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Now, cast your eyes down and read on. "Julio, A Child of the Streets."


It took me thirty minutes to do the operation and Julio slept like a baby the whole time. While he was asleep, I restarted his IV in the other arm to be sure Julio would not get another infection. I wrote orders on Julio including IV pain medication. I gave the new charge nurse instructions to call me at home if there were any problems. I told the nurse that I wouldn't be back there until Friday, the day after tomorrow. If Julio started asking for me, they were to let me know and I would be there as soon as possible. I wanted him to rest because his penis would give him a new meaning for the word "pain."

After I made sure that I did all my paperwork and sign my doctor's orders, I headed for my Blazer and back to the house. I was wondering how mad the boys were driving Luiz? Just before I was about to put the truck in reverse, my cell phone rang. "Hello." I answered. "Hello, Your Honor. Good afternoon to you too, sir. Can I bring the boys to your chambers this afternoon? I don't see why not, sir. Have you made a decision regarding their placement with me sir? You have. May I ask what it is, sir? They can that's great your honor. The boys will be happy to hear this, especially Esteban. There may be a problem with Ronaldo. You know he is an American? How will it effect my custody of the boy. OK, yes sir, I understand sir. I will bring the boys this afternoon at 2:00 PM. Good bye, sir."

Everything was working out well, it seemed. Damn, I thought. I forgot to ask him about Julio. Well, I can ask him when I see him, I thought. Driving and being deep in thought was not usually conducive for me. Lucky for me, the road was nearly empty. It took me 30 minutes to return home and I did not see my welcoming committee. I wonder who got to whom first and is hanging upside down, I thought as I pulled into the driveway. Since I had to go back out later, I didn't put the Blazer in the garage.

I walked into the house and it was quiet. Too quiet, I thought. I was about to call out to everyone when Luiz walked into the room. "Where are the boys?" I whispered to Luiz. He led me into where the boys had slept last evening. I cracked the door open and I saw two sleeping angels. I thought to myself, they finally are getting some rest. I don't know how soundly they slept last night, but they were now. I looked at my watch and it said 12:00 noon. They can sleep a little while longer. I closed the door and followed Luiz into the kitchen.

"Coffee sir?" Luiz asked.

"Thanks," I said. "How did you wear them out? I figured they would have you climbing the walls. Did they give you any problems?"

No," Luiz replied. "Esteban started crying after you disappeared, but Ronnie told him that you would be back soon. He took him in the bedroom and got him into the trunks I set out for them and then he threw him into the pool. The shallow end. Esteban squealed with delight and soon they were splashing and carrying on without a care in the world. They played in the pool for about an hour. Esteban had Ronnie get him dry and they got so quiet, I had to go looking for them. I found them asleep like that so I thought it best to let them rest."

"Way to go, my friend." I said. Judge Romero called and said he wants to see the boys and I at 2 this afternoon. No, no. There aren't any problems. He signed the adoption papers on all three boys. The fact that Ronnie is American has no bearing. I will have the adoption registered in Virginia when I close on the house. I know a family court judge there so that will be just a formality. His mother died here, there are no living relatives here or in America, so the adoption can't be contested. The man that married his mother wasn't his father so he has no standing in this matter. Ronnie said his biological father died about a year ago in the states so he won't be able to contest the procedure."

Luiz said back to Miguel, "Seems you have thought of everything. Have you thought of who is going to buy those items you had on the list you had me send to Phil?"

"Yes," I said. "Susan, his wife, will. She knows who to deal with and she will get everything on the list, get it delivered and have it set up in the house. I'll have my boat shipped to the states next week and will make reservations for us to see the new house. I'll need the judge to put a rush on Esteban and Julio's passport. It may cost me an extra 1,000 Reals for the rush, but it will be worth it. Once Julio sees what the future holds for him, I hope he learns to trust some adults again. It's a shame that a kids with his brains, got such a raw deal out of life. His mother screwed anything with a dick and gave birth to three kids and never gave a shit about a single one. When I saw Julio today, he had that same smile on his face he had the previous evening but that left his face when I handed him a letter his mother wrote to him. I saw a few tears fall but I couldn't figure out whom they were for. He didn't get mad or nothing. There was no expression on his face. When I told him I was going to be his guardian. He seemed OK with it but I wasn't sure. He seems to be a kid with a big complex. Pour me another cup of coffee, would you please."

As Luiz handed me my coffee, I thought about Julio. The kid was an enigma. I hoped I was right about him. I hoped that once he saw someone care about "him" for a change and think of "him" first and themselves second, he would start to trust people again. I hoped he wasn't just using me and my money. I knew little of what was really going on inside his head.

I looked at my watch and it read 1:00 PM. Damn, I thought where has the time gone. I took a big mouthful of coffee and headed to where my boys were sleeping. I opened the door and sat on the bed. Esteban stirred first. His little eyes focused on me and his face lit up with a smile that went from ear to ear.

"Hi, daddy," he said. "What time is it?" He slid out from under the covers and jumped onto my lap. He was as naked as the day he was born. He told me he didn't like to sleep in his underwear because it hurt his butt where he had been abused.

I reached over and shook Ronnie awake. He rolled over and smiled when he saw me. "Hi, pop." He said. Sorry we fell asleep but we were tired after swimming. He pulled the covers back and ran to the bathroom. As he ran he hollered "Gotta pee." All you could see was a pair of white buns run down the hall. I laughed as I watched him run and asked Esteban if he had to pee also. He didn't so I got him dressed.

When Ronnie came back I asked the boys "What's all this Daddy and Pop stuff?"

The chimed in together saying "Don't you like being called Daddy? You said you were adopting us so that means you're our father and we call our father, Daddy."

Their words ran together like one long sentence. I answered their question. "Yes, I am adopting you and yes I like bring called Daddy. I just thought you would get to know me a bit more before you decided on what to call me."

Ronnie spoke for them saying, "We have Dad. We talked about this when you were gone. You have done more for us in 24 hours than our parents have done for us our entire lives. We both see and know how you feel about Julio and us. You care for us and have only our best interest at heart. I heard Esteban tell you that you could have sex with him anytime if you wanted repayment for adopting him. I also heard your answer. You told him you neither would nor could you have sex with him. He was a child and children don't have sex with adults. We did that to survive and you also told him you don't need to sell yourself here. You will provide everything we will need. That is what a parent is supposed to do for their children. When I heard you say that, I knew I wanted you to be my Daddy. You really love us and we love you. That's why we call you Daddy. Daddy is a word we use to show love. Father shows only respect. Can you understand what I mean, Daddy"

I got choked up on those words. I picked Ronnie up and sat him on my lap with Esteban. I smiled at them both and said "Out of the mouths of babes. I understand my son. I thought it would take you some time to adjust but I see you have already. I meant what I said about adults and sex. That will not happen here. I don't care what you two do between yourselves, but I will not join you. Neither of you are to have anal sex until I say it is safe for you to do so, understand?"

Ronnie looked at Esteban and said "Dad, I don't think we could ever do that again. I'm not saying it could never happen, but not right now. Esteban feels the same way I do about this. We were forced into that and we both got hurt. That's something we just want to forget if it's all the same to you."

While Ronnie was talking, I was getting him dressed so we could leave for the courthouse. He finished speaking and I looked at him and said "That's fine with me, boys. I just want to be sure that you don't get torn up back there again. Since you both want to wait before doing that again, that's fine with me. Now we have to go to the courthouse. Judge Romero wants to see us." They only had those ratty looking shoes to wear so I made sure I had some cash with me so I could take them shopping when we left court.

I told Luiz we were leaving and soon we were standing outside Judge Romero's chamber door. I knocked and then heard a voice on the other side say to "Enter." I opened the door and saw Judge J. Roberto Lopez in his black robe sitting behind a big elegant looking desk.

"Ah, Miguel," he said. "Come in, come in. How is your day going and how are these two fine young looking men here with you?"

"Doing quite well, Your Honor." I replied.

"Enough with the you honor stuff," the judge said. "We are here in chambers. Call me Roberto. I've known you since you were a little boy. We are friends now."

Fine, fine, Roberto." I said. "Here is the tape from Juan Lopez. I hope it makes sense to you, because it doesn't to me. What he did was senseless. It's a good thing my father is dead. He would not be able to handle what he has done. He thought so much of Juan, and now this. If he knew he would be turning over in his grave."

"Yes," Roberto said. "Your father was a good man. He raised a fine son. Now his son is taking on the responsibility of raising three children. If you do half as good a job with them as your father did with you, they will make fine citizens. Now, here are the adoption papers. They are signed and have been entered into the court's records. They are permanent and final. No one can take them from you. I sent Ronaldo's file to a friend I know to the Federal Courthouse in Norfolk. He told me he would have the adoption entered into the state of Virginia's records so it would be legal here and in the US. Ronnie's face lost its color when he heard the judge mention the fact he was American. The judge looked at him and said "Don't worry son, everything will be alright and no one will take you away from Miguel. You have my word on it."

Roberto looked up at me and then the judge and said "Thank you, sir. I believe you. Yesterday I would not have but since then I have learned to trust in certain people that dad knows. If Dad trusts you, then so do I."

"Dad." the judge said. "I'm impressed. What have you done here, Miguel? You take two boys off the street, give them a home, adopt them and they call you Dad in just 24 hours? How is that possible?"

Ronnie spoke "Judge, I know it seems hard to believe but it's true. In fact, I wouldn't have believed it possible myself. Miguel has taught us and shown us something we never had before. LOVE. When you have it and feel it, you start living. When you start living, you can trust."

Roberto was impressed. He never heard anyone speak like that before. This came out of the mouth of a ten-year-old child. "You are wise for one so young," he said. "What grade are you in?"

"Fifth grade, your honor." Ronnie said, "I can't wait until I can go back to school. Even Esteban here wants to go back. I would like to be a doctor like Dad is. Esteban loves animals and he wants to be a vet."

The Judge said "Well, you both are bright and intelligent so you should have no problem with anything you two put your minds towards."

I sent the boys outside for a moment and spoke to the Judge in private. I paid him for the rush fee for the passports for Julio and Esteban. He told me he would have them back in three working days. Passports in three working days, I thought. It was worth the 1,000 Reals I was paying to get them that quickly. Once the passports were in my hands along with the adoption papers, no one could take the boys away from me.

I paid Roberto the fee and headed towards the door. Just as I reached for the handle, my phone chirped. I gotta change that sound, I thought and answered it quickly.

"Hello," I said. "What! Julio is what? OK, tell him I'm on my way and everything will be fine. Tell him not to worry." Great! I thought. Just fucking great! Julio will cause me to lose my hair. "Come on boys." I said. We headed for my Blazer and then to the hospital. Thank God it was just around the corner from the court. I used my parking privilege and parked out front. We headed straight for Julio's room. When I got to the door, I heard him cussing blue streak.

I opened the door and shouted, "Just what the hell is going on here!"

Julio stopped in mid-sentence and looked right at me and said, "I want out of here now!"

"OK," I said. "I can take you home with us."

"That not what I said." Julio shot back

"Well, that's what I said." I fired back. You seemed fine before I worked on you. What brought on this change?"

"Just using you." Julio laughed.

Ronnie walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Julio turned around to see who it was and Ronnie let him have it.

SLAP. Right across the face. He said "Don't you EVER talk to our Dad like that again. DO YOU UNSERSTAND?" Ronnie was pissed

Julio was holding his cheek and he said, "What's got into you?" but this time he wasn't shouting.

Ronnie looked at him and said "Don't you ever shout at Dad again. You don't talk to him like that. With everything he's done for you, you got the balls to say you are using him. I don't think so. Get the picture?"

Julio got it and he was about to get another one as Ronnie was about to let him have it again when he said "OK, OK Ronaldo, you win. I'm sorry. I woke up, I hurt and I was mad. Not at Miguel, at my mother. Everything just sunk in and hit home and it pissed me off. Boy, remind me never to make you mad again."

As Julio was getting his attitude adjusted, I walked up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders. He head snapped around to see who it was and he fell into my arms. I'm sorry Miguel" Julio said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take it out on you."

I held him and quieted him down. I asked him if he really wanted to leave the hospital and he said.

"Yes." Julio said. "I'm ready to come home with my new Dad and brothers if it's alright with you."

I smiled and said, "That can be arranged" I talked to the other doctor who had been caring for Julio to be sure his head was fine. I was told he expected no problems and I should be able to care for him at home. I took the antibiotics they pharmacy made for him with me and put them into the limo when Luiz arrived. I also got 5 additional bags of fluids to keep Julio's I.V. going. The nurse gave me two large vials of pain medication for Julio. I handed her a cheque for the balance of the fee for Julio's care and pushed him down to the limo in a wheel chair. I was just about to push him through the doors when I remembered he only had a hospital gown on and his butt was so going to be showing to the whole world. The car blocked the view to the street and the windows were tinted so nobody could see anything.

He stepped into the limo and laid down on the seat. Ronnie sat beside him and set his head on his lap. He looked down at Julio, rubbed the side of his face where he slapped him earlier and said "Sorry, I hit you."

Julio looked up at Ronnie and said, "I had that coming. I had no right to shout at Dad like that. He has done more for me in two days than my mother did for my brothers and me in my whole life. It pissed me off and I took it out on the wrong person. Deep inside, I wished it was my mother I was yelling at." Julio lifted his head and kissed his new brother on the cheek. Ronnie kissed him back and Julio dozed off to sleep on his way home.

I pulled into the drive way and Luiz Parked the Blazer in the garage. I carried Julio into the house and laid him on the bed the boys were in earlier. I had Luiz bring me a rolling IV pole from my office and hung the bag. I was just about to leave when I heard him speak.

"Miguel," he said. "Ah, I mean Dad. Where are we?"

"Were home." I said, "This is your room. That door here leads into my bedroom. All you have to do is call me and I'll hear you. See this speaker here, I have the other half here on my belt. Any time you talk into it, I'll hear you and I can answer you back. Are you in pain, son?"

Julio winced and said, "Yeah, I am. But I don't want to sleep. I want to be with you and my brothers". Esteban sat down beside Julio as he was talking. Julio put his arm around the little boy and kissed him on the cheek and said, "I gotta pee, too." Luiz handed him a plastic urinal and I showed him how to use it. I picked Esteban off the bed so Julio could have some privacy but he just went without giving it a second thought. Esteban crawled back onto the bed as I took the plastic toilet from Julio. Luiz took the jug and went to the bathroom to empty it and I drew some medication to give to Julio so his aching manhood would feel a little better.

I asked Julio if he minded Esteban sitting next to him and he said "That's OK Dad, I kinda like it. I've gone from being the youngest kid to the oldest. I know I'm not the strongest though. Ronaldo's got me beat by a mile in that department."

Ronnie looked at his new brother and told him "Hey, man why don't you call me Ronnie like everyone else. As far as me being stronger than you, I promise I'll never hit you again. I was wrong to do that. Correcting us when we make a mistake is Dad's job, not mine."

"Thanks, Ronnie." Julio said. "I was wrong for talking like that....."

Ronnie broke in "Hey, that's all in the past. I think we all need to get on with the present and future. Don't you?"

"Good idea," I said. "Julio, here comes your medicine now. Just lay down and rest. Don't fight it. Esteban, you have a choice. Either you lie still here with Julio or get up." I put the needle into the tubing and slowly pushed the plunger in.

Julio was able to give each brother a kiss on the cheek before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

I looked at my three boys and thought about the life I was about to enter into with them. I was almost frightened by what was in store. I soon realized that as long as I trusted God and was true to what my father had taught me, I could handle anything that came my way.

I went into the living room and sat in my recliner. Something I had not much chance to do in the last several days. Luiz handed me a Bailey's on the rocks and I just looked at him and smiled. It was only 4:00 PM and I was able to relax. I took a sip and thought, man what a change. Ronnie came in and sat on my lap and smiled.

"Tired Dad," Ronnie said.

"No," I smiled back and said. "Just unwinding and very happy. I finally have my family all in one place now."

Ronnie looked at me and asked "What about Luiz?"

"What about him?" I asked "Luiz is just as much a part of this family as anybody else. He is your Uncle."

"I know he is not related, but what is he to us?" Ronnie asked.

I explained "Son, he is your Uncle. If anything happens to me before you are an adult, Luiz will become your legal guardian. He knows what to do. Luiz raised me when I was younger than Esteban. Do you remember me telling you about that?"

"Oh yeah, Dad." Ronnie exclaimed, "I'm sorry, I forgot."

"That's OK son" I said, "A lot has happened."

We just sat there for what seemed like ages. I put my feet up sipped my drink and dozed off. Ronnie took the drink from my hand and set it on the table beside the chair. He settled back against me and took as nap with me. The next thing I knew, it was 6:30 PM and Luiz was waking us saying that dinner was ready.

I got Julio into a bathrobe and helped him into the dinning room to join us for dinner. This was the first time in two days he had walked, so he was a little wobbly on his feet. As I helped him, his eyes looked all around the house as he slowly went towards the dinning room. I sat him down and Luiz brought the food in. All the boys were amazed at what we had to eat. Luiz had out done himself proud I thought. Beautiful roast beef mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, home made biscuits with butter and coffee. Milk for the boys. I let them eat as much as they wanted. I was surprised, the boys had table manners and they took their time eating. After we put a healthy dent into Luiz's cooking, he came in with desert. A homemade cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. I had to pass but the boys seemed to find room for a little more food. When I was helping Julio into the living room, Ronnie and Esteban helped Luiz clear the table, put the leftovers away, rinse and put the dishes into the dishwasher. They even brought me another cup of coffee.

Esteban came in and sat beside Julio on the overstuffed loveseat. The smile that brought to Julio was priceless. Luiz quickly got a picture of that and got one of me with Ronnie cuddled on my lap. I turned on the television and found a movie on the satellite dish that we all agreed to. Esteban got up and went into the bathroom and I almost forgot about him until I heard him start to whine. I got up and looked in on him and he was having a hard time cleaning himself without injuring his healing backside. I took a warm washcloth and cleaned him and applied some more ointment on his rectum. The movie ended at 8:30 and I took Julio and got him washed up while the other two were in the shower. I told Julio when his penis was healed and his IV was out, he could start taking a shower or bath. He whispered to me he liked me giving him a bath but I told him not to get used to it since he was my eldest son. The reference of his being my "eldest son" made him feel good. You could see his face light up when I said that. He said he needed some more pain medicine and I was amazed that it had been nearly six hours since I last gave that to him. He asked if he could watch some more television and allowed him sit with me for a while. Esteban started pouting when he saw Julio with me. Ronnie picked him up and sat him down on his lap and Esteban ate that up. I think he is looking for reasons to be held by one of the other boys or by me. When Julio was comfortable, I slowly gave him his medicine and then I hung his bag of antibiotics. He leaned against my chest and I felt his hand begin to play with the hair on my chest. I whispered to him if he was comfortable and all he did was smile.

We all stayed like that until 10:00. I carried Julio while Luiz rolled his IV pole into his bedroom. I tucked him in and went to kiss him goodnight but I ended kissing Esteban on the back of his head. Where did he come from, I thought. They both gave their older brother a kiss goodnight and then Dad had his turn. I sat on the edge of the bed and asked how he liked being home?

"Great, Dad." Julio said. "I am really happy. I must be one of the three luckiest boys in the world. You, Luiz, Esteban and Ronnie love me so much. I can't believe I shot my mouth off this afternoon and almost ruined this."

I told him "Son, you wouldn't have ruined anything. You were adopted. Nothing was going to change that. I would have let you stay in the hospital until you were ready to come home. If it took a week, that's how long I would have waited. Understand?"

"You would not give up on me would you?" Julio asked

"Nope." I said.

He smiled and said, "I really do love you Dad."

I saw a tear fall from his eye as I answered "I know you do son, and I love you too. Close your eyes and get some sleep. Do you need anything before I go?"

"No, sir." Julio said as he closed his eyes.

I leaned down and kissed his forehead and turned the light off on my way out. I headed into the other bedroom and kissed my other two monsters. "Good night boys," I said as I tucked them into bed.

They each gave me a kiss and got quiet quickly. They closed their eyes and I turned off the light and went out into the living room as Luiz handed me a Bailey's on the rocks. My only vice in life is Bailey's Irish Cream. I may live in Brazil but my taste is wider.

Luiz commented on how fast Ronnie and Esteban went to bed tonight. He said that they must be getting into the routine of 10:30 PM bed time.

I found the evening news and watched that before finishing my drink and turning in myself. I checked on the boys, said good night to Luiz as he locked the house and we were both in bed by 11:15PM. This had been a very full day and it seemed that everyone had gotten a surprise or two during the day. All in all though, we all came out ahead. We new where we stood with each other and the boys firmly believed that nothing would happen to them if I had anything to say or do about the situation. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Well, everybody is finally happy. Julio trusts Miguel and his brothers, after a quick lesson on how not to talk to Miguel from Ronnie. They have to go to the States. What will happen there? Well, we will have to wait and see.