Just another lawn boy tale pt6 In deep with the law.

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction, no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. Any similarity to persons alive or dead is strictly coincidental. It contains sexual scenes between men and young males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on. Although loosely based on events that happened to the author growing up, I do not condone, would ever participate in, or encourage having sex with minors.

Eddie and I walked up the street towards the Speedy market, where the store manager Tom Easton had accused Eddie of shoplifting. I had all intention of helping Eddie with his predicament with any means possible. If that meant sucking Mr. Easton's cock then I would do that too. Although we hadn't really talked about it, I had the feeling from Eddie's description of his pat down; Hal wanted something more than general labor from Eddie. My feelings were, as it turned out correct.

Eddie had informed me earlier in the day as we did our rounds, cutting the neighborhood grass that his little bum was still sore from Cal's hard rooting the previous Thursday. His brother Darren also had visited him twice over the weekend in the night for some oral sex. Of course Eddie was never on the receiving end and that bothered both of us.

I looked at my watch and it read 5:55pm as we opened the door to the market. Half of the lights we already turned out and only two customers were at the checkouts. One of the cashiers looked at us.

"Store is closing boys." She yelled to us.

"We are here to see Mr. Easton." I called back.

"Oh, Ok. Go through those doors, end of the hall." She waved a finger towards a set of doors and we turned towards it.

Once through the door, we found a brightly lit hallway. Following it past an employee lunchroom, locker room and bathrooms we found a small office with a man sitting behind a desk working on some papers. The little office had enough room for the desk and two chairs in front as well as a small sofa in the corner. Eddie motioned to me that this was the man that had accused and subsequently pasted judgment on him. I knocked on the doorframe, with Eddie standing timidly behind me. The man raised his head and looked us up and down inquisitively. Then recognition washed over his face as he looked at Eddie.

"Yes, can I help you boys?"

"We are here to talk to you about saying Eddie was shoplifting."

"Oh I see. Just a moment, will you? Have a seat." He waved to the chairs in front of his desk as he picked up his phone. He quickly punched in the numbers and waited while it connected. We sat down and waited while he made his call.

"Yeah, Angus, its Tom." He spoke into the phone. I could hear a voice speaking loudly but couldn't make out the words.

"Yeah can you come down to the market, we have a 10-69 and I need some help."

My heart gave a hitch for a second realizing he had possibly called the police, until I remembered that we hadn't done anything wrong.

"OK, I'll look for you in a few minutes. I have to let the girls out and lock up. Ok bye."

Tom hung up the phone and looked at us sternly.

"Sorry I never got your name."

I introduced myself and Tom shook my hand firmly before sitting down again.

"These are very serious charges that Eddie here has done. Stealing is a serious crime."

"But I didn't take anything mister." Eddie protested.

"Well I did catch you with some candy bars and who is to say that he didn't give some stuff to those other hooligans he was hanging out with."

"I bought all that stuff over at the Wal-Mart."

"Do you have a receipt to prove it?" The man asked calmly.

"No, I told you before I didn't."

"Well there in lies the problem. It's my word against yours and I think the police will side with me."

"Listen mister, Eddie said he didn't steal anything and I believe him. Even so he has offered to pay for the candy bars again."

"See now that what makes me sure he is guilty, offering to pay for something he says he already bought is a sure sign of guilt. Maybe we should wait until the police get here. Excuse me for a minute boys." Tom explained as he got up and left the room.

We could hear the cashier's voices just down the hallway as the got ready to leave for the day. The girls sounded happy to be going home, as their voices got dimmer. I heard one of them say `goodnight' in the distance and the front door closed. Eddie and I sat nervously and waited for Mr. Easton to reappear. Before long I heard the door open again and male voices talking quietly, then footsteps approaching.

"Boys, this is officer Walcott of the cities finest. He is here to help us facilitate this little problem." He introduced us to the newcomer.

The cop stood at least 6' 5" in his heavy black boots. He was at least 40 years old with thick graying black short trimmed hair. His square jaw line and high cheekbones accentuated his stern gaze. His police uniform hugged his trim waist and thick chest. He stood before us with his thumbs locked into the police utility belt he wore around his waist. The belt contained the standard items most policemen had to carry, Smith and Wesson 9mm, club, keys, radio, flashlight and handcuffs.

"Boys." He said nodding firmly.

"Ok, lets get down to business. Officer Walcott, last Saturday I caught young Eddie stealing some candy bars." Tom began.

"Well, stealing is a very serious crime. Let me tell you what will happen in the eyes of the law. First off, I will arrest you and take you down to the precinct for booking. While you doing that someone will contact your parents and until you are arraigned you will likely spend at least a day at the juvenile detention center." Officer Walcott explained quietly and sternly.

"But, I didn't steal anything."

"Yes, Mr. Easton said you keep saying you are innocent but I'm afraid without a receipt for the goods, I'm afraid the rule of law is with Mr. Easton."

"That is right, Eddie can't seem to provide any proof of where he supposedly purchased those goods. Now I have offered what I think is a fair trade for him to work off his debt to my store and society in general."

"Yes, but I'm afraid now that the police are involved we will have to take different measures." The big cop said.

Until that point I had sat almost dumbfounded unable to speak in Eddie's defense. Now I finally got the courage up to protest.

"Isn't there anything we can do to?" I asked getting up out of my chair.

The big cop was fast and pushed me back down hard by my shoulder.

"You should remain sitting while I arrest your friend."

Eddie tried bolting for the door but the cop was equally as fast grabbing his arm and turning him back toward the desk.

"Now were are you going so fast? Someone who says they are innocent shouldn't be trying to run."

"I want my mom!" Eddie began to sob.

The cop pushed against the desk.

"Put your hands on the desk and spread your legs while I search you and read you your rights."

Eddie dutifully placed his hands flat on the desk and stood there waiting. Officer Walcott placed one hand on the boy's back and kicked his legs softly spreading them further apart. The man's big beefy hand on his back seemed to make Eddie's little body even smaller. Once the cop was satisfied with Eddie's position he began a slow search of the boy's small body. He ran his hands around Eddie's chest and felt the boy's nipples. Eddie jumped involuntarily as the cop squeezed them between his fingers.

"Got something hard and pointy here." He stated and continued the search. The cop ran his hands firmly over the small boy's firm torso.

"I'm not getting a conclusive result, I need to take his shirt off." The cop stated.

"Yes, Go ahead." Mr. Easton agreed. I sat in the chair unable to take my eyes off the physical search of my buddy. I heard the office door close behind me. Mr. Easton appeared beside me again watching intently. Eddie's shirt was quickly removed and the big cop resumed his search running his hands and fingers slowly over the boy's naked upper body. Mr. Easton's breathing became heavier and with a quick look to my side I noticed his pants were beginning to tent.

Officer Walcott was now satisfied with his upper body search and began exploring lower on Eddie's body. He grabbed both of his ass cheeks in his big hands and kneaded them gently, then ran his hands down the back of his legs stopping at his running shoes.

"Lift your foot." The cop commanded. When Eddie did the cop deftly removed Eddie's shoe and looked inside. He repeated the process for the other foot and then ran his hands up the insides of Eddie's legs. He then reached in between the boy's legs and grasped the boy's package firmly.

"Something hard here too. I need to have a better look. I have to take this off too." The big man said referring to Eddie's cutoffs. As the cop slid Eddie's cutoffs slowly down revealing his small underwear clad bum, I heard Mr. Easton whistle softly through his teeth. Releasing the small garment the cop resumed his leisurely search once again reaching up between the boy's legs.

"Yes, definitely something here, small, hard and pointy. Could be a weapon of some kind. I will need to do a full search." The cop said looking over his shoulder at Mr. Easton.

"Ok, go ahead. We won't be disturbed. The door is locked and there are only stock boys working in the back freezers."

"Good, this will have to be a thorough and possible internal search. We can have contraband getting into the hall."

"Yes, I agree. Proceed." Mr. Easton said.

Eddie just stood there with his hands flat on the desk during the entire process co-operating without hesitation.

"I think I may have to restrain this young man, he may try to escape again."

"Yes, I can see your point."

Officer Walcott retrieved his handcuffs from the pouch on his belt and slipped one over Eddie's wrist. He fed the loose end through a small railing on the edge of the desk and after pulling Eddie down a little he fastened it over Eddie's other wrist. Eddie made a soft mewling sound as the catch ratcheted down.

"There, now to find out what that hard pointy object is." The cop said as he moved back behind the bent over boy. He slowly worked his big hands down the boy's smooth skin to his underwear. Catching a finger in each side of the elastic waistband he smoothly pulled the thin material down, exposing Eddie's creamy white globes. The tan he had been getting on his back from the lawn cutting seemed to make his ass stick out even more. Mr. Easton whistled even louder and he began rubbing his bulge.

The cop ran his hand expertly up the insides of Eddie's small thighs, caressing the smooth baby soft skin very slowly. Pausing briefly he touched the boy's small ball sack with his forefinger. Making slow circles with his fingertip he gradually worked his way up the boy's small cock shaft, then grabbing it firmly.

"Yes, I found something hard. Makes me suspicious that he may be trying to hide something inside. I definitely need to do an internal."

"Ok, do you need a glove and lube?" Mr. Easton asked with a raspy voice.

"No, no glove for this one, I think he is safe. Just lube and I have some here in my belt."

The cop fished out a small tube from a compartment on his belt and opened it quickly. He squeezed the end and some of the gel dropped onto his fingertip. Stepping up behind the boy he patted Eddie's ass cheeks softly and then spread with his free hand. He found Eddie's tight pucker and pushed his finger with the gel in, working it around slowly.

Eddie gasped at the invasion of his private entrance. I wasn't sure if it was because he was still sore or if he was enjoying it.

"Yes, he is definitely tight like he is holding something. I may have to go deeper."

Mr. Easton didn't say anything this time; instead he just gulped his approval. I peeked towards him and noticed he now had his trouser button open and zipper partially down. His hand was inside his pants and he was rubbing his cock up and down. My own cock had long since become uncomfortably hard in my cutoffs but I didn't want to touch myself for fear of betraying my loyalty to Eddie.

Officer Walcott then pulled his finger from Eddie's tight hole and spread more of the lube on his middle and fore fingers. Parting his cheeks again the cop first eased one finger and then the second inside the boy. Eddie groaned loudly when the cop touched his prostate, rubbing it gently.

"I have found something, he is certainly holding something inside him but I cant quite reach it with my fingers. I'm going to have to reach it with something else." The cop explained.

"Oh yes, please do." The man beside me panted, obviously enjoying the show.

The cop withdrew his slimy fingers from the boy and unhooked his utility belt. He popped the top button on his police uniform blue pants and pulled them down exposing his hard tight muscular ass. He had clearly spent many hours in a gym working out as his tight ass flexed when he moved. He reached over to the desk to get the tube of gel and it slipped from his fingers, dropping to the floor. That was when I first got a look at his cock. It protruded obscenely from his body standing I guessed at least a foot long. It resembled a club with its big purple/pink head. A large blue vein twisted its way up from the base, ending just under the circumcised head. Clear fluid oozed from the giant opening. The cop spread the precum as well as more of the gel over the large head of his cock, rubbing around well.

"Dam, I never get tired of looking at your cock." Mr. Easton said.

"Thanks. Why don't you have some fun with him, while I continue my search."

"Yeah, Good idea. I want you to suck me boy." The store manager said turning to me and pulling his pants down. I motioned for him to come closer to where I was sitting. I was intent on watching the cop and Eddie get busy to see if Eddie could take something that size. It had my mind reeling and my ass twitching to see if I could try. Mr. Easton presented me with his cock in front of my face. His cock was certainly less in size, probably about half, but it looked inviting as it dripped precum.

Eddie stood bent over the desk waiting for the invasion of his ass. However he had no idea of how big the cop's monster cock was. Officer Walcott loved to take ass this way and had done so many times out on patrol. He had once caught two very young boys trespassing in an abandoned and locked rock quarry. The boys had just been exploring and not doing any damage but a lesson had to be taught. He had handcuffed the pair in the patrol car and drove them to a secluded part of the quarry to scare them. Then searched them one at a time bent over the car's trunk. He then had taken their small asses with great pleasure several times that afternoon. The magic blue pill had come to his aid many times in the past and had certainly worked well that afternoon. The boys had squealed and cried at first but in the end promised not to ever trespass again. One of the boys had even sought him out again a year or so later wanting more of his man cock. He had obliged the boy many times since then too. Now it was this young perpetrators turn to learn not be on the wrong side of the law.

The cop grabbed his fat cock and ran it up and down Eddie's ass crack. I watched as Eddie jumped when he felt the tip move closer to his pussy. Mr. Easton's cock found my mouth and I took it, sucking it in as deep as I could. Mr. Easton sighed heavily and grabbed two handfuls of my hair. He also wanted to watch the cop and the boy so with a little maneuvering I could suck the store manager's cock and watch also, at least out of one eye.

Officer Walcott found the boy's entrance and eased the very tip of his fat cock in. Eddie groaned loudly but never protested the invasion. The cop ran his big hands over the boy's smooth tanned back and then down across his bum before grabbing his hips tightly. He flexed his ass muscles and began pushing his monster cock into Eddie's tight little ass. The man's big meat was assaulting his little hole too quickly and Eddie began screaming for the cop to take it out. I heard the cop laugh heartily and he pushed harder.

"This is the only way you punks will learn not to break the law. Its better I do it than some big dude in jail." He hissed. His cock looked to be half way into the boy's love canal when Eddie stopped squirming. He put his head down on the desk with his eyes closed and it looked like he had passed out. Officer Walcott pulled his cock out only slightly to get a better grip in his prize. He flexed his taught ass again and I watched as he pushed his meat into Eddie. Eddie groaned loudly and groggily but never fought the man.

"Fuck Tom this kid is tight. I haven't had a piece of boy ass in a while; don't think he is a virgin though. Are ya kid?"

Eddie groaned again and tried to shake his head.

"Too bad, oh well all the better. How many cocks have you had up your chute kid? Can't be that many, you are still very tight." The cop said holding his cock deep inside the boy.

"So are you still pissed I called you in?" The store manager asked as he pumped his cock into my mouth.

"Hell no, I should know better than to doubt you. This is a sweet setup you got going here. All that young boy talent you have working here." Officer Walcott said.

"You know I'm very selective when it comes to that." The manager explained.

"Yeah, yeah I know. It would still be nice to come in when you do your interviews or the Friday night payday parties."

"How would that look for the female staff if they saw you in here all the time?"

"Yeah true. More shoplifters would be nice."

"Yeah, I wonder why I never thought of this before."

"True, first times a charm. You got us two right off the mark."

"Ahuh and I think its time I took this kids ass." Mr. Easton said pulling his cock from my mouth with a pop.

"Good idea. Come one kid, time to wake up, I got some serious fucking to do and I want you to feel it all." Officer Walcott said to the semi conscious boy lying over the desk. The big cop pulled all but the tip of his cock out of Eddie's minute ass. I could see lube and ass fluid glistening on his shaft before the cop slammed it back in.

Eddie grunted loudly and grabbed the opposite edge of the desk to prepare himself for the cop's anal onslaught. I had turned around and bent over the arm of the sofa while Mr. Easton prepped his cock for my ass. I know had a good view of Eddie and the cop in front of me. Tom Easton reached around my waist and opened the button on my cutoffs, quickly pulling them down. I was in my new standard uniform for the summer was going commando again.

"Nice boy, I like it when my guys don't wear underwear." He told me as he rubbed my bubble ass. Mr. Easton wasted no time finding my entrance and pushed his way into me. Even though he wasn't too big, he felt large, as I was still a little sore from my Grandpa's hard fucking. I heard him sigh as he buried his cock into me up to his balls.

The cop was now slowly pumping his meat in and out of Eddie enjoying the velvety chute on every inch. Eddie groaned and moaned with each stroke and his small body bumped up against the desk on the down stroke.

"Don't think your going anywhere now, so I can take these off." The cop spoke huskily. Obviously the boy's tight hole was having an effect on the big cop. Officer Walcott picked up the handcuff key on the desk and unfastened the cuffs securing Eddie. The boy never let go of the edge of the desk even as the big cop started fucking him harder. I watched Eddie's face and he seemed to be enjoying it now. Officer Walcott grabbed the boy's slender hips harder and pumped his cock faster into him. Before long both were grunting and moaning. The cop began yelling obscenities as he fucked his fat meat into Eddie.

"Fucking little slut, your getting all of my big cock now! You need this bad, don't you? Yeah, my little baby, you're getting all of your daddies big fat cock. I knew you could take it and I'm going to fuck you long and hard with it."

Beads of sweat began forming on the cop's forehead. It dripped off onto Eddie's back forming small puddles, but still the cop fucked him relentlessly. Eddie moaned and groaned. Cum spurted from the boy's cock a couple times and spattered on the side of the store manager's desk. "Your little bitch ass is sure getting some loving now, isn't it? Fucking bitch ass slut likes daddies big cock doesn't it? Huh? Answer me slut!"

"Ahuh." Eddie managed.

"Tell me how much you love my big man cock up your hole!"

"I like it." Eddie squeaked out.

"You only like it, you little cock slut? I've made you cum and you only like it? Tell me how much you like my cock or I will stop right now and fuck your friend."

"Please... Please... fuck me... more, I love... your... big cock... in me."

"Yeah, that's more like it. I've never turned down an invitation like that." The big cop said speeding up his fucking motions. Eddie hung on to the edge of the desk for dear life and was even trying to push back to meet him. The cops big bull balls swung back and forth with each stroke, occasionally hitting Eddie's legs.

"My little baby boy loves his daddies cock now, you little slut. I'll teach you to steal from others! Fucking your tight pussy so hard!" He yelled.

Behind me Mr. Easton was slowly working his cock in and out of my ass. It brushed my prostate and my cock throbbed. I was so worked up from watching Eddie and the cop; I blew my load all over the sofa. I felt Mr. Easton push as deep into me as he could and then his cock filled me my belly with his hot seed. He too must have been over excited watching the show in front of us. The cop however seemed like a machine and never slowed down, pumping his steely cock into the boy over and over.

"Going to blow my big load up your sweet little boy cunt, you little bitch!" Officer Walcott bellowed pulling on Eddie's narrow waist.

Tom Easton's cock began to deflate and slipped from my ass. I was about to stand up and look for something to wipe with when I felt his hands parting my ass cheeks. Shortly thereafter his lips and tongue began probing and sucking my ass, licking his own cum from my dripping hole. He licked me clean before crawling the short distance to where Eddie and the cop were. Mr. Easton managed to fit his head between the desk and Eddie's groin and sucked Eddie's little cock into his mouth. I sat back on the chair and watched the show in front of me. The big cops ass flexed and his hip would drive forward, slamming his heavy cock into the tight little ass. This would cause Eddie's pelvis to drive his own cock down into the store manager's sucking mouth.

"Oooooooooo, Arrrrgggghhh." Eddie moaned as he shot another load of cum. This time the man sucked all of the sweet boy juice down my throat.

"Fuck kid, get ready for daddy's big load, I'm going to explode inside your belly! Arrggghh, yeah... just about there!"

Satisfied he had sucked the kid dry; the store manager pulled his head out from the pair. Licking his lips and cleaning off a dribble of Eddie's cum with a finger he smiled at me. I managed a smile and went back to watching the pair.

"Yeah!!, oh Fuck yeah!!! I'm cumming!!!!! Ooooooooohhh!!!! Fuckkkkkkkk!!!!!" The cop roared as he slowed almost to a stop, grinding his hips up and down. Eddie's eyes popped open as the flood of hot steaming cum flooded into his belly. Officer Walcott's heavy balls contracted as he pumped the monster load into Eddie. I knew Eddie was going to need some help once the cop was finished and pulled out.

Officer Walcott regained his breath and composure rather quickly for a man who had just spent more than 20 minutes fucking hard.

"Good thing I'm on duty you little slut, otherwise I would have some more of your fine little ass. Maybe even some of your friends over there, but I have to go." The cop said as he pulled his semi hard cock from the boy. Cum spilled in thick globs from Eddie's stretch ass and landed with a splat on the floor. I could see Mr. Easton eyeing it hungrily but he restrained himself.

As I watched the cop pull up his uniform trousers I suddenly got an idea. There was a possibility Eddie's problem with his brother could be remedied easily. The cop finished straitening himself up and turned on a heel.

"Let that be a lesson to all you would be criminals." He said with a grin.

"Yeah." Mr. Easton said agreeing.

"Ok. Can I ask you a favor, seeing as we did you guys a favor?" I asked as I walked over to help Eddie.

"You didn't do me a favor, I take what I want." The cop said now boasting.

"Ok, whatever, just do us a favor, please!" I pleaded with the cop.

"What's in it for us?" Officer Walcott asked.
"Two things." I said trying to think fast.

"Depends what they are."

"We will let you play around with us again, as much and many times as you like in an afternoon."

"Sounds good so far, what is the other thing?"

"Eddie's older brother Darren." I replied bluntly

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