Keith's Guilty Pleasure, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I was laying flat on my back on the hide-abed in my living room, watching as the naked 13 year old took care of his needs. He'd arrived at my door after school, and I knew what he wanted. It was painted all over his young face, and without having to say a word, I let him in and gave into his wishes.

Keith walked in with his backpack slung over his shoulder, fresh off the school bus. I heard the loud squeaking of the brakes, then the sounds of kids walking along the sidewalk, joking, arguing and making their way home. I had pulled the hide-abed out earlier in the day and settled in for a day of watching movies. I had a rare Friday off, and I spent it doing nothing but laying around the condo in my boxers, listening for the bus.

As soon as I opened the door, I spotted the look of need on his face and stepped aside, letting him come in and closing the door behind him. He dropped his backpack by the door and looked up at me, as if seeking my permission to proceed. With a smile and a nod, I gave him my approval, earning me an eager smile from the seventh grader. Without waiting another second, the boy reached into my boxers and fished out my already stiff cock. With a transfixed gaze, he moaned softly and fixed his stance so that he was able to wrap his lips around the head by bending at the knees and placing his palms on the tops of his thighs for support.

With the head of my dick now trapped in his warm, wet mouth, I reached down and ran my fingers through his short head of soft brown hair. He moaned again, bobbing his head up and down as his tongue swirled all around my glans, so I let my hand run down his back until it brushed along his plump bubble butt. With a sigh of relief, the cutie gave my dick a long French kiss, then he took as much of it as he could to the back of his throat. He used his mouth to make love to my cock a little longer, then he pulled off with a slurp. A single string of saliva stuck to the head of my dick and his lower lip, staying connected as he smiled up at me, then he spotted it and used his tongue to lick it away from my cock.

That felt nice, honey,” I said in a tender voice, causing the youngster to smile lovingly up at me as he reached down and started to fiddle with the fly on his trousers.

It felt nice for me too, Charles,” he practically sang, his boyish tone giving me butterflies. “I've been thinking about you all day.”

With that, his pants sprang open and he pushed them down, revealing his hard little cock and showing me that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He gave me a naughty smile when his dick sprang free, then he kicked his shoes off without untying the laces and stepped out of his trousers, leaving him naked from the waist down. The patch of hair that was growing at the very base of his dick was barely visible because his hard on was pressed tight against his pubic bone. The head of his still boyish dick was shiny with slick precum that was oozing from his piss slit and trickling down over his glans.

Without taking his shirt off, the cute 13 year old bent his knees and got back to work, letting his warm mouth engulf the head of my cock while he placed his palms back on the tops of his thighs for leverage. I felt him working to swallow as much of my cock as he could, smiling with sinful pleasure the entire time. His tongue started to work diligently along the underside of my shaft, the tip of it hitting the seam of my ball sack. He was giving off soft moans of desire and occasionally smiling up at me, taking care to bat his gorgeous green eyes at me in the process. I ran my fingers through his hair again, earning me a purr of satisfaction from the cutie. From my vantage point, I could see his bare, fleshy buns sticking out so deliciously. I reached down with both hands and ran my palms over them, then I took two luscious handfuls of boy ass and gave a firm squeeze.

He let out a long, needy moan and pushed back gently, letting me know that he was enjoying my groping. At the same time, he increased the up and down bobbing of his head, adding more suction and increasing my pleasure. I felt my toes curl under the carnal pleasures that Keith was giving me, knowing that he was taking pleasure in it too.

With my hands still filled with hot boy buns, the youngster started to moan almost uncontrollably while the blow job he was treating me to grew more passionate. Knowing that he was in a state of growing ecstasy, I let both of my middle fingers travel into his deep crevice, where I found his puckered hole. The temperature in his crack felt like a hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit, with heat pouring out of his moist entrance. I gave it a gentle rub with both fingertips and once again, he pushed back. Still using two fingertips, I parted his entrance and felt a torrent of heat wrap around each one, then I placed them both just inside the ring and let it close around them. I heard him moan with urgency around my shaft, then he whined and pushed back again, sending me the signal that he wanted them both up his ass right away.

Giving into his needs, I pushed in carefully, letting both fingers travel up his hot, tight rear end at the same time. As his hungry hole was swallowing my two middle fingers, I felt a splatter of precum hit the top of my right foot. Without taking my cock out of his mouth, he tilted his head so that he was looking into my eyes, then a cute smile broke out across his face.

Does that feel good, sweetie?” I asked, and he nodded gently, still running his tongue along the underside of my shaft. “Would you like to lay down on the hide-abed with me?”

Once again, he nodded his answer, the smile on his face seemingly fixed permanently. I felt the tight muscles in his ass throb hard around my two fingers, and I almost hated to pull them out, but I knew what he wanted. Eager to please the horny little guy, I treated him to a gentle finger fuck that lasted for a full minute while he continued to worship my shaft with his mouth. When I pulled my digits from his rear end, he whimpered and pulled off of my cock with a loud slurp, then he stood up straight and leaned into me. I used my right hand to caress his baby soft cheek, then I leaned down and planted my lips to his. With a submissive moan, he accepted my advances, parting his lips and letting my tongue slip into his mouth. I felt him reach up and wrap both of his arms around my neck, then he started to kiss me hungrily.

When our make out session was over, I took his hand and we walked to the hide-abed. I quickly laid flat and watched with amusement as he climbed in next to me and disregarded his shirt, which he had never bothered to remove. Instead, he practically squatted over my midsection and placed his hands on my stomach, holding on for balance as he steadied himself. Then, with his toes curling so hard that they pulled the sheet tight, he lowered himself down on my cock and accepted its entire length in his hungry hole. When he had my full length inside of him, a look of relief spread out across his cute face and he bit his lower lip with a moan, then he started a slow ride.

Is that nice, honey?” I asked, and he nodded his answer. His still boy sized feet were planted on the mattress, each one digging in right by my torso, just below my armpits. His knees were pointing straight up, and he was using the muscles in his lower back and his abdomen to facilitate the ride he started. His hard little wiener was still sticking straight up, almost concealing the small patch of pubic hair that was growing at its base. A continuous trickle of precum was streaming down his three inch boner, running over his smooth, hairless little ball sack as he pulled his hands away from my stomach, no longer needing to hang on for balance.

I watched him use his fingertips to reach down and part his buns, giving me a perfect view of his stretched hole as my shaft ran in and out. It seemed almost impossible that the puckered ring could accommodate my thickness, and as I studied its contours, I could see it conform over and over again with each stroke. When my cock pushed in, the brown folds that surrounded it disappeared. When it slid out, his pucker was not only visible, but seemed to pooch around my pole as if they were being pulled out with my cock. He spotted me watching, giving me a naughty gaze as he continued to ride up and down. His mouth was hanging wide open, and I could tell that he had something on his mind. His green eyes were fixed on my face, filled with passion as he panted his pleasure. He drew in air through pursed lips, then he started to whimper and called out with a whine, “I want to suck more dick.”

Climb off and suck some dick then, baby,” I said in a soothing tone, knowing that the boy was finally getting it all out of his system. “You can climb back on when you feel like it.”

With that, the cute brunette bit his lower lip and moaned softly, riding up and down so that my shaft worked his pleasure spot for another full minute. Finally, he gave into his desires and shut his eyes tight, slowly expelling my cock with a look of sheer indulgence on his adorable face. As soon as he had it out of his ass, he moved to wrap his lips around it and suck with as much passion as he had when he first arrived. With my cock back in his mouth, I felt my toes curl again and let go of a groan. He bobbed his head up and down with a continuous motion, his eyes still filled with passion and his moans steady. I reached out and rubbed his back, then I let my hand move into his crack and rubbed his sweet boy hole, earning me another naughty smile. I could feel my pleasure swirling, telling me that my climax wasn't far off. I knew that he would appreciate taking my load anyway that I wanted to give it to him, but I wanted him to know that it was his choice, so I spoke up.

I'm getting close, sweetie pie,” I told him, giving his moist entrance a firm rub with three fingers. “Do you want it in the mouth?”

He shook his head no and pulled off, then he looked at me and said, “I want it up the butt.”

Then climb back on and take it, honey,” I said with a loving tone. My little lover acted quickly, putting himself in the same position he was in before, with his boy hole splayed out for me to see as he accepted my length again. I watched him shiver hard as my shaft disappeared up his ass, then he reached down and spread his buns as wide as he could and started a hard ride. Right away, I felt the familiar swell of my impending orgasm start to take hold. Keith was riding my cock with a purpose, the expression on his face once again registering nothing but pleasure. His little hard on was still producing copious amounts of precum while his hot boy hole took stroke after deep stroke of my hard, spring loaded cock.

Out of nowhere, I felt a powerful burn start to build at the base of my shaft, then my midsection caught fire and I knew that there was no stopping what was about to happen. Keith looked almost orgasmic as my cock swelled deep inside of his hungry bottom, then the cum started to rise up my shaft and a strong wave of pleasure rolled right through me. With no way to control myself, my cock throbbed in his ass and heaved out its bounty of spunk, shooting deep inside of him while he sank himself all the way down, letting my load embed itself in his love tunnel while his cheeks closed around my shaft.

In the middle of my climax, a naughty smile spread out across his face and he parted his buns again, revealing his hole, which was still stuffed to the brim with my hard shaft. Only this time, there was cum pouring out, seeping into his crack and matting itself into my pubic bush. A thick glob of my spunk stuck to his taint, right below his smooth balls, and his stream of precum was trickling into it.

When my orgasm was over, he stayed where he was and grinned, obviously loving his naughty predicament. I reached out and rubbed his right thigh, then I ran my hand up to his hairless pubic bone, just above the head of his hard little dick. He purred with satisfaction when I moved my hand up the front of his shirt and rubbed his heaving tummy and chest, so I spoke softly to him.

Was that good, honey?” I asked, and he nodded quietly, still smiling as his hole dripped with hot cum. “Why don't you climb off so we can cuddle?”

Okay, honey,” he panted, then he slowly raised himself up so that my cock slid out of his well seeded hole. When the head emerged, a steady flow of cum poured out of his rear end, forming a pool in the crease between my abdomen and my groin region. I pulled my hand out of his shirt and ran it along his thigh, once again just missing contact with his hard as steel boy cock while he smiled lovingly at me. Without waiting for instruction, my little lover immediately took to my softening dick and my balls, licking and sucking away every strand of cum he could find. Then, with a decadent look on his face, he ran his eager tongue through the pool of cum that had run out of his well fucked hole. He gave off a few gentle moans as he slurped up and swallowed his reward, then he crawled up to my chest and collapsed in my arms.

I love you,” he confessed as I wrapped him up in a tight embrace.

I love you too, honey,” I said tenderly. “You're such a sexy lover.”

You're a sexy lover, too,” he said, returning my compliment. “I wish I didn't have to go home later.”

With that, the cute boy rested his head on my chest and I held him close. The afterglow of our lovemaking was strong, my body still wracked with chills as we nested in my living room. I kissed Keith on top of the head, but he made no move to reciprocate. When I looked closer, I realized that he had fallen asleep in my arms. I gave his 5'1”, 75 pound frame a gentle hug while I contemplated our courtship, which started by chance two months earlier.


Are you sure this is what you want, kid?” I asked dubiously, watching as the 13 year old gave me a daring smile.

Yeah, I'm sure,” he said with a slight catch in his husky tone. “I've done it before.”

If there was any doubt about what the cute boy was telling me, it all washed away when he reached out and started manipulating my cock through the front of my pants. We were standing in a port-a-john at the park, with barely enough room to maneuver. It was a park that I had frequented over the years, looking for anonymous gay sex in the bathrooms. On this occasion, I was particularly horny and looking for an easy hole to blow my load into. When I arrived at the park that afternoon, he was standing in front of the restrooms wearing a pair of tight fitting shorts, which was unseasonal for early spring. I took in the sight of him as I made my approach, wondering if he was waiting for a brother or a parent to come out. Either way, he was cute and we shared a smile between us.

The bathrooms are out of order,” he reported as I walked up. “There's a port-a-potty behind the building, though.”

Thanks buddy,” I said, giving him a friendly wink. Figuring that I might as well drain the lizard while I was there, I went into the port-a-john and took care of my business. When I came out, the boy was standing by the door with an uncertain look. I figured that he needed the john, so I stepped out, prepared to walk back to my car. Out of nowhere, the cute boy gave me an almost challenging look, and before I could process what might happen, I found myself looking at his hard, exposed boyhood. I immediately froze, not knowing what to think, but the daring little guy knew exactly why I was at the park. As it turned out, he was there for the same reason.

When we went back into the john, he quickly fished my cock out of my pants and sat on the rim of the seat, wrapping his cute lips around it with a seductive smile. With the head of my cock in his mouth, he treated it to a very long French kiss that sent a strong shudder through me. He watched me shut my eyes tight with a knowing expression, then he pulled my cock out of his mouth and wrapped his left hand around it, giving it a firm squeeze. When it was clear to him that I was as hard as a rock, he stood up and dropped his shorts and underwear, letting them fall around his ankles and revealing his hard, barely pubescent dick to me once again. With a warm smile, he turned around and bent over, placing his hands on the seat and raising his rear end up in the air, presenting it for fucking. I grabbed onto his hips and lined up, unable to believe what I was doing with this kid but too horny to stop.

When I buried my cock in his ass, he smiled over his shoulder at me and bit his lip. I smiled back, then I began to thrust in and out, watching as his smile grew bigger and bigger. His rear end was so hot and so tight that I knew I wouldn't last long, but he hardly seemed concerned about that. He was moaning boyishly, and as I gazed into his green eyes, I got lost in a sea of carnal lust while my cock swirled with unstoppable pleasure. I could feel the hot lining of his love tunnel wrap itself around my entire length with incredible force, giving me strong tremors as I fed him deep strokes. When I buried my cock all the way inside of him and blasted off a minute later, his smile only seemed to deepen while he accepted my load, taking it deep with a long, hot moan.

As I pulled out of his rear end, I couldn't resist the urge to hold his hips in place and eat at his freshly fucked back door. His bottom was so tasty, a cum filled treat that I couldn't seem to get enough of. While I was dining at his pleasure palace, he moaned wildly. My cock stayed hard as steel, never losing its stiffness while I ate him out with greedy licks. When my tongue started to tire and I pulled it away, I caressed his creamy buns and planted a kiss on the nape of his neck.

Do you want me to put it back in?” I asked softly, and he nodded his answer. I quickly reinserted my shaft, burying it all the way up his ass and taking him for another quick ride that ended when I pulled out and shot all over his ass cheeks.

Before I drove home, we traded cell phone numbers, then we shared a deep kiss and I took off. In quick succession, Keith serviced three more cocks in the port-a-john, then he took off on his bike. By 5pm that same evening, he was on his knees in my living room, fully clothed and sucking my cock with insatiable moans while I ran my fingertips through his hair.


Hey lover, it's getting later,” I said gently, rubbing the sleeping teenager's back through his shirt. “What time does your dad get home today?”

Six,” he said with a sleepy yawn. “What time is it?”

It's almost five o'clock, baby,” I told him, planting a kiss on his lips. With our lips pressing tight, he smiled and I felt his tongue push into my mouth. We shared a deep, tongue filled kiss that brought out a moan from the horny boy while he reached down and wrapped his right hand around my cock.

I want to take it from the back before I go,” he told me when we broke our kiss. “I have a lot of homework to do tonight, so I won't get to ride to the park.”

Okay, sweet cheeks,” I said, smacking his exposed rump playfully with my opened palm. He leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips, then he let go of my cock and scrambled to get into position. Before I had a chance to move, the horny youngster was perched doggy style on his hands and knees right beside me, his head facing away from the TV set. I got behind him and grabbed his hips, watching as he raised his rear end up in an enticing manner. I knew how hot he was for one more deep ass fucking, but I wanted to have a taste of his delicious bottom, so I buried my face between his cheeks and dug in. The cummy remnants of our lovemaking was coating his hole, giving me an exquisite feast as I ate him deeply for nearly five minutes.

Finally, my tongue was too tired to carry on, so I pulled it out of his ass and lined up. I quickly penetrated his anal ring, then his hungry hole swallowed my cock until I was balls deep inside of him. I held onto his hips and started a deep ass fuck, zeroing in on his sweet spot as I felt the vice like grip of his rear end send an instant thrill through me. I moved my right hand from his hip and ran it up his back, then I let it travel down to his warm tummy. With a gentle pull, I eased his body so that he was sitting straight up, letting me drive up into him while he moaned with pleasure. His back was pressed to my chest and his rock hard boy rod was standing up, just inches from my right hand. With a sleepy smile, he reached back over his shoulder with both of his hands, running his fingers through my hair while I rubbed his tummy with my right hand and placed my left hand on top of his thigh.

It feels so good,” he almost whispered, his boyish tone barely detectable in his call of pleasure.

You feel really good to me too, honey,” I told him, letting my fingertips dip into his belly button, then trace down to his abdomen. His hard boy cock was once again drooling with precum, hard as steel and moving up and down with the motion of our love making.

I want you to kiss me, honey,” he said, puckering his lips and craning his neck. I gave into his needs with a smile, engaging my 13 year old lover in a long French kiss that brought me so much pleasure that I almost reached the finish line before we broke it. Wanting to be considerate, though, I broke our kiss and let him know what was coming.

Tell me where you want my load, sugar,” I encouraged him, and with a conflicted look, he moaned his answer.

I want you to give it to me in the mouth this time, honey,” he almost begged, then he tightened the grip of his fingertips on my head and started to ride me harder and faster. I could feel my cock starting to burn feverishly and the fire started to spread through my midsection all over again. Keith knew what was coming, too, because he felt my shaft start to swell in his ass. At the last possible moment, he pulled off of my cock and spun around, wrapping his lips around my cock with a horny smile and sucking it passionately for 10 seconds. Almost as soon as he took it in his mouth, I felt my balls pull tight and I threw my head back. With a loud groan, I fired a load that was somehow almost as big as my first, filling Keith's mouth with the creamy sperm he was longing to swallow. He was purring like a kitten the entire time, swallowing with fast, audible gulps while my body convulsed with a powerful climax.

When my entire load was swallowed, my horny little lover stayed where he was, sucking and licking my cock and balls with long, depraved moans of desire while his hard little rod continued to drool with precum. When he finally pulled off of them, he collapsed in my outstretched arms and let me hold him in my lap while we both recovered. He smiled up at me and offered me another kiss, then we shared a long moment of romance while my cock slowly deflated back to its fully flaccid state.

I love you, sweetie,” he said softly when we broke our kiss, then he rested his head on my shoulder.

I love you too, baby,” I said, returning his show of affection while I continued to rub his warm tummy. “What time are you coming over tomorrow?”

My mom and dad both have to go to work early tomorrow morning,” he told me with a naughty smile, his voice still dripping with desire. “I can come over and wake you up with a blow job.”

That sounds nice, baby,” I told him, then I reached between his legs, bypassing his hard cock and hairless nuts so that I could find his hot, well serviced boy hole and give it a gentle massage. “How about another kiss?”

With a smile and a deep sigh, Keith offered me his warm lips for a kiss that lingered until he got dressed and walked home, his hard little cock dripping with precum and his deeply fucked rear end brimming with pleasure.

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