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Just chatting

Chapter II

Glen meandered along the sidewalk on the way home. He had feared going there all day, not quite knowing what was in store when Mike got home. He knew that he's have at least an hour more to think about it as Laura wouldn't be home with Jake until 5:30pm. Mike usually pulled in around 6pm.

As he walked underneath the canopy of Oak trees, his mind raced with the image of Mike's naked form. Glen had lusted after his stepfather since he visited last summer. He had watched him in the pool, paying close attention to the lines on his muscular body. Glen also loved the thick hair on his masculine chest and arms. Last night had been too much. He had finally gotten a glimpse of Mike's thick cock. Why had he made noise!? How could he have been so Mike would hate him for sure, just like his real father. Glen lowered his head as he walked. He stared at the ground as he rounded the corner where his new home sat.

“Hey pal,” Mike greeted the teen, his hand inside the mailbox.

Glen froze just as he had the night before. He gave Mike a half smile and hurried inside.

Well that could have gone better, he thought as he filed through the letters in his hands. Mike walked back into the house and laid the mail down on the kitchen table before going back into the living room to check on Jake. The little tiger was crashed out on the floor watching Star Wars. Mike knelt down next to his son and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The little boy looked up and smiled.

“I need to talk to your brother for a little while buddy,” he rubbed his small back, “you gonna be cool here?”

“Sure Daddy,” he said as he lost himself back into the movie.

Mike walked upstairs and down the hallway towards the annex to the garage room. He milled over in his head what he should say to his stepson. Be nice...give him a way out. Mike collected himself and knocked on the teen's door.

Fuck! Glen thought, I'm so dead... The boy braced himself and opened the door. He didn't look up.

“Hey Glen,” Mike started with a very soft tone, “listen...ummm, I think I owe you an apology.”

What the fuck did he just say!? Glen looked up at his stepfather, a confused look drawn on his young face.

“Yeah....I guess I still need to remember that I'm not the only night owl here anymore,” Mike studied the boy's expression, hoping for signs of relief, “anyway...I imagine that I must have freaked the crap out of you last night. I always strip down after I've been in my office at night. Your mom hates it when I smell like cigarette smoke so I have to leave my clothes in the washing machine before I can go to bed.”

“Oh...” was all Glen could get out.

“Yeah...anyway...I must of really looked weird standing there all naked and shit. I'm really sorry if I embarrassed you,” Mike was reaching for it on that one.

“ was cool..” Oh shit...what the fuck did I just say!?! “I'm meant it's's your house and all...don't let me get in the way.”

“Glen,” Mike sounded annoyed now, “it's our house...and you're not in the way son.”

Glen's eyes widened somewhat, Mike had never called him son before.

“I mean that I know...I mean that I imagine that you must...I mean...fuck!” Mike rubbed his temples, “I just mean that I can understand if you are having a difficult time adjusting to living here. But I want you to know that your mom and I love you very much and just want you to feel comfortable is all. I mean..shit Glen I don't know exactly what I mean. Just please know that we really are glad that you're here is all.”

“Ok...” Glen was fighting back the urge to he just shut down completely.

“Alright then,” Mike gave a half smile and headed back down the hallway.

Mike went back down to the living room and laid down on the couch. Jake got up and pounced on top of him. Soon they both were asleep. Glen came down the stairs to the kitchen to get some water and saw the two on the couch. He walked over to the couch and stood above the sleeping pair, watching them. His eyes focused on the loving embrace shared between the father and son and longed for their closeness. Mike had tried to get close to him upstairs. Why didn't I just say somethin' the teen frustrated. But Glen had been hurt before and wasn't in any hurry to have it happen again. He watched his stepfather sleeping peacefully with his son and studied the curves of his large muscles. He felt an all to familiar stirring in his balls and remembered the awesome sight of him naked the night before. He saw that meaty cock resting on those hefty balls and his own cock began to grow within the constraints of his jeans. He imagined how good it would feel to have that thick cock slid down his young throat. He could taste the bitter sweetness of Mike's precum on his tongue and smell the unmistakable must of a man in his nose. He reached down and grabbed his aching prick through the tight denim. He imagined how awesome it would feel to have Mike's wet tongue caress his nipples, his teeth nipping at the tender pecks. He wondered how hot it would be to have Mike's tongue coat his rosy boyhole. He reached back and massaged his bubble butt. He reached a hand up underneath his shirt and tugged on a hardening nipple, the brown circle prickling with delight under the caress. Glen wanted to take out his straining boycock and lack it off right there over Mike's handsome face. He wanted to feel Mike's lips on his hairless sac. He gave his plump sac a good squeeze feeling the electric sensations flood through his body. He stared at Mike's hands, resting lovingly on Jake's bare back. He wished that it was his naked flesh that the older man was holding. Overcome by his intense lusting for his stepfather, Glen fled the room. He hurried down the hallway to the laundry room. He opened the washer and pulled out the pair of boxer briefs that Mike had discarded the night before. He gripped them tightly as he undid the zipper of his jeans and fished out his stiff meat. His thick 4” poked out from the opening. He grabbed it in his young hand and gave a couple hard tugs as he held the underwear up to his hungry nose. He lusted after the musty scent left by his stepfather. He brought the briefs down to his own crotch and rubbed them against his skin. He moaned as he passed the material over his engorged tool. He grunted as he fired a thin stream of boyjuice on to the fabric. His whole body shook under the power of his orgasm. He braced himself on the large machine in front of him as his muscles spasmed.

When he had regained his composure, he looked down at the man's underwear in his hand and saw that he had coated them with his clear cum. He looked around, now conscious of what he had just done. I'm such a fuckin' freak....he'd hate me if he knew...The coast was clear. He wadded up the underwear and shoved them into his pants. He zipped up his fly and made his way back to his bedroom to hide his secret treasure.


i really need to talk to you. can you chat on yahoo tonight..say 11:30pm? please...i think i'm gonna run away...


Mike checked his watch...11:40pm...shit! He thought as he scrambled to click on the Yahoo icon. Please still be there....he waited for the connection to be made and let out a brief sigh as he saw the sadboy13 was still online.

Redman36: sadboy13? r u still online?

Sadboy13: yeah

Redman36: oh good, thought I'd missed ya : )

sadboy13: got no where to go yet

Redman36: why do you think that you need to runaway?

Sadboy13: i can't stay here anymore.

Sadboy13: he's gonna kill me if he finds out

Redman36: r u talking about your mom's BF?

Sadboy13: yeah

Redman36: well that sounds a little extreme...and finds out what?

Sadboy13: that i'm a fagot

Redman36: from what you've told me about him...I can't see him doing anything like that.

Sadboy13: i think that i'm in love with him

Redman36: really?

Sadboy13: yeah...and when my mom finds out...she'll kick me out. She never wanted me here anyway.

Redman36: ok...let's back up a bit...why do you think that you're falling in love with him? I thought that you two didn't even talk?

Sadboy13: he talks to me...i just can't talk to him

Redman36: Why not?

Sadboy13: I dunno... it's like every time i try to open my mouth...i can't...i just wind up saying something stupid and look like a dick

sadboy13: i just get this sick feeling and i start to feel dizzy. I wanna talk to him i really do. I just can't

Redman36: cuz you're afraid he'll reject you if he finds out that you're gay?

Sadboy13: i dunno...maybe

Redman36: I'm sorry sweetheart, I know that this must be really hard for you.

Sadboy13: i wish you were here then i could just live with you.

Redman36: That's sweet little man, but I don't think that can happen

sadboy13: i know...just wishing is all. I just feel so alone here.

Redman36: Well, you can always talk to me here. I know that's not a lot, but if you runaway, you won't even have that.

Sadboy13: i know, i've got nowhere to go anyway.

Redman36: I still think that you should try and talk to him again. You don't have to tell him everything...just talk to him about simple shit.

Redman36: If he gets the chance to know you like I do, I bet he'll learn to love you like I do.

Sadboy13: thanks...but I don't think so. He's got his own family, he doesn't need me.

Redman36: You sell yourself too short pal, you're a great person. How could anyone not love you?

Sadboy13: just spend a couple hours with me and you'd see how

Redman36: Somehow I doubt it.

Sadboy13: you're too nice to me. I still wish i could just be with you.

Redman36: I know pal.

Sadboy13: i gotta go

Redman36: ok pal, keep your head up, you'll be alright.

Mike signed off and sat back in his oversize chair. He wished that there was something that he could do for the struggling boy. Shit...what can I do for him? I can't even seem to help Glen and he lives here. He lit a cigarette and spun slowly. He watched as the silvery smoke lingered in the air as he thought about his strange situation. The one boy who did want his help, he couldn't because it was to risky, the other, who was under his very roof, wanted nothing to do with him. Fuckin' soap opera.

Glen held the curtain open just enough to see out of his window into the night. He had been watching for the past few minutes...waiting for a second chance. He startled as the light from his stepfather's office went out, and shot towards his bedroom door. He crept down the hallway and hurried quietly down the stairs. Glen knew that Mike would have to strip naked again before going to bed. He sneaked into the kitchen and peered around the corner to the laundry room.

There he all his glory. Glen felt his cock stir as his eyes scanned up and down the adults well shaped body. Mike had his back turned to the teen so he was unable to make out the man's thick cock. Damn..he thought..fuckin' turn around! Please turn around!

Mike did not turn around. He hesitated for a moment, staring out of the window in the door leading from the laundry room to the backyard. Oh why the fuck not..he thought...I could use a nightswim. Mike grabbed a towel off of the dryer and headed for the door.

Glen froze. What to do? Should he follow his stepfather outside? Fuck!!! I wanna see that cock! Dammit! He watched as Mike made it outside and closed the door behind himself. Shit! What to do...what to do?

Ah fuck it! He mustered his courage, fortune favors the bold! He had heard that in a movie. Glen took off his pants and shirt and grabbed a towel. He wrapped the cloth around his waist and crept towards the door. He watched Mike through the window as he swam slowly down the length of the pool.'s the plan...he told himself, I'll wait 'till he stops and then I'll just walk out like I don't know he's there. I'll look surprised when I see him and then make up some shit about how I always come down and swim at night. Worst case...he tells me to fuck off and go to bed. Best case, he says cool and lets me swim.

Glen, shaking nervously, opened the door and walked out into the backyard. Mike had stopped doing laps and was resting against the far edge with his back to the house. Perfect...Glen thought.

The teen made it across the yard and stood at the pool's edge. He dipped his foot into the water and stirred it making ample noise to alert Mike to his presence.

“Oh shit!”, he pretended to startle as Mike spun around at the noise, “I'm sorry...I didn't know anyone was down here.”

“Hey pal,” Mike called out to the boy in a welcoming tone hoping to stop his hasty retreat, “I didn't know you liked to swim at night?”

“Yeah,” Glen mumbled, “I like to come down here when it's dark and no one else is around.”

“Well don't leave on my account,” Mike smiled, “although I gotta warn ya...I don't have a suit on.”

“Oh...” Glen wondered if Mike had any idea how much he knew that already, and had hoped for it, “that's cool I guess, neither do I.”

“Huh?” Mike coughed, “you plannin' on skinny dippin' tonight?”

“Yeah,” Glen realized it after he said it that he sounded a little too eager, “I mean..I don't wear anything at night cuz I didn't want mom to find my suit wet and then know I'd been swimmin' at night.”

“Why not?” Mike wondered.

“I dunno..just figured that she'd get pissed at me and tell me I couldn't do it anymore or somethin'” he looked down.

“Glen,” Mike took on an annoyed tone with the teen, “I've told you before...this is your house too. You're plenty old enough to swim alone at night if you wanna. You gotta stop being so afraid that we're gonna be mad at you for every little thing dude.”

“Sorry,” Glen sounded distressed, “I just...sorry” the boy turned and started to head back inside.

“FOR FUCK SAKE GLEN!” Mike shouted, the boy freezing in his tracks, “get back here and get in the goddamn water like you intended. Jesus man...

Glen turned around and stepped back to the ledge as he was told. Mike hated to have to resort to raising his voice, but the he had to get the boy to understand that he wanted him to come into the water.

“Sorry Glen,” Mike swam over to the boy, “I didn't mean to yell...I just get so fuckin' tired of you thinking that you're such...oh I don't a fuckin burden or something. Like you don't have a right to swim...or be a part of this family for that matter. Jesus it just gets on my nerves is all. Please....I would like it if you swam with me tonight. Please?”

“Ok,” Glen fought back the intense emotions that were flooding his young mind. One part of his body...yeah, that part...wanted nothing more than to glide through the cool water with the object of his teen lust, the other wanted to play with his stepfather, be held in the water like he always seen other boys get to do with their fathers. He gripped the towel around his waist, then hesitated.

“Do you need me to turn around Glen?” Mike offered.

“No that's ok,” he nervously smiled hoping his semi erection would go away, “I don't mind.”

Glen took the towel off and stood in the moonlight, fully naked, before the gaze of his stepfather. His body glowed in the cool light of the midnight sun. Mike tried not to make it too obvious that he was eying the teen's hot body as he stood in the water. Glen dove into the pool and swam the entire length underwater, finally appearing again at the far edge.

“That's pretty good pal,” Mike smiled.

“uh..thanks,” Glen smiled back.

Mike swam over to his stepson. The man and the teen rested back against the wall and kicked their legs gently in the water.

“You've got a really nice body,” Glen said shyly, “I wish I could have muscles like yours.”

“Thanks pal,” Mike had not had any kind of personal conversation with Glen since he had arrived 3 months ago, “your body's pretty nice to. I mean hell, we can get you some bigger arms in no time.”

“Really?” Glen sounded excited, “I wish I could lose this fat belly.”

“Oh that'll go in time,” Mike smiled, “besides...I think it's cute.”

Glen blushed, he didn't know what to make of Mike's comment. He just smiled. The pair floated in the water for close to an hour. They talked about many things...nothing really all that serious. Several times Glen had broached the subject of homosexuality...mostly in off hand jokes...he hoped to get an idea for how Mike felt about the subject. Finally he decided to try a little more direct approach. He made up a story about 'a kid back home' who was a friend of his that got made fun of at school for being gay.

“That's too bad,” Mike remarked, “it's such a shame that kids can be so cruel to someone who's different.”

“Yeah...” Glen wondered if he would still feel that way if it hit closer to home, “what was worse was that his father kicked him out when he found out.”

“Oh that's fuckin' wrong...” Mike shook his head, “how can people be so intolerant?”

“So you wouldn't care if Jake turned out to be gay?” Glen took a chance.

“Hell no,” Mike said confidently, “he's my boy and I love him no matter what he is.”

“Oh,” Glen wanted to believe him...he wanted to tell him his secret...but didn't.

“All I care is that he's happy,” Mike smiled, “that goes for you too pal, I just want you both to have happy lives.”

“Oh...I...” Glen blushed.

“I wasn't trying to say that you're gay Glen,” Mike laughed, “I just meant that I'd support you just as much as I would Jake. You're both my sons.”

“Oh,” Glen glassed somewhat but quickly splashed his face with water to hide it, “that's cool...I guess...thanks”

“Well hey there big guy...” Mike grinned as he pointed out Glen's erect penis poking up from underneath the water.

“OH!” Glen thrust his hips downward and turned away from Mike.

“It's ok Glen...” Mike laughed, secretly wishing the teen wouldn't have hidden the lovely piece of boy flesh, “I didn't mean to embarrass you...that's a nice piece of meat ya got there. You should be proud of it.”

“Huh?” Glen turned back to Mike, his cock still hard under the glassy surface of the water, “what?...really?”

“Yeah,” Mike smiled, his own cock rising, “you're looking good for a boy your age. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

Glen just smiled as the pair went back to resting against the wall. After about another hour, Mike commented that the two should be getting to bed. They climbed out the pool, Mike following Glen up the ladder. Mike got a good eyeful of Glen's sweet ass and his pretty little pucker. He licked his lips and wished that he could just lunge forward and suck on the teen's hot hole. His cock started to grow again. Mike followed Glen to the towels and took his time drying his body, giving Glen an eyeful of his muscular form. Glen seemed to mirror his stepfather as he slowly drug the towel over his own wet skin. The two were in no hurry to conceal their now stiffening poles. Each laughed as the other's meat bounced as they dried.

“Thanks for letting me swim with you Mike,” Glen smiled.

“I'm glad you stayed Glen,” Mike was blown away by the teen's words, “I had a lot of fun.”

“Can we do it again tomorrow night?” Glen smiled bashfully.

“Absolutely,” Mike took a chance and put his arm around the boys as they walked to the house, “just...let's make this our little secret. I don't want your mom getting' all pissy about us staying up late.”

“Cool,” Glen wished he could tell his stepfather just how much he had enjoyed it, he wished he could feel Mike's touch all over his body. He would settle for just his shoulders.

To be continued...

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