Author's note: Dang, it's been a long time. Yeon and Justin deserve more chapters, no? The first two have been edited, btw, so reread those to revisit the hotness.

Korean Dude Gets His Wish
Part 3
by AMW

To be honest, I haven't done that much with dudes. So I don't have much experience to compare real life to. But I'm not so naive that I don't realize that my neighbor's fantasies resemble porn tropes more than real life. For example, last time he tried to convince me that my "true self," deep down, is to suck a dick when a man wants me to suck it, as opposed to when I want to. Seriously?

The scary part is, I can't help but think that's what I've already done! Despite my best intentions to chat with Yeon on non-sexual terms, to set boundaries, I ended up swallowing his cum a second time. I pretty much invited him to stick his finger up my hole! What the heck was I doing?!

Mostly it felt good, and at the time I wanted it, I'll admit. Except I think that I'm quickly losing control over what I want: a basic boyfriend. Yeon has a scary way of manipulating me into doing what he wants, it seems.

Also, I've been contemplating about how things would play out with him in the long term. I'm pretty sure his "true self," once he moves past the wife-and-kids idea, is to find a houseboy who submits to his every sexual whim. His whole life is set up for it: the nice car, job and house, the dirty laundry on his bedroom floor that needs tending to, the dress shirts in his hamper that need ironed.

'Houseboy' is not a role I want to fill, even if moving out of my parents' house is a top priority right now. First off, my parents' house is right across the street from Yeon's, which would be super awkward. But more importantly, I have more self-respect than to become uber-submissive to the likes of him. I have nothing against houseboys, even submissive ones, but I'm guessing Yeon wants extreme dom/sub sex. Thirdly, did I mention that I want a basic boyfriend?

I promised to return before two weeks to let him take my cherry. But it's been almost two months. I'm not trying to play hard-to-get or be rude. I just don't want to get too involved with the dude...


Well, it's summer now, but today decided to rain. So I take the bus to work instead of my board. Now that I'm graduated, I get more hours at a boring retail place at Bellevue Square. It's especially boring in the morning on the weekdays, which I didn't know because I was in school before.

During my lunch break in the food court as I'm finishing up my food, I unexpectedly see Yeon come through the mall doors, aiming for the public restroom. I suddenly feel sick to my stomach -- like rabid butterflies because -- okay, fine -- I have wanted to see him again, even if at the same time I want distance. Since the food court is mostly empty, Yeon sees me, too. As we meet eyes, I notice his work khakis have a big wet spot on the thigh, like something recently spilled on him.

He points at the ground, mouthing the words, "Will you stay here?"

I shrug and mouth, "Sure."

He disappears into the restroom.

I take out the Playstation game I just bought and read its back contents to distract myself. My interest in the game has drained as my eyes lose focus and my heart is racing at the thought that I'll soon be talking with Yeon after not seeing him for almost two months. I check my phone and I've got 10 minutes before I'm back on shift.

I pretend to keep reading, sensing his swagger as he approaches. His stylish dress shoes click on the floor.

"Justin. Why have you kept me waiting?"

"Eh?" I look up at him. "But you just got here."

His face registers only a tinge of amusement. "Do you remember that you promised you would return before two weeks' time?"

In a hushed voice, I tell him, "That was a sex-promise. Those aren't real...they're in the moment...fleeting..."

He squints with disappointment. "Is that so?" He looks sidelong at one of the food vendors while he holds the back of the chair opposite me. I steal glances at his beautiful face, his short black hair, perfectly styled. Then he pretends to smile, and states: "Well, enjoy your lunch." He turns to leave.

"Wait!" I say, frustrated that he would leave so soon. Did he seriously approach me just to ask for sex again? I guess that does match what I know of his personality. I ask him, "What happened to your pants?"

"Oh, this?" He widens his stance, turning his heel to reveal and pat at the wet spot. A few inches over and he'd be patting his own crotch in public. The sight of his bulge in his khakis brings back the sick-stomach feeling and reminders of the acts we've done. Against my will, I feel the shape and taste him in my mouth. I try to dismiss the strong memory.

He explains, "My colleagues and I were eating at Din Tai Fung when one of them got excited and accidentally toppled his tea. I wanted to dry up a bit more before I get into my car and head to my house to change into a new pair."

"You're going to your house now?" I ask him, blankly.

"Yes," he says. "Do you need a ride home?"

"No...I...have to get back to work soon. I don't know why I asked that." I gather my garbage.

"Here?" he says, apparently surprised that I work here. "Where do you work?"

"Retail. What do you do?"

"Financial analysis," he states.

"Ah," I say. I guess that explains his success in life. I place my tray on the garbage bin and move to leave.

"You seem in a hurry."

I turn back nonchalantly. "Yeah, I just said I have get back to work. So maybe I'll see you around sometime?"

"No, I mean in a hurry to get away from me," he detects. "Have you not returned because what I've asked from you scares you? Are you not ready to lose your virginity?"

I scoff dismissively, and then decide that honesty is the best policy. I move closer to him so that our voices don't need to carry across a distance. "Yeon, I'm not 'protecting my flower' until marriage, or whatever. My virginity is not an issue. I just barely know you, which usually wouldn't be a big deal, except you only seem to want sex from me. Plus, I don't want to end up as your..."

He raises his brows.

The idea has probably already crossed his mind, so I might as well just say it. "Houseboy."

To my surprise, he smiles toothily, and says, "'Houseboy' means cleaning messes, not making them. Twice now, I've scrubbed your cum from my carpet."

I look around to make sure no one's listening.

He squeezes my shoulder, and I shudder from the touch. "You have to go, but I want to leave you with the facts so that your mind stops wandering into unproductive places. I don't want you as my houseboy, because I don't want a houseboy."

"You sure about that?" I blurt.

"And I don't want a relationship, what you are implying when you say you don't 'know' me. We can be friends with benefits, and from that you can come to know me, if that is your primary goal. As for me, many nights over the last several weeks, I've wondered where you are since you promised you would return. 'Where is that cute skater boy across the street who likes the taste of my dick?' Then I remembered about how you want romance--"

I shake my head at that word.

"Think of it this way," he offers. "Whereas I could open a hookup app and easily get sex, I've been thinking about you."

"Uh huh," I say, noting his attempt to be 'romantic.'

"You think too much for your age." He rubs my hair, like I'm his little brother, or something. "How about you take a couple more days to consider whether you want sex with me. I'm fairly certain you do." He salutes as a way to say goodbye.

And with that, he walks away. I can't help but stare at his nice, firm butt in his well-fitted dress pants.


All throughout work, on the bus ride home, and that evening I'm ridiculously horny. Of course Yeon permeates my thoughts. In bed that night, I start to anxiously masturbate, but then pause and ponder.

If I do go over to his place, isn't he going to want me to bottom? On the other hand, he also seemed kind of desperate for me this afternoon. Seeing him at the mall, he just seemed like a regular hot guy that just happens to be attracted to me. Not really scary at all. Over the last two months when I have thought about him, I just get anxious -- honestly, about his dick and how much I started craving it all the time. I convinced myself that if we had sex, then I'd slowly become his mindless sex slave, like he's suggested I would.

But that's silly. Maybe we can reach a compromise...maybe I can just suck him on occasion. He wouldn't refuse that, right? He'd get "submissive" blowjobs from me, and sure, I'd swallow, no harm in that. I guess I could formally agree to blow him weekly or something, and actually promise to do it, not just a fleeting "sex-promise"...

Yeah, I'll do that. Until I find a basic boyfriend, I'll agree to blow him once a week.

My parents are asleep, and against my better judgment, I slip on some sweatpants and sneak out the front door. As I cross the street, my mouth is already starting to water for Yeon's dick.

Ugh, should I be doing this?

His porch light is off as usual, and I reach for the doorknob. I try to turn it, but unlike the first two times I came over, it's locked.

I shiver from the somewhat chilly night, my dick hard as hell, and press his doorbell.

Through a window above the door, the entryway light turns on.

"Hey, it's me, Justin. Can you open up? It's cold out here." Some summer this is shaping up to be.

"Hold on," Yeon says, voice muffled through the door. "I want you to put this on first." The door inches open, and out flies a white blindfold. I scramble to catch it before it touches the ground.

I chuckle a little. "Were you keeping this in your back pocket just in case I showed up?"

"Maybe that's true," he answers.

"Hah, so why do I need to put it on?" I ask coyly.

"For submission, of course."

He's probably making me wear this because I didn't come back after two weeks like I promised. I tie the knot behind my head.

"Is it on?" he asks in confirmation. "Okay, now I want you to kneel."

What am I getting myself into? I lift the blindfold and investigate the dark, empty street behind me. Now that I'm here, I really do want to take his dick in my mouth again, but I also want to maintain some integrity. "Can you turn the light off first?"

He turns it off, so I readjust the blindfold and do as he asks.

I hear the door slowly swing open. "Good, now crawl toward me on your hands and knees," he commands.

I crawl into his house and across the smooth hardwood, and hear the front door shut behind me. After awkward movement in darkness, I touch his bare foot. I grab his ankle, and he's wearing what feels like sports pants. "Now what?" I ask.

He doesn't answer, but instead gently pulls at my hair affectionately. Then he nudges my head towards his crotch.

Against my face, I feel his hardness. Unlike the last two times, his crotch scent is more pronounced.

"I haven't showered yet," he says, as if reading my thoughts.

No complaints here. The smell of his groin is great. Instead of the sandalwood soap smell, it's his natural man smell. With a fistful of my hair, he turns my head back and forth so that my face and nose brush across his package.

"Do you remember what I said about your sexuality?"

"To suck a man when he wants it?"

"Ah, so you do listen. You just have trouble complying. Here, I want you to feel my body so that you remember your attraction."


He bends down and grabs my hand, and then puts it underneath his shirt. At first I don't get what he wants me to do, but then I touch his flat stomach, and reach to feel his defined pecs. I don't hide my attraction to him, and let out a sigh. He has the perfect body, not too muscled, but nevertheless strong. His skin is soft and practically hairless. I reach around and touch the smooth skin of his back, and then venture to move my hand downward. Staying above the pants, I consider how he literally shoved his finger up my hole last time, so I should at least get to feel his butt. I run my hands across it, feeling the shape of the firm cheeks through his pants. His ass is definitely more defined than mine. With my hands on his butt, I bury my face in his crotch.

"You're more forward with your desire," he observes.

Trapped in my own blindfolded brain, I divulge to him: "I just...think about you a lot, Yeon. About sucking you..."

"H'm. I'm glad you think so much about my dick. However, do you think about how I want you to suck me, as we discussed?"

"What's the difference?" I ask, looking up, even though I can't see anything. "When I think about it, I'm sucking you and of course you want me to."

"The difference is that by now, I should have a way to contact you when I want to see your head bobbing up and down -- not simply fantasy blowjobs in this head, and you showing up on your own very delayed schedule." He taps the side of my head.

"All right," I tell him. "I can commit to giving you head once a week until I have a boyfriend. Deal?"

He says nothing.

I nibble at him in anticipation. "No?" I sense that he's either thinking or expecting something. "Oh, am I supposed to initiate this?" I reach for the top of the elastic of his pants.

Instead he grabs my hand, and pulls me to my feet. He walks me over somewhere. He moves behind me, and with hands on my shoulders, inches me forward -- until I feel my shins bump into a piece of furniture, a coffee table. Before I can protest, he presses on my back, and coaxes me down onto the table, onto my stomach. With his hand firmly on my back, I feel a bit of concern, and lift my head. "What are we doing?" The back of my head bumps into his. "Oops," and I lower my head.

He whispers into my ear, "Put your arms on either side of the table."

"Why?" I do so even as I ask. His hand disappears from my back, and my wrist is pulled and--

"Hey, what? Yeon!" My wrist is already tied to the table leg.

"Too tight?" he asks. "Should be okay." And then he grabs my other wrist and binds it to the adjacent leg.

"Try to pull out your hands out," he says, although I'm attempting to do just that, and can't.

"Just tell me what we're doing!" I try to stay calm.

"More submission." His tone is plain and from a bit of a distance. I can see from the bottom of my blindfold that the lights turn on. "Looks good," he says. "Your melons are on display."

"Perv," I tell him. "We're not having sex."

"Really?" he asks. "At the mall today, you told me that your virginity is not an issue."

"Dude, I'm serious!" I pull at the table legs to no avail, and then lift my hips.

"Yes, wiggle your helpless butt in front of me like that, Justin. Maybe I should buy you some Korean-style sweatpants so your cute cheeks can be even more defined."

I lower my hips again, not wanting to give him a show.

"In fact, just now you reminded me of the first time you were here," he says. "You squirmed to get away at the end. You didn't want to swallow -- you had never tasted, much less swallowed a man's cum...but I held you in place and made you swallow. That's how your butt is now. You don't want to be fucked -- you don't think it's an ideal situation -- so why don't I just hold your squirming butt in place and squeeze my dick into your tight, virgin hole?"

"I didn't come here for this!" I cry. "I told you, I'll give you a blowjob once a week!"

"Do you remember how you were tasked to become more comfortable with your body?"

I growl as I try to pull out my wrists. Then I feel his thumbs at my sides, pulling at my sweats.


He ignores me, and gets my sweats down as I shuffle to and fro, my underwear still on.

I feel his face on my butt, his nose in my crack. I squeeze my asscheeks together to stop the intrusion, and growl more with a growing sense of panic.

"Lift your hips," he commands.


Then his hand is between my legs and he tugs at my balls. "Ow!" At the discomfort, I lift my hips to get away, and his hand cups my groin like a hostage. With his other hand, he tucks my knees under me, and then puts his nose deep into my crack. I can't really stop him in this position except to move side to side.

I feel pain from another squeeze. "Ah--"

"Stop squirming, and let me do this."

I have no way to deter him at this point, as he keeps his face in my butt.

He pulls back and murmurs, "I vaguely remember this scent from last time. Smells like a frisky young ass going about daily life, unknowingly about to be made bare and spread for a hungry man." He moves his nose up and down my underwear-covered crack. Then, suddenly, his hand and face are gone, and before I can untuck my legs, I hear the sound of a smartphone camera click from behind me.

"What are you doing? Don't take pictures!" I hear more clicks as he moves around me.

"Don't worry," he says. "These are just for my personal use on the nights you don't come over. I can send them to you, if you want to learn how to amplify your appeal. said you'll give me a blowjob once a week, starting tonight?"

"Dude, not now!" I cry. "Untie me!"

"Will you suck me or not?"

With hope, I ask: "If I do, will you untie me?"

"Justin, my concern is, if I feed you my dick, will you bite it?"

I think hurriedly as I pull at the table legs.

"I'll take your lack of response as an indication that you will suck. Calm down. You can't blow someone when you're frantic like that. Let me give you some perspective. Open your mouth."

His dick touches my lips and when I don't open, he yanks my hair a bit. My mouth opens, and his dick goes in. Since I can't really move my head with my jaw against the table, he moves his hips instead.

"Not a perfect sensation, but the image more than compensates." His smartphone makes a beep, and I realize he's recording his face-fucking me as I try to hold back gags.

"I understand this is scary for you," he says in a calming voice that's anything but calming. "But if you remember, this is where we left off last time, and you were quite comfortable then."

I gag on his dick trying to say no.

He leans forward, and slips his hand down the back of my underwear, squeezing a cheek, reaching for my hole. "Let's review. I'll pull your underwear down, view your perfect melons, spread and taste what's between. Then I'll lube up and squeeze my dick in for a good, tight, long-awaited fuck. I'll fuck as long as I want, cum deep in you, and then I'll untie you and send you home to your warm bed. At first, you'll be quite upset and discomforted by what's happened tonight, but in about a week or so, you'll come back and we'll repeat the process, when it will become more pleasurable for you. Then, as soon as you understand how much you truly crave my dick, I'll finally get routine mouth and ass from you." He pulls his dick out of my mouth.

I pout, "Please Yeon, I don't want this..."

"Bite down on this cedar block. Since you're a virgin, the pain will be unavoidable. When you feel it, don't make a lot of noise. Bite down on this block instead. If you make more than mere whimpers, then I'll have to gag you."

He puts the block in my mouth, like I'm some kind of rodent. I spit it out, and cry, "Let me go! This is rape!"

He's quiet for a moment and then responds, "Why the melodrama? Haven't I been straightforward and detailed with you ever since we met, Justin? You knew if you came over here that we would fuck." When I say nothing, he puts the cedar block back in my mouth as if I'm acquiescing to his viewpoint.

My brain goes empty until I feel him slowly pull down the back of my underwear.

He repositions my knees under me so that I can't hide my hole from him. He then spreads my cheeks and for a moment I'm on display, until he puts his face between them, this time his face against my bare skin. I feel his tongue on my hole. He licks from the bottom of it to the top, slowly, and then moves his tongue like a cat lapping milk. I barely register anything but a slight tickle beyond my fear. Then he moans and asks, "Do you like that?"

I give no answer, and then he uses his tongue to circle around the rim. His tongue pushes through once, and my heart stops, and he backs away as if done. From what I know, rimming is supposed to feel good and prepare one for sex, especially a virgin. But this feels rushed... I never asked to be exposed like this...

Now he stands on the table, and I feel his dick touch the edge of my hole. I whimper in anxious anticipation.

With his saliva there, he's able to poke the tip of his head through. "Mmm," he moans. Discomfort, and I suck air through my teeth, biting into the block, and scoot forward to get away.

He jumps off the table, but after a few moments, I feel his finger on my hole smearing on a bit of lube. I hear the squelch of lube on his own dick as he jacks himself. With a hand on my ass, he pulls a cheek to the side, probably looking at my hole, and he moans again.

Then, he stands onto the table once more, and grabs my hips. His dick touches my entrance, and the tip pushes further in. As the whole head squeezes in, I feel nothing but discomfort, and bite down on the block with a small cry. He slides further in, and I feel impaled, my individuality drained from me, like I'm just a blindfolded receptacle.

His whole dick is in, and he curves upward into me, deep, and I bite the block from the pain. His hands move to my ass, spreading my cheeks. He pulls out to the edge. "If you don't want sex, then why is your ring hugging so tightly?" He moans.

I teeth, "Pull out!" -- careful to not lose the block in my mouth. I move away, so that his dick is almost out, but he firmly grabs my hips again. I try shuffling back and forth to get him out completely.

"Justin," he says, "it's in your best interest to stop moving so much. Like I said, if you wag your cheeks around, especially now when your hole is hugging my dick, you're basically asking me to fuck more intently to bring your wily cheeks under control." He slides in and the pain is piercing.

Awkwardly with the block, I cry, "Yeon, it doesn't feel good!"

He moans and says, "Just take it."

He pumps slowly with satisfied moans, and the pain remains. He lifts my shirt and kisses my back.

I spit out the block and yell, "Just fuckin' hurry up then!"

He pauses for a moment. Then responds by quickening his pace. I listen to his grunts and feel the impaling of each pump into me, splitting me and pressing me into the hard table. Then I register the sound of the slap of skin on skin -- surreal -- I've heard it in porn dozens of times, and gotten off to it -- but now, it's hard to believe it's my own skin. I feel completely foolish and abused, like I should cry. I make an involuntary grunt with each pump hitting something deep inside me.

"I can't wait for when you beg for this."

I yell, "Just shut your mouth, you fucking creep!"

He halts. And to my surprise he slowly pulls his dick out of me. He hops off the table and walks around to where my face is. He pulls the blindfold up, and the light is blinding. "What is the matter with you? Do I need to gag you?"

"Me?! You're the creep who ties people to tables and rapes them! Let me go, you fucker!!!"

A quiet moment passes as I breathe like a rabid dog. Then I suddenly find my wrists untied. I immediately pull up my underwear and sweats, and then roll off the table onto the floor. I wipe my eyes, feeling the extreme discomfort of my invaded butt. When I focus, Yeon is standing at the other side of the table, looking at me.

He says nothing, his hands on his hips, his expression more perturbed than understanding.

"You're the most selfish person I've ever met!" I holler.

"And yet you came today with a plan to suck me on a weekly basis. What does that say about you?" he says.

"I should have stayed away from you, you prick! That had been my plan until you weaseled your way back into my life today!"

"You're worried you'll lose yourself to me."

How can he say such a thing right after what he just did?! Why doesn't he put some fucking clothes on?! I don't want to see his dick right now!

"But that's the point, Justin. You don't need a boyfriend. You think you want one, but what you really want at this point in your life is to lose yourself on a regular basis to sex with a man you find hot. To pleasure that man to the extreme, and receive pleasure by pleasuring him. I'm here to give you that experience for as long as makes sense between us. Luckily we live right across the street from each other, so it's easy. But our first main obstacle has always been your too tight ass."

"That wasn't sex!" I continue to yell. "That was you being selfish!"

"How does your butt feel right now?" he asks. "Does it want more of my dick?" He points his erection toward me, lasciviously.

"No, you fucker! I should call the police!"

At my threat, he stands there speechless.

I look away from him with some lost sense of regret. Neither he nor I say anything for at least a minute.

Then I glower at him with fire in my eyes. "Fine. I do want sex with you. But I want your butt, too. I want to see you bend over and take my dick. You gobbling up my cum. Can you agree to that, or are you just some self-centered prick who I really should probably stay away from?"

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