Just another lawn boy tale pt7

My cousin.

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction, no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. Any similarity to persons alive or dead is strictly coincidental. It contains sexual scenes between men and young males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on. Although loosely based on events that happened to the author growing up, I do not condone, would ever participate in, or encourage having sex with minors.

A week and a half had passed since that evening at the Speedy mart. I had helped Eddie shuffle home that day and into a hot bath. Officer Angus Walcott had done some damage to Eddie's little ass but it didn't look too serious. The store manager was generous enough to allow us to clean up a little in the employee washroom before ushering us out the door quickly. Eddie thought I was crazy to agree to see those men again until I laid out my hastily made plan against Darren. The plan was simple; we were going to give Officer Walcott, Darren's car license and make and model. Then plant one of his porn magazines in the car. The cop would stop Darren for some bogus reason and do a search of the car, find the porn magazine and then have Officer Walcott do what ever he wants to him and to deliver the message to stop messing around with Eddie or at least reciprocate sexual favors. The cop was very eager to cooperate with the scheme once he found out he would get a possible virgin.

The following weekend, Darren had left in his car after making Eddie suck him off again. Eddie called the big cops cell number he had be given and told Officer Walcott where he was headed. Darren returned home a few hours later. Eddie met him at the doorway; Darren's face was streaked in tears and he was waddling badly. As he shuffled past Eddie he apologized to his little brother for being bad. He then went into the bathroom and didn't come out for a long time.

The next morning Eddie called me and informed me that the plan had worked. Later that week, Darren had come to Eddie's room late at night but this time offered to suck Eddie's cock.

Eddie informed me that Darren had been a great brother since, offering to drive him anywhere and making him meals if their mom was away. When I phoned Officer Walcott to tell him the plan had worked, he told me what had happened that night.

True to plan the cop had stopped Darren for a supposed burnt out taillight. Darren immediately got an attitude with the cop so Officer Walcott had called in a backup, Officer Pete Waldman who happened to have the same preference for young boys. The men cuffed Darren in the back of one of the squad cars and searched Darren's car, finding the porn magazine. Of course Darren was underage for the possession of such literature and would have to be reprimanded.

The cops had driven Darren out to the abandoned rock quarry at the outskirts of town and did a strip search of the youngster. Finding a hard pointy object in the boy's shorts the cops made the young man play with his cock until he shot his cum in his hand. They made him work the cum up his ass with his fingers as he was bent over the squad car. As Darren was doing this the pair of cops disrobed in the darkness. After they were satisfied the youngster had lubed himself up enough, Officer Pete cuffed Darren to the door. Angus Walcott then helped himself to the boy's ass, pushing his cock into him quickly and savagely, almost making Darren pass out. He fucked him hard and fast for a few minutes then pulling out to stop from cumming. The cops switched places and then Pete fucked him hard. Walcott told me they made Darren suck their cocks when the other was fucking. They had taken turns pumping his ass for well over an hour before dumping their loads of hot cum up his chute. They packed him back up and drove him back to his car and sent him home with the warning. Officer Walcott also informed me that he didn't think Darren was a virgin at the time. Eddie and I still had to fulfill our end of the bargain, but at least Eddie would get some satisfaction from his brother. I found out about a month later Eddie was indeed getting allot of satisfaction from his older brother. The brothers got together regularly and serviced each other's needs.

My lawn care business was flourishing nicely. I had yet to pay another visit to Tyler Murphy's place but I knew I wasn't there to cut the lawn anyway. Some of my other clients showed more promise. One afternoon I had a guy stand naked in the patio window. He was stroking his hard dripping cock as he watched me do laps around his yard, sweating in the hot sun. I went to approach him but he drew the curtains unexpectedly and would not answer the door. When I collected my pay from him it was more than expected but he acted like nothing had happened. I expect more will, when I go back later in the week.

My Grandparents had gone south to San Diego to visit my uncle and family. They were due back soon and I hoped to have a special visit with my Grandpa again. I began thinking about it and realized I hadn't had any sex since that evening at the market. Cal was away on a business trip and Eddie was still recovering from Officer Walcott. This was definitely a dry spell in my newfound sex life.

I was about to leave the house to go take care of a neighbors yard when my mom called me into the kitchen.

"I just got off the phone, your grandparents are flying home tomorrow and bringing your cousin Justin."

"Justin, Cool! I haven't seen him since Dad... well you know." I said trailing off.


"Is he going to stay at Grams and Gramps?"

"Only a couple days. I want you to watch out for him while he is here ok? I know he likes you."

"How old is he now mom? Do you think he can push a lawnmower?

"I think he is 8 going on 9 and I think he could probably help. I wouldn't feel comfortable with him pushing one of those heavy mowers."

"Good, how long is he staying for?"

"About a week and then I was thinking we could take him home. I have some vacation time coming from the hospital, we could go for a trip to San Diego."

"Mom, you know I don't like flying."

"Yes, I know. I was thinking about the Amtrak. A train ride down the coast would be nice before school starts."

"What about my business?"

"I think you have worked hard enough this summer to give yourself a little time away. Eddie can cover for you."

I thought about it quickly and told her that I would like it, so went off happily to make the reservations.

The next day we went to pick up my grandparents at SeaTac airport. We spotted them as soon as they came out of the secure area with a little boy in tow. Big hugs were exchanged and when my mom was hugging my grandma, my grandpa patted my bum softly and whispered in my ear.

"I can't wait to get into your backside again soon."

I just nodded to him with a grin.

"You remember Justin?" My grandma said pushing my cousin out in front of her.

"Yeah, of course. Hi Justin, Welcome to Seattle."

"Hi, Brian." He said sheepishly.

Justin stood only 4 feet and change in height. I guessed his weight to be less than 100 lbs soaking wet, likely less than 90 lbs but in his baggy shorts and shirt it was hard to tell. He had long blond hair and a face full of freckles. I could well imagine him as the stereotypical surfer dude. I knew he had learned to surf already and by his appearance he was trying to act the part.

The conversation on the drive home was generally about my grandparent's trip and all the changes in San Diego since the last time they visited. Mostly mindless boring shit that adults found interesting. Justin sat quietly in the car watching the scenery go by out the window. I tried making small talk with him but his shyness got the better. After about 30 minutes into the drive I noticed Justin head slumped over and realized he was asleep. His little body slumped down further into the car seat causing his baggy shorts to ride up more and more. Justin's tiny smooth hairless thigh was in plain view and I couldn't help but stare at its beauty. The tan on his leg ended just above his knee and I wished I could touch that seemingly satin like skin. Everyone else was heavily involved with the conversation so pretended to sleep myself and slumped against Justin for support. As the car rumbled over the joints in the concrete roadbed my hand slipped from my own leg and fell onto Justin's. My hand brushed his thigh and I was right. His skin was baby soft and gave off a comfortable warmth. I partially opened an eye to see if anyone was watching or if Justin woke up but his breathing never changed. I let my hand ride there for a while not wanting to press my luck.

We hit a large bump in the road and the car gave a lurch, causing Justin to move down further. My hand now rubbed the boy's small bulge, which was beginning to grow as the car vibrated us around. Justin groaned in his sleep and whispered something that sounded like.

"Just this once." But I couldn't tell for sure. His little hard on poked up through his shorts and into the palm of my hand. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and the car hit another bump. This time Justin began to stir. I softly pulled my hand away before he became fully awake. He sat up and tried to adjust his little hard on in his shorts with out anyone noticing, but I watched him rub it out of the corner of my eye and smiled to myself.

Nothing happened again for most of the next week. We had dinner at my grandparents, and then Justin came home with us. He slowly came out of his shell as he got used to us. He wasn't the least bit shy after the second day and even paraded around in my bedroom in a towel after showers. I had talked him into helping out with my lawn-mowing job and introduced him to Eddie. He took a liking to Eddie right away and the three of us were all like brothers. Eddie didn't have a problem with taking over my customers while I was going to be away. When Justin was out of earshot I informed him of my potential special customers so he could, if he wished wear something special when he cut their grass.

I was almost all prepared for my vacation when I noticed Cal's F150 in his driveway. It had been almost two and a half weeks since I had been laid and seeing Cal's truck made my ass twitch. Jerking off countless times a day didn't seem to help and of course now that Justin was around I couldn't sneak away as much. I had tried to talk to Justin about sex in a very casual way but he only liked to talk about surfing.

I knocked on Cal's door with Justin standing behind me. He opened it with a big smile on his face. I introduced him to Justin and just like Eddie; he leered hungrily at the boy. Finally after regaining his composure he asked if he could talk to Eddie and myself. I told him I could call him if he let me use his phone. He invited us in and we went into his kitchen. I placed a call to Eddie and the phone rang in the receiver numerous times. I was about to hang up when Eddie's breathless voice answered.


"Hey Eddie."

"Oh hey Brian."

"What's up?"

"Kinda busy."

"Yeah, can I call you back?"

"Umm, whatcha doing?"

"Well, umm. Darren and I are doing some stuff."

"What kinda stuff?"

"You know."

"I thought we fixed that."

"Yeah, yeah, we did, he is letting me stick it in him now. He says he likes it."

"Oh cool, good for you. Umm when your done, can you come to Cal's, he wants to talk to us about something."

"Ummm I can't do that today, I have to go to the doctors later."

"No, no I think he really just wants to talk."

"Ok, be there soon. Gotto go, bye!" He said hanging up abruptly.

I explained to Cal that Eddie was tied up for a while longer and Cal whispered to me that he would like have us both tied up. I smiled at him and told him I wished the same but I wasn't going to happen with Justin around.

Eddie arrived a short time later looking tired but happy. Cal got Eddie a soda and asked us to come downstairs without Justin. He put on a cartoon video for Justin on the upstairs TV and we followed Cal down to his Theatre room.

"Boys do you remember me saying I had a business opportunity for us all?"

"Yeah" We replied in unison.

"Well I made a trip to LA to talk to a movie producer and we came up with this." He said as he pushed a button on a remote control for the entertainment system. The TV and DVD player came to life. He pushed another button and it began to play. Music began right away and he scrolled through the title page until found the right selection. He selected it and I recognized the room we were in on the TV. It was taken from behind and away from the middle of the room. Cal entered the room followed by Eddie and myself. Cal spoke as the movie of Eddie's first time played on the screen. The camera flipped back and forth between two different angles showing us all as we sucked and fucked.

"I hope you don't mind boys but I had a movie made of our little adventure."

I was too shocked to say anything. Eddie just gulped beside me.

"The movie producer has advanced me ten thousand dollars on the sale, that is to be split 3 ways, then we get royalties after that. What do you say to that boys?"

"I ah, I didn't know you were filming us." I said not taking my eyes off the screen.

"Sorry, just a bad habit of mine."

"How much did you say?" Eddie asked.

"All said and done we are probably going to get more than ten thousand dollars each. Not bad for a poorly filmed movie. The good news is, if you want we can film more with a decent camera and lighting and get more. Guys pay big money for top quality porn."

"Ah gee I don't know." Eddie said finally.

"Yeah, me either. For one thing, how do we explain the money to our moms?" I asked.

"Simple, I will hold it for you until you get your own bank accounts."

"I ahhhh I don't know. I don't think it's a good idea. It's pretty risky."

"Yeah, but with the risk come the rewards. Think about it, ok?"

"Yeah." Eddie said.

"What are you guys watching?" Came a small voice from behind us. We were so intent on watching ourselves on the screen that we never heard Justin come into the room.

"Umm, you shouldn't watch this." I said trying to hide his eyes from the screen.

"I know it's you and Eddie on the TV. Why are you guys doing that?"

"You shouldn't watch ok?" I tried pulling on his arm to extract him from the room. Cal had a big grin on his face.

"No, I want to see. I will tell your mom if you don't let me see."

Exasperated I let go of his arm and allowed him to watch further. Up to that point I didn't know how much he had seen or comprehended. He watched for a moment and then spoke quietly.

"I seen this guys on the beach doing that."

"Really?" Cal asked.

"Yeah. About a month ago, in the morning. I was surfing with some friends on a real high tide, I caught a ripper and it took me way up the beach. Further than I had ever been before. When I got up on shore I seen the behind an equipment shed. It was one of the life guards and another guy."

"Wow, what were they doing?" I asked.

"All that stuff, the life guard was putting his thing in the other guys bum."

"Did that scare you?" Cal asked.

"Nah, not really. I see it on the Internet all the time too, but just pictures. Some of my school friends show me."

"Oh yeah?" Cal asked.

"Yeah, sometimes I go to their places after school if mom and dad are working late. They show me some pictures and want to rub my thing."

"Do you let them?" Cal asked, prying the boy for more information.

"Only just once. It was kinda fun I guess."

"Do you want to try that?" Cal asked almost drooling and pointing to the screen. On screen Eddie was now getting fucked hard from Cal.

"No, I don't think so. I don't think I could."

"You might surprise yourself." Cal offered.

"Uh uh." Justin said and walked out of the room.

Eddie's doctor's appointment was immanent so we told Cal that we would think about his offer. He said that was fine but we were still entitled to the money for the first movie if we agreed to have it released. I somehow doubted he would destroy it even if we said no.

Justin and I had gone to bed, later that night. He in his bed across the room and I was in mine when he asked me in the darkness.

"Does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt?"

"You know, when a guy sticks his thing in your bum."

"Yes, at first."

"It didn't sound like it was hurting that guy I saw on the beach."

"Cause he had done it before."

"Oh, have you done it too?" He asked and I realized he had only seen Eddie on the screen that day.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone, even if you are super mad at me for any reason."

"You have, haven't you?"


"Yeah, I promise."

I let him anticipate my answer awhile longer.

"Yes, I have." I blurted out.

"Whewwww. I knew it." He whistled through his lips.

"You can't say anything."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Do you want to do it to me?"

"Yes and no."

"I knew that too. I felt your hand on my leg and penis in the car on the way home from the airport."

"I thought you were asleep."

"I'm a good faker huh?"

"Yes you are."


"Can I come and sleep in your bed?" he asked out of the blue.

"Um, sure, why not."

I heard him get up and paddle barefoot the short way across the room. I pulled the sheet back and let him climb in. He snuggled in against me. It was still hot at night so he, like myself wore only pajama bottoms.

"That feels nice, thank you. I miss my mom and dad sometimes. They let me sleep with them sometimes."

"That's nice."

He wiggled around slightly turning his back to me and proceeded to fall asleep in seconds. I loved how his little body fit so nicely against mine. Minutes later I was asleep too.

Sometime just before dawn I heard my mom getting up for work. This was usually my cue for taking my morning piss and wishing mom a good day. I left a sleeping Justin and did my duty in the toilet and gave my mom a kiss goodbye. Justin was still sound asleep in the same spot. I carefully climbed back in and tried to get back to sleep. My constant horniness was beginning to get the better of me, especially with my gorgeous sleeping cousin beside me. Rolling towards him I took a chance and put my hand on his tiny bum. He murmured in his sleep saying something unintelligible and snuggled back against me, trapping my hand. His little bum felt very firm, likely from all the surfing he had been doing. I felt him up for a few minutes and then pulled my hand out. He snuggled in even closer again, saying he was cold in his sleep. I wrapped my free arm around his little body and held him. His tight little bum was pushed up against my cock and despite my best efforts, I began to get a hard on. I had to feel his soft bum against my cock so I pushed my waistband down and slowly did the same to him. It seemed like he lifted his hips slightly so I whispered to him.

"Are you faking sleeping again?"

"Yeah for a while now."

"Do you know what I want?" I asked, my horny nature coming through.

"Ahuh. You want to stick your thing in my bum."

"And you are ok with it?"

"Yes, but we should wait till your mom goes to work." He said, the voice of caution and reason.

"Yeah, your right."

We lay spooned together with my cock nestled in the crack of his tiny bum. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest and the minutes it took for my mom to leave seemed to take hours.

Finally I heard the front door latch closed and the car drive off. I pushed my hard cock towards him and he pushed back.

"Just a minute, I need to get some Vaseline." I said and rolled over him, getting out of bed.

"What for?" He asked innocently.

"It will make it easier for both of us and less painful for you." I explained.


I went into the bathroom and found the tub of Vaseline my mom stored under the cupboard. To my delight when I got back into the bedroom I found Justin lying on his stomach without anything on. His long blond hair fell over his deeply tanned shoulders. I stared at his cute little bum as it stuck up invitingly into the air. He looked at me and wiggled his hips.

"Can I see your thing?" He asked. My cock tented out my loose fitting pajamas and I had a hard time pulling them down. Once they were down to my knees Justin spoke.

"Wow, you have a pretty big one too."

"Thanks, its ok but not that big compared to some of the men I have seen."

"Oh yeah? The lifeguard I seen had a pretty big one."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked giving him one last chance."

"Yeah, I thought about it all last night."

"Ok, cool."

I climbed onto the bed astride his small legs. I kissed his shoulders and back down to his bum. He wiggled and giggled as I worked my way lower and lower. I kissed each of his small ass cheeks lightly and then rubbed my face across them, feeling the velvety smoothness. I parted his small mounds and continued to kiss my way down, centering on his tiny pink pucker. He giggled again when I touched my tongue to his hole.

"Why are you doing that?" He inquired.

"Just relax, it will feel good." I said reassuring him.

"Ok." He responded and sunk his head back into the pillow.

I touched his pucker again with my tongue and gave it a light lick. His body jumped slightly as I did it. Pushing his small mounds apart more, I dove into his ass with my tongue. I heard him gasp and his body leapt up.

"Oooooooo, that feels nice." He cooed.

I worked my tongue in and out trying to push deeper and deeper into him. I let streams of spit roll down my tongue and into his tiny hole. His pucker seemed to loosen as he relaxed and enjoyed the rimming I was giving him. I thought I might be able to enter him without any Vaseline if I got him wet enough. Before moving up slightly I spit one more time on his slightly dilated pussy, then slowly pushed my forefinger into him. He jumped and his ass slammed shut on my finger. It seemed like a pair of pliers were clamped onto my finger.

"Relax, just relax, it will be ok." I whispered to him.

"Oh, ok, its just, it feel like I need to take a poop."

"That ain't nothing yet."

"Really? You mean its worse with your thing in there?"

"Only at first."

"Maybe we shouldn't do it then."

I was too worked up by now to let him get away without having my cock inside him.

"Don't worry, it only feels uncomfortable for the first little while, then you will like it, honest. Remember those guys on the beach."

"Well it did look like the guy underneath was trying to get away." Justin replied with my finger still buried up his ass.

"No, he was likely enjoying it and pushing his bum back to get more."

"Oh, maybe."

"How does it feel now?"

"Its ok, I guess."

"See I told you. Now just relax and let me get you ready."


I pulled my finger out and slid it back in fingering his hole slowly. His sphincter contracted on my digit but not as hard as the first time. Finally after a couple minutes of slowly fingering his pussy his ass stopped trying to push out my finger. I removed my finger from the tight confines of his little bum. He sighed audibly and I figured he was ready. There was no way I would get into him with just spit and precum so I flipped open the lid of the tub of Vaseline. I hooked a glob of it onto a finger and warned Justin.

"This is going to feel a little cool, Ok?"


I smeared the glob over his hole and worked it in slightly, being careful not to push my finger in too far too quickly. His sphincter was nicely relaxed and I wanted it to stay that way. He wiggled his little hips around as I applied the lube. I smeared some more of the lube over my cock head, mixing it with my precum. The morning sunshine glistened off the head of my cock as I moved into position.

"Ok, Justin, when I tell you, I want you to take a deep breath and then push out like you are going to take a poop."

"OK. Are you sure it wont hurt?"

"Oh it will hurt, at first but then it will feel wonderful." I said as I aligned my cock head with his backdoor. I pushed my cock into him slightly and immediately he tried to push me back out again.

"Ok, Relax and take a deep breath!" I commanded. When I felt him suck in a deep lung full of air I pushed into him. He screamed at the invasion.

"OOOowwwwwwwwwww, it hurts!!!!!! Ooooowwwww take it out... please!!!! Owwwwwwweeeeeeeeee." He wailed.

I was only half way into him so I stopped and held my cock were it was despite him trying to push me out.

"Justin, its ok. Relax it will stop hurting in a minute. I wont push it in any deeper." I said lying to him. I knew I would be balls deep in a few minutes but I wanted him to relax.

He continued to sob for a couple minutes but I could feel his little ass beginning to relax as I waited.
"See I told you. I was the same way when Cal took my virginity and I cried too."

"Yeah?" He half sobbed.

"Yeah. No lie."

He seemed to relax a little more, so I pushed my cock deep into his bum until I could go no further. He just grunted and didn't fight back. I held my cock inside him, marveling in the tightness of his chute. I waited a minute or so and then slowly began to pump my cock in and out of him.

"You are right Brian, it doesn't hurt so much."

"Good, cause this feels great, too great." I said realizing how close I was to cumming.

"Are you going to make a baby in me?"

"No, silly. I can't make a baby in you."

"Yeah, my dad says that is how I was made, when he put his thing inside mommy."

"No, only woman can have babies."

"Oh, ok, good. I don't want to have a baby, but this does feel good." He said as I slowly fucked his ass.

"Good I'm glad you like it. In a couple minutes, it's going to feel like I am peeing inside you. I'm not. It just my sperm and it will feel good too and it wont make a baby inside you." I assured him.

"Why would you put your sperm inside me?"

"Its just what happens when you get older."

"Oh, Ok." He said and relaxed his head into the pillow again.

I pumped his small white ass for a few minutes trying to make it last. I realized too soon that it was a lost cause. I had no real experience at being on top and Justin's fine little ass was too tight for words. My balls contracted and I felt my load build.

"I'm going to cum now!" I warned Justin. He mumbled something into the pillow and I blew my load into his ass. Hot slippery ropes of cum blasted into his belly and it felt like my entire insides were being emptied into his. It was one of the most mind-boggling orgasms I had had so far and wished it wouldn't end. Justin grunted and moaned as he felt the heat of my deposit flow into him. I collapsed onto his back as my orgasm ebbed trying to keep my cock inside him.

We lay together like that for a while until I realized I was squishing him. We talked for a while about other things we had to do that day. Being young my cock never really deflated and now it began to harden again. Justin became aware that I was hardening inside him.

"Are you going to do that to me again?"

"Not if you don't want me too."

"Its ok, if you want to."

"I do."

I got back up over him and fucked him harder this time. He was well lubed now with my cum and all that Vaseline inside him. I had him moaning and groaning as I drove my cock hard into his 8-year-old boy pussy. I only stopped to turn him over on his back and put his legs over my shoulders. We fucked for a long time before I blew another load inside him. His little cock was still hard and I played with it lightly as we played.

Finally separating I asked him if he wanted to shower with me. We soaped each other up all over enjoying each other's hands. My cock grew hard again and I pushed his little body up against the shower stall and entered him from behind. I fucked him until the water started cooling before I shot my third load of the morning all over his bum. When he turned to rinse off the cum, I got on my knees and took his little cocklet into my mouth and gently sucked him to a dry orgasm.

The rest of the day he helped me with my lawn jobs but I could tell he was uncomfortable walking. I didn't make him do too much but it was nice having him around to talk to.

When mom got home from work she informed us that we were to go over to grandmas on Saturday for supper. I wondered what delights might be in store for Justin and myself out in Grandpa's barn.

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