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Just chatting

Chapter I

Mike Bradman held his stepson's thick legs against his chest as he slipped his aching cock inside the boy's slicked up hole. The eager 13yr old drew a sharp breath as the head of the adult prick pierced his ring and popped inside. Mike drove the full 7 inches into the hot tunnel as the boy bit down hard on his lower lip.

“You love my big cock don't you sweet boy?”

Mmmmhmmmph,” the boy uttered as his tight hole was stretched wider.

The boy moaned under the weight of his legs pinned to his own sweat covered chest. Mike grabbed his balls in his right hand and pulled them away from the boy's body. The boy grunted at the sharp pain of his balls being stretched, then his aching tones melted into soft coos of delight as he gave into the massage. His young cock leaked precum onto his belly as his stepfather continued to ram into his swelling boyhole.

The boy arched his back as he let out a deep moan of pleasure, his young cock exploding thin streams of clear fluid onto his belly. Mike continued his assault on the young boys prostate causing his prick to continue spasming. The boy panted under the overwhelming feelings raging through his young body. The boy's ass clamped down hard on the invading prick causing Mike to spill over the edge into his own throbbing orgasm.

“I'm gonna cum baby boy!” Mike shouted to his stepson.

“Oh yeah Mike! Mike!.....MIKE!”

The man jolted awake, his head buried in his pillow-a pool of drool forming just beneath his gapping mouth. He quickly raised his head and turned towards the door.

“What the fuck man!?” Glen angered, “I'm gonna be late for school Mike!”

Uuuuuggghhh,” Mike's head was pounding, “ok ...ok...I'll be out in a sec.”

asshole...” Glen mumbled as he slammed the door.

Great!” Mike wiped the spit from his face and looked down at the sheets below his crotch to find a large pool of cum soaked into the bed.

Mike Bradman, a 36 year old software engineer, had been married to Glen's mother Laura for the past four years. They had both worked at the same company and had dated for about 2 months when Laura got pregnant with their son Jake. It had been a case of love at first sight, so the prospect of getting married wasn't an all that negative of one.

Glen Andrews, the 13 yr old product of Laura's first marriage, had lived with his father in another state until about 3 months ago. Mike had only spent a brief amount of time with Glen during summer visits. They had never really had a chance to get to know each other. They had always gotten along...but that's easier to do when you only have to get along for 2 weeks out of the year.

Things at Glen's father's house had started to go south about the same time that Glen turned 12. His school work had suffered dramatically and he had been suspended several times for fighting. Glen had always been an active boy. He loved the outdoors and could always be found waist deep in a stream fishing for trout, or hanging from an oak tree branch. But the past year since puberty had laid its unforgiving hand on the boy, had seen him gain weight and become more and more reclusive.

The final straw came when his father had caught him and an older boy behind the shed in the backyard; Glen on his knees in front of the teenager, his mouth wrapped around his sweaty prick. Glen's father had flown into a rage right on the spot. He put Glen in the hospital, although Glen told the doctor's he had fallen out of a tree. Based upon his history of outdoors mishaps, the doctors didn't question his story.

His father phoned his mother and informed her that she could pick up her 'little fagot son' at the airport the next day. He told Glen that he was dead as far as he was concerned and that he wouldn't have no pussy queer son living in his home. And so it was that Glen came to live at the Bradman household. Laura Bradman had decided to leave the gay thing out of the version of the story she told her husband. She knew that he was quite liberal when it came to matters of sex and sexuality, but also knew that people often had different opinions when it hit home.

Being that he had recently come to terms with his feelings of being a boylover, Mike had been happy to welcome the teen into his home. He had hoped to be the father that Glen had always needed. Glen did not share his enthusiasm.

Glen had a very difficult time adjusting to having a 'family'. Jake was all to thrilled to have his big brother living with them. Mike had converted the room above the garage into a pretty hip little bachelor pad. He had hooked the teen up with his own computer and workstation. Glen wanted to say thank you...he wanted to do a lot of things...but he couldn't.

He was alone in a full house. But he had felt alone for the past two years since he discovered that he was gay. Puberty and his weight gain hadn't helped either. As he stood in front of his bathroom door, staring at himself in the full length mirror, he felt an overwhelming sadness.

He ran his hands over his chest, around his nipples and down to his belly. He wasn't a fat boy really, stocky would be a more correct term to use. His shoulders were broadening and his chest was filling in well. He looked down and took hold of his plump little soft cock. He gave it a couple of slow strokes and it grew to a full 4” in his palm. He picked up his dangling balls and rolled them around in his hand. He ran his fingers through the sparse whisps of hair just above his prick. He had hoped to have more by now...but why should that work out like I want...nothin' else fuckin' does! He turned and got into the shower.

The warm spray felt nice on his large back. He turned around under the water and let it stream down over his chest, over his belly, and around his still hard cock. He took the bar of soap from the wall dish and began to run it over his smooth skin. He loved the slick feeling of soap on his body. Sometimes he got hard when he just washed his hands. He lathered it over his chest and belly and then slicked up his cock and balls. Electric shocks ripped through his body as he slowly rubbed on his prick. He leaned his head against the shower wall and began to fuck his hand. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning too loud as he pumped into the simulated ass. He remembered the times with Danny, the 15yr old who's cock he loved to suck back home. The same beautiful piece of teenage meat that had gotten him sent away. He groaned lowly as he remembered the feel of it sliding down his young throat. Danny had taught him to swallow when his cock head pressed against the back of his mouth, letting it slid down. He continued to work at his cock as he replayed images in his head of taking Danny's 5 and ½ inches up his tight ass. The first time they had tried it, Glen had made him stop because it hurt too much. But after some practice with a few household items, he was ready to try again. Before to long he had become an expert at engulfing the hot prick in his tunnel. Danny had fucked him all over town. In the Burger King bathroom by the High school, in the shower room at the local YMCA, at the movies in the back row while older men jerked their own cocks. He loved to get fucked. But that was all over now. He thought back to the feeling he had the first time he tasted Danny's salty sweet cum on his lips. Danny had cum all over his young face and then scooped some of his spunk up with his finger and smeared it on Glen's pink lips.

Glen stroked his meat as he now pictured Mike. He had wanted to see his cock since he came here to live. This was one of the main reasons why he always tried to avoid him. He feared a repeat performance of his father's anger. But here in the shower, in his fantasies, he was free to imagine Mike's hard cock sliding down his hungry throat. He imagined the taste of Mike's ball sac, the musty man smell between his hairy legs. Glen started to shake and pumped two thin streams of clear boyjuice from his pulsating cock. He held himself up against the shower wall as he reeled in his young climax.

Shit..he thought as he felt himself start to cry. Fuckin' sick fagot, that's all I am. He rinsed his body and stepped out of the shower. He dried his body and his eyes.

“I just wish I could get him to talk to me is all,” Mike told his wife as he hugged her in the kitchen.

“I know honey,” she kissed his neck, “I wish he'd open up to you. Shit...I wish you had just been his father from the start.”

“He just won't let me get anywhere near him,” Mike rubbed her back.

“Give him time,” Laura knew how lame that had sounded...but it was all she had.

“I know,” Mike kissed her and then went to his home office.

“Well sweetheart,” she yawned, “I'm gonna hit the hay.”

“Alright babe,” Mike smiled at his beautiful wife, “I gotta catch up some code...then I'll be right up.”

“Yeah...right!” She laughed as she turned to leave the kitchen, “I know how you get when you start's ok baby, I'll see ya tomorrow.”

He locked the door behind himself as he entered his office. He booted up his PC and lit a cigarette. Laura only allowed him to smoke those damn things in his office. He had installed a separate vent system for it so that the smoke never entered the main house. A small price to pay for his old habit.

He pulled up his email and eagerly awaited word from his favorite online boy...sadboy13. His heart leapt as he saw the familiar name in his inbox.

hey redman36,

well...things are still just as shitty in my world. my mom's still dating mr. wonderful...and he's still trying to be my best buddy...yuck! i wonder what he'd say if i just busted into the shower with him right now and started suckin his cock! prolly kick my ass! Then of course i'd be out on my own! he'd just hate me if he knew the truth about me anyway. least i have you right? so how's thing's with the wifey? she still not know that you love to talk to young boys about fuckin and suckin? sorry...just kidding :) i wish i lived with you.then at least i'd have somebody to talk to. if you tell me where you live i swear i'll come to you right now! I wouldn't get in the way i promise. oh nevermind...that's fuckin' stupid. like you'd want a stupid faggot kid like me around anyway.

well...i gotta go..i'm gonna miss the bus for school. Another fun day in junior high! great...i'll just sit there all day and pretend my life doesn't suck.

later dude...


Mike took a drag of his cigarette and stared at the screen. Jesus this kid's a mess..he thought as he hit the reply button. Mike had been talking to the depressed teen for a little over 2 months now. He had met him on a boylove bulletin board. Sadboy13 had always been very vague when it came to the actual details of his life. The pair had agreed to never share real names or locations. Mike had found that he had a better chance of starting friendships with the boys he met online if he didn't go about it the way that the pervs did. They had gotten to trusting each other after about the third week of emailing everyday, sometimes several times a day on the weekends. Mike had sent him a secure link to a website where he had posted a link to download the PGP program that they now used to trade pics of each other. Body shots only, they had agreed, no faces. Mike pulled up his favorite couple of shots as he got ready to respond. He looked hungrily at the two pics, one of the boy's bubble butt, the other of his stiff little pricklette.

Hey Sweetheart,

Sorry to hear that things are still not going well at your place. And yes...ya little shit...the wife's just fine. I'm more concerned about you. Well, you know that I'd love to be with you, and you also know that it can never happen. I'm sorry but that's just the way it goes. But I'll always be here for ya. At least in this limited capacity. I wish I could hold you right now. I wish that I could be there with you to tell you myself how wonderful you are. I wish that I could kiss your sweet face and let you know just how much I care about you. You're not a stupid little fagot! You're a boy who deserves to be loved. I'm just sorry that I can't be the one to tell you that in person. Sounds like someone should have been saying it a long time ago.

Maybe you should just try letting your mom's boyfriend be nice to you. He sounds like a decent guy. Why are you so afraid that he'll hate you? Where's that coming from? Don't be afraid to let people in man. You have to take some risks in life to get what you really need out of it. Take a chance man.

Well I need to be getting to bed now. I hope you feel better sweetheart.

Love ya,


Mike hit the send button and the email disappeared into cyberspace. Mike wondered about the advice he had given sadboy13. He sighed as he figured that he was just acting out his own desire to get closer to Glen. He opened up the folder containing the series of webcam pics from sadboy13. He opened them into an image browser and set it on slide show. He leaned back in his desk chair and took out his soft cock. He wondered what it would feel like to ram his stiff pole up the gorgeous shoot now spread out on his computer screen. He imagined the feel of the boy's hot, slippery tunnel encasing his meat. He pumped his cock to its full 7 inches. He reached a hand up to his chest and ran his fingers through the thick brush of hair covering his muscles. He imagined sadboy13 licking his hard nipples as he rode his thick cock. He pumped faster on his rigid prick as he imagined the sounds of their skin slapping together as they fucked.

He could feel the heat of the boy's tight ass around his cock and he imagined himself leaning in and giving him a long wet kiss. His fist continued to grip his throbbing manhood as he saw the beautiful boy's body display itself in still images on his computer screen. How good would it feel to cum deep inside of his sweet tunnel? How hot would it be to eat his own cum out of the boy's stretched hole? His head was now reeling with the images flooding through his aching mind.

He imagined the boy bending over the desk, his legs spread open, the hot man cum seeping out of his swollen boyhole. He jerked a couple more times and flew back in the oversize leather chair as five thick volleys of spunk soared into the air and landed on his hairy stomach.

He wiped the cum from his tight stomach and brought it to his lips. He flicked his tongue out over it, imagining that it was sadboy13's young load. He savored the taste for a moment before getting up from the chair and shutting down his PC.

He locked his office behind him as he stripped off his smoky clothes. He walked over to the laundry room and threw them into the washer. He stared out the laundry room window at the full moon. He looked down and noticed how the moonlight lit up his hairy form. He had kept up with his workouts from his college football days. His body was still in excellent shape. He smiled to himself. He gave his still tender cock a couple good tugs and felt a tiny drop of juice seep out of the tip. He reached down and dabbed it with his finger, then brought it up to his mouth. He loved the taste. He heard what sounded like a drawing of breath behind him and spun around. Glen startled and froze in the moonlight.

“I'm sorry....Mike,” Glen was desperately avoiding any eye contact, “I didn't mean to stare...I was just...I'm sorry...”

“Glen?'s ok man” Mike was too late, the boy had already retreated out of the hallway. Fuck! He thought.

Glen was already gone when Mike awoke the following morning. Shit he thought, that's just he's really gonna avoid me. Mike put on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs for breakfast. Jake was playing with some action figures at the kitchen table and made gun noises when his Daddy walked into the room. Mike grabbed his chest and pretended to die a gruesome death against the refrigerator as the small boy ignited in laughter. Jake got up from the table and bounded across the tile floor, crashing into his father. Mike picked the boy up into his arms. Jake gave him a sloppy kiss which tasted like a cross between OJ and waffles. Mike set him back down again and the little boy pounced out of the room. Mike watched his adorable little boy scoot out of the room, clad only in a bright white pair of Harry Potter underwear. He grinned from ear to ear.

“Glen bolted outta here awfully quick this morning,” Laura gave her husband a good morning kiss as she struggled to get her earrings to stay in the holes.

“Yeah...” Mike cringed a little, “we had kinda an interesting meeting last night.”

“Ah shit,” she sighed, “what happened now?”

“Well...I was in the laundry room...ya know...losin' the smokey duds”


“Well when I turned around he was just standing there staring at me.”

“Oh shit...”

“What? It's not like it's a big deal...I mean...shit I don't care if the kid sees me naked...but he totally freaked out!”

“Aw damn...” she sighed again.

“What!?” Mike looked confused, “what's the big deal?”

“Nothing Mike,” she shook her head, “I'll talk to him.”

“whatever...” Mike sighed, “you can feel free to tell him that it's truly nothing to freak over.”

With that Laura kissed him goodbye and headed out the door. Mike turned his attention to the little tyke bouncing on the couch in living room to a Barney video. He watched the little angel dance along with the retard dinosaur as he wolfed down his own stack of waffles.

“Ok pal,” Mike mumbled as he jammed his mouth full with one last bite, “you gonna be okay watchin Barney for a little bit while Daddy takes a bath?”

“Ooh, me wanna take a bath too!” Jake launched off of the couch and scooted across the wood floor into the kitchen.

“Ok pal,” Mike scooped him up into his arms and headed upstairs to the bathroom.

He drew a nice bath and after peeling off his shorts he climbed into the large Roman style tub. Jake put his thumbs under the waistband of his Harry Potter underwear and stripped them down. Mike smiled as his pride and joy sprang back up, his healthy 2inch soft cocklette bouncing up against his little belly. Mike grinned a prideful grin as he measured up his son's young boymeat...he'll be taking after his Daddy in that department for sure, he thought.

Jake came over to the side of the tub and Mike lifted him up and into the water. Jake sat up on his father's lap and splashed the warm water around. Though the though had never entered his mind to look at his son with lustful eyes, he did enjoy the feelings being generated by the cute little boys bubble butt grinding into his man meat as he played in the water. Jake played for a minute longer and then laid back into his father's hairy chest. Mike massaged his small back as the boy babbled about everything and nothing. Jake soon quieted and laid his head down against his father's body. Mike continued to rub his the soft skin of his back and soon the little man was sleeping peacefully. Laying in Mike's giant arms had always been a sure fire sleep aid for the small boy. Mike just laid there with his son in the water, enjoying the closeness that they shared. He reached over and grabbed the cordless phone he had set down on the toilet seat. When he reached his secretary he told her that he would be working from home today. He ran his hands along his son's back and smiled. Today would be a Barney kinda day.

To be continued...

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