"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"





Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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The phone was ringing as we entered the apartment. I rushed to answer it. It was Father Christopher. He informed me he had arranged for us to see Dr. McClain at 10AM Monday morning.

"Thanks, Father, we'll be there." I promised, as we ended our call.

I informed Justin. He seemed relieved, though a bit anxious about his diagnosis. Soon, we were in bed, cuddling with each other, as was to become our custom, as we had the night before.

Justin was a priceless gem. Feeling his warmth, as we slept, was like feeling his soul pouring its very being, its love, into me. I never wanted it to end.

God, I hope he never stops loving me. I thought, as I dropped off to sleep.

Monday seemed to arrive in a wink, and we found ourselves in Dr. McClain's office at St. Francis.

I waited in the examination room with Justin, who was required to put on one of those silly gowns with the open back.

"Is my butt hanging out, Barry?" Justin asked.

"Yes, and it's such a cute little butt." I answered.

Justin smiled.

Just then, Dr. McClain entered the room.

"Hello, I'm Dr. McClain." He began.

"I'm Justin and this is Barry, he's my protector, so you'd better treat me right." Justin warned.

Dr. McClain smiled.

"OK, then, Justin. Let's see what's going on with you. Please lift your gown up for me, OK?" The Dr. asked.

Justin, not only lifted the gown, but removed it and tossed it onto the examining table.

"Now, Justin, don't freak out on me, but I'm going to need to handle your genitals to examine you properly. I'm sure you're not accustomed to being handled down here in this area. Also, don't be embarrassed if you develop an erection as I examine you, that's a normal response too." The Dr. instructed.

I was standing next to Justin, holding his hand, as he stood directly in front of the doctor.

"OK, Justin, you ready?" The Dr. asked.

"Sure" Justin answered, as he looked at me and rolled his eyes.

The doctor lifted Justin's penis to better view it from his foreskin.

"Uh-Huh...Uh-Huh...Hmmmmmmmm." The Dr. uttered, as he examined Justin.

As predicted, Justin began to become erect.

"It's OK, son, don't be embarrassed, it's normal to respond this way." The Dr. reminded us.

Justin looked at me and rolled his eyes again.

The doctor gently kneaded Justin's testicles and checked his epididymis, gently squeezing them and following them to Justin's vas deferens and up to the upper regions of Justin's scrotum.

Justin began dripping precum onto the floor.

"It's OK, Justin, that's normal too." The Dr. said.

The doctor opened a drawer of the adjacent cabinet and removed an orchidometer from it. He compared the chart to Justin's testicles.

"Uh-Huh...Uh-Huh" The Dr. said again.

The doctor wrote the number 25 on Justin's chart.

Next the doctor removed an odd looking instrument from the drawer. I had never seen anything like it, except, possibly that gizmo women use to curl their eye-leashes.

When the doctor started at Justin's penis with that implement, Justin squeezed my hand tightly and said:

"Whoa, Doc, what the Hell are you going to do with that thing?"

"I need to retract your foreskin a little, Justin." The Dr. replied.

I interrupted:

"Doc, his foreskin refuses to retract. You'll send him right through the roof if you use that thing on him."

"OK, I'm glad you warned me." The Dr. said.

He continued:

"OK, Justin, I won't try to retract your foreskin, but let me see if I can, at least, open it a bit so I can see what's going on in there." The Dr. suggested.

"Oh God, Doc, that'll hurt like Hell, too." Justin replied.

"OK, then let me swab a little topical anesthetic under your foreskin, so it won't hurt you when I open it up a little. I must see what is going on in there." The Dr. suggested.

"OK, be quick" Justin replied.

The doctor took a very small q-tip- looking swab and dipped it into the anesthetic. Handling Justin's, still erect penis very gently, he pushed the swab under Justin's foreskin.

I thought Justin would crush my hand, he squeezed it so tightly.

"Oh God, Doc, please hurry." Justin complained.

The doctor finished his swabbing and gently removed the swab, throwing it into a waste can. He took a fresh swab and, having dipped into the anesthetic, painted the outside of Justin's foreskin with a generous amount of the same anesthetic. He disposed of that swab, as he had the first.

"OK, while we wait on the anesthetic to do its job, let me tell you what we know from the examination so far." The Dr. said.

"OK, Doc." I answered.

"Well, Justin, you have a fully developed set of genitals. They've already reached the adult stage, in spite of your age. Most 14 yr old boys would be no where near your level of development. Your testicles are at 25 on the orchidometer. The orchidometer stops at 27, but 25 is fully developed. You may further develop to 27, or remain at 25, either way, you're fully developed.

Your testicles are very active, your epididymis and vas deferens are fully packed."

He pointed at a chart of the male reproductive system to show Justin where his epididymis and vas deferens were located.

"Do you understand, so far?" The Dr. asked.

"Yeah, my balls are big and working fine." Justin answered.

The Doctor smiled.

"Well put" The Dr. said, still smiling.

He went on:

"Your penis is another matter, Justin. It too has reached an adult level of development. The problem is that your foreskin didn't keep up with the development of your penis, Justin, it's much too small to accommodate your glans."

Again the doctor pointed to the chart.

"I know what my glans is, Doc. Barry taught me." Justin interrupted.

"Great! I'm glad you're being taught about your boy-parts. Most grown men don't know about the structures of their genitalia." The Dr. said.

He went on:

"OK, now let's see if we can open your foreskin just a bit, Justin. The anesthetic should have worked by now. I'll be very gentle, I promise."

Justin began squeezing my hand, once again, in anticipation of what was about to happen.

The doctor used his thumbs to gently open Justin's foreskin for a peak inside. He, then, realizing he was not causing Justin any pain, took a different implement from the drawer and used it to open Justin's foreskin further.

"Ouch, Ouch, Ouch" Justin complained.

"OK, I'll be out of there in just a moment, Justin. Please bear with me.

The doctor took an examining scope, like one would use to examine an ear or nose with, and used it to illuminate Justin's glans and the underside of Justin's foreskin.

"Please hurry, Doc!" Justin protested.

The doctor looked into the scope briefly, and then removed it and the other implement from Justin's penis.

"All right, Justin, here's what's going on. As we said before, your foreskin is way too small for your penis and it's entrapping your smegma against your corona ring. I don't see any serious damage yet, but if we let this go on, it could become very serious. It could even lead, over time, to penile cancer. Don't worry; you're no where near that point yet. Still, we must correct this situation as soon as possible." The Dr. reported.

I interrupted:

"Is there a way to enlarge or stretch his foreskin, Doc? I never heard of such a thing."

"No, there's only one thing to do, in Justin's case. Circumcision is the solution here, Barry." The Doc suggested.

"Circumcision, huh?" I asked.

"Sure, it's no problem at all. There's a lot of emotional nonsense attached to circumcision. There are strong cultural, and in some cases, religious biases at play, both pro and con circumcision. Usually, the arguments, themselves, point to whether or not those involved in the argument are, themselves, circumcised. Those, in the argument, who are not circumcised, assume a strident position against the procedure, and those who are, argue in favor of it. I have a friend, Caleb, who argues that it's a form of mutilation. I contend that like a tonsillectomy, it is the simple removal of an otherwise useless appendage. One thing for sure...it makes proper male hygiene much easier to be circumcised" Also, in spite of some anecdotal information to the contrary, there's no real evidence that circumcision diminishes male sensuality." The Dr. instructed us.

"There is mounting evidence, now, as well, that circumcision removes certain receptor cells, unique to the foreskin, and thereby reduces the odds of contracting HIV-AIDS by as much as 70%." The Dr. added.

"Well, I'm circumcised and I like it that way, Doc." I said.

"Can I say something?" Justin asked.

"Of course." The Dr. replied.

"It's my penis, and if getting circumcised will fix my problem, I say let's do it." Justin insisted.

The Doc and I both smiled.

"There's really no alternative in your case, Justin. Circumcision is the only solution, and the sooner, the better." The Dr. responded.

The doctor looked at me for affirmation.

I nodded.

"OK, then, I'll get it scheduled for tomorrow morning. It's a quick and simple procedure, but it will require general anesthesia. He'll be awake within a half hour and ready to go home within an hour." The Dr. advised us.

He went on:

"Justin, I hope you're not shy"

"I'm not, why?" Justin asked.

"Because for several days afterward, you're going to have to go around the house naked. I don't want shirttails, underwear, or anything else coming in contact with your circumcision site. Do you understand?" The Dr. asked.

"Sure, I'm not shy, and I don't wear underwear, anyway." Justin replied.

"Good, there will also be an ointment you'll need to apply to your circumcision site and to your glans as well. You have to be very careful about urinating too; it can infect your circumcision site and wash the ointment off. I'll give Barry some written instructions on how to care for your circumcision and how to examine your penis to ensure it's healing OK. You won't be embarrassed to let Barry examine your penis, will you?" The Dr. asked.

Justin looked at me, once more, and rolled his eyes.

"He's looking at my penis right now, Doc, it doesn't bother me. I told you, I'm not shy." Justin replied.

"Great! You can get dressed now, Justin, and I'll have them call you and tell you when to be at the outpatient clinic for the operation...sometime in the morning, OK?" The Dr. said.

"We'll be there." I replied.

Father Christopher met us at the clinic, the next morning, to lend his support to Justin, who was happy to see him. Father and I stayed with Justin, in his room, while Justin changed into his hospital gown.

Father spoke to Justin as he was changing:

"Justin, I'm so sorry I failed to recognize that you had a problem requiring medical attention, I hope you forgive me for that."

"No problem, Father. I didn't say anything about it, and I didn't expect you to examine my dick or anything." Justin replied.

Father blushed and said:

"No Justin, I would not likely examine your genitals without cause, but, still, I feel badly that I didn't put 1 and 1 together. Your pulling at yourself, all the time, should have made me consider that there might be something more than habit at play."

Justin sat on the bedside.

I interrupted:

In any case, Father, you stepped up to the plate, without hesitation, once you learned there was a problem; you arranged all this with Dr. McClain. Justin and I are grateful to you.

Just then, an orderly came through the door with a gurney. He was accompanied by a nurse, who gave Justin an injection of something to help him relax. She did so in Justin's cute little butt. I didn't like the idea of her touching his butt, but quickly chided myself, as this was only a medical procedure. She then installed an I.V., which Justin took in stride, but clearly found painful, into Justin's hand and started a drip of saline.

"OK, young man...hop up here on the gurney for me, before the shot takes effect." Said the orderly.

Justin complied.

Once on the gurney, the orderly covered Justin with a sheet. Justin extended an arm from under the sheet for me to hold his hand. I took it and held his hand firmly. This seemed to calm him...or, perhaps the shot was taking effect.

Father and I accompanied Justin to the O.R., as the orderly pushed the gurney along the hall. Dr. McClain was standing there, just inside the O.R. doors watching through the glass as we arrived. He opened the door and said:

"It's all going to be fine, Justin, don't worry, we'll take good care of you."

The doctor looked at father and me and said:

"You two can wait in the waiting room at the end of the hall, or in Justin's room, if you like. The operation will only take a few minutes, but Justin will be in recovery for an hour or so. We'll bring him back to his room after he awakens, and the anesthesiologist says it's OK."

Justin piped up immediately:

"BULLSHIT, I want Barry to be with me the whole time. I want to go to sleep with him holding my hand, and wake up with him still holding my hand."

"Justin, it's not allowed, I'm sorry." The doctor said to Justin.

Justin began shifting on the gurney, trying to sit up on the gurney, fighting the effect of his shot.

"Then just let me off this damned gurney, RIGHT NOW!" Justin Shouted.

Father looked at the doctor and said:

"What's it going to hurt, David?"

"Well...he'll have to scrub up and put on a surgical gown." The doctor replied.

"NO PROBLEM!" I interjected.

Soon, I was scrubbed and ready. Justin lay back down on the gurney. Father gave him a blessing and we entered the operating room.

"I know he'll be fine with you, Barry. So I'll get on about my chores. I need to bring communion to several people, here at the hospital. I'll check back at Justin's room when I'm finished, OK?" Father said.

"OK, Father." I said, as the O.R. doors closed behind us.

They moved Justin to the operating table and moved the gurney to a parking place against one wall. I moved back to Justin's side and resumed holding his hand.

"Barry, if you have any problem with the sight of blood, please look away as we perform Justin's circumcision. We don't need you passing out on us, OK?" The doctor suggested.

"No problem, Doc, blood doesn't bother me." I replied.

The anesthesiologist approached with a syringe and looked at Justin, saying:

"Ready for a short nap, Justin?"

"Sure" He replied.

The anesthesiologist inserted the syringe into the shunt of Justin's I.V. and began slowly depressing the plunger. I continued to hold Justin's hand.

Justin looked up at me and said:

"Am I supposed to count or some...th..."

He was out for the count.

They removed Justin's gown, leaving him, briefly nude on the table.

God, he's so beautiful! I thought.

They placed sterile dressing around Justin's genitals, such that only his penis remained exposed. Then, they covered him with some sort of disposable blanket which had an opening at the site of Justin's penis.

While this was going on, the anesthesiologist placed a breathing tube into Justin's airway. It seemed a rough procedure, and the tube didn't insert effortlessly. I was becoming upset at this treatment, but said nothing, for fear of being ejected from the O.R.

The doctor placed some sort of little tri-pod gizmo on Justin's penis, to hold it in place. He looked at the anesthesiologist and said:

"Are we ready?"

She nodded and said:

"Yes, Doctor."

The nurse uncovered a tray of surgical instruments and presented the doctor with, not a scalpel, but some sort of corded instrument, attached to a control box on a table aside the doctor.

In a matter of seconds, Justin's foreskin was removed, revealing a gleaming glans, shining proudly in the operating room lamp light.

There was nearly no blood at all.

I guess that thing self cauterizes, WOW...I thought to myself.

The doctor allowed the nurse to clean the smegma and a small amount of blood from Justin's penis, then, he conducted a final examination of Justin's penis. He had on magnifying goggles and got so close to Justin's penis, I thought he'd be sucking it at any moment.

"Looks Good, all!......... Barry, do you want to see?" The doctor asked.

"Sure." I said.

I went over and put on the goggles the doctor handed me. I examined Justin's penis, the same penis that I couldn't wait to place into my eager mouth. It was beautiful, the most beautiful penis ever.

"It went very well, Barry, it should heal quickly and become a well-formed and well proportioned organ. I think he'll be pleased." The doctor instructed.

"I'm sure he will, doctor. I'll be sure to tell him what a good job you all did, too." I replied.

The breathing tube was removed as the nurse applied ointment to Justin's penis, and removed the tri-pod that had been holding Justin's penis at the desired angle.

Soon, we were in the recovery room.

As I had promised, I sat next to Justin's bed and held his hand. He began to twitch and turn his head from side to side and make sobbing sounds. The charge nurse came over and said:

"Don't worry; he's having a bad dream, that's all. It's common. He won't remember it when he wakes up." She explained.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, you can probably soothe him by simply talking to him in a soft voice." She added.

I nodded, and she walked away.

I leaned over close to Justin's ear, and said, softly:

"Justin...Lover...You're OK, it all went very well. I'm here, just as I promised I would be. I'm holding your hand, can you feel me squeezing your hand, baby?"

Justin went quiet, stopped sobbing, and squeezed my hand to reciprocate. I kissed his forehead.

"Rest now, Baby, when you're ready to wake up, I'll be here with you. Don't worry, sweetheart, everything is fine." I assured him.

He squeezed my hand again.

I kissed his tears away, as he began to stir.

"Barry?" He said, his eyes still closed.

"I'm here, sweetheart." I replied.

"I love you, Barry." He said, his eyes still closed.

"I love you, too, sweetie...more than words could express." I insisted.

"God, Barry, I never want to be without you." Justin said, as he turned his head toward me and slowly opened his eyes.

"That's my prayer too, sweetie, that we'll be together forever." I replied.

Finally, he was able to open his eyes, his beautiful, sparkling, green eyes.

"My throat is sore." He complained.

"I'll get you something." I replied.

I turned to the nurse and said:

"His throat is sore."

"OK, soon as we're sure he's not going to drop off to sleep again, I'll give him a lozenge." She said.

I nodded, then turned back to Justin and said:

"They'' give you something in a few moments, sweetheart, can you wait?"

He nodded.

Soon, we were back in Justin's room. Dr. McClain came in to take a final look and give us some final instructions:

"Justin, it all went very well. I think you'll be pleased with the result. This swelling will soon subside and you should have a perfectly formed penis. There's no evidence of any damage to your glans. You should be grateful, though, that you had this taken care of now. If you had let it go on, you could have suffered far more serious consequences, even cancer...So be glad that Barry encouraged you to correct the problem."

The doctor turned to me:

"Barry. I'm going to take a final look, now. You'll need to do the same every few hours to watch for any signs of infection...puss... redness...or any other indication that the healing isn't proceeding should cause you to call my office right away, OK?"

"I understand." I replied.

The doctor continued:

"Also, Barry, if he washes off any of the ointment during urination, be sure to clean off his glans and apply new ointment. He should stay nude and not allow his penis any contact with clothing, bedding, or anything, for the next 2 or 3 days."

"I understand, Doctor." I repeated.

"We'll take him to the car in a wheelchair, with a gown acting as a tent across its arms. He can hop into the car from that point, so no one should see anything, except, perhaps, a brief glimpse of his butt. When you get him home, he can either streak into the house, or you can wrap the gown around him, in which case you'll need to check him immediately and apply fresh ointment if any got rubbed off on the gown." The doctor concluded.

While all this discussion was going on, the doctor was taking a final look at Justin's penis.

"OK, Justin, you're good to go. I know Barry will take good care of you." The doctor said.

"He always does." Justin replied.

As the doctor opened the door to Justin's room to leave, Father Christopher was on his way in. The two of them stood in the doorway briefly, as the doctor spoke to Father.

"It all went extremely well, Father. There shouldn't be any complications, if my instructions are followed, and I'm sure Barry will see to it that they are."

"Wonderful, David, Thank you so much." Father replied.

The doctor nodded and started down the hallway. Father entered the room. He tried not to look at Justin, sitting on the edge of the bed in his nakedness, except for strict eye-contact.

"How do you feel, Justin?" Father asked.

"My dick is sore, Father, but they say it'll be better soon. This ointment stuff keeps it numbed pretty good." Justin replied.

Justin lifted his penis and motioned for Father to look.

"It's OK, Father, I don't mind if you look at my dick." Justin proclaimed.

Father looked at Justin's penis and said:

"David did a fine job there, Justin. Your penis looks perfectly fine. I'm sure the soreness will pass quickly. Be patient, OK?" Father commented.

"I will, Father." Justin replied.

Father turned to me.

"Barry, I know you will take good care of him. Your love for him is obvious, as is his for you. I must say, I've never seen such a fit as the one Justin threw, insisting on having you at his side throughout the procedure. You're very lucky, Justin loves you very much." Father affirmed.

"I am indeed, Father. I don't deserve the love he has given me, but I treasure it and him more than words can tell." I replied.

"Justin, you're in the best possible hands, just do as Barry says and everything will be fine." Father instructed.

"I will, Father, don't worry. And, Father, I want to tell you that Barry and I love you a lot, especially for helping me to get my problem fixed." Justin stated.

"Thank you, Justin, that means a lot to me. I love you guys too." Father replied.

Father went on:

"Well, I need to be on my way, you two. I'll check in on you from time to time. If anything should come up where you need me, just give me a call and I'll be there in a flash."

Father gave us both his blessing and departed. I turned to Justin, still sitting, naked, on the edge of his bed, his glistening penis enjoying its new freedom, and said:

"Father's so right. I AM lucky that you love me, Justin. It's a real blessing."

"It's me that's lucky, Barry. I don't know where I'd be by now, if you hadn't agreed to take me in." Justin replied.

Just then, the door opened. It was the orderly with the wheelchair and a small paper bag. He handed me the bag and said:

"This is the ointment, and some antibiotics which he should take as a precaution. The instructions are on the bottle and the tube."

"OK" I said.

"Ready for a free ride, young man?" The orderly asked Justin.

"Sure am, I'm anxious to get out of here." Justin replied.

"Hop in, then." The orderly instructed.

Justin complied.

The orderly took a fresh gown and draped it from arm to arm of the wheelchair forming a tent over Justin's lap, as the doctor had told us of earlier.

"Should I bring the car around to the lobby entrance?" I asked.

"No, we'll take him to the car. That way he won't be seen by anyone as he gets into the car." The orderly replied.

"OK, that makes sense." I observed.

Once at the car, Justin moved leisurely to get into the car. He didn't seem at all concerned as to who might see what.

"Guess he's not shy." The orderly remarked.

I smiled and nodded.

Soon, we were on the road. Justin sat naked, save for his seatbelt, which we had placed high on his abdomen, so as not to contact his penis.

As we entered the northbound lanes of Central Expressway, Justin turned to me and smiled lovingly at me.

"I love you, Barry. Thank God and Father Christopher that you were sent into my life. I could never be without my Barry, now." Justin said.

My heart melted, instantly.

"Nor I you, sweetheart. I'm so in love with you, I can't bear the thought of being without you." I replied.

"The doctor said I should be grateful to you, Barry. He said if I hadn't had this done, I could have wound up with cancer on my dick. I am grateful, Barry. Thank you. I just wanted to say that...Thank You, Barry...I love you." Justin explained.

"I love you too, Justin. It was the correct decision. I'm grateful you are mature enough to recognize that fact and consent to the procedure." I replied.

"If you had all the problems with your dick that I have had, you'd be anxious to have it fixed too." Justin said.

"Yes, I suppose I would, sweetheart." I replied.

As we were having this discussion, a semi had pulled along side of us. We were both doing the speed limit, which kept us side-by-side for a long time. The trucker sounded his horn to get my attention. I looked up at the cab to see his sidekick, riding shotgun in the passenger seat, looking down at me and giving me the `thumbs up' sign.

Apparently, sitting so much higher than us, in the semi, he had a full view of my beautiful Justin and his enviable physique on display in its nakedness.

"Oh Shit!" I exclaimed.

"What." Justin replied.

"Some freak is looking at us from this semi, next to us." I stated.

"Screw him." Justin replied.

I slowed down to the minimum speed limit of 45Mph, hoping he'd pull away from us, since he was at 65Mph. Instead he slowed down to match my speed.

This time, when I looked up at the cab of the semi, the freak had exposed himself to us and was wagging his dick in the window.

My instinct was to kick my Camaro in the butt and leave this guy in our dust, but I quickly realized this was no time to get pulled over by some worthless cop, anxious to meet his traffic ticket quota. I realized it might be difficult to explain why I have a naked boy in my passenger seat.

Fortunately, an exit was upon us. I waited to the last second to take it, so the freak couldn't exit with us.

"I think we'll take the side streets the rest of the way, sweetheart." I suggested.

"Good idea." He replied.

"God, Justin, you are so beautiful. I can't wait for your penis to heal. I want it in my mouth so badly...I can hardly stand the wait." I said.

He smiled at me, lovingly, and said:

"Me too, Barry. I want you to have all of me. Soon as my dick heals, I absolutely want you to have it. As far as I'm concerned, it's yours anyway. It's like my dick has been reborn, with this circumcision, so, its baptism will be the wetness it will find in your mouth, Barry. I'm yours...All of me." Justin affirmed.

"Then, we'll make it a very special occasion, indeed, my sweet Justin...I can't wait." I said.

"Me too, Barry, Me too." He agreed.

He reached over and turned up the heater a bit. I felt so stupid in not anticipating that requirement.

"Sorry, sweetie, I should have thought of that." I apologized.

"No problem, Barry, I'm just a little cold...believe me, it's nothing compared to sleeping in the cold, on the streets with my parents." Justin replied.

"Sometimes, I forget how much you've suffered through already in your life, Baby." I said.

"It's OK, Barry. I'm just glad I'm with you now...I think I'll take a little nap, OK?" Justin said.

"Sure, Baby." I replied.

He reclined his seat, and was soon asleep.

It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road, with this animated work of art lying next to me. I wanted so much to reach across the console and take his `reborn' penis into my hand. I didn't dare, of course, in its tender and susceptible state, I could only do him harm in so doing.

Wow, I thought, that beautiful penis is mine. He's given it to me alone.

As I drove and Justin slept, his `reborn' penis became quite erect; standing at attention, his ointment-covered glans glistened in the sunlight.

Soon precum appeared at his meatus and ran down his dick, competing with the ointment to glisten in the sunlight.

Must be a great dream, I thought, hope it's about me.

I wanted to stop the car and suck him off there and then. He continued to produce precum all the way home. His pubic hair and the shaft of his penis were liberally coated with his delicious precum. His dream must have been intense, as it took him to a daytime wet dream. His penis began to palpitate and his glans swell until, finally, he shot cum so high above his dick, I thought it would hit the roof of my Camaro...indeed, some did. His cum landed on his belly and chest.

Throughout and after his powerful ejaculation, he continued to sleep. I reached across the console and collected his cum from his belly with my fingers and transferred it to my tongue.

Delicious! I thought to myself.

I repeated my cum-collecting effort several times until I had consumed it all. His residual cum ran down his, now semi-erect, penis and into his pubic hair. It was a sight so erotic; I could barely keep my wits about me to drive.

At last we arrived home. He awakened as I switched off the engine. He looked at himself and said:

"What a mess!"

"It's beautiful; I want every drop of it." I countered.

"It's all yours, Barry." He stated.

He took his fingers and scooped up the residual cum from the lower shaft of his dick, being careful to avoid his circumcision site. He extended his hand for me to lick his cum from it.

I complied, gladly. He then collected the remaining cum from his pubic region and transferred it to me in the same way.

I was so HOT at all this; I needed to cum, also.

"Let's go in, sweetie." I suggested.

"OK" He replied.

He threw open the car door to get out.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed.

"What?" He replied.

"Let me come around there. You can hold the gown in front of you and I'll walk directly behind you to shield that cute little butt from anyone seeing it.

"You afraid someone will see me naked, huh?" He said with a smile.

"I sure am. I'm jealous, I guess. I can't help it." I replied.

"I think it's great, Barry. You're jealous...Wow. OK, I'll hold the gown like you said. No problem, Barry. All of me belongs to you, so I'll do as you say." He assured me.

"Well, sweetheart, if it were a friend, or someone close to us...you know...someone I need not be jealous of, like Father, or someone, I wouldn't mind if you show-off your beautiful body. This apartment complex, however, is not the place. There are tons of horny little twats around here that would run to get some of you if they see anything, especially your beautiful naked body." I advised.

"OK, OK, come around here and get ready." He replied.

I complied.

I held the gown in front of the open door as he got out, stood up, and took it from me, holding it out a half-arm length in front of himself. I walked immediately behind him, as I had suggested.

We made it into the apartment with no one seeing us. I was relieved. I promptly stripped to be naked, as was my beautiful Justin.

"We need to clean up, Barry. My cum is sticky on top of this ointment and in my pubes."

Justin advised.

"I agree, sweetie. The doctor said not to shower for 72 hrs, so we'll have to do it by hand and re-apply the ointment." I advised.

"OK, just be gentle. My dick is pretty sore." He replied.

"Would you rather do it yourself, sweetie?" I asked.

"Hell NO, I want you to handle my dick...I love it when you touch it. Just be gentle, OK?" He replied.

I washed my hands thoroughly to sanitize them properly. I approached Justin's penis with reverence and held it by its base to avoid his circumcision site. I used my forefinger to very gently wipe the cum & ointment mixture from Justin's glorious penis.

"Mmmmmmmm, that feels great, Barry. My corona has always been hidden from touch till now. I can't wait till I can put my dick into you, Barry." Justin advised.

"Me too, Baby. I don't know if I can wait for 2 full weeks." I replied.

"2 WEEKS!?!" Justin exclaimed.

"That's what the doctor said, sweetheart, that the risk for infection would be zero after two weeks." I advised.

I applied a fresh coating of ointment to Justin's circumcision site and his glans, as the doctor had instructed.

I used a wash cloth, soaked in hot water, to clean Justin's pubic area and his belly and chest, being careful not to touch his penis.

I became aware of the numbing function of the ointment, first hand, as the finger I had used to spread the ointment onto Justin's penis became quite numb.

"Well, sweetheart, I can see why you aren't having a lot of pain or soreness at your circumcision site, this ointment is, indeed, keeping it numb." I advised.

"Wow, that means my corona will be super sensitive when we stop putting that stuff on it, huh? I can't wait!" He exclaimed.

"I know, sweetie. I can't wait either. Your `reborn' penis is beautiful. It's perfectly formed and proportioned. Watching it stand at attention, earlier in the car, with its glistening head shining in the Sun was nearly more than I could resist. I replied.

"I like it too. I wish they had had this done when I was a baby." He declared.

"Well, it's done now, Baby, and we'll plan a big event around its baptism, in my wet, hot mouth. I consider it an honor that you would select me for that honor." I declared.

"I'm totally in love with you, Barry. Of course, my penis is yours, like the rest of me." Justin asserted.

"I'm totally committed to you, as well, sweet Justin. My love for you is total. I want it to always be so, sweetheart." I insisted.

"Kiss me, Barry." He requested.

I was still kneeling between his spread legs applying ointment to his penis. He leaned forward and I did the same. He kissed me so passionately that he sucked the air out of my lungs.

"Wow... that was the most powerful kiss ever, Baby." I remarked.

"I want to suck you, Barry. Right Now!" He demanded.

I stood up to allow him access to my, already erect, penis. Now, standing between his legs, he leaned forward, placed my penis in his hand, and, slowly took me into his mouth.

My frenulum slid along his tongue, wet with saliva, until it was fully inside his hot mouth. He slid my penis back out of his mouth till his upper lip was resting on my glans just above my meatus. He flicked the tip of his tongue against my frenulum and around my glans, until my penis began to palpitate and pulse boldly. He worked on my corona and slid me slowly back into his mouth fully. He slid my penis back and forth gently, but deliberately, and my penis responded, my glans swelling to alert him I was approaching the emission point. He worked my swollen glans and my corona methodically, and began playing with my balls with one hand. It was mind-blowing.

"God, Justin, you're the best. I'm so hot for you, I could explode...Justin...I'm going to cum...baby, here it is." I said, as I pushed past emission.

He slowed his stroke rate to a minimum as I exploded into him. I came and came and came. He took it all and seemed to want more. He squeezed my balls gently, trying to pump more sperm to my insides, but my ejaculatory spasms were subsiding.

I ran my fingers through his beautiful auburn hair, as he received the residual cum from my meatus. He painted my cum onto his lips, by kissing the tip of my penis.

"Kiss me now, Barry." He requested.

I knelt down and kissed him, as he had requested. I was tasting my own cum as he slid his tongue into my mouth and onto my tongue.


I had to muster every ounce of self control not to take his `reborn' penis into my mouth.

I stuck out my tongue and mimicked licking his `reborn' penis.

He smiled.

"I know, I want it too, but we have to wait." He said.

"I know, Dammit!" I declared with a smile.

"You can fuck me, if you want to." He suggested.

NO, I want it to be part of our ritual, once your penis is ready." I replied.

"OK" He replied.

"I better turn up the thermostat so you stay nice and warm, sweetie." I suggested.

He nodded.

As I returned from the hallway, having turned up the thermostat, I found Justin holding his penis by its base and turning it from side to side to examine it closely.

"It really does look nice, doesn't it?" He asked.

"It's beautiful, Baby, it really is. So few guys have a well formed penis. Yours is truly beautiful, like the rest of you." I insisted.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone.

I went to the door and shouted to the other side:

"Who is it?"

"It's Trey, I come bearing gifts." Came the reply.

I opened the door. Trey entered with a silver tray, bearing two domed entrees and a bag, containing still more goodies.

I shut the door behind him.

"Oh my! Am I interrupting..." He started.

"No, we stay naked around here, nearly all the time." I replied.

"Oh...Well, Michael and I thought you might like some dinner. We figured you'd be tending to Justin and might not have time to prepare anything. Trey Advised.

"Thanks a lot, Trey. We really appreciate that very much, and thank Michael for us both, Please." I expressed my gratitude.

"Hey Trey, come look at my new dick!" Justin requested.

"Really?" Trey replied.

"Sure...You're our friend, I don't mind you seeing my new dick." Justin affirmed.

"Well...OK" Trey replied.

I took the tray and goodies bag from Trey and he approached Justin for a better view. Justin held his `reborn' penis at its base so his glans would be held in the vertical for Trey to examine.

Trey complied.

"Wow, they did a perfect job, Justin. It's a truly beautiful penis, perhaps the most perfect penis I've ever seen." Trey declared.

Trey turned to look at me, waved his hand, as if to cool his face, and said:

"My God, Barry, the boy is perfect. He's beautiful. Not just his new penis, but all of him. He's gorgeous. It's obvious how much he loves you. You're very lucky." Trey advised.

"I am, indeed, believe me, I know it." I replied.

"No, it's me that's the lucky one." Justin replied.

"You're BOTH damned lucky to have each other." Trey instructed.

"All I know is I'd probably be back on the streets, if Barry didn't take me in and love me like he does. I would never stay in some crappy group home. I'd have run away and been back on the streets, sucking dick to survive." Justin revealed.

I was taken aback at this revelation. I had had no idea Justin had been selling himself in such a fashion.

"Well, you two, I've got to get back to the kitchen. The restaurant opens soon." Trey explained.

"Thanks again, Trey. This was very thoughtful of you and Michael. It means a lot to us that you thought of us this way." I insisted.

"Our pleasure, Barry, Justin, we hope you'll enjoy it." Trey said.

"I know we will, Trey." I replied.

Well, then...BYE for now, guys." Trey said as he began closing the door behind him.

"BYE TREY!" Justin shouted, as the door was closing.

All through dinner, I pondered Justin's remarks, regarding how he survived being on the streets. Except for some remarks regarding how I loved the Tilapia dinners that Trey had brought us, the idea that Justin had resorted to selling himself to survive his homeless ordeal occupied my thoughts.

After dinner, we snuggled to watch a movie, interrupted only by Justin's occasional exploration of my genitals. I wanted him so badly and hated the delay of intimacy imposed upon us by Justin's healing period.

Our bedtime positions were reversed, since Justin had to sleep on his back, to keep his penis from touching anything. I set the thermostat high enough to keep us warm as we lie there naked. I was on my side with an arm around his mid-torso, so as not to contact his penis, though contact with his penis was what I wanted more than anything, at the time.

He was warm and irresistible and I wanted to be at his side forever.

Finally, I broke the silence.

"Sweetheart?" I said.

"Uh-Huh" He replied.

"I want to ask you something." I said.

"OK" He replied.

"It's what you said to Trey, earlier. Did you really have to sell yourself to survive, when you were on the streets?" I asked.


"You don't have to answer, sweetheart. I'm sorry I asked." I said.

"Can you still love me, if I tell you?" He asked.

"Nothing can diminish my love for you, Baby...NOTHING! I was just surprised that your parents would tolerate such a thing, I suppose...or that you had to resort to it." I stated.

"My father brought them to me, he selected them. He was my pimp, I suppose." Justin explained.

"My God!" I exclaimed.

"He would stand outside the van, in case a raucous happened. He usually tried to pick up guys who looked clean and well-off, but some of them were old trolls and pretty skanky. It was pretty gross, but I got used to it, after a while. When you get hungry enough, you'll do whatever it takes to make a little money. You'd be surprised, Barry." Justin instructed me.

"Your Dad...your Dad had you selling yourself?" I asked.

"Yeah...sure...he'd suck dick when he could, but most of the guys wanted someone young." He added.

"Your Dad is gay?" I asked.

"Oh, Hell NO, like I said, when you're hungry enough, you'll do anything for money." Justin explained.

"Where was your Mom during all this?" I asked.

"She knew what was going on. She wasn't happy about it, but it was the only way to get money." Justin advised.

"I don't understand, sweetheart. Couldn't your Mom and Dad get jobs?" I asked.

"Drugs" He replied.

"Drugs?" I asked.

"That's how we wound up on the streets, in the first place." He replied.

"I don't understand." I stated.

"Dad and Mom...they both got into drugs. So did Jeremy. I'm the only one who didn't." He said.

"Who's Jeremy?" I inquired.

"My twin brother." Justin replied

"I'm so confused!" I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, Barry. I should have explained all this to you before." Justin apologized.

"You have a twin brother?" I asked.

"Yup...Jeremy." He replied.

"Fraternal or Identical?" I asked.

"Identical, completely identical...only our parents can tell us apart." Justin affirmed.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"I dunno...I guess he's still in rehab." Justin offered.

"So...where ever he is, he must be suffering from a naughty penis too, huh?" I suggested.

"No, he was circumcised as a baby. That's how my folks could always tell us apart." Justin explained.

"Then, you weren't completely identical, huh?" I asked.

"Well...we were to anyone who didn't see us naked together." He replied.

"Why is Jeremy in rehab?" I asked.

"He got arrested for robbing some old dude on the street, while he was high." Justin stated.

"Oh My." I replied.

Yeah...pretty jacked-up, huh. It was rehab or jail." Justin replied.

"Is Jeremy gay too?" I asked.

"Big Time!" Justin replied.

"Does Father know all this?" I asked.

"No." He responded.

"I see" I replied.


"Barry?" Justin said.

"Yes, sweetie." I replied.

"I know what you're thinking." He said.

"You do?" I replied.

"Yes, but please don't. I'm not having sex with you to pay for my keep with you, or anything. I really love you. I love you like I've never loved anyone in my life. I hope you still love me now that you know all about me...Do You? He inquired.

"Of course, sweetie. Like I told you, nothing could diminish my love for you. Actually...I wasn't thinking that you were engaging in sex with me to buy my love or my care for you. My instincts are better than that...I sense your love for me, and it's obvious from your gentle and genuine affection for me that the love is really there. Don't worry; I know you really love me. Be completely assured of my love for you too, Baby. I love you with all my heart and soul." I assured him.

"Thank God! I couldn't live without you now, Barry." Justin asserted.

"Don't worry, Baby. I will love you forever." I insisted.

I squeezed my hug tightly.

"Don't worry." I repeated.

"I love you, Barry." He insisted.

"It is I who should say Thank God, sweetie...you're a true treasure, a blessing, an angel, entrusted to me in spite of my unworthiness. I'm so grateful." I stated.

"I guess this all blows your mind, huh?" Justin suggested.

"Well, I suppose I should have asked before now, but, I figured you'd tell me, eventually, those things you wanted me to know" I replied.

"It's all pretty simple, really. Dad and Mom got into drugs, got Jeremy onto them too, and tried to get me onto them. Dad lost his job, lost the house, spent all the savings...every dime of it, and eventually we wound up living in the van. It wasn't too bad at first, cause the weather was warm...but making our rounds to all the different food pantries and shelters got old pretty quick and after a while they quit helping us unless Dad and Mom would agree to treatment, which would have put me and Jeremy in foster care. No Way would me and Jeremy go to foster care, besides, we were bringing in the money...so Dad brought us to Dallas...and that's when we met Father Christopher...right after Jeremy was arrested...the cops dropped us off at the shelter, after they impounded the van." Justin explained.

"My God!" I exclaimed.

"Pretty jacked up, huh?" Justin replied.

"I hope your brother is OK." I remarked.

"He is." Justin replied.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"We're twins...we sense each other. I'd know if he was hurting or upset or anything. We've always been able to sense each other that way. He knows I'm OK, too." Justin instructed me.

"Wow, that's amazing. I've heard of that sort of sixth sense in twins, but I've never known a twin, before." I responded.

"Yeah, Jeremy's OK, he just wonders where I am, that's all... but he knows I'm safe and loved, he'll be able to feel that." Justin explained.

"Should I try to find him for you? Do you want to see him?" I asked.

"Not now, maybe later. You see, we're identical in our looks, but we have very different personalities. Jeremy is very mean. I'm not anxious to see him, until he kicks all the damned drugs, and puts that habit behind him." Justin explained.

"OK, Baby, it's your call. You let me know if, and when you want to see him again." I advised.

"OK" Justin said.


"Barry?" Justin said.

"Yes, Baby." I replied.

"I really need to cum. Isn't there some way?" Justin asked.

"We can try a few things, I guess." I suggested.

"It'll bring me close to cumming, if you just let me do you, Barry." He suggested.

"OK, what would you like?" I asked.

"Would you face fuck me?" He asked.

"If you want, Baby, of course." I said.

He rose and sat on the edge of the bed, his penis already becoming erect. I went around the bed and stood in front of him. He spread his legs, widely, to accommodate me. He leaned forward to take me into his mouth. I obliged. I slowly pushed my penis along the course of his hot, wet, tongue. He guided my path, by holding my penis in his hand as I pushed it gently forward.

I was seeing fireworks.

He ran his tongue around and around my corona ring. My penis was now palpitating and eager to ejaculate.

"God, you're good!" I exclaimed.

"So I've been told." He replied.

"I'm going to start now, OK?" I remarked.

"Yes, Please." He requested.

I placed my hands on the back of Justin's head and began, slowly, thrusting into him.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." He moaned

"God, Justin, I don't know how I ever lived without you." I interjected.

He had a mouthful of me, so he couldn't respond. Instead, he placed his hands on my butt, one on each cheek, and took control of my thrust-rate. He wanted me deep into him and pulled my butt, accordingly.

He made me so hot. I was sunburn red from head to toe in my passion for him.

Precum was now being pumped from his penis and running down his penis, glistening atop the ointment in the dim bedroom lighting.

"I'm there, baby. I'm cumming." I said in a whisper.

He slowed my thrust-rate as I unloaded into him. My ejaculation was powerful and its spasms were many. My glans, as usual, became super sensitive in response to my ejaculation. He went to work on my glans with his tongue. I could hardly stand up in the face of the intense sensations, induced upon my swollen glans by Justin's well-practiced, tongue.

"Oh God, Justin, you've set me on fire...no one has ever produced this kind of orgasm in me. I love you completely!" I proclaimed.

Justin slowly retracted my penis, painting my residual cum across his lips as it made its exit. He motioned for me to bend and kiss him. I complied. He French-kissed me, painting my own cum around the inside of my mouth and tongue.

Residual cum continued to drip from my penis. Justin caught it in a cupped hand.

When our protracted kiss ended, Justin licked that residual cum from his hand. He too, was red from head to toe. His passion was peaked. His penis was pulsing and palpitating wildly.

I knelt and licked his precum from around the base of Justin's penis and from his pubic hair, taking care to avoid his circumcision site.

"Let's see if I can get you to emission now, Baby." I suggested.

"God Yes!" He exclaimed.

I carefully wiped the cum and ointment mixture from his penis, knowing we would have to apply a fresh coat anyway, and lubricated my index and middle finger liberally.

I lifted his balls to expose his taint and his anus.

I gently inserted my finger into his sweet anus and began to massage his prostate.

He responded, almost immediately. His anus clamped down upon my fingers and his body went stiff. His anus began rhythmically claming down upon my fingers, in synchronization with his ejaculatory spurts. I had positioned my mouth above his penis to take his semen into me, without taking his penis, itself, into my mouth.

With my mouth open, much of his cum dripped from my mouth, although I tried to swallow as much of it as possible. He continued to pump it out in powerful spurts.

"God, you're the best!" I proclaimed, as his cum still dripped from my happy chin.

Exhausted from this ejaculation, Justin, still sitting on the edge of the bed, reclined to let his back lie across the bed, his butt still on the edge of the bed and his legs still spread, widely, his feet on the floor.

I began to slowly withdraw my finger from his butt.

"No, leave it in me for a while. It feels wonderful. I'm pretending it's your dick...I want it in me, Barry." Justin protested.

"OK, sweetheart." I replied.

I continued to massage his prostate and moved my finger in and out, finger fucking his sweet little ass.

After a few minutes of this, his prostate was pumped dry and all his residual cum was coating his penis.

"We need to clean you up now, Baby. We can't chance an infection...OK?" I suggested.

I slowly removed my finger from him.

He moaned in pleasure as I exited his anus and it closed behind me.

"I can't wait to have you in me, Barry. I'm not sure I can wait for 2 weeks." Justin suggested.

"Me too, Baby, but I want your `reborn' penis to be part of the experience. I want it to be completely mind-blowing. It's taking all my self-control not to take your new penis into my mouth right now, Baby, but we can't risk infection. We must wait. If it looks like you're healed up sooner than the two weeks, well...we'll just see." I explained.

OK, OK, I'll do my best." Justin confirmed.

"Let's get you cleaned up." I suggested.

"Yeah, OK." He replied.

I went to the bathroom and thoroughly washed and sanitized my hands. I returned to the glorious sight of Justin, still in his former position, with all that precious cum still coating his penis and pooled in his pubic hair.

I knelt between his legs and began, slowly, and gently removing his cum-ointment mixture from his circumcision site and his glans and, finally, the shaft of his penis.

Wiped of all this coating, Justin's penis was a genuinely beautiful sight to behold. Its form and proportions were perfect. His newly un-imprisoned corona ring beckoned for its, before denied, satisfaction.

I could barely resist providing it that satisfaction.

I used a wash cloth to soak up the cum that had gathered around the base of Justin's penis and from his pubic hair.

"The doctors said no shower for 72 hours, but let's give you a sponge bath. We can avoid your penis and you should get some refreshment from it, OK?" I suggested.

"Sounds Great!" He replied.

I took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom. I filled the basin with hot water and began washing Justin's back-side. I worked my way from his neck to his butt.

"Do you think Jeremy was aware of the orgasm you had a little while ago?" I asked.

"Probably...he might have cum on himself at that same time." Justin remarked.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Sure, it depends on how busy his mind was with other thoughts or activities at that precise time." Justin said.

"Wow!" I replied.

"Jeremy had an orgasm, earlier, wherever he is." Justin said, matter-of-factishly.

"He did?" I asked.

"Sure, I had what they call an empathetic response to it. That's why I shot cum all over your Camaro, while I was sleeping, on the way home. Jeremy was having an ejaculation at the same time. I guarantee it." Justin affirmed.

"That's amazing!" I remarked.

"Yeah, Jeremy and I learned when we were little that we were mentally connected. The effect is even more powerful when we engage in an activity together...especially sex." Justin taught me.

"So you guys had sex together...like...with each other?" I asked.

"Sure did. We feel each other's more intense experiences when we're apart, but when we engage each other, directly, it's like feedback in a P.A. system. When we jerk each other off simultaneously, that feedback amplifies the experience for us both. It's not really something a non-twin can understand." Justin explained.

"I had no idea." I replied.

"That's how I know what really matters with a good blow-job. I can't suck myself, but sucking Jeremy is almost like sucking myself. The feedback, like in the P.A. system...well, when the feedback begins to squeal, I know I've found the hot spots. You said it, yourself, Barry, I'm the best." He said with a smile.

"You sure are sweetie." I replied, with my own smile.

I turned him around and began sponge bathing him from his feet up, so as to minimize the chance of soapy water running down his torso onto his penis.

I took special attention at his balls, first licking the residual cum from them, while holding his penis out of the way by its base. I took his balls entirely into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue.

"That's GREAT, Barry!......Really!" Justin responded.

"It's delicious, it truly is, sweet boy." I said.

He smiled.

I finished with the sponge bath and re-applied the ointment to his circumcision site and to his glans, painting it around his corona.

"I never knew how great my corona could make me feel." Justin stated.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, Baby, as they say, just wait till it heals enough that I can really go to work on it." I promised.

"I can't wait, Barry. It'll be so GREAT!" He replied.

I finished applying the ointment. As usual, my finger was numb.

"OK, sweetheart, ready for some sleep now?" I asked.

"Yeah, as long as I feel you next to me, I can sleep like a baby." He replied.

"Great, cause you are my Baby" I added.

I'll be there, right next to you, sweetheart. I promise." I assured him.

Soon, we were, as before, naked, side by side, and my arm around his midsection.

I kissed him, sweetly, on his cheek. He turned his head to smile at me and say:

"I love you, Barry."

"I love you, Justin, beyond all words." I replied.

He continued to look into my eyes, until his own began to flutter and close

He was asleep.

----------------------- End PT II

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