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Just Another Lawnboy Tale

As a typical teen I was always looking for ways to make money. My mom suggested I go door to door offering yard maintenance services and I thought that was a great way to earn some spending money and get a great suntan. I knew just were to start my business too, two houses down the street. The yard there was always a mess and in need of grass cutting so off I went early one morning in search of that dream of riches.

I knocked on the door and got no response. Somewhat disappointed I carried on to the next house and through the neighborhood achieving a few clients and setting up appointments for their lawn cuttings. It was mid afternoon when I got back to the first house I had tried in the morning and decided to try again. I knocked again and this time the door opened after a couple minutes of waiting. He peaked around the corner of the door looking very sleepy and asked what I wanted. I introduced myself, offered my best sales speech and stood there waiting for his response. He looked at me and a glimmer of recognition came over his face.

"You're the kid that lives a couple doors down?" he asked

" Ahh yes sir" I stammered back

"Come back tomorrow afternoon, I'm on days off then. I'll show what needs to be done"

"Ahhh ok great"

Great I thought to myself another customer; at this rate I'll have my schedule full. I left to tell my mom of my success and spend the rest of the day free.

I woke up early the next morning to prepare my lawnmower and myself for my first day of work. After the dew had dried I left for my first appointment a block over. The customer was very happy with my work and offered to have me back if I needed the job.

Now it was time for the big job of two doors down. I pushed the lawnmower up his driveway and knocked on the door. No answer. Great I thought he isn't home again. I went around to the back of the house to get an idea of how big the job actually was. I opened the gate and thought to myself that I should get a haying machine in to do the grass it was so high. While I was standing there in amazement I heard a noise to my left and looked up on the deck. There was my neighbor sun tanning wearing a little Speedo and listening to a Walkman.

That was a sight to behold, as he lay there on his stomach. His back muscles rolled and the material of his Speedo just covering his bubble butt. I stared for a couple minutes and realized that I was getting a hard on so I broke my trance and went over to were he lay.

"Hi" I yelled

He turned over with a start and looked up at me and taking off the headphones.

"Oh sorry kid, I forgot you were coming over."

"No problem, can you show me what you want done"

"Yeah sure kid, just give me a sec"

He pulled on his cutoffs and we did a tour of the yard, he explained what he wanted and expected. I started into the project while he went inside.

As I was cutting the grass in the back yard I thought I had caught a glimpse of him in the window a couple times but also thought it may have been a shadow. It was very hot by the time I had finished with his yard and as I went to the door to get paid he came out wearing just his housecoat.

"Great Job!" he exclaimed

"Thanks, it was tough going for a while"

"It looks great, you look hot. Would you like to come in for a glass of Ice Tea? The house is Air Conditioned"

"Yeah, that would be great " I said

We went in and the air was marvelously cool and the sweat I had running down my bare chest dried almost instantly along with making my nipples hard.

He poured me a glass of ice Tea and we sat at the kitchen table.

"I guess I should introduce myself, seeing as you're going to be doing my lawn from now on"

"My name is Cal"

We shook hands and he talked about how he was divorced and living by himself. His wife had left him for another a year ago. She apparently didn't like the shifts he had to work as a fireman and found the nights lonely when he wasn't around.

"Can you excuse me for a minute? I was just going to have a quick shower when you came to the door"

"Sure I guess." I said.

"Make yourself at home" he told me as he got up to go for his shower.

I heard the water running in the bathroom; so I went into the living room do a little exploring. Sports magazines on the coffee table. Standard stuff for a guy, wait what's this?

Tucked under the second magazine was a gay magazine. I picked it up and opened it, the first series of pictures showed a young man with his hands tied behind his back and getting a mouthful of cock. My cock sprung to full hardness and I wished I could release it and jerk off. I quickly paged through the magazine and found another pictorial of young teen lying on his back getting his ass fucked by a guy with a rather large cock.

The water in the bathroom stopped and I quickly put the magazine back where I found it. I sat back down at the table just as Cal came out of the bathroom. I could hear him in the living room and he came around the corner into the kitchen wearing his bathrobe and rubbing his hair with a towel. He sat himself down at the table again but this time he faced me and spread his legs slightly so the short housecoat fell open in the front. My eyes darted down as I thought I caught a glimpse briefly of his soft cock. He must have been watching my eyes as they looked down to his lap.

"That felt great, I guess we should talk about your payment"

"Ahh yeah sure, It was a big job"

"Yes I know it was a lot to do, ummm unfortunately I'm a little short on cash right now, at least until Friday. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you until then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know you seen that magazine on the table"

"Ahuh" I admitted

"Was there anything that you liked in there?"

"Ahhhh" was about all I could get out. He got up from his chair and unfastened his bathrobe and let it open.

His cock sprung out the opening and I sat there staring at it. He was big, very big. At least to me he was huge and larger than the guys in the magazine on the table.

I just sat there and gulped. He came over closer to me and dropped his robe to the floor.

"Do you like it?"

"Its very big, bigger than mine"

"Well why don't you show it to me and we can compare?"

He pulled me up by the shoulders and undid the button on my cutoffs and unzipped me. The cutoffs hit the floor and I stepped out of them. He reached around and pulled my underwear down over my bum and rubbed my ass cheek softly. My own cock popped free as he pulled the underwear to the floor.

"MMMmmm you have a very nice cock yourself"

Cal got down on his knees and proceeded to help himself to my cock. He grabbed my balls with one hand and my cock with the other. His lips parted and I watched as my cock slowly disappeared into his mouth. This was the first blowjob I had ever gotten and it felt so wonderful, like all BJ's do. He was very good at it and slid my cock in his mouth over his tongue and back to his throat. I started to get into his motions and sucking and was soon fucking his mouth. I felt his hand move from my balls between my legs and cupping my ass. He was soon massaging my ass cheeks and running his fingers down my crack.

I knew I couldn't take much more of this great blowjob as I could feel my balls start to contract. He stopped moving his fingers up and down my crack and found my tight hole and pressed a finger inside of me. I went off like a rocket. Cum started spraying out of my cock and he pulled my cock out to the tip and swallowed and swallowed. When I finally stopped cumming he pumped my cock to get the last few drops.

"How was that?" he looked up at me

"That was... goood!"

"So you enjoyed?"


"Good" "So is that enough to hold you over till Friday?" he asked standing up

"Well, I guess" I looked at his huge cock still pointing at me. Now it had a drop of precum at the tip.

"What about you?" I offered

"Hmmm I was hoping you'd say something" "Lets go in there." He pointed to another room.

Cal took me by the hand and led me to his spare room. When he opened the door I saw the heavy curtains were drawn and the only light was from the now open door. There was a TV and VCR in one corner and a large poster bed in the middle of the room with a couple of ropes tied to them. My eyes opened and I started to back away.

He caught me by the shoulders and held me.

"Don't worry" "Its all safe" "I wont hurt you, I want to see more of you in the future so why would I hurt you?"

I relaxed and he pulled me into the room, closed the door and sat me on the bed.

"Move up and lean against the headboard"

I did as I was told and he grabbed my arms and tied them out to the posts.

"First off I want you to watch something." he said and turned on the VCR.

It obviously was a home movie and I realized after a minute that Cal was one of the performers. The other man was in his mid to late twenties on his knees and was giving Cal a full deep throat. The camera moved in for a closer view of the action and I knew there was a third person in the room operating the camera.

"Can you see ok and are you comfortable?"

I nodded yes. I watched the movie in amazement and my cock was hard a board again.

Cal noticed my cock.

"I see you are enjoying it" "that guy was very good at sucking cock, as well as other things we shall explore"

"You see, he was the reason my wife left me" "I always wanted to fuck her ass, she told me that before she would let me into her ass, I would have to see what it felt like" "I agreed and she went out to a bar and picked up my friend there on the screen. Susan, my ex is running the camera"

I sat there in amazement and watched the continuing event unfold.

The Cal on the TV pulled his cock out of the guy's mouth, got down on his hands and knees. The mystery performer was handed a tube of lube from the camera operator and preceded to grease up Cal's ass and his own 7-inch cock. The guy positioned his cock at Cal's entrance and began to push the head in. The camera fixed on Cal's expression, which was one of mixed pain and pleasure. Now the camera moved around to focus on the cock that was invading Cal's tight ass and proceeded to be buried deep into his bowels. Cal on the TV moved forward with the initial thrust and almost collapsed to the floor.

The real Cal sat down beside me on the bed and took hold on my cock and began to pump it very slowly as we both watched the screen.

On TV Mr. Mystery guest was getting into a hard fucking rhythm and the camera moved around to try and capture the most from Cal's ordeal. I could see the guy's meat pulling out to the tip and pounding back deep over and over again. The guy was relentless and just kept on fucking that tight ass. Every now and then the camera would go back to Cal's face to show his eyes shut and how much he was enjoying this. After a few more minutes of pounding the guy starting grunting and he shivered and pulled his cock out of Cal's ass. A great rope of cum spewed out of his dick and landed on Cal's shoulder blade. The guy then quickly stuffed his cock back into Cal's dilated ass and pumped the rest of his load into him.

Back in the real world Cal was pumping my cock harder as we watched the finale of the movie and I exploded again just after the guy in the movie. I shot my cum all over my chest, stomach and his hand.

"Mmmmmm I thought you'd like that" "I can use some of that later"

"Do you want to try some of that?'

"Ahhh I dunno"

"Don't worry I'll go slow and if it hurts ill stop"

"Ahh I guess.. ok, just don't hurt me "

He got up on the bed and lengthened the ropes on my hands and slid me down to my back. He then tied my ankles to ropes and fastened them to the bedpost over my head.

As he was doing this he told me of how his wife had come home from work and found the mystery guy fucking him. She didn't like being left out of the fun and flipped out. She left in a hurry. Cal got down between my legs and started to lick and kiss his way down my thighs. He arrived at my hole and licked it gently and began to probe inside with the tip of his tongue. I felt his tongue go inside and he rolled his tongue around as much as he could

After a couple minutes of this great tonguing action, he sat up on his knees and scrapped some of the cum off of my chest and applied it to my ass working it inside.

"Hmmm I don't know if that will be enough, but what the hell" he said

He ran the tip of his cock over my virgin hole and spread some of my cum that was there over it and then found my opening with it. He began to press forward and pushing the cock head in while watching my face. His cock pushed in and it hurt like hell. I told him to stop and he did.

"Just relax, it will be ok in a second" he said and waited

The pain did subside and he continued to push it in, inch by inch till he was buried deep inside me.

"Is that ok?' he asked.

"Arg. Yah, ok" I managed

My ass felt so full, I could feel my cock start to stiffen again as his cock seemed to be pressing on something inside me that felt good.

He slowly withdrew his cock to the tip and pushed it back deep.

"Mmmmmm that is so tight. You have such a nice tight ass."

"I am going to enjoy fucking you so much"

"Did you know I was watching you cut the grass today?"

I said I thought I had seen him in the window.

"I watched your young tight ass as you pushed that lawnmower"

He started to pump my ass as he was talking to me. Thrusting harder as my ass became used to his invading cock.

"I was watching you and stroking my cock, thinking about what a nice tight ass you have, and I was right"

"Do you like this?" he asked

"Ahuh" I grunted on his outstroke.

"Good. I've been watching you and some of your friends for quite some time."

"Yeah?" I grunted as he pushed in.

"Oh yeah, you have some cute friends. Especially that smaller one."
"Oh, that is Eddie." I replied.

"Yeah, Eddie. Does he like guys too?"

"I'm not sure."

"You will have to find out for me will ya?"

`I uh, Ugh. Yeah. OK." I said. At that point I would have said anything.

Actually Eddie and I had jerked off together several times in his basement after finding his older brothers stash of porn magazines. We had never touched each others cocks but it always seemed like he was watching me stroke my cock more than he was looking at the magazine he had. I would have to investigate.

Cal stopped in midstroke and reached up and undid my hands and legs. That felt good and I wrapped them around his waist as he continued to fuck me harder and harder.

I grunted with each instroke as he pounded into me for a couple more minutes.

Cal stopped, pulled out and told me to turn over and to get up on my hands and knees. I did so and he positioned himself behind me and forced his cock back into my waiting ass. He grabbed my hips and ground his cock deep into me again. I now knew what he was feeling in the video. He pulled out to the tip of his cock and shoved it back in.

"You have such a tight ass I may have to share you with a couple of my buddies"

"Would you like that?" he asked

"I dunno."

"You will like it" and he started to pound his cock into me harder.

He pounded and grunted, harder and harder. My ass felt like it was on fire but good all at the same time. He continued to fuck me hard pausing occasionally to tell me what a great boy pussy I had and it would be a shame not to share it around. After a few more minutes of his hard pounding, he grabbed my hips harder and began to shudder. I felt a warm gush deep in my belly and then he pulled out his cock and let go a rope of cum that landed up on my back.

"AARRRRGGGGGGG" he cried out and he pushed is cock back into my ass and pumped 4 or 5 more shots of his hot jism into my bowels.

He pushed me down with his weight and I was beneath him as he caught his breath, thanking me and telling me how great that was over and over again.

Soon he pulled his softening cock out of my sore ass.

"You need a shower" he pulled me up and we went to have a shower.

While we were showering he washed my back and bum softly. He told me that a couple of his friends that needed some yard maintenance and that they were very rich and would I be interested if he recommended me. I told him I was always open to new clients.

My mom never could figure out how I got so much money. But that is another story.

Should I continue the story with Eddie and maybe some of the new clients?

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