"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"







Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This chapter assumes characters and "facts" introduced in earlier parts of the story



Justin remained unsettled and preoccupied with the status of Jeremy, as the days continued to pass. His circumcision was now in the final stages of healing. The itching had stopped and the numbing ointment became less required.


I made an effort to keep Justin distracted, so as not to dwell on Jeremy. I took him to my dentist and got his teeth cleaned and X-Rays made. No sign of decay or other or other dental problems were encountered. Justin ran his tongue along his teeth, after the cleaning, and remarked that it felt good. His sparkling white teeth had always been among those assets which contribute to his obvious beauty, causing so many to refer to him, so accurately, as gorgeous. The word is often misapplied, but in Justin's case, the word found a comfortable home. Justin was gorgeous, indeed. His wide and compelling smile provided a showcase for his white teeth. That smile became, more frequently on display after he was with me. I was proud to have drawn it out, and the happiness that was at its root. At the same time, I was humbled at the knowledge that someone as gorgeous as Justin truly was could be so in love with someone of my relatively common looks. He thought me beautiful, and frequently so stated. I knew better. God, I'm so lucky, I frequently thought.


"See you in 6 months. Justin. Take good care of those beautiful teeth...be sure to floss and use a fluoride rinse. Lot's of guys would kill to have those teeth." Dr. Chuck advised Justin, as Justin got out of the dentist chair.


"I will. Barry keeps me supplied real good in that department." Justin replied.


"Barry, thanks for trusting me with Justin's care. It's obvious how precious he is to you. I'm honored you brought him to me." Chuck said.


"You know I think you're the best, Chuck, who else would I trust with Justin's dental health?" I replied.


"Thanks, Barry. I appreciate that very much." Chuck replied.



I began to remove my MasterCard from my wallet to pay for Chuck's services.


"Not this time, Barry. Consider it your referral fee for bringing me a new patient, OK?" Chuck suggested.


"Chuck, that's a lot of money." I replied.


"You don't think I'm going to be outdone by my barber, do you?" Chuck replied.


"I see" I said with a smile.


"Yeah...Yeah...I got my haircut yesterday, Sammy told me about Justin and challenged me." Chuck remarked.


He went on:


"There will be plenty of visits in the future, not to worry; I'll soak you good, then."


I smiled.


"Thanks, Chuck. Hopefully, I'll have an insurance policy in place on Justin by then, too." I said.


"His teeth are perfect, Barry. There's no sign of decay or gum disease of any kind, so routine prophylaxis is all that should be required. Except for X-Rays, those visits should remain pretty reasonable. Don't worry; I'll take good care of Justin." Chuck assured me.


"We really appreciate it, Chuck." I insisted.


"Hey, we Gays have to stick together. Don't give it another thought." Chuck concluded.


I hugged Chuck, who had been a good friend for many years, as a sign of my gratitude.


"I would like the same tip as Sammy received, however." Chuck said, as he presented a cheek to Justin.


Justin complied:


"You got it!" Justin said, as he kissed Chuck sweetly on the cheek and then smiled that `Justin-smile'.


"Best tip I ever received. Thank you, Justin." Chuck responded.


"You're welcome." Justin said.


"Take good care of Barry. He's a pretty special guy...one of a kind, actually." Chuck advised Justin.


"I know. Don't worry; I'll take good care of him." Justin replied.


I could feel myself blush.


"Ready, Justin?" I asked.


"Yup!" He replied.


Chuck accompanied us to the door and bid us farewell. Soon we were in the car and ready for our drive home. Justin pulled his sweats to his knees to minimize any abrasion on his penis. It was, actually, no longer necessary for him to do this, but I was enjoying the show and wasn't about to deter him.


"Barry?" He asked, as he was putting on his seatbelt.


"Yes, Baby." I answered.


"Let's drive by Turtle Creek Park on the way home." He suggested.


"OK" I agreed.


"Maybe we'll see Jeremy" He said.


"Maybe, Sweetheart." I answered.


"I don't really want to see him or be with him, but I need to see him to know that he's OK. He is my brother, you know." Justin explained.


"I understand, Sweetheart. He is your brother and we must help him, if he will let us. Do you have any further sense of him?" I asked.


"No, I sense he's scared and hurt, but I don't sense where he is." Justin stated.


"Perhaps, if we can get the drugs issue behind him, the two of you can reconcile. It's a shame for the two of you not to share a very special fraternal love and affection." I suggested.


"Oh, I love him, Barry, I really do. But he's changed since the drugs. He's mean and he's in trouble, right now, for beating up some guy...so you can see he's more than mean, he's dangerous. So, I love him, he's my brother, but I don't like him any more and I don't want to be like him." Justin explained.





I understand, Baby, I do. Still, we must try to help him for both your sakes. Until Jeremy returns to a healthy and comfortable existence, his plight will continue to occupy your mind, too, Sweetheart." I postulated.


"Yeah, I know. I want to help him too. I'm not sure he'll ever change now, though. You don't know the power of drugs, Barry, but I've seen what it did to my whole family. It's so awful, you can't imagine it, Barry." Justin asserted.


"I'm sure I can't understand the way you do, Sweetheart, since I have no first hand experience such as you do. I'm a journalist, though, and I have read much and even written a pretty thorough article on the subject a couple of years ago. So, I'm not totally ignorant about it, either." I suggested.


"Barry, till you see it for yourself..." Justin began.


"I'm sure, Sweetheart, I'm sure you're right." I offered.


We drove slowly along Turtle Creek Blvd., as before, Justin watching to the right and I, the left. As my Camaro protested moving so slowly along the Blvd, I pondered just how right Justin was regarding my naiveté regarding drugs and their impact upon families like Justin's, and upon our society, in general.


There was no sight of Jeremy, nor anyone else for that matter. Except for one Gay couple enjoying a picnic, the Park was deserted.


"Poor Jeremy." Justin said, as we exited the Park.


"He'll turn up, Sweetheart." I said.


"Yeah...in jail." Justin retorted.



"Perhaps, but Father Christopher is trying to avoid having that happen. He's imploring a judge he knows to intervene. We'll see. It's hard to say `No' to Father Christopher, you know." I remarked.


Justin turned to me with a smile and agreed:


"I know, that's for sure." He said.


"Since we're here in `homo-heights', we could drive down Cedar Springs, just in case he might be, shall we say, engaging in business along the Gay Bar strip." I suggested.





"OK, I doubt it though. It's too visible, and Gays pick up each other at the Bars, not male hookers." Justin instructed me.


"Makes sense, Sweetheart. God, I'm dumb." I proclaimed.


"It's OK, Barry, you're not dumb. Let's check it out, anyway." Justin chuckled.


We drove along Cedar Springs ...no sign of Jeremy.


"Let's go home, Barry. Jeremy isn't gonna be out on the streets during the day, I guess." Justin remarked.


"OK, Baby." I responded.


Soon, we were on North Dallas Tollway. Justin began slow-stroking his `reborn penis'...not so much to masturbate as to check his healing process.


"It isn't sore anymore, Barry. I think it's ready...it's healed now, I really think so." Justin remarked.


"I think so too, Sweetheart. We should be able to have our `baptism' ceremony for it, right away." I replied.


"Yes!" He exclaimed, as he extended a fist and withdrew it suddenly to his side.


We had been planning for this occasion for the entire time Justin's healing had been progressing. We barely closed the apartment door behind us, when Justin stripped and began undressing me in ritual fashion. Soon, we were standing naked, glans to glans, for each other.


Justin took me, gently by the penis, and led me to the bedroom. He took the massage oil from the bedside table and handed it to me. I had him lie face down on the bed and began to spread oil over his entire body. I spread his legs and spent special attention on his anus, rimming it vigorously with my eager tongue.


"Mmmmmmmmmm, that's wonderful. I want you in there, Barry!" He moaned.


"Soon, Baby, soon." I replied.


I continued to rim him till his anus dropped its guard and opened up to my penetrating tongue.


"Fuck me, Barry." Justin requested.




"I was going to massage you all over with oil first."


"Fuck me, Barry, fuck me now. We've waited long enough." He exclaimed.


"I guess we have at that, sweetheart." I replied.


I rolled him over onto his back and observed that he was already erect and dripping precum. I squeezed a penis length quantity from it and transferred it to lubricate my own.


"OK, sweetheart, I'll be gentle. I promise." I said.


"OK" he replied.


I placed his legs around my waist, as he looked intensely and lovingly into my eyes.


"Go ahead, Barry. I love you. I want you in me...Please, go ahead."


I lubricated his anus with more of his own precum. I fingered him to open his anus for my penetration, so as not to traumatize it when I pushed in. Soon, his anus was accepting and inviting me in.


I gently placed the tip of my penis against his anus. It was pulsing and palpitating against my glans. I gently pushed my penis beyond his anus and into his rectum.


"God, you're hot, Baby, you're really hot inside." I declared.

"You make me hot. Fuck me, Barry." He begged.


He began rhythmically clamping my penis via contractions in his rectum and anus. I could see myself in the mirror. I was sunburn-red in my passion. So was he.


"Oh God, Barry. This is what I've wanted for so long."


"I'm yours, Baby, I'll always be." I promised.


Precum was pumped from his penis onto his abdomen with each of my thrusts. It was clear and glistened in the light like a gem, a liquid diamond. Of course, it was more precious than any diamond.


Justin placed his arms around my neck and pulled himself up face-to-face with me, and bade me to lie on my back. My penis remained in him, throbbing and pulsing, as I lie down, as requested.


Now, he was sitting on me, my penis buried deeply into him. He continued to look into my eyes, as he rose and fell upon my penis.


With each stroke, his penis gushed precum onto my belly.


I scooped it onto my fingers and then to my tongue.


"God, it's so good, Justin. I want every drop." I insisted.


"It's all yours, Baby, Forever." Justin assured me.


"God, Justin...I'm there...I'm going to cum...Uhhhhhh...Uhhhhh..."


He continued to thrust as I filled his rectum with my cum. The fireworks I was seeing was blinding, so intense was my orgasm.


"Is it good, Barry, am I doing good?" He asked, as I was still pumping cum into him.


I could barely nod; I was so immersed in my orgasm.


My cum had filled his rectum and lubricated my penis generously. With each of his thrusts, an amount of my cum ran down my penis, from his anus onto my abdomen. So much cum was at play, a sort of slurping sound occurred with each thrust.


Finally, I reached and placed one hand on each side of his waist and pulled him down to sit still upon my penis.


"It was good, huh?" Justin inquired.


"The best, Baby, the absolute best." I replied.


"I'm glad, Barry. That's what I wanted. I wanted it to be the best you've ever had." Justin insisted.


"It was and it is, sweet boy...because it's you. How could it be otherwise? For me, if it's my Justin, it's always the best. It will always be." I declared.


He smiled widely, and bent to kiss me, my penis still inside him, still pumping residual cum into him.


His kiss was hot, sweet, and deep. I was afire for him.


"This must be the cause of spontaneous human combustion." I said.


"Me too, Barry. I feel like I'm on fire."





"It's time, then, Baby. Let's take care of your `reborn' penis.


"YES!" He exclaimed.


He slowly allowed my penis to withdraw from him. My cum, trapped in his rectum, followed the exit of my penis, dripping into my pubic hair. It was extremely hot from its brief stay in Justin's rectum.


I bade him to sit on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor, legs spread, and his hands, palm down, behind him keeping his torso in a reclining position.


His `reborn' penis was glistening with the chrism of his hot precum. His penis throbbed and danced upon its base, inviting me to satisfy it.


I took it at its base, and began licking it up and down, taking all his delicious precum into me.


"You're delicious, baby, you really are." I declared.


"It's all for you, Barry. I love you." He replied.


I nuzzled his scrotum, my nose buried into that crease formed between his scrotum and his upper thigh. My olfactory drank in his sweet, young, musk. This had the effect of triggering my salivary glands. My mouth was hot with a mixture of Justin's precum and my own saliva.


"Ready, Baby?" I asked.


"Yes, Barry, YES!"


I positioned his penis at its base, and slowly began to take it into my hot, wet mouth. The area of his recent circumcision was supple and pink, like a baby's butt. It had a unique and wonderful taste, as I ran my tongue around its unique texture. It was so delicious; I almost didn't want to move beyond it.


I relished in the unique experience of the taste and texture of Justin's circumcision for quite a while.


"Oh, God, Barry. I didn't know how wonderful it is to have a corona.


I took him all the way in. I could feel his precum, lubricating my tongue, as I slid his penis in and out, along the length of it.





Justin's penis was throbbing so strongly, I had to hold it at its base with my hand. I place one hand around the shaft of his penis and allowed it to stroke his dick as it followed the position of my lips, as they traverse the length of his glorious penis.


Soon, I felt a tremor come over him. The reeling excitement of reaching emission caused Justin to move his hands out to each side to allow himself to lie on his back.


"I love you, Barry, I love you." Justin exclaimed, as he began to unload his precious cum into me. Each contraction filled my mouth. I could barely swallow fast enough.


I moved a finger to press against his anus to monitor his powerful ejaculatory spasms. Powerful, indeed, they were. His thighs contracted in synchronization with his ejaculatory spasms...his whole body seemed to be involved.


His head rolled from side to side, as his ejaculation proceeded.


"Oh God...Oh God...I've never...never..." He exclaimed.


I continued my felatio. I slurped at his glans and its corona and felt his thighs thrust against my every action upon his corona.


His glans had assumed that super-sensitive state associated with orgasm. I accommodated it, running my tongue around and around his glans, concentrating on his corona and his frenulum. Each was particularly sensitive, having been recently freed from the constraints of its former foreskin.


Once I was satisfied I had received all his cum, including that I had pushed along his taint and up the shaft of his penis to my lips, I slowly withdrew his, now softening, penis from my mouth.


Justin was still lying on his back, his heart pounding like he'd just run the marathon, and his muscles relaxed...he was exhausted. I was proud to have been able to produce an orgasm in him, in his youth, which would render him exhausted.


"Did I do good, Baby?" I asked.


He was breathing hard, didn't reply and motioned for me to come lie next to him.


I complied.


I lay next to him, one hand still resting on his balls, and kneading them gently.


"God, Barry, I never had such a strong orgasm in my life. God, I love you, Barry. God, I love you." He said.



"I love you, sweet Justin. That was just a meager expression of something far more substantial that goes on in my soul for you, my love." I replied.


He nodded.


"Do you want to fuck me now, Baby?" I asked.


"No Way...I'm exhausted." He asserted.


"OK, tonight, then." I replied.


He nodded again.


"Justin, if you could only see through my eyes, right now. You're so beautiful. Your physique, your hair, your eyes...everything...You're absolutely gorgeous." I proclaimed.


He turned to look lovingly into my eyes and smiled that Justin-smile.


"You're just prejudiced, Barry. There's plenty of guys better looking than me. You just think I'm gorgeous cause your love is so strong for me." Justin retorted.


"No question, baby, my love for you is great, indeed, but it's not rooted in your great beauty, but rather, in my soul. Still it's a simple recognition of the fact...you are truly gorgeous. I'm so blessed." I declared.


He continued to look into my eyes and reached with one hand to pull me to himself, then kissed me passionately.


"I could still be on the streets, Barry. I'm the one who's blessed. I thank God that Father Christopher sent me to you." Justin said.


"Me too, sweetheart. We must always be grateful to Father Christopher and help him in any way we can." I responded.


He nodded again, and pulled me to kiss me again.


"I think we ruined the sheets." Justin said, out of the blue.


"Really?" I asked.


"I rubbed off all the massage oil onto them." He replied.


"Lucky sheets!" I declared.



He smiled.


We'll change the sheets later, don't worry. I knew we get oil and cum all over them and thought we'd let them stay that way as a keepsake of this experience." I suggested.


"Great Idea!" He agreed.


"Sure...they keep those little baptismal bibs and gowns...so...since we just baptized your `reborn penis'...well, we'll save these as well." I suggested.


He smiled and nodded and kissed me, still again.


We continued to lie there for a while until Justin remarked:


"What about the rest of our plan?"


"Ah yes, our afterglow dinner at Trey." I said.


"Maybe we should show up like this." Justin said with a smile.


"Yikes, we might become the main course...er...at least you might, sweetie." I chuckled.


"OK, let's get showered and go" Justin said.


"OK, Baby. I'll call Trey and tell him we're on our way to our afterglow dinner." I replied.


Trey and Michael made our afterglow celebration very special. They greeted us with affectionate hugs and ushered us to our favorite little private room. They waited on us hand and foot and treated us like royalty.


"Michael and I are so pleased for you both. Your relationship is now consummated and your love beautifully expressed. Know we will support you in every way we can. We love you both, and wish every good thing for each and both of you." Trey announced, as we were seated.


"Thanks, thanks very much Trey. You too, Michael. Justin and I love you guys very much. We know we can always count on your friendship and your loyalty. It means a great deal to us." I replied.


"Yeah, we really love you guys a lot." Justin affirmed.


"We know, and it means so much to us, Justin." Michael remarked.


He went on:


"Trey and I have been together for nearly 20 years. I could never live without Trey, and wouldn't want to. I hope you and Barry have a similarly blessed and long lived relationship. I'm sure you will, your love for each other is palpable and of profound depth. Anyone can see that."


"You're right, Michael. I can't imagine life without Justin. My soul is poured into his and we are now one. I don't want to presume to speak for Justin, but I think he feels the same, based on what I feel returning from him." I said.


"Me too, it's like we were made for each other. I never want to be without Barry. I'm so happy that Father Christopher put us together." Justin agreed.


"Father Christopher?" Trey asked, as he turned to me for the answer.


"It's a long story. We'll tell you about it later." I suggested.


"Very Well, I hope you're both hungry." Trey replied.


Our meal was delightful, including a celebratory toast from Michael, acknowledging the occasion with the House's finest Champagne.


Soon we were at dessert. Trey presented us with a beautiful Milky Way cake. I had informed him that it was Justin's favorite.


"Whoa!" Justin exclaimed, as Trey placed a large piece before him.



"Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac, as if either of you need one. Trey chuckled.


We finished our dessert and coffee and raved, as always, about Trey and his expertise as a chef.


"Do you still want to know about Father Christopher, and how Barry and me got together? Justin asked Trey.


"Absolutely!" Trey declared, as he called to Michael to rejoin us.


Justin looked to me to tell the story.


"Go ahead, Baby, you can tell our story as well as I can, even better, really." I said.


"OK, well...folks...Jeremy...drugs...male hookers...police brought us to Shelter...Father Christopher...wonderful priest...introduced me to Barry...fell in love, big time...foreskin infection...circumcision...healing...planned for today...and here we are." Justin explained.


Trey and Michael looked at each other in amazement as Justin concluded the story.


"Thank God for Father Christopher." Trey declared.


"Indeed!" Michael affirmed.


"Just one question...who's Jeremy?" Trey asked.


Justin smiled and looked at me.


"Justin has an identical twin brother, Jeremy." I reported.


"You mean there's two of him?" Michael chimed in.


"I understand from Justin that the two of them have quite different personalities, though they are identical in their looks." I added.


"My God, it's so unfair! Justin is truly gorgeous...the idea that there's another just like him is just not right. They've used up all that beauty, and left none for the rest of us." Michael chuckled.


Justin smiled.


"They've both been through a lot. We need to help them all we can. I suggested.


"Has Father determined the whereabouts of Jeremy?" Michael asked.


"Not just yet, he's working on it. He has quite a network, as it turns out. Jeremy will turn up." I assured for Justin's sake.


"I'm sure he will." Trey interjected.


I extracted my MasterCard and handed it to Michael.


"The dessert and champagne are on Trey and me." Michael advised.


"You're so sweet, thanks, Michael." I replied.


"Yeah, and thanks to Trey, too." Justin added.


Michael returned with my charge card and the ticket for me to sign.


"Well, I guess we've monopolized enough of your time, guys. I know you've got a house full of customers to tend to." I remarked.



"What!?! And not drink in all the beauty and afterglow that Justin brought to us." Trey exclaimed with a smile.


Justin smiled widely, but did not protest.


Trey and Michael accompanied us to the door and hugged us goodbye.


"We'll see you guys soon...Justin has a birthday coming up." I reported.


"Justin, that's GREAT! We'll plan something very special.


Justin motioned for Trey and Michael to bend slightly, so he could deliver a kiss to each of them.


They complied.


They each hugged him in response to the kiss. Trey looked at me as Michael was receiving his kiss:


"God, Barry, you're so lucky." Trey said.


"Believe me, I know it." I replied.


"Let's get home, Baby, We've got some unfinished business to tend to, you know." I said to Justin as we got to the car.


"Yeah, I know...I'm ready too." Justin replied, with a big smile.


Soon, we were home, naked on the bed, and in each other's embrace. Justin began kissing me on my penis and balls and licking at my frenulum, making me, instantly, erect. I rolled us to a 69 position and we worked each other into our usual state of sunburn-red in our passion for each other.


Justin's penis began gushing precum. It lubricated his penis, which I facilitated by spreading it all over his penis. His penis began pulsing and palpitating in response to my touch.


"I think you're ready, Baby." I announced.


"I know I'm ready, Barry, are you?" Justin replied.


"Oh YES. I am, sweetheart. Do it. Fuck me." I said with passion.


He gathered some of his precum, mixed it with my own, which my own penis was now coated with, and lubricated my anus with it.


He knelt between my legs, which I had spread to accommodate him. He placed my legs around his waist and moved his penis to gently press against my eager anus.


"Easy, Baby, I don't do this often." I requested.


"OK, I will." He promised.


He began, very gently, to penetrate me. His penis passed my sphincter slowly, but firmly.


"God, it's GREAT, Justin...you're the best." I exclaimed.


"I love you, Barry." He said, as he continued to insert himself into me.


"You're hot inside, Barry...really HOT. It feels so good." He observed.


"It's just for you, Baby, just for you." I replied.


He began gently thrusting and with one hand held my throbbing penis like a saddle horn, stroking it in synchronization with each thrust.


"God, Barry, my corona is on fire. This feels great." Justin declared.


"It's GREAT for me too, Baby...cause it's you." I replied.


"Let's try to cum together, Barry, OK?" Justin requested.


"OK" I replied.


"Are you close?" I asked.


"Yeah, are you?" He replied as he continued to thrust.


"I'm really close, Justin. I don't know if I can control it." I said.


"OK" He said, as he sped up his thrust rate.


"I'm almost there." He said.


Me too, Baby." I replied.



"OK, I'm at emission, Barry." Justin said.


"I'm there too, Justin." I said, as I felt my cum fighting its way along my taint, retarded by the presence of Justin's penis.


I felt the steam of his cum, filling my rectum in powerful spurts. It was wonderful.


He looked intensely into my eyes as he unloaded his precious essence into me.


My own cum finally found its escape, but, because of the restriction caused by the presence of Justin's penis, it only oozed from my penis...although, seemingly, forever. My retarded orgasm was a new experience, it was extremely intense.


Justin and I were now still...looking into each other's eyes, pouring or love and passion into each other.


"God, How I love you, Justin." I broke the silence.


"I know, I feel it, Barry. I hope you feel my love too." He replied.


"I do, Baby, I have from the beginning." I assured him


Just as he slowly withdrew his penis from me, the phone rang. He crawled over me to answer it, dripping his residual cum into my belly-button.


He removed the receiver from its cradle and handed it to me.


"Hello" I answered, as Justin lay back down next to me.


"He's here, Barry, Jeremy is here." Father Christopher reported.


"That's GREAT, Father, let me tell Justin." I replied.


I turned to Justin, who was already smiling, and confirmed his suspicion.


"Jeremy is with Father Christopher." I said, with my own smile.


I put the receiver back to my ear.


"Justin is very pleased, Father." I reported.


"Barry, listen now, Jeremy is worried that this is a trick. He wants to talk to Justin. He needs reassurance that I won't turn him over to the police." Father said.


I motioned for Justin to get on the extension.


He went, quickly, to the living room and picked up the extension.


"Hi Father." Justin began.



"Hello, Justin. Your brother is here with me. He's safe and he wants to talk to you." Father explained.


"OK" Justin said.


Father handed the phone to Jeremy.


"J-1?" Jeremy inquired.


"J-2" Justin responded, loudly.


"Yeah, Dude, it's me." Jeremy replied.


"J-2, we've been so worried about you...are you OK?" Justin asked.


"I've been netter, but I'll be OK. So, you really know this priest-guy?" Jeremy inquired.


"Father Christopher!.......Sure, I know him, he helped me a lot. Don't worry, you can trust him." Justin promised.


"OK...I want to see you bro'." Jeremy said.



"Me too, I need to see you, too. Me and Barry will get there as fast as we can, won't we, Barry?" Justin said, knowing I was on the line.


"On our way!" I promised.


"Who the Hell is Barry?" Jeremy asked.


"I'll tell you all about him, later. He's been wonderful to me and I'm in love with him." Justin declared.


"OK, here's Father." Jeremy replied.


Jeremy returned the phone to Father Christopher.


"Thanks, Justin, your brother needed to hear it from you, that he could trust me." Father said.


"I told him, Father." Justin replied.


I interrupted:




"Father, the two brothers want to see each other. I'm going to bring Justin there. It'll take us over an hour to get there, but we'll be on our way shortly." I explained.


"Take your time, Barry. I'm going to feed all 7 of them dinner, and take Jeremy over to Dr. Ferrell's office. He's agreed to meet us at his office and take a look at Jeremy. I'm worried about him. He has a black eye and keeps holding his ribs." Father reported.


"Did you say all 7 of them?" I asked.


"I'm sorry, Barry. I forgot to tell you how Jeremy got here. You see, six other boys brought him here, pretty much against his will. They are worried about him too. It's obvious he's been beaten up rather badly. They seem genuinely concerned for him, but, they too, were waiting for Justin to assure Jeremy that he could trust me. If he bolted, the other boys would have tackled him and brought him back. None of them has had dinner, so I'm going to get our cook to feed them. He's still cleaning the kitchen from dinner, so there should be plenty of food left over. He'll have to clean up all over again, so he'll be angry, but...he'll get over it." Father advised.


"OK, then, Father. We'll take our time and see you in a couple of hours." I said.


"Great, I'll tell Jeremy...better yet, I'll let him say goodbye to Justin, and Justin can tell him when you'll be here." Father recommended.


Father gave the receiver back to Jeremy.


"Yeah?" Jeremy asked.


"J-2, do whatever Father says, OK? You can trust him. Barry and me will be there in a couple of hours, after Father feeds you and gets a doctor look at you." Justin explained.


"OK, bro'. I'll do what he says. Come as soon as you can, I miss you J-1." Jeremy advised.


"OK, J-2, we'll see you soon, I promise." Justin said.


--CLICK—the phone went dead, as Jeremy hung up the receiver.


"What's with the J-1, J-2, business, Sweetie." I inquired, as Justin returned to me in the bedroom. As he stood next me, I saw a final drop of his semen, waiting patiently on his meatus. I lifted his penis to my lips and kissed it away.


I continued:


"Go ahead, Baby, I was distracted for a second there." I said.



"Oh, I was born 16 minutes ahead of Jeremy...so...I'm J-1, he's J-2. I guess it's dumb, but we've always called each other like that." Justin explained.


He went on:


"Sometimes we called each other skinny and baldy. I was `skinny', since I had a foreskin; Jeremy was circumcised, so the head of his dick was `bald'. We stopped calling each other that way. People would ask us to explain, and we couldn't, without embarrassing ourselves."


"Well, we've got time for a hot shower before we leave." I suggested.


"Yeah, that sounds good." He replied.


Our shower was playful and refreshing, and, afterwards, we were ready to leave for downtown.


------------ END PT IV------------



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