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Just chatting

Chapter III

Glen ran his young hands over his chest as he stretched, greeting the morning with a yawn. He couldn't help but smile as he went over the past night's events in his mind. Not only had he gotten his wish to see his stepfather's manly body in all its naked glory again, but he had gotten to spend the better part of two hours next to him in the water. Had he dreamt it all? Had he really gotten a boner in the water...and more than that..had Mike not only not freaked on him...but commented on how cool he looked? Holy shit! He thought as he grabbed at the stiff prick aching for a piss between his legs. He would have done well with a good early morning stroking, but he hated the way it hurt to cum when his bladder was full.

The teen rolled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, still groggy from a deep night's sleep. He leaned over the toilet, bending his cock down so that he could hit the bowl, and let loose a thick stream of urine. Oh shit that feels sooo good, he rested his head on his arm as the flow progressed. He continued to replay the images from last night in his young mind. He was of two thoughts on the matter; on one hand he had longed for the closeness to his stepfather's gorgeous body, on the other he had longed for just the closeness. Mike had treated him like a real son. He shook the remaining drops of warm piss from his softening member and flushed the toilet. He walked to the sink and ran the cold tap. Glen splashed a handful of cold water on his young face and sprang to life. He dried his face with the towel from last night and stood once again in front of the full length mirror. He looked over his naked body, and for the first time in a very long time, he smiled. Mike had liked his belly. Mike had thought his 4” cut cock was pretty good for a boy his age. At 13 he knew that 4”'s wasn't all that great, but Mike thought it it was good enough for him. Mike had offered to help him get some muscles. He ran his hands up and down his front as he watched the reflection in the mirror. He squeezed his plump nipples and imagined that it was Mikes big hands bearing down on their taught skin. His cock grew between his legs and he studied it's thickness. He ran his fingers through the sparse collection of hairs gathered at the very base of his young meat. He cupped his balls in his left hand while his right took hold of his stiff meat. He began to pump his cock to the thought of Mike standing behind him, loving his tool for him. Mike's big hands would certainly engulf the young boy's straining cock. He could feel Mike's hot touch as he stroked his throbbing boymeat. He squatted somewhat as he pounded his prick faster. Glen loved the way it felt when his legs tightened as he jacked off. The straining of his thighs sent chills through his cock and balls as he felt his orgasm building. He stood up quickly, gripping his meat as the first of three thin jets spewed from his slit. His teen body shook under the pressure of his climax and he stumbled backwards, bracing himself on the vanity.

After he had sufficiently showered off the morning's jerk session, Glen headed downstairs for breakfast. As he approached the kitchen, he froze. Mike and Laura were having an argument.

“Aw for Christ's sake Laura!?” Mike gave an unhappy sigh, “why didn't you tell me that?”

“I didn't know how you'd handle it Mike,” she had one hand on her hip while the other shrugged in the air, “when his father told me what had happened...I didn't know how I felt about it. I mean shit Mike...I wasn't even sure that I wanted him coming here...what with Jake and all...I mean what if he tries something with him?”

Glen felt his insides exploding. He had grown noticeably cold and tears had begun to form in his eyes. She thinks I'm a fuckin' child molester...I would never hurt Jake...I never hurt anyone.

“Now that's not fair Laura!” Mike growled, “don't you stereotype Glen like that...just because he may be gay, doesn't have shit to do with Jake.”

“Whatta ya mean may?” she laughed, “Chuck told me that he caught Glen and that neighbor boy behind the shed...doing God knows what!”

“What the fuck Laura!?” Mike snapped, “since when did you become so homophobic? Boys do that kinda stuff when they're doesn't mean anything.”

My brothers never did anything like that!” she snapped back with a tone of disgust.

Awww wake the fuck up honey!” Mike laughed, “I'll be happy to get Peter and Simon on the phone right now to let you in on their little escapades when they stayed on your Uncle's ranch in Vermont. We've all done it!”

What!?” she looked stunned.

“It's no big deal sweetheart,” Mike sighed, “boys are like that...they experiment, it doesn't mean anything. And even if it does in Glen's what? So he's gay then....good for him...what the hell does it change?”

“Nothing I guess,” Laura was spinning still on the news of her brothers, “look...I don't care if he's gay Mike...that's not the point...all I care about is what might happen to Jake.”

“What do you think is gonna happen with Jake?” Mike's brow furrowed.

“You know how trusting he is Mike. I doubt it if he'd even realize it if Glen experiment with him.”

“Ok...Laura,” Mike sighed again, “stop playing out scenes in that overactive imagination of yours. First thing, Glen doesn't strike me as the kinda kid that would force himself on anyone...and second, what makes you think that Jake would be such an innocent victim if they did try a little experimenting? Jake's a smart little boy...and believe me...he'd let Glen know if something bothered him.”

“You make it sound like it's alright with you if Glen molests our son!” she surprised.

“No I didn't Laura,” Mike growled, “Jesus honey, it's like you've already labeled him a predator and convicted him....THE BOY HASN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG!”

“Don't yell at me Mike!” she pointed at him, “there are other things that happened up there at his father's that I haven't told you about.”

“Christ Laura,” Mike sighed, “what now!?”

“Chuck said that the Maxwell's across the street accused Glen of touching their 7yr old, David. He said he had to beg them not to call the police on Glen. He said that when he confronted Glen about it...that's when ran away. That's when he found Glen in that tree and Glen fell out of it trying to get away from him.”


The teen broke down in front of them. He was struggling for breath as the tears raged from his eyes.

“Glen,” Mike said calmly, “ it's ok Glen...”


“Glen...I...” Laura was crying now. “I...don't know what to say son...I'm so sorry...I didn't know”

“You never wanted to know mom...” Glen was now pleading as his heart broke, “You never wanted to listen to me...cuz I chose to live with Dad. But I didn't want to live with him mom! I tried to tell you that but you were so mad at me you wouldn't listen. He told me that if I didn't come with him that he'd never see me again and that it meant that I wasn't really his son cuz I didn't wanna be with him. You told me that you'd love me no matter what I told the judge. So I picked Dad...but then you stopped talking to me. I never wanted to go with him Mom..Jesus Mom...I was only 6 years old!

Laura just stood there crying, her son's pain soaked words cutting her open like a knife.

“Then you had Jake and I knew that you'd never want me back after that cuz you had a real son. Dad knew it too...that's when he started hitting me. And he'd tell me that it wouldn't matter if I told you cuz you didn't want me anyway. So I never said anything.”

“Glen...” she struggle for the right words to say, “I....” she just broke down crying and ran out of the room.

Glen stood in the hallway...wasted. Mike rubbed his temples and looked up at the broken child.

“I'm sorry Glen,” Mike sighed, “I don't think she was ready for that pal. Not that you didn't have every right to say what you fact I think it was prolly long overdue...but I don't think she was ready to hear it.”

“It doesn't matter...” Glen scowled, his previous vulnerability now being quickly hidden behind a fake wall of anger, “I'm outta here..”

“Glen...” Mike called to the boy as he turned to leave, “Glen don't...GLEN!”

Glen froze as Mike's voice boomed through the house, “now GODDAMMIT! I'm not letting you runaway from here! NO MORE RUNNING! We're all gonna just deal with this! We're a family...for better or worse and that's it!”

Glen turned back around to his stepfather and looked into his eyes, tears once again flowing.

“Now I've about all I'm gonna take of this shit. I love your mother with everything in me...and I love you too. And your mother fucked this one up...and believe me..she's gonna set it right. But for now...while she deals with it within her own'll keep. You and me are gonna go out back for awhile and let things cool down. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” Glen was blown away by Mike's adamant words.

Just then Jake stumbled into the room, wiping sleep from his tiny eyes, “wazz everbotty squeemin' about?”

“Nothing angel,” Mike smiled at his sweet son, “you wanna come out back and hang out with your brother and me?”

“Can I go swimmin'?” Jake beamed.

“Sure pal,” Mike smiled, “you got your suit?”

“Aww Daaaaad,” Jake frowned, “do I have to wear it?”

“I guess not pal,” Mike just smirked at his little nudist of a son.

Jake splashed in the water as Glen sat next to Mike on the pool's concrete edge. They both laughed as the little boys pranced around the pool, his naked body glistening in the midmorning sunlight. Jake ran up to his father and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek as he jumped on his bare back. Mike laughed and wrestled the boy onto his big lap. Jake squealed as Mike tickled his tight belly. Mike noticed Glen watching the two of them play and felt sad that he had not been around when Glen was a little tyke. Jake sprang out of his lap and pounced onto his big brother. Glen flinched and looked obviously uncomfortable as Jake planted another sloppy kiss, this time on his brother's cheek.

“You don't have to feel uncomfortable around him ya know..” Mike smiled as he put his arm around his stepson, “no one thinks you're a freakin' child molester Glen.”

“She does...” he looked towards the house, he didn't pull away from Mike's embrace.

“Naw...really pal...she doesn't. I think your asshole of a father just filled her head with a bunch of crap is all,” Mike said, attempting to sooth the aching teen, “don't let other people's bullshit change you son.”

“So you don't hate me cuz I'm gay?” Glen said quietly, still looking at the house.

“Of course not!” Mike laughed, “I love you pal, that means I love all of you. Besides...I believe that if you're gay...than that means that you were born that I have no choice but to love you for it.”

“Thanks Mike,” he smiled.

“No prob pal,” he hugged him tightly for the first time, “nothin' but love for ya big guy.”

“Did you really experiment with other boys when you were my age? Or were you just sayin' that to calm Mom down?”

“Hell yeah I did,” Mike laughed, “me and Bobby Findley used to go rounds at summer camp for years. I think we started messin' around when we were like 8...although there wasn't much we could do at that age 'cept play with each other's boners. But when we got older....whew boy...did we ever push the envelope...but that's a story for another time.”

“So you're not worried that I'll try and get Jake to know...stuff like that?” the boy searched for the level of trust from his stepfather.

“Of course not,” Mike squeezed him again, “besides...I know he'll experiment when he gets ready to, all boys do to some degree...I'd rather it be with you than anybody least I know that you love him.”

“Oh...ok,” Glen took in Mike's words, “but I haven't done anything with him believe me right?”

YES GLEN,” Mike let out a sarcastic sigh, “I believe you....sheesh pal...let it go.”

“Sorry,” Glen let out a slight laugh as he sat up, breaking Mike's embrace, “It's just...well...I've never had anyone to talk to about this kinda thing so I'm a little nervous is ya think Jake will be all weirded out if he finds out I'm gay?”

“Well first off...I'm sorry that you've had to go through all of the feelings that i'm sure you've gone through alone...but I'm here for you and want you to know that you can talk to me about anything,” Glen smiled as he said these words, “ and secondly...I dunno, let's ask him...Hey Jake!”

“Yeah Daddy?” the boy bounded over.

“Um no...Mike really...ya don...”

“What Daddy?”

“Jake...your brother Glen here is that a problem for you?” Glen was mortified.

“I dunno...what's gay?”

“Gay means that your brother doesn't like girls, he likes to be with boys.” Mike smiled.

“I don't like girls either...they're yucky!” Jake stuck out his tongue.

“Well's a little more than that. Ya know how I love mommy?”


“Well that's how Glen loves other boys.”

“Like all kissy and stuff?”

“Yeah...and he won't have a wife like I have mommy...hopefully someday he'll have a husband like mommy has me.”

“Oh...can we have pizza for lunch?”

Glen and Mike burst into laughter.

“What?” Jake furrowed.

“Nuthin' sweet boy, “Mike pulled his boy in for a hug, “I think pizza sounds cool.”

“Well...” all three of them were startled by Laura coming out from the house, Glen flenched and tightened up, “apparently I'm a real bitch.”

“Ooooooh Mommy said the “B” word..” Jake shocked.

“Jake,” Mike corrected, “shhhh.”

“Sowwy,” he jumped back into the pool.

“Well...your Uncle Peter just handed me my ass...” she waved the phone in her hand, “apparently I've...what was it...had my head so far up my ass that it's a wonder I haven't turned brown.”

Mike laughed and then quickly covered his mouth, Glen didn't move.

“Glen,” she knelt by her son, “I know that you don't want to talk to me...and I certainly don't blame you. But I need to say some things and I'm just gonna ask you to listen for a minute. Then we can either talk about it or you can tell me to fuck off. Ok?”

Glen nodded.

“Oh boy....well here goes. There are no words I can say to you now to even hope to accurately express to you how sorry I am. What I've done to you...or rather failed to do for you is inexcusable. I should have been there for you and I wasn't. I should have listened to you...but I didn't. I let my pride get in the way. When you went with your Dad I just died inside. I didn't know how to deal with I didn't. I had no idea that he had threatened you. I had no idea he was hurting you,” she began to cry, “but...I...swear..on my life I will make this up to you. I don't expect you to trust me or even care that I am asking for your forgiveness. But I need to say these things. I love you so much, I always have. And I don't care if you're gay or straight or whatever. And I don't think that you're a threat to Jake. Mike's right, that was a horrible thing for me to even say. Jake loves you so much and I know that you love him. Well...that's all I can say.”

Glen didn't yell, he didn't laugh, he didn't get up and leave, he just leaned into his mother and cried. Laura wrapped her arms around her son and held him tightly to her. Mike left them alone and went to get Jake out of the pool. He grabbed the small boy into his arms and carried him back over to his wife and stepson. Laura looked into her son's eyes and then wiped his face with her hand.

Are we ok?' she smiled.

“Yeah mom,” Glen smiled back, “we're fine.”

“Can I get a kiss from my big boy then?” Laura smirked.

“Glen's gay mawm,” Jake gave her the 'duh?' look, “he doesn't like to kiss girls. But I'll give you a kiss if you really want one.”

Laughter rang out from the backyard of the Bradman house.

To be concluded...

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