go somewhere else? He knew didn't want to return to Cuba since he learned of Castro's take over. He decided to go to Brazil and make a life for himself and his son. Before leaving, he got some advice on how to invest his money. Once he was in Brazil, he invested in some very good American companies. This let his money grow for him considering he had a very young child to raise.

When Miguel was about a year old, he decided to go back to work. He knew someone who had worked for him, someone who could be trusted and who happened to be married. This was the ideal situation. Juan spoke to Luiz Santiago. He asked if he and Elaine would be willing to help care for Miguel. What made him make this offer was the fact that the Santiago's did not have children of their own so Miguel could get motherly attention from Elaine. After a brief discussion, they told Juan they would be honored to care for Miguel. Juan moved the couple onto his estate.

Miguel's memories of life before starting school were hazy, as were his memories up until fifth grade. Miguel, before puberty, was very small for his age (four feet nine inches and seventy pounds) and this led to him being picked on by every bully in the school. After three months of abuse from the kids at school, Juan asked Luiz if he would teach Miguel how to defend himself. Juan's reasoning behind this was twofold. First, he would learn self-discipline and second, he would learn to concentrate, especially in class. In one year of intensive training Miguel had mastered the art of karate and was as good as any black belt. His teachers now began telling Juan how well he was doing in school. His grades put him in or near the top of his class.

As Miguel was learning karate, he also was learning about what it was like to enter into puberty. He went from four feet nine inches to five feet three inches in about six months. He also put on thirty pounds in that short amount of time. This transformation took Miguel by surprise. He knew he'd grown but the additional weight made him look very athletic. Miguel decided it was time to get into shape. Luiz helped him start a workout and conditioning program. A few weeks before his 11th birthday Miguel's father saw him just after he got out of the swimming pool and he could not believe his eyes. The short, shy and skinny little kid he had known was now a maturing, outgoing and developed young man. Luiz saw the look on Juan's face and he knew that Miguel was no longer a little boy.

By the time Miguel turned 13, his fellow classmates were envious of his new personality. A few of them tried to drive that point home with their fists. Most of the time Miguel could handle a problem without a fight but there always seemed to be one person who refused to listen to reason. On one particular occasion Miguel was accused by Raul for taking his girl friend out. Miguel tried to tell him that he was mistaken but Raul would not believe him and began to threaten him. He didn't want to hurt Raul but the boy would not listen to reason. So, Miguel got into his first fight. The fight lasted about thirty seconds. That was long enough for Miguel to punch the kid square in the stomach. The kid doubled over and the fight was over. He and his good friend Ramon Martinez helped the kid to the nurse's office so he could rest and catch his breath. Miguel told the nurse that he was hit in the no-nos with a soccer ball and that's why he is doubled over. Actually the only no-no was Miguel's fist hitting the boy in the gut.

As he grew, Miguel never seemed to be interested in girls but he found himself getting more and more interested in boys. Every time he saw a fellow classmate in the shower after gym he could not help but look at their penis. One time he looked a little to long and he began to get a boner himself, which made him have to quickly leave the shower. Ramon seemed to be the object of his eyes. Ramon was not that overly large but he was not circumcised and that made Miguel all the more curious. Since Miguel was born in America his little manhood had been sent to the gallows. One time when Ramon was spending the night at Miguel's house, Ramon caught Miguel staring at his penis while they were changing into their bedclothes. When Ramon asked, "Why was he looking at his penis?" Miguel started denying it. Ramon giggled and said, it was alright and he didn't have a problem being looked at but was curious as to what caught his friend's attention. When Miguel told him that he had never seen a penis like his before. Ramon asked him what was he talking about so Miguel dropped his pants and underwear and exposed himself to his friend. This caught Ramon off guard but when he saw his friend's circumcised penis he was more than a little curious himself.

Miguel looked at his friend and asked, "Can I touch it?"

Ramon replied, "If I can touch yours."

"Sure," replied an anxious Miguel. "I just got to warn you this thing has a mind of it's own sometimes and I can't do anything about it."

Looking puzzled at his friend's statement Ramon asked, "What do you mean, it has a mind of its own?"

"When I least expect it," Miguel stated "It gets hard as a rock and when it's pointing down it hurts and I have to try to fix it without the whole world seeing."

Ramon replied, "Your not alone, mine does the same thing. If you look down now, its mind is taking over again."

They both started laughing and Miguel reached his hand out to touch his friend's growing manhood. Ramon reached out his hand to see what Miguel's penis felt like. Up until now, they had only touched themselves so this was an experience for both boys. Miguel sighed and his knees almost gave out from the sensations he was feeling. Both boys decided to lie on the bed as it would be more comfortable than standing on the floor in the middle of the room.

Since both boys were almost naked from starting to change into their nightshirts, they decided it would be easier if they just took off what little else they had. Once on the bed, Miguel sighed, as his buddy's hand was gently caressing his tool. Ramon's hand was like a feather touching his dick ever so lightly. He tried to copy Ramon's hand movements and touches with his as each boy tried to out do the other to see who had the lightest touch. Before too long, each boy was squirming wildly on the bed as each was reaching that point of no return. Pressure building and building as their respective volcano's were about to erupt. Then suddenly, as if an atomic bomb had been dropped, both boys erupted with a stream of cum, not lava. Shot after shot; squirt after squirt the boys' let loose with everything their bodies could muster. After returning to Earth from their sexual journey in to space, they both agreed it was the best orgasm that either of them had ever had.

That was the only time Miguel ever had sex, if you could call it sex, with another person. He devoted his time to working out and to his studies. By the time Miguel was 16, he grew to six feet two inches tall and weighed a whopping two hundred and ten pounds no body fat that you could see anywhere. Needless to say, Miguel was no longer the small, shy little boy he was when he was ten.

Miguel graduated at the top of his high school class and was offered a full scholarship to Duke University. His grades were so good doing his undergraduate work that he earned a full scholarship to the medical school there.

The day after graduating from medical school, Miguel's father was diagnosed with lung cancer. That was the hardest phone call Luiz ever had to make. Miguel returned home and took care of his ailing father. His father's physician agreed to get Miguel all the necessary medications to help his father. No surgery could be done, or radiation, chemotherapy around could save his father's life. The one thing Miguel could do however, was use the pain medication he had to keep his father comfortable for whatever time he had left. The day before Miguel's twenty sixth birthday, Juan Miguel Sanchez died peacefully in his sleep. Miguel had his body sent to America and he was buried beside his mother. When his father's will was read, Miguel had his eyes opened for the first time. The 3.5 million dollars American had, in thirty years, grown into an estate that was valued at roughly 375 million dollars. It seems Juan had bought a lot of property in Florida, California and Nevada. After selling it in lots for either commercial or residential use, the land had increased in value a hundred fold. The largest piece of property Juan had was a site in Orlando. A man by the name of Walt Disney wanted the land for another large theme park. This was called Disney World. Juan sold Walt Disney his first piece of property for what is now Disney Land. His father had only one stipulation in his will. The clause read, "There is more than enough money for you to live on comfortably for the rest of your life so you do have the option of choosing not to work, this is your choice. If you exercise this choice, you must do something with your life that will reflect favorably on my name and your own. I have listed the charity's that I want funds to go to annually and you may do work for them or you may even start your own charitable organization."

Miguel has a small but thriving medical practice. Two other doctors along with himself worked there but Miguel owned the practice and he paid them and the staff well. He has been known to take care of the street kids for free and never asking the child a single question, a practice that makes the other business owners upset. Since Miguel owned the property and buildings that these men worked in they couldn't say to much. Once, Miguel saw a shop owner start to beat a street child and he went over to stop the man. The man told Miguel to mind his own business and pulled the child into the store. Miguel followed and told him again to release the child but this time the man told Miguel to fuck off and get the hell out of HIS store. Miguel asked him if he was sure it was HIS store. The man cursed him again and as he was doing so, picked up a stick to hit the child. Miguel grabbed his arm and proceeded to break it in two places. Miguel told the man that everything in the store had better be removed from HIS property in 24 hours or he would have it seized, sold and the proceeds use to take care of the street child he was about to injure. This child was lucky, he remembered, not like the boy he rescued less than a day earlier. Having lived a privileged and successful life Miguel felt it was time to give back to those that were not as fortunate as he was. This may be the reason he decided to step into "Julio's" life.

As quickly as it started, the chirps of Luiz cell phone brought Miguel back to reality.

"Who was that, Luiz? Miguel fired off. Was that the doctor? How is the boy? Is he awake? What are the test results?"

"OK OK OK" Luiz fired back. "One question at a time please, my friend. "The doctor said his test results were in and there was nothing broken. He is still in a coma and only time will tell if there is any permanent damage to the child's memory. We're here. Isn't that the alley where he got hurt?"

"I believe it is my friend." Miguel responded as he headed down the same alley where that child got blind-sided. As Miguel looked around he spotted something on the ground. A medallion of Saint Anthony. This must belong to the child he thought. He turned the medal over and there on the back was a name engraved in very small letters.

It said "To Julio from Papa".

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