Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Cul de sac

Part 3

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Continuity matters, so please read the Kid Kauber series in order.

1: Kid Kauber & the Ice Cream Man.

2: Kid Kauber & the Dudes of the Cul de sac.



Kid had discovered his brother was gay, and was involved with another high-schooler named Cameron. Kid used the opportunity to share his own secret (his being gay) with Henry, and brotherly love won out letting Henry and Kid accept each other. But when Kid's mother called them downstairs to meet a guest, it could be the end of Kid Kauber's even bigger secret: His love affair with a 28-year-old man named Ed Saraland.


"Boys, come down here!" shouted Mrs. Kauber from downstairs. Kid, Henry and Benjamin all ran down the steps. They followed the sound of serious conversation into the living room. "Boys, This seemingly normal young man is Ed Saraland, our ice cream man. He's given me some disturbing news. Some of you may already know him. One of you better than the others, and I can't say I'm too happy about it."

Kid was utterly shocked. "OH. MY. GOD."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I shoulda told you Ed was our ice cream man too," said Henry.

"What--Why is Ed--I mean, the ice cream man, in our living room?" Kid asked.

"He is also the lead guitarist of The Dudes of the Cul de sac. You know, that band your brother was trying out for," said Mrs. Kauber

"I came here to tell Henry he's in, as long as his parents were okay with the hours I need and the lyrics in some of the songs," said Ed.

"Apparently Henry and Ed made a few arrangements and went ahead full steam without consulting me or his father. This is the first I'm hearing of this," Mrs. Kauber said while looking at Henry. "Truly disturbing news."

"Again, I'm sorry, Mom. I just got carried away when I found out I was in."

"Alright," she said. "But I was still pretty surprised to find out that the man who serves treats to my little boys is a hard rocker by night!"

"Your boys aren't so little, Mrs. Kauber. Whenever I see them, Benjamin looks a little taller, and Kid is very mature for his age," Ed said while smiling innocently at Kid.

"Still," she said, "It's my job to keep them safe. I'll look over these lyrics and your proposed schedule and talk it over with Paul, my husband.

Even though he was not the focus of the conversation, Kid still could not believe that his ex-lover and his mother were even in the same room, let alone talking. That night, their parents fully approved of Henry joining the band, and he started practicing with them that Monday. Ed was on his guitar, Phil was warming up his voice, their new friend, Jericho was the bassist, and Henry was on drums. "Kay, I got the rhythm. This is gonna be killer," said Henry.

"I know. Our gig is in 3 weeks, I hope we can break you in by then," Phil smiled.

"I'm a fast learner, you didn't make a mistake," said Henry.

"Of course not," Phil smirked, "I was the one who really chose you, and I don't make mistakes. Now Ed on the other hand, makes plenty of mistakes when it comes to picking guys." Ed shook his head in embarrassment that Phil still wasn't completely over Ed's relationship to an 11 year old.

"Is dissing me really a vocal exercise?" asked Ed

After practice, the guys ordered some pizza and hung out doing some bonding at Ed's apartment. Everything from sports, to music, to food, to movies, with even the occasional dirty joke that could almost make Henry gasp. He really felt like a man sitting with them watching the game on Ed's big TV. Phil was in the kitchen putting together a large plate of chips and assorted salsas, but couldn't find the cheese. He called Ed back there to help him look because he could swear he wasn't seeing it in the fridge.

"It was behind the beer," said Ed.

Phil chuckled "No way, I moved those but I didn't see the jar! You must've planted it there or something."

"Nah, but I'm about to plant something," he said as he gave Phil a quick embrace on the cheek. But what they didn't know was that Henry had turned his head from the TV at just the right moment to see that kiss. Shocked, he knew that they must be a couple.

"What?" he thought. "Ed and Phil are... GAY? That's...incredible. Now I actually have someone with experience I can talk to instead of just Kid. I want to get closer before I tell them, but I definitely want to tell them."

Henry was excited in the same way Kid was when Kid discovered Henry was gay. He saw an opportunity to get a load off his chest and benefit himself with some openness. Perhaps a fantasy, but he hoped that this could be his way into the gay community. Discovering himself and finding a new home among allies. But he had to play it cool, he wanted to get to know them better before he just up and told them.

Back at home, Kid couldn't believe that Henry was in a band with his Ex. He knew he couldn't tell Henry about their relationship, and that it really shouldn't affect anything, but the whole situation still made him nervous. I haven't forgiven Ed for just ditching me like that, thought Kid. But I'm sure I'll have to get over it.

Kid went downstairs to the kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner.

"Your brother texted me. He's having dinner with the band. It's nice they've accepted him, but he's still gonna have this fish waiting for him when he gets home!" she said while checking in the oven. She paused before saying to Kid, "I'm happy for him. This year hasn't been easy for him, for any of us. What with Grampa dying and... other things he's had to come to terms with, I'm proud of him for being strong enough to let me know when he's hurting. I've raised three amazing boys."

Kid knew she must've been including Henry's coming out, and his mother was in a sentimental mood and loving all her children, and the two of them were alone, Kid wanted to tell her his secret. He remembered what Henry said, but maybe he was wrong. This could be Kid's opportunity!

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