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And now, Chapter 8.


I watched the evening news finished my drink and before turning in myself for the night I checked on the boys. Said good night to Luiz as he locked the house and we were both in bed by 11:15PM. This had been a very full day and it seemed that everyone had gotten a surprise or two during the day. All in all though, we all came out ahead. We all new where we stood with each other and the boys firmly believed that nothing would happen to them if I had anything to say or do about the situation. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Things settled down to a dull roar over the next several days. Julio's penis healed faster than I expected and the infection cleared up quickly as well. I continued to give him his antibiotics but he didn't need the pain medicine after Friday. Today is Monday, the start of another week. I did a urine test on Julio to see if there were any signs of infection. There were none so I removed his IV and now he was free. He enjoyed his newfound freedom to explore the house and grounds. He was amazed at how big the house was and he could finally go swimming. He also had to start taking a shower or bath. Gone were his daily washes by Dad. He had to start being an eleven-year-old again. I saw Esteban and him talking quietly one afternoon and I wondered what mad plan they were cooking up between them. Well, I soon found out.

"Dad" Julio said. "Can we talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, guys." I answered. "What's on your mind?

Julio was the spokesman for the two and started. "Well we were thinking. Ronnie uses his American name."

I interrupted, "That is his given name. He only used Ronaldo so he could fit in with everyone else."

Julio started again "Yes, we know that. He told me his name was Ronnie but he made me promise to call him Ronaldo. I did keep my word. We were wondering if we could use American names. I thought about being called "Jay." Esteban would like to go by Steven. Is that alright with you. As you know, I want nothing to do with my mother, so I could care less what she might think about me being called Jay. Esteban has no family, except for you. You're an American so we thought you wouldn't mind us using American names. Do you really think this is a bad idea?"

I thought about it for a minute and answered. "Well, first I am half American and half Cuban. That's where I got the name Miguel and why I still go by that name. As far as what you would like to be called, it's like this. If you really want to be called Jay and Steven, then Jay and Steven it is. Just be sure this is what you really want. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, Dad." both boys chimed. "We thought about this for a long time."

"Well," I said. "Jay and Steven it shall be. Now that that is settled, shower time. Where is Ronnie?"

"He's helping Luiz in the kitchen to fix dinner." Steven said smiling.

I went into the kitchen and saw Ronnie at the stove cooking something that smelled fantastic. I hate to interrupt this but Ronnie, you need to shower." I told my middle child.

"Oh," Ronnie started to say. "Yes sir. I'll take it right now."

I thought, "What, he's not trying to get out of this or say he will do it after dinner? This can't be my child. What's happened to him? Where is the real Ronnie?" Ronnie normally dug his heels in when I asked him to do something but this was different. He was helping Luiz and not just goofing off. I guess I should be happy that I didn't have to ask him twice to do something. Ronnie got into the shower and the other two were already there. I had to tell to keep the noise down when Ronnie asked me to wash his back.

I said "Sure Ronnie, that's not a problem"

I got asked the same thing by the other two as well. Jay and Steven were nearly finished so I did them first so they could get out. As Ronnie was about to turn around, I happened to notice something about him I hadn't before. He had a cut penis. Steven said that he wasn't. Who was right? So I did the only thing I could do, I asked Ronnie.

"Hey, Ronnie." I began. "Steven said your nickname is "Stick. He said you got it because your uncut penis looked like a stick. I can tell that you have been cut. Would you tell me about this?"

"Ah, well" he stammered. "First, I have been cut. I used to be able to hide my little head and Steven thought this made me look like him. I can't do that now because I've grown."

I turned red and said "Ronnie, I'm sorry, son. I shouldn't have asked you something so personal. I didn't really need to know the story and it was none of my business."

Ronnie hugged me and said, "That's OK Dad. I'm not upset."

Jay called me and said he needed some help with something. I went into his room and I saw him in his birthday suit looking for something in his dresser.

"What's up, pal?" I asked him.

"Can't find my damn underwear." he started "I thought they were in here. They are...."

"Right here," I said lifting his undershirts.

"Oh, ah, thanks Dad." he said.

As I turned around, I noticed he had popped a woody. He made no attempt to hide it or move quicker to get on his underwear.

"Son," I started "You really should cover that thing."

Why, Dad?" Julio replied. "You've never seen someone with a boner before? Besides, it's been a while since I had some fun and I thought you and I could mess around. I do owe you a lot of money."

I said this to him. "First, I will not have sex with you. I can't do that to a child, especially one I care about. Adults and children don't have sex together even if the child brings up the topic. Next, it's against the law and last but most importantly is I'm your Dad. Dads don't have sex with their children. I'll tell you what I told the others. I don't care what you do between yourselves and I will not join you in any form of sexual fun. Last, you are not to have anal sex until I have examined you to see what kind of damage has been done to you. Then we will talk about it and you will be shown how to do it properly so no one gets hurt again. Any questions?"

"None," Julio said. "Wait, just one. Could you show me how to jack-off?

"What?" I asked. "You know how to do that. You have been doing things like that for quite some time so I know you know how to masturbate."

"Nope," Julio said with a straight face. "Never did. I can give someone a good blow-job or let them use my butt. I never got pleasure from any of that. I've heard others, like Ronnie, talk about jacking-off but I don't know how to do that. You may think I'm handing you a line, but I remember what you told me in the hospital. Never lie to someone you love. Do you think I liked telling you everything I had to do in order to survive on the streets? Admitting I sucked some guy's dick or getting fucked? I didn't like admitting it but it was the truth. The truth is I don't know how to please myself. Every time I try, my dick goes soft because I start thinking back to what my life has been before now. My balls hurt and it won't go away. Dad, I am telling you the truth!"

I was about to speak when I looked into his eyes. I learned quickly that Julio's eyes could tell me the truth about what he was saying. Those two black orbs have a magic power that say, "I'm telling you the whole truth."

I sat down beside him and the bed and gazed into those magical eyes of his. I lifted his chin and told him "I do believe you son. It took a lot to tell me that. I can show you how to masturbate but wouldn't you rather have Ronnie show you this? I told you I don't care what you boys do unless it involves anal sex."

Julio answered "Not this time, Dad. When I need to learn something or talk to someone about sex, I want that information to come from my father. That's you. You said you would not have sex with me or my other brothers. Showing me this, I won't touch you are even ask to see you. Do you know what I mean?"

I could only smile and say, "Yes son. I do. Alright, I'll be glad to show you. Why don't you take you underwear off and I'll be right back." I didn't know if he had a wet orgasm or not so I thought I would play it safe and get a towel to clean him up with and picked up a bottle of hand lotion so he would hurt his freshly healed penis.

When I returned, he was lying on bed gently rubbing himself and his manhood was standing tall. I put some lotion on his hand and told him to gently apply it to his dick. He gently lathered his tool and began stroking. I told where to apply pressure. I reached over and rubbed the gland and I saw him shudder. He started stroking again but this time he was paying attention to the tip. This went on for about five minutes when I heard.

"Dad," Julio was moaning "Oh god dad. This feels great. I never felt like this before. Something's happening to me. I ungh, can't ungh, stand ungh, it ungh. I'm cumming. I'm cummmmiiiiiinnnnnng daddy, I'm cumming!"

I watched in amazement as this little child shot load after load or thick white sperm. I knew he was eleven, but this kid shoot like a teen. He lay there breathing heavily and basking in post orgasmic bliss. His eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face that could light up all of Brazil.

When he finally spoke all he could say was "Wow! That was fantastic! Now I know why those guys like me sucking them off. This was way cool, Dad. Thanks."

I cleaned up his stomach and the proceeded to wipe his very sensitive manhood. I wiped the base and quickly did the tip. I figured, do it quickly and get it done. I was correct. He jumped as I wiped the gland.

"Easy, Dad." he said "That hurts."

"Hurts?" I questioned "Or is it sensitive? Is it pain your feeling or is it a weird feeling?

"Weird" he said. Man that was awesome. Can I do that again?"

"Easy tiger." I said, thinking I've created a sex monster "You don't want to over-do things. You were just operated on down there and doing this to much can and will make it start to hurt again."

"OK." He said, "I forgot about that. Can I ask you a couple of questions? You gotta promise you won't get mad first."

I said, "First, I'll never get mad at any question you ask. I might not like the question and I'll tell you that but I will never get mad. OK?"

"OK." He said. Do you ever masturbate and do you...."

"Hold on" I interrupted. "Yes, I do masturbate. Before you ask, the answer is no. We can't masturbate together. What I do in my bedroom away from you boys is personal and private just like what you do in your room alone is private. If and when you boys start to experiment that will be private unless it involves anal sex. Fair enough?"

"Fair enough." Julio answered. "Now, here is my second question. It's not really a question but it's something I don't understand and I think I'm really weird. I had this john one time that wanted to do me in my butt. He wasn't all that big so he didn't hurt me but when he was doing it, I started enjoying it. My dick got hard and started leaking a lot. I was about to cum when he shot off in me and then pulled out. What's wrong with me Daddy? Am I sick or something?"

As I was about to answer him, I saw a tear fall from his eye. "No son, your not weird, sick or anything like that. I think you might be gay. That's why you enjoy the sex with men. At first, it was just a way to survive. Ronnie told me that the two of you used to get together and have some great times and he said he was beginning to fall for you. As to why your dick was hard and leaking precum, he was rubbing your prostate. It's a man love button. When it's rubbed just right, you can get the greatest feelings in the world. When your prostate is rubbed when you are masturbating, your climax will be even better than the one you just had. Does this make sense to you?"

"Sure does." Julio replied. "Ronnie's right. I do have feelings for him. I loved him before we were brothers and I love him even more now. I don't think we are ready for anal sex though. We never did anything more that give each other blow jobs. I can't wait to finger my butt the next time I beat off."

"Hold on little man," I said "Not quite so fast. Before you go putting anything in your butt, I said I wanted to look at you first. Remember?"

"Okay, Dad." Julio smiled. "No problem. You can check me whenever you want. Come on, hop into bed, I'm tired."

"Just a minute," I said as I was heading out the door. "I need to put this dirty towel in the wash and put the lotion away. I also need to check on Ronnie and Steven." I put the things away and quietly checked on my other two angels. Seeping peacefully. I headed back to my room and saw Julio lying there like a little kitten. I took my pants off, turned out the light and settles in behind my son. He reached around and pulled my arm over his chest and stomach and he wiggled his butt against my groin. He wasn't trying to start anything, just getting comfortable. He looked up at me and smiled "I love you, daddy" he said and kissed me ever so gently on the lips.

I whispered back "I love you too, son. Sleep well"

We closed our eyes and drifted off the sleep.

The next thing I knew, it was morning. I lay there watching Julio as he slept. He looked so peaceful and innocent. I wondered if he ever slept this well before. His life was one fight after another and now he was safe. The world he knew before was gone, replaced by love and security. As I watched him sleep, my bladder reminded me that there was more to life than watching my boy sleep. As I put my sweat pants on, I glanced at the clock. 10:00am it read as I walked quickly to the bathroom. As I passed the kitchen, Luiz shot me a look I hadn't seen since I was a child. I did my business and flushed the toilet. As I walked into the kitchen Luiz was not happy, and I knew something was bothering him.

"Morning," I said

"You slept well," Luiz shot at me.

"What's eating you?" I asked.

"You," he said. "You two made enough noise and..."

"Cut it right now!" I fired back. "Now I know what your thinking and you are wrong. If you don't know me by now, you never will. How dare you think I would touch a child? I killed a man for that, or have you forgotten?"

Luiz shot back "I know what I heard."

By now, Julio was awake and he was standing in the door. Neither of us had seen him standing there until "Uncle Luiz, your wrong! Daddy never touched me. I asked him to and he said no. He said he could never do what I asked him. I asked him to show me how to masturbate and that's all he did. Nothing else happened. Even if it did, which it didn't, it would be none of your business. I know you care for Daddy, but his personal life is none of your business."

Luiz stood there shocked by what Julio had said and as he walked over to the child, he saw tears streaming down his face. He leaned down to pick him up, kissed him and said "Your right, Julio. What your dad does is none of my business. Miguel, I owe you an apology. I had no right to say those things. I know better than that. How can you ever forgive me? This goes for you as well, Julio. I apologize to you also."

Julio hugged the old man and kissed him on the cheek saying "That's OK Luiz, I forgive you. But would you call me Jay? Dad said I could use Jay as my name."

As he put the boy down, I said "Luiz, I accept your apology. I hope we never have anything like this happen again."

"Never," Luiz answered back. "This won't ever happen again. Come sit, breakfast is ready. Where are Esteban and Ronaldo?"

I looked around and said "Those two sleepy heads must still be in bed. I'll get them."

As I went to their bedroom, I heard giggling inside. I opened the door and saw Esteban sitting on Ronaldo's chest tickling him. Ronaldo was telling him to stop just as I said "OK you two, time to get up. Luiz has breakfast ready and you know he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Esteban put his shorts on saying "Tell him daddy, tell him you said I could be called Steven and Julio could be called Jay just like he likes to be called Ronnie. Tell him daddy, tell him."

"Yes Ronnie," I said. "Steven is right. They asked me last night if they could use American names like you and I told them if that was what they wanted, it was okay with me. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, dad," Ronnie said "I thought he was fibbing like he always does."

"I do not, Ronnie," Steven said. "I do not fib. You don't like it when I tell the truth and you tell everybody I'm fibbing."

"Not true," Ronnie started

"Come on you two," I interrupted "Enough of this, breakfast is waiting. If you're late and Luiz gets mad, I'll just let him paddle you."

"Oh no." said Steven running out the door. "Uncle Luiz isn't paddling me. He can get you Ronnie, but he's not getting me."

Ronnie headed to the kitchen right after Steven and I thought "Ah yes, such is life with little kids."

Everyone was seated when I got into the kitchen.

Luiz looked at me and said "Miguel, you know how I hate to have breakfast waiting, don't you?"

"Me!" I yelled "These two kept breakfast waiting, not me!"

Luiz calmly answered "Who was the last one in the kitchen?"

The boys were snickering as I protested "OK, I see how it is." I quickly poured a cup of coffee as I sat down to eat. "Just for that, Ronnie and Steven, you have to wash and dry the dishes."

"Us." Steven protested "Why us?"

"Why was I late for breakfast?" I asked.

"OK, Dad." Ronnie said, "It was our fault we made you late."

"Your no fun." Steven said "Ronnie."

After that we had a quiet breakfast. I thought to myself, "Is this how normal people live?"

I was just about to sit down in the living room when the doorbell rang. I walked over to the door and opened it to see who was there. The mailman handed me a large envelope and had me sign for the parcel. I closed the door and opened it to see what was inside when Luiz walked in. Reaching inside, I pulled three little booklets from the envelope. I was holding three passports. I checked them over to see if everything was correct. Just then the boys came into the room and asked me what I was holding in my hand. I handed each of the boys their new passport after I had made sure they were correct.

Jay opened his first and his eyes got wide as he saw his name. "Julio Sanchez" was typed on the line that said Name. Julio said, "Dad, this passport says Julio Sanchez is that right?"

"Yes son." I said, "That's correct. You all have my last name now. You are all Sanchez's." They all came running over to hug me. I almost got knocked down I was hit so hard. I need to call my travel agent about going to see the new house in the United States. I suppose you guys would rather stay here, wouldn't you?"

"Go to the U.S." They all said, "Yeah, Dad! When?"

"Well," I answered "Probably next week. Earlier if I can arrange things. How about if we log on to the Internet and see what we can find on international flights from Brazil to the United States."

"Where are we going in the states?" Jay asked.

"Norfolk, Virginia." I replied.

"Norfolk," Jay questioned "Home of the world's largest naval base?"

"That's right," I said. "How did you know that?"

"From school." Jay answered back smiling.

"Not only are you cute," I said. "But you're also smart."

"Tell the whole world", Jay said. "Do you live in Norfolk?

"No," I replied. "Actually I live in Virginia Beach."

"Isn't that where Oceana Naval Air Station is? And as for you Jay, what's so wrong with being smart?" Ronnie added.

"Well," Jay said. "Nothing I suppose. But I'm a tough street kid."

Steven butted in with "You're not a street kid anymore than Ronnie and me are."

"I can't ever seem to be able to keep a secret." Jay said sarcastically.

"OK guys," I spoke "Let's not fight. In answer to your question Ronnie, you're correct."

I went over to the computer and turned it on and just as went to sit down, Ronnie beat me to the chair. When it had booted-up, Ronnie went to log on to the net. Since my user name is already set, getting to the net was not a problem. Man, I thought, another smart child and what was Steven hiding in the brains department? He had found the web sites of several major airlines and went to work finding me the lowest fare possible. The only international flight was from Rio to Atlanta with a plane change for the trip to Norfolk.

Ronnie said "There weren't many flights from Recife to Rio, so he went to look for price, departure time and the number of available seats on each flight. There is only one flight each to Rio. The plane only holds twenty-four people so you better make reservations early so we all had seats."

I printed out the schedule from Recife to Rio so I had a reference to go by when I was making reservations. I called my travel agent and checked on departure times of international flights from Rio to Atlanta. She had one flight that left 2 hours after the flight from Recife landed in Rio. I made all the necessary arrangements for the flights from Recife to Rio, Rio to Atlanta, and finally Atlanta to Norfolk. I gave her my credit card information and that was that." Total travel time was just less than 10 hours. Jay said our trip would be on the day before his birthday.

When the boys heard that, the boys said, "That is their birthday also." I said, "We will have a party in the States. I asked them to decide what they wanted to do about a party. The rest of the day went great. The boys played on the computer until it was time for dinner.

After we ate, the boys were back on the computer until it was time for baths and showers. Jay asked if Ronnie could shower with him and I told him to ask Ronnie. Soon both boys were in the shower together and when I decided to check on them. I saw them doing some very heave kissing and both boys had very hard dicks. Neither sets of hands went below the belt line and with that in mind, I could see just how much the boys loved each other. When they were done, I gave Steven his bath. We watched television for the rest of the night. When I said bedtime, the boys all headed into the bathroom to brush their teeth and pee.

As they headed down the hall to their bedrooms, Steven noticed Jay passed his room and was still with them. Ronnie told Steven Jay was sleeping with him tonight.

All Steven could say was "What?"

Ronnie said the he could sleep with me tonight.

Steven said he wanted to sleep with him. Steven asked Ronnie why Jay was so important all of a sudden?

Ronnie said, "Jay slept with me last and he wanted a chance to sleep with his new brother. He told him that he could sleep with Jay tomorrow night if he wanted."

With a lot of talking from Ronnie, Steven finally relented. Steven came back into the living room quite upset. "Ronnie wants to sleep with Jay tonight. He doesn't love me anymore. He loves Jay better."

"Are you sure of this." I asked "Last night you were with Ronnie and the night before that the two of you were with me. Ronnie would like the chance to spend some quiet time with his brother just like you did. Is that so unfair?"

"No," Steven said. "I guess not."

"OK, then." I spoke. "Now you hop into bed and get some sleep." I went over and kissed him on the lips (I beat him to it this time) and he looked quite surprised. I headed for the door and turned out the lights. I passed the room where Jay and Ronnie were sleeping and I heard the two of them talking.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Jay said. "I've missed you and the things we used to do. Do you want to get to know each other again? I have to admit, now that I'm off the street, I never want someone in my butt ever again unless I say who it is."

"Yeah, I know." Ronnie whispered. "I hated doing that. I don't mind a dick in my mouth but I want to be able to say who's it is. Have you really missed me? I like holding you and rubbing against you like this."

"So do I," Jay said. "Not to hard. I'm still a little sore. Last might I had dad show me how to jerk off and it was so cool. I shot so much I thought I would drown."

"Really?" Ronnie said, "You can cum? No way. You're only a little older that me and I can't cum yet. Oh, yeah Jay, that feels good, don't stop. I'm so close."

"Me too, bro." Jay said. "Oh, Ronnie here it comes. Hold me tight. Don't stop. Ronnie, I'm cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!"

Jay shot between the two of them just as Ronnie said "Jay, here I cum man." Ronnie fired three short bursts of watery liquid. Ronnie looked at Jay with a surprised look on his face. "Hey, I shot. My first wet one. Thanks bro. I had my first wet cum."

The boys were hugging each other when I opened the door and walked in. "Having fun, boys?" I asked.

They didn't even move. They both looked at me and said "You got something against it, dad?"

"Well, no" I replied "I just want you to remember..."
"The ground rules?" Jay said, "We do, dad. Hand me that towel would you?"

I handed them the towel and they cleaned themselves up as I went to sit on the edge of the bed. "From the looks of things, you remembered."

"Dad," Ronnie said, "Look, we know what we both want. We love each other but we aren't ready for sex yet. Yes we both had to do things when we were on the street, but that doesn't mean we want to do that now. When we are ready, we will and not before then, OK."

I looked at Jay and he was nodding his head in agreement with what Ronnie was saying. "OK, sons." I said. "I won't treat you like children in that department."

"Fair enough." Jay said. "And no anal sex unless you check us first."

"Right." I said. I leaned down and kissed my sons good night and said, "Looks like my boys have grown up."

Ronnie said "Not that much Daddy. About sex, yes. Other things, not yet."

I smiled and knew exactly what he meant. I turned the light off and closed the door as I went into the living room.

"Problems, sir?" Luiz asked handing me a Bailey's on the rocks.

"None, my friend," I said taking the glass from him. "None at all. This is just to good to be true."

"Why?" Luiz asked, "Why look for something that isn't there. Why invite problems when there are none?"

"I suppose your right," I said sipping my drink, "I'll just let thing go their own way and handle each problem as it arises."

"That's what you father did." Luiz said heading for his room. "Good night, Miguel. I'll see you in the morning."

I watched the news and finished my drink. Luiz was right. Why look for something that wasn't there? I turned off the television and set my glass in the sink, turned the lights off and headed for my bedroom. Steven was sleeping soundly as I crawled into be and cuddled up behind my little angel. I felt a hand reach for my arm and bring it over his chest and belly. I kissed the back of his head and drifted off to sleep.