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Kevin Down Under Part 1

"WHAT! No you can't do this to me, this sucks," I yelled as I stormed out of the kitchen leaving my younger brother, mom, and dad sitting at the kitchen table with puzzled looks. I slammed my bedroom door once inside, I was pissed, the nerve of them to ask me to give up everything I had, it was bullshit I tell you.

I guess this is where I tell you a little about myself and the reason for the out burst. My name is Kevin Anderson and I'm 15 years old. I live with my mom, Madelayne, my father Marcus, and my little brother Tommy. We live in a small University town in Northern California where my father works as a cardio-vascular surgeon, and my mom is a nurse for the local hospital. I have lived here all my life as this is where my mom and dad met while they were going to school to get their degrees. My father was born and raised in Australia where he did his undergraduate studies and then joined the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC), until he left for his medical residency here in the US. My mom was born here in California after her parents moved here from Greece.

With my father's 6'-4" frame, wide shoulders, chiseled jaw, and military discipline you would have guessed him to be a very intimidating force, but in reality, he rarely lost his temper and was always, as he put it working smarter, not harder. My mother on the other hand was barely 5', and quite thin with thick black wavy hair and olive skin. My mother was beautiful, loving, and hell on wheels if you pissed her off. My parents made a very good living, and my brother and I were very well off, but with that there was always the expectation that we would strive to be the best at everything we did.

I was 5'-6" and more like my mother than my father in appearances, which I think in some ways bothered him a little. I had thick black hair that I kept short, or it would take off in a nest of curls if I let it grow, olive skin, green eyes, and unfortunately my mother's temperament. I did have some of my dad's features, with my wide shoulders, and thick legs. My brother on the other hand looked just like my father, and at 13 years old he was already an inch taller than me with dirty blond hair that he kept about shoulder length, blue eyes and slightly pale white skin, that would probably tan if he ever let it see the sun. He was fit, but a bit on the thin side, as he had no interest in sports at all, which really drove my dad nuts, as he was a sports enthusiast. What really bothered me about my brother was that Tommy was a bit of wimp, and was always crying. My Aunts and Uncles said he had the soul of an artist, which was fitting because art was Tommy's favorite hobby.

Now that you know a little about my family, back to the reason for the out burst. My father had just announced he had been offered the head surgical position for the Royal Memorial Hospital in Sydney Australia, and that he thought he might take it but wanted to know how we felt about it before he went and accepted the offer. Of course this outraged me, what a stupid fucking question; of course I didn't want to give up everything I knew to move to a place I had never been. As expected Tommy didn't say anything, he just sat there as if it didn't even bother him. But it sure as hell bothered me, I had just started my sophomore year at school, just made the varsity football team as starting tailback, and recently started dating Kara, a hot little blonde cheerleader, who I was sure was going to take my virginity any day now.

My dad knocked on my door as I sulked on my bed.

"Kevvy, can I come in?"

"I guess."

It drove me nuts when my dad called me Kevvy."

Before my dad could say anything I jumped on the attack, "It's not fair, I'd have to give up everything I know and start over. I don't want to go! "

"Whining is something I would expect from your brother. Look Kevvy, your mother and I have discussed this and this is a good move for me and my career, and ultimately this family. So, yeah you're going to have to make some changes if we do this. And your brother is going to need you to be strong, and I need you to be strong. I know you think it's not fair, and maybe to some degree you're right, but right now I need you to grow up a little and start thinking of your family's needs first. Ok?"

If being called Kevvy drove me nuts being compared to my brother bothered me even more, as I never saw myself as being soft like him, but it always worked if my parents thought I was complaining too much, as I would stop right away. As much as my little brother made me crazy, he was still my little brother and I felt a strong need to protect him, which my parents knew, so when my dad played the big brother card, we both knew I would agree to what ever they wanted.

Shaking my head side to side, subconsciously expressing my true feelings, as I looked my dad in the eyes, "Ok dad, I'm on board."

"Thank you Kevvy, this makes your mother and me very happy. I know at first it won't be easy on you or your brother, but I think you'll like Sydney if you give it a chance. Plus my good friend Paul from my military days is the head master at the school you'll be going too, and I have already made a call to him to get you on the school's rugby team, so I am sure you'll make new friends soon enough."

"Rugby, what's rugby?"

"It's like football...uh ... well no not really, but I think you'll like it, and I am sure you'll be really good at it, trust me you'll see Kevvy."

Two weeks before school was to start and here I am packing my clothes in a box to move to Sydney Australia, unreal. That evening I went to Kara's to tell her the news and hope she would understand, but she didn't. Kara was pissed and didn't even give me a good by kiss as she left me standing on her porch, slamming the front door of her house, blabbering about what a waste of summer I was. The next day I told most of my good friends the news and most said they were going to miss me, but that's about it, no good by parties, no last hoorahs, just a shake of the hand and a suck's to be you look on their face.

The plane flight was hell, as my brother fired off a million questions about Australia, as if I had any of the answers. I spent most of the time on the flight trying to ignore him and reading a book on rugby my dad got me. By the time we had landed and picked up our bags I was dead tired. The car ride from the airport to the house we would be staying in until my parents found a permanent one, was a short one at least. It was a nice house, much smaller than the one we lived in the States, but nice nonetheless. I was too tired to unpack, and as we had to live off of what clothes we brought in our suitcases until the packing company had shipped the rest of our stuff here. There wasn't much need to unpack anyways.

We had arrived in Sydney on a Wednesday and on Friday my dad told me I would be visiting the coach of the school's rugby team on Saturday. The meeting was to be at his house to begin some personal training for the team.

"Look Kevvy, Paul did me a big favor in getting you on this team. This team and this coach have won the regional rugby title 7 years in a row, and I am sure there is a wait list to get on this team. So no attitude with him ok; you do everything he says without question; and I'm sure he'll be happy to have you on the team."

"Yes sir."

When Saturday morning came I was woken by my father and told to get dressed for practice. I questioned not taking a shower, as I would be sweaty soon enough, but I was adjusting to the time difference and needed a little something to wake me up. Stripping down and stepping into the shower, I marveled at where I was as my hands traveled over my stomach, still unable to lose all of my baby fat. Fifteen years of building relationships, creating a life for myself, just picked up and thrown away, so my father could work harder, see us less than he already did, and make more money than my brother and I would never even notice. As my mind passed over all of the things I left behind, it froze on Kara in her cheerleading outfit and my cock twitched. God she was gorgeous I thought as I subconsciously stroked my dick. I wasn't huge for my age, but I had nothing to be embarrassed about, with 5 "s of thick meat between my legs and two nice sized balls. My dick twitched as I thought of the night Kara let me feel her tits. I tugged at my dick with my soapy hand for a good 5 minutes as my other hand tickled my balls and the skin right behind them, before shooting a nice thick load all over the shower floor.

Drying off I looked at what clothes I had brought with me. I had to settle for a white t-shirt some navy blue mesh basketball shorts, my jock strap, which good thing for me I just dumped my entire underwear drawer into my suitcase, and my running shoes. Once I was dressed my dad and I were out the door.

My father told me he could drop me off this morning and pick me up when we were done, but we would need to get me a bicycle for the other days.

"Uhhhgg, there's going to be more than one practice at his house?" I groaned.

"Yes there is going to be quite a few practices actually Kevvy, as the season doesn't start for another two months. Trust me, rugby isn't like American football, and you'll need this time to understand the game and its rules. And what did I tell you about your attitude? I had better get a good report from the coach on your efforts and willingness, ok!"

I sunk into my seat and looked at the floor board of the car, "Yes sir."

We pulled up to a nice looking house as my dad and I got out and walked up to the door. After knocking on the door, we heard the door opening and I saw what had to be the world's largest man looking back at me. He stood a couple inches taller than my dad with muscles on top of muscles. I mean he looked like something out of muscle building magazine, with huge ripped arms, legs, and shoulders that honestly looked like mini boulders. His hair was brown wavy, his eyes were dark brown and piercing, and he had what looked like two days worth of stubble on his face.

"Hi I'm Marcus Anderson and this is my son Kevin."

"My name is Brother Manis."

The school my brother and I were signed up for was an all boy's Catholic school, where all of the teachers were priests. As we did our hellos and hand shakes, Brother Manis was looking me over.

"Did young Kevin bring any cleats," He asked looking at my father.

"No unfortunately they're still in travel with the rest of our items, but he'll have them before next practice I promise." My dad said.

"Fine, but he'll definitely need them."

Brother Manis stepped a side and ushered me in, as he looked back at my father, "I will have him call you when we're finished, should be about 4 or 5 hours."

"That's perfect, I need to go to work anyway, so that should work out perfectly," My dad said as he left.

Brother Manis had me sit on his couch as he and I discussed rugby, my desire to play, the rules, my experience and what he expected from me. During our conversation I found myself drifting off and staring at the artifacts in his house, as well as his large arms and shoulders. His house was nice enough with a simple taste and religious statues and pictures on the shelves and walls. In all it looked like a house that a priest would own, very modest and quiet, but it just didn't fit Brother Manis, who looked like he should be leading battalion into war.

"You seem distracted Kev, what's on your mind?"

Thrown for a second by him calling me Kev, I stuttered "Um, well, ah, you don't, I mean no offense, you just don't look like your normal priest."

"I see; you were expecting old, slightly out of shape, and balding right?"

"Well yeah kinda."

"I'll keep my story brief as we have a lot to do; as a kid much like yourself I grew up playing rugby, and made it onto a University team, and then the national team for Australia. But when I injured my knee and couldn't compete at the higher level anymore I turned to my other love, which is the lord, and became a priest, but I never stopped loving rugby and I continue to train today like I was still on the team, and well you can probably figure out the rest from there.

"It makes sense, I guess."

"Good, now why don't we go to my back yard and see what I have to work with."

"Yes coach."

"Remember its Brother Manis or just Brother; we do not use the term coach, understood."

"Yes Brother."

I thought I was going to do a little passing of the ball back and forth, but Brother had me start off with basic stretching, as he explained he wanted to see my conditioning. His back yard was of good size, but much like his house very simple, a couple patio chairs, a barbeque or barbie as I had come to learn, a plant here and there but mostly grass.

Brother Manis had me then go into short ladder sprints as we used to call them in the states. He then had me doing pushups and sit ups to exhaustion to test my fitness. After I was well winded we moved to ball drills, where he continued to run me, as I had to sprint to a point and then turn and catch the ball, sprint back to him, place the ball down and then start over. I definitely could have used my cleats at this point as on a few occasions I felt my feet start to slip out from beneath me. As the day went on and I continued to mat down his grass, while running over it repeatedly, it only became more slippery. Finally though we stopped with the running as Brother Manis decided it was time for me to learn how to throw the ball. Brother had taken one of the patio chairs out and placed it on the lawn, as he handed me the ball and stepped behind me.

"Alright Kev, I am going to show you how to hold the ball and then using that grip throw the ball. Understand?"

"Huh, huh, yes Brother." I said still trying to catch my breath.

Brother stepped up directly behind me as he took my hands into his and placed them on the egg shaped ball, top and bottom. My shoulders were against his abs, and I felt so small compared to him, like I was little boy again. I don't know why but all of sudden my cock started twitching, and began chubbing a little in my jock, which again I was glad I had.

Brother Manis used his hands and arms to direct mine as we threw the ball at the chair, crossing my arms, and effectively making the ball spiral as it hit the chair before us.

Stepping back, Brother Manis looked down at me, "You think you're ready to give it a go and try some on your own?"

"Yes Brother."

"Very good Kev, now I have three balls you can use, to which I want you to throw with pace at the chair like we just did, then I want you to sprint over to each ball, one at a time, and bring them back and start again, understand?"

"Yes Brother."

Sprinting again, wow we didn't do this much running for the football team in the states, this was nuts. Fifteen minutes later I was again winded and gasping for air, as Brother Manis sat in the other chair watching me, and giving me corrections on my passing.

"Alright young Kev, we have done enough for today, why don't you go call your father and tell him to come and get you."

"Yes Brother."

After calling my dad, I sulked from Brother Manis's kitchen where his phone was to his back yard where he was still sitting.

"Um Brother, my dad said he apologizes, but he somehow got himself caught up in a meeting he wasn't expecting, and he might need another half hour or so before he can get here, if that's alright?"

I looked at the ground, worried what Brother Manis would think, because even in the short time I had spent with him, I felt as though there was a connection, and now somehow I was letting him down, even though I had no control of the current situation.

"That's fine Kev, no reason to hang your head; you did well today, better than I had expected, a little out of shape, but not bad, you have good strength in your short frame, and you picked up throwing the ball pretty quickly. We'll see how you do tackling and kicking the ball next week, but I think you'll be just fine on the team with a little more training."

Lifting my head and smiling, "Thank you Brother."

"Now since we have some time how about you do a few more sprints, no time like the present to work on your conditioning."

With his recent praise, I didn't even mind that he asked me to run more even though I knew my muscles had all cooled down, and running wasn't really what I wanted to do. I stepped back onto the grass to again do the ladder sprints, this time though determined to show him I was even better than he thought when it came to cutting on a dime and making short sprints.

I took of like a bat out of hell and as I got close to the imaginary line, I planted both feet, and began to turn. As I dipped my shoulders to head back the lack of cleats and the matted down grass finally got the better of me as both feet slipped out from beneath me and I went sliding on my ass.

"OW SHIT, DAMN IT, FUCK, FUCK, AHHHHH," I screamed as I laid there on my back, my left hand grabbing the back of my thigh just below my ass.

Brother came running over and asked me if I was ok.

"No it feels like a cut my leg open, it really stings," I said holding back the tears.

"Can you roll over for me Kev?"

I rolled over still holding the back of my leg. All of a sudden I felt Brother Manis's hand touch my inner thigh and slide up my leg pushing my shorts up a bit, as I bit my lip to suppress a moan. Now my mind was thinking about the pain in my leg and ass and the new feeling of a man touching me in a place no one had ever touched me before.

"It looks like your leg slid along one of my metal sprinkler heads and has left you a pretty good scratch on your leg, and it looks like it might be bleeding."

"What do I do?"

"Well, we should probably get you inside and let me clean the scratch out with alcohol and then see if we can stop the bleeding. If we can't we'll need to call your father and get you to a hospital ok?"

"Ok." I said hoping he could take care of this here as I wanted nothing to do with the hospital. Having heard all of the horror stories from my parents, I was somewhat afraid of them.

Leaning on Brother Manis's shoulder I hobbled down the hall to his bedroom, as I watched a thin line of blood travel down my leg and soak into my white sock. Brother Manis, quickly got some towels and a first aid kit from his bathroom, and laid them on his bed as he looked me in the eyes.

"Kev, I'm going to need to take your shorts off to assess the damage and stop the bleeding. Are you ok with that?"

"Um, uh, I guess; not like I have much choice, do I?"

"Not really Kev, but we can just rush you right to the hospital if you want, but it's probably just be a simple little scratch that we can fix here, it really depends on what you're comfortable with.

"No, no, I don't want that if it's just a little scratch, can you try and fix it?"

"Ok then, go ahead and take off your shoes and shorts and lie down on the towel."

Brother Manis began opening the first aid kit as I kicked off my shoes; the action alone sent a surge of pain into the back of my thigh and ass. I was getting concerned this was worse than a simple scratch. That fear was only slightly greater than me taking my shorts off in front of Brother Manis, knowing that with just my jock on he would have clear shot of my bare toosh. Pulling my shorts down, I nervously stepped out of them to lay on the towel on his bed, the thin trickle of blood still running down my leg.

"Alright Kev, let's have a look.

"Ok", I said trembling as Brother Manis began dabbing my inner thigh, just below my ass with a towel.

"Ah, looks like you cut yourself pretty good down here", Brother Manis said as I shivered from his touch.

"You still ok with this Kev, I mean me touching you back here? I need to get a little more personal to see this entire cut; I think you know what I mean?"

"Ye..yesss Br Brother," I squeaked, not wanting to look back at him as I answered, with my hands folded together, my forehead resting on them as I chewed on my lower lip.

I felt Brother Manis's fingers touch the pale pink flesh of my left butt cheek, as his fingers slowly slid into the valley of my bubble butt, and then slowly pulled my cheeks apart.

"Is it bad?"

"Well you got yourself a pretty good cut here, but I don't think you need stitches for it. A little alcohol to clean it out and some bandages and you should be just fine." Brother Manis said never removing his hand.

"You know Kev you're lucky you're in such good shape with these nice thick legs of yours or this cut could have been much deeper," He said giving my cheek a little squeeze.

Blushing, "Thank you Brother."

As Brother Manis continued to hold pressure to reduce the bleeding, there was an uneasy silence in the room. With the fear of the severity of the cut gone, my head started to focus on the fact that Brother Manis had a perfect shot of my little brown eye. I also couldn't shake his last comment; why did he use the word nice, was he saying he liked my thick legs?"

Oh Shit, I thought to myself as I realized my dick was starting to chub up for the second time today. Not now I thought, anytime but now, I mean I had my jock on, and it covered my balls and dick, but I just knew if I sprung a boner now he would see it for sure, and I would never be able to live it down.

My thoughts and the silence were interrupted by Brother Manis. "Ok Kev, I'm going to pour some alcohol on the wound now, so there might be a little sting."

"Ok Brother."

Removing the towel he used to hold pressure on the wound; I felt the sudden chill and sting of the alcohol pouring onto my legs and ass. Brother Manis worked quickly, but in reality I was lost in thoughts and barely knew what he was doing back there as I tried to focus on baseball, my Grandmother, rotten food, anything that would get my dick to relax. I was so deep in thought that I almost didn't recognize that I was softly moaning as Brother Manis rubbed the towel over my little hole.

"Ooohhh, uhhh, mmmmm."

"Are you ok Kev? Is this hurting you?"

Oh God, oh God, he heard it, he heard me moaning, what do I do, shit, I thought to myself. "Uh yeah, um it, it, a, stings a bit, a Brother."

God would he believe that, how could he, I didn't believe it, I mean I knew the difference between moaning in pain and what I was just doing. Why was I moaning, I shouldn't be moaning, what's wrong with me? Oh no, damn-it, now had a full on boner.

"Ok, well we're almost done, just need to apply some antibiotic cream and the bandages."

Holding the towel against the wound again, Brother Manis reached over and grabbed a tube of antibiotic cream from the first aid kit. My body shivered as I felt the lubed finger touch the cut. I was no longer chewing my lower lip, I was biting it. I had no idea why it felt so good when he touched me there, or why I was raging hard from a guy touching me, but I could have stayed in that moment forever.

"Uh oh, looks like you're still bleeding a little bit," Brother Manis said as he swiped a lubed finger slowly over the wrinkled lips of my hole to remove the drips of blood that had landed there."

Now, whether he knew what he was doing or just did it out of subconscious thought to the dripping blood, it really didn't matter, as the result would have been the same. I lost control and let out a very audible moan as my little hole clenched tight, and my hands gripped the towel I was lying on.

"MMMmmmmm, ahhhhhh, oohhhhhh, uhhhhhh, mmmmmmm."

Brother Manis didn't say a word, nor did he stop rubbing my hole with his finger."

"Huh, huh, mmmmmm, Oh God, mmmmmm." The sensation was unreal; all feelings of pain from the cut were replaced with an amazing pleasure as his finger tip slowly moved across my hole, occasionally rubbing the skin between my hole and my balls, which were still covered by my jock. I had never known such pleasure could be obtained by this area of my body, but my dick sure recognized it as it pulsed with every beat of my heart.

I was in a world all of my own as the feelings of pleasure washed over me, but it did not escape my brain that Brother Manis was adding more pressure to his rubbing finger with each pass, especially when he was right over my hole. I was 15 and a virgin, but I wasn't nave to what Brother Manis wanted to do, and while I wanted to tell him no, as the thought of someone playing with my ass was gay, my dick had other ideas, and all that came out of my mouth was more moaning.

"Ohh, mmmm, God, uhhh, please...mmmmm."

"Is the cream helping Kev, does this feel ok?"

What..., what did he want me to say, "Yes, yes Brother it feels, uhhh, good, ohhh," I moaned as I gripped the towel harder and my toes curled in my white sport socks.

"Oh God, MMMMM," came my muffled moan through clenched teeth as the guardian to my inner sanctity stepped aside and Brother Manis's finger tip entered me.

His finger entered about an inch before pulling back and diving back further into the depths of my virgin hole. Brother Manis's other hand started rubbing my lower back and under the thick strap of my jock. It was at that point I realized I was subconsciously humping back against his finger. I couldn't help it, it felt too damn good.

"Please, mmmmmm, uhhhh, ahhhhhh, OH GOD, mmmmmmm." Brother Manis's finger had hit something in me which sent a surge of electricity to every sexual inch of my body.

I was lost in ecstasy as my head thrashed back and forth, his hands working magic on me. I knew I was close to cumming, and while cumming in my jock didn't sound real good, there was nothing that was going to stop what was happening, even if I wanted to, and believe me I didn't want to.

"Don't stop, don't stop, so close, ahhh, uhhhhh, huh, huh, here it comes," I yelped as my dick twitched and sent 7-8 large spurts of warm young teen seed into my cotton jock, the lips of my hole squeezing the finger inside it with every pulse.

I was panting like crazy as I came down from my orgasmic high. I knew Brother Manis had removed his finger and was beginning to apply the bandages, but all I could hear or focus on was my heavy breathing.

"That should do it Kev, why don't you stand up and put your shorts and shoes back on before you father gets here."

"Huh ok, I mean, huh, yes Brother."

As I slid off the bed I saw the large wet spot in my jock as I bent over picking up my shorts and putting them on.

"So as to not worry your folks Kev, why don't we keep the scratch between us, ok?"

I knew what he was saying, and believe me I had no intention of telling anyone of what happened this afternoon. "Yes Brother."

"Good, good. We can check on the scratch next week if you want to, and make sure it is healing right."

"Ok," I said nervously, wondering what would happen next weekend, and if I wanted it too.

Shortly after I had my shoes on, my father knocked on the door, and after some apologizing from my father and some complimenting from Brother Manis on my athletic ability, we were on our way home.

As I sat there in the passenger seat fielding questions from my dad on how it went, I couldn't help but notice the blood stain in my sock, the tingling feeling in my hole, and the wet cold feeling in my jock. And while I was still confused about the events of the afternoon, one thing was clear; my teen dick sure enjoyed itself and was looking forward to a repeat performance, which was made quite evident by the fact that it was hard again.