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Just as he was about to walk to the front door, he almost had a heart attack. The well dressed man looked up and stood face to face with Miguel.

"Going somewhere, my old friend?" Miguel said.

The man had to stop quickly or else his nose would have gone up the barrel of Miguel's gun. Miguel resisted the urge to blow him away right then and there but he needed to know why this man was behind the senseless beating and killing of innocent children. He had seen too many killings in his life and he had been forced to take two lives himself. The world was better off with out those two lives, he thought, but they were lives he had taken none the less. He knew the street kids sometimes broke into stores, but that was only for food. They never killed or injured anyone. Not like this man had done, however.

"Yes," the well dressed man said. To my car to radio one of my deputy's to make a report of this death. This is the second report today I've had to do. A man was killed about two hours ago. What is going on here?"

"Cut the shit! Miguel hissed I know you had this woman killed. I know you had a child taken out because he walked the streets and refuses to pay you protection money. I know my father got you this job! YOU ARE THE SHERIFF. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ENFORCE THE LAW! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN! INSTEAD YOU KILL THEM LIKE ROACHES RUNNUNG ACROSS THE TABLE? WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU? WHAT KIND?

By now, Miguel was screaming at the top of his lungs. Luiz remained in the car as Miguel said but it was hard considering he knew his friend would not let that man leave that house alive. He knew Miguel's father would want him to stop Miguel, but he had seen the senseless death the sheriff had caused over the years. This man had a good job, made good money, had a nice family and still was not content to uphold the law like he swore he would. If a man could not be taken at his word, then he was not a man. Even as hard headed and hot tempered as Miguel was, when he gave someone his word, it was his bond. This was something his father instilled in him when he was a very young boy.

Luiz's thoughts were interrupted by a single gunshot. He knew his friend had just executed someone that deserved to die but he couldn't play at judge, jury, and executioner. As bad as the sheriff had been, he deserved a trial. Miguel opened the door to the car and sat down on the seat and told Luiz to hand him the phone. Luiz took something out of his friend's hand a small cassette. What was on this, he wondered? Just then he heard Miguel saying something into the phone.

"Judge Romero, please." Miguel Sanchez calling. Luiz knew who he was. This man had taken care of Juan's legal matters when Miguel was still a little boy. Now he is a family court judge. "Your honor, could you fax me a custody form? "Why?" "Well your honor, a child I rescued last night is in the hospital. His mother is willing to grant me full legal custody but neither she nor I have the proper documents. Yes sir, As soon as she signs it, I will fax it back to you so you can enter it into the court records and then I will be the child's legal guardian. Do you have the number to the fax here in my car? Yes, sir. I am getting the papers now, even as we speak. Thank you, Judge Romero. Oh, by the way, you know about all those children who kept turning up dead, well I found out who was behind them." "Who? "Well, you won't believe it but it was Sheriff Juan Lopez. No, sir. I'm not kidding. I have his confession here on tape." "Where is he now?" "He committed suicide. I called his office. Someone is on their way over along with the coroner to pick up his body." "Why?" "I'm not sure, I listened to the tape he made and I still can't figure out why he did what he did. Well, thank you, your honor. I will. Good bye, sir."

"Ronaldo, where can we find Julio's mother?" Miguel asked.

The boy got into the front seat with Luiz and they went off to find Julio's mother before she got stoned. After driving around town for almost an hour, Ronaldo spotted her. Luiz stopped the car and the boy jumped out and ran over to her. Esteban was still worried that there would be no one to care for him. Miguel looked at the whimpering boy and whispered into his ear "Don't cry little one, I will take care of you." He looked up and saw Miguel smiling and nodding his head. As he hugged the man he whispered "I love you." Miguel's untangled Esteban's arms from around his neck so he could go and speak to Julio's mother.

"What do you want?" she said staggering past Ronaldo.

"Where's Julio?" he shouted at her. "I said, where's Julio?"

As Miguel reached her, she turned to hit the child. Miguel grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around. Seeing the look in his eye that told her not to piss him off; she slurred "I have no idea where he his!"

"Are you Maria Cruz?" Miguel said, holding the drunken woman before she fell face first to the ground.

What is it to you?" Maria spit back.

Leading her by the arm over to the car, he held the paper for her to sign; Miguel told her "Sign it, lady and do it now!"

She scribbled her name on the paper saying, "Why do you care what happens to him? He is probably dead now!"

"You don't get it do you, you dumb fucking bitch" Ronaldo cried. "Your son is in a hospital, this man saved his life, he saved mine and he saved that little boy's as well. The only thing you care about is getting drunk and stoned? What's the matter with you lady? Hey bitch...I said what the hell is the matter with you?" You screwed up your life, you went and got pregnant and had Julio, you screwed him and his brothers' lives and you have the gall to ask what's the problem? Lady, you got a lotta nerve!"

Ronaldo was mad. Miguel had never seen anybody so mad in his life. Ronaldo's face was red, the veins in His neck were sticking out and he was breathing so hard, he seemed on the point of passing out. Miguel put his hand on his shoulder and he calmed down but not before telling Maria off but good. Miguel reached into his pocket and handed her the money that the sheriff had taken off Ronaldo's mother and the other fat guy. There was almost 1,000 Reals in cash. That should last her a while. As Miguel turned towards the car, he heard the woman say, "You really saved his life?"

Miguel looked at her with contempt and said, "What do you care"

As they headed back towards the house, Miguel faxed the guardianship papers to Judge Romero's office. Esteban had fallen asleep across the seat. Miguel had to move him so he could get to the fax machine in the package tray in the back window. Ronaldo let Esteban sleep on his lap and before they knew it, they were all back at the house. Luiz carried Esteban into the house, just as he entered he looked down to see the boy grinning from ear to ear.

"I gotta pee the boy said."

Luiz showed him where the bathroom was and he also started running a bath for both boys. When he was done at the toilet, Luiz undressed the boy and put him in the bath. Miguel told Ronaldo to get into the bath as well. Luiz found some of Miguel's old clothes from when he was younger, so the two kids had something to wear. Miguel looked over at the bathroom and he saw Ronaldo's head sticking out of the door. The boy was waving at Miguel to get him to come to the bathroom. Ronaldo opened the door and pulled Miguel into the bathroom and quickly closed the door.

"Would you help us?" both boys said.

"You can't take a bath?" Miguel asked. Ronaldo, I know your old enough to wash yourself. Esteban, you should at least know how to do your front and legs."

"Miguel, it's just that we are so dirty, it would take for ever for us to do this." Ronaldo said with a grin on his face.

"Ok, boys. I'll help you. Miguel relented. "Both of you get in the tub and soak in the water until I get back. No water fights while I'm gone or you will both be in trouble, understand?"

Yes sir." both boys replied. They had grins a mile wide on their faces when they said that to Miguel.

Miguel went to his room and found his bathing suit. He new giving two filthy boys a good scrubbing could get a little messy. Ronaldo looked fairly clean. His hair smelled bad, but he seemed to have washed on a regular basis. Esteban, on the other hand, was a different story. His dark skin tone made it hard for Miguel to be able to tell what was his skin color and what was dirt. He was thinking that it might have been easier to have taken the boys outside by the pool, filled up a bucket with soap, stripped the boys and used a scrubbing brush on them. Well, not a brush, I wouldn't want to take their skin off, Miguel thought.

When Miguel returned to the bathroom in his bathing suit, both boys roared with laughter. Once the boys quieted down, Esteban hugged Miguel as if it was the last thing he would ever do. Man this kid is insecure, Miguel thought. Ronaldo handed Miguel the soap and wash cloth so he could wash Esteban. Miguel handed his blonde helper the shampoo so he could wash the little tyke's hair. Ronaldo even put a wash cloth over Esteban's eyes so no shampoo would burn them. Miguel scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Ronaldo changed the water four times because it got so filthy. Ronaldo was about to wash the child's backside when he began to cry again.

Ronaldo looked at him and said "Hey buddy, it's OK. I just need to wash back there. I won't hurt you. Turn around, I want to show you something." Ronaldo bent over and showed Esteban his butt. " See, I've been hurt there also. I could never hurt you the way I got hurt."

"I still get sacred when somebody goes back there." Esteban wined "I don't know why, but I trust you Miguel. Ronaldo, please don't be mad at me. I know you won't ever hurt me but I'm still scared"

Miguel reached for the soap from Esteban and he started washing the little boy's back. Ronaldo took over from Miguel and Esteban didn't notice that they had traded places. Ronaldo gently washed inside the cheeks of the little one's butt and while he was doing that, Miguel put his hands on Esteban's hips. Esteban's eyes got big and he turned his head around and saw Ronaldo starting to rinse his butt.

Ronaldo saw this and said, "see pal, I said I'd never hurt you." Esteban didn't say anything and Ronaldo was getting worried that he frightened him even more than he was already but then Esteban reached up and hugged him and started to cry.

"I'm sorry Ronaldo, I knew I could trust you. Don't hate me." Esteban said through flowing tears. "Your the bestest friend I have in the whole world."

"Hey buddy, it's OK." Ronaldo said. "I thought you were mad at us because we tricked you. I couldn't hate you no matter how mad I ever got at you. Can I finish rinsing you butt? You don't want to let the soap dry on your skin."

Ronaldo finished rinsing Esteban and then it was his turn to get washed. He was lucky. He bathed more than Esteban so he only needed one tub of clean water. When it came time to do his butt, he let Esteban wash him. He could tell it made his little buddy feel better and he really got Esteban's complete trust from that point on.

They filled the tub with clean water one last time so both boys could make sure they had removed all the soap. After Miguel helped each boy out of the tub, Miguel went to dry Esteban but he only wanted Ronaldo to dry him. Ronaldo handed Miguel his towel. Miguel dried Ronaldo, Ronaldo dried Esteban. Total time elapsed: ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES. Luiz came into the bathroom after the three of them had left and started cussing at Miguel for making such a mess. Luiz said it looked like fifty people had taken baths in there. Miguel could only laugh at his friend.

While Luiz was cleaning the bathroom, Miguel began fixing dinner for the household's two newest members. Miguel fixed a home made soup that his father had taught him. It was a quick meal and it filled everyone up.

When dinner was over and the dishes washed, they all went to the hospital to see how Julio was. When they walked into his room, all the lights were off and one could see only see a shadow of someone lying in the bed. Just as Miguel turned on a light, a nurse came in and said the boys were not allowed to be there. Just as Miguel was about to speak, the doctor came into the room and informed the nurse who he was and he could bring anyone he wanted to see Julio. The nurse gave the doctor a very dirty look and Miguel followed her out of the room.

"Excuse me nurse," Miguel said. "I don't think you realize just who I am."

"You're just some snob who thinks they run this place." the nurse snapped. "This street trash..."

"Shut you mouth this instant!" Miguel shouted. "FOR YOUR INFORMATION, MY FATHER GAVE THIS HOSPITAL THE MONEY TO BUILD THIS CHILDREN'S UNIT AND SET UP A TRUST FUND TO STAFF THIS ENTIRE WING!! " Since my father has passed away, I now control the trust fund. Since I run the trust fund, I say who does and who does not work here. As of now, YOU DO NOT WORK HERE ANY LONGER. IN OTHER WORDS LADY, YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

She tried to hit him when two security guards grabbed her and put her in handcuffs. They began to search her just as the doctor came out of Julio's room. One of the guards found a syringe in her uniform pocket. It had a strange looking blue liquid in it and when the doctor saw it; he almost blew a gasket. He started walking towards her with blood in his eye. Miguel saw this and quickly restrained him.

"How could you? The doctor screamed. How could you think of harming a child? He has done nothing to you. Why kill an innocent child?"

"You pompous fool! She spat. What good are THOSE children? THEY will never amount to a hill of shit! The only thing they do is steal, sniff glue and take up space here when the bed could be used for a decent child."

"Who made you the gate keeper?" the doctor asked. "Who died and made you GOD? Your job is to save lives, not take them."

"My job is to protect children she said. Protect them from the gutter filth like that Julio creature, and not let him contaminate boys like those two there. They need to be protected from the stealing, glue sniffing, and most of all from the prostitution."

"You mean those two good looking boys there?" Miguel replied. The ones in the nice clothes?"

"Yes" she said."

"Well," Miguel answered. "Those two boys, for your information, happen to be street kids. Both their mothers are dead. Their fathers are who knows where. They do what they have to do to survive. One can never judge a book by its cover. You thought that since they were clean, wore nice clothes and had manners, they needed protecting. Yes, you're right, they need protection, protection from self centered people like you."

"Here's a news flash for you," she smirked. "The sheriff won't even arrest me for what I did. I guess that those two pieces of street shit are next."

"Well here's a news flash for you" Miguel said raising his voice some. "Your friend, the sheriff, is dead. I killed one of his vigilantes after he killed the blonde boy's mother. When the sheriff came out, I saw him taking money from the slob I killed. Then he even took money from the dead woman's purse. When I confronted him with what I both saw and knew he confessed to everything. Then he did the coward's thing and he killed himself. I happen to have it all on tape.

Since there will be a new sheriff, you're going to jail then prison for a very long time."

While all this was happening, Julio's private nurse noticed him starting to stir. She came over to the nurses station and mentioned this to his doctor. Twenty minutes later, when things returned to normal, they all went into Julio's room. When Miguel got to his bed, he had his eyes open and was trying to speak. His throat was dry so Miguel handed him a cup of water. He sipped a little and then asked "Where am I and how did I get here?"

The doctor looked at him and said, "You're in a hospital and this man brought you in. I would venture to say he saved your life."

Julio looked at Miguel with a very puzzled look on his face asked, "Who are you?"

Well, Miguel stammered, "My name is Miguel Sanchez and you must be Julio Cruz."

"How do you know my name?" he asked looking more confused than before.

"Look," Miguel answered. "You need your rest. You have been through a heck of a day. I will see you in the morning and answer all of your questions."

Just then, Ronaldo stood at Miguel's side, and smiled at Julio. "Hey Julio, what's up?"

Julio looked at Ronaldo and asked, "You know this guy?"

"Sure do," Ronaldo said, smiling at his friend. "He probably saved my life." Once you get to know him, you'll like him."

"Can I talk to him alone?" Julio asked the doctor.

"OK," he replied. "But only for a few minutes. You need your rest."

"Ronaldo, Miguel said. Would you take Esteban out to where you two were sitting earlier and I'll be right out to get you?"

"Yes sir." was all Ronaldo said leading Esteban by the hand out Julio's room.

"So," Julio said. Did you really save my life? You know I couldn't have done this to myself, don't you?"

Well," Miguel said. "Not from where I was standing. You were already out cold."

"Oh," was all Julio could muster. "Where is this guy who cleaned my clock?"

"Dead." explained Miguel. "I caught him dragging another boy into the same alley you got hit. He was going to do the kid in the butt but he started to fight him and then I arrived on the scene. He was going to hit the boy with the same thing he got you with so I had no choice but to kill him. If you are wondering who the boy was, it's the boy with Ronaldo. His name is Esteban. You really need to get some rest. I'll come see you in the morning, OK?"

"Sure," Julio said. "That will be fine."

Miguel was just about to walk out the door when he remembered the Saint Anthony medal. "Here," he said. "I think this belongs to you."

Julio's face lit up when he saw what it was. "Hey thanks Miguel, this means a lot to me. Probably more than you'll ever know. He placed the medallion back around his neck and settled down to get some rest. "Bye, Miguel, see you tomorrow."

"OK, sport." Miguel said closing the door behind him.

He gathered up the two boys and found Luiz. Today had been a very long day and he was ready for some sleep. They headed for the car and Miguel figured out sleeping arrangements in his head. Once in the car, he rested his head back and closed his eyes. Esteban had crawled down from Ronaldo's lap and curled up on Miguel's. Ronaldo looked at the smaller boy, shook his head and just smiled at Miguel.

"He never wants to get to far away from you does he?" Ronaldo asked smiling.

"Well," Miguel replied. "Considering everything he and YOU have been through recently I can't blame him or you for that matter for sticking close."

"Uh, well." Ronaldo answered. "I guess not." At that point, Ronaldo scooted over next to the man that tried to protect his mother earlier. He wrapped his arms around Miguel's left arm and rested his head on his shoulder.

"Hey, mister macho;" Miguel smiled "What's with the death grip on my arm? You afraid I going to leave you?"

Ronaldo just lifted his head and nodded as a single tear fell from his eye. "It's okay," Miguel whispered. I'm not leaving any of you. Not now, not ever." With that, Ronaldo closed his eyes and the next thing he knew, he was back at Miguel's home.

Luiz took Esteban from Miguel and carried him inside as Miguel picked up his blonde god. As he studied his face, Luiz said, "That child is American, isn't he?"

All Miguel could do was just nod is head. He walked down the hall leading to the wing where his room was and Luiz started to go upstairs. He saw Miguel go down towards his room so he quickly followed. Miguel opened the door to the room next to his he pulled down the covers and laid the sleeping god down. Luiz came in and laid Esteban beside Ronaldo and the two men got the boys undressed. After that was done, Miguel kissed each boy on the forehead and pulled the covers up and tucked them in for the night. He opened the door that joined the two rooms together and turned on a small nightlight so they could see if they awoke needing to use the bathroom.

Miguel went into his room removed his pistol and locked it away for the night. Luiz handed him some papers to look at then he remembered the cheque he was supposed to send to his cousin in America. He sat down at the desk in his room and took out a chequebook. He quickly wrote a cheque made payable to "Realty Executives" in the amount of $1,550.000 Dollars. He made a notation on the cheque, "for house in VA." He handed the papers to Luiz and his eyes almost left his head.

"Is this correct?" Luiz said in disbelief "That house costs this much? Are you sure?"

"Well, no." Miguel replied. "There is $225,000 Dollars in there for some extras. Closing fees, lawyers' fee's, taxes, insurance and what not. I misread something also; all those rooms are on the first floor. There are 6 more rooms and three more baths on the second floor. When you go out, bring me a Bailey's on the rocks."

He walked back into the room where the two boys were sleeping. Pulling up a chair, he sat and looked at Ronaldo. He knew what Luiz had said was correct. This boy was American. How in the hell did he end up in the hellhole where we found him. Luiz came back and handed him his drink and he took a small sip. "Bring me the clothes the boys were wearing. I want to look in the pockets."

Luiz did as he was asked and Miguel went through the threadbare pants of Esteban's first. There was a hidden pocket in the shorts and he pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. As he read the Portuguese, a smile came across his face. Then he went through Ronaldo's pants. Hidden inside his shorts was a passport, a passport from America. Miguel opened the passport and a folded piece of paper fell out onto the floor. He picked it up and carefully opened it. It was a birth certificate. This was written in English. This brought a curious expression on Miguel's face as he read the paper. Luiz saw his face change from happiness to utter confusion in a matter of seconds. He wondered what he was reading. Just then, his blonde haired god opened his eyes and saw Miguel looking at what he found.

Ronaldo got a very worried look on his face as he saw Miguel with his passport and birth certificate. He tried to run but Miguel quickly picked him up and carried him into the other room. Miguel quickly calmed the boy and he realized that things would be alright if he just trusted the man. Luiz came in and handed Miguel his drink. He sat Ronaldo on the bed and he sipped his drink again and asked "Is this information correct?" All the boy could do was nod his head in the affirmative. "Can we talk about this?" Miguel asked. Again the boy nodded his head. Miguel had Luiz sit with Esteban while the two talked about the recent findings.

Miguel looked at his blonde god and asked "Is Ronaldo your real name?" He looked at Miguel as tears started to roll down his cheek. He nodded his head as Miguel slid over beside the child and put his arm around his shoulder. "It's okay," he said "is it Ronaldo or Ronald?"

"Ronald" the boy said. "But I like Ronnie better. That woman was my real mother. The man she married brought us here and then disappeared. She had to work for the sheriff and give him his cut of what she made. He took her passport so she could not leave but I hid mine. She gave me my birth certificate and told me to go to the American Embassy but I couldn't find it. I had some money saved that she had given me but it wasn't enough to get to Rio. I know there is an Embassy there. She told me to give the people my passport and birth certificate to prove I was an American. That way the would be able to help me. Now she's dead and I'm an orphan."

Ronnie had lost it again. He was crying so hard that Miguel thought he would wake Esteban in the next room. He kissed him on the cheek and he stopped crying. "Ronnie," Miguel said. "I'm an American citizen. I was born in the US and I went to college there also. Do you have relatives in America?" "No, he blurted out through his sobs." "OK, I know a judge here that will take care of that problem. I'll just adopt you and Esteban. He doesn't have parents either. I have taken care of the legalities regarding Julio, so I can have Judge Romero take care of you and Esteban also."

When he heard that, his eyes lit up and Miguel's were fading. He was getting tired. He looked at his watch and it read 9:30 PM. Ronnie had stretched out on Miguel's bed while they were talking and Miguel was wondering to himself where was he going to sleep. He knew that king size bed could hold both of them, but he really needed some rest and he was afraid that the boy would want to talk instead of sleep. He looked at Ronnie and he was sound asleep. Miguel finished his drink, slipped into his nightshirt and was about to crawl into bed when he heard Esteban at the door. He looked in the room where he had come from and he saw Luiz asleep on the bed. Miguel walked over and covered his sleeping friend. He took Esteban by the hand and together they went around the house making sure everything was locked and secured. They went back into Miguel's room and he saw that Ronnie had rolled over next to the wall so Miguel quietly slid into bed beside Ronnie and brought Esteban in with him. He covered them up, gave each boy a kiss on the cheek and settled down for some well-needed rest. "Good night, Esteban." Miguel whispered into the boy's ear.

Esteban looked up at Miguel and put his arms around his neck. He gave him a big, wet kiss on the lips and said "Thanks Miguel. Thanks for everything." Then he whispered into his ear "I Love You" and drifted off to sleep.

You are probably wondering when we will see Julio. In Chapter 6, we will learn about Julio.

Will he still have that smile on his face after Miguel tells him he is now his legal guardian? Stay tuned.