Just another lawn boy tale. Pt5

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction, no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. Any similarity to persons alive or dead is strictly coincidental. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on. Although loosely based on events that happened to the author growing up, I do not condone, would ever participate in, or encourage having sex with minors.

"Come boy, shuck them drawers." Grandpa commanded as he pawed at my shorts.

Grandma and mom had gone shopping a few hours ago leaving Grandpa and myself alone to do the chores around the farm. We had first cleaned out the chicken coop and done my specialty, cut the grass. Now we were down in the barn and had just finished cleaning the horse stalls. Grandpa had made several loose inquiries of my activities on the previous Sunday. He grabbed my ass several times when I was bent over making suggestive comments. Now that we were all done with the chores he was telling me to take my clothes off.

"Grandpa!" I pleaded.

"I know you like it. Hell boy when I was your age I was doing with every Tom, Dick and Harry I could find."

"Grandpa, I don't know what your talking about." I responded, still trying to play innocent.

"Hell yeah you do boy. I seen ya walking funny at your house last weekend and id know that walk anywhere. You had been getting rooted somewhere, no hurry up and shuck them drawers. Grandpa has got some rooting to do too. It's been a long time since I had some fine boy pussy." Grandpa said as he loosened his belt.

"Uh uh." I said.

"Fine, play hard to get." He said and grabbed my arm. With his other hand he pulled the belt out from his waist and made a loop. He deftly slid the loop over my wrists and cinched it down tight. Then pulling my hands up and slipped the end of the belt over a nail on a support post. I had to stand on my tiptoes to stop the belt from digging in deep.

"Grandpa, you can't do this." I protested.

"I warned ya boy." He said walking around behind me. His hand ran up my chest inside my t-shirt feeling my chest and rubbing my nipples.

"Ya like that, don'tcha boy?"

His touch had sent a shiver through my body and gave me goose bumps.

"No, please grandpa, let me go. I wont say nothing to mom."

"Hell boy, you ain't going to say nothing to your mother even after I fucks ya. Do you know why I say that?"

"No. No way you are going to do that grandpa."

"Oh yeah boy. I'm going to fuck your boy pussy long and hard. I ain't had nothing but a sloppy ol cunny for years now and I've been waiting for someone like you for a long time. I know you're a pussy boy, like I said, I've been around allot of them to know better."

Now Grandpa lowered his hand down, inching closer to my hard cock that was still trapped in my cutoffs. My cock had betrayed my head and hardened when gramps strung me up on the nail. His hand paused at my waist and he pulled himself to my back. Grandpa was packing some serious meat in his pants. I could feel him rubbing his bulge up and down my crack.

"That ain't a flashlight there boy. You got me turned on like a stud horse in a pen full of in season mares."

He lowered his hand and grabbed my bulge.

"Yeah, I knew you were a pussy boy, you are hard as a stone too. Not too bad for size either, just like your old man."

"How do you know how big my dad was?" I objected.

"Oh hell boy. Your dad and I had us some times here in this ol barn. Too bad that drunk driver killed him. Your ol man gave as good as he got."

"Oh." I said resolutely.

Grandpa broke his hold on me and went into the tack room. He came back carrying a tube of ointment of some kind. Then he opened the button on my waistband and slid his hand down inside the back of my shorts.

"Oooooooo, so nice and smooth, just the way I like `em." He told me as he caressed my ass. He backed away slightly pulling his hand out. I heard the soft sound of his zipper and the rustling sound of his pants being pulled down. The next thing I knew my cutoffs where lying on the ground around my ankles.

"Boy ya ain't wearing any skivvies, that's very sexy. Your ass looks just as nice as it feels on my hand. I bet it's going to feel real nice with my ol cock rooting it"

He said from behind me again. I heard some funny squishy sound and then he was rubbing his cock head up and down the crack of my ass. He found my opening with his cock and shoved it in as hard as he could.

"Uuuuuuugggggghhhhh!!!!!" I screamed. My ass was still a little tender from Cal's treatment.

"Yeah boy, scream. I like it when I can make them scream and there ain't no one around for miles to hear ya."

"Ooooh Grandpa, your cock is so big." I had not even been able to see his meat before he rammed it into me but by the way he was filling me up it felt immense.

"Yeah boy, I knew you'd love it. I was very popular with all the men and women folk round these parts back in the day. Hell I still get to service a few but I never get no boy ass."

"Gramps, I feel so full way up inside my belly." I moaned.

"Yeah boy, well your grandpa has got a pair of big balls too and they are overfilled with hot spunk. You're all I could think bout all week and I never touched myself saving this load just for you boy."

"Ohhhh grandpa, please fuck me! I want to feel your big hard cock ravage my hole really hard."

"Oh yeah boy, old gramps is going to love that hole right to pieces."

Grandpa slowly pulled his long cock from my ass, inch by glorious inch. I couldn't believe it, this was the same cock that had made my grandmother pregnant and created my own mother. Now my grandpa was using it to make me his own little whore. Judging by the length and girth of his member he had likely made allot of guys his bitch. Now he was pushing his meat back into me very slowly enjoying all of me. I swear I could feel his cock head trying to push its way out of my belly. When he had his cock buried inside me again he reached around and began stroking my cock.

"Ohhh grandpa, that feel so nice, I'm going to cum!" And I erupted, spraying my hot load onto the hay cover floor.

"Yeah boy, you shoot good. Next time I'm going to swallow all of that delicious boy cum all down."

"Ok, gramps." I panted out of breath.

"I guess your ready for it now." He said huskily. He pulled and pumped into me quickly. I gasped for air with every stroke he gave me now. My hands were still coupled together by the belt and secured to the nail above my head. In spite of this, I tried to arch my back and allow him better access to my hole.

"Gramps... Ughhhh... ahhhh.. uhhhhh." I said trying to get his attention as he continued his assault.

"What is it boy?"

"I... ahhhhh... Can... ahhhhh... You... Ahhhh... Let... Ahhhhh... me down... ahhhh?"

"Shit no boy. I ain't done with your pussy yet. Not even close boy." He said as he kept on fucking me.

"We... ahhhhh... cannn...ahhhhhh...goooo... up...ahhhhh... in...in... the loft... Ahhhh."

He stopped pumping me for a moment.

"I see what your getting at boy. You want to ride gramp's big ol' pecker, don't ya?"

"Yeah, or maybe lie on my back and put my legs over your shoulders. You can ride me like I'm your little girl."

"Oh yeah boy, I'd like that. Feel my big bulls balls slapp'n off your bubble ass.


He pulled his slick meat out of my hole with a juicy pop and pulled the belt off the nail. Once my hands were free I first noticed my grandpa with his big cock standing proudly out. He smiled at me when he seen me staring.

"Yeah boy, I've been truly blessed by the lord with a big pecker. Trouble is now at my age, he don't stick up quite as strait as it used to."

"Dam, grandpa you're huge. Biggest one I've seen yet."

"How many have you seen boy? Come on up to the loft and you can tell me as I'm fucking you. Your mom and grandma will be back soon enough and I'm not missing cumming inside that sweet little ass of yours." He said as he dragged me off to the ladder that led up to the loft.

I went up first and found a nice bail of hay to sit on. Grandpa poked his head up a few seconds later carrying the tube of ointment. He saw me looking at it.

"Got it from the vet, we use it for breeding the mares. Sometimes the mares are too dry for the stallion, this helps make it slippery. Of course boy, I need to use it cause of my big pecker." He told me as he opened the tube and squeezed out a large dollop onto his cock. He rubbed it around his cock making it glisten in the diffused afternoon sunlight.

Grandpa slowly walked toward me making his cock undulate as he moved. I loved watching it as he came closer and closer. His fat balls were covered in a light gray hair and swung back and forth. As he approached I leaned back and lifted my legs. He took hold of them and pushed them up and spread them open. Straw from the bale pricked at my ass cheeks and back but I was beyond feeling any discomfort from it. I felt him move his cock around to find my hole again and then he pushed it back into me.

"Oooooooooo." I moaned.

"Yeah, that's my little boy, take all of my cock. Now boy, tell me how many cocks have you seen and had?"

"Not many grandpa."

"I asked you a question boy! Don't make me string you back up."

"Four, including you grandpa."

"Ohhh, so you're not that big of a cock hound yet. Hey boy?"

"No, I guess not."

"Well I hope you don't get shy on me now and come back to visit your grandpa often, I kinda like your fine little ass." Gramps said as he began pumping his cock into me again.

"Your... Ahhhhh... Big...ahhhh..cock...ahhh...feels...ahhh...so good...grandpa." I managed to say as he fucked me harder.

"Boy, your fine little hole is squeezin' my big pecker something bad."

"Oh...ahhhh...grandpa... fuck... me... ahhhhh.. harder."

"Yeah boy, I knew ya like cock, too bad your daddy wasn't around ta have himself a piece too. I know he woulda liked it."

"OoooooooOoooooooOooooo." I began howling. His big cock head was brushing my prostate over and over."

"Boy, I think you are going to cum again. That's ok, you just let your grandpa make you feel good cause your making him feel great."

Grandpa pumped for another minute or so, making my cock twitch and bounce, slapping my belly in unison with his movements. Suddenly I felt my cock throb and I began shooting another load of my sweet boy juice. The first shot blasted out and hit me on the chin, surprising me. The rest of my load landed everywhere, some on my belly, some on the straw beside me and some even hit grandpa's chest. He stopped briefly to lick the cool glob on my chin.

"Mmmmmm yeah, creamy and sweet and not too salty. Just like cows cream."

"Ohhhhh, wow!!!!!" I relaxed into the bale. Grandpa still had my legs spread wide and he waited for my orgasm to pass.

"Ok, boy. I think it's my turn now. I'm going to fill your tight bottom full."

"Mmmmm, ok grandpa. Cum in my little fuck hole, fill it with your big load."

"Yeah, sounds good to me."

Grandpa began fucking me harder and harder, running the full length of his shaft in and out of me. Farm life in his day had made him tough as nails and he had no problem supporting his weight as he pounded into me. I marveled at the thin sinewy muscles of his chest and arms as he did his job on my ass. Once in a while he would slow or change his rhythm. For a couple minutes he even rotated his hips around in a circle as he stroked his cock into my ass. That felt very different but very enjoyable also.

"Uggh, boy... I think... yeah.. I think... I'm going to blow. Oh yeah.. there she blows.. Fuccckkkkk YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!" Grandpa screamed. His face went all red with strain. It felt like liquid fire was being sprayed in my bowel, coating everything as it blew further in. It felt like he just kept cumming and cumming, draining those big fat balls. Even as he held his cock deep inside me, I could feel his cock begin to deflate, allowing the hot spunk to seep out.

He let go of my legs but still had his semi erect cock inside me, prolonging the feeling as long as possible. My legs felt weak as they had with Cal and Tyler. Grandpa finally pulled his meat from my hole, allowing a gusher to spill out. It hit the loft floor with a splash. I tried putting my fingers over my widely stretched hole but Grandpa just pushed my hand away.

"Its ok boy just let it go onto the floor. No one but me comes up here. It will do ya good to let it out. Not so much mess in your drawers on the way home."

"Yeah, I guess your right." I said agreeing with him and lay back against a hay bale. It felt very nice and erotic to be naked in a warm hayloft with my grandpa's cum leaking out of my severely dilated ass. I wished I could have a little nap right then.

Gramps reached out and pulled my leg open and peered in between.

"Looks ok, I hope I wasn't too hard on ya. Lord knows I do get carried away on occasion."

"Nah gramps, I will be ok."

"That's the spirit boy. I hope this won't be our first and last time."

"I hope not too, Grandpa."

We cleaned up as best we could and went up to the farmhouse. I came outside again just in time to see mom and Grandma pull up in the car

"You boys behave yourselves?" Grandma asked.

"Yes Grandma."

"Yes Dear."

"Lord, poor Brian looks plumb tuckered out. I think you worked him to hard Fred."

"Oh, I made him put in a full days work and then some, didn't I boy?"

"Yes Grandpa."

He ruffled my hair and we went inside while the ladies made dinner. We ate happily and then left for home soon after the dishes were done.

I could hear the phone ringing as we came up to our door. I rushed past my mom as she opened it. It was Eddie on the phone and he sounded upset.

"Brian, I need to talk to you, can you come over?"

"Now? Its kind of late."

"Please, I really need to talk to you now."

I asked my mom and told her it was an emergency, she agreed as long as I was home in 30 minutes. Eddie had the door open when I got there and hurried me in. It looked like he had been crying.

"What is wrong Eddie? Is it Darren? Did he do something?"

"No, no not really but if he finds out."

"No one is going to find out about the other day at Cal's." I offered, jumping to conclusions.

"It's not that. I was... Well I took some of the money I made at Cal's and went to Walmart today. I bought a water gun, you know one of those big pump up ones."


"And I bought some candy bars too."


"Well on my way home I was walking by the Speedy market and I seen Jason and Bill and Chad all standing around the front door. So I went over to show them my gun."

"And they broke it?"

"No, No. As we were talking, the store manager comes rushing out and starts yelling at us. Those guys all booked off on their BMX bikes leaving me standing there. The manager grabs me and hauls me into his office in the store accusing me of shoplifting."

"But you didn't do anything."

"Yeah I know, but he wasn't going to believe me."

"So what happened?"

"He wanted me to empty my pockets, so I did. He still thought I was hiding something so he had me lean over his desk while he patted me down like cops do. But he didn't just pat me down, he felt me up too. Just like Cal did but he didn't take my shorts off. He just reached down the front of my shorts first and then down the back grabbing my bum hard."

"What did you do?"

"What could I do? I just let him do it."

"So then what happened?"

"He told me I had to pay for the candy bars I had and the stuff the other boys stole too. I started to give him some money but he said I had to work for him after hours or he would call the cops and my mom. Oh Brian. What am I going to do?"

"Don't worry. Lets see. What day are you supposed to go over there?"

"Monday after 6pm. My mom is working but Brian, I didn't do anything."

"Maybe if I go with you, we can work something out with the guy."

"Would you do that for me?"

"Sure, you are like my little brother."

"I wish Darren would treat me like his little brother."

"Yeah, so do i."

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