"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"





Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This chapter assumes characters and "facts" introduced in earlier parts of the story

My sleep was not restful. My mind remained preoccupied with Jeremy's upcoming hearing with Judge Meadows and the outcome of that encounter. Still, it was wonderful to feel the warmth and comfort of my penis being cradled in Justin's gentle grip and my balls entrusted to Jeremy's protection.


I played the optional scenes of the hearing in my imagination.


Since Jeremy had committed an act of violence, I couldn't imagine things going well for him...not in Texas.

"BARRY!?!" aroused me from my slumber. It was Jeremy trying to awaken me.

I awakened with a start and turned to Jeremy, as I struggled to become lucid.

"Yes, sweetheart." I said, in a hoarse tone.

"I don't feel so good." Jeremy replied.

The room was only dimly lit, but I could see beads of sweat on Jeremy's forehead. I turned to see if Justin was OK. He was still asleep, but had the same beads of sweat on his face, as well.

The room was not hot. I was not sweating. Both boys, however, were undergoing something. There was only one option.

Jeremy was beginning to experience withdrawal. Justin was in an empathetic response with his brother.

"What is it, Jeremy? Where do you hurt?" I asked.

"I'm sick at my stomach, and my head hurts." Jeremy replied.

My questioning of Jeremy awoke his brother, as my voice was being effectively amplified and pumped directly into Justin's ear, as he was still resting his cheek on my breast.

Justin began to stir. He opened his beautiful green eyes to see Jeremy propped up on one arm and sweat running down his face.

Justin sat up and, feeling the sweat on his own forehead, wiped it away with his hand. My penis was, thus, deprived of Justin's warm hand which had been its cradle, as Justin used it to wipe his forehead.

"Uh-Oh" I said for both boys to hear.

"What is it, J-2" Justin asked his brother.

"I'm not sure, bro', I feel like shit, that's all I know.

"OK, you two, hang tight; let me get Jeremy's medicine from the kitchen counter. I'll be right back. I said.

I returned immediately with the medication and a glass of water.

"Jeremy, let's get some medicine into you, right away. Justin, if your symptoms continue, even in empathy, you may need one of the nausea pills." I suggested.

"I think I'll be OK, now that I'm awake. I don't know yet, Barry." Justin replied.

"OK, We'll keep an eye on you, Baby." I said to Justin.

"OK" Justin replied.

I took one of each of the pills from its bottle and handed them to Jeremy, along with the water. He took them.

"Fuck, I feel like hammered shit!" Jeremy declared.

It seemed to come upon you quite quickly, Jeremy. I confess, I wasn't expecting that." I said.

"Yeah, I've gone through withdrawal before, but this feels different." Jeremy informed me.

Jeremy was, obviously, in distress. He found it difficult to sit upright on the edge of the bed. I encouraged him to lie down. He did as I asked.

I went to the master bathroom and retrieved a small towel and a thermometer.

I returned to Jeremy with both.

"Let's take your temperature, sweetheart." I said.

"OK" he replied.

Jeremy allowed me to place the thermometer under his tongue. It remained there as I used the towel to wipe away the sweat that had begun to run down his forehead and into his eyes and onto his face. The thermometer beeped to alert us it had done its job. I removed it from Jeremy's mouth and read it.

"Normal, Jeremy. You have no fever." I reported.

"Really, I feel like I do." He replied.

"Well, we'll keep checking it, but, at the moment, your temperature is normal." I said.

Justin held Jeremy's hand and caressed it as Jeremy lie there.

Jeremy began sweating profusely, now, and all over his body. I had never seen anyone sweat like that. One would think, perhaps, an athlete, in the midst of a heavy workout would rival Jeremy's sweating, but, no, sweat was not just beading up all over his body, but in such quantities as to run down his torso. Even his penis and scrotum were sweating furiously. I had never seen anything like it.

I continued to wipe away the sweat from Jeremy's beautiful body. I was becoming worried, as I couldn't explain to myself the cause of this.

Finally, it came to me.

"Jeremy, I need to ask you a question. I know you feel rotten, but I need you to tell me the truth, OK?" I asked.

"OK" He replied.

"You told us your most recent fix was yesterday. That was a lie, wasn't it? That's what you were doing in the hall bathroom when we first got home, wasn't it?" I queried.

Jeremy hung his head and nodded.

"I'm sorry I lied to you, Barry, you too, J-1. I needed a fix Big-Time." Jeremy admitted.

"We'll deal with your dishonesty later. Right now, we have more urgent matters to tend to. Now it makes sense to me, Jeremy. We poured alcohol on top of whatever drugs you took earlier. I'm sure glad it was only one drink." I said.

Jeremy nodded.

"Oh Fuck, Barry. I'm about to shit myself. Help me, I can't stand up." Jeremy begged.

"OK, Baby, put your arms around my neck." I said.

He did so. I placed his legs around my waist and struggled to, finally, stand up, with his entire weight resting on my torso, and face to face, or really cheek to cheek.

I barely made it to the bathroom and sat Jeremy on the commode before his bowels moved violently. I had to brace him up to prevent him from falling forward. He continued to sweat profusely, while his bowels moved, still again. I turned to Justin, who had followed us to the bathroom:

"Justin, lover, would you soak a washcloth in some cold water for me, please?" I asked.

Justin moved to do so.

I flushed the commode, with one hand, as I continued to brace Jeremy in a sitting position with the other. Jeremy's deposit into the commode was, for reasons I couldn't explain, beyond the normal malodorous and was utterly mephitic. I supposed the drugs to be the reason for this. It was disgusting.

Justin returned with the cold washcloth.

"Wipe your brother's head, baby, then, hold it to his forehead, OK?" I suggested.

Justin complied. I saw tears welling-up in Justin's eyes at the sight of his brother's suffering.

Jeremy was completely limp, now; His legs, his arms, his whole body. I'd never seen anything quite like it.

"I think I'm done, now." Jeremy reported.

"OK, baby, let's do the paperwork. Let's lean you forward a bit." I said.

Justin, can you help me hold your brother in this leaning position. I'll do the other part." I said.

Justin's tears began to trace their way down Justin's beautiful face.

"Don't worry, lover, he'll be OK." I promised.

Justin held his brother in place, while I performed the unpleasant chore of wiping Jeremy's behind and flushing the commode a final time.

I returned to Jeremy's front and placed his arms around my neck and picked him up as before. This time, his legs were so limp, he couldn't keep them in position around my waist, and they just hung there limp.

"Justin, can you hold his legs around my waist, please?" I asked.

Justin placed Jeremy's legs around me and held them from behind.

Justin and I carried Jeremy back to the bed, in this fashion.

Jeremy continued to sweat profusely, but, now, began to shiver, as if he were chilled.

Jeremy looked up at me with a most pitiful expression. His beautiful green eyes locked with mine and told me how helpless he was.

"Help me, Barry. Hold me." Jeremy begged.

I lay down next to him and rolled him onto his side and propped his head and torso up and onto my own chest and torso, such that I could now embrace him in a sweet hug. He shivered in my arms and his sweat my torso such that it was running down both our bodies.

"Justin, please help me to keep the sweat wiped away, OK?" I asked.

Justin began, gently wiping, both, his brother, and me to remove the sweat.

Jeremy looked at his brother and said:

"I see why you love him so much, J-1. I feel completely safe and loved in his arms."

"I know. I always feel that way in his arms." Justin replied.

Jeremy looked up and into my eyes, though he was still limp in my arms, and said:

"I love you, too, Barry."

"It means more to me than you know, sweetie...to hear you say that. Know that Justin and I love you beyond words...we'll get through this, together." I replied.

Jeremy nodded.

Justin continued to wipe away the sweat, as Jeremy continued to shiver in my arms.

Justin, lover, I'm worried your brother will soon dehydrate from all this sweating. Please go to the fridge and bring him a Gatorade, OK?" I requested.

Justin left the room and started to the kitchen.

"Oh, and bring a straw, also, please!" I shouted to Justin, as I heard him open the fridge.

Justin retuned with both right away.

"Jeremy, is your tummy settled enough to drink some Gatorade?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so; I think the pill is working OK." He replied.

"Justin, could you place the straw into the bottle and hold it for your brother, please?" I requested.

"Sure." Justin replied.

Jeremy wasted no time taking the bottle of Gatorade to half empty.

"Thanks, bro', guess I was pretty thirsty after all, huh." Jeremy remarked.

"Want some more?" Justin asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy replied.

Jeremy finished off the entire bottle. I was pleased, as I didn't want him to suffer an electrolyte imbalance on top of everything else.

"More?" Justin asked.

"Not now, bro'." Jeremy replied.

"I can get another bottle for you, J-2, there's more in the fridge." Justin said.

"Thanks, bro', maybe later, thanks." Jeremy replied.

After a few minutes, Jeremy's shivering and sweating began to subside. Perhaps the Gatorade had helped to flush the drugs and alcohol beyond Jeremy's stomach, or, perhaps the sedative was beginning to work. In any case, he remained limp in my arms, though his other symptoms were relenting. I was enormously relieved. Justin and I were both exhausted in our new role as nurses. Though there was still another chore to perform.

"Barry?" Jeremy asked still propped up in my arms.

"Yes, baby." I replied.

"I'm sorry, Barry, I have to piss. I can't help it." Jeremy said.

"OK, sweetie, let's do it hospital style, so I don't have to lug you back to the bathroom." I said.

I turned to Justin.

"Justin, can you please hold the empty Gatorade bottle and place your brother's penis so he can urinate into it?" I requested.

"OK" Justin replied.

Justin placed his brother's penis into the bottle and held it in place as Jeremy began to quickly fill the bottle.

"This is weird, J-2. I've never held someone else's dick while they pee. I can feel it moving down your dick...it's hot, too." Justin reported.

"I guess it would be weird, bro'. I'm sorry." Jeremy replied.

"No problem, J-2, you're my brother, I'll do anything for you. You know that." Justin said.

"I know bro'. I love you. I love Barry, too." Jeremy said.

Jeremy finally finished urinating, just short of filling the bottle to capacity.

"Done, J-2?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, thanks bro'." Jeremy said to his brother.

"Empty it into the commode, lover, then, was it out and bring it back in case he needs it again." I said to Justin.

Justin returned in short order and placed the empty bottle on the bedside table.

"I'm sorry, guys, I made you do all this nasty stuff. I'm embarrassed, I really am." Jeremy said.

"It's OK, sweetie. When you love someone, Jeremy, well, as they say, it comes with the territory. Don't be embarrassed about the fact that, like the rest of us, your bodily functions must be satisfied. It's quite normal, and if the tables were turned, and one day that may well be the case, I'm sure you'd help your brother or me the same way." I said.

"I don't know if I would have before, Barry, but I sure would now." Jeremy replied.

"I know you would, sweetie." I said.

"Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, sweet boy." I replied.

"I'm sleepy, I want to sleep now." Jeremy said.

"Would you like me to put you back in place on the bed, where you might be more comfortable?" I asked.

"No, please hold me while I sleep...please?" He replied.

"OK, sweetie, I'll be happy to." I said.

He did not reply. He only closed his eyes and went, promptly, to sleep.

I patted a place on the mattress for Justin to join us.

He did so, quickly.

I placed my arm around him. Now, I was holding both boys, one in each arm. It was the most profound bonding experience I had ever had.

"I love you, Barry. Thanks for helping J-2." Justin said.

"Justin, I'm completely and exhaustively in love with you, you know that. Still, your brother is worthy of the love of us both. We can't leave him out in the cold. We can't turn him away, and I know you wouldn't do that either." I said.

"I don't ever want him back on the streets, Barry." Justin said.

"I agree, lover. He needs our love and support, and we'll do everything we can for him. I love him very much...not the way I love you, my sweet Justin, but in a very real way, he's a part of you, he's your flesh and blood, how can I not love him...look at him...how can we not love him?" I said.

"Yeah, I know. He used to be sweet, before the drugs. Maybe he can be that way again...but I can't let him take you away from me, Barry." Justin said.

"No one could ever do that, baby...No One! I'm yours. No one can take me away from you. You need never worry about that. I swear it." I assured him

"I believe that, Barry. If I didn't, I'd be really pissed and jealous of you holding him like that." Justin replied.

"He's sick, lover, and limp as an old dishrag, as they say, he needs me to hold him like this, right now. It's simple affection, don't worry, no one can occupy your place in my heart or in my soul. It's yours alone, it's your place...only yours." I affirmed.

Justin didn't reply. He placed his cheek on my chest, a little lower than his brother's and placed an arm across me, his hand resting on his brother's butt, and was soon asleep.

It could have been a very erotic moment, at a different time...Both boys on their sides, their cheeks resting on my breasts, both their penises nestled in my pubic hair and in direct contact with my own genitals...but, it wasn't the right time.

Having both boys asleep in my arms only amplified the bonding experience...it was unlike anything I had ever experienced, or could have imagined.

My mind was swirling in thoughts:

God, I can't put Jeremy out in the cold, I thought. I can't trust him to be here without supervision, as I do with Justin. What the Hell am I supposed to do.

Yet...By God...No one, who has ever slept in my arms, like this, is ever going to have to sleep on the streets, if I can help it.

I've got to get this boy off drugs. Then I can see who he really is. But how?

All these, and many more thoughts, danced about in my mind, as I found myself growing drowsy and finally, dropped off to sleep.

I didn't sleep long. My mind was simply not at rest. I awoke to the sublime sight of two beautiful angels, still sleeping in my arms.

This must be what heaven is like, I thought; after all, when perfection has been achieved, what's left but to duplicate it.

I watched the boys for a long time, as they slept. Even in their sleep, indeed, as I would learn, especially in their sleep, when devoid of other sensorial bombardment, everything was synchronized. If one so much as twitched, so did the other. It was the most mystifying thing I had ever seen, or attempted to understand.

As I considered their "connection" as the boys put it, I, suddenly, experienced an epiphany, and one that aroused much jealousy in me.

Something that one of the boys had said earlier rang in my mind. He said that, while I can love only one of them, I couldn't have sex with only one of them.

God, that works both ways! I thought

When Jeremy finds a lover... His lover will be, effectively, fucking my Justin. Justin will feel it all. What if Justin likes what he feels in empathy with Jeremy being fucked by some guy...likes it better than what he feels when we do it...The squeal...what if it's stronger than when we make love...God, I can't bear the thought.

God, I thought, this is too much. I can't ponder it. I did ponder it, however. I pondered it for a long time until, mercifully, I fell back to sleep.

Morning arrived, seemingly, immediately. I awoke first. The boys were still asleep. They looked like angels.

God has entrusted me with two of his precious angels, I thought. I hope he gives me the wisdom to know how to do all the right things for them.

The boys cuddled to me as if I were a magnet. Their warmth was so consoling and my heart felt compelled to ache for their continued love.

God, I hate to separate them. What will become of Jeremy? I thought.

I continued to embrace both boys as I watched them sleep.

Justin sensed the slight tightening of my embrace and responded with an erection. Jeremy, in empathy, developed his own erection.

Both penises were lying in my pubic hair, and bumping my own penis, which responded to match the boys with its own erection.

Precum began to drip from both Justin's and Jeremy's penises, onto my own. It was hot and glistening and the excess ran down my penis and into my pubic hair and onto my abdomen.

Justin, suddenly, opened his eyes and looked up at me, whispering:

"Uh-Oh, we're going to cum, Barry"

"We are?" I whispered back.

"Right now" He replied

"I want it, baby. Put it in my mouth." I begged.

"Too late" He replied.

Justin took his penis and pointed it at the head of my own. He took Jeremy's penis into his other hand and pointed it at the same point.

Immediately and simultaneously, both boys blasted cum all over my penis. My penis was, gloriously, drowning in the pool of it, which formed on my happy abdomen. It was hot and inviting...I couldn't wait to take it in.

Justin slowly squeezed the extra cum, hiding in the shaft of Jeremy's penis to his meatus. He did the same with his own penis. With each boys residual cum pooled at his meatus, Justin moved to place his meatus to Jeremy's and mixed the cum together. Then, Justin wiped the mixture from their penises onto his fingers and painted it onto my lips.

It didn't taste the same as Justin's.

Justin was proven right. Jeremy's cum was slightly sour in its taste, and the mixture of their cums couldn't mask that fact. Justin had attributed the change in taste of his brother's cum to his drug use. I reasoned that to be correct. Still...it was good and I wanted more.

"More." I said, as we continued to whisper.

Justin smiled.

"OK" He said.

Justin scooped up a generous amount of the glistening pool onto his fingers and held it to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and Justin transferred the elixir to it.

"Mmmmmm" I uttered.

"More" I repeated.

"No, I want to jack you off with the rest." Justin said.

Jeremy began to stir.

"I smell cum" Jeremy said, as he opened his eyes to see Justin there before him and the pool of cum on my abdomen.

"Hey bro', did you do that?" Jeremy asked.

"We did it, J-2, you and me." Justin replied.

"Cool...what about Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"I was about to get him off when you woke up, J-2." Justin replied.

"Cool...don't let me stop you. I'll do his balls while you get him off...you know..." Jeremy said.

"Yeah, I know...OK" Justin said.

Justin pushed my, now throbbing, penis down and into the pool of cum on my abdomen and re-coated it to generously lubricate it. He then began to stroke me slowly, but firmly.

Jeremy, as promised, caressed my scrotum, kneading my testicles to push as much of my sperm up to my seminal vesicles. He placed his fingers to the back side of my testicles to locate each of my epididymis and gently squeezed them, further loading my vas deferens with sperm destined for my ejaculation.

Justin held my penis firmly, such that as his grasp slid back and forth across my corona, each stroke produced a slight spasm in the base of my penis, radiating down my legs.

"God, I'm super-hot, guys! I exclaimed.

That's the idea." Jeremy said.

"Just enjoy it, Barry." Justin added.

Jeremy felt my scrotum retract from his grasp and said to his brother:

"He's ready, J-1. Take it. Save me some."

Justin moved to place my penis in his mouth and, after a few more strokes, I filled his mouth beyond capacity with my hot cum.

MY ejaculatory spasms seemed endless. I was drained. My cum ran down Justin's chin and he swallowed only the first few of those spasms-worth of my cum.

Jeremy was still resting on my breast. When my ejaculations finally ceased, Justin, still with a mouthful of my cum, removed my penis from his mouth slowly, so as to not lose any of my cum, raised his head to kiss his brother and transferred the mouthful of cum to Jeremy, who took it eagerly.

"Sweet, Barry, your cum is really sweet." Jeremy complimented.

"So is Justin. He's always sweet." I answered.

"Yeah, I know." Jeremy agreed.

I was exhausted from the magnificent orgasm the boys had just given me.

"You two really drained me. Perhaps, I've died and gone to heaven, and just haven't figured it out yet." I chuckled.

"Well, you keep calling us angels, Barry" Justin said.

I smiled.

"And you are." I insisted.

Both boys smiled.

"Want some coffee?" Justin asked.

"Yeah!" both Jeremy and I exclaimed.

"OK" Justin said, as he turned to leave for the kitchen.

We could hear Justin rustling about to load the coffeemaker with coffee and water.

"Barry?" Jeremy said.

"Yes, sweetie." I replied.

"Thanks for taking care of me last night." Jeremy said.

"No problem, Jeremy. We love you, of course we'll both take care of you." I said.

"I love you for it, Barry. I'll always love you now. No one else would have wiped my ass like you did. I'll never forget what you and J-1 did for me. Jeremy cited.

"Like I said, Jeremy, when you love someone, really love someone, it comes with the territory. It's the proverbial thorns with the roses, sweetie...thorns well worth the rose they are attached to." I replied.

"You mean me?" Jeremy asked.

"I do, indeed, sweetie. You are absolutely precious and, of course, far more beautiful than any rose." I declared.

"God, Barry, No one has ever talked to me like this...NEVER. No wonder J-1 is totally in love with you. He is, you know. I feel it." Jeremy said.

"I'm completely in love with him, too." I said.

"I know. It's obvious." Jeremy said.

Your brother, like yourself, is unique. Sure you may look exactly alike and all, but you have separate souls, each filled with love and anxious to spend that love. I can sense that." I said.

"I love you too, Barry. I will always love you after last night." Jeremy declared.

"Don't make it a bigger thing than it was, sweetie." I admonished.

"It was a big thing, Barry. My God, you even wiped my ass. No one would have done that." Jeremy retorted.

"Well, it's such a cute little ass, I couldn't help myself." I said, with a smile.

Jeremy smiled widely.

"You really meant it, when you said you and Justin would go through all this with me, huh?" Jeremy asked.

"Of course, sweetheart. Your brother and I love you very much. We'll support you in every way we can...you can take it to the bank, as we say in Texas." I assured him

We could hear the coffeemaker gurgling to end its brew cycle.

"God, me and J-1 are sure lucky you came along, Barry." Jeremy stated.

"It is I who have the most to be thankful for. I thank Father Christopher, sweetie. Were it not for him, I'd never have known your brother or you." I remarked.

"Yeah, that's right. Remind me to say thanks to him...he's a nice guy." Jeremy observed.

"He is, indeed, Jeremy. He was enormously helpful to me when I was a kid. I'll always have a special place for him in my heart." I said.

Jeremy nodded.

Justin entered with our coffee. As I sat up to drink, Jeremy removed his head from my breast and also sat up. As I rose, the cum, still pooled on my abdomen, ran down into my pubic hair, and onto my balls.

"Don't waste it." Justin said, as he reached to coat his fingers with the cum and drip it into the coffee.

"Ever tried this, Barry?" Justin asked.

"No, it never occurred to me." I replied.

"You'll like it." Jeremy said.

"OK" I replied.

Justin stirred the residual cum into each cup of coffee with his finger.

"Damn, it is good!" I exclaimed, as I took my first sip.

"Told Ya!" Jeremy declared.

"Barry, can I ask you something?" Jeremy inquired.

"Sure, sweetie, what is it?" I replied.

"Well, I was surprised you don't make me and J-1 use condoms. You must really trust us, huh?" Jeremy asked.

"Well, sweetie, I must confess...no, it wasn't a matter of trust. Forgive me for that. I know you both to be HIV-Negative." I confessed.

"How?" Justin chimed in.

"Well, baby, you know the physicals you and your folks had to take to gain resident status at the shelter?" I asked.

"Yeah." It's so we don't bring any contagious stuff into the place." Justin replied.

"They drew blood, didn't they?" I asked.

"Yeah, hurt too, that nurse wasn't worth a damn." Justin replied.

"Well, they tested you for HIV at that time. You came up negative." I said.

I turned to Jeremy.

"Remember the physical you took at Buckner?" I asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy replied.

Well, when Judge Meadows intervenes in your case, your files were given to Father Christopher, who shared them with me. You're negative too." I concluded.

"Oh" Jeremy replied.

"I'm sorry. It's not that I don't trust you, but I never had to. I already knew your HIV status." I apologized.

"It's cool, Barry. I just wondered." Jeremy said.

"Don't worry; all the information in your files is super-confidential. Father only shared it with me because I'm acting as guardian for you both." I reported.

We finished our coffee. It was delicious...naturally sweetened, as it were, by our intermingled essences.

"Guess we should shower, before all this glorious cum dries in my pubes. Then we'd have to shave my balls." I chuckled.

"Ooooh, that could be fun...kinky...but fun." Justin said with a smile.

"Yikes, I can't imagine a razor headed in the direction of my balls...let's shower!" I said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I need to shower, too. All that sweating last night and all, I know I must stink." Jeremy said.

Soon, we were in the shower stall. The hot water was quite invigorating.

Justin came to me and knelt in front of me and squeezed some body wash onto his hands.

"Let me do it, Barry." Justin said.

"OK, Baby." I replied.

Justin used the body wash to lather-up my genitals and pubic hair. He stroked my dick with the lather, it felt good.

"You're going to get me all worked up again, sweetie." I said.

"I was hoping you could go again." Justin replied.

Jeremy was busy shampooing his beautiful auburn hair.

"I don't know, Baby, I'm probably still drained." I said.

"Can you try?" Justin asked.

"I know I can get hard again, Baby, see...it's already happening. I don't know if I can cum again just yet." I reported.

"Try, OK? I want you to fuck me, OK." Justin said.

"Of course, I'll try, baby." I said.

Justin stood in front of me, turned to face the shower stall wall, bent forward and placed his hands on the wall and spread his legs, his butt rubbing on my, already erect, penis.

Jeremy's head was still under the spray of the shower head rinsing away the shampoo.

I placed my glans, still soapy, gently against Justin's anus.

"Ready, Baby?" I asked.

"Hell Yes! Fuck me, Barry." Justin commanded.

I gently pressed beyond Justin's sphincter, entering his rectum.

"Whoa! What was that?" Jeremy said; his hair still in the shower spray.

I continued my track into Justin's sweet ass until I was completely inserted.

Jeremy took his head from under the shower spray and turned to see me in his brother.

"God, this is Great. I can't believe the squeal." Jeremy said.

I looked over my shoulder to Jeremy with a rock-hard erection.

"Can I be part of this?" Jeremy asked.

"You are...remember, I can't have sex with only one of you, right?" I responded as I spread my legs to accommodate him.

He was gentle, as he entered me. He felt hot, and I liked the feel of him in me.

"Let me get in just the right position, Barry, before you start humping, OK?" Jeremy said.

"OK" I said.

Jeremy backed away slightly, pulling his dick out to a point that only his glans was still in me.

"OK, I'm ready." Jeremy said.

"Fuck me, Barry!" Justin added.

I began to thrust slowly, holding Justin's penis as I reached around him to do so.

"Oh God! This is wonderful!" I exclaimed.

As I thrust in and out of Justin, my own thrusting caused Jeremy's dick to slide in and out of my own ass. It was mind-blowing.

"Talk about Lucky Pierre!" I said.

"Who?" Jeremy said.

"Never mind, baby." I replied.

Because I had just had an orgasm a short time before, it took me much longer to work my way up to the emission point a second time. Both boys seemed to like it that way. They were both lost in the squeal, saying nothing but moaning occasionally.

"OK, guys, I'm about to lock and load...you ready too?" I asked.

"Sync-Up bro'" Jeremy said.

"I'm ready, Justin replied.

"Here I come, lover." I said as my dick unloaded into him.

I felt Jeremy unload into me at the same time, and watched over Justin's shoulder as he blasted cum against the shower wall. His cum ran down the wall and into the shallow water standing in the shower pan to form a string as it traveled toward the drain.

"God, we wasted it." I said.

"Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from." Justin replied.

I continued stroking until my contractions had stopped and I felt the last of my residual cum stream slowly into Justin.

God, You're the best, Barry. No one has ever made me so hot as when you fuck me, Baby." Justin told me.

"I love you, Justin." I proclaimed.

"I love you, Barry. I've never loved anyone like I love you." Justin replied.

"He really does, Barry. I can feel it." Jeremy advised.

"I know he does. It means everything to me." I replied.

"I love you too, Barry." Jeremy added.

"I know you do, Jeremy. And I love you as well." I replied.

I slowly stopped stroking, leaving my dick inside Justin. He always asks me to stay inside him till I go soft. Jeremy remained inside me as well.

I continued holding Justin's penis in my hand. I moved my hand such that his glans rested in my palm and allowed his residual cum to flow into my hand. I slowly thrust a few times into and out of Justin, pumping all remaining cum into my hand. Jeremy's penis also slid back and forth in my rectum, pumping my residual cum into Justin.

I brought my handful of Justin's cum to my mouth and took it all in. It was wonderful.

"I guess we'd better finish our shower, guys, before the water runs cold." I suggested.

Jeremy politely pulled out of me, and I out of Justin.

Justin turned to me and said:

"Let it go cold!"

Justin wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me deeply and passionately. I reciprocated.

As Justin and I remained engaged in our protracted kiss, Jeremy finished his shower, stepped out of the shower stall, and began to towel himself dry. His beautiful dick and balls danced about as he used the towel on them.

We finally finished our kiss, Justin and I.

"God, Barry, I love you so much." Justin declared.

"I love you, Baby, beyond words." I replied.

"Let's get washed up, Barry. The water really is beginning to get cool." Justin commented.

"OK, Lover." I replied.

Soon, we were showered, dried off, and ready fro the day ahead.

We were enjoying the light breakfast I had prepared for us when the phone rang.

Justin answered it.

"Barry, it's Father Christopher." Justin reported.

I took the phone from Justin and answered it:

"Hi Father." I started.

"Hello, Barry, I trust everything is going well." Father said.

"Well, yes it is Father. We had a rough night. Jeremy was a pretty sick boy, but we weathered it through. He seems OK this morning." I reported.

"Withdrawal?" Father asked.

"He was having all the symptoms, Father, it wasn't pretty." I said, not wishing to tell Father that Jeremy had taken drugs and Alcohol the night before, effectively poisoning himself.

"Poor kid." Father replied.

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Barry, I had dinner with Judge Meadows last evening. He wants to meet with us all on Monday afternoon." Father said.

"Us ALL?" I asked.

"Yes, both boys, as well as you and me." Father said.

"I thought we were going to try to keep Justin out of this, Father?" I asked, as I began to panic.

"Barry, you're going to have to trust me on this, OK?" Father said.

"Of course, Father, but you know I'd go out of my mind if I lose Justin, and I'm becoming quite fond of Jeremy as well." I remarked.

Both boys stopped eating at my remarks and sat silent waiting to hear what would come next.

"Trust me, Barry. Please trust me." Father said.

"Yes, Father." I said, like a schoolboy.

"Barry, could you please get the boys proper outfits for a court appearance. The mission will reimburse you." Father requested.

"Of course, Father. I'll take them to Dad's & Lad's today. I'll see if I can get my stylist to take care of Jeremy's hair, as well." I said.

"Good idea." Father replied.

"Father, you know I trust you, I always have, but if the judge takes these boys away from me, well, I'll...I'd..."

Father interrupted.

"I know, I know, don't worry, that's all I can say for now...just trust me, Barry." Father said again.

"OK" I said, in a resigned tone.

Both boys were starring holes through me.

"2PM Monday, Barry. Main courthouse, Judge Meadows' courtroom...Got It?" Father said.

I repeated the instructions back to Father to confirm I understood.

"Trust me, Barry, and give my love to both boys, OK?" Father said.

"Sure, Father, I will." I said.

"OK, then, I'll see you there." Father said, as he hung up the phone.


I turned to the boys.

"Father sends his love." I said.

"What was that all about, Barry? If that judge tries to take me away, I'll run!" Justin exclaimed.

"Father says we need to trust him." I said.

"About what?" Jeremy added.

"About Monday." I replied.

"What?!?" Justin asked.

"We must all appear before Judge Meadows on Monday afternoon, Father too." I said.

"OH SHIT!" Justin yelled.

"Don't panic. Father knows what he's doing. I trust him." I said, though I was ready to panic as well.

"I'll run, Barry. I swear I will. I'll keep running back to you, till they let me stay with you." Justin yelled.

"Calm down, lover. I'll run with you, if need be. In the meantime, we must assume that Father Christopher knows something we don't." I explained.

It's just me the judge wants, you guys aren't in trouble, I am." Jeremy remarked, in a frightful tone.

"OK, guys, let's not allow our imaginations to run wild. Father said not to worry, so let's try not to worry." I asserted.

"You'd really run with me, Barry?" Justin asked.

"Take it to the bank, sweetie. I love you completely, no one is going to separate us. I can't even bear the thought. They'd have to put me in my `camera parva' to stop me from running with you. But...let's not let our imaginations to go nuts on us, OK?" I said.

"Camera...what?" Jeremy asked.

Oh, sorry, sweetie...that's Latin for `small room'...it's a term I use sometimes to refer to my final resting place...my casket.

"Oh" Jeremy said.

God, Barry, don't even talk like that." Justin added.

Sorry, lover, it's just a silly term. I said.

"God, I love you, Barry." Justin said.

"I love you too, Barry." Jeremy added.

"I know. The three of us have a very special relationship. I'll do everything in my power to preserve it." I proclaimed.

I went on:

We'd better finish our breakfasts. We've suddenly got a busy day ahead of us." I stated.

"We do?" Justin asked.

"Yes, we need to go clothes shopping and see if Sammy can do Jeremy's hair. We want both of you to be perfectly groomed for Monday." I advised.

We finished our breakfast and I arranged an appointment with Sammy, though he assumed it was for me. The boys and I thought we might play a bit of a joke on Sammy.

Our first stop was Dad's & Lad's, where my dear friend, Russ, assisted us with new suits and shirts and ties for the boys.

Russ recommended a dark, navy suit for both boys, choosing to distinguish them by their shirts and ties.

"My word!" Russ said, as the boys came out from the fitting room.

"They're really stunning, aren't they?" I remarked.

"Yes, they really are, Barry. They're beautiful. It's hard to believe there are two of them." Russ insisted with a smile.

"I know. It's amazing. Everyone says so." I replied.

Russ checked the fit and made minor safety ping designated adjustments to the suits.

"You can pick them up on your way home, Barry. I'll rush them through." Russ promised.

"OK, Russ. Thanks." I remarked.

"OK, you two gorgeous guys, back into your casual stuff." Russ said to both boys.

Both boys smiled at the compliment.

"OK" Jeremy and Justin replied in unison.

Soon, we were at Sammy's. As we approached, Justin ducked down, out of sight, in the back seat, so as not to be seen until his cue, a minute or so after Jeremy and I entered Sammy's shop.

Jeremy followed me through the front door, standing directly behind me.

Sammy was busy with scissors and comb, working on a customer. He glanced up as we walked in.

I abruptly stepped aside so Sammy would see Jeremy.

Sammy was taken aback, when he saw Jeremy. He took one look and his sight focused upon Jeremy's black eye.

He dropped the scissors and comb onto the floor and rushed to Jeremy and embraced him.

"Who did this to you, Justin?" Sammy asked.

Sammy looked over Jeremy's shoulder at me:

"Who did this to him, Barry? Did you already kill him, do you need help?" Sammy said as his anger was instantly aroused.

Just then, Justin walked through the front door.

Sammy pushed Jeremy to arms length and looked at him, then at Justin, then at Jeremy, and finally at me.

"What the Hell is this, Barry?" Sammy asked.

"If you'd been looking more closely, you'd have noticed his hair and realized he wasn't Justin. Remember...we told you about Justin's twin brother." I said.

"But...you mean...Oh my Gawwwwd!" Sammy exclaimed.

"Sammy, you're holding Jeremy. Jeremy is, indeed, Justin's identical twin brother, as you have already figured out. He needs you to work your magic on him, as you did his brother." I remarked.

"Of course, I'll be happy to. You scared the shit out of me, though." Sammy remarked.

"Sorry, I thought you'd be amused. I underestimated your reaction." I apologized.

"It's OK, I just...well...twins...Oh my Gawwwwd." Sammy repeated.

Well' I suppose it was a rather rude way to introduce the two of you. I apologize." I said.

"But, who did this to his eye?" Sammy asked, again.

It's a long story, Sammy, but a group of other boys ganged up on Jeremy and another boy at a detention center that Jeremy was, shall we say, a guest at recently." I reported.

"Bastards!" Sammy declared.

"No Niggers!" Jeremy replied.

"Oh Dear." Sammy said.

"Like I said, it's a long story." I repeated.

"Well, let's put you in chair 2, while I finish Glen's hair. Then I'll take care of that hair. I see it's the same beautiful auburn as Justin's...Duh...I guess it would be, huh?" Sammy scolded himself.

"Yeah, we're totally identical, Dude...even nude, you can't tell us apart." Jeremy proclaimed.

"Prove it!" Glen said with a smile.

"Hush Up, Glen! Sammy told him.

"That'll be $400.00" Jeremy retorted to Glen.

"Too rich for my blood." Glen replied.

Justin shook his head at Jeremy's antics, and took a seat in front of his brother.

While Jeremy waited his turn, I thought I'd exploit the opportunity.

"Jeremy, sweetheart, you really should consider dropping the n-word from your vocabulary." I suggested.

"Nigger?" Jeremy replied.

"Precisely. The word nigger has no place in civil discourse. It finds a home only in the invective. It's like the word Faggot, it's used as an epithet." I said.

"I don't know what any of that means, Barry. What's an epi...th...whatever that word was?" Jeremy asked.

"It means the word is used as a curse, or to be deliberately hurtful to someone. It's mean. That's its only use." I clarified.

"So?" Jeremy replied.

"Well, you don't like being called a Faggot, do you?" I asked.

"I am a Faggot, so I don't mind being called one...but I'm not gonna be called one by those niggers. That's why I got into a fight with them." Jeremy replied.

"Well, they don't like being called niggers, either, sweetie." I retorted.

"They started it. They called me a faggot before I called them niggers." Jeremy argued.

"OK, OK, I just hate to hear that word coming from your beautiful mouth, that's all. It's an ugly word and I'd prefer if you try to avoid it. I can't order you to, but I think you'd be all the more beautiful if you didn't use it." I explained.

Justin interrupted:

"When we were little, a group of them jumped me and J-2 and beat us up pretty good. We were jus walking home from school. We didn't do anything to them. Jeremy has always called them niggers, ever since."

"I understand, sweetheart." I replied.

"Who's J-2?" Sammy asked.

"That's Jeremy, he's J-2...I'm J-1. I was born first." Justin explained.

"Oh, I get it." Sammy said.

Soon, it was Jeremy's turn.

"Do me like J-1, his hair is really cool." Jeremy said.

"OK" Sammy replied.

"Awesome!" Jeremy exclaimed as Sammy nearly finished.

"Great, as always, Sammy. He'll knock `em dead in court, Monday." I remarked.

"Court?" Sammy queried.

"Yeah, all three of us. It's a long story." I said.

"Well, then, let's trim you and Justin up as well." Sammy offered.

"Thanks, Sammy, you're the best." I remarked.

"That's what Bryan always says." Sammy said with a coy wink.

I smiled.

"Still on tour?" I asked.

Sammy nodded.

"I miss him" Sammy said.

"I know you do, Sammy. I'm sure he pines for you too." I suggested.

Sammy nodded.

I paid Sammy for working his magic on Jeremy. He refused any payment for trimming up Justin or me.

We stopped by Dad's& Lad's and picked up the boys' new suits. Russ had them ready, as promised.

We had nearly accomplished everything planned for the day, except our visit to Trey for dinner.

We were hungry and happy to find ourselves at the front door at Trey.

Chad, who had worked for Trey and Michael for a long time, was manning the front door. He ushered us to our favorite little private room. He took our drink order and promised Trey and Michael would drop by to say hello shortly.

I sat at the head of the table, flanked, on either side, by Justin and Jeremy.

As promised, shortly after our drinks had been delivered, Michael entered the room.

He got about three or four steps into the room, when he saw not one, but both boys.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at us, scanning his gaze back and forth.

He backed out of the room, sticking his head, only, briefly back into view from the door jam, then disappeared entirely. After a moment, Trey and Michael entered the room, to the same sight that had so surprised Michael before.

"See, I told you there were two of them." Michael said.

"Damn, there really are!" Trey replied.

"Hi guys, come here and meet Justin's twin brother, Jeremy." I said.

"Welcome, Jeremy. Barry and Justin had told us about you, but, My God, you really are identical...I mean...really identical." Trey said

Jeremy extended a hand and both Michael and Trey shook it.

"My God, what happened here?" Michael asked, as he pointed to Jeremy's eye.

The dimly lit room didn't make Jeremy's black eye obvious until Trey and Michael had come close enough to shake Jeremy's hand.

"Long Story" Justin and I said in unison, then laughed, also in unison.

Jeremy had never experienced Trey's expert talents and the resulting masterpieces that result from it. Starting with the salad, Jeremy profusely complimented Trey.

"God, this is good, what's in this salad dressing?" Jeremy asked.

"Top Secret! Trey will never tell anyone what's in his trademark dressing." I proclaimed.

"Well, it's delicious. I've never tasted anything like it." Jeremy replied.

So went the rest of our meal. Jeremy's taste buds were treated to a whole new spectrum of flavors and aromas. His palate was rendered far more sophisticated for the experience.

Afterwards, many kudos and thanks, and hugs and kisses all around, we were on our way home.

We were barely into the apartment before we were nude and cuddling on the sofa.

"Let's have a nice hot shower before bedtime." Justin suggested.

"Yeah...like this morning...that was Great!" Jeremy added.

Immediately, we were in the shower.

This time, Justin would be in the middle. Justin lathered me up, taking care that my penis was well lubricated. His handling of my penis and balls produced an instant erection in me and my precum began to flow. It bubbled up through the soap.

Justin turned around and began rubbing his cute little ass against my erection. He raised his hands and placed them behind my head, interlacing his fingers. Jeremy knelt in front of Justin and positioned Justin's penis for fellatio.

I made my gentle entry into Justin, as he spread his legs to accommodate me.

"Ohhhhhh Yes!" Justin exclaimed.

"OK, bro'. I'm taking you in now." Jeremy advised.

"OK" Justin replied.

Both boys were soon lost in the squeal.

"I can't sync with you two, but I'm about to cum." I reported.

--No reply—

I unloaded into Justin as he unloaded into his brother.

Justin's cum dripped from his brother's chin and into the shallow water in the shower pan. I stayed in Justin until I went soft, as was becoming our custom.

Justin finished his shower and shampoo while I masturbated Jeremy. Jeremy turned his butt to me, as his brother had done, and placed his hands behind my neck, also as Justin had done. This kept his arms out of my way as I gave him a reach around.

Justin had to, momentarily; stop his shower, as the squeal was so distracting, until Jeremy's ejaculation occurred.

"Oh God, Barry, you've really got the touch. You grip my dick just right. It's the best hand job I've ever had." Jeremy complimented me.

"Thanks, sweetheart. I just do what seems natural, that's all." I replied.

"It's Great!" Jeremy added.

Jeremy's cum coated my hand and dripped from it. I moved my hand to my mouth and took it in. It wasn't nearly so sour as my first taste of him. Perhaps the drugs were working their way out of his system.

After the squeal subsided, we finished our shower and found ourselves in bed in our same positions, myself in the middle, Jeremy at my left and my lover, Justin at my right. Justin held my penis gently in his hand, and Jeremy cupped my balls gently in his hand.

Soon, the boys were asleep. Not I. My mind reeled with the possible outcome of Monday's hearing with Judge Meadows. I was trying to remember Father Christopher's admonition to trust him, but admitted to myself that I was scared to death that the judge would take my Justin away. I couldn't have that.

How could Father Christopher have been so wrong, I thought, as Justin, Jeremy and I took our seats on the airplane. Father attempted to redeem himself by providing us with the name of an abbot-friend of his, in another country, who could take us in till the boys were 18.

How could Judge Meadows have thought that the prudent course of action would be to locate the parents and return the boys to them? What a completely insane idea.

I had no choice. Judge Meadows allowed the boys to remain with me until the parents could be located, no longer. I had to take them to safety.

"What do they do in a monastery, Barry?" Justin asked.

" `Ora et Labora' sweetheart...Pray and work." I said.

"So we have to stay there till we're 18?" Jeremy asked.

I nodded.

I was a nervous wreck. I just new that the police would storm the plane, at any moment, and forcibly remove us. I wasn't accustomed in engaging in subterfuge...sneaking the boys to the airport, Father Christopher driving my car to and from the airport to generate the impression, should the security cameras be checked that we had not remained at the airport...or that I had, perhaps dropped the boys off at the airport and then returned home.

Getting tickets under fake ID, courtesy of the Illegal Alien phony ID mill, might throw them off for a while. My mind was spinning, but even if I had to risk prison, no one was going to take these boys from me.

Australia? I thought. Well, at least they speak English.

I was utterly exhausted.

When, at last the door closed and we taxied for take off, I began to feel relieved. When I felt the wheels lift off, I decided we had made it. We were free, we were together, and, somehow, we'd make a new life.

I'm exhausted, boys. I'm going to try to take a nap, OK? Wake me when the steward comes to take our drink order, OK?" I asked.

"OK" Justin replied.

I reclined my seat-back and closed my eyes. I continued to hold the boys by their hands.

I had barely closed my eyes when I heard Justin say:


I popped my eyes open, fearing I would see an Air-Marshall standing there.

There, I found myself starring up at the rotating ceiling fan in the master bedroom.

I sat up with a start.

I turned to see Justin, on his side, resting upon one arm.

"Your heart was pounding like crazy, Barry, what's wrong?" Justin asked.

I took him into my arms and kissed every square inch of his beautiful face, finally kissing his lips profusely.

"Barry, you're trembling." Justin observed.

"Oh God, baby, I just had the worst dream. It was awful, just awful!" I exclaimed.

My exclamation woke Jeremy.

"What?" He said groggily

"Go back to sleep, Jeremy, everything is OK, I just had a bad dream, that's all." I assured him.

Tears had formed in Justin's eyes.

"Are you OK, Barry? I love you. Please be OK." Justin said, on the verge of crying.

"I'm OK, lover, really, I'm fine. Let's get back to sleep now." I advised, as I kissed his tears away.

We lay back down and assumed our former positions. Justin went back to sleep. He seemed comforted, knowing he was in physical contact with me.

Not me, I remained awake, afraid to close my eyes.

-----End PT VI-----