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Kevin Down Under, Chapter 2:

Tuesday morning the blaring noise of the back-up horn on the moving truck was piercing my ears, giving me a splitting headache. It was 6 am, and my brain was screaming for me to go back to bed, but here I stood in my flannel pajamas bottoms and oversized sweatshirt on the driveway of our new home. My parents had found the house just in time, with our packed items finally arriving from the States the day before. The movers would have their hands full getting it all into the house in one day, and had told my parents they would be starting very early. The arrangement was that the movers would carry our items into the house, but without direction as to where to put things from us, and once inside that's where it stopped. My mom wanted everyone there to assist them in where things went, hence here I stood, the morning sun still not up, and everyone around me buzzing, hyped up on coffee.

Our new home, a gigantic beige house, was in a gated community and very close to the hospital where my Dad worked, and my mother as well, with her recently getting employed as nurse. The house had a detached 4 car garage, large in-ground pool with an attached hot tub, 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, not including the private one in the little pool house, and activity room that could have been a small auditorium for a middle school. With my parents erratic work schedules, it was hard enough to have any family time when we were in the States, but in a house this size, I imagined one could go days without seeing someone.

It had been a few days since my training with Brother Manis, but the events of that day continued to run through my head. Before that day I was 100 percent sure I was straight, now it was more like 90 percent, and the percentage seemed to be dropping every time I closed my eyes and relived that afternoon. I knew I liked girls, but it was becoming more and more impossible to deny that I didn't like what had happened that day at Brother Manis's house. At night, when I went to sleep, it seemed my thoughts constantly went back to the sensations he gave me and my dick would get hard enough to make me grind it a bit into the bed before I drifted off. Even now standing in the cold of the morning, I started to drift back to Brother Manis's house.

"Hey mate, think you can tell me where this goes?"

Snapping me out of my day dream I looked up to see a guy standing in front of me holding my dresser in his arms like it was nothing. Upon further inspection, I realized he was probably only a teenager like me, only a lot bigger, a lot bigger. This kid had to be easily over 6' with thick defined muscles, which could be seen even under his sweatshirt.

"Bloody hell mate do you know where this things goes or not, the damn things not light you know?"

"A yeah, yeah sorry, um it goes into my room."

"Urrrr, which room would that be mate?"

I could tell I was really starting to piss him off, which is the last thing I wanted to do, but for some reason this kid had my head spinning. "Oh sorry, it's the last room on the left on the second floor."

Without another word he simply walked by me heading toward the house; I caught myself looking at his firm, muscular ass in his jeans. Shaking my head, as if to shake the thought of him out; my confidence in my heterosexual orientation was dropping a few more percentage points by the moment. I turned around and returned to my daydreaming of Brother Manis.

The 2nd floor had all of the bedrooms, with the boy's rooms on the left of the stairs and my parent's room on the right and a spare bedroom slash office in the middle. My bedroom was a little larger then my room in the States, and was on the front side of the house, with a window that overlooked the street we lived on. There was a large closet on one wall with large white slatted accordion doors on it. The house wasn't new, in terms of construction, but it was definitely nicer than the home back in California. The nice thing was the shared private bathroom between my room and Tommy's room, his room being directly across the hall from mine. There was a pocket door in each of our rooms that locked from both sides allowing the user privacy and stopping someone from the bathroom just walking into your room. The pocket door was on the same wall as the closet, separating our rooms by a good distance, which meant I wouldn't have to hear his sniveling, and he wouldn't hear my extracurricular activities.

It was late by the time the movers had finished bringing everything into the house, and with the lack of real privacy in the rental house, as Tommy and I had to share a room, I was excited to finally have the private time needed to release the massively large teen load I had built up in my balls. I had stayed in my flannel pajama bottoms all day, and now that it was bed time I simply dropped them to the floor to remove my boxer briefs and pulled the pants back on along with a clean t-shirt. I loved how the loose cotton material of the flannel pants rubbed my prick at night as I slept. Lying on top of the bed, with no intentions of going to sleep, a small smile pursed my lips as thought of the wicked things I was about to do to myself.

Closing my eyes I ran my left hand under my shirt, my fingertips gliding over the firm plane of my abdominals, my t-shirt bunching around my chest. With my nipples now exposed, the cool air of the room hardened them quickly as I alternated between massaging my flesh and just tickling it. Pinching a nipple, the feeling forcing me to stifle a groan of pleasure, I teased myself with my thick digits. I took a deep breath as I tried to picture Kara in the red thong panty and bra I got her for Valentine's Day. The image is like trying to watch scrambled porn as it flickers in my head, Kara's face and body comes in and out of focus. My right hand travels down to the top of my pajama pants as my fingers slowly push their way under the elastic waist band. The tips gently push past the beginnings of my short hairs, and as my hand continues south the palm of my hand rubs against the quickly hardening tube of flesh.

"Mmmmm, ohhhh, uuuuu, oh yeah."

As much as I tried I just couldn't get a good picture of Kara in my head, and as soon as my right hand touched the warm tight skin of my full, young, teen ball sack, the thought of Brother Manis flooded my brain. His image, clear as could be, was all I could focus on as I tickled the sensitive skin just past my balls, the sensation driving me crazy, as I bit on my lower lip to suppress any loud moans. Slowly running my left hand down my chest and under my flannel pants; I used both hands to push the pants down my thighs and over my knees. With my bottoms around my shins, my left hand took the place of my right and began rubbing my balls. Turning my right hand over so that my thumb and index finger were the first to touch the sensitive skin of my purple headed teenage monster, I slowly began stroking. I don't know why I jerked off this way; I guess it just felt better to me. On about the third stroke, I heard a sudden noise. Startled it took me a second to realize Tommy had just locked my sliding door to the bathroom, which was quickly followed by the sound of running water. I was like a deer in head lights frozen with my hand on my dick until I heard the water go on. I slipped out of bed for a second and waddled over to the bathroom door with my pajama bottoms at my feet, and locked my side just in case Tommy tried to open the door to my room and ask me something. I made a mental note to always lock my side before giving myself the five fingered hand shake. Waddling back to the bed with my pajama pants still around my ankles, I resumed where I had left off.

It took me seconds to get back into the game and soon there was a nice amount of precum oozing out of my piss slit, as it always has since the first time I produced the creamy goo. With Brother Manis still occupying my thoughts, a wicked idea entered my brain, as I dipped my middle finger of my left hand onto my leaking piss hole, and coated it well. I planted my feet on the bed and spread my knees, giving myself access under my balls. Pushing my left hand back down between my legs I let my hand slide between my cheeks, until my coated finger was lightly tracing the rough texture of the healing cut from last weekend. It was like my hand had a mind of its own as it moved slowly towards my hole.

With my eyes closed I began to fantasize, "What are you doing, no, no, stop, ummmmm, oh God."

My right hand took to beating my meat at a rapid pace, as the finger of my left hand was gently scratching and rubbing against the wrinkled lips of my boy hole, threatening to enter, just as Brother Manis had.

I whispered to myself, "Oh God pleaaasssee, oh fuck stooppp, oh God yes, I mean noooho, shit, awwww, mmmmmmm."

My finger had wriggled its way into my anus, and was slowly working its way around as my now profusely leaking cock was near explosion. All of a sudden the image of the furniture moving boy entered my head and I couldn't control myself anymore. At the same moment, my fingertip found the place where Brother Manis finger had driven me over the edge.

"OH GOD, MMMMM, Fuck, OH SHIT." I lifted my ass off the bed, thrusting my hips up into the air; my feet planted firmly, my toes curling, my eyes screwed closed and my chest thrust out.

I have always been a huge cummer, with ropes and ropes of cum shooting everywhere, and today was by far the best. The first rope shot out and over my head landing partially in my hair and partially on the bed. The next two shots hit me right in the face, and the next 6-8 landing on my chest and belly in monstrous pools of cummy boy splooge. It almost took two of my dirty white gym socks to clean it off me.


Wednesday morning came and I felt more rested than I had since we moved to Australia. Most of the family was busy unpacking their rooms, so it was pretty shocking to hear the door bell chime. Seconds later I heard my Mom call me down to meet the neighbors. Running down the stairs, I damn near fell on my face as I saw the most beautiful girl standing in the entryway. She was as tall as Tommy, with long beautiful legs, and striking red hair that curled to her mid back. Once I hit the bottom of the stairs my Mom introduced me to Mrs. Taylor and her daughter Sophie. Sophie, as it turns out lived across the street from us, with only her mother. Her father as I soon learned had passed on a few years back. And as my mom and Mrs. Taylor continued to chat up a storm, I also learned that Sophie was my age and went to the all girls' school called Baylor `Old Oaks' Boarding School which was a couple blocks away from my new school, which like mine was a Catholic school, explaining the Catholic school girl uniform she was in. As the two mother hens spoke, all I could do was stand there and stare at Sophie with a stupid grin on my face, as I looked upon her beautiful dark blue eyes, which stood out against her porcelain freckled skin. She was just so beautiful to me that I couldn't help but notice everything. Her small button nose and her perfect white teeth, and of course who wouldn't notice her large perky breasts, that were so perfect they even put Kara's tits to shame. I was instantly infatuated with her and it wasn't until Tommy kicked me in the shin that I realized how long I had been staring at her.

After we had said our good byes' and my mom closed the door, my brother started giving me shit for drooling on the tile of the entryway.

"Time to go dirty another sock brother?" Tommy said smirking as I stood there imagining Sophie walking away.

"What?' Shut up asshole." I said in the typical big brother attitude.

I turned and ran back up the stairs to my room and opened the blinds to my window just in time to see Sophie and her mom enter their house. All of the houses in this neighborhood were custom homes if not mansions, and their house was no exception.

With it being early September, the weather was quite nice, with a slight hint of drizzle here and there, but more than warm enough for me to be in shorts and a t-shirt; I unpacked items in our garage. The school year here was broken into 4 terms, with the 3rd term in session now and the 4th term starting in early October. I was to start school with the beginning of the 4th term, as well as rugby practices, which happened to be when they started up as well. I had just reached up to put some sports equipment on a shelf when I heard a voice,

"Not very tall for a fella are ya?"

Turning around I saw Sophie standing at the front of the garage. I just couldn't get enough of this girl in her Catholic school gear. Her long legs highlighted by the knee high white socks and mid thigh black skirt. The light blue sweater making her eyes and hair pop, and of course the size of her boobs the focus of my attention.

"Your names Kevin right?"


"Well Kev, my eyes are up here." She said with a huge smile.

"Uh, yeah uh, sorry."

"No worries."

"So I noticed you were putting some tennis rackets away, do you play?"

"Yeah I play a bit. How about you, do you play?"

"Yep, captain of my schools team."

"Wow, that's cool."

"Do you like video games? Cause I got a tennis game on my PS3 if you want to play sometime."

"I love video games."



"That's means it's good mate. So you want to go to my house and play right now?"

"Oh Ok. Yeah sounds like fun"

Walking across the street, I was amazed at how fast Sophie seemed to open up to me and invite me over. I was excited to say the least to do anything with this gorgeous girl. I spent the next 3 hours playing games and getting to know her, as we sat on her bed, me stealing glances of her smooth white legs and any tempting shots I could get of what she had hid under her skirt. I learned her father was a local politician who had died 2 years ago from a heart attack, leaving her and her mom alone in this huge house. Sophie went on to tell me her mom was now getting into Politics as well, and was rarely home. We both had a really good time getting to know each other and when I left she asked if I wanted to come over again tomorrow, which of course I said yes.

I jerked off that night to the image of Sophie in her school clothes, but again I found myself fingering my tight little bum hole, as I exploded all over myself. On Friday I found myself waiting impatiently for Sophie to get home and when she did I ran over to her house, where I took the normal position on her bed. Like the day before we had the house to ourselves, and like the day before Sophie stayed in her school uniform as we talked and idly played PS3.

"So Kev, you have a girly back in the States?"

"I did, but she dumped me quick when I told her I was moving. How about you, do you have a boyfriend?" I said looking at her bed sheets, knowing the answer was more than likely yes.

"I did about two weeks ago, but the dumb bloke dumped me when I told him I wouldn't "bob" him anymore, without a little of the same you know. Girl's gotta get her own too."

I think by the confused look on my face Sophie assumed I didn't know what she was talking about, but really I was just surprised she was doing those kind of things and was so open about it with me.

"You know what I mean right? Like oral, sucking dick, eaten pussy, shit you're not that stiff are ya?"

I knew what she meant, and as for being stiff, well I was getting there.

I blushed as I responded, my eyes looking away in embarrassment. "A yeah, I know what you mean, just never really discussed it with anyone you know."

"Well you've done it though right?"

"A, uh well, no, not really, I mean my ex sorta licked it a couple times but that's it, and she never let me try it back on her." I said realizing after I had said it that without meaning too I had outed myself as a virgin.

"Wow, a real life virgin here in my room, go figure."

"Hey, it's not like I want it to be that way, just life has thrown me some curves you know?"

"Apparently not, if you know what I mean? But I get not getting your wanker wet yet, when it happens it happens. But you would if the opportunity presented itself right?"

I felt like she was questioning my manhood and blurted, "Hell yeah I would."

"Even if the girl asked you to return the favor, right?"

With a little less enthusiasm and shyly answered, "Yeah I would, but I've never done it, so I don't really know what I'm doing." By now, my prick was raging in my shorts, beginning to leak.

"Hmmm, and what if I said I'd teach you everything you needed to know, I mean you have been trying to look up my skirt since I met you, and I'm as randy as the next girl. Plus it will be nice to have a boy who'll listen to me. Heck I might even give you a proper sucking in return. Ya think you're up for it?"

Without a word spoken I simply swallowed hard and nodded yes, nervous as hell.

"Good boy, then why don't you get off the bed and get these socks off me."

I slowly got off the bed thankful my shirt was loose enough to hide my raging boner, as Sophie instructed me to slowly remove her white knee high socks, as she leaned back on her elbows. Her skin was so soft and she smelled so good, all I wanted to do was strip her naked and ravish her right there. But this was her show, and I was more than willing to play along.

"Now slowly start kissing my thighs."

Biting my lip, trying to hold back the little boy giggle, I slowly bent forward placing my lips on her skin.

"Yeah that's good, but; not so hard though, try and imagine you're tickling my leg with your lips and gently whisper the kiss to my leg. Oh yeah that's it, much better, now slowly move higher up my thighs moving between both legs."

"Mmm, Oh yeah that's good Kev, keep going higher."

At this point I was about to venture under her skirt.

"Now use your hands to rub my thighs where you've kissed and push up my skirt."

"Huh, oh, ok." I whispered afraid to move too fast, afraid she'd stop all of this.

I slowly pushed her skirt up and saw the beginning of the sexiest panties I had ever seen. They were probably everyday normal for her, but to me a pair of black silk thong panties had me leaking in my white briefs.

"Alright Kev, I want you to lick slowly from here to here, stopping at this point for a second longer and then do it again, nice and slow. Understand?" She asked after having run her finger over her panties from the bottom of her pussy to the top, stopping presumably at her clit. The sexual education class they forced me to take in high school now paying off.

"Shouldn't I take these off?" I asked giving a little tug at her panties.

"No not yet, just start licking."

Not waiting for her to tell me a third time, I leaned forward with my shaking tongue as I pressed against the warm fabric. The first sense to register in my head was smell, as a light tangy odor wafted into my nose; nothing bad at all, actually quite pleasing really, as I took a deep inhale.

"Ah that's bloody good. Now Kev, for your first lesson about girls, ahh mmmm," she moaned as my tongue made its first pass.

"You see you need to fuck a girl in the brain before you can fuck them for real. You know what, ohhh, I'm saying. Cause if you can get a girl to want to cum for you, ohhh mmy, the rest becomes a breeze. Huh, huh, now there are a lot of ways to screw a girl in the head right, like this, this aaaaaa, is teasing a girl."

Minutes later and after following her instructions and ripping her panties off, Sophie had me eating her out properly in no time. As I brought her to an earth shattering orgasm, her thighs squeezed my head; her hands gripped the back of my head, holding me tight to her as she came. My heterosexual orientation gaining some much needed percentage points, after a job well done, and a job I would love to do again, any time she would let me.

After regaining her composure Sophie slid off the bed and patted the mattress where she had been sitting.

"Your turn big fella."

Sitting on the bed I was nervous and trembling with excitement and fear. I was about to experience a moment every boy remembers for the rest of their lives, much like the first kiss, the first time someone puts their warm wet lips to your virgin boy cock is a moment that freezes in time.

"Ready Kev?"

"Ye...yeah." I leaned back on my elbows, looking at her with wide eyes, my face still wet with her cum.


Sophie smiled as she kneeled down and took my socks off letting them drop to the floor, and then ran her hands up my peach fuzzed covered legs until she reached my shorts where she slowly pushed both hands over my crotch and under my shirt. I had been lying on the bed with my legs hanging off the edge of at the knees, just as she was sitting minutes ago. Sophie wrapped her fingers into the bottom of my shirt and pulled me into a sitting position, where she pulled my shirt up and over my head and added it to the pile on the floor. With one hand she lightly pushed on my chest, making me lie down again. Dragging her nails down my slightly defined hairless chest and then over my almost present six pack abs, she wrapped her fingers around the elastic waist band of my shorts and briefs. With a quick tug, and me lifting up my bubble `toushie', as she called it, my black mesh shorts and white wet briefs, from my leaking teen boy dick, were off and thrown on the floor. With my shorts off, it revealed the stark contrast from the tanned summer skin of my upper body and legs, to that of my pale white waist and crotch.

Sitting up on my elbows I looked at her on her knees, staring at me in all my glory, "Is it ok."

Sophie gripped my pulsing rod with the softness of her feminine touch, "It's a beauty."

With that I laid back down moaning just a bit as she ran her nails up the inside of my thigh.

"Oh God, oh shit that feels good."

"You're one hell of a leaker aren't ya." She said as she used the long nail of one of her fingers to drag across my leaking cum hole.

Sophie began stroking my hard meat with her right hand, letting the palm of her hand run over the head of my dick, slicking it with pre-cum. Grabbing my balls in her left hand she began rolling my nuts around and pulling and pushing on my sack. This was the first time anyone had ever really touched my little Kevvy like this, and it was so much better than I could have imagined. My toes began flicking and curling, and I spread my legs to give Sophie all the access she wanted. I knew it was slutty, but fuck, that's what I wanted and needed.

"Jesus, oh shit this is great, oh fuck, aaaaa yes."

I started to notice when Sophie thought I was getting to close to cumming, she would tug down on my sack to bring me back down. I also notice I was starting to like the little bit of pain I felt when she did that. Without thinking about it I brought my knees up, and put my feet on the bed giving her better access to my balls. Sophie took me lifting my legs as a sign I liked what she was doing and that I wanted her to go lower, which I guess subconsciously I did. Sophie started rubbing the skin behind my sack with the middle finger of the hand massaging my balls.

"Aaaaaaa, mmmmmmm, oh my God, oh my God."

I was staring at the white ceiling in her room, as if they were clouds in heaven, when I felt the sudden warmth of her mouth at the base of my cock. With her lips on my cock and her hand rubbing the skin under my balls, I was literally moaning like a little boy.

As her mouth moved higher on my dick and her finger moved closer to my hole, the louder my moaning got. Jesus, her lips were so soft, and her tongue was lashing my rigid stalk as she moved slowly up to the fat plum of my cock head. Her hand no longer on my sack as her finger moved to my hole, and rubbed the wrinkled skin over my boy hole like Brother Manis had. My head began thrashing side to side and I had to do everything I could to keep from cumming.

"You like this don't ya?"

"Oh God yes, yes, please don't stop," I said as she rubbed my hole with her wet finger.

Sophie took the tip of my dick into her mouth and gave me two quick plunges where she took almost all of my cock into her mouth, on the third plunge down, her finger pushed into my spasming hole, causing me to arch my back and shove my whole cock into her mouth. She took it without issue and continued to suck me off as her finger worked its way deeper into me.


I don't know how I hadn't cum yet as the feeling of her mouth moving up and down my pulsing cock, and her finger now fucking me with a steady rhythm was by far the greatest thing I had ever felt. The pleasure in my ass was matched only by the pleasure on my cock, as her warm wet puffy lips and tongue slid over a little more than five inches of pulsing veins.

"Shit Sophie, Sophie here it comes, fuck, mmmmmmm." I whispered to her.

Sophie, like the angel she was continued to suck, and possibly even suck harder as my first eruption shot into her mouth.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Sophie. Mmmmmmmmmm."

Sophie had taken the first couple shots into her mouth and then swallowed, but then started coughing as the cum spilled out of her mouth and down my dick. She had to take her mouth off me as the remaining weak shots hit her lips and chin. Like a champ though she never stopped stroking my dick, as I came down from my orgasm. Wiping her mouth and chin with her hand, and then licking it clean she looked up at me,

"Wow you are one hell of a cummer aren't you."

Catching my breath, I sat up on my elbows, worried I had pissed her off, "I am so sorry, I should have told you."

"No worries, it's not a bad thing, I just wasn't prepared. I will be next time."

The idea that we would be doing this again put a smile on my face until I felt her finger twitch. It was at this point I realized Sophie still had a finger in my ass; she gave it a couple more twitches before pulling it out.

"You really like that don't you."

Embarrassed that I did, I simply nodded my head and blushed.

"There's nothing wrong with that, if that's what makes you feel good, and I am assuming it made you feel good right." She said mockingly wiping her lips again.

"Grouse", I said with a huge smile on my face sending us both into a fit of laughter.


Saturday morning and I woke with the thought of Sophie, and it put a smile on my face as I stroked my morning wood. But the thought didn't last long as I remembered I had practice with Brother Manis today, and while I no longer tried to deny that I enjoyed every bit of pleasure that he brought me, I was still nervous about how this practice would go. Jumping out of bed I quickly threw on my jock, shorts, shirt and shoes, with my cleats slung over my shoulder as I had little time to waste. The previous weekend my father dropped me off, this time however I would have to ride my bike to Brother Manis's house. It wasn't a great distance but it wouldn't allow me time to shower before I left.

I was staring at the walkway when I knocked on the door, and after he opened the door, my head slowly moved up his body, starting with his muscular calves, which were thick and covered with course black hair. His thighs thick and strong displayed nicely by Brother Manis's rugby shorts. His shirt was a rugby shirt clearly from his past, as it was worn, and just a bit too tight, showing off Brother Manis's strong chest and shoulders.

"Kev, good to see you again."


`I'm glad to see you brought your cleats this time, as you'll need them. Go ahead and put your bike on the side of the house. We're going to walk to the school today and work on your kicking and tackling skills."

Following Brother Manis's requests I put my bike on the side of his house and followed him to the school, which was about a mile or so from his house, leaving us plenty of time to chat. He asked me how I was feeling, and how I was adjusting to the move, if I had settled in at our new house and so on. We finally walked up on the school as I looked at the group of buildings, and a sign calling out the school's name, Collin Orn Cathedral Kimset. Realizing this would be my second home for the next three years, I took a second to take it all in.

"This way Kev, the pitch is over here. I need to run to my office real quick to get the balls; you go ahead and get your cleats on."

Brother Manis returned with a sack of balls and his own cleats on. Sitting down he ran me through a series of stretches that he explained the team preformed together before every practice and game. One particular stretch had me with my back on the ground and one of my legs held up against Brother Manis's strong chest, as the other leg remained flat on the ground. He then used one hand to push the tip of my foot down while his other hand rested on my bare calf supporting my leg. He explained to me that this exercise stretched the calf and hamstring muscles, as he pressed harder down on my foot. All I knew was that this stretch gave the person standing a perfect view into the crotch of the shorts of the person on the ground, especially if that person was wearing loose fitting shorts, as I was. The thought of Brother Manis purposely looking at my crotch had my three inch flaccid cock beginning to chub and twitch as it tried to move in the tight cotton pouch of my jock. It was bad enough thinking Brother Manis was looking at my crotch, as I tried to fight off my soon to be raging teen boner, but it didn't help that as he explained where the stretch was to work he also demonstrated by rubbing that muscle with his hand. So in this case his palm stroked the back of my peach covered calf and then traveled slowly down to the back of my hamstring, making me tense up with the skin tickling sensation he was causing.

For the next three hours Brother Manis taught me the punt, drop, bomb, squib, and grubber kicks, and I was thankful for those five years of soccer I played. If I thought I had ran a lot the weekend before, this was twice as much, as I ran after every kick. During much of the practice Brother Manis was right there with me making the same kicks and right behind me as I was sprinting, pushing me the whole time.

Brother Manis was definitely hands on when we transitioned into the tackling drills, where he demonstrated the different tackling methods on me, often taking me to the ground, where he would end up landing on top of me. Once on the ground we would roll apart and he would explain the importance of proper technique with each method as we lay there. On one occasion I landed on my belly with him on top of me, but Brother Manis didn't roll off me, instead he stayed in this position telling me of the importance of focusing while I tackled and the difference between this sport and American football with pads. The moment probably only lasted a minute or two, but it had my heart racing just being pinned under him, having no control over the situation, as his huge size blanketed me. I wasn't scared at all, more excited than anything else, as he laid there grinding his body into mine. I could feel my semi-hard teen cock grinding into the fibers of my jock, and for a second I could have sworn I felt his cock on the back of my ass. I would have been painfully hard had it not been for all his talk about shattered faces and what happens when your face is on the wrong side of a rising thigh and knee, as you tackled a runner; the stories he told me of past team mates and their injuries, made me wonder if my dad knew what he had signed me up for. When he finally rolled off of me, he quickly jumped to his feet and offered me a hand up. Once standing there was an awkward silence as we both just stood there staring at each other. It was impossible not to notice the large bulges in each of our shorts.

"Alright Kev, I think we've done enough for today." He said as I stood there lost in the moment my feet feeling as if they were in quicksand and I was sinking.


"You did well for not having kicked a ball before, better than I thought you would. Let's get these balls together and back in my office and then we'll head home." He said walking away from me.

Walking back to his office I could see the slight gleam of sweat on his hairy forearms, and calves, and my head flashed back to him lying on top of me, his large sweaty chest on my back. His office was on the back side of a gymnasium, and was the office for the boy's locker room. There was a window that overlooked the lockers with a medical table right underneath it. The table had a shelf below it full of medical tape, clearly for wrapping ankles and joints. Just off the wall to the right of the window was your standard teacher's desk with papers stacked everywhere, and a utility closet and private bathroom behind it. To the left of the window was the door to the locker room and on the wall across from his desk, were a couple chairs.

"I'll take those Kev." Brother Manis said taking the balls to the utility closet and throwing them in. "You can change out of your cleats here Kev, while I do the same."

"I have some cold water here if you want one."?

"Yes please."

Brother Manis sat behind the desk while I sat in one of the chairs across from it, as we kicked our shoes off and took long swigs of our waters. Clearing his throat he took a good long look at me.

"Kev, I would like to talk to you about last weekend if you're ok with that?"

To his question I simply gulped the water in my mouth down and nodded my head.

"More specifically what we did in my bedroom, and well I just want to find out how you're feeling about it, cause I'm really worried I went too far; did, did I go too far Kev?"

Brother Manis had kept eye contact with me the whole time he spoke, and all I could do was look at my water, with the occasional glance up at him, even when I answered his question.

"No I don't think you went too far. I, I could have told you to stop if I wanted too. It's actually been on my mind a lot lately, I mean why I didn't ask you to stop and all. I never imagined I'd do something with a dude, but I keep coming back to how it felt, and how much I really liked it; is that weird?" I said, my face blushing a deep red.

"No Kev, it's not weird at all to like how it felt, I'm just glad you're not mad at me. You're a good kid Kev, and I hope we can move forward from this point, as we were meant to, mentor and student, if that's ok with you."

Looking up at Brother Manis, with a wrinkled forehead, "What, what if I want to be more than that, what if I want to do it again?"

"I don't know Kev, it looks like you're still trying to figure out where your place is in this world is, and you don't need me adding any more confusion to that; know what I mean?"

I sat there feeling my eyes kind of watering, shaking my head side to side, letting him know that I didn't agree with him. I was so confused, I wanted more, and I thought he did too, what was all the touching for during practice if all he wanted was to be my coach? "I thought, you know, you kind of liked it too, I thought you liked me; don't you like me?"

"Of course I like you Kev, but, well look Kev, your old enough to understand there's a lot of risk for me in getting caught doing these things with a minor. Not just legally, but also with my standing in the church, and then there's the risk I could hurt you emotionally. We probably shouldn't even be having this conversation Kev, but because I do like you, you're worth taking some risk. I'll be honest Kev you've awoken a passion in me I haven't felt in awhile. But I hope you can understand that your age and the risk I would be taking is just too great for this to go any further, even if I wanted it to, I'm just sorry it went there last weekend."

"Don't be sorry, I'm not. I might not understand what it all means, if I'm gay or not or what, but I'm not some dumb kid, I just know it felt good, you made it feel good. I promise I won't tell anyone; this secret is safe with me, please don't, don't say no to this please."

"Kev, come on, this just isn't right, I mean don't get me wrong you're amazing ,you're more than that, you're beautiful, but it just won't work. I, I can't, I just can't."

"Why, why can't you?"

"Because Kev." At this point Brother Manis got up from his desk and started pacing back and forth.

"Because why?"

"Because...Because I want more, ok. I want to do things you're not ready for, and might never be ready for."

I had thought about that a lot this past week, and what I would have done if Brother Manis had taken it further, if he had done more than just finger me, and each time I came to the same conclusion, it would have scared the hell out of me and excited me at the same time, which was evident by raging hard-on I would have every time I thought about it.

"I, I don't know how far I'm willing to go; I never really thought I would have done what we did last weekend. So I can't tell you what will happen if you take it further. All I can tell you is what I have come to understand from last weekend, which is, I liked it a lot when you touched me, and when I am honest with myself, I liked it because you were in control, and I didn't have to think about it, I just got to enjoy it. So why can't we do it again and if you take it further, I'll let you know if it bothers me; ok?"

There was a long silent pause as Brother Manis had stopped pacing and stared into my eyes. "This is wrong Kev, really wrong, but part of me agrees with you, I don't want it to end either, but if I go too far, you stop this, we stop this, understand, no harm, no foul, ok?"

"Yes, yes, thank you Brother, thank you."

Brother Manis took a deep breath and walked around the desk. "Alright Kev, I think you made a good choice having me look at that cut again, always best to be safe. Go ahead and get up on the table and lay on your side facing the window. You might as well lower your shorts too, can't really get a good look with those on now can I. I'll be right there Kev, just need to get the medical kit."

The sudden change in attitude surprised me a bit, but I was quick to follow his instruction.

Brother Manis stepped into the bathroom as I pushed my shorts to the floor, removing them and my sweaty socks, leaving me in my white jock stuffed full of hard teen meat and my sweaty t-shirt. Shivering from being damn near naked, and the realization that I was damn near naked, I lay on the table with my body facing the window. All of a sudden fear took hold as I realized, there was no confusion this time, I had just invited this man to me again, and that's what was about to happen.

"Good Idea Kev, taking your shorts all the way off, I was concerned I might get some of this alcohol on them. On that note you might as well take your shirt off too, don't want your mum mad at me for ruining your clothes."


Sitting up I quickly removed my shirt and threw it in the chair as I watched Brother Manis set out on his desk the items he would need; a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a medical kit, and a large foam block in the shape of rectangle. He was really taking this role playing seriously, as I wondered what was in the medical kit, and what he needed it for.

"Go ahead and lay back down Kev."

"ok." Apparently my 15 years of learned vocabulary had been reduced to just one word.

"I'm going to place this spacer between your legs so you don't have to hold them apart, alright Kev?"


When I felt Brother Manis's hand grab my ankles and pull them forward and then apart the sudden breeze to my exposed boy hole reminded me, just how exposed I was to him. Lying in the fetal position with my legs spread open Brother Manis placed the foam block about mid calf. With the spacer in place, which held my legs apart by a good two feet, I rested my head on my right forearm, and used my left arm to keep my balance, as I tried to relax on my side, my ass on the edge of the table.

"Kev, I'm going to clean the scratch first and then I'll have a good look ok?"

"Yeah, ok." It was kind of weird to have had such a serious talk just seconds ago, to now having moved to this kind of nonchalant conversation, as if I had simply asked him to look at my cut again. But if this is how he wanted it, I ok with that, or at least I hoped I was.

Fuck, the touch of his strong and firm. He used one hand to spread my ass cheeks, the fingers spreading the crack. Then I felt the sudden coolness of the damp cloth run across my ass, followed quickly by the sting of the alcohol. It appeared to me that Brother Manis thought my whole ass needed to be cleaned as he spent a good amount of time cleaning me back there.

"Alright, let's have a look at that arse of yours, I mean the cut; let's have a look at that cut is what I meant to say, haha silly me."

"Ah it does look good and puffy, red too, but otherwise it looks like its healing fine; could stand to see some more cream on here though."

My eyes were closed as he said this to me, his finger running over the cut itself, so close to my anus that I could feel it, I wanted to feel it.

"Uhhhh, mmmmm, ohhhhh, okkk, sh, sh, sure."

I had no idea what he was doing behind me, but I could feel his eyes burning another hole into my bubble butt. I let out a small yelp from the touch of the cold cream to my skin, followed quickly by a low moan.

"Does that feel good Kev?"

"Yehesssss, mmmmm."


Brother Manis's finger lingered past the wound and over my tight boy hole rubbing my tight anus directly with the pad of his fingertip. His fingernail gently scratched the puckered opening, making me clench it tighter and then relax to enjoy his wriggling movements

"Oh God, mmmmm, oh man that feels good, uhhhh, uhhh." I whispered.

I was moaning uncontrollably with each pass of his finger, trying my best to keep the volume of my moans down. Brother Manis seemed surer of himself and wasted little time putting pressure on my hole, eventually popping the tip of his finger into me.

"OH GOD, FUCK." My toes curled tight, and my breathing began to race. There was something so wonderful about surrendering to the Brother. It was so different than Sophie, but it was just a good. Fuck, I was confused. It seemed like all I wanted was sex, any way I could get it, and my prick was throbbing and leaking copiously in anticipation of what Brother Manis might do to me.

With that Brother Manis removed his finger and looked down at me, as I realized all touching had stopped and I looked around to see what happed.

"I know this feels good Kev, but please be mindful of the words you use, this may be the locker room, but it's still part of the Lord's house, understand?"

"Yes Brother, ...pleeeaaassse." I would ask for forgiveness later, right now all I needed was his fat finger shoved back in my smooth fifteen year old ass.


"I take it you would like me to continue?"

Looking over my shoulder at him, heart pounding, and face blushed as I quietly begged, "yes please, please, I need it."

Brother Manis smiled and reached for the medical kit removing another bottle of solution. Clicking the top open he poured the content in his hands and put the bottle back. Rubbing his hands together I could tell it was some sort of oil from the sheen.

"Turn you head Kev."

Brother Manis's finger found my hole again and worked its way back into me, as I tried my hardest to remember not to yell the lord's name while being pleasured by this man, but it wasn't easy.

"Mmmmm, ohhhh, thank you, hhhsssssssssssss, ohhhhhh."

Brother Manis's oily left hand gently touched my hip and began rubbing in slow circles closer and closer to my jock, which didn't go un-noticed by me or my prick. My eyes had closed again as Brother Manis's finger had found that special place inside of me, eliciting a high pitched moan from me. Each pass of his finger over my little cherry prostate made my knuckles curl, my teeth clench, my heart race, and my dick spit forth even greater amounts of precum as he probed into teenage bliss. The tips of his fingers on his left hand had reached the elastic band of my jock and were beginning to push under it, teasing me as I had been taught the day before by Sophie to tease her. I realized Brother Manis was fucking my brain, making me want to cum for him, making me forget about everything but what he was doing to me, in me.

"Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, uhhhh, uhhh, OH GOD, oh shit , sorry, sorry, oh, oh, mmmmm."

Just as Brother Manis's fingers had slipped under the pouch of my jock and reached out to touch my pre-cum soaked balls, he added a second finger into my hole, stretching me further than I'd ever been.

"Ah very nice, a real beauty." He said as his hand traveled to my balls.

Feeling the touch of Brother Manis's hand on my balls made my hole clench on his fingers and my dick twitch and pulse even more pre-cum into pouch of my jock. Seconds later he wrapped his slick hand around my hard pole and began stroking me with the combination of oil and my own teen lube.

"Your bubbly arse is gift from the Lord Kev, so smooth and round, Your arse is a temple Kev, as place of worship."

"Huh, huh, ohh, ffffuuuu, ffuuuu, shhhiiii, oh mmmmmm." I was becoming a slave to feeling this man was giving me.

Brother Manis's stroking was amazing. His technique could only be described as milking, as his grip at the base of my cock was loose and increased its tightness until it reached just below my knob, and then his hand released all pressure as it slipped just higher than my knob and tickled the hell out of it, mixing my precum and oil together before sliding back. With every stroke of his hand I could feel the straps on my jock move and slide, adding to the explosion of sensations my body was experiencing.

I was ready to blow, when all of a sudden he stopped moving his fingers in my ass and removed his hand from my jock.

"No need in sending you home again in a dirty pair of these, is there Kev?" Brother Manis said as he hooked his fingers into the thick waist band of my jock and slid them just under my balls, his fingers in my ass not sliding anymore, but rather doing an almost come hither kind of motion. If my eyes could talk they would have screamed at him to forget my jock and just keep going, as I was so close to release.

Finally Brother Manis's hand returned to my profusely dripping dick and his fingers in my hole went back to penetrating me again. It felt like I had been lying on my side for an eternity, but I knew in reality it was probably more like twenty minutes, but either way I was close, as my teenage toes curled and my ass clenched on every thrust of his fingers. I was whimpering like a puppy in heat, loving the moment, ready to blast, when all of sudden my brain registered a new feeling on my ass. Something was touching me and sliding from my hole down my right cheek, where it would poke me in my family jewels. Oh God it was his dick, Brother Manis had pulled out his dick and he was rubbing it on me.

"AHHH, mmmmm, uuuuuuu, nnnnnnnnnn, ooohhhhhh, shit, shit."

I was so close, too close to tell him to stop, too close to think of whether I wanted it to go this far, too close to worry about him trying to fuck me.

"You're wonderful Kev, so good, so warm mmmmm."

I closed my eyes tighter and bit my lower lip, as the added sensation was too much. Brother Manis's cock head slowed it rubbing of my ass, as his stroking of my cock increased along with the fingers in my ass, as Brother Manis leaned over and took my cock into his mouth.

"BROTHER, Brother, oh shit, please, oh fuck, fuck, fuck , huh, huh, huh, uhhhhh, huh, huh."

The first shot of seed rocketed into his mouth followed by at least six more shots that must have hit his throat, as he swallowed every bit of warn teen seed I fired. Brother Manis continued to milk me slowly, as I continued to spew seed onto his tongue, his fingers in my hole slowing down. Brother Manis let go of my dick and put his hand on my hip for stability, licking his lips, while he pulled his fingers from my hole. Using his now free hand to grip his cock he began pounding his rod to finish the job. I was still breathing hard coming down from my orgasm, still biting my lip worried where this was going. I could feel the knob of his head rubbing like mad against my ass as it had been, but now it was rubbing across my open hole as well. I looked back to see Brother Manis's head thrown back, his eyes closed, and then the sudden warmth on my ass.

"Yes Kev Yes , rrrrrrrrrr."

Then it hit me, figuratively and literally, Oh God I could feel his seed splashing against my skin; on one of his thick releases his dick head was lined up directly with my open hole as I felt his seed enter my now stretched open boy pussy. Oh shit he's cumming in me, shit , shit, I thought as my ass clenched, trying to close and stop any more getting in, only succeeding in feeling it squish in me. Brother Manis shot a couple more loads on me, and then it was done and he collapsed over me, his huge frame draping me like a blanket.

I knew I had just told him I was ready for more, but I wasn't sure that meant another guys seed in my ass. But there was no way I was going to tell him that. Even if it did kind of bother me the rest of it was wonderful.

"Uh Brother I should be getting home soon."

"Oh right, right, we kind of lost track of the time didn't we." He said standing up.

I went to remove the spacer, when Brother Manis said he would get it for me. I heard his zipper on his shorts go up, and I wondered why I never heard it come down. Brother Manis then took the towel with the alcohol on it and wiped his cum from my ass and then gave it to me to do the rest as he finally removed the spacer. Although at no time was I uncomfortable, it did feel good to lower my leg.

"Well Kev, I think that cream should help that cut heal nice. I'm glad you had me look at." He said as he leaned back in and kissed me on the cheek, just inches from my mouth.

"Um, a yeah, I guess it does feel better."

"Are you glad I looked at it?" He asked as he headed to the bathroom to put the first aid kit back.

I knew what he was asking, was I alright with what we did, and as I thought about my answer while I pulled up my jock, I noticed my dick was hard again.

Blushing, "Yeah I'm really glad I had you look at it."

I finished getting dressed as Brother Manis straightened himself up in the bathroom.

"Ready to head home, Kev?"

"Yes Brother."

Walking home from Brother Manis's house, I thought about how his dick felt rubbing inside the cheeks of my arse, and I had a real hard time, no pun intended, keeping my dick down.

After putting my bike away in the garage, I entered the house hoping to go straight to my bedroom and take a shower. My brother as usual was sitting in the large activity room playing video games as I walked in from the garage. I walked past him giving him a smirk, wanting to tell him to get off his ass and do something, but without saying anything.

"Jeeze, your coach must have really worked you hard." Tommy said as I passed him.


"Dude, you have huge sweat spot on the ass of your shorts; haha, you might think about wearing a diaper or something next time." He said laughing at his own little joke.

"Shut up ass hole and stop looking at my ass queer."

Tommy looked hurt by that comment, "Whatever dude, it's not like I care that you're a sweaty pig, but have fun explaining that spot to Sophie, cause she's in your room.

"Sophie's in my room?"

"That's what I said moron."

I swallowed hard as I knew the spot on my shorts wasn't sweat, and now I had Sophie waiting on me.