A story of the relationship between an adult male and a fourteen-year-old boy.


"You will be detained at one of Her Majesty's Prison for the period of Seven Years."

The words still rang in his ears and now four years later he lay on his bed casting his mind back to the day that started his incarceration.

He had returned to his mother's house after his relationship with Ian had come to an end. His partner had decided he wanted to expand his acquaintances with other men which led to the inevitable. So they had sold their habitat and he had returned home. He was in some ways happy to be home not having to bother with keeping the house clean and tidy, or having to do the laundry, and had only to go to work, come home, relax, and eat when he wanted as everything was done for him.

His Mother had known of his homosexuality and had supported him when he had gone to live with Ian, and now she was the one who helped him deal with his disappointment when the relationship had come to an end.

He was forever grateful for his mother's understanding nature and also his father who when he was alive he was able to discuss his problems without any misgivings. He missed his father who had died six months after he had gone to stay with Ian, and had unlike his mother voiced his misgivings about Ian, and was not too sure about his leaving home and now too late he realized how right his father had been about Ian.

He'd been home nearly a month when one Saturday the doorbell rang, shouting to his mother that he'd get it he went to the front door to see who was calling.

The moment he opened the door he just stood there starting at the person on the doorstep who in turn stood there staring back at him. In that brief moment when time seems to stand still and one's power to reason is temporarily non existent they each felt that here was the person that they had been looking for. At last the man regained his senses in what seemed an eternity, but in reality about four seconds he spoke.

"Uh yes what d'you want."

"Umm my mum sent this around for auntie Dorothy, umm, I mean Mrs. Blake."

"Thanks I'm her son I'll take it for her who should I say sent it?"

"Uh my umm I mean Mrs Burton."

"Okay, thanks a lot you want to come in?"

"Uh umm uhh yea okay if it's alright."

"Yeah, come on in," and the boy accepted the invitation stepping into the house. He led the boy into the sitting room and asked him to take a seat while he went and delivered the package to his mother who was in the kitchen. He returned a couple of moments later accompanied by his mother and as they walked into the sitting room she called out, "Kazar, how nice to see you."

"Hi aunty," the boy replied to the greeting.

"Thank your mother for the food it's very nice of her to have sent it. Now let me introduce my son you've never met him as he's only been home a month and he left over a year ago before your family moved to this locality. Kazar this is Jonathan and Jonathan this is Kazar (pronounced Kayzaar) who likes to be called Kaz which I don't agree with as I think Kazar sounds much better.

"Oh Auntie"

"Alright Kaz, is that better."


"Now I have things to do in the kitchen so I'll let you two to get acquainted."

Mrs Blake left the room leaving the two males looking at each other not knowing what to say. Eventually Jonathan plucked up courage to break the awkward silence to ask?

"Kazar, so how long have you known my mum?"

The boy looked at the young man and the way he pronounced his name sent a tingle through his body, "Since we moved here a year ago your mum and mine met in the local supermarket not sure how but since then they've been friendly and I've been bringing things around and taking back ever since."

"Don't you get fed up with it?"

"Yeah, sometimes if I've got other things to do otherwise I kinda like coming here, your mum and I get along fine. Actually we've only just come back from three weeks holiday and the first thing my mum does is cook up something for me to bring around, and got really surprised when you answered the door."

"Yeah I was wondering why you were standing there with your mouth open when I opened the door."

"Me with my mouth open what about you, I thought that you were dumb you took so long to ask me what I wanted."

"Okay so I was surprised like you, now we've got that out of the way what do you think of our neighbourhood?"

"It's great I really like it you've got heaps of things around here that we didn't have in our old area."

"Such as?"

"The shopping mall, the cinemas, the other entertainment facilities and now you to talk to."

"Well you'll only have me to talk to after six in the evenings Monday to Friday and weekends so that'll restrict your talking a bit."

"What you don't want to talk."

"No I didn't mean that, I meant I won't be available till those times I'll be at work, but then I'll be ever willing to talk to you if you want."

"I want."


"I'll want to talk if it's okay for me to come around."

"Uh, yeah whenever you want, so what are you doing for the rest of the day?"

"Well I'm not in a hurry to go back home my younger brother is in one of his moaning moods and being a right little shit. So if it's okay I'll hang around here a bit."

"So how old is your younger brother and also you?"

"He's ten, I'm fourteen."

Okay Kazar, I'm going into town you want to come along."

"Yeah, and its Kaz."

"No, your mates can call you Kaz, to me its Kazar I like the sound of it."

They stared at each other, the boy smiled "Okay if you say so."

After saying goodbye to his mother and phoning to tell Kazar's mother that he was going into town with Jonathon, man and boy left the house got into the car that was parked in the street and headed for the shopping mall a couple of miles away.

As they drove Kazar assaulted Jonathan's ears with a constant stream of words some in sentence form others in question and before Jonathan had a chance to answer he'd answered it himself and was spouting forth another torrent of words until Jonathan stretched out a hand and placed it over Kazar's mouth..

"Shhh-sh," Jonathan mouthed, "I know your excited but just take it easy take a deep breath and relax," he then removed his hand from the boy's mouth at the same time smiling at the boy to put him at ease.

"Sorry, this is the first time I've been out on my own without my parents or mates around, I still can't believe they didn't lay down any laws before letting me go out with you."

The rest of the journey was spent in relative silence with only the occasional question from Kazar till Jonathon, parked the car in the multi-storey car park then they both headed for the lift that would take them into the heart of the shopping mall..

The boy at fourteen new he was attracted to other boys and was quite aware of what this implied. He was 5ft 6 ins. in height and slim. His hair was black which contrasted strikingly with his pale blue eyes he also had a slight natural tan inherited from his mother's side of the family. The moment he'd seen Jonathon something inside of him had snapped and his stomach had done something like a back-flip and he was in love, he didn't think that he'd ever fall in love with a person much older than himself but how wrong he had been, Jonathon looked to be at least seventeen or eighteen.

As they walked to the lift Kazar grabbed Jonathon's hand and pulling on it stopped him then asked, "You know how old I am but you never told me how old you are."

"Twenty two."

"Twenty-bloody-two, bloody hell! You are old I thought you were about seventeen."

"What d'you mean old twenty two isn't old if I was sixty or seventy then you could say I was old."

"I dunno it sounds old to me."

"Okay how old are your parents?"

"No Idea about a hundred and twenty I suppose, nah about thirty or forty."

Yeah well forty is nearer the mark and I'm twenty two so you see I'm not that old."

"Yeah if you say so, come on lets go to the shopping mall," and he took Jonathon's hand and led him to the lift.

The man was quite content to let the boy lead him to the lift, the contact with him by hand was like nectar from the gods. His loins stirred in his underwear from the boy's touch, he wanted to grab the him and draw him into his body so that he could crush the boy in a loving embrace instead he let himself be led tamely by the hand to the lift. Inside the lift the boy asked? "What d'you want to get in the mall.

"Nothing of importance, just wanted to get out of the house for a bit other than going to work I haven't stepped out of the house since I returned."



"Why haven't you been out?"

"Uh just didn't feel like going out."


"Oh shit, I mean why are you so interested in knowing?"

"Sorry didn't mean to be nosey."

As they rode the lift to the shopping mall the man's thoughts were on the boy, should he tell him why he hadn't been out for the first month since he'd be home, and what would the boy's reaction be towards him if he was to tell him about his failed relationship with Ian, no best to keep quiet that way he'd have somebody else other than his mother to talk to. Suddenly he felt a tug on his hand.

"Why are you so quiet?"

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

He looked at the boy, he wanted to tell him what was on his mind and the affection he felt for him but decided against it instead he put the tip of his index finger on the end of the boy's nose and said, "If you ask too many questions you're bound to end up being told a lot of lies," and the lift stopped at their selected level of the mall, and they walked out to join the throng of humanity that strolled in the tiled walkways all like themselves ambling along with no fixed purpose for their being there.

They walked in silence for a few minutes looking into shop windows till Jonathon stopped and confronted the boy.

"This is not such a good idea Kazar, what say we go home."

He noticed the uncomfortable look on the man's face and also wanting to be alone with him rather than with a multitude of people surrounding them he was ever eager to say, "Yeah that's the best idea you've had since we met."

They turned simultaneously and headed back to the lift. Twenty minutes later they were back in the house and after telling his mother they had returned sat facing each other across the sitting room. He looked across at the fourteen-year-old and wished he could be the same age, he'd know what to say and what would be the latest cool topic of conversation. His thoughts were broken by the boy asking?

"So tell me why did you come home?"

He gazed at the boy who was eagerly awaiting his answer, "Umm, my partner decided that to leave so we sold the property and I came home."


"Why, what."

"Why did she want to leave?"

"Umm, it wasn't a her it was a him." And he stared at the boy to gauge the reaction.

The boy's eyes widened at the mans answer then his brow furrowed in thought before speaking, "Were you kinda of broke up when it happened."

"No Kazar, I could see it coming, my partner unlike me doesn't believe in sticking to one person."

The boys mouth seemed to snarl when he spoke, "Then why the shit did you go with the prick"

Jonathon was surprised at the boy's aggressive response he paused momentarily collecting his thoughts before answering.

"Someone else Kazar had the same opinion as yourself about Ian, but didn't quite address him in the same manner as you. At the time I wasn't prepared to listen to anybodies opinions about Ian, and in my eyes the sun rose and set on him and he could do know wrong. It was only after we lived together did I find out his true nature."

"What do you think of me?"

"Huh, what?"

"You heard."

"I umm, I don't think anything you're fourteen years old and a school kid so why should I be thinking anything about you."

"Because of the way you stared at me when we first met."

"I was surprised, wasn't expecting a boy to be standing on the doorstep."


The man sat staring at the boy, he realized that Kazar had sensed his feelings from the very first encounter, breaking his thoughts he spoke.

"Okay so I liked you from the moment I saw you, so what?"

"Sew buttons it's easier," the boy smirked then seeing the frown on Jonathon's face said, "Sorry didn't mean to be sarky. I like you too can we sort of like be really good friends."

"What d'you mean by really good friends."

"I'm leaving you seem to answer every question with a question if you want to talk phone me, your mum knows our number," the boy rose and left the room shouting I'm going aunty see you later,"

Mrs Blake answered from the kitchen see you Kazar don't forget to thank your mother for the food."

"I will Bye," and Jonathon was left sitting in the room wondering what had happened. He thought he was handling the situation between himself and Kazar quite well when it all seemed to blow up in his face.

"What a fucking disaster," he thought, he hadn't realized that kids today don't wash with pissing around, you talk straight or you don't talk at all -- no beating about the bush.

His mind in overdrive he thought, "Now what he'd have to phone and apologise, bollocks he wasn't ready to apologise to a fourteen-year-old and in any case he'd be better off staying away from him, he was jail-bait end of subject. He'd had one disastrous relationship and wasn't ready for another with a boy no matter what feelings were going on inside of him. He stood up and decided he needed to get out of the house and take a walk to clear his mind of the thoughts that were constantly buzzing around inside of his head. He informed his mother he was going out for a while then left the house heading in the direction of the park.

Five minutes walking and he reached his destination. The park was nearly deserted except for a couple of elderly people walking their dogs. He walked till he approached the oak tree at the far end of the park, he lay down under the outspread branches clasped his hands behind his head closed his eyes, and cleared his mind.

He lay relaxed under the great tree shaded from the heat of the sun and cooled by the swaying of the branches as the light wind rustled through the leaves. With his mind at rest he slept and now not in control of his thoughts he began to dream.

He was being chased by his friend in a game of tag he ran as fast as he could but no matter how much he twisted and turned David was on his heels till at last he was grabbed.

"Gotcha," and he was suddenly halted as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around him. He turned to look at David and in so doing his hip-bone brushed against David's groin and he felt the hardness of his friend's penis. He looked at David who was smiling.

You always do this to me when I'm near you."

"God it feels really big."

"Nah not all that big, you want to see it."

"What out here."

"No let's go to my bedroom," and they left David's back garden and headed for his bedroom.

Inside David quickly locked the door went over to the bed and lay down on it patting the bed beside him for Jonathon to join him. Jonathon was trembling with excitement as he walked to the bed to join David. He sprawled onto the bed alongside the other boy who promptly took his hand and placed it on his erection.

"Come on then Jonathon feel me up then you can give me a wank."

The twelve-year-old remembered hearing the word used before in the school playground and at first only thought of it as a swear word not really knowing what wank or wanking meant. It was only after one of his friends had explained it to him that he began to experience the delights of masturbation.

Now he was doing it to a cock other than his own. He felt David's hard cock which was much larger than his own but then again David was nearly two years older and much taller and very skinny.

"Jonathon when you do it don't just wank me play with my balls at the same time."

"Umm what d'you mean."

"Here let me show you," and David cupped his left hand around his balls while his right stroked his erection through his tracksuit bottoms, "See like that."

After his explanation David lowered his tracksuit bottoms along with his briefs to let his seven inch cock spring into view. For a boy of nearly fourteen David had a penis very much like himself long and thin. His cock when soft was all of five inches in its flaccid state and unlike other boys cocks it didn't double in size otherwise he be sporting something in the region of ten inches but what he did have he gave it plenty of exercise.

"God your cock is big."

"Yeah I know everyone who's seen it said so. Okay give me your hand," and taking Jonathon's hand wrap his fingers around his cock, "Okay do it, it feels great to have your hand around my cock."

Jonathon was enjoying playing with David's large balls and stroking what to him was a gigantic erection. His own cock was aching for attention but because both of his hands were occupied he couldn't do anything about it.

Within a minute David began to breathe heavier and told Jonathon, "To go faster and to grip his cock more tightly and not to let go when he started to shoot."

The younger boy did as he was told and suddenly David's hips lifted of the bed and started pumping into his hand.

David let out a long, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hear it comes," as a glob of spunk flew out of the end of his cock to land nearly on his chin quickly followed by five more blasts till it just started dribbling out the end which caused Jonathon to remove his hand not wanting to get any on his fingers.

David lay back panting with eyes closed while he recovered shortly he opened his eyes and looking at Jonathon said, "Man that had to be the best cum I've had in a long time, God! It was awesome. Just wait a couple of minutes and I'll wank you."

Jonathon after seeing the size of David's penis was a bit embarrassed to expose his skinny three inches, "Its okay you don't have too you can always do it another time."

"You crazy no way I want to wank you I've been wanting to for ages, come on lie up here beside me."

When Jonathon laid his head on the same pillow and lay alongside the older boy David moved his hand to the top of Jonathon trouser undid them then lowered them and his briefs to expose his erect cock.

"Oh Man, that's really cute oh boy I'm going to really enjoy playing with your cock."

"Don't you think it's a bit small compared to yours."

Yeah it's smaller but you've got skin I don't, which makes it looks so brilliant, and David began his administrations on Jonathon's cock.

"It wasn't long before Jonathon was doing the same as David, giving a long drawn out moan and bucking his hips into David's hand before producing a dribble of clear white sperm, then sank back onto the bed closing his eyes and dozing.

"Jonathon," the name was being repeated, and his shoulder being shaken.

"Okay David, I can hear you," he opened his eyes to see the branches waving in the breeze above him and a tanned face with black hair and a concerned look in those blue eyes staring down at him.


To Be Continued