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`Kevin Down Under' -- Chapter 3



Six weeks ago I was your typical fifteen year old boy living in the sunny State of California, USA, a star player of my football team, popular with most of the kids at my school, a cute young blond on my shoulder, and pretty much master of my universe. Now I'm standing at the bottom of the stairs in our new home in Sydney, Australia, my new girl friend is up stairs waiting for me in my bedroom, and my heart is pounding from fear because I have an adult man's cum leaking from my ass, and apparently staining my shorts. I swallowed hard before taking my first step up the stairs, my head spinning from the recent events of my new life down under.

Reaching the top of the stairs a light bulb went off once I saw my brother's bedroom door, I could sneak into his room and then into the bathroom to avoid Sophie until I addressed the shorts issue.

It only dawned on me once I was in my brother's room that this was the first time I had seen it since we moved in, and I was stunned to see how clean it was. His room back home was a throw back to his childhood with sponge bob square pants wall paper, and video games and comic books spread everywhere. This room had walls covered in posters of art, and not that of women in bathing suits or sports figures as most teen boys consider art, but actual art, from professional artists, and there wasn't a single toy comic book or video game anywhere, just a laptop and books. Seeing Tommy's clean room told me my little brother had grown up and it also reminded me of the mess I had left my own room, and my lips curled in disgust thinking of poor Sophie sitting in there alone. I grabbed a pair of Tommy's mesh basketball shorts from his dresser, before heading into the bathroom. I knew they would be long on me and tight around the waist, but it was better than the pair of cum soaked shorts I was currently wearing, hell walking in naked probably would have been less embarrassing.

Stripping down to my jock, I took a second to look at myself in the mirror before taking a wet cloth to my ass and crotch. I thought about running a quick shower, but Sophie would have surely heard that and I would have had no way to answer why I went through Tommy's room to get to the bathroom. Once dressed, I headed back into the hall and into my room, only to be stopped dead in my tracks.

"Hey Sophie, how long have you a, a,... damn." Was all I could get out as the sight of Sophie on my bed in her high school tennis outfit, which consisted of a tight t-shirt and a short pleated skirt, shorter than her school uniform short, with her legs open and back against my headboard. In her current position it gave me a clear shot of her pink cotton panties. Now this is where I should have jumped on my bed between Sophie's sweet porcelain legs like any good red blooded teen boy, but instead my head flashed back to Brother Manis's hands rubbing between my thighs. That desire for Sophie wasn't there like it was when Brother Manis touched me or slid his cock between my ass cheeks. Sophie was gorgeous, and she definitely got a reaction out of me, but there just wasn't that spark like there was with Brother Manis.

"You're funny Kev. How'd your footy practice go?" Sophie said sitting up sliding to the edge of the bed.

"Uh it um went well I guess. I take it you had practice too?" I said keeping my distance from Sophie, still nervous something about me would give away what had happened between Brother Manis and I.

"Yeah, my mate wanted to get in a couple practice rounds before our match next week; we're playing our school rivals. "

Sophie was now standing, with a puzzled look on her face as she noticed my shorts, "Is that what you wore to your practice?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well they're a bit tight Kev, I mean I can see your banger." She said smiling, stepping closer as she reached for my dick.

I stepped back a bit so she couldn't touch me, "yeah they're a bit tight, they're my brothers, but they were all I could find this morning." I said quickly spitting out my pre-rehearsed reason for the shorts.

"Yeah your room is a bit of mess, Kev." She said standing there no longer reaching for my crotch. "Is there something wrong Kev, why are you backing up?"

"Cause I smell really bad," I said, which wasn't a lie, but not the whole truth either. I mean I truly did care for Sophie, perhaps more than any other girl, but right now was not the right time for being touchy feely.

"Oh ok, then how about we jump into the shower, not like I couldn't use a wash myself." She said winking at me.

"Uh, um, well I think my mom is supposed to be home soon, I mean it sounds good and all, but I think we would be risking it. You know? I mean I want too, it's just..."

"No I get it, I think? You do realize it wouldn't be a regular shower right, you understand we would both be naked in there right?"

"Yeah I know." I said not looking her in the eyes, but telling from her body language she was getting mad.

"Huh, ok; most boys I know would say hell to their mother`s catching them to have a chance to get with their girl, and by get I mean `Get'. I understand your concern, just seems a little weird, don't you think?"

"Well it's not like I don't want too, it's just I don't think right now is the right time, ok."

"Alright, I guess I'll head home then." She said visibly upset.

"Look I really want too; I just don't want to get us in trouble ok; my mom would go ape shit if she caught us. How about I meet you tonight, or in a couple hours after I've showered will that work?" I said trying smooth things over.

Sophie turned around before leaving my room, her body language suggesting she had relaxed a bit, "Ok Kev, I guess you're right, you know your mother better than I do. How about we get together this evening, you can come over around 8."

"Perfect." I promise I'll be in a better mood and whole lot cleaner.

"I'd like that Kev, but what I'd really like is for you to wear those shorts, ok?" she said giving me a wicked smile.

"Uh, ok."

And with that Sophie headed out, as I stayed in my room falling back on my bed exhausted from the day's events.

I made it to Sophie's house that night, with intent in making up for my poor behavior, having forced the thoughts of Brother Manis out of my head, but as it turned out her mother came home sooner than expected, so we simply watched movies until it was time for me to leave. I spent most of Sunday locked in my room as the scene with Brother Manis played out in my head over and over again. The first couple times I thought about it, my brain re-enacted the moment as it happened word for word and touch for touch, but the more I replayed the events of that afternoon, the less words were spoken and the more I added to the physical action, and by Sunday evening I was imagining Brother Manis completely screwing me with his huge tool buried to the hilt in my teen ass. I imagined his cock plunging slowly into me as each plunge brought forth a moan of pleasure from me as I lay on his padded table. By Monday morning I knew two things, my poor dick was sore to the touch, and that if the situation presented itself to me at the next practice, I would let him go as far as he wanted, even if the idea of it still scared me a bit, the desire for it was simply too great.

Sophie and I had gotten together on Sunday, but outside of some simple kissing and petting we had yet to find time to really have some fun, which we had both expressed a desire to continue, even to the point that Sophie hinted she would like to take it too the next level. I was still in a world of confusion as to how I felt about what Brother Manis and I were doing, but I had come to realize how much I still liked Sophie and that I truly wanted to spend as much time as I could with her, and if taking it to the next level meant that I was going to have sex, then I was ready and willing to lose my virginity with her. Of course I was also quite aware that it all hinged on Sophie's schedule, and that if something didn't give this week, then there was a really good chance that I would be losing my virginity to a man come next Saturday.

The thought of sex with a man excited me, there was no denying that, but the thought of a man being my first sexual experience bothered me a bit. Even at 15 I knew your first time was a moment that not only shaped your life, but stuck with you for most of it, and thinking that mine would be with a man and not a girl, carried too much weight for me to handle.

On Monday afternoon, I was lying on couch when the phone rang and my mom answered it. It turned out to be Brother Manis, and he wanted to know if I was available for afternoon practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, of course after his teaching responsibilities were finished. He explained that he felt with Rugby tryouts soon approaching, it would be good for me to get in as much cardio as I could, and that these practices, in addition to the regular Saturday practice, would really help me. The idea of seeing more of Brother Manis had me smiling from ear to ear, not to mention making my dick quite stiff. He finished the call by asking me to get permission from my folks, and if they were ok with it he wanted me to start tomorrow by meeting him at his office at 4:30 pm with practice ending at 7:30, with him bringing me home. He also mentioned that I needed to bring my swimmers.

Of course my mom and dad said yes to the extra practices, as they knew it was better than me sitting on my ass all week long, and they liked the way I was getting into Rugby. I wondered when and where we would be doing anything that required my swimmers.

After talking to Brother Manis, I tried to get a hold of Sophie as I really wanted to see her tonight, but again she was at an extended tennis practice, preparing for her match against the cross town rival. My fear that I could lose my cherry to a man was coming closer to reality by the minute, but it didn't stop me from jerking two large loads of teen cum that evening thinking about it.

Tuesday dragged on as I sat around the house watching the clock tick second by second until 2 pm. At 2 I knew it was silly but I jumped into the shower to clean myself good, as I wasn't sure how the afternoon or evening would go. Stepping into the bathroom I stripped down and entered the shower. The practices had been doing me good as my muscles had a bit more definition to them, I thought as my hand ran over my bare chest and belly. The warm water splashing off my face and chest, as I let it cascade down my smooth summer tanned skin. I don't know what made me do it, outside of the idea that Brother Manis would probably like it, I subconsciously found myself taking a razor to the short hairs in my arm pits and on my legs. My legs were quite easy to do as there was very little to shave to begin with, as compared to my pits, which had a bit more. Regardless though, a few swipes of the razor and they were both baby smooth. Once again my head drifted into thoughts of how the evening could go and my hand slowly gripped my hard cock, as I stroked it with a lathered hand. It was 4pm when I was fully dressed in a pair of rugby shorts and a clean solid green t-shirt, with cleats and board shorts in hand, as I headed off on my bike toward the school.

Reaching the school I noticed that it was mostly empty with only a few boys still straggling around, which made sense as the school had let out an hour and half ago. I walked my bike to the back of the auditorium and Brother Manis's office, where I took a deep breath and tried to calm the beating heart in my chest before knocking on the door. Brother Manis opened the door letting me in as I stood there staring at his full brown colored priests rob.

"You're a bit early Kev, but no worries, I'll simply change and we'll be on our way." Brother Manis said as he walked into the bathroom area of his office.

"You brought your swimmers right? "

"Yes Brother."

"Good, this school has a wonderful indoor pull that is heated year round, and rarely used after 3pm during these months. Which is perfect for us, as swimming is one of the best ways to strengthen your core and stamina, I think anyways. Oh on that note, I forgot to ask, you can swim right?" Brother Manis said coming out of his bathroom in just a pair of rugby shorts, his broad hairy chest on display for me to clearly see, my cock and pupils expanding with excitement.

Brother Manis walked over to me and leaned in as my eyes finally broke free of the memorizing sight. I looked up just in time to see his lips touch mine as he kissed me hard on the lips. "We'll play later young man." He said as his hand rubbed my hard cock through my shorts.

"Now, you can swim right?"


"Oh, are those your swimmers?"

"Uh yeah, is that ok?" I said looking at the white with black flames board shorts.

"Well not really Kev. The pool here requires everyone to wear Speedo style swimmers. It's for health and safety purposes, you know, none of your private areas are open to the water, and nothing loose to get caught in vents and such, you understand I hope?"

"Yeah I uh understand it's just that I don't have any Speedos? Had I been back in California I would have made fun of the kid in Speedos, and now here I was eyes about to water afraid my day with Brother Manis was over, and I would have killed for a pair of them.

"It's alright Kev, I have some here in the back that we sell to the students for Physical Education classes, and I suppose I could give you a pair. Of course you'll need to pay back, somehow." He said with a smile.

"That would be great Brother, thank you."

"Here I think these should fit you fine."

Brother Manis threw me a pair of new Royal blue Speedos and then simply stood there, staring at me, waiting for me.

"I guess I should put these on huh?"

"Well that is the idea Kev, and the sooner the better."

I slowly opened the package containing the Speedos and pulled them out. Growing up in the states, the trend for bathing suits was the bigger the better, and here I held a pair up in front of me that looked smaller than any pair of underwear I owned.

"Um is this the right size, they seem kind of small?"

"Yes Kev, that's how they fit. Look I know they must seem weird to you, but everyone wears them here; I have mine on under my shorts, so it's not like you're all alone, ok? And trust me you'll look just fine in them, I'm guessing better than most." Brother Manis said making me blush, as I lowered my rugby shorts and jock.

"Sorry Brother, just nervous I guess." I said as I pulled the tight elastic brief into position, feeling the elastic bands squeezing my legs and waist, the thin lycra material clung to my cock and ass.

"No worries Kev, I'm a bit nervous too, and you now standing there in those Speedos isn't helping me any; but I really did intend on this being a practice, so I tell you what, let's just focus on training for right now, and we'll see where it goes after practice ok?"

"Ok." I said as Brother Manis directed me towards the pool complex, always seeming to be a step or two behind me, a smile forming on my face as I felt his eyes burning a hole into my ass.

"Here we go Kev." Brother Manis said as he pointed to a set of double doors.

The doors opened up to an immense indoor pool auditorium. On first inspection there were three pools in the large auditorium. One was an Olympic pool set up with lanes for competitive swimming and goals for water polo. The other large pool was set up for diving, with a high meter board that rose into the four story building. The third was a much smaller pool, and what I guessed as a warming pool for the divers. I turned to Brother Manis just in time to see him lock the door behind us.

"This place is awesome."

"I would agree. This schools aquatic program is always in the running for some form of championship title. I just appreciate that my job allows me to use this complex whenever the schedule allows it. Like I said I find swimming to be one of the best cardio work outs."

Brother Manis dropped a couple towels and his gym bag on the bleachers near the pool and removed his shorts and shirt, revealing his white Speedos for only a second before he quickly dove into the pool. The quick glimpse of his masculine physique I did get before he hit the water was enough to take my breath away.

"Let's go Kev, time's a wasting."

Pulling my shirt off left me in just the Speedos, which gave me a weird feeling; a feeling similar to being naked, or perhaps even worse, as the Speedos drew your attention to the wearer's most private area. And with the tight thin material of the Speedo, it was clear as day what God had blessed them with. I knew this first hand because my eyes were glued to Brother Manis in his, and the monster bulge in the front of them when he ran and dove into the pool.

We got right to it after I dove in, and on my fifth lap of the pool my dick and brain had forgotten about how amazing Brother Manis looked and focused on my breathing as I struggle with the exercise. Brother Manis was in the lane next to me, doing his own laps, cutting through the water like a knife through butter, while I flailed about like a drunken dog that had fallen out of boat. I knew how to swim, and had thought I was pretty good at it, but once my body had gotten tired, all rules for form were thrown out. On the fifteenth lap I was getting more water in my mouth than air as I struggled to reach the wall; a struggle I had to overcome or the bottom of the pool, some 16' below me, would be a place I would soon be seeing. I was about two or 3 body lengths from the edge when my eyes started to go black and my body began to sink. I never felt Brother Manis's hands on me, but the next thing I realized I was holding onto the wall of the pool couching up water as Brother Manis held me around my chest with one arm, while his other held onto the edge of the pool. As I heaved and coughed I could feel his hairy bare chest press against my smooth back and his groin push into my butt. Apparently even on the verge of death, your pleasure receptors in your brain still override your need to survive, as I felt myself pushing back against him.

"Get it all out Kev, there you go, that's it, now just breath Kev."

Some time lapsed with neither of us moving, me just trying to breathe, him just holding me.

"You think you're ok to pull yourself out of the pool Kev?" Brother Manis asked once my breathing became somewhat normal.

"Yeah, I think so."

Like a wounded seal, I pulled myself out onto the coping deck, where I proceeded to roll to my back with my knees still at the edge, my feet splashing back into the water, as I was too tired to pull myself all the way out. Brother Manis pulled himself out with ease and lay down next to me on his side, his head resting in his hand, supported by his elbow.

"You're supposed to swim in the water Kev, not drink it." Brother Manis said as he chuckled at his own little joke.

Rolling my eyes at his humor, I looked into his worried eyes "I blacked out huh?"

"It looks like it Kev; probably trying to do too much and just ran out of energy. It's a good thing I saw you flopping in the water that last meter, or you'd have been in some real danger."

"How's your belly feeling, you took in quite a bit of water?" Brother Manis asked reaching out and rubbing my wet belly, inches above the elastic waist band of my Speedos.

His hand so close to my cock had my head spinning with the feelings of pleasure. "I, I feel fine." I said trying to suppress a moan, my quickly hardening cock forcing the thin material of the Speedo to stretch.

"Well it looks like you are feeling fine, doesn't it." Brother Manis said winking at me as his hand travel down to my hard cock, and began rubbing it.

"Ohhh, mmmmmm, ahhhh, uuuuuu." Moaning from the pleasure his hand was bringing me, a new found love for Speedos.

"You know Kev we seem to be falling into pattern here, you getting injured, with me ending up touching you. It's all well and good, but we might want to try skipping you getting injured part from now on, what ya think?"

"Yeah sounds good to me, the last part is the best part anyways." I said smiling.

Brother Manis leaned into my ear and whispered, "We need to move this to the locker room Kev, it's not safe for us out here."

I simply nodded my head as I watched him stand up, his own Speedo showing a sizable tent. My lust rejuvenating my energy as I spun and sprung to my feet following him toward the locker room, grabbing our clothes and towels left by the pool.

These locker rooms were separate from the ones associated to Brother Manis's office, and were designed for the pool area specifically, as there were only a couple dozen lockers as compared to the rows of lockers in the other locker room. Brother Manis walked past the lockers and the community showers to the back of the locker room where there was a heavy looking wood door, with a little glass window in it, and the word Sauna above it in black letters.

"This school has its own sauna?" I said in disbelief. My old school, which was located in an area of wealth, didn't have half of this school's amenities.

"Yes Kev. A nice little feature don't you think? Funny thing though, the school's wrestling team uses it more than the aquatics department. But it should give us a good bit of privacy."

The word privacy echoing in my head, as I suddenly thought about Brother Manis and I having sex, causing my body to shiver.

Brother Manis held open the door as I walked in, with him following in behind me. Dropping our gear once inside Brother Manis stepped up and placed his hands on my shoulders, his warm wet lips softly touching my ear, his hands running side by side down my chest and belly, stopping when his fingers touched my rigid cock, only to go back up and start again.

"Oh, mmmmm, ahhhh, uhhhhhh."

"I, I haven't felt like this in a, a while Kev, you have my inside on fire." Brother Manis said still kissing my ear.

"I know me too. You're all I think about." I said opening up to Brother Manis, as he worked from my ear to my neck.

Brother Manis slowly walked me forward until my knees hit the first wood bench seat, where he stopped and unfolded his large beach towel on the top bench. Then he gently moved me forward until I was bent over with my knees resting on that first bench and my chest resting on the second bench higher up, and his towel.

"You're simply the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time." Brother Manis said as he raked his hands down my bare back, making me arch my back and clench my cheeks. Brother Manis's hands stopped on my hips, with the palms of his hands on my Speedo, with his thumbs resting on the elastic band. I had expected him to pull my Speedo down; to the point I was lightly shaking my ass, as if to say I was ok with it, but he never did, instead there was long pause where nothing happened.

Looking over my shoulder I could see Bother Manis with a large smile on his face staring at my ass.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, knowing there wasn't.

"No Kev, there is nothing wrong. I could just stare at your perfect ass in these Speedos all day, that's all."

Blushing, I looked him the eyes, "Um, I was hoping you'd do more than just stare."

"Oh I plan on it Kev, trust me I plan on it."

With that Brother Manis leaned in planting small kisses on my ass, his hands sliding up and down the tops of my thighs. Even through the Speedo I could feel the warmth of his kisses, and the tickle of his lips on my ass, the sensation had me biting my lower lip. Brother Manis gripped my Speedo and slowly pulled them down, as he continued to kiss my ass, my now naked ass.

"You're so smooth Kev; your skin is so wonderful." Brother Manis said before returning to his tortures kissing.

It was hard not to use the term God and Jesus as his lips and tongue worked my flesh over and over, but I knew it was something that Brother Manis disliked.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhh shit, mmmmmmmmm...oh Gooooodssssshhhhhh."

Brother Manis was an animal as he worked his way between my cheeks toward my teen hole, his tongue like a determined bear in a bee hive. Brother Manis was licking my hairless hole, wetting the wrinkled ridges of my pussy with his thick tongue, bathing it in spit, pleading it with steady pressure for it to open up for him.

"Oh God, yes, mmmmmmmm, ahh, so good, so good, uhhhhhhhh." I moaned as my outer pussy lips relaxed and let his tongue enter me, my verbal filter no longer working.

His own moaning letting it known he could careless at this point what I said as he was losing control as well. Long before Brother Manis had removed my Speedo, and began deliciously probing my ass with his tongue, I knew where this was headed, and now it was the only thing I wanted most in this world. The thoughts of losing my virginity to a man, or the probable pain, or even what this meant about me and my sexual orientation all went out the window and now all I wanted was for this wonderful man to fuck me.

"Oh, oh, please do it, please oh God, please do it."

I think my request shocked Brother Manis as he stopped his tonguing and just stood there. I looked over my shoulder at the large man, confused by his sudden pause, "Don't you want too?"

"Oh Kev, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, then yes, more than anything, but you need to be very clear on this, what is it you want?" he said, as if afraid to ask for it or say it out loud.

I bit my lip as I looked at him over my shoulder, "I want you to have sex with me."

My statement seemed to be what Brother Manis wanted to hear as he smiled from ear to ear, "are you sure?"

I nodded my head and sort of shook my bare ass, in a come get me way as I whispered "Yes."

"We haven't spoke much about this Kev, and I really don't want to ruin the moment, but I need to know, will this be your first time, and, and I don't mean with a man Kev, cause I pretty sure I know the answer to that question."

Wetting my puffy, sensitive lips with my tongue, I swallowed, "yes."

"And you want it to be with me?" Brother Manis asked with pleading eyes.

"More than anything."

With that Brother Manis stepped back up to me putting his hands back on my hips as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips, "Thank you Kev, you have no idea how much that touches my heart." That was all he said before sliding back down and reinserting his tongue into my hole.

"Ahh, mmmm, oh, oh, oh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh." I moaned as my head thrashed on the towel, his tongue seeming to have a new level of passion in it.

Brother Manis worked my ass over for another few minutes before he stopped and stood up, slipping his white Speedo off and grabbing his gym bag. Once again looking over my shoulder I watched his naked cock swinging back and forth. This was the first time I had ever seen his cock and my eyes got huge as I looked upon the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was a least 9"s long and thick, and oh God he was going to stick it in me, I thought to myself. Pulling the familiar looking bottle of lube from his bag, he turned with a smile, only to see the fear in my eyes, as they were locked onto his monster cock.

His smile faded to a soft look of caring and concern, "I'm a bit bigger than you were thinking aren't I?"

I swallowed and nodded my head in confirmation to his question.

"We don't have to do this Kev, it's alright, we can pleasure each other in other ways."

"No, no, that will drive me crazy all week long if I don't try this; I, I mean I want this, it's what I've been thinking about all weekend long, it's, it's, wow you're just so big."

"I'll go slow Kev, and I'll use plenty of lube, and if it starts to hurt too much, I'll stop ok?"


The smile returned to Brother Manis's face as I watched him pour a copious amount of lube into his hand and stroke his enormous cock. With his cock oiled and glistening he step up behind me placing a hand on my head, pressing it into the towel, my ass still perched high in the air, as I felt his lubed hand run across my already wet hole. I was enjoying the feeling of his fingers stroking my hole, but concerned by what was coming next. All I could think about was that here in this sauna room, the schools sauna room, would be the place I gave my virginity to a man.

"Ohhh, mmmmm," I moaned just before I bit down on the white terry cloth towel, as I felt the familiar feeling of Brother Manis's thick digit entering me.

I was already pretty loose from his earlier rim job, so it was no surprise that Brother Manis was able to get two lubed fingers in me relatively quickly. My virgin hole sucked on his fingers as he repeatedly plunged them into me, slicking my anal canal, opening me up for his large tool. As he began his efforts to introduce a third finger, he also began fondling my jewels and cock with his left hand. The overall sensation forced my mouth open as I moaned uncontrollably, drool soaking into the towel.

Brother Manis didn't stop with just the hands, as his tongue lapped on the sensative skin of my back and neck. I had never felt so good in my life, as my head was spinning in pleasure, and I barely heard him whisper, "Are you ready?"

"I think so."

Brother Manis didn't stop his kisses, as I felt him remove his fingers, and align his mushroom tip to my gasping hole. My fingers were trying to claw their way into the wood bench as his warm fleshy cock pushed the lips of my hole further than they had ever been.

"Uhhhhhh, ohhhhh, shhhiiiiiitttt, huh, huh, huh fuuuuccckkk, oh God."

My hole stretched just far enough to allow the crown of his cut cock to enter me before quickly constricting around the invading intruder.

"Slow, slowly, oh, oh, oh God, Jesus, Jesus, ahhhhh." Again Brother Manis was in too excited with the taking my cherry to be concerned with my moaning blasphemy.

My deflowering could be described with three simple words, stinging, hot, pressure, as Brother Manis's fleshy cock slowly entered me. My tan skin hid the fact that my body was a red flush from heat and emotions; that is everywhere except for the pale skin of my bubbly cheeks, which were now a rosy red. I knew this because I had looked over my shoulder now twice to see if I could see how much of his cock was in me or more importantly, how much more did I have to go.

Brother Manis began pulling his cock back out which felt as bad as it did going in, but surprisingly also left an empty feeling. When his crown reached my lips, I thought for sure he would push his cock back into me, only to be surprised by the sting of him pulling completely out of me.

"How are we doing Kev, do you want me to keep going?"

Looking back I could see Brother Manis applying more lube to his pulsing cock that was already glistening and dripping precum from its tip, as it looked even bigger than before.

"It kinda hurts, but I really want this, so just go slow, ok." I said out of innocent honesty, and a lack of concern as to what was right or wrong to say in the moment. I was glad Brother Manis understood and didn't begin asking me questions as to how much I really wanted this, as I felt my hole closing, and heavy desire to have something back in me, even if it came with some discomfort.

"Oh shit, mmmmmm, uhhhhh, huh, huh, huh, oh fuck." I moaned the as Brother Manis's cock pierced me again, my head and shoulders grinding into the towel, as the air in my lungs was driven out. With my hole still slightly open and the added lube it allowed Brother Manis's cock to enter me with a little less pain, but my still very tight hole wasn't giving up its virginity without a fight.

Brother Manis's cock quickly returned to the depths it had already achieved and then continued inching forward. I could feel every large vein on his dick as my anal lips dragged across them. What seemed like an eternity, but was probably no more than ten to fifteen minutes, finally came to an end when I felt the bristly shorts hairs of Brother Manis's bush pushing into the smooth flesh of bubbly cheeks. The sauna was off, but I had a nice sheen of sweat coating my body, as my hole locked onto his cock with a vice like grip, afraid of it moving in either direction.

My boy sphincter, much like a muscle flexed in tension, could only hold on for so long before it began twitching and relaxing to the monster cock inside me. The relaxing of my hole came with a welcomed relief of the stinging pain, leaving me with just the feeling of a pulsing dull pressure in my ass and a smile on my face.

Brother Manis hadn't spoken a word since bottoming out in me, as he simply held me around the lower belly, his head and massive chest resting on my back as both of us tried to catch our breath. Words were not needed to tell me he was all the way in me, just as I didn't need to tell him that I was adjusting to his size; in both cases it was simply felt.

Brother Manis stood back up, his hands sliding to my hips as I felt him mash his groin into my ass, pushing his cock even further into me.

"Oh, mmm." I moaned, a moan no longer of discomfort.

With short little strokes Brother Manis began fucking me. His long cock pulling its fat mushroom tip back a few inches before pushing it back in, rubbing my anal canal and causing a new sensation, one of such indescribable pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, uh, huh, uh, huh, uh, huh, oh God, yes ahhh, it, it feels goooood now."

"I agree Kev. Oh bugger this feels wonderful."

Brother Manis' s cock had worked itself up to a full stroke with his pace increasing, as I felt his low hanging balls slapping me. There it was, I was getting fucked, and I loved it. From the sound of it Brother Manis loved it too, as the sounds of his guttural moaning filled the small sauna room.

In a shocking move, Brother Manis slowed down and then removed his cock, leaving me feeling empty and confused. Looking back over my shoulder we made eye contact as Brother Manis seemed bothered by something, "What's wrong?"

"This isn't right Kev..."

"NO! Don't say that, you can't stop now, please." I said, as my head jumped to the worst case scenario.

"No, no, God no Kev, I didn't mean that. You didn't let me finish, the position you're in isn't right. I want to see your face as we make love, I want you to look into my eyes and see how much I care for you; I want you know that your first time wasn't with someone who was just looking to have sex. I want you to know it was with me, someone who really cares about you, even loves you, if it's not too soon to say that out loud." Brother Manis said, looking at the floor as if he was blushing.

My God he was perfect and I knew I loved him too, as my whole body radiated with a happy feeling.

"I love you too. And I couldn't have asked for my first time to have been with anyone better than you." I said biting my lower lip.

Brother Manis quickly stepped in and kissed me hard on the lips his tongue entering my mouth, as he moved my body so that I was lying down on the lower wood bench, the back of my head now resting on the repositioned towel. Sliding on his knees between my legs, I was all too happy to spread them and open up for him.

Our brief intermission did nothing to deflate our raging hardon's as he slid his bulbous cock head back into me.

"Ohhhh, mmmmmm, ohhhh, shhiiittt huh, oh God." He was right; it was more sensual watching his face light up as his cock bottomed out inside of me.

Brother Manis moved my left leg so that it was draped over his right shoulder, with his right leg kneeling on the bench, his left foot planted on the floor and my right leg hanging loose off the side. With his hands on both my thighs, and my left hand rubbing my belly, while my right hand stroked my cock, I truly loved this new position. Brother Manis was no longer pumping me with pace, as he now fucked me with a more passionate stroke, his eyes never leaving mine.

Staring into the eyes of this handsome man fucking me, my head flashed on the first time I had met him, his large frame standing in the door way. Then the first time he touched me in his bedroom, his gentle finger exposing me to a new world. And then in his office, lying on his table, where we defined our relationship and he sent me down my path in life as a gay boy. And now as he kneels between my legs, making love to me, the muscles in his upper body flexing with every pump of his cock, his chiseled face is showing his emotion, as we consummate our love for each other.

"Uh, Uh, oh, fuck, mmmmmmm shit, shit, Oh God I'm gunna cum," I moaned as my cock twitched, exploding cum all over my smooth chest and belly, my right hand pumping like mad, my tight teen hole clenching on Brother Manis's cock.

Brother Manis moved his left hand from my thigh to my chest as he pushed his cock balls deep in me and kept it there. I watched as his face went through a series of expression as his first shot of hot seed exploded into me, pumping my insides full of its first man sized load, as my ass began clenching again uncontrollably around his twitching pole.

Once Brother Manis was done, and all the cum in his balls was now deep inside me, he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me deeply, as I felt his cock begin to deflate and retract. He broke the kiss when I felt his cock finally pull free of my hole, his cum dripping down my ass and onto the bench. Brother Manis took my leg from his shoulder as he sat on the bench, where he rested both of my legs in his lap, while we basked in the glow of the moment.

"Was, was I ok?" I ask breaking the silence.

"You were nothing short of perfect Kev."

"And you, was it everything you expected?" Brother Manis asked as I lay there, his hand stroking my hairless teen leg.

"It was so much better than I had expected. Fuck I could do that three or four times a day."

Brother Manis laughed, "I bet you could kev, it would kill me, but it would be wonderful way to die."

We were both laughing when I noticed Brother Manis's expression change to that of concern.

"What's wrong?"

"I meant what I said earlier Kev, I do love you..."

"But?" I said knowing he had something bad to tell me.

"But I'm concerned as to how we can keep this going; while my love for you is something I will have to work out with the Lord someday, the rest of the world will not be so forgiving of a priest having a relationship with a young man." He said looking at me.

"I know the world won't agree, so we won't tell them, because I love you too, and nothing will stop that."

"I know you feel that way now Kev, but you're only 15 and you may change your mind."

"Never, I didn't know what love really was before I met you; but now, well, now I can feel it in my heart every time I'm around you and that's never going to change, I just know it."

"What about you and your girl friend Kev, I thought you liked her a lot?"

"I do like her a lot, but I now know I don't love her. And tomorrow I tell her we're done, and I'll end it."

"But you just said you liked her, don't you like being with her?"

"Well yeah kind of, but it's not like when I am with you."

"I understand Kev, but perhaps we can see more of each other if people think you have a girl friend?" Brother Manis said with a questioning look.

"Well, um, I don't want to hurt her...but it would be a pretty good cover, for you and I , and I do enjoy being with her, not as much as with you of course," I said, making sure Brother Manis didn't misunderstand me.

"Yes Kev, I know."

"Yeah, yeah, I think it will work, especially if it means I can spend more time with you, and it keeps us out of hot water." I said staring at the ceiling of the sauna.

"Well, we'd still need to be careful, but it would keep societies eyes off us."

"I'm not worried about what it keeps off me, as much as whom it keeps on me." I said with a cheesy grin on my face, my boy cock hard as rock again.

"Well Kev," Brother Manis said as he moved his hand to my rigid tool, causing me to moan, "you wear this Speedo again, and think we have a deal."


It was a month later that I made the Rugby team as a starter; where from Brother Manis's help and training I was quickly accepted by the team as I took to the sport like I had been playing it since I was little boy. Sophie and I made it almost a year before she broke it off with me, never once suspecting my relationship with Brother Manis. We did finally find time to have sex, my first with a girl, but it never felt as good as it did with Brother Manis, something I was now having at least 5-7 times a week. Sophie said when she did break it off with me that she just didn't feel like we were ever going to take it the next phase of truly being in love, a feeling I clearly couldn't argue. I do miss her from time to time, as I did love her as a friend, but I knew it was only time before we would be over as boy friend and girlfriend, just as I knew it would be the same with the next 2 girls I dated before I graduated high school.

It's now seven years later and John Manis or John as I now call him, and I have found a life with each other, our secret love announced to my family just last year. A love that has seen it trials and tests to be sure; as I made it through four years of college and now enter into Medical School; John's leaving from the Seminary and his teaching position at the Catholic school, and of course our recent announcement to my parents of our love for each other, which almost had my father ready to disown me, and report John to the local authorities. It was actually my brother who brought my father around, as he informed him he would then be losing two sons, as he too was gay, a revelation I had suspected years before.

John has recently found a new teaching position at a public school, to which he enjoys, even though he hated having to leave his long standing coaching position with the schools Rugby team. But John knew his position as team coach was contingent on his enrollment in the Brotherhood, a Brotherhood he no longer had a desire to be a part of. And I am happy say that John's strong religious faith has never left him, but I am also proud to say I have made him scream in blasphemy a few times since taking the robes off. We both still love rugby and John has recently applied to coach a local club team, which I am sure he'll get the job.

It is our anniversary next week, and as a gift to John, I'll be slipping on the royal blue Speedo he so fondly enjoys from our first love making session, as I have come to be so fond of him taking them off me, in my life here down under.


I hoped you enjoyed this story and find your true love someday.

Thank you again,