Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Cul de sac

Part 2

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1: Kid Kauber & the Ice Cream Man.

2: Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Cul de sac.



Henry auditioned to be the drummer in a band called The Dudes of the Cul de sac, and Kid had regained his friendship with Jeremy, as well as gotten an inner look at how his father thinks. After a scare that alerted Kid to the idea that breadcrumbs from his relationship with Ed might be larger than he thought, Kid used Jeremy as his alibi for the previous summer. That night, Kid leaned against Henry's door and heard what sounded like moaning and sloppy noises. "Is that?... What?... Oh my GOSH!!! Henry's kissing a boy!" It was true, Kid was watching his older brother make out with another teenage boy for what seemed to be a while. To you and I it would've been hot, passionate, and erotic. To Kid, it was actually a bit scary! "My big brother is... GAY?"


Kid was able to identify the other teen. It was Cameron, another 16-year-old that Henry had come home with on other occasions. They would play video games or study together, and no one batted an eyelash. Still, Kid was now watching his older brother get hot and heavy with another guy. He saw Henry start rubbing Cameron's crotch, Henry took Cam's dick out and started stroking it while they made out. Kid thought these actions were particularly gross, considering it was his brother who was doing them. Henry and Cameron stopped kissing for a moment, and Henry laughed. The two got on the bed and Henry started to kiss Cameron's now swollen dickhead.

"I can't believe Henry's doing that!" Henry started sucking while Cameron leaned back and relaxed on the bed.

"Can you tell I've been practicing?" Henry bobbed off to say.

"Awww yeeeaaah, you're way better," said Cameron.

"I can't watch this anymore," Kid whispered to himself. He went back to his room and thought about what he had just witnessed. "My brother, my big brother, the one who makes fun of me and bosses me around... is gay. I can't believe it. How would he react if he found out I was too? He obviously wouldn't want our parents to know, so he'd keep my secret, and I'd keep his. Now, I'd have a family member who knows I'm gay. That'd be incredible! Who better to accept and understand me than another gay person, and this might be what bridges the gap between me and Henry! Haha, Dad said we might have more in common than we think." Kid's reasoning was sound, or so he thought. He couldn't reveal all of his secrets to Henry. "*sigh*, Henry would freak if he found out my boyfriend was 28. There's no way I can tell him that. But still, he might be scared and alone like I am, just needing another person to talk to. He has Cameron, and I'm lucky I have Jeremy, but two brothers united would be even better."

Kid then heard rustling outside and he looked out his window. He saw a dark figure that appeared to be Cameron climbing down a tree and getting on his bike. Kid went back to Henry's room and knocked on the door. "Who is it?!" asked a startled Henry.

"It's Kid, I need to talk to you."

"It's really late, isn't it past your bedtime, dweeb?"

"This is important, I have something to tell you."

"FINE, come in." Kid entered the room and stood about five feet from Henry, who was crossing his arms and noticeably shaken. He was sitting on his bed looking Kid dead in the eyes.

"Henry... I'm gay too."


"I'm gay too. I like boys just as much as you do."

"... What the hell are you talking about?"

"I saw you making out with Cameron, and there's nothing wrong with that. You like boys... so do I."

Henry broke eye contact and started looking all around to avoid it. He played with his thumbs, his lip quivered and his heart rate was almost audible to Kid. "You're kidding, right?" he asked angrily.

"I don't kid." The two were there in silence until Henry finally broke it.

"You're right. I'm g--, I'm gay. SO WHAT?!"

"I'm not judging you, I'm gay too, remember?"

"You can't be gay, you're only 11. I... only really put the pieces together about a year ago."

"People figure it out at different times. Trust me, I'm gay.

Henry let out a small smirk. "Let me guess, you hold Jeremy's hand while you do your stupid games?"

"No, but I've given blowjobs before."

"What!? That's sick, don't even joke like that!"

"It's true, I used to have a boyfriend, a boy at my school," kid lied, "I imagine everything we're saying is off the record? He came in my mouth."

Henry was completely stunned. He couldn't believe his dopey kid brother just said those words, and with a straight face. There was definitely truth in what he was saying.

"The point is, I've been around the block a few times, Henry. Heck, I've been around the cock a few times. I'm gay."

"That's like... sick, I think it's illegal."

"If you tell mom, I'll tell her what I saw you doing."

Henry paused before saying, "... Mom already knows."


"She knows. She doesn't know about the late night kissing, but she knows I'm gay. I told her a few months ago. She's been supportive, and she's keeping it from Dad."

".... That's... good!" That means I can tell mom I'm gay!"

"No way, pipsqueak!"


"Mom was out of sorts for a while after I told her, I can't imagine how she'd feel if another one of her sons came out to her. Especially considering your age, Kid. She'd think I had brainwashed you or rubbed off somehow. She might not even believe you, but the stress would still be there. On top of that, we're still dealing with Grampa's death. You can't tell her, Kid."

Kid knew Henry was right. It felt good to know that his mother would still love and accept him if he came out, but the timing would've been terrible, as well as brought up too many questions and stress.

"...You're right, Henry. I'll wait."

"I'm serious, Kid. Two gay sons would be hard for anyone to believe. I'm frankly having a hard time believing it myself.

"I meant what I said, Henry. I'm brighter than you guys give me credit for."

"Still... I don't think boys your age should be... messing around. I recommend you stop experimenting until you get a little older. I dunno, masturbate or something."

"It was experimenting at first, now it's my sex life."

"You shouldn't have a sex life! I barely have one. Just fidge around with yourself, that's what I did when I was 11."

"Okay, Henry. But remember, we have something huge in common, and I'm your brother. If we ever need someone to talk to about it, about anything... we have each other."

"... Goodnight, dweeb," Henry said while trying to hide a soft smile.


That Sunday morning, the family was in a rush to get to church a little early. Pastor Jameson had promised to say a few words inspired by the Kaubers' recent family loss. Kid and Henry sat next to one another in their pew. "Time and time again, faithful servants are taken from us. But they are taken because they now answer to a higher calling! Let us strive to follow the Lord and his examples, and we may be reunited with our loved ones!"

Everyone knew the Kaubers had lost their grandfather, and that the theme of today's sermon was supposed to help them, but Pastor Jameson didn't like being so obvious. He switched gears. "But alas, some are led away from the congregation, and commit vile sin! Adultery, drunkenness, homosexuality, or worse! These heathens will not receive that calling, no! But they will blaze in the righteous punishment that is eternal hellfire!"

Kid twitched. He remembered what Ed said about hell, but it was scary to know his church wouldn't accept him. He looked over to Henry who was staring off into space and trying not to pay any attention. Now that he knew Henry was gay, Kid recognized that look of discomfort. Henry had it whenever the Pastor would say 'homosexuality'. It appeared that as they grew older, the church they had attended for years began to seem less and less like a loving place.

After the service, Kid asked Henry what he thought of the sermon while they were changing.

"It was okay, I guess. I was thinking about something else."

"Like what?"

"It doesn't matter."

"... Pastor Jameson thinks being gay is a sin."

"As far as I know, it is, Kid. What are you getting at?" Henry asked, particularly annoyed.

"He said you go to hell, but a friend told me that's not true."

"Which friend? Jeremy?"

"No, I, uh, forgot his name," Kid lied. It was Ed he was talking about, but he couldn't mention him to anyone he knew. "He said that 'eternal hellfire is an unscriptural doctrine, and that it was special interests for control that lead to its invention.' "He said more, something about true punishment, but I don't really remember the rest. I found it comforting, maybe it helps?"

"A little. I dunno, sounds a bit conspiracy theorist to me. I wouldn't believe something like that from a kid. No offence, Kid."

"It's okay, but why do you have the same nervous reaction every time the Pastor says 'homosexuality'? Is it because you're afraid?"

"It's more out of anger, I guess. I hate that word. It sounds so scientific, so technical. It makes me feel inhuman."

"We're all human," said Kid. "We all mess up sometimes and have things in our past we're not too proud of. I'm sure even Pastor Jameson has a skeleton or two in his closet. It's when we let our past, or other people's present get in our way, then we have a problem."

"Is that also from a friend?" asked Henry.

"No, that one's from Kid Kauber." Kid and Henry smiled at each other and let their rare 'brothers' moment sink in.

"Boys, come down here!" shouted Mrs. Kauber from downstairs. Kid, Henry and Benjamin all ran down the steps. They followed the sound of serious conversation into the living room. "Boys, This seemingly normal young man is Ed Saraland, our ice cream man. He's given me some disturbing news. Some of you may already know him. One of you better than the others, and I can't say I'm too happy about it."

Kid was utterly shocked. "OH. MY. GOD."



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