Sam's story

a story by

Seymour Dixx

 Note: All characters in this story are fictional, although the physical decription of Kevin was based on a picture of a boy named "Kirk" I once saw. Otherwise, everything else is stricly fictional. This story contains sexual situations between boys  and adults, although all sex is consesual. If you have a problem with that, you don't belong here. Leave. Don't come back. All others, enjoy!!!

    The other day, I was running laps at the gym when I saw this lad on  the track. He was doing quite well, pacing himself nicely (most kids just sprint a while, wear themselves out, and generally are a pain-in-the-ass on the track), and he seemed to have a lot of stamina. Judging from the condition of his legs, he was quite an avid runner, too. He was obviously young, with a nicely cut head of blond hair, and a face that was nothing short of angelic. I could tell by the musculature and hair on his legs that he was older than his face looked, but still, he was young. We chatted a bit while running, and I was amazed at the stamina he had. He told me his name was Kevin, and I found out that he lived near me. He seemed impressed when I told him I was a fashion photographer, and I suggested that he might be able to do some modelling work. Eventually, I was pretty worn out, so I went to cool down and do my upper-body workout. We said goodbye, and he smiled at me.

   Later, as I was heading to the showers, there he was, naked as the day he was born. The size of his penis was quite out of  character with his little-boy face, and he was quite well into puberty as well. He must've been about 6" soft, and was uncut, as are most boys these day.  He saw me, came over, and started chatting, never once attempting to cover his body. Actually, he was "hitting" on me, so I suggested that we meet today at my favorite coffee shop, which is where I am right now. As I read a paperback book, sipping my coffee, I'm wondering what's going to come of this encounter. I know that a lot of guys consider me to be hot, and to be honest, I work pretty hard at keeping in shape. Still, I've never been so attracted to a lad as young as Kevin, nor have I ever attracted the attention of such a young man like this.

   Kevin taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. He's wearing a tropical print shirt and cargo shorts, with no socks, and he has a knapsack over one shoulder.. "Hey, Sam", he says, giving me another of his heart-warming smiles. He sits down on the chair facing me. "Kevin, glad you could make it. Would you like anything?" I ask. He shakes his head, "No, I really don't like coffee that much. I was kinda hoping we could go over to your studio. I could pose for you, if you'd like."

   Man, this kid is direct! "Are you really sure that's such a good idea?" I ask him, adding "I mean, what would people think?" Kevin looks straight into my eye. "I don't care what people think. I like you, and I know you like me, and besides, who needs to know? I'm not a virgin, and I've been with other men before. Despite what I did yesterday, I'm usually very discreet".

   I clear my throat, a bit taken by his directness, and say "Umm-just what do you have in mind?", as I reach for my wallet to pay for the coffee, and try to re-arrange my shorts so that my rapidly hardening penis isn't so confined. "Well, why don't we leave here, you head to your studio, and I'll come by in about 5 minutes?", he says. I nod, I pull one of my business cards out, put it on the table, and slide it over to him. He stands up, says "Well, until then...", and starts to walk away. "Hey, Kev", I say to him, stopping him in his tracks. He turns around, and I hand him a dollar. "Pick up the Times for me, will you?" He smiles, and says "Sure, Sam", then he turns and walks away. I get the waiter over, pay up, and head quickly home.

   In just about 5 minutes, the buzzer rings, and I push the door button. He runs up to my second-floor studio, and I open the door and let him in. I show him where to put his sneakers, he gives me the paper, and he kicks off his sneaks. Once I close the door, he drops his bag and embraces me. "Sam, you don't know how much I want you", he says, as he kisses my lips, standing on his tiptoes to do so. My hads wander down and cup his rock-hard buttocks. I can feel his penis pressed against me. I break off the embrace, nervously. "Kevin", I say to him, "I don't even know you. How old are you, anyway?" Kevin smiles, and replies "Yeah, I'm young, but I'm experienced. Don't worry, you aren't going to corrupt me. But, just for the record, I'm 17, so I'm legal in this state." He winks when he says this, making me certain that he isn't that old.

   "Shouldn't you be doing this with somebody your own age?" I ask. He looks at me straight in the eye. "Sam, guys my own age are terrible lovers. They shoot their load in 30 seconds, pull up their pants, and say goodbye. Older guys are much better lovers." I sit down on my couch. "Kevin, I'm not sure this is a good idea. I mean, for all I know, you could be a police decoy."

   Kevin seems a bit annoyed, but then he starts unbuttoning his shirt. "OK, Sam, I'll prove to you that I'm what I say I am". He drops the shirt on the ground, then unbuckles his belt. He unzips, hooks his thumbs under his waistband, and in one move, removes his shorts and underwear. His penis is now sticking out in all it's rigid glory. Completely nude, he walks over to me. "Sam, would a police decoy do this? Would he be hard like this?" he says, holding his now nearly 8" erection in his hand. "Sam, this is real-I want you and you want me." He stops with his penis right in front of me, and says "You can touch me anywhere you want, you can suck me, and you can even fuck me. I've been fucked by guys with bigger dicks before, so you don't need to worry about hurting me. I've already seen how big your equipment is, and I know that I can handle it."

   I reach out with my right hand and slide his soft, velvety foreskin back. "You really are beautiful, Kevin" I tell him as I stand up. I remove my shirt, and start to undo my belt. "No, let me" he says, as he pulls my zipper down. He removes my pants and undershorts, then embraces me, skin to skin. I kick my pants away, then sink to my knees and engulf his penis in my mouth.

   He's hard as steel, and he's recently cleaned under his foreskin. I bury my nose in his soft blond pubes, and stroke his round, hairy balls. I suck his big uncut dick for a couple of minutes, until he says "Sam, don't make me come yet-I want to do it later, when you are inside me". I get up, and say "OK, tiger, whatever you want. Let's go over to my bed, shall we?" I show him the way to the bed, and we both lay down. I stroke his hard dick again, gently. "I guess most boys your age are uncut these days, aren't they? Man, your foreskin is so sexy." Kevin smiles, then turns my shoulders over so that I'm laying flat on my back. He straddles my body with his legs, and slides his penis along my chest hair. "You  have a really sexy chest, Sam, and great shoulders, too." He skootches back, bends over, and takes my dick completely in his mouth, showing a technique that required a good bit of practice. I'm hardly huge, but he never once let his teeth ruin the effect.

   After a couple of minutes of Kevin sucking my 7" cut dick, he sits up, then slides forward again putting his penis against mine. I wrap my hand around both, noticing that his is longer, and nearly as wide as mine. "Big for your age, aren't you?" I ask. "Yeah, I guess so. I've always had a big dick, even when I was little", Kevin says, continuing " Even older boys told me I had a big one. When I was in elementary school, most of the other boys compared theirs to mine, and none of them were bigger. My uncle says that I'll grow into it, though." He slides a bit forward, then asks "So, you like uncut dicks, huh? Here's a thing a friend showed me once." He raises up a bit, places the head of his dick against mine, and slides his foreskin forward, so that it covers my head, too. "Now you can feel what it's like to have a foreskin", he says.

   I massage his thighs, and he slides his skin back onto himself. "Yeah, I like big uncut dicks, especially when the guy knows how to keep it clean, like you do. You know, Kev, your legs are incredible for a guy your age, too, and your butt is awesome!" Kevin says to me, in a husky voice. "Gee, Sam, I never figured you for a butt-man!", he says, playfully. He turns around, and flops down on his stomach. "OK, here's my butt-it's all yours." he says.

   I straddle his body, and start massaging his firm cheeks, spreading them occasionally, and getting a look at his clean hole. "Don't worry, I douched it about an hour ago" he says, adding "just for your benefit". I slide forward, massaging his shoulders, as my penis slides along between his cheeks. "So, Kev, are you always a bottom?" I ask. "No, not always", he replies softly. He's really relaxing, so I reach over for my tube of lube and a couple hand towels. I put a bit of lube on my finger, and say to him "I'm just going to loosen and lube you up a bit first, OK?"  "Sure", he replies. "just don't fuck me yet. I want to be on top when we do that".

   I slide my finger into his anus, and he's really relaxed, so I slide a second one in. After a minute, I slide a third finger in without much difficulty. "Damn, I guess you are experienced" I say. "Yeah, I've been fucked maybe 15, 16 times. 3 or 4 times by guys bigger than you, and I've fucked guys myself 6 times", he tells me. Wow, this kid's had more sex than I got all the way through college. He continues, "All the guys I've fucked were either my age or a bit younger, but all the guys who fuck me are older."

   "OK, I guess you're ready" I say as I pull my fingers out of him and wipe them off. Kevin rolls over, reaches over to the condom jar on the table, pulls out a condom and opens the wrapper. I lay down on my back, and he unrolls the condom onto my throbbing penis. Next, he slathers lube all over it, spreads it around, finishing with a dollop on the tip. He re-positions himself, straddling my hips, holding my penis behind his butt, and slowly owers his ass onto my dick.

   I can feel his sphincter slowly open as I slip inside. He's tight, but not incredibly tight. He pushes downward with determination, and his dick never once softens. Finally, he has me all the way inside him. I stroke his balls as he sits there. "You are the most amazing young man, Kevin. I'm glad we met", I say to him. He smiles, then says "Yeah, so am I. Now, are you ready?" He sarts sliding up and down my pole, while I slide his foreskin back and forth. He keeps going at a steady rate-not too slow, not too fast. I caress his balls, then his buttocks with my free hand. After a few minutes, he arches backwards, and says "Sam, I'm gonna come!"  He stops his sliding on my pole, and I can feel his prostate pumping semen inside him. His first volley lands right on the center of my chest, as do his second and third volleys. He continues pumping out a 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th volley, each one landing a bit closer. In all, it was quite a surprising amount of cum.

   He continues sliding up and down my pole, quicker this time. He even squeezes me tighter with his sphincter, until I can't take any more. "Kev, I'm about to come. do you want me to stay inside?" I ask. "Oh, yes, stay inside me", he says as he speeds up to an almost frenzied pace. I look him straight in the eye, and gasp "Unh!" just as I shoot my first load. Kevin leans forward and we french-kiss, embracing each other tightly, while my dick shoots volley after volley inside him. Finally, spent, I break off the kiss and just hold Kevin tightly to me. "Don't pull out, Sam, I want to keep you inside me for as long as possible", he whispers to me.

   We remain embraced like this for about 15 minutes, my softening penis still inside Kevin's willing anus. I gently stroke his back and his firm butt. "I think we'd better get cleaned up", I say to him. He releases his grip around my chest, then sits up. His semen has started to stick, and it was almost like we were glued together. He sits upright, with my dick still inside him."You were pretty amazing, Kevin-that has to be the best sex I've had in years", I tell him. Kevin is smiling. "Sam, that's the best I've ever had. You are amazing. Thanks"

    He slowly lifts himself off of me, and I finally slip out from inside him. I remove the condom and throw it away. "Well, Kev, let's shower, shall we?" I say, showing him over to the bathroom, and into my big shower stall. I turn the water on and we both step in. I wash his firm body, shampoo his hair, and we explore each other's body. He's hard again, so I get on my knees to pleasure him a bit,.

   First, I turn him around and rim his now-clean hole with my toungue. "Oh, Sam, that feels wonderful", he squeals. Still, I don't really like rimming, so I turn him around and start licking his balls. After a while, I turn my attention to his penis, and go down on him again, this time without worry. He places his hands on the back of my head as I suck his big penis without mercy. "Oh, Sam, I'm gonna come again", he says, as I continue. I stroke the bottom of his balls, and I feel him tensing up, then have a shot of semen hit the back of my throat, then a second, and yet a third. I wrap my arms around his buttocks, and remain there with my nose buried in his blond pubic hair while his orgasm subsides. Finally, I feel him soften,  I pull away and stand up.

   "Kevin, you are a most amazing young man. I like you very much, but I hope you don't want to make this a permanent thing", I say to him, holding him by the shoulders. "Well, Sam, it would be nice, but you're older, and your life is so much different than mine. I'd like to see you again, but I know as well as you that we can't have a permanent relationship. Hey, don't worry-we'll always be friends, if nothing else." He smiles, and his face just lights up. I kiss him gently on the lips.

   We dry off, then Kevin walks over to my studio. "You know, I'd bet you could make lots of money on porn pictures of me. Here-how's this?" he says, standing in front of a background, bending over, and spreading his buttcheeks with his hands, exposing his slightly reddened anus. I laugh. "Oh, I'm sure I would, just before I got sent to prison for child pornography. Besides, you have a beautiful face and body. Concentrating on your dick or your bung-hole would be just criminal."  He walks around, looking at the lights. "Maybe I could model swimwear? Did you see me in my spedo at the health club the other day? All the gay men were looking at me".  "Kevin, I'm sure they were, but that's why you wouldn't be a good swimsuit model. You just can't hide all this" I tell him, as I reach down and caress his now-soft penis. "Still you are small enough and young looking, and I do a lot of shoots for children's clothing. Here, try this on", I say, as I throw him a plaid flannel shirt.

   He picks up the shirts, and says "You gotta be kidding! I'll look like a dyke in this thing!"  "Kevin, you only have to make it look good, you don't have to like it". I tell him. He puts the shirt on, leaving the top button unhooked, and buttons it all the way down. As long as it is, his dick still hangs lower. "Guess you wouldn't want this in the picture, huh?" he says, holding it in his hand. I point him towards the mirror. "See how good you make it look? I mean, it's just a cheap shirt, but your smile makes it look better. Hey, you might be on a winter advertising insert."

   He looks at himself in the mirror, looking at the shirt and his face. "This looks like something kids in a suburban middle school would wear", he says. "Well, it is. I know that it's too rustic for you to wear, but if you just pretend that you're a snotty little 12 year-old brat, you'll do  great" I tell him, standing behind him, with my arms resting on his shoulders. "Besides", I continue, "this is going to be a winter shoot, and you'll be wearing enough baggy clothing to hide the fact that you're better hung than 90% of all men". He looks at me, then says "OK. I can do it. What do I need to do first?" He unbuttons the ugly shirt and follows me over to my desk. I get out the forms I need, and tell him "You need to have your parent or guardian fill these out, and they or he will have to be here when I do the shoot".

   He looks at me, perplexed. "Why would somebody need to be here?", he asks. "Well", I answer, "so we don't end up doing what we just did now, I guess. Oh, there will be other kids there, but you'll probably be the oldest. Maybe I'll do some high-schoolers, too. Is that OK?"  "Sure", he says, as he removes the ugly shirt from his lean body. "Just make sure the older guys are cute. Well, I'd better get dressed. I need to be home soon", he says, adding "By the way, Sam, don't worry, I'll never say a word about our time here to anybody. You can trust me."

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