From last week's episode --
I glower at him with fire in my eyes. "Fine. I do want sex with you. But I want your butt, too. I want to see you bend over and take my dick. You gobbling up my cum. Can you agree to that, or are just some self-centered prick who I really should probably stay away from?"

Korean Dude Gets His Wish
Part 4
by AMW

At my ultimatum, Yeon just squints at me with slight irritation.

I look down at the floor and close my eyes, shaking my head with a disgusted sneer. This is totally one-sided. He really just wants me to submit to him. I knew I should never have come over here. I need to get out of here, pronto.

"So you want my ass?" he replies, bemused.

"Yes!" I look up at him as I sit on the floor, the evil coffee table between us. "In fact, why don't you turn around and show me the shape of your butt? And while you're at it, spread and show me your hole, too! You definitely got a good look at mine when you decided to rape me just now!!!"

His expression alters to disappointment, and he says, "Justin, maybe you should go home for tonight." He bends to grab a pair of white-and-orange checkered briefs, and slips them on, his still-hard dick now concealed. "You're emotional now -- which makes sense, because I tricked you into bottoming for me. I can understand why you want everything to feel equal now. I can only hope my gamble pays off."

"Don't psychoanalyze me!" My anger boils. "Show me your ass now, or I'm done with you!"

He squints again, this time with puzzlement. He turns around and nonchalantly pulls down the back of his boxer-briefs with a thumb. "My ass," he announces.

I'm instantly taken off-guard by the sight of his smooth, manly globes, resting peacefully like an Asian Statue of David. He pulls one cheek to the side, revealing black hair down the center, and for a moment his recent crime is forgotten.

He releases the cheek. "I waited patiently for you for weeks," he says. "I thought my dick is what draws you, but my ass does too, apparently. Next time should I lower myself onto your face?"

Despite my butt hurting, my dick starts to harden. "Will I get to fuck you?" I ask him. "Will you suck me?"

Immediately he turns back around, the checkered briefs pulled up. "To be honest, Justin, I'm not especially interested in your cock. I suppose that could change, but mostly my wish is to drain my nuts into you on a regular basis. How about next time, you come with an intention to create a strong sexual connection between us? Who knows what our sex can become now that you are 'broken in,' so to speak."

I throw the blindfold at him with a ferocious glare, although it barely touches him, landing limply at his feet. "You didn't answer my question! Tell me when you will be broken in!"

He crosses his arms. "Well, I'm glad you understand that I control the schedule."

"No, that's not what I --!"

He turns to leave the room. "Would you like some water?"

I don't respond, my eyes darting from him with frustration. He leaves, I guess wanting water for himself. With him gone, the image of his beautiful ass burns in my mind. I close my eyes wantonly, still breathing heavily. I stand slowly and tighten my sore sphincters, as if to check for damage. I don't really want to accept any favors from him...even as simple as a glass of water.

I take the steps towards the front door, and decide to ghost without saying goodbye. Yet when I reach the doorknob, he reappears behind me with a pad of paper and a pen.

"Write down your number, please," he requests. "I want to be able to contact you -- and you not disappear for two months again." His deep voice, even if now soothing, reeks of the kind of fake innocence that is trying to cover blatant guilt.

I glare at the paper as I reluctantly write down my number.

"Thank you," he says, and then bows. I'm surprised by the action. At the base of his smooth back are two mounds that are his firm cheeks in his checkered briefs. "Annyeonghi gaseyo. Until next time."

I head home in the chilly night, realizing when I reach my parents' door that my dick is semi-hard, and my ass probably fine after that ordeal.


After that night, all I can think about is sex. At home, on the bus, at work. Yeon is probably hoping that my butt-pain is magically transforming into fantasies of butt-pleasure, but no, what I daydream about is his ass: the beautiful sight of it, maybe even the taste of it, but especially my dick squeezing into it.

A few days later, when I have a day off from work, home alone, I pause my video game due to excessive horniness. I grab the lotion from under my bed for a quick jerk-off session. In my mind, I conjure the image of Yeon's ass, him pulling a cheek to the side like an invitation.

Now that I think about it, Yeon is like one of those handsome K-drama idols with a perfect body, face, dick and ass, who you'd figure has a just-as pretty girlfriend to match. From the little I know of Korea, it's a conservative country with a lot of evangelical Christians. Korean guys are often more closeted than other Asians, is my sense of the situation. If Yeon were an idol, I bet his secret underground life would consist of him routinely tied up and blindfolded, giving up his smooth man globes Those cheeks would flop for me as I thrust, and he'd grunt low as I pound into him so hard...

Except... that is only the exact reverse of what Yeon did to me. Unrealistic and even a bit juvenile, the fantasy fizzles out of my head. I seriously doubt Yeon would let me, or anyone else for that matter, dominate him.

Still, I need to figure out how to get what I want out of this. By this, I mean sex with my neighbor instead of a regular boyfriend. Just because Yeon is older, makes a lot more money and has more style, doesn't mean I should 'naturally' fall into a submissive role. Right?

Right now what I want is to get off, though. So my thinking shifts to Yeon's latest suggestion. I'm lying on his coffee table with him standing above me. He squats and his beautiful masculine ass moves toward my face. A line of black hair and a delicious-looking hole. I just lick and lick because of the perfection. All I can think is extreme appreciation to have his anus rubbing against my nose and lips. He rotates his hips with moans, my face buried while he jacks his uncut dick without lube. And then, when he's ready, he backs up and inserts his dick into my mouth at the moment cum is about to burst out. Essentially, in this more realistic fantasy, which totally gets me off, I remain his cum dump. Sigh.

Done jacking, and feeling a bit vexed at the result, I toss the cum-soaked sock into my hamper. I unpause my game and resume playing.

I don't really think about bottoming for him again after what happened last time. If I imagine Yeon mounting me, the part of my brain for sex-fantasy automatically shuts down. Maybe psychologically I don't want to think about it because he forced himself into me. Maybe I only want to bottom for a steady boyfriend, and Yeon is not that. Or maybe I'm not a bottom. Who knows.

Whatever. He hasn't texted me since that night a week ago. No matter how horny I get, I don't plan to show up randomly at his house ever again. My phone is a comfortable distance to negotiate any next meeting.


A couple days later, I receive a text from him around 11PM. I click it and it says: Justin, did u do yr HW yet???

I stare at the message, then reply: I graduated in June. I just signed up to take a placement test for Bellevue College in September. Did you know that it's not technically a 'community college' anymore because it also offers 4-year degrees?

I wait a few minutes, and his next text states: no, i didn't know that... but i was referring to a diff kind of HW. namely, is yr mind in a place to be sexually cooperative???

I feel a mix of instant horniness and annoyance, and then he sends another message: come over so i can kiss u, and penetrate u

I type: No. Promise to suck me at least, or I'm not coming.

I wait a few minutes for a response. He writes: we can talk about that, but first tell me, will yr ass connect with my dick completely???

I think for a minute, and even though I thought I didn't want to bottom, all of a sudden I want his dick. I type: Only if you suck me. I'll be there in 10 minutes.

I don't bother to see if he responds as I quickly get ready to go.


So, is this it? Is Yeon now my friend-with-benefits, even though our relationship is rather f'd-up? As I cross the street to his house, prior images of him flash through my head: his lips in a smirk, him standing above me with his hot chest, pumping his dick into my mouth; him unwrapping a towel to reveal his dick for an extended suck session; lastly, him pointing his dick at me, like it belongs up my ass.

I knock on his door. He opens it and looks into my eyes, as if expecting words from me.

"I'll be sexually cooperative," I tell him, feeling jittery.

He lifts a brow, and asks, "Is that another empty sex-promise?"

"Uhh --"

He shakes his head. "Come in." He walks away from me coolly in a white tank top and salmon-colored shorts, with house slippers. The shape of his ass is yum. He scratches his ear, and then points to his left. "Take a seat. I'm making us a bite to eat."


"We should talk about our arrangement," he states from the kitchen.

I sit comfortably on an L-shaped couch, which wasn't here last time. I guess he's buying new furniture to fill up the blank spaces in his home. He returns with a small plate with half a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. He gives it to me, and I utter a thanks. His half is already half-eaten in his hand. He sits crossed-legged adjacent to me.

I take a bite, and the jelly is some kind of dark berry. "What do you want to discuss?" I ask.

"Why are you so keen on me sucking you?"

I glare. "I want this to be more equal. Not only should you suck me sometimes, which you haven't done yet, but I also want to top you at some point soon."

He grimaces and rubs his forehead with a palm. "So you think that I should suck you and get fucked by you as a matter of an equality principle?" he asks.

"Makes sense." I take another bite, defiantly.

"Well," he takes the last bite of his sandwich, "that's not the kind of relationship I want, much less with a younger white dude. So, try as I might, things may not work between us after all."

My head spins. "What does me being white have to --"

"You are on my my plate, on it again." He stretches his arms upward, yawning, and I stare at his pecs and chistled arms. "What I want is to fuck you freely, which I know you want me to, or else you wouldn't be here for a fourth time, especially after my mischief last time. But for some reason you continue to make this a power struggle, asking for more than I'm willing to give -- before you've even truly tasted the first dish. Why is that? At this point I am losing interest, and would simply appreciate your cooperation."

My heart sinks. "Are you saying that I'll never get to fuck you? Or that you'll never even suck me? You just want total submission?"

"You're young and inexperienced," he states. "I'm pretty sure I can satiate you for a while if you'd just..." He doesn't finish the sentence. "Yes, I want total submission from you. For example, if I text you wanting to fuck, the preferred response is letting me know when I should expect you."

I jut out my jaw, perturbed. "Fine."

"Fine?" he repeats, with a tone of disbelief. He uncrosses his legs, and then moves my plate to a side table, as if it's in the way of something. "How about this? If you stick with me until your 19th birthday, I'll suck you as your birthday present. But until then, I want to routinely plow your ass. If you can't help but give me backtalk when I text you for sex later this week, then we should move on from each other."

"Later this week?" I ask. "So no sex tonight?"

He spreads open his legs. "Are you crazy? Of course I'm gonna fuck you tonight."

I chuckle. "Are you wanting a blowjob first?" I ask.

He bites his lip. "I like blowjobs. But you've sucked me thrice already."

"Do you want a rimjob?"

He looks at me surprised. "You've been thinking about my ass a lot recently, huh? No, why should I give you the luxury of my Pacific Rim?"

I scoff, although I feel my sphincters nervously twitch. " just want to..."

"Stand up," he says.

I do so after a couple seconds.

"Pull your jeans tight against you, and turn to show me the shape."

I think back to my past refusals on the matter. I grab the material, pull it forward, and turn my back to him. I've decided to abide by his instructions tonight, to see what results from creating a strong sexual connection.

I look back and he's massaging his package. He asks, "Why do you wear such baggy jeans when your ass is your best feature? Well, other than your cute face that looks best when giving me head."

"Umm...because I only want you to see the true shape," I respond.

He laughs. "Not a bad answer. But you need better fitted jeans. That way other men will check out your butt, but only I get to fuck it."

"I'll buy some new ones tomorrow. There's some nice ones at my work."

"Thanks. Now unzip and pull them down."

I do so, revealing to him red-striped briefs.

"Cute underwear. Suits you. Now entice me to fuck you. Get used to your butt as an object for my pleasure."

"Huh?" I look back at him. "I don't know what to do! Isn't part of submission just following your directions?"

"All right, then I do have directions for you. Look back at my dick, and take your ass in your hands."

I self-consciously grab my asscheeks and look back to see the outline of his erection now obvious in his shorts.

"What do you want to do?" he asks.

Instinctively, I say, "Suck you."

"Are you saying I should whip out my dick just because you want it?"

Gah, I should've known it was a trick question. He wants me to want to bottom, because he wants to top.

"You need reveal your inner self, Justin, to prove yourself once and for all. Perk out your butt, pull down your underwear and spread your cheeks, and show me your tight pink asshole."

"I don't know --"

"Shh, no backtracking now. You're ready for this. You graduated in June, remember?"

"That was --" ...high school, not this. I stand there unsure, but then decide to do it. I lower my underwear and hold onto my buttcheeks. Then feeling suddenly weak in my legs with nervous horniness, I spread.

"Nice," he says with a moan, "but I asked you to perk it out so I can clearly see your hole."

I bend my midsection, feeling lewd.

He moans more, and pulls his dick from his shorts, jacking himself. "How do you feel?"

"Vulnerable," I mutter.

"Good. I like you like that. Tell me what your hole is for."

My sense of self feels suddenly childish, like only plain needful answers exist. "Your dick."

"That's right," he says. "And from now on, when I text you, what will you do?"

"I'll come over right away and give you willing mouth and ass."

"Yep," he says. "You've got it." He grabs at my thigh, pulling me towards him. I awkwardly maneuver backwards around the edge of the table, almost losing balance. As I bend again, my ass in his face, he teases my hole with his index finger. Sensitive, I let out a little grunt. His face and tongue go into my crack, and I feel the tip of his tongue circle my hole, and then try to poke through.

I look down at him stroking his dick, wanting to suck him, wanting to be fucked.

He leans back and takes a deep breath. "Okay, one last setup. I want to feel totally at ease fucking you, unlike last time when you were quite the whiner. There's lube between the couch cushions. Lube up."

I furrow my brows at his thorough planning as I locate the lube. I squirt out some and smear it on. I step out of my jeans and underwear and lift off my shirt, and stare at him holding his hard dick.

"Getting naked for me, eh? That's a nice change. Kneel in front of me, and slide your lips up and down my cock for a bit. Then, I want to see your asshole do the same thing."

The first request is easy. I move to him, sit on the floor and he shifts forward, legs spread wide. I take his dick in my hand and suck hungrily. "That's a good boy," he says, like I'm his dog, his hand on my head. After a few minutes, he raises me for a kiss, but reaches back to squeeze my ass, and teases my hole again with a finger. I get the hint, stand and turn around. Singularly-focused, I grab his dick and place it at my entrance. It pokes through, and I wince, but want more. I slide slowly down his shaft until I'm chock-full of his dick, and then relax onto his hairless thighs and black bush.

He grabs my cheeks to spread me wider, and pushes up into me, and I jolt and whimper a bit. Then I press my ass back onto him.

"You good?" he asks.

"Yes," I tell him.

He turns my head to kiss roughly, then says, "Ready to be fucked then?"

"Yeah," I say.

With the strength of his triceps, he grabs my ass and lifts me to the top of his dick, and then slides me down again. I keep silent, not wanting to reveal that the more his dick stretches me, going in and out, the more I crave it with greater force.

He seems to know because he stands up, and I bend to press my palms onto the table, getting into a ready, stable position. Before I know it, he has me by the hips and is pumping. At first, I'm overwhelmed, but then my mind empties with euphoria, his dick the sole focus of my existence. He steps forward, widening his stance, ushering me downward, so I lower my elbows to the table, my hard, leaking dick touching the cold surface. He curves deep into me, and I jerk forward at first, but then melt, keeping my ass in the air to meet his rhythmic pumping. I maintain the angle he wants, and then the pace quickens, the slapping sound on my ass. I mumble quietly to myself that I'll always come to him when he asks so that I can get this dick for as long as possible.

He pauses to say something about the tightness and sight of my cheeks bouncing is making him addicted. Then, a minute later, he pauses again to say he'll want a quick release on Wednesday as soon as he gets home from work, and wants me to promise to come now.

Release? As he continues fucking again slowly, I manage to tell him okay, I have that day off. He says good, he'll text me 30 minutes before he gets home, and that I should be naked, waiting in his bedroom, prepped for sex when he opens the door.

Sex again in two days? I ask him if I can suck his dick instead please, and he says no, with a deep thrust into me to make the point, and I grunt. He says, now that I have your ass, I'll be fucking you thrice a week. And when you're acclimated, I'll want ass daily. I tell him fine, I'll be here waiting on Wednesday. Oh, he then adds, but I'll need to send you home after I cum, because afterwards I'm hosting friends for dinner.

I tell him sure, whatever.

"Heh," he says, clearly pleased, and then resumes pumping with grunts.

For a moment, I imagine the sight of his ass, his hot virgin hole while he tops me. I may never get inside him, but that's all right, since his selfish dick is more than enough for now. The sexual pressure overtakes my mind, and all I want is his throbbing orgasm, his creamy cum deep in me for the first time.

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