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Just chatting

Chapter IV

The rest of the day had been spent talking and just being a family. Glen had on several occassions, stopped to pinch himself just to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. But this was real. He wasn't in a deep sleep. He was part of his family for the first time in his life. He was out of the closet and out of the darkness that had held him down for so long. He sat in front of the computer screen and typed out a message to the one man who had been his only source of solace for the past 3 months.

Sadboy13: Redman36....r u on tonight?

Redman36: Yeah pal, glad to see you're still there! How r things?

Sadboy13: awesome!!!!

Redman36: Really? Well that's a change from b4, what's different?

Sadboy13: he knows

Redman36: Who? Your mom's BF?

Sadboy13: yeah

Redman36: Really? He knows that you're in love with him?

Sadboy13: well...not that part. But he knows that I'm gay now.

Redman36: Really wow! That's so cool. I'm so happy for you!

Sadboy13: yeah...listen I can't stay on long tonight. I'm gonna hang out with him later.

Redman36: no prob dude. I'm so happy that you told him.

Sadboy13: me too...i just wish I had the balls to tell him the rest ya know?

Redman36: Yeah...well, why don't you?

Sadboy13: r u nutz!? How the hell would i start that convo?

Redman36: could just flirt a little with him and see where it takes you.

Sadboy13: i don't even know where to start with that. Although he did see me naked last night.

Redman36: and...

Sadboy13: he told me that i had a nice cock for my age...but i think he was just being nice

Redman36: Why do you think that? I've told you how much I love looking at you're dick

Sadboy13: c'mon...we both know its small

Redman36: It's really not pal, it's plenty thick too. :))

Sadboy13: whatever :) so what should i say to him...excuse me but would you mind shovin that

Sadboy13: big cock of yours in my asshole?

Redman36: Perhaps something not so direct...try just giving him a really nice hug.

Sadboy13: ok..that's a little lame

Redman36: How 'bout you let me finish smartass?

Sadboy13: hehehe sorry...

Redman36: Anyway...give him a hug, and then just rest your head on his chest. Then look up at him and tell him you love him.

Sadboy13: and that's your big plan?

Redman36: again...can I finish

Sadboy13: ; ) sorry....

Redman36: Hmmm...anyway, give him a sexy look when you do. If he isn't into it...he'll just say something like

Redman36: 'Oh that's sweet'...but if he's down for'll know, trust me. Then just give him a kiss.

Sadboy13: I dunno...sounds weak...but i'll try

Redman36: cool...lemme know how it goes :)

Sadboy13: k...gotta's time for us to go swimming.

Redman36: later ya!

Sadboy13: luv u 2 :)

Glen shut down his computer and turned off his desk lamp. He headed downstairs and waited by the laundry room door. He could hear Mike rustling around in his office, then the door opened. A gust of smoke filtered out and Glen gave a mocking cough.

“Shut it ya little shit,” Mike smiled.

“heehee,” the boy smirked, “sorry.”

“You ready for a swim pal?” Mike took his shirt off and threw it in the washer.

“Yeah,” Glen looked a little nervous.

“Cool,” Mike dropped his shorts, letting his thick cock breath in the fresh air. Glen twitched a little as he took in the object of his desire, “here's your suit.” Mike picked up the clean swimsuit from the top of the dryer and handed it to the boy.

“Aw do I have to wear one Daddy?” he did his best to mock Jake's sweet voice.

“'course not pal,” Mike smiled, “I just didn't want to assume anything.”

Glen slipped out of his shorts exposing his 13yr old body to his stepfather for the second time in 24hrs. Now both fully nude, the pair walked out to the pool and dove in the water. They both swam laps for about ten minutes before ending up back at the ledge. This time they were resting in the shallow end, so both were able to stand. Glen swayed back and forth on his feet, nervously contemplating how to tell his stepfather that he loved him.

“Mike?” the teen spoke.

“Yeah pal?”

“Thanks for all you've done for me,”

“Your welcome sweetheart, but you really don't need to thank me pal, I'm your stepfather...that's what I'm here for”


“ah yeah pal?”

“Can I...I'm I understand if you say no...but I was just wondering...”

what pal?”

“Can I just call you Dad? I hate saying stepfather.”

“You can call me whatever you like angel”

“Thanks Dad,” the teen smiled.


“ah yeah?”

“Can I give you a hug?”

“sure pal”

The boy stepped over to Mike and put his arms around him. He loved the feeling of his big cock pressing into his stomach. Glen rested his head on Mike's chest and rested there for a moment. He mustered his courage, and looking up into the man's eyes said,

“I love you”

“I love you too son,” Mike bent down and kissed the boy full on the lips.

Glen went somewhat limp in Mike's thick arms as he took the man's tongue into his hot young mouth. Mike held him up as the pair shared an intimate embrace. Mike rubbed his hands up and down the teen's soft back as they kissed. Glen moaned softly as his dream came true. When Mike finally broke the kiss, Glen stood there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes closed.

“I was afraid you weren't gonna go through with it,” he smiled

“what do you mean,” Glen's eyes shot open.

“I was afraid that we were gonna have to wait another night for you to get the courage to do that.”

“I don't did you know I wanted..”

“I've always known sadboy13” he just kept smiling.

“How do you...who...REDMAN36!?” the teen was dumbfounded.

“hey sweetheart,” Mike grinned.


“I built the network in this house silly...ya don't think I recognize an IM coming from my own bank of IP addresses?”

“but why didn't you just say something!?”

I had to know you were serious...I also wanted to make sure we were cool first before taking it to the next level”

holy shit! That know all about how I feel about you!?”


“Did what you said as Redman36 really you really want me too?”

“hell yes I do...but only if you want it too. It will have to be our secret.”


Glen hugged Mike and held him tightly.

“This is sooo awesome! You know all about me...and you still love me?”

“of course sweetheart...and you know all about still want me?”

“Fuck yeah!”


“Hey Dad?”

“Yeah son?”

“Can we please go to my room now”

“Sure pal”

“Oh Dad?”

ah yeah pal?”

“would you mind shoving that big cock of your's up my asshole?”

“Count on it son.”


I originally planned on ending this story with a steamy sex scene between Glenn and Mike. However, as I got closer to the end I felt that it wasn't necessary. I opted instead to let my readers imagine their own. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you came up with.


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