"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"





Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Sunday was an eternity, yet Monday seemed to arrive in a flash. We had a sexually playful Sunday, yet, it seemed we, all three were distracted by the uncertainty of our meeting with Judge Meadows.

I was so anxious by Monday. My stomach was unsettled to a degree requiring a Tagamet.

I was particularly concerned for Jeremy. I had become quite attached to him over the few days I had enjoyed his presence. I was completely in love with his brother, my sweet, sweet Justin. I had developed strong love for Jeremy, though it was not on the same plateau with my love for Justin. Still, I couldn't bear the thought of having him removed from me and the love and nurturing I was prepared to offer him.

Selfishly, the connection between Justin and Jeremy was something I was unwilling to share with anyone else. I detested the idea that my Justin would feel and relish in the sexual experiences of Jeremy. I was terrified that Justin would prefer the exhilaration, the ecstasy he would know because of the connection resulting from Jeremy having sex with some other guy. It was terribly selfish of me, but I couldn't help it, I couldn't stop it.

I was additionally distracted by the recall of my recent nightmare. Surely, nothing akin to the happenings that took place in that horrible dream could really happen, I consoled myself.

Suddenly, it was Monday. We were only a few hours away from our 2PM meeting with Judge Meadows.

The three of us still lie in bed, all three of us awake, but lost in our thoughts. Justin, lying on his side as usual, was holding my penis in his hand, confused, no doubt, that I hadn't developed my usual `first thing in the morning' erection.

"Guys, let's enjoy each other now. It will occupy our minds and keep us from thinking about other things." I suggested.

"OK, I have an idea." Jeremy said.

He turned to Justin.

"J-1, let's do the stereo shooters for Barry, OK?" Jeremy said.

"OK, he'll like it." Justin agreed.

Jeremy got out of bed and came around to Justin's side of the bed. Jeremy began to become erect, quickly followed by Justin.

Justin took me by the hand and had me stand in front of both boys, now standing side-by-side.

Justin placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed gently to indicate I should kneel.

Now, I was just inches away from the delicious, identical, genitals of both boys. My olfactory began to drink in the compelling scent of their young musk.

"Jack us off, Barry, Both of us, at the same time." Jeremy requested.

"OK, let me taste your musk, first." I requested.

"OK, do it, lick our balls, it'll make us hornier." Jeremy commented.

I wasted no time. I held Jeremy's penis and slow stroked it, as I leaned to lick Justin's penis and balls. Justin's penis became rock-hard and began to throb and dance upon its base.

As always, Justin was delicious. His sweet musk produced a rush in me, as it filled and excited my olfactory.

I motioned for Justin to spread his legs.

He complied.

I lifted his scrotum and licked the back side of it, not wanting any of his precious mush to escape my eager tongue.

I moved his balls to one side and licked the crease between his scrotum and upper thigh. There was a concentration of his musk there, and I wanted it all. I moved his balls to the other side and did the same with the other crease.

Both boys were ,now, producing precum in generous quantities. I wanted it all.

The hand I was slow-stroking Jeremy with had become covered with his precum, which then, lubricated his penis as I stroked.

"I'll get to you in just a moment, sweetie." I said.

I licked the precum from Justin's penis and stroked him slowly till I got it all.

Now, I performed the same routine upon Jeremy, as I slow-stroked Justin.

Again, my olfactory was treated to the excitement of Jeremy's sweet young musk. I licked at it, in all the same places as I had on Justin, until I had taken it all in.

I knelt directly between the boys and moved in close. I took each of the boys' penises in my hands and stroked them simultaneously, holding each glans next to my lips.

"Just hold your hands still, now, Barry." Jeremy advised.

I complied.

Both boys began thrusting their pelvises such that the heads of their penises poked, playfully, in and out of the shafts formed by my fists, which I held gently, but firmly around their dicks.

As always, they were synchronized.

Their respective glans bumped against my lips, then slid back into my fist with each thrust, painting my lips with precum.

"Open Up, Barry...we're gonna cum." Justin advised.

I opened my mouth, widely. Both glans were delivered forward and stood still for the ejaculation about to happen.

Both boys delivered huge, synchronized, spurts of cum into my hungry mouth.

It was impossible to swallow fast enough and much of the cum ran down my chin and onto my chest.

I was so hot at this experience...I'd never had such a `stereo' experience, as Jeremy had called it.

They came and came, the ejaculatory spasms caused each glans to slowly retract into my fists but then suddenly burst forth to full extension with each spasm. It was glorious. I was covered in their cum. They were absorbed in the squeal.

Cum covered my face and my chest, some of which had run down from my chest onto my belly and into my pubic hair.

My own penis was pumping precum and demanding attention.

When the squeal subsided, the boys looked at each other and Justin said:

"He's my lover; I'll finish him and clean him."

"Do it Bro'" Jeremy replied.

Justin motioned for me to stand.

I complied.

My penis was rock-hard and positioned just an inch or so from Justin's lips, as he had knelt in front of me, as I was standing. It pulsed and throbbed and danced for Justin, begging for his attention.

Justin took my penis at its base and held it still as he slowly took it into his, always hot, mouth.

I could feel my frenulum and corona slide along Justin's tongue until it was fully home in Justin's sweet mouth.

While Justin performed fellatio on me, as only he can, Jeremy came close and began licking the cum from my face and chin. It was incredibly erotic.

Justin motioned for me to spread my legs.

I complied.

Jeremy used his fingers to collect some of the cum from my abdomen and moved around behind me and massaged my anus with the cum until my sphincter opened up to him. He inserted his index finger into my rectum and finger fucked me, as his brother continued sucking me.

"I'm going to cum, Lover." I declared to Justin

Justin slowed the rate of his fellatio, waiting for me to unload into him.

He didn't have to wait long.

With my first contraction, I felt my sphincter clamp down on Jeremy's finger, as cum leapt from my penis, into Justin's hot mouth.

"That was a strong one, Barry. I wish it was my dick instead of my finger." Jeremy said, as my sphincter clamped down oh him.

I was too in ecstasy to reply.

I continued to explode into my precious angel, Justin. He took it all and stroked me for more. Even my residual cum flowed into him at a high rate.

I was drained.

Jeremy slowly removed his finger from me. It must have been blocking my seminal vesicles, since, as his removal of it allowed still more residual cum to be released into my urethra.

"There's more" I said, so Justin wouldn't remove me from his mouth.

Justin took his index and middle finger and traced it along my taint from my anus, where it greeted its brothers fingers still in my rectum, along to the base of my penis and up into my shaft and finally to my meatus where Justin kissed it away.

The boys' double-teaming was divine in its ecstasy and exhausting physically. It was wonderful. I wished I could do it again, but my refractory period had begun and I was going soft.

"That was Great, Barry, really great. You cum by the bucket full, huh?" Jeremy observed.

"Only when I'm demonstrating my love, sweetie." I replied.

"I know, I feel the love between you and J-1. Jeremy affirmed.

"You too, Jeremy. I love you very much, as does your brother. Never doubt it" I assured him.

"I know, Barry, I feel that too. I'll never doubt it. You never doubt I love you and J-1. I'll prove it to you. I'm gonna get off the drugs for you. You'll have to help me, but I'm gonna do it." Jeremy proclaimed.

Justin, feeling me going soft, slowly removed my penis from his mouth and kissed away the final drop of my cum, glistening on my meatus.

He began to lick the remaining mixture of his brother's and his own cum from my abdomen and my belly.

As he finished cleaning me with his tongue, I said:

"I bet you're hungry. Ready for some breakfast?"

"I just had breakfast." Justin said, looking up at me with a smile and a wink.

"Well, the way you two just made me cum, I don't doubt that I may have filled you up, Lover. Still, I think you'll be hungry by the time we shower and prepare breakfast." I replied, with my own smile.

Justin smiled and nodded.

We enjoyed a playful and refreshing shower, though none of the three of us were ready to cum again quite that soon.

The clock seemed to tick more quickly with each minute. Soon, I was inspecting the boys in their new suits, and looking them up and down, from the shine on their new black shoes to the placement of every beautiful auburn hair on their heads.

Seeing the two of them standing there, side-by-side, was beyond cute, beyond beautiful beyond even gorgeous...they were absolutely stunning.

"Well, my wonderful boys, I guess we can't put it off any longer. We'd better get going." I said.

I went to each of them and kissed them sweetly, not passionately. They each kissed me back, and with more passion.

My heart was heavy, but I tried to appear upbeat. I wasn't fooling anyone.

"Don't worry, Barry. It's just me who's in trouble." Jeremy remarked.

"We're right there with you, sweet boy. We're one. Your brother and I are with you, so is Father Christopher. You are not alone." I assured him.

He nodded.

The three of us placed our suit jackets back on their hangers and on the hook in my car for the ride downtown.

Father Christopher was waiting for us, outside Judge Meadows' court room, in the hallway. He gave both boys a big hug, as well as me, as we were putting our suit jackets back on.

"We'll be meeting in Judge's chambers, and we'll enter only when called, understand?" Father asked.

"Sure, Father...I hope it all goes well, Father, I'm a nervous wreck." I proclaimed.

Father nodded.

We all took our seats in the courtroom, and Father alone went behind the door and into the Judge's chambers.

After a few moments, Father Christopher returned to us.

"OK, boys, the judge is ready for us now. Barry, please wait here, try not to worry." Father said.

"Don't I get to be a part of this?" I asked.

"I'll come get you when the judge is ready for you." Father advised.

"But, I..." I began

Father interrupted by holding up a hand, as if he were signaling a car to stop. He took both boys and disappeared back to the Judge's chambers with them in tow.

My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I would surely suffer a massive coronary thrombosis right there and then.

I couldn't sit still, I was going crazy. I began to pace back and forth in front of the prosecutor's table.

Now the clock seemed to slow to a crawl.

Finally, Father opened the door and waved me to join him.

I wasted no time in doing so.

I entered the Judge's chambers to a scene that frightened me greatly.

The Judge, a surprisingly young man, was at his desk. The boys sat at either end of a long black leather sofa, facing the Judge. There remained a depression in the center cushion of the sofa. Father must have just been sitting there.

My heart fell to my knees as I observed Justin clutching a fistful of tissues, tears running down his cheeks.

Oh My God, I thought, instantly. He's going to take the boys from me. Oh No! Oh God, NO!

"So, this is Barry." Judge Meadows remarked as I entered the room.

"Well, Barry...may I call you Barry?" The Judge asked.

"Of Course, Your Honor." I replied and moved to stand before him.

"Barry, you're a very lucky man. These boys love you like nothing I've ever seen. It's truly remarkable. Especially Justin. You virtually own his heart. I envy you greatly." The Judge began our conversation.

"Believe me, Your Honor, I know how lucky I am...Really, it's beyond luck, it's a genuine blessing." I replied.

"Barry, I'm sure you wonder why the boys are upset from my having questioned them, aren't you?" The Judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor." I responded.

"Well, Barry, it might seem harsh, but I tested them. I wanted to see what they would say if I made them think that staying with you was out of the question, and, therefore, anything you might have coached them to say would be of no help." The Judge explained.

I looked at Justin. He was still wiping tears away.

"I never coached them, Your Honor." I replied.

"You didn't need to, Barry. They genuinely love you." The judge affirmed.

He continued:

"When I suggested taking them from you, Justin began crying inconsolably. Soon, Jeremy followed his brother's lead."

I didn't bring up the connection. I just continued standing there, at attention.

"Justin only stopped crying when I assured him that he and his brother would be going home with you today." The Judge explained.

"Thank you, Your Honor, Thank you so much and from the bottom of my heart." I declared.

"Let me get to the particulars, before you thank me too much." The Judge said.

"Yes, Your Honor." I replied.

"I'm signing an order to place both boys into your guardianship permanently. They have already given themselves to you freely and willingly, so this only codifies the fact. They're yours, Barry; I could never consider taking them from you." The Judge said.

"Thank you, Your Honor, and Thank God. These boys mean more to me than life itself. I don't think my heart could continue beating in their absence." I said.

"You're a remarkable man, Barry, even as Father Christopher said you are. I wish you could teach me your magic. I've never seen so much love engendered by any man, as I see in these boys for you." The Judge complimented.

"There's no magic, I assure you, Your Honor. It's just genuine, unconditional love, that's all. I guess that's the magic." I said.

"Justin is yours without qualification, Barry. Jeremy is another matter." The Judge said.

"I see. Please allow me to help him too, Your Honor." I pleaded.

"As I said, Barry, I'm placing Jeremy into your guardianship. There's a `but' in his case, though." The Judge said.

"As you know, Jeremy has confessed to an act of violence. No serious injury was suffered by the victim in this case, but drugs were involved. I could raise these charges to a felony due to the aggravating factor of the drugs." The Judge explained.

"Oh, Please, Your Honor, please don't do that." I begged.

"No, I'm going to leave the matter at the misdemeanor level. Furthermore, since Jeremy is a minor and has no prior record, I'm going to place him on deferred adjudication. Do you know what that means, Barry?" The judge asked.

"Not exactly, Your Honor." I confessed.

"It means that I will defer rendering a decision on his guilt or any punishment for a period of one year. During that time, he must submit to periodic hair follicle tests to demonstrate that he's off drugs and he must not be arrested or otherwise find himself in trouble for any reason. If he fails to achieve any of these requirements, I may choose to immediately review his case and assign a verdict and a punishment. Do you understand?" The Judge asked.

"Yes, your honor. I understand." I replied.

The Judge turned to Jeremy.

"Jeremy, this has already been explained to you, do you understand?" The Judge asked.

"Yes sir...er...I mean, Yes, Your Honor." Jeremy replied.

"Very well, don't let Barry or Father or me down, then, Jeremy, as it will really raise my ire." The Judge warned.

"Ire?" Jeremy replied.

"It means I'll be very angry." The Judge said, in a stern tone.

Jeremy nodded.

"Yes, Your Honor, don't worry, I'll keep my nose clean." Jeremy replied.

The Judge granted a slight smile through his otherwise stern expression.

"I'm sure you will, Jeremy, I'm sure you will." The Judge said.

"One more thing. Father has arranged for a private tutor for the boys, Barry. Let's see...Sister...Sister..."

He looked to Father for the name.

"Sister Celeste" Father offered.

"Sister Celeste." The Judge repeated.

"She's retired, but, at Father's request, has agreed to help the boys get back to proper level so they can re-enter school. She's doing us a big favor, and I expect the boys to take advantage of her service." The judge admonished.

"Yes, Your Honor. I'll see to it that they exploit the opportunity." I promised.

"I know you will, Barry." The Judge replied.

He looked at the boys.

"I know Barry will do his part. I want each of you to tell me you will do your part, too." The Judge said.

Both boys nodded and spoke up in unison.

"We will, Your Honor."

The Judge turned back to me and said:

"You know, they're really quite remarkable. Not only are they as identical as twins could possibly be in their appearance and features, but there's something I can't quite put my finger on...like they're connected mentally or something." The Judge observed.

"Yes, Your Honor, they are remarkable, indeed." I replied.

The Judge opened a manila folder on his desk and signed about five separate documents inside.

He struck his gavel upon its block with a loud BANG and proclaimed:


The Judge turned to Father and said:

"Father, would you please wait with the boys in the courtroom, I'd like to speak with Barry alone for a few moments."

Father nodded and escorted both boys back to the courtroom, closing the door behind them, and leaving me alone with Judge Meadows.

"Please have a seat, Barry." The Judge suggested.

I did so

"Barry, I know you've been very anxious regarding all this, so I want to explain a few things to you." The Judge said.

"You don't owe me any explanations, Your Honor." I replied.

"Ed, Barry, please call me Ed." The Judge offered.

"Very well, thanks for the privilege." I replied.

"Barry, I want you to promise that everything I'm going to tell you will be held in the strictest of confidence. Can you do that?" The Judge asked.

"Of Course, Your Honor...I mean...Ed." I replied.

"Barry, when I was a boy, I was tossed out on my ear, much like Justin and Jeremy. My Dad hated Gays, and when he found out I was Gay he went totally nuts. My mother had died when I was quite young, so I really had no one to turn to. I wound up on the streets.

I prayed and prayed that someone like you, Barry, would be sent into my life to rescue me. I t wasn't to be. Eventually, an elderly priest got wind of me and helped me to be accepted to Boys Town, in Nebraska. That elderly priest had gone to the seminary with Father Flanagan, and knew the priest who had been running Boys Town since Father Flanagan had died. He interceded in my case, and I was accepted, even though they had a full house at the time. They saved me from what would have been a tragic fate.

It was a far more impersonal experience, though. There are thousands of boys and now, girls, too, in residence there. I would have much rather had a Barry in my life. But, still, I'm grateful for my Boys Town experience.

I sometimes send boys there, still, if I see a case where I think I'm dealing with a good boy, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or otherwise, leaves me with the impression that there's hope.

Anyway, when I saw the outpouring of love that these boys have for you, I knew the right decision was to place you, officially, and legally, together.

As for any anxiety you might have suffered because Father Christopher...well...Father Christopher is my confessor. He knows many things about me from the Sacrament of Penance. You know the rules, Barry. He can neither divulge nor even act, in any way, upon things he has learned in confession."

"Even under threat of death, Ed." I inserted.

"That's correct. So he can't and won't be discussing my sexual orientation or anything of the kind with you, and that's why. Even though we've discussed all these things outside of the confessional, he still considers all such information as subject to the seal of the confessional. So, don't be upset with him that he didn't give you any sort of heads up about me or about today's proceedings.

I had decided, after my dinner with Father Christopher the other evening, that I would place you and the boys together, but I wanted the assurance that they boys really wanted it that way. They Do!" The Judge explained.

"Your Honor...er...Ed, I have poured my soul into Justin completely. Should I ever lose him, so would I lose my desire to live. Jeremy...well...Jeremy is his brother, how can I not love him too. I grow closer to Jeremy every day, even though I may never love him as I do Justin." I explained.

"Don't worry, Barry. I have no intention of ever separating you." Ed explained.

"What if the parents return?" I asked.

"Should that happen, I'll have them both appear before me and explain that I'm prepared to charge them with Child endangerment, Child abandonment, Child neglect, Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and about sis other offenses that would apply. They will either drop any notion of taking the boys back, or I'll throw the damned book at them." Ed explained.

"Wow, remind me to keep you on my side, Ed." I declared.

"I am on your side, Barry. I'll do everything I can to support you and the boys. I'm envious, as I said earlier, of your relationship, and wish I could have a similar one." Ed explained.

"Ed, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of boys who are desperate for someone to come to them." I suggested.

"I know. As a Judge, I can't do anything that would constitute an impropriety or even appear unseemly. I can best help such boys from the bench, not from my bed." Ed retorted.

I nodded.

"Strange, isn't it, Barry. I can argue a case all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. My credentials are that potent. I'm actually qualified to argue a case before the Supreme Court. They trust me with the legal keys to the kingdom, to use an analogy, but they don't trust me to love, as I would prefer, and as would come natural to me." Ed puzzled aloud.

I nodded once more.

He went on:

"They admire my sound judgment and judicial wisdom, on the one hand, but would be horrified if I took in and loved one of these angels...it's just the damnedest thing."

It is, indeed, Ed." I replied.

"And you, Barry...you have, not one but two of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. It seems really unfair." Ed observed, as he winked at me.

"I know, Ed. Believe me, I don't take that blessing for granted, I assure you." I asserted.

"Well, in any case, I wanted you to know these things. I trust you to keep all this confidential. You must not talk, even to Fr. Christopher about these matters. Do you understand?" Ed queried.

"Completely, Ed, you need not worry." I assured him.

"You're a very special man, Barry. You must be for these boys to love you as they do." Ed complimented me.

I nodded.

"Ed, we'll be celebrating the 15th Birthday of the boys soon. We'd love you to be there." I invited.

"Tell you what, Barry, a year from now, when we dispose of Jeremy's case, I'll be at their 16th Birthday. But, for now, while I preside over Jeremy's case, I dare not do anything that would make me appear other than completely impartial. I hope you understand." Ed explained.

"Of course, I should have thought of that. I'm sorry, Ed." I apologized.

"Next year, Barry, I'll be there." Ed promised.

"We look forward to it." I replied.

"Well, forgive me, Barry, but I need to prepare for another case this afternoon." Ed said.

"OK, Ed...thanks for everything." I said, as I closed the chamber door behind me.

Father and the boys were waiting patiently for me in the courtroom.

As soon as I saw them, I extended both arms for them to come to me. Both boys ran to me and we hugged, and hugged, and hugged.

I motioned for Father to join us. He did so. The boys about hugged the stuffing out of him. So did I.

The boys flanked me, as we left the courthouse. I begged Father to join us for dinner, but he had to return to the shelter and asked for a rain check. We invited him to the big Birthday Party. He accepted out invitation.

All was well with the world.

The sun was out, the sky was blue, there was a light Texas breeze...It seemed even Mother Nature was pleased.

"He wanted to take us away from you, Barry." Justin said.

"Not really, sweetheart." I replied.

"He was mean." Jeremy added.

"He was just trying to make sure you two really wanted to be with me and that I hadn't told you what to say or anything like that." I explained.

"I cried so hard, I thought I'd pass out, Barry." Justin asserted.

"I know, Baby. I'm really sorry, sweetheart, but it let the Judge know how much you really love me and want to be with me." I said.

"Why did he do that? I hate him" Jeremy said.

"He has a little Solomon in him, I guess." I replied.

"Solomon?" Jeremy replied.

"It means he's pretty wise." I clarified.

"He's just a big asshole." Jeremy insisted.

"You'll understand, someday, sweet boys, I promise. He made you hurt today, to know you won't hurt in the future. Actually, he was protecting you." I suggested.

"Bullshit!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Jeremy, I would never feed you a load of crap. It may not make sense right now, but it will." I said.

"I'm sorry, Barry, I know you would never bullshit me. I still don't see how he was protecting me and J-1." Jeremy apologized.

"I know, sweet boys, I know. We'll talk it through, later." I said.

"Father Christopher fought to keep us with you, Barry, I won't forget about that. I love him for that." Justin said.

"Father loves you both a lot. You mean a great deal to him, he'll always fight for you. He did for me, too, when I was younger." I replied.

I went on:

"I bet you guys are getting pretty hungry, huh?" I suggested as my Camaro found its way to the Tollway.

"I'd rather go home and make love to you. I was so scared I'd never get to again." Justin said.

"We'll make a night of it. I can't wait. In the meantime, we did call Trey and tell him to be expecting us, so we'd better stop by and have some dinner." I said.

"OK, I like Michael and Trey. They're sweet." Justin said.

"Yeah, I like `em too. I like that Chad guy, too, he's cute." Jeremy added.

"Did you see him checking me and J-1 out the other night?" Jeremy asked.

"No, I didn't pick up on that. It kinda surprises me, too. Chad is Michael's nephew; he's always been very shy." I remarked.

"Well, he was sure checking me and J-1 out." Jeremy replied.

"You think he's cute, huh?" I asked Jeremy.

"Kinda...no, he's HOT, actually." Jeremy admitted.

"He's very cute, I agree. He has worked part time, after school for Michael and Trey for quite a while." I offered.

"How old is he?" Jeremy asked.

"Well, he started driving a few months ago, so, I guess he's 16." I said.

"Cool!" Jeremy replied.

"He doesn't do a thing for me." Justin said.

"Hell NO, you've got Barry, J-1." Jeremy advised.

"Barry's the only one I want." Justin agreed.

"I know that, J-1, but I can still help to make your sex the best ever...I can help you to love him. I love him too, after all." Jeremy explained.

"Do you think I could work part time for Michael and Trey too, Barry?" Jeremy asked.

"I don't know, Baby...we'd have to see if it interferes with homework. First things, first...we need to get you started on the road back to school." I said.

"Guys, I need to stop by The Herald long enough to make sure my inbox isn't stuffed completely full. OK?" I asked.

"Sure, I always wanted to see where you work." Justin said.

"Cool." Jeremy added.

The boys followed me to my small office, as all the horny women went agog as we passed by. A couple of the guys were busy checking them out, too. I hadn't figured them for gay...you learn something new every day.

Once in my office, we closed the door and locked it.

My inbox wasn't full, but there were many items that required my attention.

"Hey, Barry, how about if I fill your `inbox' right here and now?" Justin suggested with a coy smile.

"Yeah, right here. Kinky!" Jeremy added.

"Let me get through my inbox, first, guys." I said.

"OK, Hurry!" Justin replied.

I thumbed through the envelopes until I came to one that took me by surprise.

"Wow, here's one from Gordon Mack!" I exclaimed.

"Who?" Jeremy asked.

"Gordon Mack, sweetheart, he's the biggest syndicator in the country." I stated.

"Syndicator?" Jeremy queried.

"Yeah, he's a big deal in my business." I said as I used my letter opener anxiously.

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Justin asked.

"Hold on, Lover." I said as I finished reading the letter from Gordon Mack.

"Wow!" I repeated.

"What?" The boys repeated, in unison.

Gordon Mack...he's friends with Judge Meadows, who told him about us. He knows my work and is interested in taking me to syndication...WOW!" I exclaimed.

"That's good, huh?" Justin asked.

"It sure is. It means I'll be read nationally, not just locally...AND...the money he's talking about...WOW!.....We'll be fine now, for sure, my sweet boys." I reported.

"So, Judge Meadows helped us?" Jeremy asked.

"He sure did, Jeremy. See, he's not such a bad guy, after all, huh?" I suggested with a smile.

I went to the boys and hugged them both, simultaneously, and tightly. After a long time, I released my grasp on them.

Justin looked up at me and said"

"Barry, are you crying?"

"Tears of joy, Lover, tears of joy." I replied.

Justin kissed my tears away and ran his fingers through my hair.

"Don't cry, Barry, my love, it all gonna be OK." Justin assured me.

"It damned sure is, Justin. We're going to be fine, just fine." I said.

"I still want to fill your inbox, Barry. I'm hard, already." Justin said.

"Me too." Jeremy added

"Here?" I asked.

"Why not? The door is locked. Jeremy affirmed.

"Not a good idea, lets' waits till we get home." I said.

"C'mon...we can do it quick." Jeremy said, as he loosened his belt and dropped his pants to the floor.

"Yeah." Justin added, as he too, dropped his pants.

"How?" I asked.

"Lay down on the floor, Barry." Justin said.

"This is really risky." I said.

"It'll be quick, you'll see. Look, we're already making precum." Jeremy advised.

We all placed our slacks on the desk, leaving the three of us naked, from the waist down.

I lay down on the floor, as instructed, spread eagle. Justin knelt between my legs and used his precum to lube my anus. Jeremy straddled my chest and placed his penis to my mouth.

Justin slowly pushed his penis into me. His neck tie dangled to tickle my penis and balls as he slowly began to thrust back and forth into me.

Jeremy began stroking slowly and in sync with Justin's thrusts.

"Told you this would be fast." Jeremy said.

"Ready, J-2" Justin asked.

"Yeah, bro'" Jeremy replied.

"Open up, Barry." Jeremy instructed.

My rectum was treated to the repeated blasts of Justin's hot cum, filling it to capacity, while at the same time; Jeremy filled my mouth with his own hot cum. My `inbox' was indeed, full, as was my `outbox'. I was in ecstasy, as I always was with the boys.

Jeremy's cum dripped down my chin, landing upon my neck tie, making its own design upon the, otherwise, solid colored tie.

Justin slowly withdrew from me and his residual cum dripped onto the carpet from his meatus and from my anus.

"Oops" Justin said.

"Me too, Oops, I got cum all over your tie, Barry." Jeremy added.

"It's beautiful, Jeremy, leave it that way." I suggested.

"Really...you think it's beautiful?" Jeremy asked.

"It's your essence, Baby. It has to be beautiful." I replied.

"Justin, if you have any residual cum, shoot it on my tie, too. OK?" I suggested.

"Yeah, I've got a bunch of it in my taint." Justin said.

Jeremy got up so his brother could take his place.

Justin straddled me, as had his brother.

He pumped his residual cum onto my tie to join his brother's

I traced my finger along his taint to make sure I got it all to take its place on my tie.

"Jeremy, get the box of tissues out of my bottom left drawer, please." I requested.

"OK, but you gotta get off, first, Barry. It's only fair." Jeremy replied.

"OK" I said.

Justin returned to kneel between my legs and took my throbbing penis into his mouth.

After a few minutes of Justin's expert fellatio, I was locked and loaded.

"I'm going to cum, baby." I said.

To my surprise, Justin removed my dick from his hot, sweet, mouth and hel it still, pointed directly up the center of my tie.

I blew a ton of cum straight up the middle of my tie, all the way to the knot. It left its streak mark on my tie, bisecting the patterns made by Justin's and Jeremy's deposits.

"Wow, Barry, you really cum Big Time, huh?" Jeremy commented.

"What do you expect, Jeremy...you two make me so totally HOT." I explained.

Our cum soaked into the tie, leaving it wet and bearing an artistic pattern, in shades of white.

We cleaned up with the tissues, as best we could.

Jeremy started to throw the tissues into my trashcan. I stopped him and had him place them in my desk drawer, as a keepsake for my office of what had just happened.

We casually strolled down the hall, through the cubicles, toward the elevator.

Every jaw had dropped and all were staring at us, primarily the boys, although some glances at my tie seemed to be at play, as well.

Oh shit, I thought to myself. They couldn't have seen anything...I wonder what they might have heard. I tried replaying the audio in my head. The only thin said in a loud enough tone to be heard outside my office was probably Jeremy's remark:

Wow, you really cum Big Time, huh?

Oh shit, I thought again.

All eyes were on us until we disappeared behind the closing doors of the elevator.

"Oh well...To hell with them" I finally said.

The boys looked at me, not knowing why I had made the remark. Just then, the elevator doors opened, at the parking garage level, to distract us all.

Soon, we were at Trey, and just in time, as I heard Jeremy's stomach begin to growl.

This time, I was deliberately more observant as Chad showed us to our favorite little room.

Soon, we were enjoying our salad.

Michael appeared and welcomed us in his usual gracious fashion. Then he came to me and said, softly:

"Chad would like to meet the boys, if it's OK."

"It's OK with me, but it's really up to Justin and Jeremy." I replied.

"Of course." Michael replied

He turned to the boys.

"Would it be OK if I introduce you to my nephew, Chad?" Michael asked.

Before Justin could say anything, Jeremy spoke up.

"Sure, I'd love to meet him."

Justin looked at his brother, then at Michael and nodded in agreement.

Michael returned to the door and motioned for Chad to approach.

Immediately, Chad appeared in the doorway, standing next to Michael, who ushered him to our table.

"Chad, this is Justin and Jeremy. I can only tell you which is which cause Jeremy has the remnants of a black eye he suffered some days ago...and...of course, you know Barry."

"Hi" Chad said, shyly

"Hi Chad, I hear you drive already, huh?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah, wanna see my car, later?" Chad replied.

"Sure" Jeremy replied.

"Cool!" Chad declared.

Michael turned to me and winked.

I smiled back at him.

"Glad to meet you, Chad." Justin said, as he extended a hand for Chad to shake.

Chad shook Justin's hand and proclaimed:

"I've never known twins before, you guys are awesome."

"Yeah, it's different, I guess." Jeremy smiled.

"It's really cool; you both look exactly the same." Chad observed.

"Except I'm cuter." Jeremy remarked.

"You're both cute as Hell." Chad said, before he thought.

Chad blushed at what he had just said.

"Thanks, Chad. You're cute as Hell, too." Jeremy replied.

"I am?" Chad asked, still blushing from before.

"Sure you are, don't you have a mirror at home? You're really cute." Jeremy insisted.

Chad turned to Justin for affirmation.

Justin nodded.

"Thanks a lot, no one has ever said that to me before." Chard reported.

"I have!" Michael interjected.

"You don't count, you're my uncle, you're prejudiced." Chad retorted.

Michael looked at me and shrugged.

"The boys and your uncle are telling you the truth, Chad, you're a very cute guy, you really are." I said.

"Thank you, Barry; that means a lot coming from you. You're a beautiful man. I always told my uncle you were." Chad said.

"I'm flattered, Chad. Thank You!" I replied.

"Chad, you better get back on the job. It's starting to get busy out there." Michael said.

"Yes Sir." Chad said, politely, and returned to the door, turning to say.:


"See Ya." Jeremy replied:

"That was difficult for him. Chad is very shy. Thanks for drawing him out, guys."

"He's COOL! I like him. I can't believe he doesn't already have a lover.

"No, he's never been with anyone. Not that I'm aware of." Michael said.

"You mean he's a virgin?" Jeremy blurted out.

"Jeremy! That's a rather rude question." I suggested.

"Sorry...Is he?" Jeremy asked again.

"Well, I suspect his only intimacy is with his left hand...but, that's just a guess." Michael offered.

"Wow, a virgin...Cool!" Jeremy said.

Justin turned to me and winked.

"He seems to have gotten you interested, Jeremy." I suggested.

"Hell Yeah, He DOES!" Jeremy answered.

Jeremy turned to me:

"Can Chad have dessert with us, Please?"

"Chad's at work, sweetie." I said.

Michael interrupted:

"I'll cover for him. Sure he can join you for dessert."

"COOL!" Jeremy replied.

The prime rib was succulent and the sweet potato was addictive. The three of us were so wrapped up in our meal that hardly a word was said.

After the plates were removed and our wine glasses were refilled, Chad appeared with a tray, bearing our dessert.

"Crème Brule!" Justin exclaimed.

"I love that stuff!" Jeremy added.

Chad set the dish before us and set it afire to caramelize. After a few seconds he extinguished the flame. It looked scrumptious.

Chad served us and finally, himself. He made it a point to sit directly across from Jeremy.

"Thanks for letting me have dessert with you guys. This is really awesome." Chad exclaimed.

Chad remained locked in his eye contact with Jeremy throughout dessert.

I mused to myself that should they become a couple, they wouldn't be the first `Chad & Jeremy' team, since there was once a 60's rock duo by that same name. I've heard them on the oldies station a time or two.

In any case, Chad and Jeremy remained lost in each others gaze for the rest of our dessert.

Finally, Chad looked at me and Justin and said:

"Would you like coffee, or maybe cappuccino?"

Chad began to take a drink from his wine as he awaited a reply.

"NO, let's do cummucino !" Jeremy exclaimed.

Chad nearly choked on his wine, some of which went down the wrong pipe, causing him to choke until he cleared his throat.

"Did you say cummucino?" Chad asked.

"Sure, we do it at home all the time, it's delicious." Jeremy replied.

"I never heard of it, are you serious?" Chad asked.

"Hell yes, I'm serious. You've never heard of it?" Jeremy asked.

"No, I've never heard of it." Chad repeated.

"Yeah, it's just cappuccino sweetened with cum. Me and J-1 and Barry mix our cum together, and use it to sweeten our cappuccino, sometimes our coffee...really...I'm not bullshitting you...it's delicious.

"No Way!" Chad said, then turned to me for affirmation.

I nodded.

"I don't see how we can do it here, guys. Anyone could walk in on us." I suggested.

"No, I can lock the door. I know where the key is." Chad advised.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure, this I gotta see!" Chad declared.

"No Way, you have to offer your cum too, Chad." Jeremy advised.

"Dudes...I've never shown my dick to anyone, much less let anyone see me cum. I'm pretty shy, I doubt I could even get a hard on with anyone watching me." Chad advised.

"I'll help you, Chad. You'll get off Big Time. I guarantee it." Jeremy promised.

"I don't know guys; Uncle Michael is the only one who's ever seen my dick, when we're in the hot tub and all. But he's never seen me hard...No one has." Chad confirmed.

"C'mon Chad, you'll like it. I promise." Jeremy assured Chad.

"Why don't you think about it while you prepare the cappuccino, Chad?" I suggested.

"OK, I'll be right back." Chad said.

"Bring a small goblet, please." I requested as Chad left the room.

"OK...This is WILD!" Chad declared.

"I hope we didn't just blow his mind." I said to the boys.

After a few minutes, Chad returned with the cappuccinos and the small goblet I had requested.

"Should I lock the door?" Chad asked.

"Please." I replied.

The door clicked locked as Chad complied with my request.

"Cool, let's all cum now, OK?" Jeremy said.

We all dropped our slacks and stood there nude, from the waist down, except Chad. His gaze was fixed on Jeremy's genitals and he blushed as about as red as is possible.

"God, you're beautiful, Jeremy." Chad declared.

"Thanks, Chad, I look just like J-1, see." Jeremy replied as he looked to Justin's genitals.

"Yeah, I see. His dick is more pink, though." Chad observed.

"Yeah, he just got cut, recently. It's cool." Chad advised.

"Why do you call him J-1?" Chad asked.

"He was born first...he's J-1...I'm J-2." Jeremy explained.

"Oh, I get it." Chad replied, obviously stalling at dropping his own pants.

"C'mon Chad, let's see what you got. You gotta help us make the cummicino." Jeremy insisted.

"I'm too shy." Chad replied.

"I know how to fix that." Jeremy said.

Jeremy stepped out of his pants completely and went around the table to where Chad was standing. He loosened Chad's belt and began to slowly pull Chad's pants down to his ankles.

Chad did not resist.

Soon his genitals were exposed to the dim light in the room. Chad used one hand to cover his eyes. He was really shy, he wasn't faking it.

"Nice, Chad, really nice. You've got a pretty dick, and your balls are big, too...Not as big as Barry, but big." Jeremy complimented Chad.

"Really?" Chad responded, as he slowly took his hand from his eyes.

"Yeah...can I touch them?" Jeremy asked.

"Do you really want to?" Chad replied.

"Yeah, I do. Can I?" Jeremy requested.

"If you really want to. No one ever has before, but OK, if you really want to." Chad replied.

Jeremy knelt before Chad's genitals and cupped his balls in one hand, while gently, taking Chad's dick into the other.

"Oh God...that feels good." Chad moaned.

Chad became erect, at once.

"Wow, Chad, good sized dick!" Jeremy said.

"Not that big, about 6 ½ inches, that's all." Chad said.

"Let me taste it, OK?" Jeremy asked.

"Seriously?" Chad asked

Jeremy didn't reply, he slowly slid Chad's erect dick into his mouth.

"Ooooooooh God, I've never...This is GREAT!" Chad declared.

"OK, we can't take all night. Justin and I will cum first, then you and Chad. You can keep Chad hot in your mouth while Justin and I get off, OK?" I suggested.

"GREAT!" Chad responded.

Justin and I began stroking each other.

"God, this is too HOT, I had no idea." Chad exclaimed, as he watched Justin and me masturbating each other.

Justin grabbed the goblet and held it for us to cum into.

Jeremy continued his slow fellatio on Chad, who was red in his passion at this point.

Justin and I blasted cum into the goblet, filling it nearly to 1/3 full.

"Wow!.....Awesome!" Chad declared, as he watched our ejaculations unleash their power.

"I'm going to explode." Chad declared.

Justin stepped out of his pants and took the goblet to Chad and held it in place. Jeremy began sucking in earnest, now. Cha had to hold onto Jeremy's shoulders to remain upright.

Chad's scrotum began to retract. He was locked and loaded.

Jeremy felt Chad's scrotum retracting, and removed Chad's penis from his mouth, pointing it at the goblet.

Justin repositioned the goblet closer to Chad's penis just as Chad unloaded a huge amount of cum into it. Many contractions, copious amounts of cum were produced by Chad as he moaned through his orgasm.

"Uhhhh...Uhhhh...Oh God!........." Chad moaned.

The goblet was now half full.

"Good Job, Chad! That was a bunch of cum. How long you been holding that inside?" Jeremy asked.

"Since last night, I guess." Chad answered.

"Wow, I'm impressed." Jeremy said.

"Thanks." Chad replied.

Chad's residual cum was still dripping from his meatus. Jeremy pushed the goblet away and licked the cum from Chad's meatus.

"I wanted to taste it Chad, OK?" Jeremy said.

"OK...was it OK?" Chad asked.

"Yeah it was. You should let J-1 and Barry have a taste, too." Jeremy advised.

"OK, if they really want to." Chad said.

"It's sort of a ritual, Chad. I'll go next." I said.

"OK, Barry. I'm honored" Chad said.

I went to him and knelt down as Jeremy squeezed more of Chad's essence to his meatus.

I kissed it away.

"It is good, Chad, really good. You musk is delightful also." I advised.

"Musk?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, it's the scent of your balls and groin." I said.

"Oh." Chad said.

I could see Chad's penis veins were still swollen and pulsing. He was still HOT in Jeremy's hands.

Justin took his taste last. He wasn't really into it, except he knew it bonds us together.

"OK, Jeremy, fill `er up" Justin said to his brother as he held the goblet for him.

"Wait; let me do him, like he did me!" Chad declared.

"OK" Justin replied.

Jeremy released Chad's genitals and stood up as Chad went to his knees.

Chad nuzzled Jeremy's balls and the crease between Jeremy's scrotum and upper thigh.

"God, you smell good, Jeremy. So that's musk, huh?" Chad remarked.

Before Jeremy could respond, Chad took him in all the way.

Jeremy's eyes closed and Justin's did as well...the squeal had begun.

Chad performed fellatio as an amateur, but I knew he'd soon master the technique.

"OK, Chad, I'm ready." Jeremy declared.

Chad removed Jeremy's penis from his mouth and pointed it at the goblet as Jeremy shot into the goblet with sufficient force as to splash some of the cum, already there up the sides of the goblet.

Awesome, Jeremy, I've never seen anything like it. It's AWESOME!" Chad asserted.

"You shot a Hell of a load, too, Chad." Jeremy said, as his ejaculatory spasms began to subside.

"Not with that kind of pressure, I didn't. You're awesome, Jeremy, I mean it...AWESOME" Chad affirmed.

"Thanks, so are you." Jeremy replied.

"OK guys; let's sweeten the cappuccino before it gets too cool." I said.

Justin returned to the table and poured an equal amount of the mixture into each of our cappuccinos.

"I want any left over in the goblet." Chad said.

"OK" Justin said, stopping short of emptying the goblet.

We all pulled our pants back up and sat at the table, as Chad unlocked the door and returned to join us.

"Damn...it really is delicious." Chad proclaimed.

He continued:

"Maybe I can get Trey to put it on the menu."

We all laughed.

"Chad, I'm glad you overcame being shy long enough to participate in our little ritual." I said.

"Me too, it was wonderful. It's my first time ever." Chad replied.

"Well, you did fine, Chad. You have a very nice body to compliment your extreme cuteness. Your genitals are well formed and precisely proportioned at the right size. They are beautiful in their own rite. You have nothing to be bashful about." I said.

"Yeah, you're really HOT, Chad. Really HOT." Jeremy said.

"Thanks Jeremy, you're HOT too...super HOT." Chad said.

We finished our cummicino and were ready for home.

I took care of our tab while Chad showed his car to Jeremy.

Chad had kept the goblet with the residual cum in the deep breast pocket of his waiter's jacket, so it couldn't spill. It seemed important to him, beyond the erotic, to take our mingled essences home with him. He had a crush on Jeremy Big-Time, and Jeremy seemed interested in him as well.

Soon, we were home, in bed, in our usual positions, the boys flanking me on each side. This time, knowing they were mine, I was able to sleep.

Our celebratory spirits caused the boys and me to enjoy each other at every opportunity. We must have nearly worn out our genitals with all the cumming we did over the days following our visit with Judge Meadows.

I had met with Gordon Mack and consummated a lucrative contract for the syndication of my articles.

Everything was GREAT!

The boys began their daily sessions with Sister Celeste, and were progressing at a wonderful rate under her guidance.

My love for Justin grew stronger each day. My love for Jeremy did, as well, though it became obvious, as time went by, that our love would never reach the plateau that Justin's and my love had. Still, we had a unique relationship and Jeremy's sexual involvement with his brother and me made the experience exhilarating beyond description.

We has suffered through some pretty rough nights with Jeremy experiencing withdrawal, but we were all the stronger for it, and I came to love Jeremy in a special way for his fortitude in keeping the promise he had made to demonstrate his love for Justin and me by putting drugs behind him forever. I was enormously proud of him. I told him so frequently.

In a blink, the boys' 15th Birthday was upon us.

We planned out the entire weekend to celebrate, not only the boys' Birthday, but also, to celebrate Judge Meadows' granting legal permanence to our relationship...and for his involvement in introducing me to Gordon Mack, whose syndication contract would lift any financial hardship, that might have otherwise come into play, off our shoulders.

The celebration began on Friday afternoon, after the boys were finished with their session with Sister Celeste.

We gathered at Turtle Creek Park to have pizza and picnic with the boys who brought Jeremy to Father Christopher at the mission. The price of admission was for the same boys to turn their pockets inside-out to ensure that none of them had tainted the scene by bringing drugs.

Father Christopher dished out the pizza and the boys seemed to warm up to him more so than on their first encounter with him.

Many of the boys hugged and congratulated Justin and Jeremy for abandoning their former `professions'. I was sad for the other boys, knowing what lay ahead for them after sunset. As many of them as I had occasion to speak to, I encouraged to seek help from Father Christopher. I don't know if I really got through to any of them.

They were all enjoying themselves. Soccer seemed the activity of choice. They were all so very beautiful, what a shame they can't find someone to take them away from their destructive lifestyle, I thought.

I had called Sean and invited him and Ian to join us. They eventually showed up for a brief visit. The love that had developed between them seemed strong and genuine. I was pleased that, like the two Js, Ian was out of this horrible business.

Our fun was dampened, somewhat, when it began to rain. Father Christopher invited the boys to load into the van and resume the festivities at the shelter with the, as planned, ice cream. To my surprise, all but two of the boys took him up on the offer. The boys agreed to stay the night at the shelter, since the plan was to load them into the van the following morning and meet Justin, Jeremy, and me, as well as Chad, whom we had invited to join us at Six Flags over Texas for a day of excitement.

It was delicious to hear the happy din of their laughter as it punctuated the fun had on all the rides. The two Js and I were drenched from our log-ride experience, but we laughed and laughed. My sides grew sore from all the laughter. It was wonderful. I marveled that these street savvy boys projected such innocence in their laughter.

We were all exhausted by the end of the day. Chad, the two Js, and I followed, in my Camaro, Father Christopher's van all the way to Turtle Creek Park.

There was one chore I wanted to get out of the way.

Father parked the van and came around to open the sliding door on the passenger side of the van, as the latch inside frequently malfunctions.

I was so pleased to see each of the boys hug Father, with much affection, as they exited the van. By the time the last of them had delivered his hug, Father had tears running down his cheeks.

I counted two short of the number of boys who had accompanied us to Six Flags. They stayed in the van to return with Father to the shelter.

Wow, I thought to myself, he's winning them over, slowly but surely.

I handed an envelop to Jeremy and Justin and had them to present it to the boy who had provided the $50.00 fix to Jeremy. It was $75.00, which should clear the debt with interest. I didn't want him to be in trouble with whomever he hustles the drugs for. He accepted the money and hugged both Js, who, then, hurried to return to the car.

Father waved goodbye to us, then returned to the driver's side of the van and drove away.

It was late by the time we arrived at the apartment.

Chad went to his car, which was parked a few spaces away from my reserved space. He took every excuse to delay leaving.

"I had a GREAT TIME, guys. I really thank you for taking me along." Chad said.

Chad opened the driver's door of his car and struggled for something to say.

"I...I...really, it was great, I, I..." Chad struggled.

I knew what he wanted.

"Chad, it's quite late, would you prefer to stay the night here with us?" I suggested.

"I'd love to, if it's OK...it's a long drive home from here, so I'd really like to..."

I interrupted:

"Lock up your car and come on, then, OK?" I said.

He wasted no time joining us.

Once inside the apartment, both Js and I were quickly naked, as was always the case.

"Wow, you guys stay nude around the apartment?" Chad inquired.

"Sure, Chad, hurry up, get naked!" Jeremy ordered.

"Really?" Chad asked.

"Not this again." Jeremy said as he went to Chad and began to strip him.

Chad did not resist.

"You have a very nice physique, Chad. Do you work out?" I asked, as Jeremy finished stripping Chad naked.

"Naw, I run, I swim, but I don't pump iron or anything." Chad replied.

"Well, you're very beautiful, you're doing something right." I asserted.

"Thanks...you guys are really hot as hell. I never dreamed I'd ever be here, naked like this with the three of you...it's the hottest experience I have ever had." Chad replied.

"Well, make yourself at home, Chad." I said.

I guess I should let Uncle Michael know I'm staying overnight, so he won't worry. I'm not required to check in, but it seems like the polite thing to do." Chad said.

"That's very thoughtful of you, Chad. Help yourself, the phone's there on the table, next to the sofa." I replied.

"Anyone Hungry?" I asked.

"No Way!" The two Js responded in unison.

"We're stuffed from all the burgers and fries and stuff at Six Flags." Jeremy said.

I turned to Chad, who was dialing the phone.

Chad shook his head and patted his tummy, as sign he, too, was full.

"Well, then, I recommend a hot, relaxing shower, followed by some shut eye." I said.

"Yeah...cool, Barry, we can all get in the shower at the same time, I'm sure we can." Jeremy said.

"I suppose so, sweetie, it'll be a little crowed, but that could be fun." I replied.

Soon, the hot water was running down each of our torsos.

Justin took me into his arms and kissed me passionately, and for a long time.

Chad was taken by this and looked at Jeremy sheepishly. Finally, he said, in a soft tone:

"Jeremy, could I please, well, I mean..."

Jeremy interrupted Chad, by pulling him into a kiss, which he delivered with similar passion to that his brother was showing me.

Chad responded by putting his arms around Jeremy's neck and actively kissing him back, strongly.

We were all sporting erections by now.

After our respective kisses had ended, I said:

"Happy Birthday, my beautiful boys, I LOVE YOU!"

Chad interrupted:

"Barry, I love the way you speak in such loving terms to Justin and Jeremy. You call them sweetie, sweetheart, baby, and all those affectionate terms. I think it's great."

"I guess it's kinda mushy, but it's who I am. I'm a mushy guy, I guess. My love for Justin and Jeremy is a very delicate thing, and I guess I feel it should be expressed in equally delicate terms." I confessed.

"I think it's GREAT!" Chad repeated.

"Thanks, Chad, you're a sweetie, too." I said.

Chad smiled at me, widely.

"Thanks, Barry. I see why Justin and Jeremy love you so much." Chad said.

"Looks like we're all, shall I say, `Up' for the evening." I said, looking at the quartet of penises dancing before us.

"I know that's right!" Chad proclaimed.

We finished our shower, all of us remaining erect.

"Let's all sleep together, the bed's big enough...OK, Barry?" Jeremy requested.

"OK...if it gets crowded, Chad and perhaps you, Jeremy, can use the guest room or the hide-a-bed." I replied.

"This is too HOT. It's like a dream come true." Chad commented.

"Cum is the operative word, I suppose." I chuckled.

Chad smiled at me, acknowledging what he had in mind.

Soon, we were in bed. Good thing it was a king-size bed, as there was room for all.

Justin and I cuddled and kissed and fondled each other, as we engaged in our protracted foreplay.

Jeremy and Chad did the same on their side of the bed.

After becoming sunburn red in his passion, Chad finally spoke up:

"Jeremy, I want you to fuck me, but...please be gentle, it's my first time.

Jeremy moved, immediately to place Chad's heels on his shoulders to expose Chad's anus for penetration.

Jeremy began to position his penis to enter Chad.

"Whoa, Hold On, Jeremy. Didn't you hear what he said? This is his first time. You'll need to prep him first." I instructed.

"Prep him? I'm gonna put precum on him first." Jeremy said.

"No, No. It's going to take more than that to get him through his first time." I said.

"OK...I've never done it with a virgin before, what do I do?" Jeremy asked.

I looked at Chad:

"Is it OK if I help you get ready for this, sweetie?" I asked.

"Sure, I didn't know I needed to be prepped." Chad answered.

"Well, sweetie, if we don't do this right...if Jeremy had penetrated you without this preparation, he could have torn your sphincter. It wouldn't have been a pleasurable experience, but, rather a very painful one. Also, if you haven't learned to sense if you rectum is packed, and know to use an enema first, it could have been a rather nasty one as well." I explained.

"I had no idea." Chad responded.

"Come with me, then." I instructed.

Chad followed me to the bathroom. I got a prepackaged saline enema from the medicine cabinet.

"OK, baby doll, bend over for me." I requested.

Chad complied, still donning a rock-hard erection. I moved to his rear, and knelt behind him.

"OK, I'm going to lubricate your anus and this nozzle with some K-Y and insert the nozzle into your rectum." I informed him.

"OK, will it hurt?" Chad asked.

"No, not unless you resist being penetrated." I replied.

"OK" Chad replied.

The two Js watched from the bathroom doorway.

I used a finger to spread the K-Y onto Chad's anus and massaged it a bit.

"God, that feels good, Barry." Chad remarked.

"Now relax and let me in, OK?" I requested.

"I'll try." Chad replied.

I slowly inserted the nozzle of the enema bottle into Chad's rectum.

"Yes, Barry...it feels good." Chad remarked.

"OK, baby, I'm going to empty the enema into you, now. It'll feel cool at first, then after a minute or so, it will cause you to have a bowel movement and evacuate anything in your rectum." I explained.

"OK". Chad replied.

I squeezed the enema bottle, gently, until its contents were inside Chad.

"I'm going to remove the nozzle now, Chad." I said.

"Do you have to...it feels good." Chad replied.

"Sweetie, in a moment, you'll want it out of there...you'll see." I explained.

"OK" Chad replied.

"You can stand up, sweetie." I said.

"OK" Chad replied, as he stood up.

"Now, just wait a moment. You might as well sit on the commode, baby, that's where you'll want to be in just a moment" I suggested.

"Wow, no one ever prepped me or J-1 like that for our first time...we just got dry-fucked." Jeremy said, as we waited for the enema to work

"Uh Oh" Chad interrupted, as the enema began to produce results.

Chad emptied his rectum into the commode, nearly nothing was evacuated, his rectum was not packed.

"Good job, baby, you're empty now and well lubricated inside. Now we need to tease your anus into opening up for Jeremy, OK?" I suggested.

"Hell YES!......I want Jeremy inside me right NOW!" Chad replied.

"Hold on, we don't want to tear your sphincter, OK. Jeremy will be in you as soon as your anus is willing to let him in. I promise." I said.

I led Chad to the bed and had him to lie on his back and spread his legs. I knelt between his legs, at his butt. I placed his heels on my shoulders, as Jeremy had done earlier, exposing his sweet, tight anus to my touch.

I took the K-Y and lubed his anus generously with it.

I massaged his anus until I could feel it become more welcoming.

"Watch, Jeremy, see how I do this." I said.

Jeremy came to my side and watched.

"OK, Chad, try to relax. I'm going to put a single finger into your anus. I'll be gentle." I said.

"OK, Barry, I'm ready." Chad replied.

I slowly inserted my index finger into Chad's ass.

"Oh...God...that's just one finger?" Chad asked.

"Yes, sweet boy, just one, my index finger." I replied.

"It hurt, at first, now it feels good." Chad reported.

"OK, baby, I'm going to finger fuck you a little. It encourages your anus to open up." I said.

"OK" Chad replied.

I began moving my finger in and out, in and out, slowly.

"God, it feels GREAT, Barry. Maybe you should fuck me first." Chad suggested.

"Jeremy will be gentle, Chad, don't worry. I'll get you ready for him, just be patient." I replied.

"OK" Chad replied.

I squeezed more K-Y out onto my fingers. I inserted my index and middle fingers into Chad's anus.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." Chad moaned.

Your anus is relaxing for me now, Chad. Let's do the finger fucking a little longer. I think you'll be ready for Jeremy then, OK?" I suggested.

"Yeah, it's GREAT...don't stop, Barry." Chad replied.

I continued to finger fuck him until his anus was willing to accept a third finger.

"You're ready, baby, I'm going to let Jeremy fuck you now. He'll be gentle." I said as I turned to Jeremy.

"I will, Chad. I'll be gentle. Are you ready for me?" Jeremy asked.

"Fuck me, Jeremy, I want you in me." Chad replied.

I moved out of the way, allowing Jeremy to assume my place.

Jeremy positioned his penis for the penetration.

I moved to kiss Chad on his forehead. He was feverously hot, even his forehead.

"Ready?" Jeremy asked.

Chad nodded.

Jeremy moved gently and slowly past Chad's sphincter.

Chad inhaled deeply as Jeremy entered him.

"Oh God, Yes, Jeremy, fuck me, fill me with your cum." Chad exclaimed.

"OK, Chad, I will." Jeremy replied.

"Let's join them, Barry." Justin suggested.

"Great Idea!" I responded.

I lay on my back, shoulder to shoulder to Chad and Justin lubed my anus with his precum. He slowly entered me as the fireworks began in my mind's eye.

"Sync Up, Bro'" Jeremy said.

Justin complied.

Their pelvises thrust in synchronization, slowly, but firmly.

"God...Yes...don't stop, Jeremy." Chad begged.

I turned to look at Chad, as he turned his head to face me as well. He was in ecstasy.

"They always cum together, Chad. I'll explain later." I informed him, as I reached across and took his penis into my hand and began slowly stroking it. He reciprocated. We filled each others hand with precum.

Justin and Jeremy closed their eyes, simultaneously. I knew what was about to happen.

Justin blasted his hot cum into me by, what seemed liked, cupfuls.

"God, it's HOT, Jeremy, really HOT. I love it, don't stop." Chad proclaimed, as Jeremy pumped him full of his own hot, sweet cum.

They continued their pelvic thrusts, until they were completely drained. Then they looked at each other.

"Done, J-1?" Jeremy asked.

"Done. You too, J-2?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, Jeremy replied.

Both Js slowly stopped their thrusting.

"Damn, you're tight, Chad...You were GREAT!" Jeremy complimented.

"Thanks." Chad replied.

"Don't pull out yet, boys." I said.

"OK" They replied, in unison.

I turned to face Chad; we were still lying on our backs next to each other. He reciprocated.

"When he pulls out, Chad, move quickly to take him into your mouth and accept his residual cum. We don't want to waste a single drop." I instructed.

Chad nodded.

"OK, sweeties, you can pull out now." I said.

They slowly pulled out and Chad and I moved quickly to take them in.

"Get every drop, Chad, watch how I do it." I suggested.

Chad watched, with Jeremy's dick still in his mouth, as I traced my finger along Justin's taint, pushing his residual cum to his meatus, where I took it onto my eager tongue. Chad copied my movements, perfectly.

"You guys ready to cum now?" Jeremy asked.

"Hell, YES, before I explode!" Chad replied.

"Spread `em." Jeremy commanded, as he and Justin allowed Chad's and my legs back down onto the bed.

We complied.

The boys lay down on their bellies and took us into their hot mouths.

They performed fellatio on us in perfect sync, as one would expect.

"I'm going to cum, baby." I proclaimed to Justin after a few minutes of his tongue working on my corona.

"Me too," Chad added.

My ejaculation and its associated orgasm were completely overwhelming. I shuddered as it was occurring and nearly blacked-out from the ecstasy.

I was so immersed in my own ecstasy I didn't observe Chad's ejaculation. It must have been good and voluminous, as his cum was dripping from Jeremy's chin, when I finally became conscious enough to observe.

"I never knew anything could be this good." Chad declared.

"They're really something, aren't they?" I replied.

"You've had them both?.......At the same time?!?" Chad asked.

"Yes, I have. It's marvelous." I replied, with a smile.

"I'm exhausted, completely exhausted, just from Jeremy." Chad reported.

"Like I said, They're really something, huh?" I repeated.

"I couldn't do both of them. It would kill me." Chad said with a large smile.

"You're right, in more ways than one, Chad. Justin is off-limits, he's my lover." I said.

"No problem, Barry, I understand." Chad replied.

"Let's get some sleep. Tomorrow will be here before you know it." I suggested.

Soon, we were in our usual positions, much to Chad's bewilderment, with both boys cuddling to me, on either side, Justin holding my penis and Jeremy cupping my balls in his hand.

Chad rolled to his side, as well, pressing his penis, gently, into Jeremy's butt-crack. Jeremy did not resist.

We slept like the proverbial log.

The next morning, I prepared a light, continental breakfast and we sat, naked, at he kitchen table and enjoyed it with some coffee.

Afterwards, Chad showered, dressed, and prepared for work.

"Trey will be expecting me. I'd better get going." Chad said.

"We'll see you tonight, Chad. It's the final part of our celebration. Dinner at Trey. You'll join us, I hope." I said.

"I'll try. It depends on how busy we get. I don't know if Uncle Michael will be able to cover for me." Chad advised.

"OK" I replied.

Chad gave Jeremy a passionate kiss goodbye, and Justin gave Justin and me a more appropriate, though sweet, kiss, as well.

After Chad left, I turned to Jeremy.

"It was quite an honor, Jeremy, that he selected you to be his first, don't take him for granted." I admonished.

"I won't. I tried to give him the best fuck I could. He liked it." Jeremy advised.

"Yes, he did. You were gentle with him and gave him, what will probably prove to be, not just his first, but his all-time best sexual experience, ever." I advised.

"He's HOT. I enjoyed him, he's sweet." Jeremy said.

"I think he might be falling in love, or at least puppy love, with you, you know." I suggested.

"Think so? I really enjoyed sex with him, Barry, but I don't know about love...not this soon." Jeremy advised.

"Well, try not to lead him on, but give him a chance, at the same time. He really seems smitten with you." I said.

"OK, Barry, I will." Jeremy replied.

"I think he was confused that you snuggled with me last night, rather than with him. I hope we didn't hurt his feelings." I advised.

"Of course, I snuggled to you, Barry. I love you. Chad was great sex, but I still ant to sleep in your arms. I know who wiped my dirty ass, and held me as I went through all that withdrawal stuff...it was you, Barry. Not Chad." Jeremy proclaimed.

"I understand, baby." I replied.

"Look, I know J-1 is your lover. I'm not trying to muscle in on that, but I love you too, Barry...you've done everything for me." Jeremy declared.

"I know, sweet Jeremy. The three of us have a truly unique bond. It's a precious thing. It's a balancing act, to be sure, but a bond, never-the-less, that I don't think any of the three of us would want to break." I puzzled aloud.

Jeremy turned to Justin:

"Did you feel love, when I was in Chad, bro'?"

"No, not really, but I think he's beginning to love you, J-2. He might grow into it, but I think it's just a crush for now." Justin said.

"I think he was overwhelmed with all that happened last night, so don't form any premature conclusions." I suggested.

"But I don't love him, Barry; I just want to fuck him!" Jeremy replied.

"I understand, but try not to hurt his feelings and give him a chance to explore what's in his heart. He may really come to love you, Jeremy. If we break his heart on his first experience with love, he may never get over it." I said.

"Really?" Jeremy said.

"Sure, it took me years to get over my first love, if I really ever got over it all, and the heartbreak he unwittingly served up for me." I said.

Justin came to me and kissed me.

"I'm here now, Barry. I'll never break your heart." Justin proclaimed.

"I know, Baby, and I thank God for you, constantly." I replied.

"What about me?" Jeremy asked.

"You too, baby. I thank God for each of you all the time. He's probably tired of hearing from me, by now." I clarified.

"I love you, Barry." Justin proclaimed.

"Me too, I love you too." Jeremy added.

"I could never go on without you two, believe me, I'd lose my purpose in life without you two, You'll never know what a deep, dark hole I lived in before you two came into my life. First, Justin, my lover...and then, Jeremy, my sweet Jeremy." I said, as tears came to my eyes.

Justin kissed my tears away and I spread my arms out fully to take them both into them.

We spent the day cuddling and watching movies, and playing video games, until it was time to dress and leave for Trey.

We arrived at the same time as Father Christopher and his two new charges, whom I told Father he was welcome to bring along.

"Johnny...Jessie!" Justin yelled, when he saw them emerge from the Mission van.

"Dudes!" They responded, as they joined the twins and began chatting.

I approached Father Christopher and said:

"Sounds like another set of twins, huh, Father?"

"Johnny and Jessie?" Father replied.

I smiled.

"Look at them, they look nothing alike." Father advised.

"I was just kidding, Father." I said.

"Of course, Barry, I'm sorry. It's been a long day. I guess I'm just distracted from my meeting with the Bishop, earlier." Father apologized.

"On Sunday?" I asked.

"Oh yes. There's no rest for the weary. The he was waiting for me, when I returned from taking communion to the hospital." Father advised.

"Must be pretty important for him to show up on Sunday." I suggested.

"I'll tell you about it, later. It's a long story. The Bishop is quite angry with me, at the moment. He may take the Shelter away from me." Father reported.

"No Way!" I said.

"Yes, Way!" Father replied.

"I hope it's got nothing to do with me and the boys." I said.

"No, he knows nothing of any of that, Barry, and wouldn't care, anyway." Father said.

"I'll tell you later." Father promised.

Trey and Michael were especially excited at having a priest in attendance. They were on pins and needles, though I had told them to relax, that Father was a regular fellow who would like them, right away.

"Welcome, Father Christopher!" Michael exclaimed, as Chad led us to our table, in my favorite private room.

"Thank You, I'm delighted to be here. I've heard so many wonderful things about Trey from Barry. I'm anxious to experience all these things first hand." Father replied.

Just then, Trey joined Michael to welcome us.

"Father, this is Trey. He and Michael own and operate this restaurant. They've been so eager to meet you and have you here for dinner." I asserted.

"We don't see many Roman Collars here, Father." Trey offered.

"Well, when I spread the word about how wonderful everything is here to my fellow priests, the place may begin to resemble a priests-convention. Father said, with a chuckle.

"Really, Father?" Trey asked.

"Of Course!" Father replied.

"I'm so relieved, Father. We were so anxious about having a priest here; we didn't know what behavior would be expected of us." Michael said.

"A priest is just like anyone else. If you stick him with a pin, he'll jump as high as anyone. Just be yourselves. That's what I intend to do." Father said with a smile.

"It's just that much of our clientele is gay..." Michael started

"And?" Father interrupted.

Michael was taken aback at this response from Father. He smiled and said:

"Welcome, Father, please make yourself at home. What would you like to drink? I know Barry's and the twins' usual." Michael said.

"Scotch on the rocks, please." Father replied.

"I'll have it right out." Michael replied.

"What about the other boys, should I just ask them later?" Michael inquired.

"The twins and the other boys are outside looking at Chad's new car-stereo. They'll be in shortly." I advised.

"Very well, I'll get their orders, later." Michael said.

By the way, Michael, You and Trey should understand that Johnny and Jessie are extremely street-savvy, and can be somewhat coarse, at times. They have several years on the twins. I've cautioned them to be on their best behavior, but, boys will be boys, so don't be shocked at anything either of them might say." Father explained.

"No problem, Father. The twins are pretty street-savvy, too." Michael replied.

Father nodded.

"I never could develop a taste for scotch, Father." I said, as Michael went to prepare our drinks.

"It's an acquired taste, Barry." Father replied.

"I tried, in my college years, to learn to like it. It was in vogue, at the time, to drink it. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that I'm a bourbon man." I advised.

"Funny, isn't it, Barry. I don't think I know anyone who drinks either. Scotch drinkers, typically dislike bourbon and vice versa." Father observed.

"That seems true, Father, I tried hard to like scotch, but at the end of the day, I thought the stuff tastes like mare sweat." I chuckled.

Father smiled:

"Sounds like a line from `A funny thing happened on the way to the forum'"

Just then, Michael returned with our drinks.

"Michael, I know it's considered proper etiquette not to thank one's waiter openly, but I can never bring myself to do that. Thank you." Father explained, as Michael placed our drinks before us.

"Emily Post isn't here tonight, Father. Formalities are all dismissed." Michael said, with a smile.

Michael left us alone to wait on the others to join us. It seemed like the right time:

"Father, you've really piqued my curiosity regarding the matter with the Bishop." I said, as I took a drink from my `Bourbon & 7'"

"He's upset with me, Barry, because I refuse to allow certain of my residents to participate in a program the diocese operates in cooperation with the `Catholic Charities' organization." Father reported.

"Really?" I asked.

"I believe it to be immoral, Barry, I won't be a part of it." Father replied.

"Immoral...really?" I replied.

"Barry, a high number of those at the shelter are in this country illegally. I've gone to the trouble to read the immigration laws of the United States. I find them fair and just. If they were otherwise, we'd be just in not complying with them. Since they are just and fair, we are compelled to comply with them. Are you with me so far?" Father asked.

"Sure, Father." I replied.

"I'm always eager to provide for them with all the money and means donated to the Shelter for our purposes and in compliance with our mission statement...BUT...this program the diocese has been running for decades constitutes theft, in my opinion." Father added.

"Theft?" I replied.

"Yes, Theft, Barry, I'm sorry to say. Father affirmed.

Father continued, after a sip from his scotch.

"Barry, the Bishop knows full well, as do I, that nearly all these illegal aliens have phony I.Ds, still he has Catholic Charities to gather them into an auditorium, periodically, and provide them with free paralegals, at the diocese's expense, to register them for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, and numerous other State and Federal programs that they are NOT entitled to. I find that an abuse on two levels:

  1. We abuse our tithing parishioners, who don't wish their money spent in this fashion
  2. It abuses the taxpayers, including those same parishioners.

"It's not Charity, Barry. It's deceitful, it's dishonest, and I will not be part of it." Father said.

"What a load of `Taurus Excrementus'! I declared.

Father slowly finished another sip of his scotch and placed his glass on the table. He turned to me with a coy smile.

"I'm not sure that `Excrementus' is the proper gender, and `Taurus', probably should have been in the genitive...but your point is well taken, Barry." Father corrected my Latin.

"OK, Father, in the vernacular, then:

What a load of Bullshit!" I clarified.

Father nodded, as he took another sip of his scotch.

"Barry, we have an obligation to Charity...charity within our own means. Knowingly registering these folks for benefits they are not entitled to, is coerced charity, which of course, is not charity at all...it's theft." Father explained.

"I had no idea, Father!" I declared.

"Most Catholics don't.....AND...it's not just Catholics, many Protestant Denominations have similar programs." Father explained.

"And the Bishop knows these folks are not eligible?" I asked.

"Sure he does. It's a pretty clever gig, huh? Forcing all these poor folks onto the government dole, to avoid incurring the financial burden on the part of the diocese. It would probably bankrupt the diocese to attempt to provide for them all." Father suggested.

"I had no idea!" I repeated.

"Let me give you an analogy, Barry." Father said.

"OK" I replied.

"Suppose the proverbial Good Samaritan had stumbled upon that victim of violence, as the story goes, but instead of taking the poor fellow into his arms and removing him to the Inn, whereupon he paid for the care of the injured fellow from his own purse...suppose, instead, the Samaritan had pulled a gun and placed it to the head of the next passerby and forced him to do it. Would he be engaged in an act of Charity? I think NOT, you can't steal from someone to use his means to provide for the needs of someone else, even in the name of Charity. That's not Charity, it's simple theft." Father explained.

Father took another sip from his drink and went on:

"I'd love to see people be more charitable, Barry, but they must do it of their own free will. We must never coerce them." Father concluded.

"Is it just our diocese, here in Dallas, or do they all do this?" I asked.

"What do you think, Barry?" Father asked.

"It's all of them, huh?" I responded, sadly.

Father nodded, as he finished another sip.

"And many other denominations do the same, Barry. It's theft committed against the taxpayer at a scale you can't imagine." Father added.

"I see." I said.

"So, the Bishop showed up to take my residents, personally, to one of these registration sessions. I told them that if they accompany the Bishop to such a session, they were no longer welcome at All Saints' Shelter." Father explained.

"Good for you Father!" I declared.

"The Bishop was furious, Barry. So, I may not be in charge of the Shelter much longer." Father suggested.

"Cause you won't steal from the taxpayers?" I asked.

"That's pretty much it, Barry." Father said.

"But you're not a diocesan priest, you're an Order Priest. What can he do?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm an Alexian Priest, Barry. But our Shelter is operated in this diocese at the pleasure of its Bishop." Father replied.

"Well, Father, if the Bishop removes you, or has you removed by your order, I'll promptly write an article on the subject. The Bishop won't like that too much, I bet." I suggested.

"You know, Barry, when I was in the Seminary, all those years ago, part of our priestly formation was to come to understand that ALL priests have a primary goal...to become `Alter Christus'. Father said.

"Another Christ?" I asked.

"Precisely. You know your Latin, Barry." Father complimented.

"Thanks." I replied.

"I fear that far too many of our Bishops and priests have lost sight of that goal and have become, instead, `Alter Barabbas'.

"Barabbas,huh? I asked.

"Yeas, just another damned political zealot...substituting political involvement for personal holiness." Father said.

Michael arrived with fresh drinks for us both.

"Thanks, Michael." Father said.

"You're quite welcome, Father. Should I chase the boys in here, you must be hungry." Michael said.

Father nodded.

"I'll round them up, Father." Michael said.

I was completely taken aback at the revelations Father Christopher had just granted me.

"This blows my mind, Father." I said.

"That's only part of it, Barry." Father said, lifting his scotch to his lips.

"There's more?" I asked.

"You know about the `Catholic Community Appeal' don't you?" Father said.

"Know what?" I asked.

"Each year, the Bishop assesses each Parish with an amount of money to raise, right?" Father asked.

"Right." I affirmed.

"Let's say the Bishop assesses a Parish $500,000.00 to raise, but the parish only raises $300,000.00?" Father teased me.

"Guess the Bishop will have to make do on $300,000.00". I said.

"WRONG!" Father corrected me.

"How's that, Father?" I asked.

"The Bishop's assessment is, in effect, a tax, Barry. If the poor Pastor fails to satisfy the assessment, the difference will be taken from the Parish's operating budget. Didn't know that, huh?" Father asked.

"So, the Bishop gets his $500,000.00, no matter what, huh?" I said.

"Now, you're getting the picture, Barry." Father said.

No wonder the poor Pastors, who hate talking money in the first place, have to go about like mendicants during the CCA." I observed.

"It's all quite proper, under Canon Law, Barry." Father said.

He went on:

"Listen, Barry, priests spend so much time listening to the problems of everyone else, we rarely are granted an opportunity to unload our cares and frustrations on someone else. Thanks for being a sounding board, and letting me vent. I appreciate it." Father concluded.

"Sure, Father, any time." I said.

"Keep all this confidential, Barry." Father requested.

"OK, unless they try to remove you...then they'll find out why the pen is mightier than the sword." I declared.

"Now, Now" Father said, as the boys arrived to join us.

Michael took orders for drinks and dinner from each of us, as I pondered all I had just learned from Father. I guess priests have to keep their frustrations and problems bottled up for the most part. They damned well better not try to remove him from the Shelter! I thought to myself.

The boys chattered away, briefly, as Michael returned with drinks for us all, including fresh drinks for Father and me.

Father spoke up to gain everyone's attention:

"May I offer the first remarks?"

We all became silent.

Father went on:

"Fifteen years ago, today, God sent two very special boys into our world...Twin Boys, Justin and Jeremy. Today they are young men. They have arrived at today, having suffered the worst the world has to offer. I thank God for sending them to me.

Knowing, perhaps, that they would need someone to rescue them and love them, He gave Barry a few years head start on them, so he would be ready to embrace them, when I called upon him.

The love that has grown between them is palpable and precious. I recently witnessed its outpouring in Judge's Chambers. No one could ever doubt the depth of that love, after the display of it I saw with my own eyes. It will be my prayer and my purpose to nurture that love, as best I can."

Father turned to me.

"Barry, I can only say...God, how they love you. I know you will love and care and protect them, for your love for them is great, indeed. I know, too, you recognize them for the precious treasure they are, for they are, indeed."

I was tearing up as Father turned to the boys:

"Justin, Jeremy, I am satisfied that Barry didn't just happen along, rather, he was sent to you, at precisely the time you and I needed him. I know, too, he loves you both beyond the telling, and would place his life on the line for you, without a moment's hesitation."

"No greater love than this does any man have...as the scriptures admonish us. Return that love, always, and support Barry in his quest to guide you. Know too, I'll always be in your corner with my own love and support for the three of you. Never hesitate to call upon me, if you need me."

"Happy Birthday, my dear Justin and Jeremy" Father concluded.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Justin, sitting next to me, rose, took his napkin and wiped my tears away, and kissed me on the cheek, placing an arm around my shoulders.

"My turn" I choked to say.

"Thanks for your kind remarks, Father. The Js and I know full well we wouldn't be together if not for you. We love you, we will always love you and support you in any way we can. It's unthinkable to me to consider not having Justin and Jeremy in my life. Yet, had it not been for you, Father, I might never have known that they even exist. The three of us are, forever, in your debt." I declared.

I continued:

"A toast then, to Justin and Jeremy, on this, their 15th Birthday, and to Father Christopher who brought us together." I proclaimed.

We all raised our glasses to consummate our toast.

The twins looked at each other. They wanted to say something and were coaching each other to speak.

"Go ahead, J-1, you do it." Jeremy said.

"OK, you stand up, too." Justin said.

Both Js rose, Justin spoke:

"I don't know how to do toasts or anything, so I just want to say; Me and J-2 love you, Barry..." Justin started

Jeremy interrupted:

"Yeah, Barry, you loved us, even when we stinked."

Father looked at me questioningly

"It's along story, Father, I'll explain later." I said to Father.

Justin went on:

"I don't know what would have happened to me and J-2 if...if..." He began to tear up.

Justin quickly recovered:

"Anyway, we love you, Barry...is that a toast?" Justin concluded.

"It sure is, Justin, I'm really touched." I said, as I motioned for all to raise their glasses.

Jessie looked across the table, at the twins, and said in a sad tone:

"You guys are lucky, me and Johnny got nobody."

"Yeah...don't worry, Father will help you, you'll see." Justin replied.

Johnny and Jessie turned to Father.

"Be patient, guys, we'll do our best...you'll be safe, warm and fed in the meantime. You're both over 18, you know, so your situation is quite different. Don't worry. Father responded.

Chad, Michael and Trey appeared and served our salads.

"Father, would you please say grace for us?"

Father rose and delivered a wonderful blessing.

We all began with our salads, then.

"Wow! What's in this salad dressing?" Father asked.

"Top secret stuff, Father." Justin replied.

"It's true, Father, Trey will never tell you what's in his signature salad dressing, it's a trade secret. He won't even prepare it in the presence of the other chefs." I added.

"Anything this pleasurable must be sinful" Father suggested.

We all chuckled.

"Perhaps, Trey will allow me to set up a confessional in the corner, here. The customers can go directly from the table to the confessional...could be handy." Father said, with a smile.

"Yeah, I can hear it now: `Bless me Father, I had the salad." I suggested.

We all had a good laugh.

Our dinner was delightful. It was followed by twin Birthday Cakes and coffee. Chad joined us for the cake and coffee and sat next to Jeremy. He spent much of his time with a hand under the tablecloth, playing with Jeremy's inside thigh and genitals. He thought he was being discreet, but we all knew what he was doing.

As the festivities proceeded toward and end, I made a subtle motion to Michael for our check. He slowly shook his head in the negative and nodded toward Father.

I turned to Father.

Father spoke up for all to hear:

"It seems that Justin and Jeremy have a secret admirer. I am his emissary this evening. He wishes to remain anonymous, but insists on picking up this evening's tab as a token of his affection for Justin and Jeremy."

"Who is it, Father?" Justin asked.

"I said he wishes to remain an anonymous benefactor, so I can't say who he is." Father replied, then turned to me and continued:

"Let's just say that without his jurisprudence, this evening might not have been possible." Father concluded.

Wow, Judge Meadows, I marveled to myself. How very sweet of him.

I nodded to Father, who smiled at me in acknowledgement.

"Juriswhat?" Jeremy asked.

"His special wisdom. Don't worry about who it is. Just be grateful, and say a prayer of thanks for him. The Lord knows who he is." Father said.

"We'll do that, Father, as we will for you, as well" I responded.

"Thanks, I'll take all of that I can get." Father replied.

Father turned to the boys and mused, aloud:

"Funny, isn't it? In Biblical times, a boy was considered an adult man at the onset of puberty. That is the point at which he was bar-mitzvahed. The boy would have been and groomed to be ready to take on that mantle of manhood by that time. Now, our silly and naive society tries to have our children remain children until they're college age...or even beyond. Whose society was the more sophisticated, the people of the Bible or our own?" Father observed.

"Good Point, Father!" I replied.

"Well, I suppose I should get Johnny and Jessie back to the shelter, before the Mission Van reverts back into a pumpkin. It's getting late, and it's a long drive to downtown Dallas." Father suggested.

"Father, we're honored that you joined us." I said

I turned to Johnny and Jessie:

"Guys, we're so pleased you joined us, as well. You're in the best possible hands, don't worry, it'll all work out. Just place your trust in Father." I said.

"We will...can we come see the Js, sometimes?" Johnny asked.

"Sure, we'll make a point of it." I replied.

"Yeah, we'll se you guys, don't worry." Jeremy said.

"Barry, I know I don't have to tell you to take good care of Justin and Jeremy, so I won't. BUT...I will say this, once more: God, how they love you. If you could have been in Judge's Chambers with us to see that love expressed, you'd never doubt it or fail to appreciate it." Father admonished me.

"Believe me, Father; I consider them the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon me. I'll never take them for granted, nor will my love for them ever diminish." I promised.

Father patted me gently, on the back, as he rose to leave.

"Well, we're on our way, then." Father said, as he motioned for Johnny and Jessie to join him.

"Please, guys, take some of the left-over Birthday cake with you." I suggested.

"I'll get some take home boxes." Chad said, as he rose to leave the room

Michael and Trey accompanied Chad back to the room with the take-home boxes.

"Father, we're very much honored to have had you. Trey and I hope you had a good time and that everything was to your approval." Michael said.

"It was absolutely fabulous. The salad dressing must be a matter of private revelation, si I won't ask what's in it. I've never experienced anything like it." Father observed with a smile.

"Please come back, Father. You're always welcome." Trey said.

"Don't worry, you'll see me again, count on it." Father replied.

Chad, Trey and Michael accompanied Father and his two charges to the door, as the twins and I filled our take-home boxes, as well.

Suddenly, Justin turned to Jeremy and said:


"I can't help it, J-1, Chad played with my balls nearly the whole time." Jeremy replied.

"Barry, we're gonna slow-cum, we can't help it" Justin said.

Just then, Chad returned with a bad for our take-home boxes.

"Chad, no time to explain, can you lock the door, please?" I asked.

"Sure, I have the key. I thought we might do cumicino." Chad said.

With the door locked, Justin and Jeremy dropped their pants to the floor.

"Barry, if you want some of this, you'd better get over here quick." Justin said.

"You too, Chad." Jeremy added.

"HURRY!" Justin exclaimed.

Chad and I rushed to them, went to our knees, and took them into our mouths. Justin's hot penis began to pulse in my mouth.

"Here it comes, Barry. It's a slow cum. I've never done it for you. Here it...Uhhhh...Uhhhh..." Justin moaned.

"Justin's penis began pumping a continuous stream of his hot, sweet cum into my mouth. It didn't spurt, it was a constant stream. It was wonderful.

Jeremy was doing the same in Chad's mouth. Chad reached behind Jeremy and took his butt cheeks into his hands. He pulled Jeremy's butt cheeks until Jeremy's penis was fully inserted into his mouth.

Chad and I swallowed as quickly as we could, but the cum was running down our chins. I was holding a cupped hand under my chin to capture the cum I couldn't swallow fast enough.

I hoped no one in the restaurant, outside our private room, could hear all the slurping sounds Chad and I were producing as we tried to take in the Js cum and not miss a drop.

Finally, the cum slowed and stopped, except for the residual cum, which slowly continued to issue from their penises.

Eventually, the twins slowly withdrew their beautiful penises from Chad's and my mouth.

A large drop of residual cum remained on Justin's meatus. I kissed it away.

"That was fantastic, Jeremy." Chad proclaimed.

"It sure was." I agreed.

"It's kinda different, huh?" Justin asked.

"It was really unique and wonderful." I replied.

"We'll do it again, sometime." Justin said.

"I hope so!" Chad said.

"OK, now you guys get to cum, OK?" Jeremy said.

"Let's hurry home and do it there. The restaurant is full of people and Trey and Michael must, already, wonder what's going on in here." I suggested.

"OK, but it's your turn, Barry, and I want it all." Justin said.

"OK, Baby, let's get going, then." I suggested.

The twins pulled their pants back up and we gathered our take-home boxes and delivered the proper quotient of hugs and kisses to Trey and Michael.

Soon, we were home, naked, and my penis was at home in Justin's hot, sweet mouth.

Chad was in ecstasy, as Jeremy performed his expert fellatio on him.

So our lives proceeded.

True to his word, Jeremy put his drugs problem behind him. It was a rough ride, for several months, but we rode it out together, Jeremy, his brother and me.

True to his word, Judge Meadows was present at the twins 16th Birthday. He was present, as well, for their 17th and 18th Birthdays.

Justin is in college, now. He intends to major in journalism. I'm flattered and so very proud of him. Our love has only grown and I can't imagine ever living without him.

Jeremy decided that college wasn't for him and is understudying Trey to become a chef. Jeremy and Chad were both taken under wing by Trey, who thinks that Jeremy has a knack for cooking. Perhaps, one day, there will be a restaurant called Jeremy.

Jeremy and Chad have become involved in a relationship...perhaps not to the level of `lovers' though I'm sure that is what Chad hopes for, if only Jeremy would come to love him. Chad seems patient, so time will tell.

Father Christopher, Dear Father Christopher, was removed from the shelter by his Order under pressure from the Bishop, because he would NOT place ineligible Aliens onto the public dole, by virtue of their phony documents. The order was refused `faculties' for any replacement Order priest, so the Shelter was shut down.

Father Christopher never got over the matter and after a couple of years, his health began to fail. Now, he is with the Lord Whom he loved so much.

Johnny and Jessie became a number, as they say. Johnny went to work for the City of Dallas and Jessie for the telephone Company. They seem happy.

I penned a series of articles on the deceit and duplicity of, not only the Bishops, but of the many other organizations which provide so-called Charity to ineligible persons on the taxpayer's dime. Those articles produced a firestorm. The Bishop has been replaced, though his replacement seems to be perpetuating the same practices. We'll see.

I owe my greatest blessing to Father Christopher:

That blessing, of course, is:

"Justin, my gift from Father Christopher"

-------END OF STORY-------

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