"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"






Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This chapter assumes characters and "facts" introduced in earlier parts of the story

The traffic was light, so we made it to the shelter in a little less than the usual hour. Even having stopped off to grab a burger on the way.

Father Christopher was watching for us at the glass entrance door.

As we entered, Father Christopher motioned for Justin to come to him.

Justin complied. I followed suit.

Father hugged Justin, then placed a hand on either of Justin's shoulders.

"He looks just like you." Father declared.

"I know." Justin replied.

"He's in the rec-room, with the other boys, playing ping pong. I'll call him in a minute, but I wanted to prepare you both, first." Father said.

"OK, Father." Justin replied.

"Well, Barry, Justin, Jeremy was beaten badly at Buckner. His black eye is the only, really visible, indication of it. When Dr. Ferrell got him stripped for X-Ray, we found additional bruises on his torso and legs. He was repeatedly kicked, while he was down, and the X-Ray shows he has badly bruised ribs. The doctor wrapped his ribcage and wants him to stay off his feet for a few days and rest." Father explained.

"Then what, Father. Do we have to turn him over to the police?" Justin asked.

"No, Judge Meadows has intervened. The police are no longer looking for Jeremy. He's in my custody till his hearing date.

He went on:

"Barry..." Father started.

I knew what was coming:

"Barry, can you keep him through the weekend. Can you handle both boys...just for a couple of days?" Father asked.

"I don't know, Father. I don't know anything about Jeremy, except that he looks just like Justin. He might not want to stay with me, and he and Justin don't really get along, as I understand it." I responded.

"Well, at least talk to him, please. I'm going to take the other boys back to Turtle Creek Park in the Shelter's van. It's a long way; I can't believe they walked all the way here to deliver Jeremy to me. That will give you some time to chat with him. Will you, at least, talk to him?" Father begged.

"Of course, Father." I answered.

"Great, I'll go get him and send him to my office. You and Justin can use my office to chat till I return." Father advised.

I nodded.

Justin and I retired to Father's office to wait for Jeremy.

After a few minutes, Jeremy entered the room. He lit up when he saw Justin.

Ignoring me completely, Jeremy ran to Justin and kissed him. I was taken aback, as their kiss was quite passionate.

It was like a scene from The Prince and the Pauper. Except for Jeremy's black eye, disheveled hair and apparent loss of weight, the twins were completely identical.

"Damn, I missed you bro'!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"I know. I felt it." Justin replied.

Jeremy turned to see me, standing off to the side:

"So...this is Barry, huh?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes." Justin replied.

Jeremy walked over to me and extended his hand, as if to shake mine.

I extended a hand for Jeremy to shake, but he withdrew his hand and looked me, sternly, in the eyes.

"So, you been fucking my brother, huh?"

"Jeremy! Don't start this crap!" Justin shouted.

I interrupted:

Actually, Jeremy, I never discuss the particulars of my intimacies. I don't kiss and tell."

"Dammit, Jeremy, I told you that Barry has been wonderful to me. I love him. Don't talk to him like this." Justin shouted, then almost began to cry.

"I'm sorry, Barry." Justin said, as tears came to his eyes.

"It's OK, sweetie, it's OK." I responded.

"Chill Bro', I felt the love between you while he was in you. I'm just jealous. The only time someone is in me, is when some old troll paid for it." Jeremy replied.

"Jeremy, I know that you two went through horrors that the rest of us can only imagine. I'm truly sorry you and Justin were made to do what you did, I truly am. If you give me a chance, I think we can be friends. I love your brother very deeply, and I would far prefer it if we can be friends." I suggested.

Jeremy turned to Justin and said:

"Damn, J-1, you're lucky. This guy really loves you. I can sense it, and I sensed your love for him too, while you were making love. I had to run to the head and shoot off into the urinal. I was having an empathetic response...I knew exactly when you were cumming. I felt its power and the love that was there. Damn, you're lucky." Jeremy repeated.

"I know I am, J-2. I know it." Justin replied.

"Look, Jeremy, Father would like you to spend the weekend with me and with your brother. It's up to you, of course. I promise to treat you with respect, and hope you'll let me get to know you. I don't want it to be an occasion to keep your brother upset for two days. Justin loves you, you're his brother; He wants you to be well and happy. I know the two of you have fought in the past, I don't know why. If you would like to spend a little time with your brother, and with me, we'll do our best to make the time pleasant for you. It's the best I can offer." I explained.

"Hey...I'm just a male hooker. Why would you want me around?" Jeremy asked.

"I know about the, shall we say, business you and your brother were engaging in. I'm not sitting in judgment. What I see is a beautiful young man with a lot of potential, and one I'd be honored to call friend." I protested.

"Really?" Jeremy asked.

"Really!" I replied.

"I'm a whore, Barry...A WHORE! Why would you want to call me your friend?" Jeremy asked.

"I don't see a whore when I look at you, Jeremy." I said.

"Yeah, what do you see?" Jeremy asked.

"I see a young man, much as I was at the same age...very angry, full of hatred, feeling betrayed, left to fend for himself and to survive by his own wits and resources. I see a heart full of love, though the spigot was turned off long ago, and kept off since. Most of all, I see a beautiful, gentle soul, masked by bravado and phony machismo...a soul begging to show its true nature to someone who won't abuse it. Am I close?" I proclaimed.


"You don't have to say anything, Jeremy. I understand." I said.


Justin broke that silence:

"Do you want to stay with us for a couple of days, J-2?"

"Do you really want me to? I know I've been really mean to you." Jeremy asked.

Jeremy turned to look at me. His eyes had welled up with tears.

"It's really OK, Barry?" He asked.

"Of course it is; especially if you drop all the bullshit and let us see the real Jeremy...you know, the one I know is hiding in there." I replied with a smile.

"And NO drugs, J-2." Justin added.

"He's right, Jeremy. You must put the drugs behind you. Now would be a good time to start." I agreed with Justin.

"It's not that easy, guys. You don't know." Jeremy declared.

"You're right, Jeremy, we don't know...at least, not first hand. Still, your potential, going forward, will all be squandered if you continue with drugs. There will only be one career choice available to you, as your youth begins to wane...you'll have to become a Politician!" I said as I formed a wide smile.

Jeremy smiled back at me and said:

"Or a Cop!"

So, you see, neither option of corruption and hypocrisy is desirable to you...so...the drugs must go." I chuckled.

"I know, guys. I've known for a long time, but you don't understand what it's like, what happens to your body when you don't get your fix. It's fucking horrible." Jeremy insisted.

"Withdrawal symptoms?" I asked.

It's fucking horrible; you'd almost rather die and have it fucking over with. I guess it's like starving, not just being hungry...I mean really fucking starving...you'd do anything...you'd kill, really kill, to get your fix." Jeremy instructed us.

"When was your last fix, Jeremy?" I asked.

"Yesterday...I'm in no shape, right now, to turn tricks for the money I need to buy anything. One of the guys gave me some stuff, now I owe him." Jeremy replied.

"How much do you owe him?" I asked.

"$50" He replied.

"Yikes, for one fix?" I asked.

"Hell yes, Barry! Lot's of guys have $1,000.00 per day habits, depending on what they're on." Jeremy replied.

"How can they pay for such a thing?" I asked.


"You kidding...they boost cars, they rob people, they break into houses, cars, steal stuff and pawn it, or they hook like I've been doing...Hell, Barry, they do whatever it takes. You would too. Believe me, you would too, Barry, you would too." Jeremy instructed me.

"You're quite right, Jeremy. I make no pretense to being any stronger than anyone else in such matters. I'm sure I would not hesitate to engage in any of the things you described, if I were desperate for a fix." I admitted.

"You've never done drugs, Barry, not even POT?" Jeremy asked, in amazement.

"No, Never. Not that I was any better than anyone else, but when I was in high school, I learned from a visit to a friend's house, that I'm extremely allergic to POT." I said.

"Allergic?" Jeremy questioned.

"Yeah, when I got a snoot full of it, by entering my friend's bedroom, it produced, not a high, but the equivalent of a migraine headache, in me. It was debilitating. So, luckily, I was never tempted to use POT. I had many high school buddies who did. Some got on with their lives OK, with no long term effects. Others, on the other hand, went on to more serious drugs, and, ultimately destroying their lives. I've always tried to learn from the mistakes of others, as well as from my own countless mistakes. My Grandfather always advised wisdom springs from such learning, so, perhaps, I gained, at least, some morsel of wisdom regarding the avoidance of drugs." I explained.

"Do you drink?" Jeremy retorted.

"I do" I replied.

"Well, alcohol is just the same...it's a drug too." Jeremy said.

"It is, it's true, and there are those who have a genetic propensity to become addicted to alcohol, you're right. I don't happen to have that trait. I'm not an alcoholic, thank God." I replied.

"Have you ever been drunk?" Jeremy asked.

"I have, I admit it, but not beyond the little binge I shared with some college buddies, celebrating our graduation." I qualified.

"Well, you know how sick your body becomes when you try to sober up?" Jeremy asked.

"God, Yes!......I have spent time worshipping the porcelain god, and dry-heaving till I thought I would barf up my spleen, then, lying, naked, on the bathroom floor, watching the room spin around, as I froze my naked butt off on that cold tile bathroom floor, unable to move. Does that sound familiar? Does that establish my bone-fides?" I smiled.

"Yeah, sounds like you've been there and done that." Jeremy smiled back.

"Yeah, and I got the damned T-Shirt, too! I added.

Jeremy broke up and actually laughed.

"Not as many T-Shirts as I have!" Jeremy retorted.

"I'm sure that's true, Jeremy. I'm sure." I replied.

"Yeah." He said, sadly.

"Jeremy, would you be angry if I asked to begin our new friendship with a hug?" I asked.

"Sure, Barry, I'm a Fag, remember, I like to hug other guys." Jeremy said.

"Well, I was hoping my hug might be unique and more meaningful than you suggest. Still, I'd like that hug...OK?" I replied.

Jeremy came to me and stretched out his arms. I took him into my arms and hugged him tightly. He returned my hug, and as tightly.

I kissed him, sweetly, on the forehead, as we continued our hug and whispered into his ear:

"We'll help you Jeremy. You won't have to go through this alone, I promise." I assured him.

His hug tightened even more, though briefly, as he released his hug and I reciprocated.

He turned to Justin:

"You done good, J-1, he has a strong hug, but a gentle one, I could fall in love with him too,"

"It's easy to fall in love with Barry, J-2. He's the most loving person I've ever known. He'll help you...so will I...so will Father Christopher." Justin replied.

"You could fall in love with me because of a simple hug?" I asked Jeremy.

"No, I guess not, but it's a sign." He replied.

"A sign?" I asked.

"Sure, Justin and me can tell a lot by someone's hug. We learned to tell what's going on in a guy's head by the way he hugs. Usually, when Justin and me get a hug, it's hard and unfriendly and just before some old troll sticks his dick in one of us. Right, Justin?" Jeremy instructed me.

Justin hung his head and nodded.

"God, Justin, do you have to tell all that?" Justin remarked.

"It's OK, Baby. That's all in the past. Put it out of your mind. You, too, Jeremy. We won't ever make it such that you have to back to hooking...NEVER!" I said, forcefully.

Jeremy returned to me and delivered another, this time unsolicited, hug. As we hugged, Justin came to join us in a 3-Way hug.

Just then, the door to Father's office began to open slowly. Father just peeked in, then, seeing our hug, opened the door and entered the room.

"I see you've gotten off to a good start. I'm very pleased." Father said.

"Yes, we have. We're going to have a really fun weekend, Father." I said.

"I'm sure you will." Father replied.

"I'm glad you suggested it, Father." I admitted.

Father nodded.

"Jeremy, your brother and you have a birthday soon...you'll be 15...I think Barry and I need to plan something special." Father suggested.

"Shit, I forgot all about it!" Jeremy exclaimed.

Father rolled his eyes, obviously unhappy with Jeremy's choice of expletives.

Jeremy turned to Justin.

"Shit Bro', we're gonna be 15!"

"I know." Justin replied with a big smile.

I noticed that Father's eyes were bloodshot and red. He had been crying.

"Father, are you OK...is anything wrong?" I asked.

"Well, Barry, I was so busy concentrating on Jeremy and his welfare, and getting him looked at by the doctor, I completely ignored those same concerns for the other six boys who brought him here.

As I drove them back to Turtle Creek Park, it suddenly hit me; I was returning them to a venue where they sell themselves for sex. I stopped the van and pleaded for them to return to the shelter with me, where they'd be fed and cared for until we could consider the particulars of each of their respective cases in order to provide the specific help each of them needs.

I got NO takers, Barry, NONE. I guess I've lost my powers of persuasion. One of them even laughed at me, and told me I don't know S-H-I-T

Now, I suppose they are all back at their trade, so to speak. I failed, Barry. I failed them." Father explained with a heavy heart.

To my surprise, Jeremy went to Father and hugged him tightly.

"Drugs, Father, that's what they meant about you not knowing shit. They sell themselves to buy drugs, Father, me too. There's no way you could know about that." Jeremy said, in an attempt to console Father.

"That reminds me, Jeremy. Dr. Ferrell gave me 3 prescriptions for you." Father remarked.

"Prescriptions?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, I'll give them to Barry to hold for you." Father said.

Father went to his desk and removed a small paper bag. He took 3 prescription bottles from the bag and brought them to me, with instructions:

"This one is an anti-nausea drug"

"This is an antibiotic to prevent any secondary infection from the injuries he sustained in the beating."

"This is a mild sedative."

Father concluded his instructions.

"I understand the antibiotic, Father, but what's with the anti-nausea and sedative?" I asked.

"Oh, of course. Sorry, Barry. Those are to help Jeremy cope with any symptoms of withdrawal. The doctor says Jeremy can expect to deal with withdrawal over the next 48 to 72 hours." Father explained.

"Do you think I'm up to the challenge of helping him through the experience, Father?" I asked.

"Do you think I am, Barry? I have only limited experience with it, myself, and can tell you, it's no fun. If he begins to withdraw, and it proves to be more than you and Justin can handle, call me, and I'll arrange for him to be admitted somewhere." Father said.

"No Way! All they'll do is lock me in a room to ride it out, anyway." Jeremy explained.

"He's right, Barry. He has to ride it out. No one can do it for him. At least, with you and Justin, he'll have your love and support to get him through it." Father said.

I turned to Jeremy:

"Jeremy, I hope I'm up to this." I said.

"I hope I am, too." Jeremy replied.

"It's really quite remarkable, isn't it?" Father said.

"What's that, Father?" I replied.

"How completely identical the boys look. It's striking, isn't it?" Father remarked.

"Yes, it is, Father. A friend of mine would complain that it's totally unfair for them to exhaust so much beauty, leaving none for the rest of us." I chuckled.

Father nodded.

"Well, I guess we should be on our way, Father. It's getting late." I remarked.

"Right. Well, call if you need anything, Barry. I'll be meeting with Judge Meadows on Monday and we'll see how that goes. I'll let you know. You can return Jeremy to me on your way to work on Monday. OK?" Father asked.

"OK, Father. I'm sure we'll be fine, don't worry." I said.

Father waved a final goodbye to us as we approached my car, in the parking lot.

"Cool! A Camaro! Dual exhaust, means it's a V-8...is it a 5-speed?" Jeremy asked as we approached the car from behind.

"Yeah, it is. You know a lot about cars, huh?" I asked.

"A little, I prefer Mustangs, but Camaros are cool too." Jeremy remarked.

"SHOTGUN!" Justin shouted.

"SHIT! I didn't think about that. It's been a long time." Jeremy said.

The boys took their positions, Justin riding shotgun and Jeremy in the back seat.

Within a few minutes, we were on North Dallas Parkway.

"By the way, J-2, I've got a surprise to show you." Justin said.

"What?" Jeremy asked.

Justin pulled his sweats to his knees and motioned for Jeremy to lean forward to look.

"My dick, J-2...now it's like yours." Justin declared.

"Whoa! You got cut, J-1. Now I understand." Jeremy exclaimed.

"Understand what?" Justin asked.

"Dude, my dick...I had an empathetic response...My dick hurt like Hell one morning, then stayed sore for days. I figured some freak did something awful to you." Jeremy advised.

"No, I kept having those stinky infections, so Barry took me to the doc and got me circumcised. That was the end of my problem. I don't stink any more. It's GREAT. I didn't think about an empathetic response, I was knocked out cold. I didn't think you'd have a response since I was knocked out. Sorry, J-2." Justin apologized.

It's cool, Bro', I wouldn't have thought about it either. I'm glad you're fixed up, J-1, let me check it out, OK?" Jeremy asked.

"OK" Justin replied.

Jeremy took Justin's `reborn' penis into his hand and stroked it lightly.

"Wow, the squeal is even stronger, J-1!" Jeremy declared.

"Sure is!" Justin replied.

Jeremy continued to play with Justin's `reborn' penis, squeezing it, rhythmically, and stroking it. Justin's penis began to pump precum to its meatus. Jeremy squeezed Justin's precum onto his fingers and then licked it all gone.

"Wow, it's great, J-1, it tastes great. God, I'm getting a hard on, Dude." Jeremy reported.

Jeremy pulled his pants down and exposed his own penis. It, too, was producing precum. Justin repeated Jeremy's actions, squeezing Jeremy's precum onto his fingers and licking it away.

"I hope you start tasting like you used to, before you started the drugs, J-2" Justin said.

"I know." Jeremy replied.

"You can taste the difference, huh, Justin." I asked.

"Yeah, we used to taste exactly the same. Now J-2 tastes kinda sour." Justin explained

"Wow, this is all new to me, guys. I don't know much about identical twins I guess." I said.

"Yeah, we know everything about each other, where we're alike and where we differ. We were exploring each other by the time we were toddlers." Jeremy explained.

"Wow!" I repeated.

"Would you like to be able to suck your own dick, Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"Who wouldn't?" I replied.

"Well, with me and Justin, we can." Jeremy offered.

"How?" I asked.

"Cause of the feedback. When I suck Justin, the feedback in my head is the same as if I were sucking my own dick. It gives us both the same sensation...pretty cool, huh?" Jeremy instructed me.

"It's mind-boggling...I can't even imagine it." I declared.

"Sure; and when we 69 each other, the feedback is so strong, we nearly black-out." Jeremy added.

"Hush Up! You're making me so horny; I'm going to cum on myself." I declared, with a chuckle.

"Well, Hell, Barry, get yours out, too. I'd like to see what you got." Jeremy said.

"Wait Up, J-2. Barry is mine." Justin stated.

"I know he is, J-1. I'm not trying to take him away from you. I felt him inside you, earlier; I just wanted to see what was in you. I felt it too, you know, just like he was in me, too. You know how it works, J-1." Jeremy said.

"Well, OK, if Barry wants to show you. I guess it can't hurt anything." Justin said.

"While I'm driving?!? I exclaimed

"Sure, I'll help you." Jeremy said.

Jeremy reached and loosened my pants and `viola' my already erect penis appeared center stage and prepared to dance.

"He has a pretty dick, J-1. It's nice, I like it. Not too big, not fat, no knobby head...his head is shaped just right...nice...perfect. His head is exactly the right size...no wonder it felt so good as he slid it into us...er...I mean into you, earlier." Jeremy remarked.

"Yeah, it's not bent to either side, either. It's straight when it's hard. He didn't tuck it to either side when he was a kid." Justin added.

"It's just perfect. Really nice dick, Barry. I'm impressed, and, believe me, Justin and me have seen plenty of dicks, so when we say you've got a great dick, you've got one." Jeremy exclaimed.

"God, J-2, we haven't seen that many dicks; did you have to say that?" Justin interjected.

Justin hung his head and blushed.

"It's OK, Baby." I said as I reached across and placed my hand on his cheek.

"I'm flattered that I have, at least, one relatively perfect attribute. Thanks for the compliment. I always thought my dick was pretty unremarkable; it's a little over 6 inches and pretty average, really." I said.

"It's not the size, Barry, it's how it's shaped. You got a pretty dick. Big dicks hurt like Hell, and guys have trouble keeping big dicks hard. They can't keep enough blood running to keep `em stiff Lot's of times, they embarrass themselves that way. Your dick is just right...See how hard it is...I bet it stays that way the whole time you're using too, huh?" He suggested, as he reached and plucked my dick like a guitar string, watching it snap back to its position.

"Yes, that's true, it does stay hard, really hard, even for a good while after I cum. I thought it was normal, Justin stays hard for quite a while after he cums, but I suppose you already know that, right?" I asked.

"Sure, we're both that way." Jeremy stated.

"You should see his balls, J-2, they're huge.

"Really, let's pull his pants down to his knees. His dick is all I can see right now. OK, Barry?" Jeremy suggested.

"Guys, I'm trying to drive." I said.

"C'mon, just raise your butt up a little, I'll pull `em down." Jeremy offered.

"Well...OK." I said, as I raised my butt up, as requested.

Jeremy pulled my pants down further to expose my balls.

"Whoa...you're right, J-1, they are huge." Jeremy declared.

"Yeah, I love to play with them, especially licking them for a while before he cums. He cums huge, too." Justin said.

"Guys, you're making me blush." I reported.

"Look, J-1, he's already making precum BIG TIME, looks good, too." Jeremy observed.

"Yeah, he makes lots of precum, just like me and you do." Justin offered.

"Is it good?" Jeremy asked.

"Real good, always sweet, makes you want to make sure you get every drop." Justin said.

"Can I have a sample?" Jeremy asked Justin.

"Is it OK, Barry?" Justin asked.

"Sure, I don't mind. It all belongs to you, Justin, so, if you say it's OK, it's OK" I said.

"Just a taste, that's all, J-2." Justin allowed.

"Cool, J-1, thanks." Jeremy replied.

Jeremy reached to coat his palm with the precum pooled on my meatus and coating my glans. He gathered it all and moved his hand to lick my precum from his palm.

"Damn, J-1, you're right, it is sweet.

"Told Ya!" Justin affirmed.

"Barry, you're sweet-tasting, really sweet. You must watch what you eat, huh?" Jeremy suggested.

"Well, I know certain foods, like onions, and other things affect the taste of cum, but I don't about its effect on precum, but thanks for the compliment." I replied.

"Damn, J-1, you're lucky. I wish I had my own Barry. I'd be so happy." Jeremy remarked.

"I know, J-2. I'm the happiest I've ever been, now that I belong to Barry, and he has given himself to me." Justin said.

"You're lucky, Barry, Justin is the good twin, I'm the evil twin. You got the best." Jeremy explained.

"I don't believe that for a minute, Jeremy. You're NOT evil. That's nonsense. I see a lot of love in your soul. It's your refusal to let it come out and be seen and felt by the rest of us that causes you to work so hard to appear bilious to everyone. I used to be that way, too, so I know it when I see it." "I retorted.

"Bilious?" Jeremy asked.

"Sorry, it means bitter...full of bile." I clarified.

"Yeah, I know I should be more like J-1, but I get hurt easy and I've been hurt a lot, when I let myself love like you say, Barry. I don't want to get hurt anymore." Jeremy insisted.

"See, I knew it. You're really sensitive at heart, not mean at all." I suggested.

"I'm not mean. I just don't take any shit." Jeremy said, loudly.

"Well, Jeremy, don't worry. We're not going to give you any crap, so you can relax and let us see all that love and affection that I know is hiding in that beautiful soul of yours." I suggested.

"Do you really think my soul has beauty, Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"Jeremy, sweetheart, I know you're soul is beautiful, even more beautiful than your body. You and Justin are both physically beautiful, more than beautiful, really, gorgeous. Each of your souls is far more precious and beautiful, of course." I said.

"Barry? Jeremy asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"No one has ever called me sweetheart, before. It felt good. Do you really mean it?" Jeremy asked.

"Of course, sweetheart." I replied, with a big smile.

"Thanks, Barry, you're sweet, too." Jeremy replied.

"Or, at least my precum is, huh?" I chuckled.

Both boys laughed.

"We're almost home, J-2." Justin reported.

The boys pulled their pants up, leaving me the only one exposed, until Justin removed his seatbelt, leaned across the center console, and kissed the remaining precum from my meatus. Then he helped to pull my pants up, as well.

"Welcome to our home, Jeremy. Make yourself at home, as well." I said as we entered the apartment.

"Whoa, Great Stereo, Barry!" Jeremy exclaimed, as my audiophile equipment was the first thing to catch his attention.

"Thanks, Jeremy. I'm an audiophile. I really appreciate top-rate stereo gear. You too?" I asked.

"Yeah, Dude, I don't know that much technical stuff about it, but I know a great system when I hear one." Jeremy said.

Well, we'll put on some stuff in a bit, then, OK?" I suggested.

"COOL...Uh...can I use the head, please?" Jeremy asked.

"Of course, sweetheart, it's just down the hall." I advised.

As Jeremy was in the bathroom, Justin stripped both himself, and me, and placed our clothes in the bedroom. As he returned to my embrace, we stood in front in front of the stereo, glans to glans.

"Maybe we better close the curtains, my love, lest we put on a show for the entire apartment complex." I chuckled.

"We could sell tickets!" Justin said, with a grin.

Justin went to close the curtains as Jeremy returned to the room.

"Whoa! We can be naked, huh, that's really cool." Jeremy exclaimed.

"Sure, J-2, Barry and me stay naked at home, most of the time." Justin affirmed.

It must have taken an entire millisecond for Jeremy to strip to be naked with us.

"Damn, Jeremy, what did they do to you?" I exclaimed, as I now could see the bruises that Father Christopher had warned us about.

"They beat the shit out of me, didn't they?" Jeremy asked.

"God, J-2, they really did." Justin added.

"Just cause I called this guy a nigger." Jeremy advised.

"Oh God, Jeremy, you didn't!" I said.

"Well, he is a nigger." Jeremy affirmed.

"Look, Jeremy, you have a right to your biases, and you even have a right to express them, but, you sure picked a Hell of a place to do it." I observed.

"Well, he really pissed me off, Barry." Jeremy advised.

"Was it worth it? You got the stuffing beaten out of you." I observed.

"Just because I made friend with one of them, the others called him a sell-out and me a cracker-faggot...then a bunch of them beat the shit out of both of us." Jeremy reported.

"I guess bigotry is alive and well on either side of the racial fence, huh?" I suggested.

"No Shit, Sherlock!" Jeremy declared.

"Oh well, it's behind you, now." I said.

"Yeah, my ribs still hurt, though." Jeremy said.

"That's why the doctor wrapped your ribcage that way. Does it have to stay on all the time?" I asked.

"The doc gave me instruction, they are in my pocket. He said I can take it off to bathe, or if I'm on my back, sleeping, or if it begins to itch a lot, but I need it on when I'm standing up or sitting up." Jeremy reported.

"OK" I said.

"Now, can we hear your stereo?" Jeremy requested.

"You sure can. What would you like?" I asked.

"Fogelberg!" Justin chimed in.

"Do you like Dan Fogelberg, Jeremy?" I asked.

"I guess so." Jeremy replied.

"He's one of Barry's and my favorites." Justin said.

"OK" Jeremy replied.

Justin turned on the stereo, as I had taught him, and placed the CD into the player.

"This is our favorite, Jeremy, `Make Love Stay'. You'll like it. Justin suggested.

"It is a beautiful piece, Jeremy. The lyrics are simply inspired and the tenor sax and violins even cry along with the lyrics." I advised as the music began.

Justin came to me and embraced me as the music progressed. He knows I well up with tears, often, when I listen to that particular song, and he loves to console me as we listen to it.

Jeremy took a seat on the sofa, between the speakers, showcasing his beautiful nakedness.

When the song ended, Jeremy turned to us and said:

"That really is a beautiful song, Barry. I never heard it before. It's so true, too..."How do we make love stay?" Jeremy commented.

"One must stoke it constantly, sweet Jeremy. If one does not, as the song suggests, soon the blaze will be reduce to a smolder. It's work, one must keep love alive and blazing by expressing it constantly, and understanding that love is actually a function of the soul, a pouring-out of one's very being into the soul of another. It's far more than it's sexual expression. It's a deeply spiritual experience. Most people...well...at least too many people equate sex with love. They live in a very shallow existence. Sex is only one expression of love. Self-sacrifice and placing the loved one and his needs ahead of one's own is even more important." I instructed.

"That's kinda what the song means, too." Jeremy added.

"That's very insightful of you, Jeremy. You really are as I suspected, a sensitive young man, aren't you?" I remarked.

"I guess." Jeremy replied.

"The line about `consuming precious flesh' is very revealing too, isn't it?" I asked.

"Greedily Consumed" Jeremy added, with a nod.

"That's what has hurt you so deeply, isn't it? You have been greedily consumed, like your brother, by those who find no value in you beyond the ability to requite their animal passions." I remarked.

Jeremy broke into tears, placed his face in his hands and cried.

Justin and I moved to him and sat on either side of him, placing our arms around him in a loving embrace.

"God-Dammit, Barry, you're the first person who ever understood me." Jeremy said, as he continued to sob.

Justin has welled-up with tears, as well, and was on the verge of crying in empathy with his brother.

"Shhh, Shhh, J-2, it's OK, we're with Barry now." Justin consoled.

My heart exploded, that Justin had held me up as some sort of super-hero, possessing the magic answers to the mess at hand. Nothing could be father from the truth, and I knew it.

"Justin, why don't you make us each a drink?" I suggested.

"The usual?" Justin asked.

I nodded.

Justin went to the kitchen to mix our drinks, as I had taught him. While he was gone, I pulled Jeremy to me, more tightly, and placed his cheek on my breast, as I stroked his hair at the same time. His sobbing ceased, though his tears were running down my torso and into my pubic hair. Now he only sniffed a bit.

I reached to the little table, next to the sofa, and handed the tissue box to him.

He took a handful of tissues and nursed his nose and wiped his eyes. He looked up at me with his beautiful green eyes, though his expression was profoundly sad.

It made me think of an old Texas colloquialism regarding such expressions being akin to that of a calf, caught in a hailstorm, looking desperately up at the farmer for help.

I kissed his forehead, and wiped away his remaining tears with my thumb, as my hand rested on his cheek.

"No wonder J-1 loves you so much. You're gentle as a lamb, Barry. Never change." Jeremy complimented me.

"I love your brother very deeply, Jeremy. He has become my reason for living. I can't fully love him and exclude you, his brother. I love you too, Jeremy, maybe not the same way as your brother, but, still, I love you too." I assured him

"I understand, Barry. I love you, too." Jeremy said.

He went on:

"I loved you before I knew your name, or ever met you."

"Really?" I replied.

"When I felt you in J-1 and the squeal in my head was LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I knew Justin had, finally, found the real thing. Jeremy explained.

"Wow, Jeremy. You could really sense, not just my passion, but the love it expresses, just from my encounter with Justin?" I asked.

"Sure, Justin feels, really feels, my strong emotional thoughts or feelings, too. I guess it's a twins thing, it's hard to explain." Jeremy replied.

"It's amazing, Jeremy, truly amazing. No wonder it's hard to explain." I said.

He nodded.

Justin returned with the three mixed drinks on a tray and set the tray before us on the coffee table. Jeremy tasted his first.

"Wow, I like it, what is it?" Jeremy inquired.

"Bourbon & 7" Justin replied.

"I like it. I sometimes drink a Jack & Ginger, but I like this better...less bite, huh?" Jeremy remarked.

"It's a simple well-drink, Jeremy, nothing sophisticated, but it's always been my favorite." I added.

"Good choice." Jeremy responded.

"Yeah, I like it too." Justin added.

"I'm glad you like it, makes it easy to keep the liquor cabinet stocked." I chuckled.

Both boys smiled.

"I can't get over just how identical you two really are. It's amazing...wonderfully amazing." I said.

Justin looked at Jeremy and said:

"We haven't checked in a long time."

Jeremy knew what he meant. The two boys stood and moved next to each other, standing side-by-side.

Barry, we normally do this in a mirror, but since you're here, you can check us out." Justin said.

"I'm already checking you out." I declared.

"No, silly. See if any differences have appeared that would tell us apart." Justin said.

"OK, well, for starters, you are exactly the same height." I began.

"Wait; let me take this wrap off." Jeremy said.

"Aren't you supposed to leave it on?" I asked.

"No, I'm supposed to take it off every few hours, for an hour...and also when I shower." Jeremy corrected me.

"OK" I responded.

Jeremy stood there next to Justin, both naked, and now, with Jeremy's wrap removed, looking the mirror image of each other.

"My God, you're completely identical. The only differences I can see will be short lived." I suggested.

"Short-lived?" Jeremy asked.

"Sure, your bruises and black eye will soon disappear, Jeremy. Also, Justin's recent circumcision leaves that part of his penis pink and soft. Since your circumcision was done in infancy, your circumcision area has long ago lost that `baby's butt' appearance and is like my penis, Jeremy. Aside from that, your penises are exactly the same length and circumference. And beautiful penises, they are, I must say. " I commented.

"That's all?" Justin asked.

"Well, I don't know. Turn to your right side." I requested.

Both boys complied.

No, no difference. Turn so I can see your butts." I requested.

Again, both complied.

"No, exactly the same. No moles, beauty marks...no difference at all. It's wonderful." I insisted.

"Now the other side." I said.

Again they complied.

"God, this is phenomenal." I said.

"OK, face me again." I requested.

They did so.

"My God, boys, you truly are identical. It's the most fascinating thing I've ever seen." I proclaimed.

Both boys smiled. So did I.

The boys returned to the sofa and sat on either side of me. I could barely process, in my mind, the notion of these two beautiful boys sitting in physical contact with me, their penises inviting me to indulge myself. It was nearly irresistible.

"Well, you two, it's getting late. Let's finish our drinks and get to bed, OK?" I suggested.

"I am kinda tired." Jeremy admitted.

"OK, I can pull the hide-a-bed out of the sofa, here, for you Jeremy...I began to suggest.

Jeremy interrupted:

"I kinda hoped to sleep with J-1. I haven't seen him in a long time." Jeremy offered.

"Oh, OK, I can sleep on the hide-a-bed, then, and you two can sleep on the king-size, in the bedroom." I said.

"No Way!" Justin exclaimed.

Barry, you can sleep in the middle...it's a huge bed, I can sleep on one side and J-2 can sleep on the other side." Justin suggested.

"OK with me!" Jeremy said.

"OK, then. Jeremy, do we need to re-wrap your ribcage?" I asked.

Jeremy reached into his pocket and removed and handed to me a crumpled instruction sheet he had been given by Dr. Ferrell. I read the instructions aloud, to both boys. Finally, I concluded:

"You're right, Jeremy. While you're on your back, asleep, you can leave off the wrap. We'll put it back on in the morning." I conceded.

"I'll put fresh sheets on the bed, while you two finish your drinks." I said.

"You don't have to do that, Barry." Jeremy said.

"Actually, I do. The sheets on the bed now are special keepsakes for Justin and me. We agreed to save them for the future." I advised.

"OK" Jeremy said.

Soon, the sheets were fresh, the drinks consumed, and the three of us in bed, one boy on either side of me. It was the most erotic experience of my life. It was about to become even more erotic.

The boys lie there, on their sides, each of them resting a cheek on my breasts. Justin on my right side and Jeremy on my left. With each of them resting a cheek on my breast, as they were, they were nose to nose. They exchanged a very passionate kiss and wish me and each other goodnight."

"Goodnight, J-1, I love you bro'" Jeremy said.

"You, too, J-2, I love you too." Justin replied.

Justin closed his eyes as he took my penis into his right hand.

Jeremy did the same, as he cupped my scrotum in his hand.

I tried to remain calm and cool, but, my penis was having none of it. It sprang to life, erect and ready for action.

Justin sensing my developing erection, as it occurred, giggled and said:

"Well, maybe it's not time for sleep, just yet, after all, huh, Barry?"

"God, NO, this is the hottest thing I've ever experienced, guys. I'm going to explode." I declared.

"Can you handle us both, Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"God, I don't know...I've never done a 3-way before." I replied.

"You'll love it!" Jeremy advised.

"Justin, I'm not sure about this at all. It' you, I'm in love with." I said.

"I know, Barry, I know. You don't get it yet, huh?" Justin replied.

"Get what?" I asked.

"You can love only one of us, but you can't have sex with only one of us." Jeremy insisted.

"The connection?" I asked.

"Yup, the connection. Everything I feel from sex with you, Jeremy feels too. Neither one of us can disconnect that. So, even though your love is only for me, our sex is always felt by both Jeremy and me. You better get used to it, there's nothing we can do to stop it." Justin instructed me.

"God, this is too bizarre, it's mind-boggling." I said.

"You'll love it!" Jeremy repeated.

"I already love it." I confessed.

Jeremy smiled.

"OK, J-1, let's make it the best that Barry has ever had." Jeremy said.

"OK, let's do it." Justin replied.

Without another word spoken, Justin moved to straddle my chest, as he had earlier. He positioned his penis for me to take him into my mouth.

"Wait, J-1, I'm not ready." Jeremy said.

Jeremy began stroking his penis until generous quantities of precum began to drip from his meatus. Although Justin had been holding his penis still, at its base, it began dripping precum in empathy and in synchronization with Jeremy's penis.

Jeremy gathered precum from his penis, and reached around Justin and gathered Justin's precum, as well. Jeremy lubricated his penis and reached to lubricate my anus with the magic mixture, as well.

"God, I'm HOT guys. I've never been this hot." I exclaimed.

"The best is yet to come!" Jeremy stated.

"Pun intended?" I asked.

Both boys laughed.

"Ready, J-2?" Justin asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy said, as he knelt between my, already spread legs, and placed his glans gently against my anus, and placing my legs around his waist.

"Let's go in." Jeremy said.

I relished in the unbound pleasure of feeling both, identical, penises enter me simultaneously. Justin's `reborn' penis sliding along my tongue, and painting it with his precum, and Jeremy sliding gently, but firmly beyond my sphincter and into my rectum. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had.

"OK, J-2, let's go." Justin said, once fully inserted into my eager mouth.

"OK, remember, we cum together, like always." Jeremy replied.

"OK" Justin affirmed.

The boys began thrusting into and out of me in perfect synchronization. I had never had such an experience, nor ever imagined such an experience to be possible.

"God, Barry, you're really hot, inside!" Jeremy remarked.

"He always is." Justin confirmed.

My penis was gushing precum with each of Jeremy's strokes. He was trying to remain gentle, but as he got closer to emission, his thrusts became more powerful.

Justin, on the other hand, remained deliberately gentle, and, as always, fixed his gaze into my eyes, as he slid in and out along my tongue.

"Take it easy, J-2. I feel you bumping hard on Barry." Justin advised.

"Sorry, I can't help it, he's hot." Jeremy replied.

"Ready, Barry?" Justin asked sweetly.

I nodded.

"Ready, J-2?" Justin asked.

"Yeah...Yeah...sync up bro." Jeremy replied.

Justin and Jeremy closed their eyes and their stroking remained fully synchronized. Justin's scrotum retracted quickly, lifting itself off my chest. He was locked and loaded.

In the same instant, I felt Justin fill my mouth to capacity with his hot, sweet cum, and, Jeremy fill my rectum with his own, also hot, cum.

I had never experienced so much pleasure. I had never had such an experience. Jeremy had proven to be correct...I loved it.

Both boys continued to cum and cum, spurting their precious essence into me in perfect synchronization.

I could barely swallow fast enough. Indeed, I lost a small amount of Justin's cum to drip down my chin and onto my chest.

My penis was about to explode. My testicles were moving quickly into `blue-balls' mode, as they ached for release.

"I want you to fuck me, now, Barry." Justin said forcefully.

My breathing was so labored; all I could do was to nod.

"Let's pull out now, J-2." Justin said.

Both boys slid out of me, still in perfect timing. I felt my sphincter snap shut as Jeremy's penis made its exit.

Justin rolled off my chest and onto his back. He spread his legs and looked at me invitingly.

I began to place his legs around my waist, but he lifted them to be placed on my shoulders, instead. This would place us face to face as I penetrated him.

I spread the precum, from my abdomen, where it had pooled while Jeremy was fucking me, to coat my penis. I used some, as well, to prepare Justin's anus for my entry. He never lost eye contact with me, as I gently entered him.

Once in him, fully, I felt his heat. It was so hot on my penis, I wasn't sure if I'd get in even one stroke, before I would fill me sweet Justin with my cum.

I leaned forward to kiss my wonderful Justin, before I began my thrusts. As I did, I felt Jeremy place a hand on either of my butt cheeks, spread them and begin furiously rimming my anus with his tongue.

My anus was still welcoming from its encounter with Jeremy's penis only a few moments earlier, so it was with ease that Jeremy's tongue penetrated my anus and began to tongue fuck me.

As I began to thrust, gently, into Justin's hot, hot, ass, my stroking simultaneously brought Jeremy's tongue back and forth in my anus.

Oh God! I've never felt anything like this!" I exclaimed.

Justin smiled at my remarks, but continued to look into my eyes with all that wonderful love.

I continued to thrust, ever so slowly, ever so gently. The pleasure was indescribable. My penis, sliding back and forth in Justin's rectum as Jeremy's tongue slid back and forth in my anus. I thought I would surely lose consciousness in this rapture.

I felt myself lock and load into emission phase. My ejaculation was so powerful, trying to move that quantity of cum down my urethra and out my meatus, the pleasure was nearly transformed to pain. I could feel my meatus open wide as I exploded into my loving Justin. He closed his eyes to concentrate on what was happening at his other end.

"Mmmmmmmm..." He moaned.

"I want it all, lover" He whispered.

I thought I'd pass out. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. As my stroking came slowly to a stop, Jeremy continued to slide his tongue in and out of my anus.

I was spent...completely exhausted.

"Stay in me till you go soft, Barry, Please?" Justin begged.

I nodded. I really couldn't speak.

I could feel myself continuing to pump residual cum into my sweet, sweet, Justin.

"God, Barry, you're really packing a load tonight." Justin said with a coy smile.

"You got it all, Baby, just as you asked. I might not be able to cum again for days." I declared.

"We'll see about that, tomorrow." Justin said.

Jeremy slowly ceased his rimming me and reclined to rest his butt on his heels.

"Told you, you'd love it!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"I did, I sure did. I'm completely drained. I've never experienced anything like it." I affirmed, as I was still looking into Justin's sparkling green eyes.

"That would have cost you $700 at Turtle Creek." Jeremy said.

"JEREMY!" Justin shouted.

"Sorry." Jeremy replied.

"It's OK, Baby, don't worry." I said to Justin.

"It would have been a bargain at $7000, Jeremy, but it would have not been an expression of love, but a greedily consumed experience of precious flesh, like Fogelberg sang about, huh?" I said to Jeremy.

"Yeah...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. Sorry, J-1, Sorry, Barry." Jeremy replied.

He continued:

"I say stupid things a lot, Barry. I really am sorry.

"We all do that, sweetheart; you're in good company in that regard." I assured him.

"But it was the best, wasn't it? Jeremy asked.

"Without question, Jeremy, it was the absolute best." I affirmed.

"I wish you could have felt the squeal that Justin and me felt while it was all going-on. It was awesome, wasn't it, J-1?" Jeremy insisted.

"Yes, it was, J-2, but looking into my Barry's eyes while it was squealing was even better." Justin declared.

"I know. I'm really jealous." Jeremy remarked.

"Don't be, Jeremy, your brother and I love you very much, don't worry, we're in your corner, along with Father Christopher. We'll help you and support you in every way we can." I promised.

"But...you love me, but you're in-love with J-1. I can feel it." Jeremy said, sadly.

I was rendered speechless, so I rolled over and off of Justin and took Jeremy into my arms and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back.

"Well, I guess we should hit the shower. I worked up one Hell of a sweat." I suggested, hoping to change the subject.

Soon, we were refreshed by our hot shower and back in bed in our former positions. Each boy resting a cheek on my breast, Justin, holding my, now flaccid, penis and Jeremy holding my balls.

The boys fell asleep quickly. I, on the other hand, lie there, contemplating all the `what-ifs': What would Judge Meadows decide about Jeremy?

What about the permanency of Justin's living with me?

What if the parents return and want their boys back?

How can I support both boys on a cub reporter's meager salary?

Wait! I thought to myself...Both boys? Did I really just think that?

Yes, I did.

God, this is really getting complex. I thought as I dropped off to sleep.