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Korean Dude Gets His Wish
Part 2
by AMW

It's been a week since that night at my neighbor's house. I'm annoyed that he was right that I would get extra horny about what happened. Forever etched into my mind is the sight of his naked body standing above me, his groin pumping at my face. Although my throat hurt the next day, when I masturbate at night, I imagine the sensation of my mouth crammed full of his dick. I even think about the moment when I couldn't breathe, choking on his cum, swallowing and swallowing.

I admit that what happened was hot. I don't regret it even if my boundaries were pushed a little much. It was one of those things that you do once and then relive the memory in your head. I have more self-respect than to drop to my knees whenever he wants.

I really should find someone closer to my age so that everything would be more equal -- someone who is okay with being "out," I guess, or at least definitely not aiming for a wife. I kind of got carried away in the moment because he's a hot dude who lives right across the street. Physically, he's perfect, but personality-wise... not so much...

His porch light has been off every night since, which was his signal for me to come over. I haven't, so I assume he just leaves it off to save money on his electric bill.


Another week passes. One evening I'm working on my final homework assignment before graduation: an essay on the Crimean War. Halfway through, my stomach grumbles. I head downstairs to the kitchen and open the fridge. On the bottom shelf rests a glass bottle full of...

"Mom...Dad! Since when did you start eating kimchi?!"

My mom wanders into the kitchen. She says, "The guy across the street brought it yesterday as a gift when he introduced himself. He said it's homemade. I told him you might eat it. I don't care for the stuff myself."

I place the bottle on the counter as a dozen thoughts enter my head. "What did he say about me?" I ask, feeling a bit anxious.

She juts her head back in bewilderment. "What would he say about you, son? Have you and he talked already?"

Blood rushes to my face. "Yes, we've...talked." I dish out some kimchi into a small bowl and grab the only pair of chopsticks in the house, which I bought a couple years ago.

She responds, "He told me his name, but I can't remember it. He only said hello. Seems like a nice man. Clean cut, professional, polite. Attractive, don't you think? I wonder why he lives alone. Do you think he's gay? I can't tell with Asian men sometimes."

I glare at her. "How should I know if he's gay?!" I start to bolt from the kitchen. "His name is Yeon-seok." I leave her standing there with bugged eyes as I fly back up the stairs.

As I chew a bite of kimchi, which is sufficiently spicy, I peek from my bedroom window. Yeon's house is dark, but his car is parked in the driveway. I look back at my desk at the kimchi next to my computer. I'm sure he's giving me a message: a not-so-subtle reminder that he wants to see me again.

I sit down and try to finish my essay. I find myself distracted and a little horny at the thought of him.

All right. After my parents go to sleep, I'll go over so that he and I can chat. I'll let him know that I don't think a sexual relationship between us is a good idea because we're both looking for different things. Me, a basic boyfriend. And him, I don't know what...a sex slave? I guess I want us to be on good terms in case we meet on the street, the mall, or wherever. I don't think either of us are moving from this neighborhood anytime soon.


That night I sneak out and across the street to his front door. It's unlocked like last time, so I turn the knob slowly and find the entryway dark again. With no glimmer of light coming from the side office, I think to turn back home.

Then I hear Yeon upstairs in the shower, singing some K-pop song to a beat probably coming from his smartphone. I take tentative steps inside, worrying that I'm trespassing. We did have a verbal agreement that I could come over if his porch light was off, so I decide to risk it.

I climb the stairs, snickering at his singing voice. The upstairs hallway light is on. I stand outside the bathroom door and consider what I should do. I don't want him to freak out when he sees me randomly in his house. The water turns off and I hear him exit the shower. I decide to let him know I'm here when there's still a door between us.

Knock, knock, knock. "Hey, it's me, Justin...from across the street."

The music turns off.


Through the door I explain, "I didn't want to startle you. Umm...when you gave me your email last time, for some reason it didn't save to my phone. Otherwise I would've sent you a message before coming over."

More silence, and then he says, "Why are you here, Justin?"

"I was thinking maybe we could talk? I appreciated the kimchi. It's good."

A pause, and then he says, "I see. Go to my bedroom. It's the door at the end of the hallway. I will meet you there in a moment."

His bedroom, like the downstairs office, is sparsely furnished as if he just moved in or is a guest in his own home. There's a futon bed, a dresser and an ironing board with a hamper of waded laundry next to it, waiting to be ironed. In the hamper I see lots of dress shirts and pants, some gym clothes. His clothes are so different than mine: fashionable and professional. I don't put much thought into the jeans, T-shirts and hoodies I slip on each day.

I sit cautiously on his bed. A small pile of dirty clothes is next to it, including a couple sets of boxer-briefs. The thought of sniffing one crosses my mind, but, no, I'm not a perv like that.

Yeon comes into the room with a towel around his waist. I'm taken aback by the hotness of his torso. Ugh, I didn't think about how I'd see him practically naked again after his shower. So tempting...

He goes straight for the dresser and opens the top drawer. He pulls out a bottle of lube and says, "I'm glad to see you again, Justin. It's been two weeks, so we're behind schedule. Shall we commence with the fucking? A short suck to begin would be appreciated."

"What?!" I stand from his bed. "That's not why I--"

"Then why are you here?" He sets down the bottle. "Was I not clear that what I want from this is sex?"

"All you want from me" I echo in what sounds almost like a snivel. I immediately compose myself. "Well, that isn't what I want. I came over to make that clear in case it wasn't, since you offered the kimchi."

He looks amused. "Every family on this street received kimchi from me. It was not a romantic gesture."

The reality of his words sink in. "I see. Well, I think I should go." I move toward his door.

"So," he says, "to get what I want, I must treat you like a girl in search of romance?"

I glower at him. "Did you seriously believe I would come over and give you head and ass whenever you wanted? No one I know -- boy or girl -- would do that."

He ponders and bites his lip. "Well, some people do that for others. But I suppose it might not be easy for an 18-year-old to do it." He takes steps toward me. He looks into my eyes, reading my trepidation. He grabs the back of my head and puts his lips against mine.

When I don't push him away, mostly due to surprise, he walks me backward against the wall and tilts his head slightly as he kisses me, leaning forward as he puts both hands on the wall on either side of me. His eyes are closed as he works my mouth with his, his tongue pushing past my lips as I feel flushed.

He touches my crotch, and my face and body grow hot. I lose myself in the taste and feel of his lips and mouth, the working of his tongue, the scent of his showered body -- his palm gently rubbing my growing dick. Yet I'm trapped against the last time...

I push him away.

His mouth is a solemn line. "Let's hold off on fucking for another day. Obviously, you haven't prepared yourself for that."

"I don't just want sex!" I tell him.

"Uh huh, you want me to kiss you...and hold you...and take you shopping..."

"That's not what I meant! I'm not...a girl!"

"Which is why I chose you, Justin, because you're a boy. But that is also why I expected this relationship to be more direct."

I give him an exasperated, befuddled look. "Can you just...sit down for a moment so that I can explain what I mean?"

His expression is tepid. But he oddly grabs for the lube and tosses it onto the futon and sits, resting back on his palms, his legs spread beneath the towel. I swallow at the thought of his dick beneath the towel as he puts a palm out as a signal for me to talk.

"Have you ever been to the gay clubs in Seattle?" I ask him.

"Yes," he replies.

I blink, surprised. "Okay, then you've seen how gay people treat each, in America."

"Indeed. There's a hierarchy and Asians are on the bottom, literally."

"They are?" I ask.

He looks at me like I'm naive, but then smiles to himself as if thankful for something. "If I were to date a man, I'd rather do it in secret in Korea than navigate the racism here. However, at this moment, I'm not looking to date."

"But I thought you said you're aiming for a wife and kids? Do you want to date and marry a woman? A Korean woman?"

He sighs. "I'll answer that question if you promise that afterwards your lips will wrap around my cock."

I look down at the floor and think rapid thoughts I know are laden with lust. I do want to know more about this dude...and sucking him is not so bad. I did it once already, which went okay. Why is he so hot?

"All right! Now answer the question!"

His characteristic smirk reappears. He says, "The truth is, I don't know if I will marry a woman, much less a Korean woman. I came to America for college after my military service in Korea, and it wasn't until my late-20s that I realized I'm attracted to males, perhaps more than females. What I do know is that you're here in my bedroom right now, are a very attractive boy, and are willing to give me pleasure. Is that enough information for you -- for now?"

I swallow, growing hard again. "I guess so..."

"Good. Now come here, please."

I find myself walking toward him. When I'm a step away, he commands, "Kneel," and I do with a slight glare. He sits up and moves to the edge of the futon so that we're close. He tugs at my hair a bit with honest eyes. "Have you fantasized about pleasuring me over the last two weeks, Justin?"

I nod, shyly.

He smiles. "When I give it to you, will you immediately take it in your mouth?"

I nod and he says, "Good." He stands to loosen the towel from behind his waist, and then sits again and slowly unwraps it. I can tell his dick is hard beneath.

The moment it's revealed, he directs it into my mouth. The sticky tip brushes across my tongue. He pushes my head to take in the full shaft and my gag reflex is minimal. He moves his hips in a circle with a satisfied moan, as if for the last two weeks he's been imagining his dick finding its way back into my mouth.

As I take in the sight of his smooth masculine thighs, his bushy pubic hair scratches my nose. Maybe I did intend to do this again, but just couldn't admit it to myself.

I start to suck, but he stops me with a hand on my head.

I look at him inquisitively.

"Pull off, let me show you something," he says. "Last time, I saw that you are cut. As you can see, I am not." I watch intently as he gives himself a few strokes, the head of his dick poking out with each downward pull. "I've had the same bottle of lube for over a year because I usually don't need it when I masturbate."


"Yes. Something you should know is that the head of uncut dick is more sensitive. Last time it was clear that you didn't know what to do, but the novelty and warmth of your mouth was enough to make me cum." With his index finger, he circles my lips lewdly, and I pull away, embarrassed and annoyed by the gesture. He says, "However, from now on I want you to suck me appropriately. I have never sucked a dick myself, so I'm not sure how to best instruct you. I researched it a little, but I believe it's your job to become the expert."

Part of me feels irked that he assumes I'll become an expert cocksucker, but another part thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some knowledge on the subject, since I am gay. "So what can you tell me?" I ask.

"Try stroking me while you suck. Specifically, pull down as your mouth moves up and vice versa so that your lips suck the head when you move up, but not when you move down. Be gentle with your tongue."

I do as he says and the process feels a bit technical. He winces a few times, but then I get the hang of how much sensation to give and where on the head to lick. He stops watching me and rests back on his palms again, his head back as he takes in deep breaths. I watch his chest and abs as he periodically murmurs a contented "Mmm." When I taste a rush of precum, I figure I'm doing an okay job.

For a few minutes I suck him this way. Then he looks at me pleased and I blush.

He says, "Okay. Suck like that from now on. Now there's something else you can learn today. Do you see how comfortable I am with my body? You need to be comfortable with yours, too. Stand and turn around. Show me the shape of your butt."

"That dumb request again?!" I exclaim. When I see the earnestness in his eyes, I respond, "Fine."

I stand and give him a view.

"Nice," he says, "but, as I told you, it's difficult for me to see clearly because your jeans are baggy."

I frown.

"Look at me." He flips his dick, which hits his abdomen with a snap. "I'm completely naked and you can't even pull down your pants a little bit? Don't worry. Like I said, we won't fuck tonight...unless you want to."

I pull my jeans down so that they hang just below my ass. I show him it in the white briefs I'm wearing. I look at him sidelong. "Satisfied?"

He sits up. "Very." I give him a few seconds to perv, and then start to pull the jeans back up.

"Wait," he says. "Keep them down and come here." I walk back to him apprehensively as he holds out his dick. "Get on all fours and suck."

As I do with the same technique as before, he leans forward, lifting my shirt up my back, ogling my rounded ass in briefs. I start to feel uncomfortable with where this is going.

"Justin. As I speak I want you to answer with grunts as you suck. Understand?"

I hesitate, but then grunt in affirmation.

He rubs my hair. "First, let me tell you that your butt is perfect. It's like the two side-by-side melons that I imagined. I will be honest with you. When I first saw you on your skateboard weeks ago, and you bent over to pick it up from the street, I got a sense of the shape of your butt then, and have often thought of it since. The fact that you are on your knees as you are now, sucking me with your melons ripe on display makes me very happy. Does that make sense?"

I grunt as I suck, recalling the first day he saw me and I had to make a sharp turn from his gaze.

He runs fingers down my back, touching the elastic of my underwear, and I shiver at his touch. "The only better circumstances than now would be if I could move behind you, slip down your briefs, squeeze your perky cheeks, spread and view your hole, squirt on some lube and then squeeze my dick into the tightness. I would watch your hole yield to my dick and then I'd slide in and out slowly. After watching this for a while, I would then position you to best take the force of sex."

I grunt, as I close my eyes, tingling...back there.

"As I fuck, your cheeks would recoil against my thighs. Your hole would squelch as it takes my dick for the first time. Oh, that reminds me. I don't like condoms. I am clean -- no sex partner in over a year, so empty your mind of that concern. Understand?"

I grunt, puzzled that he hasn't been having sex when he's so attractive.

"I'll make you a concession," he says. "The perfectness of your butt compels me to want to lick your hole early on. Do you think you would you enjoy that?"

I grunt.

"Do you like sucking me as you are now, submissively?"

I grunt again.

"Mmm," he says, and rubs my back some more, "then your sexuality for this phase of your life is obvious. Would you like me to clarify?"

I swallow. "Mm-hm."

"Deep down you want to pleasure a man when he wants to be pleasured -- to connect your desire to his wishes. This means that your mouth belongs to him, belongs to me. I want you to promise me, Justin, that you'll come back sooner than two weeks from now. Can you make that promise?"

I think for a moment, and then grunt.

"Good. So here's my plan for your mouth. Sometimes I may want to kiss you like we did today, but more often I'll want to feed you my dick after long days at work. I have high expectations to receive blowjobs, so I'm glad you've sucked me 2-for-2. Sometimes I may even require you to rim my ass to better establish your submission." He pushes my head deeper onto his dick.

I pause, but he directs me to continue.

"I may want to jerk off with you on standby, waiting to guzzle down my cum. I may want you to endure the humiliation of my cum upon your face. Do you understand this dynamic that I want, which also happens to correspond with your current sexuality?"

I find myself grunting.

"Very good. But more importantly, you will need to learn to give up your anus when I want it."

I keep sucking.


I grunt, lost in the action.

He moves his hand again to the top of my briefs. He runs his fingers along the line of the elastic and then lifts it, viewing my butt. I look up and see his lips pursed. He looks at my butt for a while and then reaches in and grabs one of the cheeks and squeezes. I startle for a moment, but then keep sucking. He massages the cheek. Then he runs his middle finger gently up my crack over and over, repeatedly grazing my hole. I can't help but moan and quiver.

"Sensitive and craving dick. Hopefully soon, neither of us will have to masturbate anymore because we'll be fucking everyday. Tell me Justin, what's it like to fuck a tight young ass like yours? Oh, right, you wouldn't know because you're the virgin with the tight young ass for me to fuck. Well, the only thing holding us back is that you have not yet fully come to terms with your nature." He removes the hand from my briefs and reaches back for something. I see that it's the bottle of lube. I freak out, but he runs his other hand through my hair. "Keep sucking," he says, and I obey.

He squirts some lube into his hand. "Take out your cock," he says.

I open the front of my jeans and release my overly hard dick from my briefs.

"Here..." He transfers lube onto one of my hands. "Stroke yourself."

I do, and the hotness of everything is intensified. I awkwardly try to suck, stroke him and myself at the same time, but then fall forward into his crotch, my own saliva smearing across my face.

He chuckles, and I resume sucking. He leans forward to reach into my briefs again, squeezing each cheek intensely, his fingers moist with lube. This time, his middle finger circles around the rim.

With my dick in my hand, my inhibitions are lowered. I reach back with one hand and pull down the back of my briefs. I arch my back so that he can better reach. "Yes," he says, and rises a little. His finger pokes in, and I moan. I taste his precum at the back of my throat that I instantly swallow. He begins to pluck at my hole like a guitar string. The sensation is too much, and I can't help but reach climax. I suck hungrily as I come, his pelvis pressing into my face as he leans over me. Suddenly his finger inserts in deep and I whimper, my orgasm interrupted by the discomfort.

He puts his other hand on the top of my skull and I feel held in place. My hole feels hot as it throbs around his finger. "Oh, fuck," he says, and kisses my back, "Ahh, gonna come." I concentrate on keeping my lips tight around his shaft, my own dick forgotten while my ass burns from his invasive finger. He spreads his legs more, and his pelvis rocks as he moans and spurt after spurt ejects from his dick, spraying my throat, and I start swallowing. His ballsack swings back and forth, hitting my chin, his shaft sliding between my lips. I struggle to swallow fast enough, trying not to choke.

Just when I think I can't swallow any more of his cum, he's done, and pulls the finger out slowly. He rests back onto the futon, his dick exiting my mouth. I self-consciously stare at the finger that was in my butt.

He lifts my chin with it and looks into my eyes. "I want to fuck you, Justin. Bring your ass back in less than two weeks." Then he rudely runs the finger across my nostrils, and I pull back, frustrated from the vague scent of ass.

Giving no thought to his words, I pull up my briefs and pants. I stand and turn around -- but then suddenly feel the air of nakedness, my clothes pulled down again. I bend to raise them, but in the process Yeon grabs my hips and I feel his face press between my buttcheeks.

I jerk from his grip, and turn back to him, furious, as I secure my clothes on my hips. "What are you doing?!" I manage to say.

His grin is smug. "Nice scent. Next time, I'll definitely get my tongue in there. Your anger right on that."

I stand there stupefied. Then, I turn and plod from his room, down the stairs and out his front door.

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