Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Culdesac

Part 1

The adventures of Kid Kauber are fictional occurrences. It contains sexual acts between adults and an 11-year-old boy. If you find this offensive or if you`re too young to be reading it, please leave. If you like the story or have suggestions, send them to

Continuity matters, so please read the Kid Kauber series in order.

1: Kid Kauber & the Ice Cream Man.

2: Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Culdesac.


A month had passed since Kid's unfortunate breakup with Ed. Things had gotten better, but only by a little. Each passing day felt like misery to the 11-year-old. Kid wanted to move on, but he felt like he was moving backwards to the boy he was before Ed came along. This time would've been tougher if not for Jeremy, who kept his word and had Kid's back. "I hate hearing you like this, Kid. But I knew something like this was bound to happen. I just wish I had listened to myself when I first found out."

"I feel like such a freak now... I'm sorry I dragged you into it, Jeremy."

"Don't be. If it means anything, if you wanna date guys when you grow up... I'll still be your friend."

"... Thanks," said Kid, who was incredibly warmed by hearing that. "It's been a month, I guess I have bigger things to think about now that school's back on."

"Is it okay if I come over, Kid?"

"Yeah. See you soon." Kid's life was beginning to retake shape. His parents had been back for two weeks, and Henry had taken the drums back up recently. Possibly as a coping mechanism for the loss of their grandfather. Every night he could, he'd be in the basement trying out 'solid beats' as he called them. As for Benjamin, the return of his mother and father provided the comfort he so desperately needed. While his mother was playing a card game with him, Kid's father, Paul was working through some details with Henry.

"And you're sure this won't interfere with your school?" asked Paul.

"Definitely, I'll crack down on my studies, I swear! Just please let me join."

"I can let you try out, but I can't let you join. That's for the band to decide."

"Thanks, Dad! I still have time to make the audition."

"I wanna meet these band members if they accept you."

"Got it. Thanks again!" Henry was the most excited he'd been in months. He had the chance to be the drummer in a new band that had sprouted up in the town. Meanwhile, Kid and Jeremy had just started playing a robot/dinosaur/astronaut adventure in Kid's bedroom.

"I brought Cap'n America. I think he should help the spaceman fight the robots!" said Jeremy.

"Kay, but when do the dinosaurs show up? It's dinosaur island and I've been waiting to do my roar. *Rooooaaar!*" The two boys laughed.

"You guys are so lame," Henry said while passing their door.

"You're brother is such a jerk, Kid. You should prank him!"

"How would I do that?"

"I have some itch powder. You can put it in his underwear, it'll be funny!"

"Haha, it would. But Henry would kill me, no way."

"You could hide his homework."

"Nah... that's mean. Don't worry, I'll get him one day." Kid and Jeremy finished their game about 2 hours later. After lunch, Jeremy went home and Kid was stopped by his father who wanted to hug him again.

"I can't believe I was away from my boys for so long. I think you've gotten a little bigger since we left."

"Sorry, Dad. I stood against the wall this morning, I'm still little."

"Little is relative, Kid. I'm sure Benjamin wishes he were your size," Paul said with a smile. "Besides, it's not like being little is a sin or anything."

"Hm, you're right, Dad." That last sentence had made Kid a little uncomfortable.

"Also, I found this video game the other day. Zombie Racers 4. Henry said he didn't buy it, and it's rated M for Mature. Can you explain why it was by your game station?"

Kid almost gasped. That game was the same game Ed gave him the first time he went over to his apartment, and after the two kissed. Kid had been a fan of the series from watching Henry play its previous games, all of which had been rated T for Teen. Unfortunately, the higher violence had raised the rating, and Henry (much to his chagrin) was banned from getting it. Kid had to give a reason (lie) as to why he had this game, or else his secret relationship with a 28-year-old man could be revealed. "I... I got it from Jeremy," Kid lied.

"Jeremy? His parents may be a bit lax, but I think they'd know better than to give a 12-year-old a game that's obviously too violent for him."

"I don't know, Dad. I guess we'll have to give it back."

"Hmm, It's not my place to judge them. Take this game over to Jeremy's. It's too bad he left already, he could've taken it with him."

Kid rushed over to Jeremy's house with the game and explained what was really going on. "My relationship may be over, but I still have some damage control to do. Ed gave me this video game in exchange for a kiss the first time I was at his apartment, but my dad found it, and it has no business being on our shelf. I said I got it from you, but that was a close one!"

"I'll hold on to it."

"Thanks!" Kid went back home and reported to his dad that he returned the video game. Kid had to work on his summer alibi, under NO circumstances could his parents discover the truth about what happened. "I wonder what my dad would think if I told him I gave a blowjob. He'd mega-kill me," Kid thought to himself.

"So all you did this summer was hang out with Jeremy?" asked Paul.

"Mostly, but I also made sure to talk to Benjamin some, and even to Henry sometimes."

"I know your older brother gives you a hard time, but he's growing up too. You might have more in common than you think."

"I doubt that, Dad." Kid chuckled. All of a sudden, Henry walked in.

"Speak of the devil," said Paul, "How did your audition go?"

"I did pretty good, I guess. If I'm in the band, they'll let me know," Henry replied. He went to his room to chill while Kid continued to enjoy his father's company.

"Dad... when you were with Grampa, what were you thinking about?"

"... I was thinking about my three wonderful sons... and how my father passed the torch onto me... it felt like I became a dad all over again. It was very sad seeing him those days, I won't deny... I cried a few times. But it made me realize I haven't been the best father lately. I've been busy at work, only really making time for Ben. I need to be a father to all of my children, not only discipline and a provider, but a spiritual guider, especially in these difficult times. As parents we tend to focus on the oldest, and worry about the youngest. It's that idea that's often deprived you of our love and attention, Kid, and for that, I'm sorry."

Kid was stunned, and very touched. On one side, he felt good knowing his father was going to invest more in him, but on the other, he worried the diligence would uncover his secrets. "Thanks. I love you, Dad."

"I love you too, son."

"The last person to tell me they loved me," Kid thought to himself, "was Ed."

That night, Kid went down to the kitchen to get some water. It was nearing midnight, so he wanted to be quiet as to not wake anyone up. He went up the stairs, and was about to enter his room, that is, until he heard a weird noise from down the hall. He followed it, and discerned it was coming from Henry's room. "What is that noise?" Kid thought. He leaned against Henry's door and heard what sounded like moaning and sloppy noises. The bottom of every bedroom door had a vent, so Kid got on his stomach to look through it and see what was going on. "Is that?... What?... Oh my GOSH!!! Henry's kissing a boy!" It was true, Kid was watching his older brother make out with another teenage boy for what seemed to a while. To you and I it would've been hot, passionate, and erotic. To Kid, it was actually a bit scary! "My big brother is... GAY?"


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