Just another Lawn Boy tale Pt4. Eddie's first time.

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction, no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on. Although loosely based on events that happened to the author growing up, I do not condone, would ever participate in, or encourage having sex with minors.

Thursday dawned sunny and hot like the entire summer had to that point. I had struggled through my lawn boy duties on Monday with a very sore bum. Progressively I had felt better and by Wednesday I was back to normal. I was also becoming more keenly aware of the guys that hired me. Most ignored me as I did laps around their respective lawn, but on occasion I noticed the odd one sneaking a peak at my slim tanned body. My uniform was always the same for the most part. I had an abundance of jean cutoffs in my clothes drawers at home, although some were now becoming tight, I wore them the days I suspected the guys were sneaking peaks.

Eddie knocked on my door at 10am and we set off the short distance to Cal's house. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting running shorts and a tight Nike t-shirt. His little freckled nose was covered in sunscreen, as his mother was worried about him burning it.

We arrived at Cal's house and knocked on the door over and over again. Cal was defiantly a heavy sleeper but finally the deadbolt turned and he peaked out around the door. His normally kept and well-groomed hair was a mess and he had a heavy beard.

"Oh hey boys." He spoke sleepily and once he realized it was us he opened the door. He was clad in only his underwear. His thick cock was very evident behind the skimpy material of his briefs

"Hi Cal, We are here to do your lawn."

"Yeah go ahead. Brian, you can show Eddie what to do, right?"

"Yeah, sure." I looked at him skeptically.

"Oh, I had a late night. Big fire uptown and we didn't get back to the hall till after 3am."

"Oh, I see." I said turning away.

"If you need anything, come see me."

"Ok." We both chirped in unison.

After Cal closed the door Eddie and I went into the back yard to find the mower and trimmer. As I was showing Eddie how to gas it up he giggled.

"What?" I asked

"Did you see his thing in his underwear?"

"Yeah. Couldn't help not noticing."

"It certainly is big."

"Ahuh." I agreed.

"Do you think it was hard?"

"No, well maybe partly."

"Yeah, maybe..." Eddie said trailing off his thought.

I showed Eddie how Cal liked having his grass cut before starting the mower. I was a little worried that a little guy like Eddie couldn't handle Cal's big mower, but after a lap or two he handled it like a pro. I began trimming the grass edging and in the hot sun it wasn't long before I had worked up a sweat. As I rounded the corner by the deck I noticed Cal had come outside and was now sun tanning in those great little Speedos. He was lying in his stomach but had his head up smiling at me. He rolled over onto his side and my eyes worked there way down his fantastic body. >From his gorgeous smile, down to his incredible chest that was covered lightly in a fine hair. Lower to his six pack abs and then I spied his cock head protruding out of the top of his tight swimsuit. His cock extended well up over his belly button. Precum glistened in the morning sun as he gently ran his fore finger up and down the under side of his material covered shaft. Try as I might, I couldn't take my gaze away from the vision in front of me. My cock began to stiffen inside the confines of my shorts. He just continued to run his finger lazily up and down his meat with that grin on his face. Forcing myself to turn from his awesome body and lustful stare, I decided at the last second to give him a tease in return. I placed my free hand on my ass and patted it softly and then rubbed it around slowly. Cal licked his lips and smiled before nodding slightly to my left. Eddie rounded the corner and came up behind me with the running lawnmower, which finally made me break my gaze. Cal rolled back onto his stomach hiding that lovely chunk of meat.

Cal watched us attentively as we did our chores until about 5 minutes before we were done. I caught a glimpse of him going into the house wearing only his pale blue Speedo.

Finally we were done and as we cleaned up Eddie asked me if I had noticed Cal sun tanning on the deck. I told him I had. I was about to ask him if he noticed Cal's large erection sticking out of his swimsuit but Cal called from the back deck.

"Hey, are you boys thirsty?"

"Yeah!" we both yelled in unison and broke for the back deck.

"What will it be boys?" Cal asked. He was standing still wearing only his tiny Speedo and a towel draped around his neck. His cock had softened somewhat, but his bulge was still very noticeable. His cock head was outlined in the stretchy fabric and it ran up towards his left hip.

"Coke." I said

"Root beer, if you got one?" Eddie responded.

"Come on in, its much cooler in the house." Cal explained and turned to go inside.

As soon as Cal turned Eddie elbowed me and nodded towards Cal's waist. I knew what he meant I nodded in agreement. This got a giggle from Eddie.

Once inside the house, Cal closed the door behind us and turned the deadbolt. We went over and stood by the kitchen counter while Cal got us sodas from the fridge.

"You boys did a great job today, and fast too."

"Thanks, it's easier with two doing it."

"Yeah, I guess it would be. Worked up quite a sweat too." He said.

"Yeah, but its nice and cool in here." Eddie replied.

"Here, let me wipe that away." Cal offered whipping the towel from around his neck.

The cooling sweat had been trickling down my back and into my butt crack. Cal swiftly moved up behind me and ran the towel down my back. Eddie watched intently as Cal worked the towel over my entire back. He stepped even closer and I felt his meat brush against my ass cheek. He changed directions and leaned into me closer, now grinding his engorged cock into my ass cleavage.

"Next?" Cal spoke looking at Eddie.

"Ok, I guess." Eddie responded, not too sure.

Eddie had worked up a bit of a sweat but not like mine. This didn't stop Cal and went to work on the young boys slime frame, even toweling him under his armpits. I could see every now and then Cal would rub his cock against Eddie's little bottom. The man's large cock head was now sticking out of the top of his suit by a full inch. It was covered in precum and several strands of it had separated and ended up on Eddie's shorts. Eddie just stood there with a silly grin on his face but I could see his own little boy cock getting hard in his shorts, as was mine.

Cal's breathing was becoming fast and heavy before he broke off the toweling.

"Do you guys want to see my new TV?"

"Yeah, sure, how big is it?" I asked.

"52 inch Plasma wide screen, HDTV."

"Yeah." Eddie responded too, in awe.

"Ok, its downstairs." Cal said pointing the way.

With Eddie in the lead we found our way down to his Theatre room. The TV and entertainment center were in the middle of the wall. He had two big over stuffed chairs and a sofa surrounding them. He had made no effort to conceal his cock that was still protruding and I could see Eddie sneaking peaks at it as often as possible. Cal picked up a remote and pushed a button. The screen powered up and then he turned on the DVD player. He showed us some high Res 5.1 dolby digital movies for a few minutes impressing us with the sound and picture quality. Then punching another button on the remote the VCR kicked in and the screen changed to a grainier picture. On the screen a small Chinese boy was on his knees in front of two men. He was sucking one guy's cock and stroking the other. I heard Eddie gasp beside me and begin to adjust his cock in his shorts again. The Chinese boy on screen alternated sucking the two hard cocks as we watched intently. I turned a little to look at Cal. He smiled at me and nodded at Eddie. I smiled and nodded back.

"Eddie, why don't you take those off and get comfortable." Cal offered.

"I ahhh.. I don't know." Eddie responded slowly.

"Don't be shy, here. Brian and I will do it too. Wont you Brian?" Cal said beginning to pull his Speedos down.

Eddie didn't know if he should watch TV or watch Cal. His eyes darted back and forth for a minute as Cal slowly peeled down his tiny garment. His large meat spilled out and stuck proudly out before him, bouncing up and down. In the end both Eddie and I gave up watching the TV and concentrated on Cal. I heard Eddie gasp again from beside me.

"You sure got a big one mister."

"Thanks Eddie. Ok, your turn Brian."

I popped the button and slowly pulled my zipper down. My cock begged to be free of its confines and wasted no time springing out. I pulled my shorts down over my bubble butt and let them fall to the floor. Still Eddie wasn't sold on the situation, so I went to work on him.

"Come on Eddie, just like Sunday morning. I will do that thing you like, you know like that boy on TV is doing."

He smiled at me and began to untie the drawstring on his shorts. Unfortunately the knot had jammed while he was cutting the grass and he couldn't undo it. Cal realized his dilemma and reached down to help him. Working quickly with deft fingers Cal managed to free the knot and pulled the boy's shorts to the floor. Eddie's little boy cock stuck proudly out in front of him also and Cal seized the opportunity and seized the boy's cock in between his lips. I snuck a glance at the TV, the little Chinese boy was being fucked from behind while sucking the others guys large cock. Slurping sounds brought me back to Cal and Eddie's show. I slowly stroked my penis and watched Cal expertly suck Eddie off. Eddie had his eyes closed, two hands full of hair and was trying to fuck Cal's mouth.

"Ohhhh, Oh yeah!" Eddie yelled.

"Hmmmuff." Cal groaned as he took Eddie's small load down his throat.

"Ooooo, thanks mister." Eddie purred contently.

Cal finished sucking the boy dry and pulled his mouth off the small cock.

"Oh Eddie, that was my pleasure, such a nice little load, so sweet too." Cal said licking his lips. I noticed Eddie look down at Cal's large member.

"Don't worry baby. I wont make you suck it yet. Your mouth is much too small and you need more practice. Why don't you practice on Brian for a few minutes and ill be right back.

I wasn't going to object and sat down on the sofa. Eddie came over and sat down beside me and reached for my throbbing dick. His hot little hand just about made me blow right then.

"Go ahead, suck him." Cal commanded from beside the sofa. Eddie did like he was told and ducked his head down to my cock. My cock head passed through his lips easily and he wetted my shaft. He worked my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth until he made a gargling sound and took my cock into his throat. I knew Eddie had done many times to his big brother Darren but Eddie never confessed to being able to deep throat a cock. I wasn't about to pull him off though.

"Good. Yes, keep it up. I'll be right back." Cal said disappearing out of the room.

Eddie was getting into a good rhythm when Cal arrived back. He was holding a bottle of clear fluid, a small brown bottle, and a blanket. He spread the blanket out on the floor quickly.

"Why don't you boys get comfortable on the blanket. Eddie is hard again, Brian why don't you suck Eddie, while Eddie is sucking you?"

"Ok." I said huskily. Eddie's mouth was having a definite effect on me. Eddie pulled off my cock and we slid down to the floor before attacking each other's cocks like starving boys. The overhead light suddenly went on a little brighter, then Cal was back.

We were lying side by side in a 69 position slurping and sucking away, when I felt Cal kneel down behind me. A cool liquid was applied to my ass and I felt him slide a finger into my ass. He eased it in a little deeper and found my prostate. As he rubbed it, my balls twitched and I let go of my first load of the day. I gave no warning to Eddie who began gurgling and making choking sounds.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I groaned heavily as I pumped my gusher into Eddie's mouth. Eddie dutifully cleaned and licked my entire offering up.

Before long a second finger was added to my boy pussy. Cal slowly spun and stretched my hole open wider and wider with his talented fingers. Before long though, he removed his fingers and pushed me onto my belly. I had no choice to let go of Eddie's hard little dick. Cal positioned himself behind me and pulled my hips up slightly. His large man meat found my hole immediately and he pushed in. Despite having taken his cock before I screamed as the big head popped through the opening.


"Are you ok?" Eddie asked beside me.

"Ooooohhh, yeah. It just hurts a little when it first goes in." I said trying to catch my breath.

"You have done this before?" Eddie asked amazed.

"Yeah, once or twice."

"Wow." Eddie said still watching intently.

"Do you want to try?" Cal asked.

"Ummmm, I don't know. My brother is always after me to do it. I say no. It looks like it hurts."

"Only at first, right Brian? We can go slow." Cal offered.

I grunted as Cal slid his cock in deeper and deeper, elongating my pussy.

"Wow Brian, he has got most of his thing inside your bum."

"MMMmmmm yeah, I can feel him inside me."

"And it's ok?"

"Oh yeah, it feels very good now." I told Eddie.

"I don't know." Eddie said, still not convinced. Cal began slowly thrusting his meat in and out of my ass, pleasuring both of us.

"I have an idea." Cal said

"What?" Eddie asked.

"Come lay down here beside us so I can play with your bum too. If you don't like my finger inside you then we wont go any further. Ok?"

Eddie never answered; he just moved around and lay on his stomach beside us. Cal stopped fucking me holding his fat cock within my hole. Looking over my shoulder I watched Cal dribble the clear fluid over Eddie's upturned ass. He set the bottle down and began massaging the oil around, probing deeper and deeper between Eddie's ass cheeks. I heard Eddie gasp and knew that Cal had found his tiny hole with his finger. Eddie's face contorted.

"It hurts mister, take it out."

"Just relax, ok?" Cal whispered reassuringly.

"But you said if I didn't like it, you would stop."

"You have to give me a chance to make you like it."

Eddie put his head down into the blanket and let Cal continue finger fucking his virgin ass. Occasionally Cal would pump his cock into my pussy making me moan. Then I heard Eddie gasp again.

"Owwwwwww. Stop, Please!!!"

"Just be still. I just put another finger inside you. Its ok."

"Noooo!!!" Eddie wailed and began to struggle.

"Try some of this." Cal said offering Eddie the little brown bottle and holding it in front of his nose. Eddie grunted and snorted after breathing what ever was in the bottle and then seemed to relax again. Call gave me 2 quick thrusts and then pulled his juicy cock from my ass. My hole cried out to be filled again, but I knew it was Eddie's turn.

"I think your ready. Brian, grab his hands just in case." Cal commanded.

I pulled myself up to my hands and knees and grasped Edie's wrists while Cal positioned himself behind and over top Eddie.

"Don't worry Eddie, it hurts at first but it feels great after." I whispered to a very relaxed Eddie. Cal's slick cock moved closer to the small boy's ass almost in slow motion. My ass juice and his precum, along with the lubrication he had applied shone on his cock in the bright overhead light.

Cal rubbed his cock up and down the boy's crack, pushing it deeper and then pulling it out, exploring and testing. What ever was in the little brown bottle was very relaxing as Eddie hardly moved until Cal found the boy's tight little hole.

"Ooooooowwwwwww... Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Eddie began screaming.

"Give him some more." Cal said, referring to the bottle. I held the bottle under Eddie's nose and he relaxed a little.

"Just relax and don't fight it, push like you are taking a poop." I offered Eddie.

I don't know if this helped or it was the stuff in the bottle or if Eddie's ass was just naturally stretching open to accommodate the man's fat meat, but Eddie seemed to relax.

Cal began to push again very slowly.

"I can't take it." Eddie told me through tears. Judging by the look on Cal's face he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"You are doing great. I had a hard time taking his cock too my first time."

"Yeah?" Eddie sniffled through the tears.

"Yeah. He is almost half way in, the worst part is over."

"Promise." He sniffled.

"Yeah, Promise!"

"Ok." Eddie put his head down into the blankets again, still sniffling back tears.

He began moaning louder again as Cal inched his way deeper into Eddie's rectum.

"Fuck is he tight!" Cal hissed.

Finally Cal buried his cock into the small boy's ass and held it there waiting for Eddie to get used to it.

"Its ok, he is all the way in." I assured Eddie.

"Ohhhhhh. Its not so bad now." Eddie sniffled.

"Let me suck your cock for a minute." Cal demanded. I was never one to turn down a BJ so I let go of Eddie's small arms and stood beside Cal. Cal quickly slurped my cock into his mouth and grabbed one of my ass cheeks. I felt one of his fingers work his way into my pussy, probing me gently as he sucked. After a couple minutes, I was just about to blow my load, when Cal let go of my ass.

"I think he is ready for more now." Cal explained was he slowly pulled his juicy cock out to the tip. Without a word of warning Cal drove his cock back deep into Eddies tight little ass. Eddie's soft white bubble cheeks bounced as the man's muscular hips slammed into them, making a smacking noise. Eddie squealed in a combination of pleasure and pain as his ass was filled again.

I knelt down beside the pair and ran my hands over Eddie's smooth back. He seemed to coo like a dove as I gently massaged his shoulders. Cal's pumping action was beginning to pick up-tempo and I could tell by his face he was enjoying it. I slowly ran my hand lower down Eddie's back and over his bum. Cal's hips would squish my hand into Eddie's soft flesh when he would thrust into Eddie.

"Fuck, Fuck, fuck. Soooo tight." Cal groaned. I reached a little further down and found Cal's fat cock. It was all slick with Eddie's ass juice and the lube he had used. He pushed into Eddie and my I could feel with my fingers the boy's stretched ass and the big meat as it went in and out. I ran my other hand down his muscular ass and found his low hanging balls and cupped them gently, trying to match the speed of his movements.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, roll them softly." He instructed me as he stopped fucking Eddie briefly.

I did as I was coached, rolling them around my hand. It felt like two chicken sized eggs in a velvet pouch.

"Do you want to try fucking me?" Cal asked.

"Hell yeah." I said, jumping up.

"Get the lube and work it around my hole. I have to stay still for a minute, I'm too close to cumming and I want to prolong this for a while." He reasoned. I looked at Eddie's small form, half hidden underneath the man. He wasn't crying any longer and was lying there with his head turned to the side, almost as if he were asleep. I knew he wasn't though as he was moaning and groaning to match Cal's incessant pumping. Cal moaned as I worked the clear lube into his hole, trying to emulate what he had done to Eddie and I.

"Ok, that should be good enough. Stick your cock in me." Cal said.

I got behind Cal and placed my dripping cock at his entrance. Grabbing his hips I pushed. My cock glanced off and up the valley of his ass.

"Go a little slower and hold your cock until you get it in." He instructed. I was a novice at this and gave it another try. This time I found the mark and pushed slowly. He ass opened and my cock seemed to pop through his ring. I buried my small cock right up to my balls on the first successful push.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yeah." Cal hissed again.

"Awwwwwwww." I moaned feeling the velvety tightness of his chute.

"Ooooooo, yeah. That is good."

He was wrong about that. It wasn't good it was great. I fucked my cock in and out of him a couple times and got him moaning.

"Ok, lets see if we can do this together." Cal said wanting to pump his cock into Eddie again. I leaned forward and pushed in as Cal did the same to Eddie. Eddie moaned heavily as the fat cock pushed deep into his belly. I felt Cal begin to pull out and did the same. Unfortunately do to my lack of skill I pulled out too far and dropped out of Cal's tight hole. Cal didn't wait for me to try and reenter; instead he began to fuck Eddie harder and harder. The slapping sound of Cal's hips on Eddie's sweet cheeks came faster and faster until it almost seemed like a constant noise. Eddie had his eyes closed, the blanket in his teeth and to his credit was taking all Cal had to offer. I thought at the time that Eddie was even trying to push back against the relentless thrusting but couldn't be sure.

"Arrggghhhh ahhhh.. Oooohhh fuccccccckkkkkk ... aaaaahhh yeeeeeeesssss!!!!! Going to cummmm!!!!!" Cal screamed. He pumped his meat into the boy's little pussy a couple more times and then pulled it out. He held his heavy cock a moment before a great long white rope of cum shot out of his cock. It flew end over end landing on the back of Eddie's head. Just as he had done with me, Cal quickly stuffed his erupting cock back in the boy's poor little stretched ass. The man's boiling cum then filled the small boy's insides.

"I can feel it getting warm in my belly." Eddie remarked in a hoarse whisper.

"Whhhhooooooaaaaaa, fuck kid, that was incredible. We definitely got to do that again soon." Cal said as he regained his breath.

"Ooooooo." Eddie moaned.

Cal slowly pulled his softening cock from the boy and looked up at me with a smile.

"Want some?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess. If its ok with Eddie."

Eddie never responded, instead just lying on the blanket with a smile on his little face.

"Go ahead. He should be well lubed."

After Cal got up and moved away I lowered myself onto Eddie's back and quickly put my cock into his dilated hole. I pushed in without much effort.

"Ooooohhhh!" Eddie moaned as I sunk into him. It sounded like he didn't mind so I began to fuck his little bottom. Even though it was a little loose and sloppy at the time I was still feeling it on my cock. I pumped my cock in and out of him for a couple minutes before letting go a incredible torrent of cum into Eddie's upturned ass.

Spent and exhausted, I withdrew my penis, rolled over beside Eddie and hugged him hard. He groaned affectionately before opening his eyes and smiling at me.

"You ok Eddie."

"Yeah, you were right, it wasn't bad after the first part."


"I'm glad you were with me the first time Brian."

"Me too. Thank you for letting me screw you too."

"I'm glad you did it, but I kind of had an accident." Eddie said.

"What do you mean?"

Eddie rolled onto his side exposing the front of his body to me. All around the front of his groin was covered in his own cum.

"I never even touched myself and I came when Cal was doing it to me."

"Its ok Eddie. It just means you liked it."

"Oh, good." Eddie said relaxing.

Cal had come back into the room after retrieving a towel from the bathroom.

"Here Eddie you might need this. There is a shower in there if you want." Cal offered. As I turned and looked at Cal, I couldn't help but notice he was semi hard. His low hanging balls were pulled up tighter than before but his cock kept rising higher and filling out again. He walked over to me and stood before me offering me his cock. I opened my mouth wide and took him in as far as I could. Cal pulled my head closer and began face fucking me, trying to force his cock deeper.

"Yeah, that is much better." He moaned to me. I felt Eddie get up and move away from us. A short time later the shower in the downstairs bathroom came on. My mouth was stretched to the max and try as I may I couldn't take anymore of Cal's ample meat into my mouth without gagging.

"You are getting better at sucking my dick, but looks like we are going to have to resort other methods." He said joking.

"How do you want it?" I asked resolving myself to the task at hand.

"I want you to ride it."

"How do you do that?" I inquired.

"Simple. I lay on my back and you get on my cock and slide it up your cute little ass."

"Oh, I guess." I said as Cal lay down on his back. I positioned my ass over his fuck pole and reaching under to steady his cock, I lowered myself onto him, impaling myself deeply. Even though Cal had cum not 15 minutes before he was as hard and long as ever. I almost fainted as his thick meat drove into my pussy again and had to support myself by placing my hands on his brawny pecs.

"Ooooo yeah, I'm liking that too. Ride it baby." Cal instructed. I rose up on his cock and then eased my way back down still trying to get use to his size. In the background I heard the shower water shut off. Cal reached down and grabbed my waist and held me. At the same time he also lifted his hips driving his cock into my ass. He quickly picked up the tempo of his thrusting and had me moaning loudly. My own hard dripping cock bounced around with his urgent pumping. His cockhead repeatedly rubbed my prostate giving me great pleasure. He was fucking me hard when I felt my balls contract and I shot a load of cum all over his chest and stomach.

"Mmmmm yeah, someone likes this too." He said stopping for a minute to taste my offering.

"So sweet, just like your ass." He added and turned me over onto my back. Locking my legs over his shoulders, Cal squeezed back into me and fucked me slowly. I locked my fingers together behind his neck and hung on. He quickly picked up speed again and was rhythmically pounding my boy pussy with his fat pole.

"Oh... Ohhh...Ohhh...Oh..." I panted with his thrusting. I never noticed Eddie come back into the room and sit down beside us on the sofa. When I opened my eyes he was watching us intently. Cal continued his assault on my ass for another 15 minutes, occasionally slowing or stopping to prevent himself from cumming again. His sweat dripped from his forehead and onto my face. He pinched and bit my nipples, twisting them forcefully. I dropped my hands to his muscular ass and grabbed handfuls. When he pinched or bit my nipples I would use my fingernails on his ass. This seemed to encourage him to fuck me harder. Finally he thrust deeply into me and I felt his meat pulsate.

"Oooooohhhhh fuck!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!! Cummmmminnggggg!!!" He screamed. My ass filled with his steaming load as he pumped gob after gob into me. Every muscle and vein strained in his intense orgasm. Eventually he composed his breathing and rolled off me pulling his semi erect meat from my hole, spilling a big gush of cum onto the blanket.

"Wow, he really screwed us, hey Brian?" Eddie said understating the obvious.

"Yeah." I said tenderly touching my ass.

"I think you need a shower too."

"Yup, lookout I'm coming through." I said getting up and running to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and spilled a bunch more of Cal's cum into the bowl. It hit with several loud splashes. I then had a hot shower and let the water run over my smooth bum and soothing my sore hole.

Cal and Eddie were nowhere to found when I went back into the Theatre room. The lights were all out and finally I found them upstairs talking and laughing like old friends.

The both greeted me happily with no sense of tension.

"Eddie and I were just discussing how much for payment. We agreed on a price for services rendered now and for the immediate future." Cal said smiling.

"Does that mean you no longer require my services?"

"Oh hell no, the more the better. I'm actually working on something that could make us all a tidy profit."

"What is it?"

"Let me get the little details figured out and then we can talk again."

"Oh, ok. So when do you want us back?"

"Well as I was telling Eddie, I'm scheduled for vacation over the next couple weeks and I'm flying out to California, so what do you say we meet at the beginning of next month?"

"I guess. I will put you on my calendar."

"What are you doing Saturday?" Cal asked.

"My mom wants me to go over to my grandpas and help him cut his grass. Mom and Grandma are going shopping."

"That's too bad, I have a couple more clients lined up for you."

"I doubt my mom will let me get out. Can I have the names and numbers anyway, just in case?"


He handed me the list of 3 names, I looked at them quickly and didn't recognize any of them. Cal paid us for the day and we left waddling rather gingerly back to my house.

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