"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"





Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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I had just posted my latest article at The Herald. I only just barely beat my deadline.

Whew! I thought to myself, that was too close for comfort.

I propped my feet up on my desk, reclining in my chair, a cup of coffee in one hand. I was pondering the notion that civilization had never begun in earnest until someone invented coffee. I couldn't remember which Pope it was that had lifted the taboo from coffee, having tried it, himself, and, thus, determining that it was, perhaps not the Devil's Brew after all.

Coffeholics, like myself, should proclaim him our patron saint. I chuckled to myself.

The phone rang to interrupt my chuckling.

Oh Shit! I thought. I'm about to get my butt chewed out for almost missing my deadline.

I considered allowing it to rollover to voicemail, but decided I'd only be delaying the inevitable, so I answered it.

"Hello, Barry, this is Father Christopher at All Saints Shelter. How are you?" The call began.

"I'm fine, Father. How are you? It's been a long time." I replied.

"It has, indeed; nearly two years, since you wrote that flattering piece about the shelter.

Contributions rose significantly after your article...unfortunately, so did the number of homeless people looking to us for shelter." Fr. Christopher reported.

"Times are tough, Father. I never know from week to week if I'll have a job. I'm only a cub reporter, low on the seniority list, while the internet media are kicking our butts in the print media...so it's a constant uncertainty. I may show up at your place looking for soup and sandwiches at any time." I chuckled.

"Barry, I need a favor." Father interrupted.

"Sure, Father, I can't afford a lot, but I'll be glad to send you a check." I replied.

"Thanks, Barry, you can do that too, if you like, but I had something different in mind." Father said.

"OK, Father, how can I help?" I asked.

"Barry, I have a young man here I could use your help with." Father suggested.

"Sure, Father, what would you like me to do?" I asked.

"Well, he's 14 yrs old, but you'd think he was 30. Life has NOT been kind to him and he's had to mature well ahead of schedule. He is extremely precocious, but a sweet kid, if you know to dismiss his tough-guy demeanor." Father explained.

"Is he too much for you to handle, Father?" I asked.

"Not at all, Barry. Let me explain." Father said.

"Go ahead, Father, sorry I interrupted you." I said.

"Well, Justin showed up...Justin is his name...anyway...he showed up with his Mom and Dad about a month ago. They had been living in their mini-van until the police intervened and brought them here."

Father continued:

"About a week and a half ago, Mom and Dad disappeared without any notice as to where they had gone or when they'd return to get Justin. Justin is the only kid in the shelter and I can't be with him all the time, so I'm concerned for his safety." Father explained.

"I see." I replied. I could sense what was coming.

"There's more." Father added.

"OK I replied.

"Barry, Justin is openly gay. He's quite vocal about it and draws looks from some of the men in the shelter that makes me fear for Justin. The only other gay man I know who is as open about it as Justin is you." Father commented.

"Yeah, I've never been shy about it" I affirmed.

Father Continued:

"I tried sending him home with one of the ladies who works here, but she has a son who is about Justin's age, and by the next morning...well, let's just say she returned him to me with less than a stellar review."

"Yikes!" I proclaimed.

"Indeed" Father replied.

He went on:

"Barry, I can't keep him with me all the time, and I sure can't keep him at the rectory overnight...especially when we priests are all held in suspicion due to a handful of...well, you know. Where I'm going with all this is that if you'd agree to look after him for a while, the shelter will provide you with the money to defray your expenses. My only alternative is to turn him over to the police, who will hand him off to Child Protective Services. They, in the short term, will place him in a group home. If he shoots his big mouth off in that environment, the other boys will beat him...or worse, if you get my drift. I've seen it before."

Father continued:

"He's well past the so-called age of reason, and has been sexually active, or so he says, for some time now...So, you won't be dealing with some na´ve, innocent child. He's very street savvy, and not at all shy. If you think you're up to the challenge, I'll arrange for you to meet him and see if you two click...

Do you think you'd like to try?" Father asked.

"Sure, Father. If you think it's worth a shot, I'll give it a try...but, no money, please, Father, I'll cover the expenses, and you can consider that my contribution." I replied.

"You don't understand, Barry. Justin has no other clothes than those on his back right now. I've offered to get him some new clothes, but he consistently refuses. He needs to see a dentist and have his teeth cleaned and, finally, he has very poor hygiene habits. Oh, he showers...when I make him...and I have to stand in the shower room door when he does, to prevent any of the men from entering while Justin is showering, but, frankly, he doesn't seem to know how to properly bathe himself and has only the same smelly clothes to put on afterwards. In short, he needs a lot of work, Barry." Father explained.

"He's just a boy, Father, how bad could it be?" I asked.

Father chuckled aloud and said:

"Come see for yourself."

"OK" I replied.

"Great, I'll keep him with me the rest of the day as I conduct my business. I'll bring him back to the shelter around 6PM for dinner. Can you meet us then?" Father asked.

"I'll be there" I assured him.

"Are you sure, Barry? This will be a real challenge." Father warned me.

"See you at 6:00, Father...don't worry about it." I replied.

"OK, Barry, I'll arrange for you to spend an hour or so with him, if the two of you agree on the arrangement at that time, I'll give you the proper documentation from the shelter to act as his temporary guardian."

He went on:

"He'll push you, Barry. He'll see what it takes to get you angry or to, otherwise recoil from him...be warned."

"Thanks for the warning, Father. See you at 6PM" I replied.

"OK, Barry. I'll explain it all to Justin this afternoon, while he's with me, and we'll see you at 6PM." Father advised.

"BYE Father, see ya then." I ended our call.

Friday rush-hour traffic was the usual infuriating gauntlet that it always is. I barely made it to the shelter by 6PM.

Father Christopher had been watching for me and met me at the door.

"Hello, Barry. It's so good to see you." Father declared.

"It's good to see you, as well, Father. I've always admired what you do here...although I don't think I could do it, I must confess." I replied.

"Why not?" He replied.

"Father...I mean...all these bums, and dope heads and alcoholics...I mean...they're disgusting!" I declared.

"Well, Barry, if I were to take away your job, your home, your money and make you hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol, how long would it take till you became disgusting?" He retorted.

I smiled and said: "Not very long, I guess. Sorry, Father."

I looked around, but saw no one.

"So, where is this little monster, Father?" I inquired.

"He's no monster; he just needs a lot of guidance, Barry. He's been through a lot for a 14 year old, and if you can win him over, I suspect the love he has dammed up in his soul will be poured out upon you in a torrent. That's the challenge, Barry. He'll test you. He'll try to shock you, to make you angry. He'll take a measure of you in this way. If he determines that he can get to you, get into your head, as it were, he'll know he's won. It'll be a challenge, Barry, but if you prevail, I suspect he'll be yours for life. I've seen many, just like him, over the years, only, older, typically, and by then, unfortunately, quite incorrigible. If you can't reach him now, he may wind up in that same category." Father instructed me.

"OK, then, so where is he?" I asked.

"He's in the refectory, having his dinner. He's to come to my office when he's finished. The two of you can use my office to become acquainted. We'll see where it goes from there." Father advised.

We retired to Father's office and chatted about years gone by and I recalled, in gratitude, how he helped me in my youth, when I was grappling with my own sexual identity. He made me understand, that in spite of the societal taboos, being gay was not a choice to be made but, rather, a fact one must eventually resign oneself to.

I had always hoped that Father himself might be gay, but, alas, he was not. It seemed a waste, as he was such a loving man. He always reminded me that it wouldn't matter what his orientation was...or as he put it...Celibacy is Celibacy, regardless of one's orientation. His love for his Lord was absolute. It could not be shared, in any way, with some earthly person. He was amazing, and I admired him greatly.

We were laughing at some of my youthful missteps, Father, at his desk, and me facing him from across the desk, when Father's eyes shifted to look over my shoulder at the doorway.

I turned to observe a diminutive, and utterly adorable, cherub, standing in the doorway.

"So, OK, I'm here, Father. Is this the dude?" He inquired.

I stood and turned to face the boy.

"Justin, this is Barry. He's the man I talked to you about, in the car, this afternoon." Father began.

I extended my hand to shake. He did not reciprocate, but only looked me up and down and then said:

"Hey Dude"

"Justin, please sit in the chair there, in front of my desk. I'll let you and Barry have a little time to chat and get to know each other. I'll be back in an hour or so and see if the two of you think this can work." Father said.

"Barry, you may sit in my chair, if you like." Father added.

"I'll be OK, Father." I replied.

Father nodded, and closed the door behind him, as he left the room. I assumed a sitting position on the edge of Father's desk, facing Justin, but just to his left.

When the door clicked shut, Justin looked up at me and said:

"So, you're a faggot too, huh...Barry the fairy, right?"

"You know, Justin, I'll never know how guys like us came to be called faggot, since, according to the dictionary; a faggot is nothing more than a bundle of kindling wood. Now, the term is used as an epithet to hurt our feelings. If you're asking if I'm gay, Yes, I am... and proudly so." I replied.

"I don't know anything about kindling wood, but I do know about boxes, and you've sure got one there. I bet you've got a big old dick, huh?" He asked.

It'll take a lot more than that to shock me, I thought to myself.

"Well, Justin, we can dispense with that mystery in short order." I replied.

I stood and loosened my belt, allowing my slacks to drop to the floor, exposing my genitals and the fact that I don't wear underwear.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked.

"It's not the biggest dick I've ever seen, but, you've got some of the biggest balls I've ever seen." He replied.

"Thanks, Justin; now let's see what you've got." I suggested.

He turned red in the face and said: "Maybe later."

"OK" I said, as I pulled my pants back up.

"So, I guess it's you or the fucking cops, huh?" Justin commented.

"Guess so, Justin, that's how it was explained to me too." I replied.

I continued:

"If you don't think you want to give it a try, we can stop now." I said, as I started for the door.

"Wait, I didn't say that, OK?" He asserted.

I returned to the desk and sat in Father Christopher's chair. About the time my butt sank into the plush cushion of Father's chair, Justin raised one leg and let fly with some of the most `wall-rattling' flatulence I had ever heard. It was quite disgusting, but I refused to react.

"Well, at least we know your endocrine system is in good working order. We won't need to have a doctor to check that out." I remarked, with no expression.

With that, Justin released an equally disgusting and protracted belch.

"And you've learned to defy the peristaltic motion." I added.

"Huh?" he asked.

"Can you belch the national anthem?" I asked.

"Nope, can you?" He retorted.

"Nope" I replied.

"Well, I guess we're even on that one, huh?" He said.

"Guess so." I said.

"So, why do you want to take me home, you need a new pet, lose your dog or something?" Justin asked.

"Naw, I'm doing it, first of all, for Father Christopher. He's known me since I was a kid, and he helped me a lot. See, I was a lot like you when I was a kid, so he thought we might become buddies if we get to know each other. I don't need a pet, but I sure could use a buddy. I used to be an envelope-pusher, like you when I was a bit younger." I remarked.

"Envelope-Pusher?" He asked.

"It means I used to test the limits, defy the boundaries, try to get by with breaking the rules, knocking down the barriers...you know?" I clarified.

"Yeah, me too!" He exclaimed.

"Anyway, when you get finished with busting through the limits, maybe we can get to know each other and become buddies. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway." I explained.

"Why would you want to be buddies with me?" Justin asked.

"Like I said, I think we're probably a lot alike. Besides, Father says you're a good kid. He thinks you have a lot of potential and thinks we'd be good for each other...at least until your folks come to get you." I explained.

"You mean, IF they come to get me, huh?" He asserted.

"Father said that you told him they've done this before, but that they always come back for you. So I figure they'll be back for you. If not, well, we'll deal with it, then." I replied.

"Each time, they wait longer till they come back for me." He said, sadly.

As we chatted, I couldn't help noticing Justin, constantly pulling at his penis, through his pants. I wondered if this was a game, like Matt Damon's character in Good Will Hunting.

Justin noticed that I was watching him pull at himself.

"See anything you like?" He asked.

"Don't know, I haven't seen anything yet." I replied.

"My dick gets nasty sometimes, and gets red and sore. It feels better when I adjust it like this, that's all." He explained.

"OK, you don't have to explain. If you want me to check it out to make sure it's nothing serious, I can look at it whenever you want." I suggested.

"Sure, some other time." He responded.

"Whenever you want, Justin, it's not like I've never seen a dick other than my own, you know." I replied.

"Yeah, I bet you've sucked your share of them too, huh?" He suggested.

"Only those attached to guys I love deeply, Justin, I'm not a whore or anything." I retorted.

"You ever fucked a sheep?" He asked

Nice try, I thought to myself, but I'm not going to be shocked.

"No, is it good?" I replied.

"How the Hell would I know?" He exclaimed.

"Oh, I thought you were speaking from experience, that's all. I know you like to smash the boundaries." I suggested, with a smile.

I went on:

"Look, Justin, let's cut to the chase. You might quickly decide you don't like me and don't want to stay with me. If so, just say so, and I'll bring you back to Father right away. All I can promise you is that I'll treat you with respect and I'll take good care of you for as long as you decide to stay with me. That's the best deal I can offer you. I'm willing to give it a try. I sense something in you that compels me to give it a shot. It's up to you, now. What do you think?" I asked.

"OK, I'll try it, especially since my only other choice is the police." He said.

"Thanks for the compliment, Justin." I chuckled.

"Huh?" He replied.

"Never mind." I said.

"GREAT! I think we'll become buddies. I'm anxious to get started." I exclaimed.

Just then, the office door opened and in came Father Christopher.

"Well, neither of you has killed the other, that's a good sign." Father said, with a smile.

"We're going to become buddies." I suggested.

Father turned to Justin for agreement.

Justin nodded, but said nothing.

"Great, I'll prepare the papers." Father explained.

Soon we were in my Camaro and on our way to my apartment.

I broke our silence:

"Father said he offered you new clothes, but you refused them."

"I don't take charity." He replied.

"Well, tomorrow is Saturday, and we're going to but you some new clothes. It won't be charity, There's plenty of chores for you to do, so you can earn your keep, if that's how you want it...but I'm going to treat you like a buddy, so I'm going to get you some new stuff as a gift. OK?" I suggested.

"I'll earn them, but, OK" He replied.

"OK" I affirmed.

"This is a cool car." Justin remarked.

"Thanks, Justin. I really like it." I replied.

"Yeah, I really like Camaros" He added.

"Me too, I've always driven Camaros" I said.

Justin kept nodding off as we drove, so I suggested he let his seat recline, so he could rest along the way. He complied, and was soon asleep. Even in his sleep, he continued to pull at his penis. I began to become concerned. He had told Father he was already sexually active, so I worried he might have contracted one of the STDs.

By the time we were nearly to my apartment, I became aware of what prompted Father Christopher to remark about Justin's hygiene. My car had filled with a pungent, unpleasant smell, one that I had never encountered before. It wasn't the typical Body Odor one would expect to encounter. It was so strong, I was beginning to get an upset stomach.

My God, I thought to myself, what the Hell is that? We may have to burn those clothes, it's disgusting.

I was grateful to arrive at the apartment, at last. I brought the car to a stop in front of the apartment and switched off the ignition. Justin was still asleep. I reached across the console and gently shook Justin to awaken him.

"Justin, we're home...wake up, buddy, wake up." I said.

He began to stir and stretched as he emitted a protracted yawn:

"Yahhhhhhhh...Where are we?" He asked.

"We're home, Justin, this is home.

"Nice place." Justin remarked, as we entered the apartment.

"Thanks, Justin, make yourself at home, OK?" I offered.

"Seriously?" He replied.

"Of course, Justin. You're home now." I assured him.

"Wow!" He replied.

"Listen, Justin, I don't mean to rush you, but, I think we need to get you out of those clothes. They really reek. I want to get them into the washer. Sorry, I don't mean to embarrass you." I explained.

"I know, I know. It's not my clothes, it's my dick." He said in a matter-of-factish manner.

"Your dick?" I queried.

"Yeah, remember, I told you it gets sore and red, sometimes?" He reminded me.

"Yes, I remember." I replied.

"Well, sometimes, I get all this smelly puss and stuff. Sorry, I know I stink, but I can't help it." He apologized.

Well, I need to see what's going on with your penis, Justin. You could have a serious problem that requires medical attention right away, OK?" I suggested.

"OK" He said as he dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. He lifted his shirt tails for me to observe his genitals, just as the, now uncovered smell hit my olfactory. I nearly gagged at the smell.

As he had described, some mixture of smegma and puss was oozing from under his foreskin.

"Justin, how long has your penis been doing this?" I inquired.

"Ever since I started puberty and it began to get bigger, so, a couple of years, I guess." He advised.

"Well, we need to try to flush that stuff out of there, Justin. I'll call my doctor on Monday. We need to get you looked at. Something's seriously the matter, here." I explained.

"OK" He said.

I led him to the shower stall, started the water running, and had him wait there with me until the water became hot.

"You've really got a world-class set of balls there, Barry. Can I play with them?" He asked.

"Maybe later, Justin. First let's get your foreskin flushed out." I said.

"Good Luck, I can't ever get it all out of there." He advised.

The water became hot enough for our purposes, so I ushered him into the shower.

I knelt in front of him, and held his penis into the spray of the shower. The nasty substance visible on the surface was quickly washed away, taking the smell with it. I tried to retract his foreskin gently, to flush of it from underneath.

"Well, here's part of the problem, Justin. Your foreskin refuses to retract." I observed.

"Yeah, I know, it hurts like Hell if you try to push it back. I pump most of that nasty stuff out by stroking my dick, like I was jerking off." He instructed.

I began doing as he instructed. With each stroke, his foreskin would belch forth this putrid mixture of smegma and infection. It was disgusting, but after a while, no further production of this stuff occurred. Looking closely into Justin's foreskin, however, I could see more nasty stuff hiding in there.

"Don't stop, Barry, not now." He advised.

His penis had become quite erect while I was pumping it of the nasty stuff. I had taken him to the emission point. He wanted to come. He placed his hands, one on each of my shoulders, as I continued to kneel before him. Without warning, he began to cum. His foreskin constrained his cum from bursting forth in the usual spurts. It dripped from his foreskin, in generous amounts.

Justin grimaced at his ejaculation and after it was over, looked down at me and said:

"Damn, that always hurts, now."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, it used to feel great, but now it hurts when I shoot." He advised.

"Well, you produce a lot of cum, Justin, and you've got a lot of penis for a 14 year old, but something is not quite right with your foreskin. We'll get a doctor to examine you as soon as I can arrange it, OK?" I suggested.

"Yeah, 6 and a half inches so far, but I wish I had balls like yours, Barry. They're awesome!" He complimented me.

I took his balls in my hand. His scrotum was fully extended from the hot water. I kneaded them gently.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." He moaned.

"You like that, huh? I asked.

"God, Yes!" He exclaimed.

"I'll keep that in mind." I replied.

"We need to try to get the rest of this stuff out from under your foreskin, if we can, Justin. Whatever this nasty stuff is, we can't leave it in there. I suspect it could do permanent damage to you glans." I advised.

"My what?" He asked.

"Your glans, Justin, it's the head of your penis." I instructed.

"Oh, I didn't know that word." He reported.

"Stay here, while I grab some peroxide and a rubber ear syringe, OK?" I requested.

"OK" He replied.

I returned, quickly, with both. I drew a bulb-full of peroxide into the rubber ear-wash syringe.

"Justin, this is Hydrogen Peroxide. It has a different surface tension than water, I'm going to try to push some up under your foreskin and see if we can get rid of the rest of that crud out of your foreskin. OK?" I suggested.

"Will it hurt?" He asked.

"I'll be as gentle as possible, but getting the tip of the syringe into your foreskin might hurt a little, I really don't know." I advised.

"OK, go ahead." He said.

He kept his hands on my shoulders, as before, but shifted more of his weight onto them.

I gently began inserting the tip of the syringe into his foreskin, which resisted the penetration. I applied a bit more force and finally achieved some insertion.

Justin shuddered.

"God, that hurts, Barry, hurry up, please." He begged.

I squeezed the bulb of the syringe, forcing the peroxide under Justin's foreskin. The remaining putrification was flushed out in one final burst.

"It hurts, It hurts!" Justin exclaimed as he squeezed my shoulders.

"Almost done, Justin, just one more squirt, OK?" I advised.

"Hurry!" He said.

I did. The peroxide ran clear. We'd gotten it all out of him. I slowly removed the syringe from Justin's foreskin. He loosened his grip on my shoulders and leaned back against the wall of the shower stall.

"Fuck! That hurt like Hell while you were doing it, but my dick feels much better now." He advised.

"Good, I think we got it all for now, Justin. Now I think we should do something with your hair, it's matted up badly and I think some shampoo is in order, OK?" I suggested.

"OK, just don't stick that thing in my dick again." He protested.

I chuckled as I stood up and placed the Peroxide bottle and the syringe on the little shelf on the shower stall wall.

"I'm sorry, Justin. It had to be done. I tried my best not to hurt you, Sorry." I said.

"I know. It's OK, Barry. I know it had to be done. He agreed.

"OK, let's shampoo your hair, now." I said.

He looked down at the floor of the shower stall to grant me full access to his head. I lathered him up and used my fingernails to gently massage and invigorate his scalp.

I thought he had looked down to the shower floor. I guess he was looking elsewhere. He reached over and began playing with my balls and stroking my dick, as I continued to shampoo his hair.

"Your balls are heavy, Barry. Must be a ton of cum in there, huh?" He suggested.

"Well, the sperm part of cum, anyway, I guess." I replied.

"Huh?" He said.

"I'll explain about cum later, if you want, but yes, I tend to produce a lot of cum, including the sperm from my balls." I bragged.

I moved his head to rinse the shampoo from his hair.

"Looks like a second round of shampoo will be required, Justin. When did you last shampoo your hair?" I asked.

"I dunno" He replied.

I lathered up his hair once more, with the shampoo. He continued to play with my genitals as I washed his hair once more.

"You're really making me hot, Justin. You've certainly got the touch." I told him.

"I want to see you cum, Barry. I want to see how much stuff is making these balls so heavy. Can I suck your dick?" He asked.

"Wait till I finish your hair, first, OK?" I requested.

"OK" He replied.

He continued to massage my balls and slow-stroke my dick as I rinsed the shampoo from his silky hair. It had taken on a beautiful hue and a shimmering sheen during the shampoo and rinse.

"Wow, you have beautiful Auburn hair, Justin. It's a darker shade of Auburn than usual. It's really quite beautiful." I declared.

"You really think so?" He asked.

"I sure do. It's a perfect compliment to your green eyes. You're really strikingly beautiful, Justin...amazing, what a little shampoo will reveal. You're gorgeous!" I insisted.

"Thanks" He blushed.

"I was so busy concentrating on your naughty penis; I failed to observe your physique. You're quite the specimen...simply gorgeous." I repeated.

"Can I suck you now?" He asked.

"Do you really want to?" I replied.

"Hell Yes!" He exclaimed.

"OK" I agreed.

Justin went to his knees and took my dick into his hands, positioning it to take it into his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and opened his mouth wide. He slid my dick along his tongue, exciting my frenulum as my penis slid along its way into his mouth.

"Damn, you're good, Justin." I remarked.

He could only nod.

Once he had my penis totally in his mouth, he removed his hands from it and placed them on my butt, one on either cheek. He began pulling my butt to further insert my dick. He pulled and pushed me into him, to indicate he wanted me to face fuck him.

I obliged.

I placed my hands behind his head and began thrusting, slowly, but deliberately, into him. He played with my balls as I did.

I was on fire for him!

"I'm cumming, Justin. Take me out of your mouth if you don't want a mouthful of me." I whispered.

He pulled my butt to him, once more, to fully insert me into his mouth. He circled my corona with his tongue. I was seeing fireworks.

"Here it is, Justin, I'm...Uhhhhhh...Uhhhhhh...Oh, God...This is GREAT!" I said as I ejaculated.

I filled him with my cum and he took it all, not missing a drop. My glans became supersensitive at my ejaculation, as one would expect, and he removed it far enough from his mouth to really work on my corona with his tongue, then compressing it with his lips.

My penis was palpitating and pulsing so powerfully that he had to place it in his hand to steady it for his mouth. He slurped and sucked and gave me a prolonged orgasm. I thought I'd pass out.

Justin slowly removed my, still pulsing, penis from his mouth. He licked the residual cum from my meatus and looked up at me and smiled.

"You're amazing, Barry, that was great. You cum by the cupful, huh?" He declared.

"I do cum in great amounts, Justin, I always have." I answered.

"It was GREAT! Thanks for letting me have some of you." He said.

"Anytime, Justin. That was the best orgasm I think I've ever had, honestly, it was, Justin." I assured him.

"Thanks." He replied with a smile.

"Where did you ever learn to suck dick like that?" I asked.

"Hell, Barry, I've been sucking dick since I was 6 years old; I've had plenty of practice. He replied.

"6 years old?" I asked in bewilderment.

"Yeah, lots of cousins, Barry, lots of sleepovers. I'm their favorite cousin, they stay overnight with me as often as they can. Now you know why." He said with a smile.

"Guess I was a late bloomer." I smiled back.

He nodded.

"So, do your cousins reciprocate? Do they suck your dick too? I asked.

"Nope, never, not with the problem I've always had with my dick. It hurts too much when I get hard and even worse when someone tries to suck me off. Then, when I got older, and I began to stink, they quit coming to see me at all." He reported.

"So, you've never been sucked off?" I asked.

"Never, hurts too much!" He repeated.

"Poor guy! We'll have to get something done with that naughty penis of yours. We'll see a doctor next week. Don't worry." I promised.

I continued:

"We're both turning into prunes, let's get out of this water, OK" I suggested.

"OK" He said.

We dried off and I blow-dried his hair. It fluffed to a full-bodied, beautiful head of hair, only in need of a visit to a good stylist.

"I usually go around the apartment naked, Justin, but if you'd rather, you can use my robe." I offered.

"Naked is how I like it too, Barry. Used to drive my Mom crazy." He said.

"I guess we have that much in common, Justin. My Mom used to put me in pajamas when I was little, only to find them on the floor the next morning, and me running around buck-naked." I explained.

I went on:

"Let's get those clothes of yours into the washer, while we have a little snack, OK?" I suggested.

"Yeah, I'm a little hungry." Justin confirmed.

It didn't take long for one set of thread-bare clothes to wash and dry, so the dryer was buzzing at us about the time we were finishing our snack.

I stood at the dryer, folding Justin's clothes, when he spoke to me from his chair in the breakfast nook:

"You're pretty hot, Barry. You've got a nice body, a good build, and you're cute too."

"Thanks, Justin; I don't get complimented like that often, and not for a long time." I chuckled.

I'm serious, Barry, I think you're HOT looking, and you cum like a horse, too." He affirmed.

"Not as HOT as you, Justin. You are absolutely `drop-dead gorgeous'" I insisted.

"You're just saying that." He suggested.

"Not at all, Justin. You really are. I find you extremely attractive...gorgeous, really. I mean it." I insisted again.

"Do you have a lover, Barry? He's damned lucky, if you do." Justin said, assertively.

"No, Justin, I don't. Who would have me?" I asked.

"I would. No one has ever shown me the kind of personal interest and caring you have, Barry. It would be easy to fall in love with you. I may be falling in love with you right now, myself." Justin suggested.

"Justin, I'm really flattered. You're so beautiful; you could have just about anyone you want. You've only known me for a few hours...do you really think you could love me as more than a friend...as a lover?" I asked.

"You're right, Barry, and I have had just about anyone I ever wanted, but this is different, none of them had any use for me beyond a great ejaculation...but you seem genuinely concerned for me. You didn't puke at trying to clean out my foreskin or anything. I can't even stand my own foreskin...but you got right down there, right in front of it and cleaned me out. No one has ever done that, or shown me love like that in my life." He explained.

"Well, Justin, I'll be honest, it wasn't the most pleasant experience I have ever had, but I knew it had to be done. You soldiered through it quite nicely, Justin. I'm proud of you." I responded.

"Oh, I've been through a lot worse, believe me, but few people would have done that for me, Barry. I love you for it, I really do." He said.

"Equally few people have ever said `I love you' to me and really meant it, sweet Justin. Thank you." I said with a tear in my eye.

Justin saw my tear and rose from his chair and came to me. He threw his arms around my neck and kissed away my tear.

"Father was right about you. You really do have a tremendous capacity for love, don't you?" He remarked.

"Is that what he said?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's right too." He affirmed.

"It's sweet of him to say that about me." I said.

"Yeah, he told me I wouldn't be sorry for getting to know you and that I could trust you. He was right, I can see that already." He asserted.

"You can trust me, Justin, you really can. I'll do everything I can for you." I replied.

"I've never known anyone like you, Barry. Guess I'm pretty lucky, huh?" He said with a smile.

"Me too, Justin. I'm very lucky to have you with me. It will break my heart when your parents come to take you back." I stated.

"Who says they'll ever come back?" He replied.

I smiled at him and kissed him sweetly, then more passionately. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and he gazed back into mine.

"I'm falling in love with you, Barry. I really am." Justin attested.

"I could never be worthy of you, Justin, but I could love you like you've never been loved before. I replied.

"Love me, Barry. Please love me." He begged.

"How could I not love you, Justin, how could I not?" I replied with a smile.

"Thank God; I've dreamed and prayed for someone like you to be sent into my life, Barry. Thank God." He declared.

I hugged him for the longest time, tears rolling down each of our cheeks, and our penises rubbing together.

"I need a drink" I declared.

"Me too". He replied.

"Do you drink liquor, sweet Justin?" I inquired.

"I sure do." He replied.

"OK, I'll make us each a cocktail." I suggested.

"OK" He said.

We returned to the table and I mixed us drinks. I was reeling at the notion that Justin could have such profound feelings for me.

We returned to the living room and sat side by side on the sofa. We continued to enjoy our cocktails. Justin leaned over to place his head on my shoulder. I raised my arm and placed it around him and allowed his head, thereby, to rest on my breast.

"I'm sorry, Barry." Justin said, breaking the silence.

"Whatever for?" I asked.

"For calling you `Barry the Fairy' in Father's office. I wouldn't want that to keep you from loving me. I only said it to try to piss you off, if I could, to see what to expect when you got pissed. Anyway, I'm sorry." He explained.

"Sweet Boy, I learned long ago that I can only be hurt by words or epithets if I allow myself to be. I don't let people get into my head. Still, I'm glad you decided to apologize for saying that. It says something good about what goes on in your soul. Don't worry, my love for you could never be hindered by such a thing. Even had it made me angry, I would continue to love you just the same. I explained.

"I love you, Barry." He said.

"I love you too, Justin." I replied.

We sat there for a few moments, his head still resting on my breast. Without warning, he began to chuckle.

"What" I asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking that when I get asked how I came to fall in love with you, I'll have to say it happened while you were cleansing my dick" He said, still chuckling.

"Hardly a romantic beginning, huh?" I replied with a smile.

"It showed what extent you would go to, to do something so loving. I know how disgusting it must have been for you, Barry. I love you for it, I always will." He declared.

"Well, you're probably going to love me all the more, cause we'll need to do that daily, until the doctor says otherwise." I suggested.

He took his penis in hand and pointed it directly toward his face, so he could examine his foreskin straight on.

"I was afraid of that" He said.

"Well, it shouldn't be as bad, now. I think we got it all out of there. It can't form that much in a day's time." I offered.

"Yeah, I guess that's right." He replied.

"Sweetheart, it's getting late. Are you about ready for some shut-eye?" I asked.

"No one has ever called me sweetheart before. I like the sound of it. Do you really think I'm a sweetheart, Barry?" He inquired.

"I do, indeed, Justin, in spite of your bravado and attempts at being crude...farting...belching...and all the rest. Yes, Justin, you're a sweetheart. At least you are to me." I said.

"So, you've got me figured out, huh?" He said.

"You can't fool me, sweetheart, I'm too ignorant!" I exclaimed

He laughed aloud.

"Too ignorant, huh?" He laughed again.

"Ready for bed, sweetheart?" I asked again.

"Yeah, I'm getting a little sleepy, not much, but a little." He replied.

"OK, I can pull out the hide-a-bed in the sofa here, if you'd prefer your own bed or..." I began.

"Can I sleep with you, Barry? I'd rather sleep with you, PLEASE?" He begged.

"Of course you may, Justin. I just wanted to give you a choice, sweetie." I suggested.

We cuddled up tight under the blanket. I kept an arm around him, pulling him to my side. His cheek was resting on my breast. He threw one leg over me to maximize our body contact, his penis now resting in my pubic hair.

The warmth of him was comforting and reassuring. I was luxuriating in it. With his head resting on one of my breasts, his hand was resting on my other breast. His gentle touch was both erotic and loving.

My God, I thought to myself, I have truly fallen in love with this boy. I want to nurture and protect him from any harm for the rest of my life. Still, I thought, how soon will he tire of me, how soon the novelty will wear off?

As I was becoming lost in my thoughts, I felt the hair on my chest becoming wet. He was crying.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" I asked.

"I'm afraid, Barry." He replied.

"Don't be, you're with me now. You're safe with me, no reason to be afraid." I tried to console him.

"I'm afraid that there will be a knock at the door and my Mom and Dad will be there to take me away, Barry. That's why I'm afraid. He explained.

"We'll deal with it, if and when it happens, sweet boy. It will not play well for them that they have repeatedly abandoned you. The `catch 22' for us is that, if we push that fact too vigorously, you could wind up in a group home, instead of here with me. So we need to tread carefully." I advised.

"I only want to be with you, Barry. I can see already, this is where I belong, with someone I love and who loves me too. Please let me stay with you, PLEASE!?!" He begged.

"If it's my choice, baby, you'll be here with me, and I'll shower you with love and caring with all my effort, and with all my heart. You may, soon, tire of me, I suppose, but I'll love you like you've never known love before, I promise sweetheart. It's a complicated matter, but, Father and I will do our best to see to it that you won't be abandoned again." I assured him.

"I'll keep running away to you, Barry, till they let me stay with you." He replied.

"Hopefully, baby, it won't come to that. For now, try to relax, try to sleep, and put all of these unhappy thoughts out of your mind. You're here with me, you're safe, no one id going to hurt you, not when I'm with you." I promised.

"Barry?" He said, after a few moments of silence.

"Yes, baby." I replied.

"Make love to me, please." He requested.

"Do you really want me to, sweetheart?" I replied.

"I want you in me. I want you to fuck me." He stated.

"I was in you when you sucked my dick in the shower, remember?" I reminded him.

"You were delicious, too. I want more of you that way, but, I want you in me the other way also." He suggested.

"I want to make love to you more than you know, baby, and I'd like part of our love-making to be me, sucking your dick, as well as fucking you. I want the pleasure you derive from such an episode to be maximized. So, I'll fuck you now, if you want, but I'd rather see what the doctors say about your naughty penis and, if they can solve the issue that it hurts when you ejaculate, then I can give you the most pleasurable experience you'll ever have had. Can you wait, so we can make it a mind-blowing ritual, or do you want me in you now?" I asked.

Well, since you put it that way, I guess I can wait...but not for long, OK?" He conceded.

"We'll get in to see a doctor as soon as possible. I promise." I said.

"OK, goodnight, Barry. I want to wake up in this same position, next to you, feeling your warmth, OK?" He requested.

"You will, sweetheart. Sleep now, sleep baby, I'm here, I'll protect you, just sleep. I love you." I whispered.

My words must have been consoling, he was asleep by the time I had spoken them.

As I had promised, he awoke in the same position he had fallen asleep in.

We enjoyed a hot shower, and I flushed his foreskin with peroxide and extracted the nasty stuff that had formed overnight. It wasn't as uncomfortable for him this time. I was pleased.

After a light breakfast, we spent the bulk of the day shopping for clothes. He proved to have good taste in clothing and selected outfits that complimented his green eyes and / or

his auburn hair. He emerged from the fitting room in an outfit that was just perfect for him.

"My God, Justin, you're stunning...just gorgeous." I declared.

He smiled from ear to ear. He was obviously not accustomed to such compliments.

"You really think so, Barry?" He asked.

"I certainly do, so much so, I want to rip those clothes off you and make passionate love to you here and now." I said, with a smile.

"Go ahead, Barry, that's what I want. The fitting room is right there, you know." He smiled back.

"Not here, sweetheart, in time, we'll make it a special night, a special event for us both." I promised.

He smiled and came to me and hugged me tightly.

"God, how I love you, Justin. I love you so much!" I declared.

"I love you, Barry, more than I've ever loved anyone in my life." He replied.

"Let's get out of here, baby, before I start crying" I suggested.

We arrived at the apartment with 6 outfits, selected for mix and match, so that at least 10 combinations could be obtained.

"You have very good taste in clothing, sweetheart." I said.

"Thank, Barry. I love clothes, and dressing smartly." He replied.

"Father said you were very savvy, more like someone much older. He was right." I said.

"Father is a nice guy, I like him a lot. He protected me from all the horny old men and women at the shelter. He even blocked the doorway to the showers by standing in it, with his back to me, so I could bathe in peace." He reported.

He continued:

"He's a good man and a great priest. He puts up with a lot of crap from people. When I ask him why he takes all that crap from those bums, he just smiles and says: because they are the `least of His brethren' whatever that means." He concluded.

I smiled, but said nothing.

"Well, let's get your new clothes into the washer and get all the 3rd world cooties washed off them, OK?" I suggested.

"OK" He agreed.

"The junk food we had at the food plaza, at the mall, should tide us through the afternoon. Then, this evening, I'll introduce you to my friends, Michael and Trey. They are a gay couple I've known for a long time and they've just opened a very exclusive and popular restaurant in Trey's name, since he's the chef. So...it's called, simply...'TREY'. They'll be wild about you and we'll get the royal treatment. It'll be fun." I assured him.

"Great, I can't wait!" He replied.

"OK, then. I need to call Father, and have a chat about your naughty penis and make sure I'm authorized to see to your medical needs, and such. If you want, I just picked up a new video, it's called `MAURICE', it's very good, has a gay theme, and some excellent actors. Hugh Grant and a gorgeous little guy named Rupert Graves, you'll like it." I suggested.

"OK, it sounds interesting, I'll watch it." He replied.

"I'll join you, as soon as I get off the phone." I said.

"OK" He replied.

While my beautiful Justin sat naked, watching `Maurice' and sipping a Coke, I placed a call to Father Christopher.

"Hi Barry! How's it going, so far, you're not ready to bring him back already, are you?" He started our call with a chuckle.

"On the contrary, Father, I'm coming to love him deeply...you knew I would, didn't you?" I chuckled.

"He's a special boy, like you were, Barry. You each have a soulful of love, and are very selective about whom you pour it out upon. I didn't know you would come to love each other, I only hoped you would." He replied.

"Well, he is special, indeed, Father. I think that anyone who takes the time to get to know him would not be able to do anything but love him. He compels it by his very essence. Yes, I love him. I'd adopt him right now, if I could." I explained.

"I'm pleased, Barry, does he feel similarly about you?" Father asked.

"He does, Father, either he loves me very much or he's the most masterful liar I've ever met." I said.

"Fine, Barry, that's fine." He replied.

"Father, the reason I called is to make sure my interpretation of the guardian papers you provided me with allow me to see to his medical needs. Am I right that they do?" I asked.

"Yes, they do, indeed. Is he sick?" Father inquired.

"Yes and No, Father. The hygiene problem you warned me about is more than simple bathing habits. He has a recurring infection under his foreskin that produces a nasty paste of smegma and puss. I've been able to flush it successfully, but it's obvious that there's a more serious problem at play here...one that requires medical attention." I explained.

"That explains why he was always pulling at himself, Huh?" He asked.

"Yes, Father, I'm afraid so." I replied.

"I should have questioned him about it, perhaps, even examined him, so I'm partially at fault here, Barry. These days, the idea of a priest examining some boy's genitals is... well, you understand." Father explained.

"Father, I think that anyone with an IQ higher than that of a turnip understands that celibacy does not produce pedophilia. Rather, a celibate priesthood is simply an all too convenient hiding place for predators, and one which provides such predators with a target rich environment. Those of us who are Gay and prefer the younger guy are stained most by the regrettable actions of these predators, who abuse their authority to coerce sex out of their charges. Sex through coercion is as unacceptable to Gays as it is to Straights."

I explained.

"That's very insightful of you, Barry, and entirely correct. Still, these days, a priest can't pat a child on the head, without being accused, so, unfortunately, most of us priests shun any contact with kids. It's a real shame, Barry, but what are we to do.? He asked.

"Remember, Father, boys like Justin are also among the least of his brethren." I suggested.

"You're entirely correct, Barry. That's why I sent him to you. I knew you'd care for him and love. Like most boys, gay or straight, he needs lots of love and guidance from someone he can respect and love in return. That's why I put the two of you together. I'm glad I did." He replied.

"Me too, Father, Me too." I agreed.

"Perhaps I should have questioned him, or even examined him, but I didn't. So what do you want to do going forward, Barry?" He asked.

"He needs to be seen by a doctor, so I figured on getting him in to see my doctor as soon as possible. I just wanted to make sure I had the necessary authority to have him treated, medically." I explained.

"You do, Barry, however, this may be more expeditious. I'll call Dr. McClain; he's an urologist at St. Francis Hospital. He donates his time and service to the shelter, here. I'll arrange for him to see Justin as quickly as possible. There will be no charges, nor questions. I'll call you with the time and place as soon as I can arrange it." He offered.

"That's GREAT, Father. Thank you very much. Justin and I appreciate this very much." I said.

"It's the least I can do, Barry. Justin is still my responsibility too, you know." He replied.

"Yes, Father" I replied, like a school boy.

"Give him a hug for me; tell him it'll all be fine, we'll make sure he gets the treatment he requires. Also, apologize for me that I failed to recognize the problem and react to it as I should have." Father requested.

"I will, Father. We both love you, Father, we really do." I asserted.

"That means a lot to me, Barry. We priests rarely hear such words. It really warms my heart. I love you two, also." He assured me.

"Talk to you later, Father, and thanks again." I concluded.

"Bye, Barry, I'll call you later." He ended our call.

I returned to explain the good news to Justin, but he was deeply engaged in `Maurice'. I decided I'd wait till the movie was over before recounting my chat with Father for Justin. I sat down next to Justin and placed an arm around him. He responded by placing a hand on my leg.

"This is sad" Justin remarked, at one point.

"Yes, it is, sweetheart. Gays have always been the brunt of jokes, and all manner of cruelty from so-called straights, who often react as they do, in hopes no one will question their own orientation. I've known many such hypocrites. They want their dicks sucked in secret, by some guy, then, they run home to wife and mommy. It would funny, if it weren't so sad." I instructed.

"Sounds like some of my cousins." He replied.

We watched Maurice to its end, except for me taking a break to move Justin's new clothes from the washer to the dryer.

"GREAT MOVIE!" He exclaimed as the credits began to roll.

"You're right, `Scudder' was HOT!" He observed.

"Yes he is. That's Rupert Graves, and he really is gorgeous. He's also pretty gutsy to do all that full frontal nudity. Not many actors would have done it." I affirmed.

"Yes, he has a beautiful body...not as beautiful as you, of course, Barry." He said with a coy smile.

"RIGHT...I should have such a physique!" I replied.

"You're beautiful to me, Barry." Justin declared.

"That's all that matters, sweetheart." I said.

I delivered a hug to him, still sitting next to him, both of us naked.

"That's from Father, he felt badly he had failed to recognize that you have a naughty penis, and not doing anything about it. He said to give you a hug for him and assure you of his affection for you." I explained.

"He's a sweet man." Justin replied.

"Yes he is." I affirmed.

I continued:

"He's arranging for an examination with a doctor he knows, so, soon, we'll get to the bottom of what's going on with you." I reported.

"Great" He replied.

"In the meantime, we'll keep you flushed out like before." I said.

"great" He said with a sad tone and a frown.

"I know it's uncomfortable, but it's necessary, sweetheart." I replied.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I love it when you handle my dick and my balls, Barry. That really is GREAT. The flushing-out business isn't fun, though." He explained.

"I know, baby. Hopefully, we won't have to deal with it much longer. Please trust me." I said.

"I do, Barry. I trust you completely. I'm just anxious to get my dick fixed, that's all." He replied.

"I understand, baby. We'll see to it as quickly as possible." I assured him.

Just then, the dryer buzzed to alert us that Justin's clothes were ready.

Soon, we were dressed and at Trey.


Michael seated us, in my favorite private room near the kitchen, then returned to tell Trey that we had arrived.

They both returned to greet us.

"Michael, you're right...He IS gorgeous!" Trey exclaimed.

"Thank You!" I responded.

"Not you silly. I'm referring to this gorgeous young man whom you have graced us with." Trey answered.

"Oh, I should have known." I said, as I winked at Justin.

Justin blushed and smiled.

"Trey, Michael, this exceptionally beautiful young man is Justin. He's very special and I love him beyond words. Naturally, I brought him here, where I knew you'd take good care of him." I explained.

I continued:

"Justin, these two characters are Trey, for whom this restaurant is named, and his lover Michael. They have been my dear and loving friends for a long time. I know you'll come to be friends and love them as I do."

"Welcome, Justin!" Trey exclaimed, as he, and then Michael, shook hands with Justin.

"Thank you. I do feel welcome." Justin replied.

"I hope you're hungry." Michael said.

"I sure am, just the smell around here would make anyone hungry." Justin replied.

Trey laughed loudly and said:

"Thanks for the compliment, Justin. I hope you find the food lives up to its aroma."

"I can't wait!" Justin replied.

Trey and Michael fawned over Justin throughout dinner and dessert. They really treated him like royalty. I was so pleased to see Justin enjoying himself so much. I had never heard Justin laughing so much. He had released himself to the joys of the moment. It was wonderful.

Justin was exhausted from all the playfulness and slept during our drive back to the apartment. He looked so angelic, as he slept.

God, what a treasure he is! I thought to myself.

----------------END PT I---------------

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